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FDS Anonymous 231068

What is your opinion about FDS? I don't want to go into too much detail about how I view them because there is always someone in my friend group who calls me pickmeisha when I express my opinions about them and their podcast/subreddit.

But in general, if you investigate what Brittany Melton or Moira Spice looks like in real life (and how much failure their own love life is), they shouldn't be giving other women advice on seduction. They probably would try to sabotage young women out of envy and frustration.

Anonymous 231073

i dont think their aim is to advise on how to seduce, not that women need particular skills of seduction when it comes to scrotes anyways.
the main idea behind FDS is to actually leave males be until you find a keeper, which is of course extremely rare, and to focus on your own personal growth instead of wasting time with bad relationships which i think is very good life advice. it does of course has its problems as well though.
why are you so preoccupied with their looks by the way?

Anonymous 231185

I found it actually helped me a ton in improving my dating life. I used to chase dudes with AvPD but now I have an actually sociable, loving, financially stable bf and feel way less anxious and just shitty than I have in previous relationships. This society socializes women into being extremely vulnerable and trusting in relationships and having basically no standards - FDS is the only counterweight to that I've encountered.

also, didn't one of the people on the podcast ("Lillith") recently get married?

Anonymous 231206

Probably because they are a moid propagandist or a low IQ gyn. I'd rather listen to some mid-ugly woman's advice because those are the ones who play on hard mode.

Anonymous 231210

I really enjoy the podcast after the subreddit went private. I wish the subreddit never went private because their website is ass. I don’t like their video on femcels and their voices sound congested. They sound ugly (based on voices) so I don’t know why the femcel episode was the way it was.

Anonymous 231211

Wait, how did you figure out their names. I thought they were private.

Anonymous 231219

I've also known women far hotter than their husbands who got royally fucked over and women who are pretty unattractive but have incredibly doting husbands, so clearly being hot is neither necessary nor sufficient for getting a tolerable partner
I think they're black (re the voices). Their love is blind episodes are soooo fucking boring idk why they do them. Ever since Lillith left the podcast went downhill.

Anonymous 231230

>someone says some women's voices are ugly
>"uhm I think they're black"
Lol if someone said this about white women…

Anonymous 231304

I don't go to their new forums much nor do I listen to the podcast but overall I agree with FDS and their methods. Although sometimes I thought people in the subreddit (RIP) were too nitpicky about things. I also think that it is good for women who have dogshit standards and low self esteem. Some of the stories that were shared on that subreddit were insane. I never understood why some women put up with such awful behavior but reading posts there made me realize that many women truly do have self esteem issues. I always wished the spinoff sub r/femalelifestrategy was more popular because it focused less on moids and more on self improvement. As cheesy as it sounds the key to having high standards is having a strong self worth. If you love yourself/your life you aren't going to put up with bullshit as much.

Anonymous 231322

Why did Lilith leave ??

Anonymous 231323

I tried joining their forums several times, it never worked for me! Before it went down, I was subscribed to fds on reddit. There were a few crazies but most of it was simple , albeit radical common sense.

Most women won't see their valuable logic, because they've been conditioned by men to aim low and be an easy stupid fuck.

Anonymous 231381

she got married (her logic was she doesn't need to date anymore so why give advice, but that doesn't really make sense since she's so far the only successful one of the three)

Anonymous 231851

>They sound ugly (based on voices)
The Black American girl (can't remember her name) sounds hot, both voice and extracting from stories she tells.

Anonymous 231852

I think it's great about providing defensive dating strategies; i.e. filtering out shit men from your dating pool. But it doesn't teach anything about "offensive" strategies; e.g. seduction, which is equally important for finding a mate.

Anonymous 231853

I have never heard them but black women tend to have voices distinctly different from white women. Its not "because they are ugly voices they must be black".
If someone said this about a white woman no one would try and spin it as being racially motivated.

Anonymous 231857

sounds more like "see you later losers I made it"

Anonymous 231883

I appreciate the advice, but Roe is such a retard sometimes it becomes cringe.

I thought she was just busy with the engagement and being sick? IIRC, they finally decided to do it because of benefits or something.

Anonymous 231892

There's a black American girl? I thought it was 2 white women (American & Canadian) & a black British woman. The American one recently got marries so she had to take time off (honeymoon).

Anonymous 231893

I browsed a bit there and came across a post with the term "bob the builder wife". what does that mean?

Anonymous 231957

Basically a woman with the "I can fix him" mentality. It also relates to women who fall in love with the potential of a man and decides to date him with the hope that one day he will become the man of their dreams.

Anonymous 232203

Who exactly is on the podcast now? I'm so confused. Will Lilith be back?

Anonymous 232250

I agree re Roe. Savannah's probably my favourite (although I distinctly remember one episode where she kept saying 'A1' instead of 'AI' to refer to artificial intelligence and I was like holy shit what am I listening to?)

Anonymous 232301

I don't have a strong opinion about them, but I don't like taking advice from people I don't really know.

Anonymous 232319

Not unless you mean accents specifically, but okay.
>If someone said this about a white woman no one would try and spin it as being racially motivated.
This is such a lie and you know it kek

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