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I have been desperately searching for tech roles Anonymous 228745

A senior dev at a company I interned in asked me to spend a night with him in lieu of offering a full-time position on his colleagues team. Else he says he will block me from ever getting a job there; he really was quite popular there when I was working as an intern, and seems to have good relations with the higher ups.
I have been feeling utterly disgusted and unclean ever since that ape called me to tell me this yesterday.

Anonymous 228747

I'm sorry you had to deal with that dipshit. Moids are fucking disgusting.

Anonymous 228751

Continue the correspondence and find any way you possibly can to legally document it. Expose his ass, ruin his life.

Anonymous 228757

yo thatsfucked you should have recorded that line to black mail him

Anonymous 228773

i'm really sorry to hear this nona, that's disgusting and infuriating, i agree with the others that you should get proof of this and file against him

Anonymous 228780

I would secretly record him and bait him into saying that again. Don't just accuse without evidence, it won't go well. You want to give this scumbag enough rope to hang himself

Anonymous 228781

Where I live, you can record someone legally as long as you tell them they are being recorded. Apparently it doesn't matter if you tell them at the end either, just as long as you tell them

Anonymous 228836

I work in tech, dont fall into his extortion, document everything in text apps or better audio messages, then report everything to HR, his boss and the upper managers.

Also you might want to leave that company, such toxic environments are not good for software developments, the extortion will get bigger and more demanding, meanwhile a workforce with such lack of ethics and cohesion will most likely fail to meet deadlines and you as a junior dev will be forced to do overwork and even possibly workplace bullying.

Also, as a rule of thumb avoid interships in tech, there is no need for interships in the industry and also you are doing free work for that company something that is immoral.

Anonymous 228880

>right, so, tell him he's being recorded and try to get him to confess to crime
No, only reveal you are recording after. As long as you do it at some point. But I don't really know, I would need to actually look it up. I think it was only to do with recording phonecalls as well

Also I am not OP, i'm just talking nonsense

Anonymous 229104

Couple ideas, release the evidence in a company wide email then concern troll everyone, saying sexual extortion is not ok so you look less vindictive. You might both get let go, him for being a troublemaker and you for also being a troublemaker.

Option two, show everyone in the womens, lgbt, and any other employee resource group you can be in and eventually everyone will start talking about him/get him fired. If upper management covers it up, they might be liable and also get fired.

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