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I've had discussions with MGTOWs Anonymous 232616

Some want to take away women's rights and impose an incel version of shria law. While others hate women to the point of trying to replace them altogether. With sex dolls, robots and artificial wombs. What causes this level of hatred for women?

Anonymous 232619

They simply feel entitled to sex and insulate themselves with other bastards.

Anonymous 232622

Why do you need sex robots in woman free future? All men would be grown in artificial wombs and will be gay.

They want unconditional love. Geting sex is easy so thats clearly not what they are after. Unconditional love, like happiness or enlightement is an intellectual trap because it seems like something real and achievable despite that it does not and cannot exist.

Anonymous 232623

They can't give unconditional love, so they will not receive unconditional love, simple as that

Anonymous 232626

It only exists within yourself. You can't expect to get it from people. That's ridiculous and self sabotaging.

Anonymous 232627

Happiness is definitely real anon. God how depressing. Sorry you feel that way.

Anonymous 232632

It's kinda the opposite. MGTOWs talk about women in a dehumanizing way. Describing them as having "hypergamy" and a "female nature". While trying to reduce their autonomy and claiming they'd be happier as "property". They genuinely want to impose an incel sharia law and remove women's rights altogether.

Anonymous 232636

Why bother talking to them nona? You're not their mom, it's not your job to teach/understand them. They don't respect you, they don't see you as human. You'll hurt your brain trying to understand mentally ill men. It's not worth it and you can't fix them.

Anonymous 232644

Understanding them can save your life. You’d know when to leave and where to go if they somehow get in power. Sounds far fatched, but women now die in Poland every week because of abortion ban.

YOu also know how to fight them.

Anonymous 232696

Anonymous 232698

>talking to moids

real nona

Anonymous 232699


>What causes this level of hatred for women?
Sadness, loneliness and spending time in an echo chamber filled with others who are more or less the same.
You start with some resentment, even if its very minor. Maybe some girls bullied you in school for a long time or simply no woman has ever shown interest in you. At this point you probably don't hate women, you just have some bad experiences with opposite sex but that's it. Then you start talking with people who've had far worse. You hear about a guy who was in mutliple marriages all of which were with terrible abusive women who exploited and abused him, you hear about a guy talking about how his manipulative mother ruined his father's life, you hear about a guy who experienced such sadistic and cruel bullying from some girls in his school that it seems unreal, and it begins to change your perception. In that echo chamber where people provide only the most extreme and rare examples of how awfully some men were treated by some women, because you have no interactions with women, you start to believe that those extremes are the norm. At some point you stop being sad, you get angry and you start to hate. Eventually you even stop seeing women as human beings. People post articles and statistics that, on the surface, reaffirm their views and so it goes. For example: some guy used the lesbian divorce and domestic violence rate statistic as a "proof" that
>women are so terrible they can't even stand each other
It's similar to racists using US crime statistics to say that
>black people are more violent
They have a certain narrative in mind, and were always surrounded by other racists who think alike, so they take the surface level facts as evindence of why their narrative is correct without digging deeper.
It's an endless spiral of hatred.

Anonymous 232708

thats like going on 4chan/incel.is, a subset of the population, to justify your hatred against men. im guessing youre male since this lack of self-awareness and haste to generalize is what youd expect from a scrote

Anonymous 232709

Retarded cope, go get therapy or swallow lead

Anonymous 232715

>incel version of sharia law
also known as sharia law

Anonymous 232727

>differ from what you do
more generalizing and jumping to conclusions. kek why are you so predictable chud?

>net loss

thats not what cope means. coping comes from the need to hold on to a delusion against reality. in your case, you need to cope by using an extremely small subset of woman (the cope) to rationalize your hatred against them (the delusion).

Anonymous 232737

The only actually good post with merit.
>no one responds and proceeds to argue with trolls
This is why we can’t have nice things

Anonymous 232770


Girl why did you do that to yourself? Really MGTOW are just as bad as these girls who hate men. Except, women’s hatred of men is justified bc of misogyny and hate crimes against women. Like of course it makes sense to hate the oppressors.

MGTOW are just babies about the fact that women can have higher standards than their grandmothers did and/or women in third world countries.

Anonymous 232778

Cry about it moidlet

Anonymous 232781

>What causes this level of hatred for women
The reality is they are just as shallow vapid as the people who rejected them. They can't be honest about it. All they care is about looks and fucking as many women as they can. The shallow bimbo bitch whore stereotype that they complain about would literally be them but the only difference is they weren't graced with looks. To put it this way: if you were cured of all your perceived flaws and everything that makes you "ugly," would you honestly still seek the approval of those attractive people who would look down on someone else or belittle them for those same flaws? That's what they secretly want to be. They're just ugly inside and out.

Anonymous 232812

the only reason a woman would be into incels would be sadism. kek what a perfect pair. misogynist + misandrist

Anonymous 232821


>What causes this level of hatred for women?
Because they gather with people that are batshit crazy out of not knowing where else to go. And if they try to say anything against them they dogpile on each other.
Had to go to a thread on /fit/ for people unabashedly defending grooming. Shit is fucked up.

Anonymous 232829

to be fair, there's nothing wrong with being shallow, the vast majority of people are

Anonymous 234046

Lack of cooperation and a complete lack of long-term thinking since they never had to prepare for winter or anything at all.

Anonymous 234060

idk where else to put this but my gf’s brothers (one who’s a 25 year old law school graduate) don’t think women should vote. so do my roomates two older brothers who are older than that. what the fuck do we even do about males like this…

Anonymous 234069

You're describing RW incel trash
The neofascist party is a going to blow itself up time and time again.

It may have to get worse before it gets better but it will get way better eventually. There are always periods of fascisnm and then periods that see through and wash away fascism after its fucked things over and blown things up enough. You just have to ride it out.

Anonymous 234087

I don't see what the big deal is about moids wanting sex robots and artificial wombs. If it makes them leave women alone then great.

Anonymous 234088

what makes you think they would leave you alone after than? when has a male ever left anyone alone?

Anonymous 234093

They would be too preoccupied with their masturbation toy. All molds think about is sex.

Anonymous 234303


Don't know if it's true or not, but there's some intel on a MGTOW site about them being eclipsed or taken over by incels.


Anonymous 234710

>quoting CNN
Why not Chinese state propaganda? It's on the same level of fake news. Pathetic. Try harder, sheep.

Anonymous 234757

Lol ew then I take it fox News is your alternative to it? No?? moid filth

Only moid filth would have an opinion about CNN

Anonymous 235320

Reading the thread and i just see the same arguments here as the mgtows do… both sides should just make up and move on jesus.

Anonymous 235441

Look at all this shit that you've written
That will be deleted because you can't read the rules

Anonymous 235442

Why do moids need to be so long-winded and priggish? Then we are the ones who talk too much

Anonymous 235443

I just don't get it, they must be naive

Anonymous 235445

If they're not shooting up malls I don't care. I'd rather men like this hate me if it means they leave me alone.

Anonymous 237024

So, proving her point right?

Anonymous 237028

and you are a virgin and a male and balding :(

Anonymous 237163

a lot of incels are autists who never had to learn to integrate into society. most people, tism or not, have a social survival instinct that guides them, and even the biggest weirdos can have some level of success by figuring out that even if you don't understand other people, by conforming you can still have some level of happiness. but incels are usually coddled by people telling them they're special and it's ok bc they're unique and anybody who doesn't like them is jealous or undeserving of their companionship anyway. when the world finally hits them like a brick shithouse, they still can't shake that sense of entitlement, only it's warped by an inferiority complex.

mgtow are too mentally weak to evolve, and they're too obsessed with women to actually leave us alone the way female separatists want nothing more than to live on an island habitated only by women and use a separate internet without men, etc. so they get increasingly bitter, blame all their problems on others, and actually think that they're punishing women by removing themselves from society.

Anonymous 237175

>Some want to take away women's rights and impose an incel version of shria law.
that's basically asking to shoot yourself in the foot. Stop worrying about those retards. Even third-worlders from misogynist countries move to first-world nations because they do not want this. That's why so many of them push their daughters into becoming nurses and going to university, not that incels would know anything about wanting the best for their genetic line. They're all genetic dead ends with no future or generational wealth to speak of. It is common in America to leave your kids with nothing. If I had only 1 kid who was female, or all female children, then how could I pass inheritance onto her if she were stripped of her rights? If you don't have descendants to pass property onto in my country, the government has a right to seize it. I own my own property, and I'm giving it to my descendants, regardless of their gender. It's in a man's own best interest not to handicap one gender for that reason here. Somewhere down the line, they're going to have a girl. She will essentially become a burden on the family tree if she can't legally work, can't save money, and can't buy her own property or inherit anything. You will have to spend the rest of your life caring for her if she does not marry the right man. Like I said, not that incels can even think beyond their own penis. They're too busy jerking off and being supported by their own mothers. They would be fucked as well if Mommy couldn't go to work.

Anonymous 237185

And seriously what is even bad aboit being alone?? Well gee nobody you can mentally abuse/ no mind for you to destroy no slave labor at home to do everything for you.

Men just want everything for themselves in that way. They want to subjugate women mentally financially and then have tantrums when we stonewall them out after their stupid shit. Why is it mostly women initiate divorce ???

Anonymous 247926

Men continue to see us as property and breeding stock as shown by the moid post above. They cannot wrap their heads around the idea that we are equally or more capable than men. They do not understand statistics nor do they understand individuality, which leads them to extrapolate that women are the cause of all ills inn society (their lack of puss).
Society was historically for the purpose of protecting males' access to 'their' women and capital. This is the only reason wars happen. To keep the ape male happy we were forced into sexual and domestic slavery. This way, less of them had to force their way for access to sex, and the ape male could happily pursue other subjects without needing to worry about taking care of himself or his children. The only reason they cannot say this so explicitly today is because we make up half of the population and have partially woken up to the exploitation due to feminism. If they were to openly say what they believe they would be refused what is most important to them, pussy.
In case you have not yet come to see it, men are soulless. the way they treat the women who are forced under them (sex workers) shows this. they are perfectly happy to ignore the morals they supposedly have to exploit women who have been trafficked and abused. They pay to abuse you and have to trick the ones they have not abused into thinking they are moral. They have developed a robust system for gaslighting, tricking and abusing women throughout millenia and will claim to love us.

Anonymous 247936

men pay to jerk off (and to have sex with women) because they
1 are disgusting horny apes with a little reptilian brain stuck in primitive age
2 cant get any
if you dont want to deal with women why do you come on a women-only imageboard anyways? so strange

Anonymous 247937


males like >>247934 will try to convince you that they know what is best for you. They try to say that feminism ruined women by turning us into sluts but conveniently ignore that they were the ones forcing us into sexual slavery. in the modern day, this would look like supporting the porn industry that abuses women that they claim to be against.. Theyll attack and demean the 'actresses' in the degenerate pornography (made for and by men) that they happily consume. Society as a whole has been pushing for the sexualization of young girls (by their demand) and they act surprised when these girls think they must sexualize themselves to be successful.
They function on a two-tiered madonna/whore societal complex where they deem some of us sluts and some of us wives. the sluts are abused and demeaned, and the wives are made to do domestic and childrearing labor (and then cheated on). The only solution is for us to be completely financially independent from a man. His power over you depends on his ability to keep you dependent on his money whether he calls you whore or wife.

Anonymous 247939

didnt read, you're not a woman, leave.
exactly, this is what me and many other women are doing, so glad we are waking up to this reality, that's why so many men can't get sex or relationships with women anymore. we just cant be manipulated and financially forced to depend on them anymore, and this drives them fucking nuts that's why they keep spreading propaganda and misinfo everywhere even in remote corners of the internet like this one to make things return to their previously depressing state for women (and super convenient for them) only to act like "umm we dont actually care or want to deal with women lol" sounding like the scrotes who try for days to get into your pants just to say "umm youre not even that hot!!" because they're butthurt. sure, men are soooo independent from women, emotionally and sexually LOL
i wish they were, so they would just leave us the fuck alone already.

Anonymous 247955

mental illness, hatred for their mothers, extreme ugliness, extreme autism, sociopathy (some of these get away with it if they are good looking but you reading this if you are not retarded even if a sociopath moid is good looking he sees you just as a tool and will discard you, if you are gonna be retarded enough to risk it at least blackmail the sociopath moid before he blackmails you), fetishization of trannoids, jealous gays that take advantage of the situation to hate women and introduce to other men the idea about being gay, Islam (see mental illness), pedophilia too because those people often would like to date little girls because they are more stupid and they basically just want stupid ass easily manipulable sex slaves that give them coochie and cook food (see Islam as well because its related read on Aisha). All those correlations are groups that try to recruit from each other, more often than you might think islam in the west is filled with male incels they basically tell them: the reason you dont have a girlfriend is the law. Lmao its hilarious. They are basically saying the law should not prohibit rape.

Anonymous 247958

Exactly, women who are WGTOW don't talk to men or don't engage in sex work or only fans because fiction and fantasy are enough for them but men who are MGTOW can't help but continue to bother and make demands for women the only men who are true MGTOWs are waifufags. Men on average instinctually crave validation, approval, and praise for their egos from the opposite sex on a level that women do not.
This, I used to be an anti-feminist because I opposed sexual liberation but realized men do not dislike such things for the same reason a woman does, the true reason why moids care about women's issues is not out of genuine concern but because they just want easier access and controls to our bodies. It all comes down to their dick's desires and wants. They act like they care but they really don't.

Anonymous 247959


>"your camaro makes me so hot"
Here I'm thinking what the fuck is even a camaro, i remember it was supposedly a luxury car but I couldnt give less of a fuck about it as long as the car doesnt look cringe any normal car does it, a moid having a car is already a big deal in itself.

Also I cannot help but notice that pic related is moid sabotaging moid like always. I seen some incels say that they would prefer that women were less "materialistic" but here the author of the image wants them to be completely materialistic retards that just smell money and shut the fuck up. I dont get it. Why they go for us when their enemy is right there, its those retarded PUA magazines that want women to be basically prostitutes that only care about money and have no original thoughts or self agency of their own just to be decorative for rich men.

More incels should go against PUAs and the PUA fraud that right there is 50% of their problems honestly, they are listening to the most retarded scammers in the planet. I have always said it, instead they should listen to married men that would already be an improvement in rolemodels for men. But they are retarded and i know they wont.

They see a 30+ yo "chad" streaming with like 2 e-thots and think that this is how they can be. Have they ever wondered why that guy isnt married? Its because he would be an awful father. Besides why are PUA guys like that their rolemodel when they were not born with a fraction of that wealth and genetics? I guess they are retarded, they like to project themselves on gifted but extremely degenerate rolemodels. If Hunter Biden was a zoomer he would be a PUA for incels, you just know.

Anonymous 247961


scratch that the more i look into the image the more retarded self sabotaging "advice" i find.

>there be no more wars if men cut their dicks off

we know this is not true because men already do this, see: trannoids
and they are still extremely aggressive, condescending, extremely annoying, authoritarian control freaks also extremely war like everything is politics to them

>maybe you are not a bum like my absent father

This is mentioning the problem all women have to watch out for when picking a husband, there should be a death penalty for absent fathers the author is not blaming the dad for not doing his role and running away only women can be wrong apparently.

>I think a man completes me

the previous one is proof you have to watch out and filter most of them. Of course I want a family but I don't want to raise it alone for fucks sake.

Men have been sabotaging each other with shit advice since forever it seems, sometimes i think this is all a conspiracy so PUAs can keep selling shit advice to incels. Moids with money fooling moids without much money for money.

Anonymous 247970

unconditional love absolutely does exist, it's just that it should be targeted towards children and animals, not moids

Anonymous 247981

When discussing anything with a man bear in mind that he only thinks with his penis. Is thought process is centered on sex and what he can do to obtain more of it. He wants to be successful and rich so he can get pussy. If he's unable to do this, then he works twords stripping women of their rights so they'll be forced to fuck him. Any argument on the humanity of women falls on deaf ears when talking to a man because they center their existence on vagina.

Anonymous 247982

Very real, women who actually care for trad ideals do it for actual familial, societal, and communal benefits while men who preach about trad ideals revolve them around their penis and ego rather than the greater while. Men are naturally trad by nature but the ones who preach about trad values on the internet like self-proclaimed MGTOWs are not really trad they only care about themselves.

Anonymous 247995

I think it's funny when they get sucked into pua shit tbh. Have you ever been hit on by one? It's hilarious.

Anonymous 247997

Yes they totally want to enact sharia law and state-mandated wives because they care about actually having a family to care for, not because they just want to beat and abuse women to submission to become their exclusive sex slave wives and carry on their legacy. Maybe if the male sex was actually decent women wouldn't feel the need to stay away from them, because men naturally abuse women. All this shit happened in the first place because women wanted to escape the abuse of men if the male sex was decent then we wouldn't have tried to fight them for centuries to begin with. Also porn is an invention by men, fueled by men, and used to traffic women. Men are not the victims of porn, it is women.

In the end it's always about access to women's bodies, no matter what they try to say.

Anonymous 248124

I'd argue a married man isn't a perfect role model for moids considering how many married men are shitty abusive moids themselves which makes the whole male role model question much more difficult. I do see where you're coming from.

Anonymous 248278

MGTOWs are retarded, even the average moid agrees

Anonymous 248279

Basically this >>232699. We all go through the same bullshit, it's just a slightly different set of bullshits.

Anonymous 248385

I talked with quite a few of the guys taking on the moniker when it was new (online; they didn't know I was a woman and had no reason to hold back and certainly didn't), and they were generally pretty reasonable. They were just fed up, and with guys' only focus being attracting the opposite sex, and wanted men's issues taken seriously without being thrown aside, and so on. I had no problem with them. Hell, I even supported them on some things since there are men-centric issues that can and should be addressed that no one takes seriously, and I think looking out for each other is a good idea since we don't live in a vacuum. There can and will always be some subset that just hate women, but that wasn't the main focus at all to the movement at the time and it wasn't encouraged.

Nowadays it does seem to mostly be populated with T*te-esque incel retards who simply hate women and post that sex marketplace value shit everywhere. The link didn't work for me so I plugged it into Wayback, and it seems like even the founders of the original communities noticed this and don't like it. Any "MGTOW"s you talk to these days are VERY unlikely to be MGTOW and are far more likely to be shitty /r9k/ incels, whom they dislike. I'm not at all surprised OP had that experience, all you're going to roll now is scrotes whining about dating apps and calling for your death because they can't breed. So yeah, you're correct and the thread seems to match about right with my own experiences watching them grow.

Here's the archive link, if anyone else wants it. The tl;dr is they shut a big, old community down because hateful incels that refuse to be actual humans are instead inoperable cancer for everyone else, no matter where they go:

>In 3 months time - on May 10th - GYOW will be shut down for good.
>The bottom line…… is I've come to see MGTOW as doing more harm than good. The original spirit of MGTOW for men to do their own thing, without being overly influenced by women, was good. But it has influenced far too greatly by incel ideology, which was never the purpose of MGTOW. It's increasingly become a refuge for those who don't see eye to eye with anyone, those retaining overly paranoid conceptions of the opposite sex (versus nuanced caution), and those who've, unfortunately, largely just given up on the world and life. If you read our Principles, we intended to be the exact opposite.

>Exactly, women who are WGTOW don't talk to men or don't engage in sex work or only fans because fiction and fantasy are enough for them but men who are MGTOW can't help but continue to bother and make demands for women the only men who are true MGTOWs are waifufags.
Also correct. If they're off on their own fucking with train sets and happy, then I'm happy for them. If they're at least trying to do that in earnest, same thing. A lot of them aren't, and the ones taking on the MGTOW shit nowadays barely do it at all. It's just non-stop tantrums and effigy stories to make them feel validated in their soothing hated because it's easier than growing into not being a fucknugget 12-pack from McDickhole's.

Anonymous 248601

>we know this is not true because men already do this, see: trannoids
the solution therefore is to cut not only men's penises off, but also their arms, legs and vocal chords

Anonymous 248943

Men aren't really "going their own way" if they just loop back to caring about women to the point of hating them and wanting to hurt them. That is just going the way of the typical terrible misogynist that no one likes.

As for sex dolls and whatnot, all of it is paraphilias. I want the word paraphilia to come back. Psychology was right when it labeled transgenderism as a mental illness. The big reason why you're starting to see companies adopt LGBT is because big pharma is starting to realize the market for emasculating men that are delusional enough to self-emasculate. They've figured out how to keep men pornsick and men continue to enable their own pornsickness and then try to blame it on women instead of trying to have any level of innocence or self-control.

Anonymous 249137


Call me late to the party but I somehow only just realized that, these days, the purpose of the chad meme is so men can feel like they "won" or came out on top even if they're wrong or can't logically reconcile something. For example, I asked some men how they keep arguing misogyny doesn't exist while freely admitting how much they hate women. Answer: Chad saying yes to both.

Then they go on to write entire spiels about women being emotional, illogical, nonsensical and impossible to reason with.

Anonymous 249152

A woman can never be as evil as a man, no matter how hard she tries.

Anonymous 263422


its amazing how little you understand, and how much you hate, the men who are most similar to you. If this site was for men, it would be called an incel/mgtow forum.

Anonymous 263444


Idk should one even respond to this, but could you please provide me various stats and studies, that shows how women dominated society making men’s lives (often deliberately) worse in various ways with various instruments for years?
I mean - if it’s totally the same, isn’t it

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