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Anonymous 232365

Have you ever been victims of grooming?
This seems to be a very common thing nowadays, I heard some say that it was a thing back then, but I don't think so.
How did grooming affect your life? Did your groomer try to get back at you? Did they face repercussions?

Anonymous 232366

Yes. I don't like talking about it though because i since moved on, and i hope other s that have been groomed stay strong in spite of it.

Anonymous 232371

I was groomed by a female teacher in middle school.

She didn't make me do anything sexual, but she did take care of me, make me feel special etc when it was sort-of known that I had difficult circumstances at home. When I finally worked up the courage to tell her about the fact that I was being abused, she sided with my abuser and attempted to manipulate me, in hopes that I would be one of those girls who 'don't want to cause trouble' and never put themselves first (I'm not that kind of girl, and the abuser, my stepmom, resented me for not caving to her manipulations, which usually worked on girls like that). That seriously fucked me up. I ended up assuming that people were only nice to me in order to gain my obedience, and that they didn't really care about my well-being.

In hindsight, she could be very manipulative and annoying, and needlessly put me down for no reason when she felt like it.

She was the closest I had to a mom, since my stepmom was abusing me.

This left me wide open for other groomers, male or female (but especially female) to take advantage. The women would form an intense bond with me.

I assumed that being friends with someone meant going along with what I knew was manipulation, assuming that the person would adhere to boundaries if I put them up. What happened was that when I said 'no' and set up boundaries, the person in question would throw a tantrum and retaliate by kicking me out of my friend group.

The men I had less of a problem with, since I didn't put them on pedestals by default, and was lucky enough not to run into someone who wanted to outright rape me. I wanted entertainment, not attention, so I would call shitty guys out on their behaviour, or silently file them away as 'DNF material' when they started telling me how women have a best-by date. I didn't find manipulation or attempted manipulation sexy, at all.

As for women, I still have problems trusting women to this day. I work in a male-dominated field, and I prefer it that way. I bring my brother along for meetings with female professionals, and pretty much the only women I feel comfortable hanging out with are the ones I've met over the internet.

Anonymous 232381

>I heard some say that it was a thing back then, but I don't think so
what do you mean?

Anonymous 232388


I think with the internet and smartphones, everything became way too streamlined, and ending up with the wrong people has also become more easy because of it.
So many cases of children getting into discord servers because it was of a youtuber or game they liked, and end up getting manipulated by the owners of the place

Anonymous 232389

While I was younger I definetly got influenced by communities or trends but I'd never say I was groomed.
Like, after a certain age I started identifying the intentions of a man when he messages you within the first messages.

Anonymous 232398

Svengali (1954).jp…

I got groomed by my parents, they tried to turn me into an upstanding and successful citizen, but luckily they failed to brainwash me.

Anonymous 232400

srry troon/rapist im not letting you datamine my trauma

Anonymous 232907

I had a /pol/ ebf when I was 15 who I met at 14, in middle school. He wasn't very sexual (but did say things on a few occasions) because he was afraid of ever getting in trouble with the police, but in his own words "women my age are already whores. You're still malleable and I can make you my tradwife".
I absolutely idealized him for 18 months and multiple times he used that to deliberately hurt me or keep me desperate for crumbs of his attention. I hated him after but still wasn't over it for a long time.
I have had other encounters with weird men online who were abusive but he is the only one I can really say groomed me.

Anonymous 232930


Man, I had a friend that was a victim of grooming by some /pol/tard too by the age of 13.
It makes me extremely sad how disgusting men can be. The effects it leads later on can be extremely awful.
There's not a single night I don't send a prayer to her.

Anonymous 233056

>I heard some say that it was a thing back then, but I don't think so.
Years after the fact I had what I retroactively realized were attempts at grooming. I feel like if the dudes in question were more attractive or knew me better they would have succeeded, but they just had this air of grossness about them that even young me could detect. I could tell they were casting a wide net rather than having interest in me specifically, but I did not have the words for it at the time.

>Like, after a certain age I started identifying the intentions of a man when he messages you within the first messages.
I have being online in my tweens to THANK for honing my senses in this regard. I've been larping as a dude nearly everywhere since about 2004 because of it.

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