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Gen Y women Anonymous 230927

any Gen Y women here who remember the fun days of 4chan like 2007-2010?

There was sexism back then, but nothing like today. The manosphere/mgtow/incel/red pill destroyed that place. Likewise, I feel Gen Z engage in lots of bullying.

I used to pretend to be a guy circa 2007 and never admit to being a woman and it was fun. I also feel this was before politics and echo chambers. /pol/ destroyed 4chan. I remember before /pol/ existed.

Anyway, this is my first post ever here. Just want to get this off my chest. I feel bad that I can no longer enjoy a message board I grew up on.

Anonymous 230939

whats a gen Y woman? a woman with Y chromosomes? TROON DETECTED. THERES A TROON. I REPEAT TH

Anonymous 230941

Anonymous 230942

Anonymous 230943

I'm 24 so not quite Gen Y but I remember the tail-end of that era.
I am thankful I have a life outside the internet nowadays and my friends don't expect me to be on social media because I only want the internet I had as a kid.
The way it is now is just so vile and I only expect it to get worse.

Anonymous 230945

i mean millennial. the generation before z.

Anonymous 230946

the internet has become so vile. you see i work a pretty demanding job so on my downtime, i do surf the net. i decided to leave a thread on 4chan because they were telling people to kill themselves. you are still fairly young and can notice a difference. imagine for somebody like me in my 30s. the net has become scary. i also used to post in a forum for people of my profession and dealt with a stalker for 3 years.

Anonymous 230948

these threads here seem to move slow though and the layout is just not the best so i don’t anticipate this will be a substitute for 4chan, but hopefully it can eventually grow. 4chan has grown too large though after Trump supporters gave it publicity. I miss the days when m00t still owned it. I remember when he moderated himself. it used to be 4chan vs the world. now it’s just racial politics and an echo chamber for white supremacism and sexism.

Anonymous 230953

/s4s/ still feels like old 4chan

Anonymous 230954

Anonymous 230959

thanks it looks chill. never really hung out there, but may start lurking.

Anonymous 230962

It has always been vile. Revenge porn/doxxing wasn't illegal backk then so in a lot of ways its better now. I really see the same shit I used to see on the internet for the most part. Trust me millennial bullied each other exactly the same.

It only seemed better then because social media hadn't seemingly soured everything so much. Things were still fresh. I feel like people are just plain tired of the same 4 internet walls now. I know I sure as hell am.

Anonymous 230964

It was a lot more fun. Just doing stuff, watching anime, sharing jpgs loaded with fun toys, making hobby sites. It's all corporate bullshit, social media and political stuff now. Making going online easy meant everyone started doing it even if they didn't know how it worked, and that meant a lot of people to market to. I want every corporation to fuck off and die.

>now it’s just racial politics and an echo chamber for white supremacism and sexism.
Also a place for cancer from reddit/twitter to repost their things ad infinitum. They used to get called out instantly because they stick out. Now they're the majority and openly post reddit links.

Anonymous 230965

No it wasn’t the same. The rise of influencers like Tate and other mgtow figures before him like Dr. Red pill brainwashing men made it worse. 90 percent of threads now are hate against women. Even if the thread has nothing to do with women, it turns to talking about “roasties.”

What a disgusting term.

Yes there were raids and doxing in the 00s and early 10s, but it was mostly just people being gossipy. Laughing at internet tough guys. No trying to push others to suicide.

Anonymous 230966


Yes I notice the influx of Reddit users. They are the majority. Then all the losers who are on Twitter 24/7 and post 4chan screenshots to Twitter so more people can find out about 4chan and so it can attract more normies. 4chan used to be like a secret club. Now it’s so mainstream.

We used to have a rule that you don’t talk about /b/.

Anonymous 230967

the Trump general thread on /pol/ was also a joke and you are right about it all being corporate bullshit now.

The new memes aren’t even funny now. It’s just the “yes” meme, chad memes, and various wojaks. I honestly hate “yes” and wojak.

The newer Pepe memes are also not funny there used to be some actually funny ones.

I miss “shit was so cash,” navy seal copypasta, wise beard man. Man the harpoons was funny as hell too. I’m against body shaming, but it always made me chuckle. I also can’t stand how they laugh as “kek” now. I miss “epic lulz.”

I realize life moves on, but it’s still so sad that 75 percent of the kids on there now don’t even know who m00t is.

Hahaha maybe I can marry him one day if he is not already married. He created a great website that sadly turned to complete shit. Will always look back fondly when it used to be a place to let off steam and turn for support and a laugh when I had nobody else. Even before I had laptops, I would spend hours on my desktop.

Anonymous 230969

Also not saying that my generation engaged in no bullying, but gen z are just terrible. Gen z TikTok vibes and what 4chan has become is the same energy as boomers on Facebook fighting over politics in comments sections. I hate all the labels too. 4chan memes used to be so funny. Now they are just about labels. It’s no surprise the Chad, wojak, and coomer have become the main memes. They just aren’t funny.

Anon also used to call out pedos and ridicule them by posting the pedo bear. With the rise of the manosphere, pedos and ephebophiles are condoned.

I was posting in a thread on /int/ that was taken over by a pedo. I kept reporting and the pedo kept coming back posting more CP. I complained about it. Then some jerk made a poll if they prefer me or the pedo. The pedo won by one vote. I had revealed myself as a woman so they just hate all women now.

Anonymous 230971

The internet has no general purpose anymore or reflection, you are no longer seeing yourself in the screen. The best choice is start a journal that is small and you can carry it around, drawing and writing just for the sack of passing time has done wonders in my life and go out into the real world of course.

Anonymous 231048

i'm a gen z woman and i remember some of this

Anonymous 231052

I took a look at /s4s/ for the first time since before 2016 and I was fully expecting full blown soyjak garbage but was pleasantly surprised that wasn't the case.

Anonymous 231062

But these are still terminally online people. And maybe the influences weren't there but the energy from men was the incel / pedo community was the same. Back then I was on Gaia online, and the raging pedophiles and misogynists ruined everything, using ED or forms as their soap box. It's the same but it just looks different now.

Anonymous 231070

there may have been some of that energy, but we are foolish to ignore how common it is now! it became full blown the past two years.

they hate all women. they hate women who didn’t have kids by a certain age. they hate single mothers. they hate women who are educated with careers. they also hate housewives who don’t contribute and see them as leeches. there is no winning with modern men. it’s hilarious that these modern men call themselves “trad.”

Anonymous 231169

also now its just loser follower men parroting what their online "fathers" like Tate and Jordan Peterson say. Misogyny always existed, but not echo chambers.

Their stupid lingo too.

The Wall

Also funny how they ridicule people with poor genetics, but then ridicule women for wanting men with good genetics.

Anonymous 231176

Yeah but they need us more than we need them. Who cares about pleasing them or what they think? Grab some popcorn and watch it become a natural filter. It's great they're so much more transparent now it means the shitty ones wont breed lmao.

Anonymous 231188

I can't tell if I just matured or if 2008 4chan was like at least 10 IQ points higher on average. It used to be actually funny. I'm a lot more sociable and active now than I used to be back then but sometimes I get nostalgic for how lonely and desperate and hopeful I used to be.

Anonymous 231241

You're not imagining it lit is a joke now, compared to what it used to be. They'll actually talk about crappy YA books there now. It's really telling.

Anonymous 231243

I am a millennial and to be honest, the effect I notice the most coming from my past online experience is the crushing loneliness of today's internet. I grew up on a very different internet, where interactions followed very different rules and patterns, so of course I optimized for that. Now that we've moved on from small-circles with high (and often wall-of-text-based) interaction to big circles of strangers with very little actual back-and-forths, I feel like I missed that train and can't hop on it, while my old world is left inhabited by ghosts. Even if I did try to partake, I don't think I'd gain any satisfaction from a couple dozen (hundreds?) of daily likes/faves/follows from total strangers.
I miss when the goal was making friends, not fans, and showing creativity, not selling a product. Even though there have always been grifters, it seems like everyone should be striving to make themselves a "brand" today. Fuck that.
Discord and similar communities are not better. Everything is still a popularity contest, often with money moves as a goal. Seems like being offline is the new cool.

Anonymous 231251

What do you mean? /lit/ never talks about crappy YA books

Anonymous 231252


Seems like the 2000s were genuinely better for young people which was reflected on the vibe of the internet

Anonymous 231254

I'd agree with this. The differences in engagement forms between the SomethingAwful era internet and the TikTok era make everything feel at once so big and so empty to me. Maybe that's why Dead Internet Theory seems to appeal to millennials as an emotional expression whereas younger users see it more objectively as a funny wacky idea from out of touch idiots.

Anonymous 231257

I've seen it. Not to bash enders game and Harry Potter I mean they're descent books but they don't belong in lit. There is not serious lit discussion there at all anymore.

Anonymous 231261

gen z get mad at blog like posts. also agree 100 percent for you. the goal used to be to make friends that you would eventually meet one day. now it’s just about fans.

Anonymous 231262

there actually used to be some smart interesting people on there. now it’s just any racist or sexist. the quality of posters has declined so much.

Anonymous 231264

it was friendlier and much of the trolling was in good fun. for example, hilarious recorded prank calls.

Anonymous 231509

It was inevitable. The reason /pol/ was even created in the first place by moot was because of politisperging on /b/.

[s4s] is okay, but its biggest problem is that it's not funny and it's infested with troon posters from /lgbt/.
This may be controversial to say, but the closest thing I can think of that holds some level of the early day shitposting spirit, are those teens from /qa/ and the soy spin-off.

Anonymous 231512

How can you tell [s4s] is full of trannies?

Anonymous 231514

Screen Shot 2023-0…

>There is not serious lit discussion there at all anymore.

Anonymous 231515

i noticed there are many lgbt posters on some boards and furries too. if you are not part of those communities it can be alienating.

Anonymous 231516

i will have to check out qa… ultimately though i have to accept that those fun days are long gone.

Anonymous 231522

Screen Shot 2023-0…

Anonymous 231530


It seems like internet communities where peopel just talk about hobbies and chill disappeared, discord sucks and even most reddits have this underlying passive aggressive vibe going. Where did all these forums go

Anonymous 231542

Fuck no, they're a bunch of ex-polfag culture war faggots hiding behind ten layers of irony, there's nothing fun about those shitholes.
qa has been dead for a long while now because they got too spergy one day and the /lgbt/ mods had the whole board locked.

Anonymous 231550

Nice thanks for proving my point ?

Anonymous 231557

>ex-polfag culture war faggots
I won't deny that those kinds of people didn't exist on /qa/. But as 4chan's dedicated meta board, it ended up being a lot more diverse with people from different boards coming together to complain about staff and shitpost. It was honestly kind fun seeing different communities interact with each other in the rare opportunity they had to.

Anonymous 231559

Anonymous 231560

Because it's only board where they can shitpost about crossdressing and "traps" and not be immediately told to dilate and get lost.
Also, I personally knew a troon who was an avid poster on there and would make his avatar the bury pink gril almost everywhere online.

Anonymous 231561

The /pol/ posters were vocal minority. They were about as prevalent on /qa/ as chuds were on old /b/ before moot created /pol/.

Anonymous 231564

I enjoyed the 4chan happenings threads on /qa/, it's a shame I can't read them anymore.

Anonymous 231565

They still make 'em on /trash/, but the generals are constantly being raided by furries and degens that it's not even worth visiting anymore.

Anonymous 231566

/int/ had some great threads until pedophiles started spamming them and posting CP. the mods ban them, but they just keep coming back.

Anonymous 231567

I keep forgetting /trash/ is a thing because it's not a listed board. But I think that's for the better.

Anonymous 231568

i hate discord. it sucks. seems like a cheaper version of old school aol chat rooms. also not user friendly and hate the darkness of it.

Anonymous 231569

i think reddit has even more bullies than 4chan. the upvoting downvoting is a bad idea for any community IMHO… because it discredits unpopular views and then becomes an echo chamber. Reddit is even worse then 4chan.

Anonymous 231570

just browsed trash. lots of anime porn. i love anime, but i don’t understand people who are sexually attracted to cartoon characters. i can understand liking hentai, but masturbating to it seems weird and many into this stuff hate real women.

Anonymous 231575

thank you for this info. the hentai i saw was mostly soft core stuff shown at anime conventions.

i also strongly believe incels are incels because they watch too much porn and have too high standards. i’ve sometimes struggled with self esteem, but at the end of the day have known most people consider me attractive. i have always aimed low when it came to men though thinking a loser won’t hurt me and being intimidated by men that are more objectively attractive. honestly, i have learned that the loser guys are worse misogynistic assholes than the so called “chads.”

Anonymous 232494

I miss them too. It was such a good way to interact with people with the same interests that allowed you to access old conversations. If someone shared for example some sewing patterns in a thread it was easy to go back and look them up. Most of the time something like a master thread just for sharing sewing patterns existed that was pinned to the top. Today old things just get lost. Most social media makes interacting on a deeper level with other people hard so that isn't an option either.

Also most forums didn't allow very offensive jokes/ bullying. That was something exclusive to a just few places. If you didn't like that type
of humor you just avoided these places. Today it seems like everything is mixed. Every site has the same culture.

Anonymous 233060

anons no longer ex…

I really miss when arguments were relatively peaceful/playful or at least lacked the kind of ad hominem you see in modern slapfights. Even getting called a fag on 4chan back in the 00s had a more playful tone to it.

I'm glad to see some kind of data about this because it's how I've felt for years but just assumed it was nostalgia.

I miss having what was essentially 4chan newspaper. /qa/ was a crapshoot but pic related was a good insight.

Anonymous 233170

>Even getting called a fag on 4chan back in the 00s had a more playful tone to it.
sometimes I wonder if it's the 4fags who got more bitchy and neurotic or if it's we who got desensitized to their old shit

Anonymous 233205

Personally I see it as an issue of tolerating nutty behavior, letting nutjobs in, and people who couldn't stand it would leave, dragging the sanity of the place further down.

Anonymous 233206

the problem was actually letting normies in and relaxing board culture to the point of welcoming everyone feeling entitled to force themselves in. normies figuring out how to use the internet were the cause of the downfall of everything mentioned ITT.

Anonymous 233207

I am so sad I just want to have anonymous fun on the interwebs

Anonymous 233211

There was a shit ton of sexism, maybe not as bad as today, but it was still pretty fucking bad (muh tits or GTFO). Aside from that, the average 4channer was more strongly opposed to /pol/faggotry (Stormfront started infiltrating /pol/ and /news/ around 2010 iirc, don't remember the exact timeline since I always avoided those two boards) and posters in general weren't as randomly aggressive and retarded as they are now.

Anonymous 233213

Oh and also /y/ was full of actual yaoi and fujos instead of the high amount of barafaggots there are now

Anonymous 233242

there was also a lot of hate towards scientologists and conspiracy tards in general.
how the turn tables.

Anonymous 233275


>t was such a good way to interact with people with the same interests that allowed you to access old conversations.
That's so nice about forums, plus the format lends itself to in-deep long conversations, some old forums I was at had threads going for months if not years. That's why discord, or any other format will never be a true replacement for forums, things just go out of sight immediately and disappear, no one's gonna scroll up to look at some exchange that took place a year ago. Internet is being ADHD-ified.

Anonymous 233579

>muh tits or GTFO
Did you actually enjoy having threads derailed because some newfag thought she'd announce her gender for attention?

Anonymous 233595

a female announcing her gender for attention is better than misogyny

Anonymous 233653

Nowadays, people don't even believe you when you say you're a woman on 4chan.

Anonymous 233658

Yeah, you just get called a tranny now.

Anonymous 233684

>get called a tranny on 4chan
>get called a tranny on cc
what do

Anonymous 233701

I thought they were called gen Alpha

Anonymous 233947

Anonymous 233955

gen alpha is people born after 2011 or some shit

Anonymous 234000

If you're a real woman than it shouldn't matter. I think the only people who genuinely let those comments effect them are well… trannies.

Anonymous 234035

On cc its particularly annoying because people just start calling you a tranny if you disagree with them and refuse to address whatever it is you are actually talking about. The witch hunts get people wrongfully banned and just encourages the group polarization that happens here.
So its not the insult itself that is bothersome because obviously real women know they are real women and don't need "validated", its how its used.

Anonymous 234812

00s /y/ was peak.
>I can't imagine ever wanting to go out on a limb to communicate with anyone there.
I relate to this. My last real "from 4chan" friend is from 2012. Not much longer after that interacting with anybody became too much of a dice roll.

Anonymous 235858

just say millenial
(checking if I'm banned btw)

Anonymous 235859

neato. so does this site have a /banned page somewhere? I just flew in from 4chan never heard of this place before.

Anonymous 235865

4chan is way too tranny friendly and the jannies have way too much censorship power. If 4chan's purpose was to have an anonymous message board where people can speak freely, it has lost it entirely. Now it's just a reddit clone with a slightly different culture.

Anonymous 235895

I was just thinking about this because back in the winter I tried to post on /pol/ and got permabanned and starred posting 4chan memes on Facebook and a lot of people saw those posts I think but I just need to explain to everyone that 4chan can hijacked by Jannies and the things I was posting were just the typical things I had been posting for years they just didn't realize it and I didn't have anywhere else to post that content but luckily I found cc

Anonymous 236721


How websites go to shit, interesting read:

Anonymous 236732

m00t has a japanese wife and daughter ): it makes me want to kill myself i need him so badly

Anonymous 236733

Strange. He used to give off huge gay vibes.

Anonymous 236929

The internet was only fun for me when it was a novelty. I grew out of it as soon as social media started becoming more draconian, obsessed with political correctness, and uncoincidentally suddenly filled with people claiming to be LGBBQs everywhere.

Anonymous 237197

I was on 4chan during my youth. It really went downhill from 2011 on and past the point of no return in 2016. It was my internet home and the best site on the planet.

Anonymous 238627

yup - I think the average IQ on there has noticeably decreased (much like the rest of the internet). bummer.

crystal cafe feels a lot like old 4chan minus the porn

Anonymous 238645

moot fangirls are cringe.

Anonymous 238646

i thought he was married to a latina?

Anonymous 238648

most men who have active asian fetishes are low-T and probably are gay

Anonymous 238675

Where does that info come from? I kept wondering what he was up to ever since he took the Google position in Japan.

Anonymous 238846

Pretty much this. I try my best to stay away from all that noise as much as possible and find the few sites that still feel niche and like a novelty, but it's getting harder and harder nowadays.

Anonymous 239087

Another big thing is that not every post tries to be funny. People here can converse normally and not every response feels the need to try to be the funniest person in the thread. 80% of 4chan posts feel like they wanna be the star of some 4chan screenshot that gets reposted on twitter

Anonymous 246534


Anonymous 246535


inventor of 4chan

Anonymous 247909

>Stormfront started infiltrating /pol/ and /news/ around 2010 iirc
Way before. /n/ used to be the news board but m00t changed it up because Stormfront had completely taken it over.

Anonymous 248566

Anonymous 248754

sauce pls

Anonymous 248830

I used to post on /ck/ and /co/ but something happened and both the boards got inhabited with really weird people. I don't know if I just matured or something really changed. All I know is I used to read that Christian comic "Serenity" every year for Easter and Christmas on /co/ as a tradition since I never had any. I even joined in on posting the chapters one year. One year it stopped. Regular storytimers like Dan Dashly left. And despite /aco/ being made to contain the porn of cartoon characters, people still post fetish art and porn on /co/. A lot of it is really questionable.

I miss watching the Venture Bros. and posting in the reaction threads. I've never met anyone else who liked Venture Bros. or even knows what the show is.

Anonymous 248833

I also always tuned in for the Night of the Were-Ed and How I Became Yours storytimes. Miss them. It sucks knowing that over the years 4chan has bled most of the population of anons you could probably be friends with and replaced them with painfully unfunny chud-types.

Anonymous 248834

Night of the Were-Ed was amazing. There was also that Lilo & Stitch romance comic made by a Swedish woman where Stitch became a buff himbo that made my sides split. Good times.

Anonymous 248837

this is how moids communicate in general. they can only think in terms of competition which makes them totally unlikeable to those around them. this is why they often have no real lasting friendships of their own.

Anonymous 248839

I remember this sort of thing, I noticed that too…pedo's used to get shit on. That's not to say there were never dudes on there who were or people who condoned it, but there used to be way more ridicule of it than there is now.

Anonymous 248843

imo it's now like that because the entire original demographic of the site has been replaced with irony poisoned edgelord coomer scrotes, most of which are zoomers/underaged. the better posters and oldfags moved to discord, obscure altchans, social media, or rarely use the internet anymore and they've been replaced by low quality posters who have zero familiarity with imageboard culture (ie they're super easy to bait/troll, hatred of oc/unique board culture and refusal to participate in what was previously considered fun, thinking they need to be cult of personality recognizable posters, things like that). plus all the current mods/jannies are complete power tripping circlejerking retards who selectively enforce the rules so the garbage posters stick around and things will never improve. tl;dr it's not just you maturing and it's not only those two boards that are like that but all of them are now

Anonymous 248845

The /co/ mods were terrible. I recall threads of specific on-topic topics getting targeted for deletion. Meanwhile porn and obvious fetish threads were still allowed despite it being a blue board. I left more over annoyance than anything.

Anonymous 248850

yes that exact thing is happening on /cgl/ /vg/ /jp/ /a/ and most blue boards, coomer nsfw pics and threads are allowed to stay up by the retarded tranny jannies no matter how many times people report them. it almost feels like purposeful sabotage because that drives away decent posters who don't want to constantly open the board up and see weird porn shit. also yeah the tranny jannies love to find reasons for deleting on topic discussions, they've done it to me before too despite my post not breaking any rules.

Anonymous 248858


thats the thing i dont understand. why the fuck do mods allow nsfw pics in blue boards?? don't they have their fucking nsfw boards where they can post all the coom shit?
>be me
>go to the science and math board
>see picrel
>"what does this have to do with science? or math?"
i hate this shit so much. this is self sabotage

Anonymous 248864

because the jannies are, and allow moids who can't help but revel in spilling shit outside the toilet. i remember the exact day /wp/ got ruined. why the fuck is a buttplug thread allowed? the problem isn't as bad as when it first started, but its annoying.

Anonymous 248873

Stable Diffusion and AI text models have completely destroyed /g/.
I had an odd experience a few months ago where I tried to post in a thread and I was told I can't post until I joined the Discord. HUH??? A 4chan thread with Discord integration? Sounded like a gay op. I've since written off the site for good. It's a site for bots, coomers, feds, pedos, talentless grifters, and journos now.

Anonymous 248875

I feel bad for being mean to girls in ita threads. I was so self conscious and self-centered I I thought these girls who had nothing to do with me and were just trying their best to have fun and dress up and enjoy posting their pics online somehow reflected badly on me as someone who also enjoyed jfashion. I was just a bitch and those girls did nothing wrong.

Anonymous 248885

/cgl/ has always been fairly aggressive and judgmental. I've tagged along with friends who are very into cosplay and discovered that and fandom communities are really cutthroat. I assume the ladies posting on /cgl/ have nerves of steel to put up with it all. I can appreciate the gatekeeping since people are trying to maintain the foundation of their interests and everyone knows when something gets popular, it starts to suck and quality tanks. It becomes a novelty rather than an art form.
Sorry for the novel, lol. I used to be a bitch on 4chan too, but I was insecure and self-centered as well. Part of growing is acknowledging mistakes. Bad people don't acknowledge they ever did anything wrong.

Anonymous 248903

>install gentoo

Anonymous 248913

damn I haven't checked /g/ in ages but last time it was a mess and the lowest quality it's ever been

Anonymous 248971

This post made feel so sad, since I loved old /co/ and discovered it when I started reading comics. It was so nice talking with people about shit that I love. Now we can't even talk about any comic book at all unless it's some bait thread with a fucking Twitter screen cap. Every time I make a thread about a comic book that is not spider-man or x shit or any basic bitch dc garbage, it gets maybe one or two replies that are just "yeah, I agree" or something benign like that and than it dies.

Anonymous 248993

I forget the details but AFAIK the new japanese owner is really hands-off with the site and so 99% of decisions fall to his second-in-command who goes by "r*pe ape" (uncensored). I forget most of it but there was an article I read a while ago delving into who exactly he is, and it seems he has made a very deliberate push to no longer censor pol crap invading any other board, and removes any moderators/janitors who want to remove things that would serve to make the site more of an MGTOW cesspit regardless of their impact on the site's quality. IIRC he also has been in control since about 2015 and was the architect of the whole MAGA election tourist influx, going as far as to ensure those people would stay, rather than making the garbageposters feel unwelcome.
I don't really know where to hang out anymore.

Anonymous 249049


Things just aren't like they used to be and imageboards are toxic nowadays. I know that it always had trolls, doxxing and actual sociopaths posting in it but nowadays you can tell most anons have this ill-intentioned feel to what they write, everyone is just so angry and negative all the time it's exhausting to read threads sometimes. My best guess is that it's just the people that browsed back then that still do to this day getting older and bitter along with pol-chud retardation leaking everywhere, also theres troons shitting every board up in their little chatrooms and groups, so that's great too.

Anonymous 249064

Nothing has actually changed since 2005-2010. If anything trolls just moved to different platforms. Incel shits have been everywhere as long as I can remember, there are just more people online now because millions of demented little boys grew up online and stayed online.

Anonymous 249073


And bots. Bots have been trained on 4chan content and deployed there as well.

The same thing happened to /a/.

To be fair, the (unspelled?) rules of what is NSFW are somehow autistic:
nipples - HARAM
sex - HARAM
genitals/camel toe - HARAM
big tits - OK

>“[RapeApe] basically fulfills the role of an administrator considering Hiroyuki [Nishimura], the actual admin, doesn't touch the site,” a current janitor told me.
>Even prior to the site’s change in ownership, RapeApe functioned as the primary judge of what constituted acceptable content on the site, as well as the person who educated the staff on what did and didn’t cross the line. As Gamergate became a subject on the site in 2014, 4chan users began harassing women in the video game industry due to what they perceived as progressive bias in reporting on games. Eventually, RapeApe tried to stop 4chan’s campaign of intimidation. “[Gamergate] is no longer allowed on the video game boards. So said [RapeApe],” one janitor informed another in the leaked chats. When other jannies protested, RapeApe rapidly shut them down: “This isn’t a democracy,” RapeApe wrote. “Gamergate has overstayed its welcome. It is starting to cause a massive burden for moderation.”
>But RapeApe isn’t just a typical /pol/ user who happens to run the site. According to three current and former staff members, RapeApe shaped 4chan into a reflection of his own political beliefs. “RapeApe has an agenda: he wants /pol/ to have influence on the rest of the site and [its] politics,” a current janitor said.
>4chan has an extensive list of rules posted on the site and each board has its own smaller set of edicts. A little-known and rarely enforced 4chan regulation, Global Rule #3, prohibits racist content on the site. But the leaked chat logs show many incidents of moderators and janitors discussing when racism got severe enough that it ought to be banned. Indeed, RapeApe himself deleted at least one thread for violating Rule #3 early on in his 4chan career, before he became a manager.


Anonymous 249084

>Twitter screen cap
The only reason these threads stay up is because a mod (grubmeister I think his name was?) for that board consistently uses Twitter himself

Anonymous 249094

This, /b/ is just a wasteland of bots and mentally ill coomers nowadays.

Anonymous 249101

>I don't really know where to hang out anymore.
I have been feeling this way for nearly a decade. Shooting the shit 99% anonymously on imageboards is how I like to talk about stuff. I lurk on social media for art and stuff but it's just not the same.
>My best guess is that it's just the people that browsed back then that still do to this day getting older and bitter
I think the opposite of this–a lot of the people who browsed back then adapted to social media or a no or next-to-nothing online presence/normie life. For clarity's sake I'm going to loosely define an oldfag as "around 30 and frequently used the site before 2010". Of that population that is left it's either people like me who just prefer imageboards for hobbies and are crying about it instead of adapting to Reddit/Tumblr/Twitter like the other oldfags or unsalvagable dorks that have been poisoned by the gamergate/2016 wombocombo. A lot of people in the first camp seemed to post on /qa/ but we lost that war. IMO the majority of the toxicity on the site comes from gamergate/2016 newfags and I wish either a swift death or no internet access on all of them.

Anonymous 253929

Is there some old lore I'm missing to /qa/? because from what I saw, it was pretty much just a haven for "unsalvagable dorks that have been poisoned by the gamergate/2016 wombocombo".

Anonymous 253936

/qa/ essentially doesn't exist because slowly after 2016 it became the wojak edit board. You remember all those soyjaks, boomer and brainlet wojaks that kept getting posted on places like /v/ ad nauseum? that basically took over /qa/ and was just mentally ill schizoids posting those edits nonstop and at some point the wojak posters from /qa/ harassed /lgbt/ aka /tttt/ nonstop to the point that /qa/ is essentially dead so all the wojak posters created a chan + booru called soyjak.party (i'm sure you've all seen them shit up this board too) where its basically just wojak spam

tl;dr: wojakposters shitting up and raiding other board killed /qa/

Anonymous 253969

That generation of people got jobs and moved on while the younger generations never filled their shoes and went to big platforms like discord

Anonymous 254552

I always thought that rule 1 was stupid and pretentious. 4chan was, is and always will be just a gathering of autistics, schizos and spergs. it’s not a secret underground club or anything. redditors going there and shitting it up was inevitable. /vt/ is a prime example of this alongside the constant bullshit with jannies.

Anonymous 254553

I liked all of the /cgl/ cows like the white weeb girls but going to their threads on lolcow is a nightmare now that one became a vtuber and her simps shit up the thread.

Anonymous 254558

Reinstate rule 30 and 31, easy as.

Anonymous 254834

You're missing the point, rule 1 was saying to gatekeep the site, for all the good it did.

Anonymous 254857


/pol/ didnt destroy 4chan. The normalization of casuals on /b/ and it transforming into a "normie" standard porn cuddle box is what did it. Regardless, the blue boards are where the quality post are at.

Anonymous 254977


That's not a fair characterization either. Just because the liberalizing shift in global culture is changing geared towards acceptance that it doesn't mean being anti- whatever isn't a bad stance to have. 4chan along with every other website is connected to greater outside influence.

Anonymous 255025

monke wine box sta…

sure, boys just grew up into men.
the ones you were with were 13 years old on average, as you were, now they are 33.

boys always grow up desiring to dominate the women, when they first play with them as children.

you can blame it on trump and pol and manosphere and pickup artists and whatever, but if they were so good to girls back then, why did you disguise yourself as a man? curious.

could it be girls even back then got endlessly harassed, doxxed, etc. to the point of suicide and they thought it was fun?

Anonymous 255195

seeing this chart makes me sad for some reason.

millennial as well and i have the same exact sentiments. i've been unable to articulate this feeling myself, thinking something was fundamentally wrong with me, but i've also found it difficult to adapt to the "new" internet and way of interacting. and to be perfectly honest, at this point i really don't want to - i don't like the new internet. i hate platforms, i hate how everything content wise has to revolve around politics, race, and celebrity culture. if that doesn't work, it's act like an uncultured retard so that other uncultured retards can clap and feel special in their retard prayer circles.

the internet has basically become everything i wanted to get away from when i was younger. i know it sounds incredibly pretentious but i really miss the days of finding obscure shit online. i really wouldn't mind all of these things either, if people were actually coming up with original ideas and being authentic or pulling from their own experiences. but sadly most everyone nowadays just rehashes the same talking points over and over and over again and if you've been around for more than 5 years, you've likely read or heard whatever they're talking about, at least once, if not multiple times before. it's all so mind numbingly boring.

and what sucks about it all is that gen z and boomers think we're weird for not wanting to be online. why don't we want to be dancing on tiktok? or spamming our faces on instagram? i know some of them mean well, but no, tiktok or whatever people use nowadays will never replicate the old internet feeling, no matter how much they claim it will. it doesn't matter what tag people use, it just isn't the same thing. but i understand, they never experienced the old web, they don't know what it was like to have more choices than fagbook/reddit/twitter/tiktok/youtube etc. it really has been an endless loop when you think about it. sometimes all i want is to discover some random journalist from eastern europe's blog on a weird conspiracy he's uncovered, or look at really rad art from a woman who lives in the forest. see photographs that aren't bbl monstrosities and taken by actually talented people, find a list of sci-fi and fantasy books i've never heard of to read, i could go on.

Anonymous 256632

Not just 4chan, but the internet in general was more fun. It was a new frontier for people to explore and share their interests, connect with each other, have fun and do weird shit. Make a geocities website with a pagecounter for your esoteric hobby. Learn HTML trying to make a cool ass profile for your Neopet. There was just such a plethora of things to do and people would actually go to various websites and forums. Now it's all consolidated into the same big 5 websites (FB, IG, Tiktok, Reddit, 4chan) cuz everyone learned how to internet and corpos figured that out. Almost all internet traffic now basically goes to those and Amazon. There's nothing original anymore, no gems to find, and Google ain't going to let you find it if it even exists anymore. It's fucking sad man.
I'm inclined to agree with this honestly. For the majority of us oldfags, there's just nothing enticing us to engage with post-2016 4chan. Granted, the website was obviously getting shittier and shittier as more people got online (notably when e-celebs started becoming a thing). The few anon friends I've made off 4chan were all pre-2016 and all of us rarely go on 4chan anymore, or have cut the cord completely. Part of it was growing up and indeed going on to have a more normalfag lifestyle, but the atmosphere/culture just sucks on 99% of boards now (the only kinda-safe havens being very slow hobby-specific boards). 270 posts and 26 image replies omitted. Click to expand 270 posts of: Cope seethe dilate touch grass chud etc etc whatever the fuck buzzword of the month is. Quality of discussion is basically non-existent and all the kids (yes, kids - either in age or in mental capacity) do there now is get angry at each other over obvious psyops or irrelevant bullshit.

Anonymous 256633

Fuck I forgot to post this with my post lol. Had the tune randomly stuck in my head at like 5am the other night and dug it out from ancient Youtube. For anyone else who recognizes this, enjoy, what a nostalgia trip it was.

Anonymous 256687


Anonymous 256689


Uh… maybe AGP?

Anonymous 256701


>the goal used to be to make friends that you would eventually meet one day. now it’s just about fans.
This is very true.
>I really wouldn't mind all of these things either, if people were actually coming up with original ideas and being authentic
What part of it comes from the fact that we are older, and so as we know more, we are less surprised by new things ? It's not that hard to be impressed and to discover new things as a teenager since we knew so little about the world.

I'm guessing genZ (born into it) and boomers (hypnotized by it) will soon get hurt. Once Big Data/Skynet or whatever it's called actually happens (centralized databases of every thing + IA), they'll regret giving away their likeness, thoughts, impulses, desires, fears to this corporate version of Internet. Maybe we (Millenials) will be here to remind them there are other way to live.

Anonymous 259801

I remember this too. God, I miss old japanese otaku internet just as much as I miss old western internet.

Anonymous 259803

I remember

Anonymous 260154

Modest starts.webm

I joined right after the death of /b/ around 2008. It was the time of the repost, we had the same 12 threads every days.
The baaaww, the EU/US or mac/PC flamewars… I miss that time too.
The guy who leaked the pictures of all those celebrities have ruined /b/.

But it wasn't a nice place, it was horrible from the start. I remember a CP thread was always somewhere and we pushed teenagers to suicide. We had no moral, a kid die an horrible death and we laugh, dozens of people die in an accident and we laugh. The old /b/ made me an horrible person and I haven't recovered yet.

If I had to summarize, 4chan was always the website of edgy contrarians, but the world has changed and so the contrarians too.

Anonymous 263338

aw that's cute. where'd you get it from?

Anonymous 263389

I have no idea why some millennial and older gen z women are so nostalgic over 4chan. I used to like some threads on /co/ and /a/ and downloaded some good albums off /mu/ back in the day, but the culture was still a boy's club and /b/ was always awful and full of revenge porn, doxxing, racism, pedophilia etc. The internet has gotten worse now that a lot of it is normalized, but it didn't feel any better in 2007 either. I had to stop using various 4chan spinoffs then because CP and gore were spammed on them.

Anonymous 263390

I started using it back in 2013/2, and honestly, it wasn’t that fun compared to lolcow. It was always a boys club, and after /pol/ took over the entire site, I stopped using it completely. It was kind of sad to see how much of a shithole it has become. It stinks that all the smaller imageboards either die or end up as havens for pedos to spam gross crap. I’m happy this site is still up and that the moderator is doing a great job lessening any bigotry from being pushed on the platform. We need more spaces for women who aren’t cookie cutter; if I didn’t have lolcow, I honestly would’ve felt so alone in the world. Knowing other women somewhat similar to myself existed helped me a lot as a loner who could never mesh that well with people.

Anonymous 263393

gen z here and society in real life is falling apart because of the internet. I also remember before /pol/ when it was /new/. moot destroyed 4chan when he brought r9k and new back. now pol and incel culture have seeped through the internet and led to real killings. 4chan was a mistake

Anonymous 263415

Even online in the 00s people were weirdly aggressive against anime/Japanese games and their fans, so even if you were in "nerd" space you got bullied or were looked down upon to some degree. I remember seeing it referred to as "chinkshit" by people who I thought were chill. 4chan was the one of the few places you could chat with other weebs.

Anonymous 263418

Go back to lolcow then

Anonymous 263753

Elites wanted a culling, this culture marks undesirables.

Anonymous 263754

I'm 38 and I play the banjo ban ban jo banjo

Anonymous 263755

I miss the old mu when it wasn't full of kpop coomer bait
There was racism but I feel like back then the only people into anime were obsessive spergs, true weaboo culture is gone now that anime is on netflix. I miss those days kek.
Anyone remember when lolita culture was cut throat and all about burando?

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