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Fanfiction Thread Anonymous 233524

Thread for Fanfiction discussion: you're favorites, likes, dislikes, pet peeve, etc.

Anonymous 233526

Pet peeve as old as the internet: people tagging shit incorrectly. Just saw good ol' gay sex between two regular men tagged as F/F.

Anonymous 233527

Every fanfiction that has sentence tags like "no beta we go down like men" or "they're such dorks haha" I insta-skip, guaranteed trash every single time.

Anonymous 233528


Same, hate when trannies don't tag their stupid fics correctly. I think I'm reading yaoi then get jumpscared by penis in vagina straight sex.

Anonymous 233529

I've actually written a script that automatically excludes about ~50 tags on ao3 for me, it's so convenient. The only problem is that some small tags (e.g. female alpha/male omega) can't be filtered. Does anyone know why this is? Makes it that much harder to find content for my niche interests, you can't even sort by new

Anonymous 233534


Tell us about fanfics you've written or are writing

Anonymous 233535

Kek it wasn't about trannies. Just normal yaoi tagged F/F for some reason. I guess the writer cannot read?

Anonymous 233537

Sometimes I'm into ships so small I have to lick these crumbs off the ground and I regret it every time.

Anonymous 233539

I'm writing a self-indulgent character x reader fic that's not getting published, ever.

Anonymous 233540

Give us a paragraph of it

Anonymous 233600

where did the other fanfic thread go? didn't even get to read nona's reply to my post

Anonymous 233601

Kinda based, tell us the character?

Anonymous 233690

I've started writing some but haven't posted any yet. I'm afraid I'll get hate on for my choices/major change to the original character. Any advice?
I feel like this is probably one of the best places to ask since anons, by nature, want to avoid that sort of attention. The best advice is to probably to not care about it but I'll probably still worry.

Anonymous 233696

There were a few particular websites I loved to visit that had the best Street Fighter (Ken x Ryu), Bloody Roar (Yugo x Kenji) and Resident Evil (Chris x Wesker) fanfics. I was also into some Zelda and Harry Potter fanfic at the time.

Anonymous 233700

this sounds cool

Anonymous 233775


I haven't read/written fanfiction or been active in any fandom since 2014 but I don't like fics with too much smut and too little plot, I also hate OOC.
I used to love fics that has fluff and a healthy amount of angst.

Anonymous 233780


Any KH fic that uses the Disney characters and canon settings in a significant way is automatically 10/10. I remember being on ff.net back in the 00s and it was just wall-to-wall modern AUs featuring the FF/original characters. I know we're all just playing with dolls but that always rubbed me the wrong way.

Anonymous 233786

I'm reading a fanfiction from 2008 and i can't stop thinking how whoever wrote it is probably married now… getting into dead fandoms is such a unique feeling…

Anonymous 233931

Looking at profiles of long-inactive writers on fanfiction.net is such a strange feeling. Some of them even have their own sites you can visit on the wayback machine.

Anonymous 233951


I dislike most of alternative universe settings, 90% of them are just about coffee shops and lazy highschool stories.

It is such a bless when you find a slow burn fanfic that respects the characters canon personality; knows how the characters would react in a new situation.

Anonymous 233978

Genfic is underrated, I'm tired of shipping

Anonymous 233990

Completely agree. I like reading Game of Thrones/A song of Ice and Fire fanfic but in-universe works that respect the characters are incredibly rare. Such a shame.

I feel like a lot of fanfic writers also project themselves onto characters intensely. E.g. Rey from Star Wars is a tomboy who collects scraps from ships and fights battles, but so many fanfictions have her wearing dresses, getting her nails done and teaching kindergarden or some shit. It's ridiculous.

Anonymous 234012

When i first got into fanfiction, i was so surprised that everything was about shipping.. there's so much to explore and elaborate on that doesn't involve two characters kissing

Anonymous 234030

What's the point though? Fanfic writers aren't good at writing. They can fulfill people's base desire for smut but they won't be able to deliver good, interesting stories 99,99% of the time.

And I'd prefer if those that can create something of value write something of their own, not fanfics. That's a waste of creativity.

Anonymous 234034

>And I'd prefer if those that can create something of value write something of their own, not fanfics.
I get it but I'm saying that writing for an already established universe and already fleshed out characters and trying to fit scenes within its timeline and within the constraints of the characters personalities can be fun and challenging on its own and it's different than writing original fiction or meaningless smut.

Anonymous 234084

>waste of creativity
It's really not. Practice is practice and the overlap of fic writer and "real" writer is bigger than you think. Try telling people that fanart is a waste of creativity and see how fast you get dog-piled.

Anonymous 234092

I know I'd get dog-piled, that's why this is the only website I'd mention it on. I still think people that view fanfics as equal to creative writing where you do all the set-up don't know what they're talking about.

You completely miss out on practicing how to create characters that make sense and work well together, how to transmit their personalities to readers, how to set up a story (from ground up) and so many other things. What professional writers that write fanfics (except the author of 50 shades and city of bones, which both suck) do you know? I've never seen an author I would consider good showing anything more positive than tolerance towards fanfiction.

Anonymous 234098

Neil Gaiman won a Hugo award for some Sherlock fanfic. Wide Sargasso Sea is Jane Eyre fanfic. Most historical fiction is some degree of RPF. Any work based on a myth falls under the fanfic umbrella. Shakespeare's plays are derivative works of older stories. You can build a lot in another person's sandbox.

Anonymous 234099

DA but the more I do original stuff the more I seriously cannot find the appeal of writing fanfic, since anything 'serious' I'd instead want to do within my own setting/chars, while anything lighthearted I'd also just want to do with my own chars, even though when I was younger I did enjoy fics. I think I was just projecting onto various characters and now I don't need to do that anymore since my own setting/chars appeal to me more lol
But that's probably why you don't see much gen, since fanfic is generally the result of someone latching really hard onto a specific character or two, and if you can get the same or similar story ideas/beats that originally tickle you into an original story, you can compound it to be even more specified or even more intense because the canon itself can be built around those beats or character traits or w/e. By which I mean if you have a specific theme in mind the original canon becomes more and more of an impediment because it'll already have its own themes that you'll be fighting against to make 'work' (and if you're totally thematically in line with the canon, see, the canon already exists for that), as well as characters made specifically to suit that original story or 'point'. But if the thing tickling is 'I want to date sans' or 'wheatley/oneceler is hot' then by necessity a fanfic's the way to go and you don't need to overthink it.

Anonymous 234101

Just saying that I agree. I don't know how to phrase this in a way that's not incendiary but the equation between something like Dante and your everyday fanfic genuinely seriously bothers me since Dante/whoever being biblically/mythologically literate (and genuinely believing in that mythology as the way the world works btw) does not make his/whoever's writing a legitimasation of your half baked porn fanfic and you know it. It's an attitude to placate people who are inexperienced or unconfident in their own stuff and it's altogether a lazy attitude. (I'm salty that most writing communities online are fanfic-centered or fanfic-adjacent since the focus of fanfics in general usually isn't very serious about 'actual' storytelling, insofar as I want to use that word, but you get what I mean right)

Anonymous 234104

but nona from a reader's perspective I want THAT particular universe expanded and original fiction with a similar theme will not scratch the itch for me, I am talking about the craving to fill the hollowness you feel after finishing a series wishing it had more episodes or wishing things would've went differently. Gen fic will always have its audience even if it's not as popular as smut.

Anonymous 234106

I get you nona but I'm talking from a position as a writer. There isn't much gen because the things a writer can do with gen that's motivated them to do gen they can generally do even more or as a more personally appealing thing as original stuff. Finding a gen that scratches the itch does scratch the itch but yeah that's why there's not much of it.

Anonymous 234109

>That's a waste of creativity.
No such thing. It doesn't matter how good someone is at something when it's just for fun :)

Anonymous 234123

I'm sick and tired of people writing dilfs as 20yo's or even teenagers, that said I'm in the same situation as >>233537

Anonymous 234124

Hell stories about dysfunctional people being dysfunctional lol, but maybe getting better. With other stuff sprinkled in too but it's my proxy vent for all the wrecks I've known who never went to rehab

Anonymous 234155

I was talking about writing fanfiction instead of original works being a waste, not about bad writing being a waste.

Anonymous 234260


Does anyone have any interesting ship recommendations? I like it when two characters really pine for each other and the woman has a strong personality.

Standalone fanfic recommendations would also make me happy. I like strong women, soft men and adventure.

Anonymous 234286

yeah I didn't agree. It's just for fun so not a waste if you enjoy yourself.

Anonymous 234294

Ship as in a fandom? Or ship as in a canon? If it's the latter, check out Black Lagoon. Emotional support guy is forced to coexist with a violent mercenary. No large fandom to speak of, but the anime itself is fun to watch if you're into that kind of f/m dynamic.

Anonymous 234385

I like fanfiction a lot, but I agree that there are a lot of writers that project too much into characters, of they alter some character's personality so far that they're no longer recognizable. Honestly, it's a pet peeve of mine. Not everything has to be exactly like the original, but some works just go too far into ooc for me.

Anonymous 234469

I wrote a shitton of yandere fic. I stopped because people were getting… into it, if that makes sense. Plus it was getting so fucking depressing to write. Seeing other women/girls seriously becoming obsessed with these fictional men being abusive…

All i wanted was to go "what if?" and "how would this character react if"

Anonymous 234477

99% of fanfics are aimed at men, just like porn. Sorry, but that's the truth.

Anonymous 234478

80% of ao3 users are women

Anonymous 234479

Ah yes, men, the primary consumers of flowery romance stories

Anonymous 234490

>Source: it was revealed to me in a dream.

Anonymous 234492


Anonymous 234494

>99% of fanfics are aimed at men, just like porn.
Where did you get that idea from? Moids are the biggest haters of fanfiction, why would fanfic writers be catering to them?

Besides, moids don't have the patience to read, they'd just consoom r34

Anonymous 234496

Well, yeah, 50% male and 50% female. But only about 20% of females are actually writing the fics, so 80% is written by men. You have to cope really hard to ignore that most fics are written from a male POV.

Anonymous 234500

Have you ever read fanfiction or been on a fanfiction site? What fandom(s) are you in?

Anonymous 234501

t. never used ao3 ever

Anonymous 234506

Your hairline must look like a monkey's shiny ass of you think male POV (of which is majorly m/m) is written by men and not FUJOSHIS.

Anonymous 234517

trolling so bad it's actually good

Anonymous 234657

I feel like the number of women writing fanfic is even higher because of course "non-binary" doesn't exist and it's usually women tacking on that stupid made up identity to their profiles. Women will always dominate the fanfic writing world, even in fandoms where it seems like there are more male fans than female fans

Anonymous 234665

Anonymous 234675


here's the real one

Anonymous 234799

It’s so obvious you haven’t spent more than 5 minutes on AO3.

Anonymous 234860

there should be a term for when maleposters try to neg, pathetically, with bad logic.

dunno, negsopping?


Anonymous 244677

Why is Archiveofourown down? Who is behind the DDoSing?

Anonymous 244684

russian spermsacks are triggered that gay fanfic exists, apparently.

Anonymous 244721

it's retarded russian scrotes trying to get ransom money in the form of bitcoin.

Anonymous 244903

since males like to explain so much, can you explain one thing for me: why do scrotes feel the need to talk about things they dont know shit of, even when they risk sounding retarded?

Anonymous 245073

My main fic is a Yandere fic, though I base it a little more in anti-social personality disorder. I think the thing you have to do to drive off fetishizers is continually reinforce how the MC's "yandereness" (both her obsession in the moment and what made it come about) puts them into fucked up places / situations where they act entirely wrong. Drive home really uncomfortable moments and you'll get them to flee.

Anonymous 245117

So 2chfags seething that russian women pursue handsome yaoi boys and not chimplike eastern euro goblins, got it.
Maybe they're also trying to fight fujos becoming "not fuckable" anymore.

Anonymous 245289

I hate being into femslash, feels like good f/f is sooo hard to find. If only I could write good romance and smut but I'm too emotionally retarded and inexperienced to write it well. At least if I look on ao3 for f/f I can ensure its probably not made by moids, moid writing is really easy to spot.

Anonymous 245942

Femanon, you gotta find a discord group of other femfic enjoyers. There will be troons, but stringent modding should help cut down on it. The one I frequented was ragedeleted by the owner after weeks of harassment lol

Anonymous 246129

do you write fanfic for yourselves, others, or both? my husbando only has a few good fanfics and I'd feel weird writing some for him because I wouldn't get enjoyment from reading my own work, although maybe I could write it for others to enjoy. are there people who write for themselves and truly enjoy reading what they've written?

Anonymous 246154

I've written for myself before, but I've also written stories for a friend of mine. I've also written stories based off a person's art.

Anonymous 246176

when you write for yourself do you ever go back and read your work or is it the process of writing that you enjoy most rather than the final product?

Anonymous 246179


Any advice or video advice for writing? I wanna be the change I want in the world, and by that I mean not having to put up with Twitter tards horrendous writing anymore

Anonymous 246180

What's the appeal?

Anonymous 246195

NTA, but, I certainly go back and reread my work for enjoyment. When a work gets large enough it becomes sort of impossible to hold it all in your head at once, and so you do kinda have that page-turn effect. The problem is your writing needs to be good in order for you to want to re-read it, and if you're writing a lot, you're going to be improving a lot, and so that.
"Just write," but if you want specific advice:
- Watch the ratio of pronouns, prepositions, and articles to nouns, verbs, and adjectives. Abstractions generally tell the reader little, and it is almost always better to replace that abstraction with a specific (she -> [your character's name], stuff like that). The better an author is the higher this can get pushed, up to like 70%. I've managed to push up to about 50%, it takes time.
- Part of above is finding more efficient sentences, so, experiment with alternate sentence structures. Grammar rules are defined by transformations, and you can use this to accomplish better sentences.
- some schizo advice: Make sure what you're writing feels good to speak out loud. Not just that it makes sense, but sounds good when narrated. People move their larynx to the tune of their internal narration, and so my fear is always that if a sentence is clustered with difficult phonemes people will dislike reading it. I have no idea if this is true but I think it's good practice anyway.

Anonymous 246198

Just for fics
Thanks nona this is all very helpful. Actually that schizo advice is something I've tried before a couple of time, felt a bit dumb while doing but I wanted to feel the dialogue between the characters from another angle, whatever it was it's fun lol

Anonymous 246202

Well, I understand, but it's something to keep in mind while trawling a thesaurus for the right word. Dialogue / monologue is fairly low stakes because you can write stream of consciousness and have it stick, just keep in mind a lot of people don't talk with in consonant-filled deluge. That last sentence is a good example; "consonant-filled deluge" is physically difficult to say, and you can find alternate constructions to communicate that same concept to the reader. Ex: "stream-of-consonants." Double points for the pun. I hope that sort of makes sense? Metaphor and imagery doesn't need to be big polysyllable words.
Oh and one more thing, learn to use semicolons, colons, and em dashes. Semicolons are especially helpful because you can typically get rid of a preposition that way in ways that you typically need to use verb aspect for.

Anonymous 246219

Ya, this is just my schizo fear. Don't feel the need to limit yourself to only digestible phrases.

Anonymous 246229

> I just think it's a bit sad if style is only seen as something that facilitates narration.
It's not, and that's not what I was trying to say. I just find that keeping narration in mind can provide useful alternative perspectives on sentences. Like, people tend to tag on additional phrases at the end of their sentences irl when they've forgotten something or want to correct something, and that's typically inaccessible in objective prose without bringing the reader's attention to the narrator's voice, but you can get around that with proper punctuation and ordering of sentence structures. Often that requires breaking grammar rules to be really effective, but if you prepare your reader enough, you can start violating a lot of rules at once. I find one of the ways that you can prepare is to keep track of phonemes and syllable counts.
You can use difficulty to read to effect as well. Ex:
> The desert was the apotheosis of all deserts, huge, standing to the sky for what might have been parsecs in all directions. White; blinding; waterless.
This is from the first dark tower book. That last sentence there is the important one; obviously it's violating a ton of rules (it's not even a complete sentence; the only reason it's makes sense is because you have a leftover implicit "the desert was…" hanging around from the previous line), but it's using a ladder of syllable counts to hammer home that this desert is an exhausting place. White (1); blinding (2); waterless (3). The reason this works is because it takes more effort to say the next word out loud each time.

Anonymous 247891

>70+ posts
>0 fanfic recommendations

Anonymous 256738


i was reading a older evil woman x young edgy but soft woman.
drink or answer type of shit, slow burn, perfect.
younger one drops a ''I'm non binary'' type of shit and i cringe so fucking hard reading…
don't tag something for lesbians if is not for the lesbians.

Anonymous 260471


real mfw author drops untagged "boy" pussy in the yaoi

Anonymous 260473

My immortal <3

Anonymous 260491

Candace posts here

Anonymous 261029

Writing a Naruto fanfic that takes place in an alternate Leaf Village with some familiar characters and a bunch I made up.

Has nudist ninjas and a central male character named Sisda (like sister) who gets shit on for having a name like that. Also a controlling konoichi mother who grooms her shinobi son in a very very unpleasant way.

I can't imagine anyone being interested but if you are go ahead and ask

Anonymous 261663

Moved to >>>/media/33449.

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