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Which is the best couple to ever air on TV? Anonymous 232532

Anonymous 232537


They get my vote.

Anonymous 232639


he was unhealthy for her but i still rooted for them

Anonymous 232654


Anonymous 232690

Maka y Soul.png

I don't really watch TV

Anonymous 232710


Anonymous 232953

The weird couple from married at first new Orleans. They got divorced.

Anonymous 233837

best couple.gif

These dorks.

Anonymous 235076


Based. Was about to post them too

Anonymous 235083

angela and dwight from the office

Anonymous 235084


I love them so much

Anonymous 235115


Crazy how the only Star Trek relationship that felt natural and well developed was the one that couldn't be shown because of the times it was made of.

Anonymous 237985


their parenting styles may be questionable but hal and lois from malcolm in the middle. that scene where they fuck in their bug infested house with gas masks on did something to me.

Anonymous 238001

The episode where Dewey writes an opera about Lois finding out that Hal knows she farts in her sleep <3

Anonymous 238151

I heard a rumor that the DS9 writers were told to make Garak and Bashir's lunches less frequent because it was starting to look homoerotic. Spoilsports.

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