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Egg Thread Anonymous 231800

I love eggs so much. Particularly a perfect 6 minute soft boiled egg. I could eat like 3 eggs right now if I knew I wouldn't get sick of them and then never want another egg for the next two weeks. Fried eggs are good with pesto or dukkah. I love mayak eggs too but I can never wait for them to marinate because I just wanna eat an egg right away. Poached eggs are ok. Scrambled and omelettes are good except they lack the satisfaction of a runny yolk. The morning after a sleepover once this girl made scrambled eggs for all of us which was much appreciated, but they came out rubbery, granular and grey. I haven't recovered since. My grandma used to make really good devilled eggs. I think I might be vit B12 and vit D deficient.

Anonymous 231820


If you like eggs maybe you should try making a quiche.

Anonymous 231848

eggs taste chalky and rancid and gross sorry OP

Anonymous 231866


Eggs benedict:)

Anonymous 231867

Egg in basket toast.

Anonymous 231871


You should meet this anon

Anonymous 231915

I had another soft boiled egg this morning.
Never heard of, looks amazing
Brilliant, I really want to try making an egg roll like that
I LOVE quiche, I make one like a florentine but spinach and bacon through the egg, and sometimes add rice. I find the rice keeps the egg from being too gluggy which I hate in a quiche
How does it feel being wrong?
I wish I could be a warm fried egg cradled in a slice of toast
Egg wizard anon my beloved

Anonymous 231925

I have a lot of difficulty gaining any amount of weight so that I don't look like a skeleton with tits. Drinking a whole lot of eggs every day helps quite a bit.

Anonymous 254346


Neceoing to say that I LOVE deviled eggs and make them all the time. Easy over is another favorite but I am incapable of making it constantly.

Anonymous 254371

I'm commenting to let everyone know I'm currently enjoying a delicious fried egg in my ramen.

I also enjoy them poached on toast!

Anonymous 254373

I never ate ramen does it taste like pasta

Anonymous 254374

Fried? Doesn't ramen pair better with boiled?

Anonymous 254680


Turkish eggs

Anonymous 254681

eggs are so good

Anonymous 254981

Anonymous 254982

Anonymous 254983


Baked eggs

Anonymous 254984


Anonymous 254999


Put an egg yolk in soy sauce for a minute. It'll absorb the flavor and taste great on rice.

Anonymous 255042

Scrambled eggs can be just as delicious as soft/medium boiled eggs if you crack the eggs open over a preheated pan and scramble them as they're cooking, so that the yellow can be cooked to your liking while the white cooks fast. You probably know this but it also doesn't hurt to add cheese.

Anonymous 255043

My mom told me to use bacon grease or lard to cook scrambled eggs. Now I can't eat them any other way.

Anonymous 255246

egg salad.jpg

Reminder that eggs for chickens with natural diets are darker and healthier.

Anonymous 255267


It's usually yellow because of a high corn diet. It's red because a chicken is eating grass and foraging to wild plants.

Anonymous 255268

First time I got pasture eggs I thought there was something wrong with them. Then I found out I'd be bamboozled by big farms my whole life.

Anonymous 255709


remember 2 eat ur eggs with shoyu

Anonymous 255792


made egg

Anonymous 255809

OMG THANK YOU. I haven't had that in quite a long time I should eat that again. Was going to eat my regular boring meal with eggs otherwise

Anonymous 255864

About to have a devilled egg. I make myself one every once in a while for my snack bowl, I would eat 30 if I could

Anonymous 255899


BLT with fried egg. Bread spread with homemade petso and egg yolk.

Anonymous 255904

now I have diarrhea. great :[
was worth it anyway

Anonymous 269000


Anonymous 269006


if i could only consume one food for the rest of my life i would definitely choose eggs. i love all eggs. raw, cooked, half cooked, whatever the fuck. one of my personal favorite way of eating eggs is just scrambled eggs on tortillas to make egg tacos. i like to also top them with hot sauce. pic included has a bunch of extra shit but all you really need is scrambled eggs and a tortilla. holy shit i love eggs! great thread.

Anonymous 269024

I just brushed my teeth you assholes

Anonymous 269026

I have a love-hate relationship with eggs, sometimes even the smell of them makes me wanna puke, the other times I crave a soft boiled egg like nothing else in this world.

I especially like eating fried eggs with fries, I don't know if anyone else does that.

Anonymous 269028

I eat eggs with at least two meals everyday except when I eat out. Usually soft-boiled but I love all variations (including mixing a raw egg into pasta – so good.)

The funny thing is I hated eggs until I was an adult. I actually had to actively make myself eat and like them. Glad I did because now I know how healthy and delicious they are.

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