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Emigrating Anonymous 230162

How do i emigrate to asia?
I cant stand my shithole country (france)

Anonymous 230168

Can't you just move to, say, a cozy place in southern France? I don't think you realize how much shittier living in the third world is.

Anonymous 230174

probably an annoying weebshit who wants to move to south korea or japan

Anonymous 230177

why move to another country? Do you speak any Asian languages? If not, I suggest Singapore.
2 years ago, I wanted to move to SK because I was obsssesed with kpop. Thank God I am past that now.

Anonymous 230178

Like, anywhere in Asia?

Anonymous 230180

grab some tape and pull your eyes from the side whilst taping it from the corner to behind tour ear then go the u.s. embassy and tell them you got the coof while coofing up the room and they'll immediately export you

Anonymous 230181

I'd still trade my country for France.

Anonymous 230201

Oh, sweet, another "First world dipshit thinking their rosy-cheek EU baby country is a shithole" episode.
You have no fucking clue what a "shithole country" is.

Anonymous 230235


Not even. Litteraly any asian country aside from maybe afghanistan would be fine
Doesnt exist, france is ugly as shit.
Its litteraly more dangerous than mexico

Anonymous 230236

I do, i am learning both bahasa and mandarin

Anonymous 230238

No you would not. Its a shithole dump without anything going for it.

Anonymous 230242

Newbile priveleged 13 yo chicken tendies

Anonymous 230247


No you.

Anonymous 230251

>no country specified
Let's see… All of the burgers I know are running away to Panama or the Philippines, so I guess you'd be going for the latter since you want Asia. The guys I know that went there just keep extending their tourist visas since they had a lot of money saved up, so I guess you could do that since it's simple and I don't think there's a limit to how many times you can do that (unless they changed it recently). If you need to work for a living then you'll probably have to do something more complicated and expensive with actual paperwork, or if you just care about being a permanent resident instead of a perma-tourist.

Anonymous 230253

Go back to your universal health providers and cry to them maybe they will even change your diaper if you ask nice >;)

Anonymous 230282

Why Indonesia?..

Anonymous 230286

I like it
We dont have healthcare. Also 60% tax rate
I was thinking about there or even costa rica and surrounding countries

Anonymous 230292

100% 16 year old weeb teenager. You have no fucking idea about life. Seriously, go outside.

Anonymous 230314

More work experience than you.
16yrs old teens are the one that think france isnt a humongous shithole

Anonymous 230328

Part Korean and part Japanese here: both of those places have plenty of miserable areas just like in your pic.
It's also stupid hard to get land and rentoiding is fucking awful.
If you really hate your current country and want a different one, then just take the L and move to the one country that opens people like the eagerly.
It's literally your only option.

Anonymous 230329

*that opens itself to people like you eagerly

Anonymous 230349


Oh god it's the French anon who said France is worse than Venezuela KEK

Just get a working holiday visa or move to switzerland/belgium where they speak french. It's been 2 months since your last post and you still think your country is worse than Mexico? Fuck off
Also, like I said, Numbeo is a shitty unreliable source, since literally anyone can edit it

Anonymous 230355

You might be able to teach English in Japan but as a non-native speaker the only places that will hire you are probably desperate and sketchy.

Anonymous 230401

Which countries are like that?
Its litteraly impossible for a non anglo to get a whv, i applied in both australia, nz and canada
Switzerland doesnt hire fr*nch people.
No thanks

Anonymous 230402

Then you must be fucking confused and posting from Argentina ?? Did you get lost???? Numbnuts

Anonymous 230403

No i'm from fr*nce. Argentina would be much better

Anonymous 230409

Maybe leave your house for once and learn of the thing called a hospital??? Better yet report back when you've learned the shocking cost of insulin

Anonymous 230411


>Argentina is so much better
>France is more dangerous than Mexico

Tell me you've never stepped outside of europe without saying that you never stepped outside of europe. As soon as you talked about "those DAMN anglos", yep, you're the same person from last time. I already gave you advice, and so do other nonas, and you still continue to whine and ignore us, then complain and make posts about your "shithole country". either take advice or fuck off. A lot of us are trying to patiently help you but you just keep going like "waaah no thanks latin america is SO much better"

You're learning Indonesian and Mandarin too? What happened to learning Spanish from the last time you posted here LMAO?
I hope you're a troll, but judging from other nonas, you've been here for a while.

Anonymous 230413

>I don't think you realize how much shittier living in the third world is
From what I've heard, it's only shitty for the locals but not for foreigners with a European or US American passport. It can't be that bad when men from my country choose to move to places like Thailand and the Philippines and stay there while young women go to South Korea and don't want to come back.

How about trying out other European countries like Sweden first? It should be easier for you to move to one of those and English literacy (and probably French too) is higher there compared to many Asian and Latin American countries.

Anonymous 230417

No woman in her right mind would live in Korea long if she knew what it was really like for women

Anonymous 230427

Imagine living in paris, and after some societal collapse you can't even see a difference.

Anonymous 230430

We dont even have hospitals they are so packed that you have to wait 6 month for any type of check up while paying everything yourself

Anonymous 230432


Yeah i am doing portuguese and spanish too since i have a bit more free time now.
I have actually been to mexico a couple of times and in south east asia both of which were massive improvements over this godforsaken shithole
What advice lmao i applied to visa and bbut just go to australia doesnt work if you dont already have a job.

Anonymous 230433

Honestly i dont mind interacting with people in some other language. If a make it to asia or latam or africa or really anywhere far away from fr*nce i will learn the language thats a given

Anonymous 230493

All of the country is like that

Anonymous 230565

Maybe not korea but somewhere in south east asia or nepal

Anonymous 230589

If I earned in euros and could just leave anytime I felt like, I'd enjoy living in latam too. Unhappily, I was actually born and raised here.

Anonymous 230635


lmao if you're white and french you're an easy target all over latin america. thieves would literally target you over any local. even in safe places like panama, costa rica, uruguay, southern brasil, southern chile or southern argentina, you'd get easily stolen everytime you step outside, and people won't try to help you because 1. you look like a tourist and 2. they don't know you, so they don't give a shit.
i don't think this is any different in south or southeast asia. you would be better in eastern europe, but when slavs realize you're french, its over lmaoo

Anonymous 230667

You are full of shit i have plenty of friends who emigrated to mexico and they have never got mugged or have anything stolen from them. Meanwhile in franceshit youd get stabbed or mugged almost every day

Anonymous 230677

Move to Japan or Korea. Most Asian countries are dystopian hellholes. Countries like Thailand and the Philippines are breeding grounds for child prostitution and human trafficking. While most of China is a poverty nightmare with substandard housing.

Anonymous 230682

Anon, may I ask what would be your means of income?

Anonymous 230685


You need to go to Scandinavia, especially Norway or Finland or Iceland or Greenland. Those are much cleaner. Or even New Zealand.

Anonymous 230688


>Which countries are like that?
You know which one nona…

Anonymous 230754

I have heard similar things. Although thailand looked okay at first glance despite the sexpat moids i felt something was up. Still looked like a decent place to live in. Manila looked much poorer
Idk how i could move to one of those or even taiwan

Anonymous 230756

I have a few savings but at the end of the day id need to get hired somewhere or have some kind of job overall.
I already applied for a visa in nz without success. Greenland or iceland look promising but idk how to get to either of those

Anonymous 230991


Anonymous 231527

Can confirm as an EE nona, white foreigners have it easy here but most people fucking hate French people and this thread isn't really helping lmao

But seriously, if you're saying France is a bigger shithole than Mexico then it just proves that western Europeans never pull their heads out of their asses

Anonymous 231551

Singapore is a nice country, but you have to be rich to move there.

Anonymous 231594


Girl I’ve lived in Japan and Germany and the US.
Just move to another EU country. It would be so much easier. Unless you already speak the language of the Asian country (FLUENTLY) you want to move to then forget about it. I mean you can teach French but I mean…they generally want English speakers. And depending on where in Asia, the French are hated as much as the US. Maybe even more (looking at you Vietnam though I completely understand why). I mean besides Japan, Korea, Singapore, or Taiwan like unless you’re rich or work for the government, what point is there?

Look, this just proves that you are either 1) a literal child 2) looking at shit from waaaay to much of an Asianphile thinking or 3) you’re euro trash.

At least visit those places before deciding on moving there.

Anonymous 231685

why would you want to live amongst people who hate you and passport bros who'll probably rape you

Anonymous 231699


>you would be better in eastern europe, but when slavs realize you're french, its over lmaoo

No, she won't. It's full of gypsies that will easily target you over any local.

t. Eastern European

Anonymous 231705

Have you ever been to Asia or are you just being a pessimist

Anonymous 231723


Kek this brought back memories
I have family friends who immigrated away from China when it was a lot more third world and have since moved back, and they love it. But only because a) they already have well-established careers, and earn higher wages in China, b) because chinese is their mother language and c) the food is authentic real chinese food. I personally think you've got to be already deeply integrated into the culture to enjoy living there, especially since you can't even romanticize its problems away like you can with Japan and Korea. It's extremely dense, competitive, the people are cruder, and foreigners aren't used to the squat toilets. I've heard that there are international hubs in places like Shanghai but idk much about it. I guess if anything I'd recommend visiting your prospective country first before committing to moving.
But honestly, if you aren't asian, there's a high chance you're gonna feel out of place in an asian country.

Anonymous 231761

Mexico was genuinly cleaner and safer than france tbf.
Thats the issue, i am not a native english speakers and everyone despises france because of how much of a shithole filled with arrogant people this dump is

Anonymous 231762

I thought combodian didnt hate us that much but i will probably be lynched then if i show up. God i hate being born a frenchshit if only i was born american or scandinavian

Anonymous 231818

Girl no. I’m an American hag and while sure there are some cool places in the US…we’re basically a 3rd world country in some places. Dude we have like mass shootings every day. You have to have a car here to do anything bc our public transportation is udder shit. Like I wish we had public transport like the EU. It sucks.

Anonymous 231841

Same here outside of major cities (which is my case) i have to commute almost 2 hours br car every day

Anonymous 232069

I want to go live in Asia too because I am Asian but by the time I move there I'm afraid I will not be able to start a family and I don't even know where to go.

Anonymous 232110

I'm American and I'd rather live somewhere like Australia. I want to go for NZ but I heard they really hate Americans so it made me a little nervous. I'm a minority so I don't think I would be shat on too hard for being one. I know the standard of living is slightly more expensive so I'm going to work hard in Uni. The shootings and carjacking's are really starting to get out of control

Anonymous 232112

this is me as well
I might just Yolo it one day and go tbh

Anonymous 232113

you sound like that crazy lesbian chick that used to harass me on plebbit lol btw do you also work for google

Anonymous 232115


was meant to reply to this poster

you also sound fat and poor did you lose some money ?

Anonymous 232117

Vietnam is comfy. I bought a small 2.5 acre plot of land and built, furnished, and fibered up a 3 br tile+brick home. The cost was about fifty thousand for the land and construction, but could have been under 25k if I had wanted smaller.

Before constructing the home you must but the funds for the home into a Vietnamese company that you can control, this is for immigration/visa purposes. The ultimate goal is a TRC which I now have. It's basically a Vietnamese green card. I can work, live, open a bank, etc, forever. I'm still in my 20s and now just farm like pepper and fishies and live alone.

Anonymous 232139

They probably emigrated to a touristy place in Mexico. Areas outside of these cities are 10 times worse than France. We're talking about a country which is at war with itself (cartels) Saying France is more dangerous just shows you're naive as fuck and could get taken advantage of easily.

Anonymous 232142

I wouldn't be surprised i live in Europe and the cities are disgusting, filled with immigrants and crime. I want to leave.
My problem with SEA is that it's full of nonwhites.

Anonymous 232150

>OP says she hates France because it's dirty and full of crime and immigrants
>"men men men if you had realistic standards for men chad chad chad stacy"
You can type, but you can't read. Curious.

Anonymous 232161

Someone post that mexican video of the dog going around with a severed head in it's mouth for good measure

Anonymous 232171

Lol we are at war with local isis and al qaeda remnants and our gang have rocket launchers who are you fooling?

Anonymous 232174

Sounds comfy af. That would be my dream. I thought foreigner couldnt own land there? How did you find your plot?

Anonymous 232187

You're comparing France to a country ranking at 13 in homocides. Last time I checked France didn't have people skinning some child for owing them 3 pesos

Anonymous 232194

nona, you're being delusional. yes, if you have money, you can afford to live in the nicer gringo areas in south america. but outside of those areas, you are walking in a cesspool of violence and misogyny. my mom is originally from one of the most dangerous countries in central america and even she gets nervous the moment she gets to the airport despite looking like a local

Anonymous 232212

only beheadings and entire cities ruled by sharia law
my friends were in aguascalientes. I have also been to monterey, quintana roo and yucatan without even feeling unsafe an instant and i never stepped into a tourist resort mind you

Anonymous 232333

Yeah I do actually have family in Asia, but my immediate family isn't keen on me returning so if I can't return to our place I will have to look to another country in Asia. I also need to think about the kids' future but idk. Will raising a family in Asia really make my kids happier? Even if I don't have kids I want to live in Asia and have Asian husbandt… but maybe it's unrealistic and fantastical and staying in the USA is better?

Anonymous 232576


I want to move to France.

Anonymous 232815

why? It's a grim shithole

Anonymous 232850


I like France. I don't like my own country.

Anonymous 232851

Poland here. People like French people because shared history and stuff. I know few French guys that live here and they’re very happy with their choice but they have a source of income that makes them quite wealthy here.

Anonymous 233268

france is an ugky shithole
There is nothing to like here

Anonymous 233476

Why would you leave france… just go to the country side of france.

Anonymous 233477

I want to move to south korea or japan, yes i’m a “weebshit” but its not for weeb reasons and i don’t even like kpop or korean stuff/culture but its a beautiful country that i think would suit an introvert autist like me. as for japan i literally just wanna live there alone isolated and use the mountains and sakura trees as references for my painting hobby. Moving to europe is my second choice though i don’t really have any emotional connection to any country there except for greece/italy. I genuinely think they are beautiful countries and its for that reason i want to live there. I genuinely still consider moving to in the future is korea because it costs less to move there and the language is easy

Anonymous 233479

what do you do for work? do you speak the language?

Anonymous 233480

I know this might be an unpopular option but have you considered getting a remote job and working in the Philippines? They mostly know English there and the cost of living is low. I'm unsure about crime rates but I know it's not safe like Japan. For reference, computer programmer salary is 10-20K USD a year and about 9 USD a day for non-agricultural min wage. If my job would let me, I could take my 3k USD a month job and live like royalty there.

Anonymous 234074

No. Its ugly and expensive

Anonymous 234078

>remote job
Thats the issue

Anonymous 234119

my sister moved to the philippines and married a local. he cheated on her repeatedly.
DO NOT MOVE TO THE PHILIPPINES. full of fuckboys, guns, and crime

Anonymous 234120

I forgot to mention that divorce is illegal and they're still married

Anonymous 234192


>Meanwhile in franceshit youd get stabbed or mugged almost every day
Tell me you're a white supremacist without telling me you're a white supremacist. Only Fn people says this type of shit, i lived in a ghetto for 17 years (11k people in the ghetto and 130k in the whole city) and i don't know anyone who's ever been robbed / stabbed.

Girl maybe Leave Paris / Marseille or whatever shit city you're living in ! turn off Cnews , your brain is melting !

Anonymous 234194

damned forgot to read the whole thread before posting…
i'm such a mastermind, OP IS a white supremacist who should turn off Cnews and actually learn about how the healthcare system work (OP you should be embarrassed rn even kids understands it).

please leave to Mexico ! :)

Anonymous 234221

>not wanting to be stabbed makes you a white supremecist
You're joking.

Anonymous 234225

i live in a ghetto in a much smaller and safer european country and even i know several people who have been robbed/stabbed and cases of rape and murder in my own street. maybe you just don't know that many people.

Anonymous 234241

when you're implaying that POCs are the only ones who do that , yes ! and i turned out to be right so ? btw here the only people who say "huurr people are getting stabbed and robbed everywhere" are white supremacist (In France at least)

The only cases i've heard of are between dealers and their clients (it was a decade ago), my city is very peacefull now (it was wild in the 90s from what people told me)

Anonymous 234245

you must be trolling…

Anonymous 234254

Literally no one implying that you braindead retard.
Can you also stop typing like a sperg? Not every sentence needs and exclamation point and spaces don't go between punctuation.

Anonymous 234306

are you just passport broing

Anonymous 234377

No you didnt, maybe once you live your gated community and have your family members mugged, beaten up or threatened at gunpoint in a 20k people mountain city you will stop living in a delusion

Anonymous 234378

At no point itt have i made those assumptions. Please stop being retarded.
throwing insults around wont make you less stupid.
are you trying to deny what is an objective fact?

Anonymous 234380

>spaces don't go between punctuation
In French (which clearly is that nona's native language) they do, at least for exclamation marks and such.

Both that self-hating French OP and >>234192 are way off the mark here. France isn't special compared to other Western European countries. I live in a country that borders France myself. We all have the same issues with crime, but our countries are also objectively the best places to live on the entire planet. Only sexpats and delusional basement-dwelling weebs would think that Asian countries are any better, especially for women.
Stop being a retard and start appreciating the fact that you quite literally won the birth lottery.

Anonymous 234435

> We all have the same issues with crime, but our countries are also objectively the best places to live on the entire planet.
No they are not also france has slums and crimes to levels that do not exist elsewhere in europe. Its objectively a shit country to live in.
Asian countries are objectively better especially for women meanwhile if i stay here id get mugged again or stabbed.
>you quite literally won the birth lottery.
in france? more like i lost
i would have won if i was born in places like canada, australia or nz

Anonymous 234448

>france has slums
Unlike Asian countries, which are of course widely known for their complete lack of slums.

>Asian countries are objectively better especially for women


Have you ever actually been to an Asian country yourself, or at least done any research whatsoever?
India is notorious for mass rape. You think something like New Year's 2015 in Cologne was extreme? That's your average day in India.
Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand are full of vile sexpat scrotes, child prostitutes and human trafficking.
South Korea is a hypercapitalist dystopia ruled by vapid consumerism that imposes even stricter beauty standards on women than Western countries do. You haven't had 50 plastic surgeries? Good luck even being recognised as a person by South Korean society. Why do you think South Korean feminists are some of the most radical on this planet?
Japan, contrary to your average weeb's wet dreams, is an incredibly regressive country full of the worst that moid degeneracy has to offer. Cases of rape and sexual harassment in Japan or China are usually not even investigated, much less punished. (If you want to know what Japanese scrotes are like, go look up what they did to the Chinese during WW2. They call it the Rape of Nanking for a reason - and unlike, say, Germany, Japan has done fuck all to reprogram their population after they lost the war.)

I get not liking your home country and wanting to move somewhere else, but you have to be genuinely fucking retarded to think that you'd fare any better in Asia. I sincerely hope that you are just some 16 y/o weeb kid who doesn't know any better yet.

Anonymous 234535


>most of these are really nice places to live where the people are civilized enough to not do crime
Do you actually believe that there is no crime in South Korea because Asians are too uwu pure to be criminals or something? Sure you feel safe if you only ever visit fake tourist traps, the worst that will happen to you there are scams and pickpocketing, but actually living in a country is very different from visiting for two weeks. South Korea in particular is one of those places with both a lot of very wealthy and a lot of very poor people. Since you mentioned slums before, I want you to take a wild guess as to what the not so nice parts of cities like Seoul look like. Picrel might help.

I am so fucking tired of middle-class Europeans pretending their countries are so bad and unsafe when half of humanity would do anything to have even a fraction of Western European living standards. You are a spoiled brat from one of the richest countries on this planet. Stop whining and get a grip on reality.

Anonymous 234559

I have actually been to thailand,cambodia and vietnam for months and these are far better than anywhere in france
everyone knows france is shit why do you think everyone wants to escape, most people even flee to places like morocco or senegal

Anonymous 234561

I have a hard time understanding anyone who glorifies or idealizes Asian countries but especially Japan. Most likely they're just dudes idealizing and fantasizing about said regressive customs. Fetishizing Asiansonly happens when guys think they're sweeter and more submissive because of their regressive culture. How anyone doesn't see that immediately just blows my mind. How out of touch are people who don't recognize it for what it is immediately ??

Anonymous 234567


Right, France is such a shithole and nobody wants to live there, that's why it is one of the most popular destinations for immigrants from all across the world.
Do you really expect anyone here to pity you for being born into a wealthy Western European country? Actual third-worlders hate spoiled, naive westoids like you (and rightfully so). At best people will just laugh at you behind your back, at worst they will take advantage of your naïveté until you come crawling back to France with your tail between your legs. Go tell some 15 y/o street prostitutes in Cambodia how terrible it is to be a rich Western European, I'm sure they'll appreciate it.

Anonymous 234587

if she could keep her french level of income by working remotely, it is definitely possible that she could live in a better standard compared to France.
Whether it would be safer is debatable, there aren't really enough statistics to say how much crime happens in Asia. I would imagine that she could stay in richer, more guarded, parts of cities in those countries.

Your hate towards people that want change make you sound like a typical boomer - "stop complaining, people in Africa have it worse than you".
Should the 15 y/o Cambodian prostitutes stop complaining because there are 6 y/o prostitutes in some other country? I know that my comparison is blown out of proportion, but where do you draw a line where someone can or can not complain about their country? Yes, she was born in a rich country, yes her life is probably much better than average - doesn't mean she can't make changes to it that would make her happier.

>that's why it is one of the most popular destinations for immigrants from all across the world

it's hard to compare her to immigrants that come to France. Their goals are similar, but the means by which they can achieve them are different.
I doubt, or at least hope so, that she is trying to emigrate to become a member of cheap work force and hope for a good welfare system

Anonymous 234588

>that she is
that she isn't*

Anonymous 234629

No idea about the US, I'm a Eurofag myself. South Korea likely has a lower crime rate than France, but even in the UK (which is notorious for stabbings, much more so than France) getting randomly stabbed in public is extremely unlikely, unless you happen to be some kind of gang member or drug dealer. OP is full of shit.
East Asian cultures are not magically safe from crime just because they value superficial politeness. From what I understand many East Asian countries have massive issues with organised crime and sex trafficking. Sexual assault is another common problem that more often than not simply gets ignored in order to preserve harmony. That too is an aspect of East Asian cultures, although one not commonly thought of by Asiaboos when they dickride Japan or South Korea for being so pure and polite.
China and Singapore might be an exception to all of this since they will lock you away for simply looking at someone the wrong way, but besides being dictatorships they are also extremely hard to immigrate to and not significantly safer than European countries like Finland or Denmark (both EU countries that OP could easily move to instead).

>if she could keep her french level of income
If she even has any in the first place. She writes like a 16 y/o Twitter user and has a teenager's worldview to match, so I personally wouldn't count on it.

>Your hate towards people that want change make you sound like a typical boomer - "stop complaining, people in Africa have it worse than you".

That's not what I said. OP expects people to throw a pity party for her because she is French, pretending to have it worse than someone from Venezuela or Cambodia because she doesn't like her home country. What I did say is that actual third-worlders tend to hate people like OP for being privileged entitled retards who live in a completely different reality and yet act like they know it all. The hubris of naive westoid immigrants in developing countries (and even some other places like Spain or Portugal) is both well-known and commonly taken advantage of.
To be clear, there is nothing wrong at all with wanting to live somewhere else. If OP really wanted (provided she is an adult, which again I doubt), she could get her ass to Finland or any other EU country tomorrow with no paperwork needed and never set foot into France ever again. She doesn't, though - instead she just whines about being French on CC every other month.

>it's hard to compare her to immigrants that come to France

Right, she'd be an eXpAt after all, not one of them dirty immigrunz

Anonymous 234631

France is not a shithole, anon is just his own ragebait folk hero

Anonymous 234643

its not, everyone is escaping this garbage country for objectively better places.
I have never heard of anyone emigrating to france because its a (soon to be ) war torn shithole.
france is poor as shit, i dont have any money to give so i cant be taken advantage on, you sound like a projecting boomer

Anonymous 234644

2500 euros per month net. soon 3000
> she could get her ass to Finland or any other EU country tomorrow
you dont know what you are talking about, you need to be fluent in whatever language they speak to even get a chance at being hired there
also i would rather get out of europe alltogether
>she'd be an eXpAt after all, not one of them dirty immigrunz
i want to be an immigrant though, an expat comes back, i want to live this dump forever

Anonymous 234645


its a shithole and an ugly one at that

Anonymous 234651

Anonymous 234656

Nearly a month of this thread and still no French has exchanged places with me in my third world country.

Anonymous 234840

Immigrants make up over 10% of the total population in France lmao why do you think rightoids there constantly sperg about the great replacement? I'm getting a feeling that you aren't actually French (or if you are, live in some kind of rural gated community which would make your constant tantrums here even more funny)
Touche l'herbe stp

Anonymous 235168

Which spell do you use to do that?

Anonymous 235169

I live in a village now but i used to live in both a city and a town. At no point onward did i mention right wing stuff. You are completely obsessed.
There are objective proofs that noone emigrates to france and that it is actually the opposite

Anonymous 235174


>makes a new thread whining about France every month
>calling me obsessive

I'm not accusing you of being a right-winger, I am saying that French rightoids wouldn't be crying about le grand remplacement if there was nobody immigrating to France. Peut-être tu ne comprends l'anglais assez bien? Tu devrais l'apprendre avant de partir ailleurs, si tu es un tant soit peu sérieuse. Tu as l'air d'un troll et je crois que tu n'est même pas française. Va te faire voir.

Anonymous 235713

>every month
Thats my first france related thread. You are completely deluded.
>I am saying that French rightoids wouldn't be crying about le grand remplacement
because most people coming in the country want to go to the UK but arent allowed to so they stop here
simple as
>Tu as l'air d'un troll et je crois que tu n'est même pas française.
You reek of projection. You are probably some ultrarich sheltered kid from switzerland or something

Anonymous 235717

>Thats my first france related thread.
If that's true, we have two dumb French around.

Anonymous 237315

Nah, it's the same person every time, you can tell from the retarded Tiktok/Twitter type writing style.

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