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Honestly i would feel absolutely nothing if I got an abortion Anonymous 228209

I've never had one, but I got to thinking and realizing if I did I would feel nothing. Just zilch nada nothing. It means nothing to me that it's a baby, if anything I'd feel resentful towards it for embodying both a death sentence and financial nightmare.

And wow that's pretty much it.
Thank God I've never been pregnant. Truth to God though, why are we expected to feel anything else about unborn babies?

Now if we desired to have them, and they aren't an accident, that's a different story. But why must I naturally like something that's mostly a nightmare alien growing inside me? I really don't know why I should. If I have something like that in me, it's in my own interest to get it the fuck out of me as quick as possible.

I don't know why I should be sentimental. Why??? I really resent babies just thinking about this wow.

Anonymous 228212

k. git preggo then come back with results.

Anonymous 228214

You mean the aborted results. Having aborted myself can confirm. It's easy to feel nothing.

Anonymous 228216

>But why must I naturally like something that's mostly a nightmare alien growing inside me?
I think it's just as natural to hate a baby as it is to have overprotective urges. It might depend on the person. People say that abortion and your hatred for motherhood are not natural. I'm not a doctor or shrink or anything like that, but I do raise animals for a living. Some mom goats follow their kids everywhere and start screaming for the baby if you take it away for a second to wash them. But there are others who just straight up reject the baby, especially if they're born prematurely. The mother refuses to feed them, abandons them, tries to walk off as soon as she can, etc. The baby usually only survives with my intervention. If I hadn't been there to bottle-feed them and look after them, they wouldn't have reached adulthood. I don't think there is anything wrong with the mom goats. It's just how they are. Usually, when I have said this, dumb scrotes go,"Oh does that mean we should all kill babies and act like animals?" No, that's not the point. I don't think we should abandon our principles to behave like animals, and it doesn't mean we should go around killing our own offspring. I just don't believe everyone is naturally fit to have children as people say. Your feelings are normal, and I'm saying this as someone who loves babies with all my heart. I just think it's stupid that people can't realize that not everyone is built the same way.

Anonymous 228221

>It's easy to feel nothing.
Is that your opinion or Prozac's?

Anonymous 228222

I am for legalizing abortion, but only because it is the lesser evil. I would not want a child to grow up with a mother and most likely absent father that didn't want their kid to be born in the first place. It would just make the life of the mother and the childs anyway. Jordan Peterson said this aswell, the only smart and rememberworthy I ever heard of him. At least I have no idea how someone would brag about having an abortion.


You sound like you don't really regret losing that one child but not having that happy family life you imagined from it. It sounds harsh, but you can leave this behind you and still try to aim for being a happy mother. Please just forgive yourself.

Anonymous 228228

I was memed into thinking of abortion in general as something serious and scary. Once I had an early abortion myself I realized how much of a non-issue it is for me. I felt nothing but relief. It's a medical procedure. I took a pill and tissue exited my body. This is what people want to prevent me from doing? Insanity. Someone would gladly OUTLAW what I did because they're emotionally attached to the idea of a potential human, maybe because they're scared of the idea of not existing and project that onto an embryo. Whatever the reason, I have no patience left for those people.

Anonymous 228239

Based antinatalist baby hater, we need more women to know there's more options and being uncomfortable with birth isn't as abnormal as people want make it seem

Anonymous 228240

why do people get so angry when women do not care for motherhood??? motherhood has been forced onto women for ages… she never said anything against mothers, so dont be angry that she personally does not feel anything

Anonymous 228241

I absolutely feel like getting an abortion was the best big decision I've ever made in my life. I only appreciate it more every year that goes by because every year I appreciate more how many bulletsi dodged..

Anonymous 228242

I don't take antidepressants.

Anonymous 228289

Why does this feel like it was written by an angsty teen?

Anonymous 228337

Absent fathers are symptom of relationships based on sex instead of love. It's 2023 nona, if you don't want to get pregnant there are multiple options. Supporting abortion on you fucking with the wrong guy is idiotic. How about teaching girls not to date idiots? Or at least not fucking them without protection. That'd be a good start.
Honestly if you can't control yourself in this regard you're not any better than an animal. Would recommend living in the woods and eating your stillborn alive.
T. catholic

Anonymous 228341


felt. if i had a baby i'd probably throw it into a river. the other option would be killing myself

Anonymous 228343



Anonymous 228350







but ofc christo-tards do not care for the psyche and physical health of women, they only care for a barely conscious fetus who can barely even form memories.


"By this line of reasoning fetuses cannot be held to experience pain. Not only has the biological development not yet occurred to support pain experience, but the environment after birth, so necessary to the development of pain experience, is also yet to occur."

"motherhood" and forcing women to give birth is a way to oppress women and keep them in the house, abortion is physically and psychologically safe for both the mother and the fetus. your "God" should never be a dictation for what laws should exist, retard

tradfags gonna tradfag

Anonymous 228382


How about you pray for her and understand that the man who leaves his child is the sinner and not the woman who was manipulated by him. Have compassion like a true Catholic.

Anonymous 228413


How is someone living their life until they die a person who brings death. It's a net 0. You can love life without giving birth, weirdo.
>would killing a small fairy not be fairy murder?
>would killing a small gnome not be gnome murder?
What the fuck are you saying, you demented cretin? Your post makes no sense, it isn't some great worship of death and rejection of life to not have a child, or to abort a fetus. It really isn't. Children should be brought unto earth with intention, not just because it's possible. If you're so eager to create life then just do it already, time's ticking.

Anonymous 228416

You clearly have no sense of reality, you keep talking about "fairies", putting up hypothetical situations that add nothing. The "potential life" inside the woman's body has no autonomy for anything, therefore it should have no more rights than the woman who carries it, works, votes and pays taxes and will be fully responsible for it for the next 18 years if it comes to to be born

Anonymous 228435

>if you are alive and can't have babies, what do you live for?
that's for you to work out internally. In my example of the different mother goats who reject their young, they're not just existing "to bring death." Death is just an inevitable process that occurs regardless of you or them. Having more and more babies will not balance things out or make up for death, if that's what you're trying to say. Maybe people comfort themselves by saying continuing the cycle of birth and death is what gives their life meaning but however they rationalize their existence probably makes no difference to animals, let alone the universe.
>If the mother sheep can't take care of the kid, someone else should do it, but we can't easily do that
Yeah, and I wasn't trying to say other people (or entities) should have to care for another person's young. My example has nothing to do with right or wrong or what people should do. I was saying that OP's disgust at childbirth is not as unnatural as many believe. I guess some people are just genetic dead ends. Happens all the time, even with men.

Anonymous 228453

I am pro abortion but I don't understand why you have to talk so callously about babies. Are you trying to be edgy or something?
And please stop trying to relate to the experience of being pregnant when you have never experienced anything remotely like it and are really unable to imagine it.

Anonymous 228535

A woman should be allowed to disappear into the wilderness while pregnant and come back without a baby no questions asked.

Anonymous 228549

Because half the time they are a scourge and a plague for women. Financial disaster. Life disaster. They are to be equally reviled as loved. It is understandable why they are. Especially if you got pregnant because your bc failed or you're raped.

Just because you're a woman doesn't mean you want to be a mother or have motherly instincts. I know I would never get pregnant though. I've sworn off men for a long time. Unless I got raped. Then you know I'd definitely get my ass to new mexico and end it there.

Anonymous 228554

>Because half the time they are a scourge and a plague for women
Don't blame babies for being born on a society where women are expected to have children before they "expire" and pressured and scorned for not having children, but then simultaneously lacking adequate support and being expected to do almost all of the child rearing. That isn't the fault of babies that is the fault of society. Most mothers have unconditional love for their children. Don't hate innocent beings for the failings of society.
>Just because you're a woman doesn't mean you want to be a mother or have motherly instincts
Never said or implied such a thing. Saying callous and unempathetic things about babies isn't "lacking motherly instincts", its being a sociopath and lacking empathy.

Anonymous 228555

And have a dirty, unsterile coat hanger abortion? How about she can make a discreet appointment at a clinic and come out no questions asked because its confidential medical information?

Anonymous 228557


you're the most reasonable person in this thread nona

Anonymous 228559

She can have an abortion at a clinic or give birth in the river, I don't care. The point is she can do what she wants with the pregnancy and absolutely no one needs to know anything about it.

Anonymous 228561

I would feel absolutely nothing if I had to execute a tranny in the coming civil war. I would even burn them alive.

Anonymous 228564

to the scrotes with reproductive anxiety using this thread to raise their cortisol levels, find a way to be useful, complete and happy beyond adding people to the the world and you'll understand why lots of women dont want kids.

Anonymous 228574

I just want scientists to develop a proper artificial womb so that we're finally free from the barbaric process of pregnancy and childbirth. I would absolutely have multiple kids if I didn't have to carry them. As it is now, I plan to have zero children.

Anonymous 228587

embarassing, you sound like every catholic moid i've met

Anonymous 228589


do you care about people as much as you care about cells? do you practice compassion or do you judge others? do you cower in disgust, anger and fear in front of god's creation, or do you understand that sex is part of nature and of his plan? do you think it's in a man's place to establish another's bodily autonomy, or should they self-determine as god's gift of free will intended?

Anonymous 228599


I dont give a fuck about anyone. Survival of the fittest.

Anonymous 228601

This sounds great at first but I'm really afraid of criminals, rich and powerful using this to open "child farms" for trafficking and sexual exploitation, it may seem hysterical and crazy on my part but unfortunately I can't rule out the possibility

Anonymous 228602

oh i see, a weakling who uses religion to hide behind because they're not strong enough to hold on to their convinctions on their own… many such cases of illogical thinking

Anonymous 228603

It's either artificial reproduction or women go back to the kitchen because the government needs more workers.
Mark my words.

Anonymous 228604

Well, there is no doubt that at some point the governments will start to pressure us in some way, after all they need tax payers/slaves, and I wonder if there is any way for women to resist this. But I can't see artificial breeding as viable, and it's not even because "muh roasties are obsolete"

Anonymous 228605

you better never go to the doctor then (not even for emergencies) or else it'll just expose your hypocrisy

Anonymous 228609


>trying to nail someone for hypocrisy is childish because it does not invalidate an argument
Care to explain to me that one? An argument has to stand on both feet without falling. If it falls down it means it's just not a good argument.

Anonymous 228610

Nice larp. Just remember that pretending to be retarded = actually being a retard.

Anonymous 228611

i don't doubt you're a true catholic, you're as contradictory as your religion :)

Anonymous 228620

omg it was a scrote?? can mods confirm this please im laughing

Anonymous 228661

Because it most likely was

Anonymous 228686

NTA but not wanting to have a baby/not liking being around them and talking about them like they're inhuman alien parasites are two completely different things, OP is the later and it really does make her sound like an edgy teenager.
Also talking about what she'd feel during pregnancy and abortion without actually ever having gone through it herself makes the post sound even more tryhard because putting yourself in hypothetical situations claiming you'd have no reaction is a very juvenile thing to do.

Anonymous 228730

yeah i wouldn't feel anything if i had to have an abortion either and i wish women would stop feeling terrible about it out of scrote propaganda of "mother instincts" "your kin" and other brainrots. i love myself too much to feel guilty over choosing my happiness rather than some randos likely misery (the potential person coming into the world)

Anonymous 228740

I've had one. tbh it was extra easy because I found out I was pregnant the monday after a binge drinking weekend with my shitty ex. It's cruel to bring a child into the world if you know it's developed swimming in booze, but I would have aborted anyways because I was in no mental space to have a kid and my ex was physically abusive (I was in mild denial about it being fucked for myself but I knew I couldn't bring a child into it). They would have been fucked.
Did the surgical abortion, recommend it over the pill cause they give you iv meds and it's over with faster. I hate to imagine if I'd have had to bleed out on the toilet all night.

Anonymous 228748

photo_2023-02-23 1…

I've had a pregnancy scare recently so I was forced to think about one and tbh I think I'd feel somewhat bad but still, bringing people into life with my schizo alcoholic genes (both conditions are highly genetic, I've heard stories from children of schizophrenics being at a very high risk for developing schizophrenia themselves) + poor mental health + terrible state of the country I live in would be unethical for the children so an abortion is the right thing to do in my situation.

Anonymous 228762

i am a woman. please make a fool out of yourself and report me to a mod so they can check my post history and confirm i am a girl who has been posting here for years. in hours and days my post will still be up confirming so and you will look like the ridiculous handmaiden you are. cry more <3

Anonymous 228771

post still up uh oh

Anonymous 228774

Something about this story doesn't add up because its literally impossible to tell if you are pregnant the weekend later. It would be at least 2 weeks before it implanted in the uterus which is when you begin experiencing symptoms, and it is only detectable at that stage because you start producing HGC which is what is detected in home AND blood tests, so even a doctor could not determine if you are pregnant. At home tests you would be 3 weeks since fertilization (5 weeks pregnant) to be able to take one and trigger results. 60% of fertilized eggs at this stage are lost too.

Anonymous 228775

>eating your stillborn alive
thats an oxymoron.

Anonymous 228784

NTA but I don't think she meant she got pregnant during the binge drinking, she just happened to find out after it that she had been pregnant all along

Anonymous 228881

Cute Little Baby .…

Why are you retards still arguing over whether babies are evil or not? Babies are based and cutepilled. STFU

Look at this baby. LOOK AT IT
Tell this baby it's an alien parasite to it's cute little face. Go on… Do it

You wouldn't dare

Anonymous 228893

I don't think babies are ugly but I support all women who really don't want them gnc queens

Anonymous 228894

best post ITT

Anonymous 228896

Sure it's cute when it's not mine, but in my uterus it's a nightmare.

Anonymous 228897

Yeah, no

Anonymous 228908

its not like i hate it or think its ugly but looking at it makes me feel very neutral, like i dont go ew but i also dont go aw.
the process of pregnancy really does have parallelisms with parasitism, but when it's a wanted pregnancy the premise itself lacks so it would be incorrect to call it that way. when it's unwanted on the other end…
i fully support the choices of women who want to have kids and women who want to abort

Anonymous 228912

I don't find babies cute, at all. I could spend hours looking at it, so what? It wouldn't make any difference.

Anonymous 228913


I guess it's all about hormones, if you are modern medicine career-junky constantly drugged with prozac/methylphenidate/alcohol/pain-relievers/contraceptives/caffeine or what else it can seriously blunt your feelings and emotions but despite not beign pregnant myself I saw my friends/my older sister get pregnant and suddenly it's like they transformed from these "I don't want to have a child right now and I would remove it if I could" through "Yeah it may not be so bad to have it" into "I can't imagine removing my child" in short span of like one or two months.

Anonymous 228914

i agree that substances can alter one's feelings towards everything but i doubt all women who don't want or like kids have defective brains from hormones

Anonymous 228915

Same i find them kinda irritating even. I'm not sure if it's the baby in itself though, I think it's more because people want me to feel a certain way about it and this forcing is very annoying to me. It's like if a woman's brain doesn't melt in front of a baby people go insane because it's as if a pillar of society just crashed (which is true if you think about it), but I don't exist to make people comfortable and to create the world they want, I exist for myself and my own happiness. I think this kind of rebellious thinking is what leads some women to become actively hostile towards babies, that "edginess" people are bashing on in this thread, while I understand why it might be seen as cringe and definitely mean, it's a form of protesting against something that has probably suffocated them from a very young age purely because they are women and people want them to love babies unconditionally and tremendously.

Anonymous 228916

I dont find babies cute

Anonymous 228924

Babies have always been revolting to me. Toddlers and boys up to ~14 y/o too. Something about the complete lack of self-awareness, poor manners, clumsy and unpredictable body language, generally being snotty and clammy mouth-breathers.

I can't find the baby in this photo cute. It's just impossible to detach that small face from the mental image of a baby jamming his fist into his mouth, vomiting drool everywhere, pissing and shitting himself, the jerky movements and flailing, the pallid and sticky skin, the constant yelping and wailing in the perfect frequency to flood every human in earshot with cortisol.

I've always thought that if I did have a child s/he would be different, I'd be attached to him/her the way most women tolerate and even admire their Nigels even though everyone else sees flaws in him. But strange babies are just disgusting.

Anonymous 228929

It's hard to feel attached to an unborn baby if you've spent a lot of time in the country watching life as it really is, without the candy wrapper of the city. Seen cats giving birth in the hay, chickens eating some barely hatched bird alive, dogs fucking in the middle of the street. Nothing about reproduction is LE SACRED MIRACLE. A woman moaning from the pain of contractions is very much like a cow mooing in the barn because the calf is tearing her ass apart. Humans are animals, nature isn't pretty.

Do I like it? No. The whole chain of events required to make a baby disgusts me, from the male-female dynamic (I could never relax around someone stronger than me, and all men treat women with varying degrees of condescension) to the sex (letting someone fuck you, jfc that's gross) to pregnancy (your IQ experiences a huge drop aka 'mommy brain' + everybody knows you've been fucked + lack of mobility + the vomit + the aches + the grotesque tumor-like stomach) to childbirth (no comment) to recovery (my mom still pisses herself whenever she laughs or sneezes) to breastfeeding (more gross shit) to taking care of the baby (fuck your diplomas, fuck your freedom, you're a nanny now). I'm not going to let others gaslight me into doing something I dislike because they attach a certain meaning to the act.

In the end, nature doesn't care. It just is. Our feelings on the matter are irrelevant.

Anonymous 228933

>I don't think everyone is fit to have children.

Everyone says this without analyzing it, like it's a thing that just "is". If you're not fit to be a parent, that's a bad thing. It means you have significant flaws or are in a bad situation, which would be good to change. Sometimes I wonder if abortion was banned, moms would get their shit together instead of remaining "unfit to be a parent". Most people need to be chased by lions to do anything anyway, don't see how this is any different.

Anonymous 228934


It's contrarians twisted by politics and liberal ideals/principles to the point they see such a crucial part of humanity as parasitism. If no one cared about abortion then they wouldn't feel so negatively about babies

A parasite is an alien, or foreign organism. An acorn on an oak tree is not a parasite. Likewise, a baby is not a parasite. If you are for abortion, dehumanising babies is not a good look, it makes you sound deranged and sick in the head. Stop using muh parasite argument. One of the main reasons abortion is controversial is because it IS dehumanising humanity. No one likes the idea of a baby being a mere lifestyle choice, like getting a dog. If people start thinking of humanity like that then it will make society cold and brutal

Anonymous 228936

I live in a rural part and I have seen all those but I don't feel that way about birthing. It reminds me of the story of Siddhartha Gautama witnessing the crudeness of life for the first time and being disturbed by it because he lived his life sheltered from it

Anonymous 228937

Abortion and infanticide exist in nature in order to ensure success of the surviving offspring.

Anonymous 228938

thank you for reminding me of why i love abortions and dont like babies

Anonymous 228939

Appeal to nature becomes a fallacy when you can escape nature. Just because nature does it doesn't mean we should. Nature has authority when you cannot escape it, so you must reconcile and obey or you will make things worse. But if you can do better than nature, then it makes no sense

We don't need to behave like animals when we can build a society. Abortion for babies with very severe deformities or illnesses is ok if they are going to suffer all their lives. In nature, they would die. They would never make it and wouldn't have to suffer for long. It would be better to just abort them sometimes. You can't escape nature giving your babies awful deformities or genetic illnesses, and there is no cure. So I think abortion should be allowed for that. But that shouldn't extend to aborting babies because you are poor or something unless it is a literal famine. I was born into a poor family. Things got better and it didn't make my childhood suffering. I'm glad to be alive. All the struggles I had to face make me who I am and I wouldn't want to deny other people life because things are not optimal

If we behaved like animals and killed our own offspring because they were to small at birth, Or just let your children fight to the death I don't think that would be a good thing. I mean eugenics wise it probably would but it would be devaluing human life. Also, letting your children fight to the death makes no sense in the law of nature. That's more for animals that raise multiple babies in one season and can't provide for all of them. If humans did that, everyone would only ever have a single child make it out by the end lol

Anonymous 228940

Actually, read the study before you post it or at least stop peddling it as some conclusive research and gotcha material.
I can do quotes. Here's a few from your study:
>Apparent deficits in cognition in pregnancy and the postpartum period may reflect a trade-off whereby cognitive demands that are pregnancy-relevant are facilitated, less pressing cognitive functions are deprioritized.
>Although we predicted an increase in fluid IQ in the Pregnant group, the increase in raw scores of fluid intelligence subscales was not statistically significant, nor was it significantly different than the increase in the control group.
>The current study found no evidence of group differences in the postpartum period.
>No subscale was significantly different between the Pregnant and Non-Pregnant groups.
My favorite:
>A recent review paper reported better cognitive function in older women who had never had children.

Anonymous 228942

>wtf i love messy sex now
Point? Missed.

More like I've seen too much and don't want to participate.

Anonymous 228943

>More like I've seen too much and don't want to participate
I can understand that. It's not for everyone

Anonymous 228948


You're unhinged
That's not the point. I was explaining what a parasite is. A baby is literally not a parasite. By the same logic people call babies parasites, you would have to call Acorns parasites too, which is absurd

>Forcing people to like babies doesn't work you creep

Lol ok, keep your shirt on
No one is "forcing" you to like babies, retard
> If anyone's the creep here it's definitely you
I'm a creep because I don't see babies as little demons. Do you have any self awareness at all?
You don't have to like babies. No one is telling you to like babies. But hating babies because they are an inconvenience is psychopathic and disturbed, and expressing that for abortion rights quite frankly isn't a convincing argument

Anonymous 228949

An acorn on an oak tree isn't close to the personal nightmare that is a fucking baby. Doesn't come close to that LIVED hell. Especially after you've so many stupid filth scrotes abandon the mother to raise the thing and contribute nothing else domestically. Most people on earth don't want to live that life as a uteru and a slave.

How stupid and removed from reality are you to even make such a brainless comparison? To an acorn??? Are you completely retarded? Or just a fucking scrote?? Its the only way to explain it.

Either way it evokes the same feeling in a baby avoiding woman, whether you call it a parasite sarcastically or just explain why you want nothing to do with one.

What's most important is its not lying to yourself and deluding the self you want something you dont. Rofl nobody cares what you think though. Somebody who needs an abortion is going to find a way anyway. Using a pill is a hell of a lot more humane than being so horrified you strangle the baby after you've given birth because your SHITHEAD FAMILY put insane insane pressure on you to keep the horrifying thing, and you freaked out, abandon it or strangle it and made an even made a worse mistake.

Forcing people to like babies doesn't work. If anyone's the creep here it's definitely you. If you don't like babies you should admit it early, not give into this lie deluding yourself that youll like it, which puts you in the even worse position as a horrid parent. It's astounding to me you're dumb enough to not see that. People who want to say screw having babies should be doing it early for obvious reasons. You're never going to convince people who don't like babies to like them no matter how much you kick and scream, creep.

Anonymous 228950


Absolutely livid. You had to reformat your post 3 times you're so mad

Anonymous 228953

not the anon but you can't even refute what they're saying, you're just resorting to "ah u mad" with a smug gif this isn't twitter

Anonymous 228955

I already did >>228948

Anonymous 228956


Who even cares? It's sarcasm. Obviously everyone can distinguish between a fetus and parasite. It's an icy joke made to draw the comparison to the feeling of being occupied by something that gives you nightmares. Who the hell are you to tell me how to express how i feel?? Get the fuck out with this

Your a creep for trying to tell people they're evil for creatively expressing their very real hatred of babies. A real creep. Who cares whether you compare them to demons or not ? Get over it and focus on yourself, get the fuck out of other people's business.

Anonymous 228958

>it's just sarcasm!
Yeah no it's not, that's a cope. It is used as an actual argument all the time
>Your a creep for trying to tell people they're evil for creatively expressing their very real hatred of babies
I can't actually tell if this is sarcasm. Initially I would think so, but seeing how you are so deranged I wouldn't put it passed you

Anonymous 228964

Nobody cares faggot. No amount of your bitching will make some people like babies.

Anonymous 228965

Nobody fusses over comparing babies to parasites unless they're having a deranged autistic meltdown over a metaphor.

Anonymous 228966




Anonymous 228969

>who put that thought in your head? who? must be some politician, surely you couldn't arrive at it yourself
Holy shit. You can't not be a man.

Anonymous 228972

Strawman. Literally not what I said at all. I said these people hate babies because they are ideologically shrill more or less. But there is no talking to any of you. No reasoning. You are all arguing out of bad faith and extract what ever the hell you want out of my posts that fits your retarded bullshit

So continue screeching, straw manning, seething and being insufferable. You get no more (You)'s from me

Anonymous 228973

this is a 4chan moid mooods

Anonymous 228977

Baby dislike or baby indifference I can understand, its perfectly normal. However the absolute vehement HATE in this thread for babies is what is abnormal. Saying cruel things about innocent things that you wouldn't even say about adults. There are 3 explanations, ordered from least to most probable:
1. CC has a high sociopath population
2. CC has a high edgy children population
3. CC is being hyperbolic and lashing out on infants instead of the actual source of their misery, which is the patriarchy (such as taking away abortion rights, instead of being mad at lawmakers and men who are actually responsible, they take it out on babies) .

Does anyone wanna chip in and tell me which camp they fall into?

Anonymous 228980

>But there is no talking to any of you.
Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.

Anonymous 228981

>CC has a high sociopath population
i don't really think that's a thing, it's just that the most controversial people speak the loudest

Anonymous 228983

I said babies were revolting and disgusting. I don't feel as though I hate babies, they simply make me uncomfortable. I'll hold a friend's baby if she insists and I'll laugh with her and tell her I'm no good with young children. The way I feel isn't cruel or unusual, it's a fact that babies scream and shit themselves and so on and poop and the sound of screaming tend to arouse feelings of disapproval in people. To claim it's edgy or abnormal would be strange.

Anonymous 228989

i'm not saying it's the case for the nona you're replying to, but people have an extreme expectation for women to like babies. it's paramount.
and it's part of the reason why i dislike babies, because i hate feeling pressured to be or feel a specific way, especially when the pressure is out of a need to control me because i am a woman. the fact you so much as not express undying love and devotion towards babies as a whole and towards fetuses even, is seen as a deadly sin and branded as hate.
the thing is that the people who seethe (rightfully) at trannies because of their dangerous and sad perpetration of stereotypes against women, are the same ones who then in this thread expect women to like and want babies and see them as the best thing that happened in their life. it makes no sense. women are more than make-up, skirts, and sexualized body parts, and they are more than (((mother instincts))) as well.

Anonymous 229000

>and it's part of the reason why i dislike babies, because i hate feeling pressured to be or feel a specific way, especially when the pressure is out of a need to control me because i am a woman.

Exactly. I honestly dont think there are any sociopaths here even. Just women sick and tired of abortion laws being passed, that are designed to destroy their lives.

And the probaby whiner is pretty out of touch and tome deaf not to see the obvious.

Of course women are going to have negative reactions to babies. That's not even surprising.

Anonymous 229001

>if I was forced to get pregnant
That's called rape.

Anonymous 229017

I still remember that thread when everyone was boasting about how manipulative and abusive they were. There is definitely a high number of sociopaths on CC. Or rather IRL and they all don't have to keep up a facade on anonymous image boards

Anonymous 229036

Anonymous 229069

How exactly is the op manipulative or abusive for hating babies and pregnancy? Maybe quit being zealously butthurt about it, like it has any effect over you and your life. Hating babies makes a lot of sense in the grand scheme of things, if you want nothing to do with pregnancy. What are you going to do? Force people to embrace having them? There's not much you can do to make people like something they don't. Being indifferent towards abortion healthier than potentially bringing children into the world you can't care for.

How is calling them sociopaths going to make a difference? Aren't you kind of giving them something more to laugh in your face for? I could stand here all day and stage dead baby jokes to screw with you and you'd probably go awol

Anonymous 229074

>op manipulative or abusive
Not what she was saying. There have been multiple threads where people start boasting about bad things they have done- "what is the worst thing youve done"on /x/ where nonas were bragging about being awful and not having any empathy, there was a "devilish" thread that had quite a few replies of people doing sociopathic things and boasting, even in the orginal confessions thread I specifically remember a girl bragging about how she got another girl raped by putting a fake craigslist ad up. She wasn't calling the OP of this thread a sociopath she was saying the population of this site in general has a lot of sociopathic traits and using that as an example.
Calling babies "parasites", "aliens", and "evil" are all cruel and overstep the line of just plain indifference or dislike of them. Maybe read the thread for context.
Exactly. So why are you taking your frustrations out on babies? Babies didn't make anti abortion laws and your hatred is incredibly misplaced and comes off as edgy and childish at best. Except when >>228972 pointed this out
>I said these people hate babies because they are ideologically shrill more or less.
everyone has a tantrum and says "NOOO! YOU ARE WRONG!!" and refuses to acknowledge maybe they should be mad at the people who are actually responsible for their anger instead of babies? Hating babies isn't even productive, hating moids and politicians is.

Anonymous 229078

just because i say mean things about babies (i also don't know if simply saying i don't like them and wouldn't feel bad about aborting a fetus counts as mean, because that's about as far as i go) doesn't mean that's my only form of rebelliousness against patriarchal social structures. it's not mutually exclusive to openly dislike babies and to stand against the direct oppressing source of women.

as i see it, being open about not liking babies and being comfortable with the thought of abortion is very, very important to change the view that women must be something defined by society, for society's (or more like men's) sake.
if i express these views and normalize abortion as something that isn't shameful, wrong, and that has to necessarily impact the psyche of the woman negatively in some way i have the hope more women will have the courage to admit it as well and follow a path of childfree-ness, only if that's what they want of course.
or, that they simply would be comfortable being themselves and choosing what they want in other ways that aren't linked to having children but are still obnoxiously pushed by societal twisted values.

so yes, i think it is useful and important to be open about this even if it's controversial and might get on the nerves of people that i, frankly, don't care about the opinion of.

Anonymous 229090

ok edgelord

Anonymous 229098

you're not very bright, are you?
it's okay though

Anonymous 229113

Not really theyre just colorful hateful observations. Let's be frank its healthy to be totally honest with yourself when it has tremendous effect on your lifestyle. Only knowing this narrow scope of your dislike makes you easier to manipulate and convince into having something you dont want. I think the hate of babies in particular is there for a real reason. To prevent overpopulation, strife, the destruction of your life and resources. It's also a nice way to come to terms with dark feelings you have, experience them and then let them go, instead of internalize.

It's kind of ridiculous not to process something competely. Op is making an observation not screaming white power. Anyway it can make you feel tremendously better to deeply process an important contentious thing. It's also wonderful to express something that can hit men square in the nuts if they havent processed it themselves! It's nice when a whole stupid deluded view of women comes crashing down and forces a guy to rethink accidentally getting a woman they don't know pregnant against her will by sabotaging her birth control.

Revulsion serves its purpose it always has. Helps you avoid disease, real parasites, abusive relationships, and babies you can't afford. What's more being that darkly honest with yourself invites the chance to look deep enough to even change your mind. What if you never did? The op isn't making dead baby jokes or trolling with gore, or laughing because they stalked and harrassed some random person online. They just don't care for babies and wouldn't feel much getting an abortion. There are probably a lot of women who feel that way.

Why the hell do you need so badly to contain that and compare it to other sociopathic behavior on here? It's obviously not. It's good there are women who know themselves enough to not have kids.

Anonymous 229123

Butthurt much?
Nta but I wouldn't have kids even if I could afford 10 of them.

Anonymous 229138

Off yourself then? None of us care and we're not following you into your stupid demented hell.

Anonymous 229139

This is incredibly idiotic either way. If you don't want kids, you don't want kids.
It's not a matter of whether you could or should or might adapt to it. Who the f cares? People can adapt to anything it doesn't mean they want to.

You're both just bitching because you're angry some people don't want to participate in the mombie headache you do. You feel your whole existence invalidated so you rattle off and try to call out childfree as flawed.

Get on with your lives and stop obsessing bitterly about people who have nothing to do with you

It doesn't matter how much I could adapt to parenting I'm simply not going to do it. An enormous amount of women feel exactly the same. There's nothing you can do about that kek. Sorry you take it as invalidating your shitty mombie existence.

Anonymous 237538

I feel the same way. An embryo or fetus can't suffer and therefore isn't worth any more moral consideration than the tomato plant on my balcony.

Anonymous 237539

>it would feel like I prevented a person from existing
You also prevent a person from existing every time you use contraception during sex. Where is the difference? And what makes you sure that existing is preferable over nonexistence in the first place?

Anonymous 237562

Read my comment again, I said the exact opposite of that.

Anonymous 237616

I've had 2 just this year. No regrets.

Anonymous 237618

Had one this year, felt nothing for the baby, was only 5 weeks

Anonymous 237645


I think you misread, I said I'm pro-choice. I know the fetus is one out of millions and doesn't understand. Pets are one out of millions and don't understand, but there's no reason to get mad at them if you can't keep them due to financial or life situations, you can get rid of them without calling them horrible parasites that deserve to go. I just don't think that's a healthy mindset to have.

Uh. Not sure why my whole post was removed unless mods can't remove just the images. Even then I only posted it to ask what CC thought of it since we were on the topic, not to accuse people of being just as bad as them merely for getting abortions.

I don't have and wouldn't have casual sex, and I'm a virgin femcel. I'm not moralizing or saying everyone must do that, just pointing out why I'm not being hypocritical there.

Anonymous 257587

Had one, felt nothing. Did it because I could never love a child if their father was a POS. If I had the baby and the father cheated or did some other disgusting moid behavior I’d definitely have a hard time not killing the child

Anonymous 257610

Is it possible to get an abortion through vaccines?

Anonymous 257611

I'm not sure how legitimate this is but here's a list of vaccines that aren't recommended for pregnant women, some leading to miscarriages.

Anonymous 257612

Interesting. Perhaps you got any more sources that are peer reviewed?

Anonymous 257613

I'll see if I can find any. I'm interested about this too so I was just looking it up.
It seems like anything that has a live sample in the vials has to be avoided.
>We recommend that you avoid “live” virus vaccines (like measles, mumps, and rubella) that contain small parts of the actual virus. They may cause miscarriage or birth defects if they are transmitted to the baby. This risk is very small though.
>Other examples of “live” virus vaccines include chicken pox, smallpox, Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG) and poliomyelitis vaccines.

Anonymous 257662

I get liking or not liking babies but why do people who like/want/have babies have to insist everyone likes babies? I don't care about your offspring and probably would only care about mine. not everybody need to be a parent, some people are not suited for it and it's ok.
babies are also not inherently cute, I've seen plenty of ugly babies, just because your brain is programmed to find them cute doesn't mean they're actually cute.

Anonymous 257684

>babies are also not inherently cute, I've seen plenty of ugly babies, just because your brain is programmed to find them cute doesn't mean they're actually cute.
This. Also applies to dogs and cats and other animals and their babies, if you think they are cute I'm sorry to say your brain is weak and you are a victim

Anonymous 257702

i think abortion is part of the golden rule: treat other people as you would treat your selfe. if one treat and think all life is worth of value, the same sould also apply to you. in a society that dose not think of people as value, or some people as not value, is maybe, bad. idk. but i think it is part of the "golden rule". and how you treat others, reflect on how people should treat you. …like, you are not the only person will feelings and thoughts in this world…

hard question op has, not here to answer, but maybe provide more info? idk

Anonymous 257709


I thought I'd get used to it but that image in OP gives me the jeepers every single time this thread gets bumped.

Anonymous 258652

Idk, maybe it's because I have a religious background, but I get why people thing abortion is degenerate… It's just frustrating how you can never voice your opinion about it because people dogpile you with name-calling rather than address any anti-abortion points. It's not even like I'm prolife, the death penalty is fine. Yeah, there are rape and incest babies, but that makes up less than 1% of abortions. It is biologically a unique organism with its own metabolism and genome. Idk, me being upset about it won't do anything.

Anonymous 258653


Oppressed former catholic nona

Anonymous 258688

It’s degenerate in a way because why the hell wouldn’t you use contraception? Most abortions are just getting rid of oopsie babies but like you are allowing yourself to get nutted in by a moid who you don’t want to breed with? It’s degenerate because getting pregnant on “accident” is a retarded thing to do.

Anonymous 258691

Yeah, I always get sideways looks but you can always just not have sex. For most of human history, men and women looked down on abortion, yet for some reason I’m the moid shill. Moods benefit from abortions the most anyways. We have tons of contraceptives now anyways, so even if you do hook up a bunch, you have no excuse. I get rape and incest happens, but if let these less then 1% cases dictate the law, we get the 99% that isn’t noble. Why don’t we just hang rapists instead? That’ll lower moid savagery real quick.

Anonymous 258840

Reading this thread was kind of shocking to say the least. I've always thought abortion would be seen as a difficult choice and really be the very last course of action. When you're pregnant, you're in the early stage of creating new life, creating an individual consciousness, a completely new human. And you're telling me you would feel absolutely nothing after terminating that process? I'm pro-choice but this kind of attitude feels so unreal to me. Though maybe I have no say in this because I've never even had sex let alone be pregnant.

Anonymous 258853


I wouldn't feel anything either tbh, but I take my precautions to never have to. I'd feel so much guilt if I became responsible for a kid I didn't want, I'd rather kill myself. They deserve to be born in a loving enviroment to willing parents that can provide for them

Anonymous 258857

Contemporary 1st-world rationalism actively denies the soul & wishes to purge society of all "useless human sensibilities." (i.e. Finding pleasure in the fact that you have brought life into this world and continued the legacy of your family.)

The immediate substitution of these values is the imposition of frameworks which equate human life with a contagion that must be controlled & reduced at all costs. Life is suffering, the remedy is "Content." You will live and die consuming information which is entirely valueless & child-like. You acknowledge its pointlessness, and then you blink. Don't like it? Take a hike!

The deeply visceral satisfaction of luxuriating in utter contempt for Man's vocation is a demonic bewitchment, & to gorge on hatred makes one impervious to all rationally-based appeals to morality— pro-choice advocates are doomed in their desires & should be disregarded as antisocial & not fit for anything.

Anonymous 258867

You literally can not be expected to have a thorough & morally grounded argument if you try to make the argument that cat & human life are equal. You are divorced from reality.

Anonymous 258915

> I just think it's stupid that people can't realize that not everyone is built the same way.
well said

Anonymous 260269

This is incredibly callous and cruel. Only a wannabe whore would think this way. You should consider getting a hysterectomy. Wouldn't have any 'evil' babies. Problem solved, gal.

Anonymous 260612

I had an abortion many years ago. I felt nothing at the time. I casually made jokes about being a babykiller like it was nothing.

Then baby fever hit, I had fertility issues and now every time I think about that fetus I cry. The "clump of cells" stage doesn't last very long and fetuses becomes surprisingly humanlike surprisingly fast. Don't assume that just because you feel nothing now you will always feel that way.

Anonymous 260613

It's because of progressive propaganda, . Many women genuinely don't believe fetuses should count as people. They think consciousness doesn't develop until the baby is out and killing something with no mind isn't really murder. It's not until I did some research on fetal development that I understood how wrong that mentality is.

Anonymous 260614


I was gonna make my own thread for this but this one is close enough, I think motherly instinct is fake and a pysop just like religion, maybe I would've cared about my own mini clone(s) but when the baby has 50% of somebody else's DNA with none of the effort, how do you not resent the male that impregnated you and the baby a litte bit?

Anonymous 260618

>Don't assume that just because you feel nothing now you will always feel that way.
I'm quoting this sentence because it applies to so many things, the way you feel about something in particular will likely change over time. Not always and not about everything, but you should not discard that probability altogether.

Anonymous 260619

Yeah, making any choice means accepting 1/its consequences 2/the possibility that you might regret it later.

Anonymous 260630

Yeah, but the pain is particularly bad when the thing you regret is taking a human life. Emotions around death tend to be stronger than emotions around socks or whatever.

Anonymous 260633

7 years on from mine and I'm still happy with the decision and only ever remember it happened when abortion comes up. I want kids in the future and when I think about the future I'm more than happy I didn't have any and still don't yet. I'm not ready lmao.
What made the decision easy was that I didn't know I was pregnant and was heavily drinking the weekend it likely happened so if carried to term the zygote (which it technically was still when I had the procedure) would have resulted in a fucked up kid. Thinking back I'm extra glad I didn't keep it cause I was with a super abusive scrote who didn't want a child and there's basically no way he wouldn't have killed me or caused a miscarriage ##when he would kick me## anyways. Recovering at a snail's pace right now and I wouldn't have wanted to care for a child during this time. I feel bad enough not being the perfect cat mom to the cat I took from that ex. Another factor that eases my mind is that my religion doesn't prohibit abortion with good reason and I figure heavy fetal alcohol syndrome and an abusive sperm donor aren't terrible ones. Also the soul isn't considered given until 5 months so I didn't eliminate a soul in my religious eyes either.
One day I'd love two little daughters and I'm so glad I'll be having them when I can give them the world (and relative stability as a mom)

Anonymous 260959

You’re under 18, aren’t you?

Anonymous 260971

Nope I am 35. Sorry haven't checked this board in absolutely ages

Pffthaha no. Its not a human life its a clump of cells. Some people just don't get this feeling you're describing about detrimental and even horrific things growing in them, which they've never spoken to.

Would i bet upset if a person I knew died ? Of course. But a clump of cells??? I'd be beyond RELIEVED. I'd be blissed out the thing is simply not going to destroy my life anymore.

This. "motherly instincts" are such a feat of brainwashing imposed on women. You're told you're supposed to like this and that and guilt tripped if you don't. Of course women who hardly know themselves would psych themselves into liking the thing and believing its what they want. And more than anything I know this exact sort of woman knows this deep inside. They know they only like things because it makes them comfortable to fit in more than anything and they don't know any other way of being.

But its hilarious for anyone to presume that as a woman you feel something towards babies. Thankfully a lot of us are just waking up to the fact that its a self-imposed hell they actually have to live with for 18 years.

Found the scrote, furious I can't be damned to slave over his babies.

Found the other scrote

Anonymous 260975

I've never had an abortion but I imagine I'd be a bit emotional or strangely sentimental if I was far enough along to show a pregnant belly. Not deeply distraught though or anything since you're objectively not doing anything that can be conciously experienced by the fetus.

Anonymous 260976

>why the hell wouldn’t you use contraception?
Conctraception doesn't have a 100% success ratio, even when used perfectly

While you should always use contraception when you don't want to get pregnant and abortion should be a last resort, I find it a dangerous slippery slope when it's used as an argument against abortion. It always starts with "use contraception if you don't want a kid", but if your contraception failed, the argument shifts to "you shouldn't have had sex then, abstain from sex fullstop if you don't want to get pregnant" but if all fertile women who don't want kids (yet) abstained from sex, the same men who said to abstain would just start mass-raping to get the sex they want because they think it's a human right.

Anonymous 260978

Sometimes I think about having kids… my heart yearns for it. More in the sense of “oh I want to teach my kid all the things I’d learned in life and do things differently.”

But then I remember that kids are unpredictable and they terrify me. I’m from a thirdie shithole and my extended family are always exasperated with how “unmotherly” I am because I don’t immediately coo at their meatsacks or because my immediate reaction facing a disrespectful kid is to slap the shit out of them. Actually now that I think about it, i have a predisposition to being an abusive mother. Yeah, maybe kids aren’t it.

Anonymous 261010

ntn but they havent been here in over half a year, they are obviously enjoying not having to worry about someone else for the rest of their life
also this board is a great place to check up on every once in a while lol

Anonymous 261020

who wouldn't post this? Womens reproductive rights are under attack in my country it seems pretty damn relatable. You're just infuriated a hell of a lot fewer women want to breed with you lol.

Doing anything besides breeding kids is pretty much freedom. My god the amount of time and money you have left over? Is this some kind of clueless joke?

Anonymous 272597


I intentionally get pregnant often so I can sacrifice my unborn fetus to Satan when I get it aborted.

Anonymous 272608

Idc about fetuses either. I don’t even wanna give birth. I’d rather adopt.

Anonymous 272692

Go back to scrotoid bible camp faggot

Anonymous 272752


Anonymous 272757

no offense but you sound like a sociopath lol

Anonymous 272758

Honestly, even if a fetus was a whole separate being, I still won't give a shit. I don't care if its murder nor do i care about some pearl clutchers opinion. My life matters more to me.

Anonymous 272764


You're all the same moid

Why do you fight reality so much? There are women who dont care about babies or having them and if they ever got pregnant they'd have no option but to abort. There is nothing you can do about it. Cry harder scrote.

Anonymous 272771

scrotefoiling is so cringe

Anonymous 272773

unfathomably based, you made all everyone seethe in the replies. The man is surely partly to blame for leaving, but so are you for letting an idiot fuck you. Accountability needs to be further spread

Anonymous 272775

this is a moid

Anonymous 272777

okay scrote

Anonymous 272791


Anonymous 272803

>t. falseglagging moido

Anonymous 272805

I'm still trying to figure out what you mean by this. I don't ever want to get pregnant, it sounds like torture.

Anonymous 272852

I hope the emotional detachment wont become emotional issues, emptyness and pain long down the road.

>but I already feel like that

Then maybe dont insist upon the behavior that brought you to this?

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