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What a great day to be alive Anonymous 232177

What chaos should I unleash today anons

Anonymous 232178

Pranks to play on my room mate would be dope:b

Anonymous 232222

don't flush after using a public toilet

Anonymous 232309

shit on the floor

Anonymous 232324

None of these are wicked funny, I'm disappointed cc

Anonymous 232421

Piss on some granny's face

Anonymous 232424

Find this miners ip and break into her house

Anonymous 232432

i feel on top of the world today, >>232177

Anonymous 232440

you asked for suggestions not a comedy show

Anonymous 232441

bake cookies with spice and feed them to children

Anonymous 232445

Seconded, I bet the wicked nutmeg cinnamon combo will have them weeping

Anonymous 232457

Ghost pepper cookies with cinnamon and nutmegs

Anonymous 232459

Buy all the lobsters from the grocery. Keep them in a large tank and stock up for a few months while allowing their claws to heal from their bondage. When they’re ready, release them unto the streets.

Anonymous 232470

if you really want to send people into autistic fits of rage just preach veganism

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