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Is Taylor Swift racist, homophobic, and anti-Semitic? Anonymous 228326

The issue here ultimately comes down to Taylor Swift choosing to benefit at the expense of everyone else around her. She portrays herself constantly as the victim of unfair criticism, while towing a very messy line when it comes to anti-Semitism. She has capitalized off of LGBT individuals with her song "You Need to Calm Down," after failing to properly address the homophobic lyric she cynically covered up in "Picture to Burn."

Furthermore, she featured a black love interest in the music video to her song "Lover," all while having heavily publicized issues with Jewish individuals (Soros, Braun) in regards to money. I mention this because Jewish people are constantly accused of race-baiting and being greedy and whatnot, and Taylor Swift had a throwaway court case for a very poor example of sexual assault, which makes it seem like she has been focusing mainly on herself and her own interests. It's funny that she would release a song titled "Karma" with those particular lyrics, when she is literally the only one who made her way to the top while throwing so many people under the bus.

And….. how out-of-touch of her to even mention her being under scrutiny in "Lavender Haze," when she has gotten free pass after free pass after free pass, and continues to get multiple free passes. I think you all can see how bad this is, as not only does Taylor Swift seem to be aware of the fact that she is getting older, but a lot of other celebrities (take Nick Cannon, for example) are starting to comment about her personal sex life.

Anonymous 228340

i can't tell if this is a trollpost or not. anyway midnights slaps

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