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Unpopular Opinions Anonymous 233992

Time to dig up your unpopular opinions anon.

Anonymous 233994

I hate family. Like the idea of having one. A man who makes my life more hellish, who does nothing while I do everything ontop of working. Kids to look after. Family only benefits men it does not benefit women. Kids are a nightmare you can't escape from until you're 60. Family is the literal end of your life as a woman.

Anonymous 233997

Holy fuck I don't understand why anyone would ruin their life by getting pregnant. It is a nightmare that only gets worse until your old and you've missed most of 3/4 of your life. Honestly though the time wasted on seeking out GOOD relationships with men is probably just as bad.

Anonymous 234020

All men are pedophiles, all would be attracted to kids but they repress it and deny this fact. Enable man with secrecy and moral reassurance and he would have sex with children because all men are pedophiles. People deny this but forget it was the norm for thousands of years for men to do this, they should be exterminated

Anonymous 234026

I wish technology stopped advancing before the internet was accessible through a phone

Anonymous 234033

Not unpopular in here but men are inherently evil and they will keep destroying and destroying until we all go extinct.
I remember reading a paper once of scientist somehow making two female rat's have babies together modifying ones ovum to inseminate the others and I keep thinking about it, the offspring were always female, I couldn't find it.

Anonymous 234036

Porn should be illegal

Anonymous 234041

i second this

Anonymous 234148

Personally I feel like having a husband is worse than having kids. I think I'm straight, but I feel a strong dread when I think about marriage that I don't feel about having to raise kids.

Anonymous 234164


Anonymous 234190

No, parthenogenesis only has one parent, one female supplies all the genetic code for her offspring.

Anonymous 234214

Hope you dig it up I'm really interested to read the article

Anonymous 234219

you don't have to dig it up, u can easily find it if u google "two female mice have babies"

Anonymous 234481

Same tbh

Anonymous 234519

It can be done with fish, not mammals.

Anonymous 234633

I think death penalty is too light of a punishment for the crimes done by these kind of people, they don't deserve to get away with what they did so easily. Their bodies should be used for scientific experiments, research and as testing subjects for various type of weapons.

Anonymous 234637

Alcohol and gambling are worse for society than any of the vices that are completely illegal.

Anonymous 234639

True. Unfortunately alcohol is ridiculous easy to make at home. Also gambling is an abstract concept that's impossible to truly ban. So we're kinda stuck with them.

Anonymous 234703

At the very least they should be banned at the business level. Just because someone might make a bet with a friend or a batch of beer at gome doesn't mean we should just shrug our shoulders at an entire industry of parasites draining billions and decimating thousands of lives each year.

Anonymous 234705

There was a case in Russia when alcohol got banned so a bunch of people started making it at home unsterilized who died later on en masse. I guess you'd have to solve this issue a bit more carefully

Anonymous 234760

Big homophobia rant time.

What the actual fuck is wrong with homo males? Why are they so mentally ruined? Why do the project their mental illness on straight men. It's absolutely obnoxious and what's worse is that they are awful to women. I have been treated so badly by gay men and transwomen in spaces where homos are allowed to be fairly unhinged. The trannies especially are creepy because they want to be ugu lolishit but they're grown men.

But we already have troon threads, I'm just pissed off about gays being cretins that don't act right.

Anonymous 234763

I've also noticed that gays tend to be more misogynistic than normal moids too. I've already larped into gay forums and there they admit all their racism, classism and misogyny; I've seen them admitting that they are jealous of women and saying that "whoever has a pussy has everything"

Anonymous 234775

Gay males have an entirety different mindset, they're faggots so everything they do is funny and sassy.
I'm saying this as a masculine lesbian, they will treat you like shit, mock you and talk about how gross you are.They relentlessly put women down as just these stupid smaller versions of themselves, or as sidekicks if that makes sense.
Shit baffles me

Anonymous 234802

For gambling, I think a full ban could work.
Don't criminalize participation but heavily criminalize organization.
For alcohol I think the best it's gonna get is to make advertising it illegal.

Anonymous 234806


I don't think gay men are more misogynsitic than any other man, I think you probably categorize them as honorary women in your mind so you find it shocking when they act like the men they are, same applies to trannies. Gay men also don't have to put on the nice guy act to get in your pants so that's why they might seem more hostile.

Anonymous 235274

Why would you work when you’re married? I‘d never marry a man who doesn’t provide for me and treats me like a queen

Anonymous 235276

>Why would you work when you’re married?
Are you actually 12?

Anonymous 235277

Are you actually stupid?

Anonymous 235289

Situations change and men can't be trusted. What if the economy sucks and you need two incomes to get by? What if he gets sick or injured and can't work? What if he's abusive and you need money so you can leave? What if you divorce? What if he changes his mind and resents you for not contributing? What if it turns out that looking after kids and the house is actually more work than an actual job?

I hate work in any form and my number one priority is doing as little of it as possible. Theoretically a moid could be the answer to that - but it's never a guarantee and unlikely to be permanent, and if you have kids you're at serious, legitimate risk of poverty. The safest option is staying single, living modestly and managing your own finances to retire early or work part time etc. Moids are a financial liability unless you're very lucky.

Anonymous 235458

indeed, so come back in 5 or so.

Anonymous 235511

I don't really care about trans and other culture war shit one way or another. I don't believe in gender and I don't think anyone can be born in the wrong body, but the biggest issue I personally have with all of this is the medical industry mutilating mentally ill people for profit rather than providing actual therapy for their underlying problems.

Anonymous 235537

The discourses involving collectivism vs individualism are very funny, the average internet leftist really thinks that collectivists societies are some kind of utopic socialistic paradise where everyone helps everyone, they would go mad after the 6th nosy old lady trying to take care of their business.

Anonymous 235566

I want a family, but tbh not worth it if the moid runs out on me. Like, why even bother with the whole thing then?

Anonymous 235600

"Collectivism vs individualism" is a completely false dichotomy and the latter as a societal form is a fictitious idea of liberalism

Anonymous 235661

Doesn’t matter when you can only get shitty jobs anyways. Not everyone is able to have a career or get an education. If he leaves, you got some years without wageslavery at least. I do have romantic feelings but being able to escape the wagie hell is really the main purpose I see in marriage.

Anonymous 235669

Why do i have a feeling this is a moid ? What the heck do you do with no financial planning of your own??

Even on the r/ redpilled women sub talks about keeping their finances separate. 50% of marriages end in divorce. That is just the worst advice ever. Rely on a moid to not shit up your life ? Do you know how many men lie about their finances and keep women in the dark just out of pure arrogance and selfishness? It's like walking into the wolf den and expecting not to get bitten. Don't expect me or anyone else to follow you anywhere because that's lunatic advice.

Anonymous 235688

Nah it’s partially based. Most women on Instagram are like this except they will do nothing in return for their moid aside from transforming into a roastie before they find their doting “king” at 35. It’s true that most people, men and women, will never have a career proper. Most grads of my alma mater just end up teaching elementary school until they get pregnant (if female) or doing construction (male). Now of course a gal is fucked either way, whether she works or becomes a housewife, because if husband stops supporting her she has to get back into the workforce after X years, which can be more painful than if she had just worked the whole time. Plus the whole part about being bored out of your mind doing housework unless husband is FILTHY rich to have that all done for you. If your looks are in the top 0.1% you might pull that off. Sorry if that sounds terribly unromantic but I’m pretty jaded about marriage and I support women who prefer to be utilitarian about it.

Anonymous 236838

Since we live in a patriarchy only women can be true antisystem or schizos. A man only resents the elite because he's not part of it, so he pretends he's antisystem when deep down -like all men- he is a pedo and would indulge in horrible acts if he knew he had absolute impunity. The oposite of the schizo/antisystem or even separatist is the pickme, who will go as far as she can to please a man, like Ghislaine Maxwell.

Anonymous 236903

I think porn, drugs and violent media can be usefull in filtering worse men, which can then be disposed off.

Anonymous 236927

Might not be that unpopular at all at this point, but TikTok is a cancer. It needs to be rid of like Vine was. Actually, at least Vines were kind of funny even if alot of the people behind them ended up being exposed as pieces of shit. TikToks are straight up both unfunny and glaringly immoral - Like the "Jeffry Dahmer Victim Makeup Tutorial" and nurses twerking during COVID kind of shit.

Anonymous 236950

What makes those things immoral?

Anonymous 237006


You really have to ask why using victims of a vicious crime for clout and dancing for clout, instead of doing your job while dead people are being carried out on stretchers in the back, is immoral?

Anonymous 237212

Immoral accorsing to who or what?
Tens of thousands of people watch and like those videos.

Anonymous 237252

There are too many street lights

Anonymous 237355


I do believe women wear too little cover (arms, legs, cleavage, neck…).
I do not believe it is because of a "lack of modesty" but rather because of a deeply internalized male gaze. Every female clothes is made to reveal and/or prop-up the female body. While men dress like Mormon and rarely show more than half their neck, nor even their wrists, and their clothes hides their body shape.
I do believe that as long as we dress like that, women's body can't be anything else than a thing to look at, another consumable.

Anonymous 237384

i agree with the male gaze part but i think that by covering up and acting like a woman's body is something intrinsically sinful and lustful to look at we are contributing to the problem of the oversexualization of women.
in cultures where nakedness is normal women dont cover up their breasts and buttocks, and they are not sexualized as in our culture because it's just something normal and males are desensitized to it.
whereas female hair is considered sexy in cultures where they cover it up, and in the past so were the legs to a much deeper extent than nowadays even in western society (they had to cover up table legs in the victorian era or scrotes would get erections over them because of the resemblance to woman's leg).
also i see shirtless, short pants males going around often where i live and yet no one lusts after them.
the fact its erotic to cover/uncover for women is a deeply engrained cultural thing for sure as you said, but i'm unsure about the solution being restrictive clothing.

Anonymous 237424

Yeah but no need to look up other societies: men cover up and not because their body is seen as sinful. So we have the cultural apparatus for that.
Maybe not seeing it as restrictive clothing ? A wide tunic is much more comfortable than whatever deep cleavaged-blouse the second woman is wearing in the pic for instance. And her shoes ffs.

Anonymous 237425

>men cover up
men cover up but in summer weather they dont (and actually do it way less than women) and i wouldnt want for women to have to cover up in the instances where that is uncomfortable.
>not because their body is seen as sinful
true, male bodies arent seen as sinful, so they aren't told to cover up (and neither to dress revealingly). implying a woman should cover up more is to imply her body is inherently enticing and thus also shameful, and while that unfortunately isn't incorrect at all culturally speaking, i do still wonder if the solution is to accentuate that fact by dressing them up more (i see the problem with scanty clothing too btw).
>a wide tunic is much more comfortable than whatever deep cleavaged-blouse the second woman is wearing in the pic
yeah for sure. all those clothes look and must feel terrible tbh, especially the women's. cant stand professional setting attires and they definitely have a tendency to undress women more due to male gaze as you mentioned.

Anonymous 238569


you should be able to talk in movie theaters

Anonymous 238643

>the male body isn't seen as sinful
The male body isn't seen as tempting. Men's bodies are monuments to their sins. Recessive chins show their cowardice. An upturned piggish nose shows a man's unwarranted self importance. Any fold of fat in sight shows the world his gluttonous slovenly and hideously wasteful lifestyle. His hollow eyes show his soullessness and his stubble reveals psychopathy. Balding is karmic evidence of having perpetrated terrible sins in past lives. Men's bodies reek of moral failure, and everyone sees it that way. Everyone.

Anonymous 238815


pic rel is what men think is attractive.
modern moids have had their their minds ruined by increasingly intense pornography to the point where they literally see humans as either chad, bimbo, or ugly. akin to how obese people lose their palate for real food from eating plastic junk all their lives and can't distinguish subtle tastes anymore.
Moids dont understand women are not attracted to pic rel. it is a male power fantasy. lurking moid's only interaction with women has been online or through what male grifters tell him. All of those charts that youve seen about how women are narcissists that wont fuck you or that we are biologically built to manipulate men are misrepresentations and I hope you become a better human being.

Anonymous 238836

Gigachad was made by a woman: Sleekandtears google her. She has shit taste though and his husband is a balding muslim skinnyfat dadbod molerat looking ugly fuck that would be better if he died without procreating if you ask me so we dont have to deal with his ugly spawns in the future.

I dont like gigachad he looks like a cartoon and his anatomy makes no fucking sense.

Anonymous 238914

I hate discord. I don't want to get it. I hate that's the choice of contact for a lot of people. Chatrooms give me such anxiety.

Anonymous 238927

anyone who consumes meat or dairy is morally bankrupt.

Anonymous 238943

men should not be able to enjoy things that are specifically meant for women idgaf

Anonymous 238972

Sorry I used to be cringe and hang around those communities.

As far as I know, it was created by a woman who photoshopped her moid into gigachad for an artistic project. I think she was critiquing toxic masculinity or social media culture. Then it got picked up in incel spaces that already had body dysmorphia and insecurities about being ugly and not masculine. The particularly chronically online ones did not think it was photoshopped. It fit in perfectly with the chad narrative they already had going on that women are dumb animals and are only attracted to hyper-masculine males because of our dumb animal brains (the incel and looksmax forums show that these men really just see us as animals to trick). It then got picked up from the incels by normies that turned it into the meme we usually associate it with now making fun of incel narratives and toxic masculinity again.

It is kinda retarded, but it shows male thinking taken to the extremes. They think the gorilla look is attractive to women when in reality it is a male power fantasy. It demonstrates that these men think women are attracted to their own subjugation and/or that we are like animals attracted to the 'superior' of the species.

It's what I meant in my first post that when male thinking patterns are applied to the extreme, all people become chad, bimbo, or ugly. The chad and bimbo are the modern memeified ideal male and female gender roles. You dont see this too often in real life though, but I can see this thinking as a societal undercurrent. And that is my unpopular opinion lol.

Anonymous 238985

vegan teacher is right, just annoying, her point of view makes sense to me

Anonymous 238989

Stop drinking your own urine and get help, anon.

Anonymous 238990

The clothes available in stores at reasonable prices to me look very unprofessional. I got a job in a nicer office and struggled to find clothes without spending $200+ per dress. Most of the blouses were just fancy T-shirts that showed too much skin and made with really poor material and they still were like $60-70.
Offices are generally cold so I like to cover up and office dwelling men are some of the worst humans in existence, and the only clothes I can find that seem appropriate are prohibitively expensive or grandma clothes.
Guy clothes are less comfortable but you can easily find decent button up shirts/ties/slacks/belts in the $20-50 range. It's bullshit.

Anonymous 239040

>living, breathing, capable of thinking creature
>can get killed bc someone is apperentely tired of veggies or smtg idk i don't like food
>can get abused because haha torture weak funny
>can also get abused because wow no human do trickies wow
>can ALSO get abused because look cute animal exists
>no one will bat an eye no matter how painful the torture is
>no one watches who and why buys animals
>it is nearly impossible to control well-being of animals

>GeT HeLp AnOn!!!

Anonymous 239045


Blizzard is the worst major game developer out of them all.
WoW has always just been a soulless money printer
Starcraft was just for its day, what League is now: a game for miserable low-muscle flapjack men to never actually enjoy but feel like they're good at a "sport" while playing
Diablo games are boring
OW is just a soulless money printer
Now they're behind "Military Recruitment Ad That Sort-Of Doubles As A Videogame" and every other trite waste of time and money Activision burdens the world with.

Anonymous 239046

men should not be able to enjoy things

Anonymous 239066

all facts, also their attempt at "diversity" in overwatch is absolutely laughable. it's literally no better than the average fighting or moba game but they like to act like they're so above those

Anonymous 243850

it will get hotter…

I hope it's too late for reversing global warming. I hope the earth is fuck and the human race is doomed. I hope for no redemption, only total annihilation, no survivors.
It's not like big corps want to fix it or allow anyone to fix it. Might as well embrace the doom.

Anonymous 243866


What Blizz does in the name of diversity is bordering on offensive. Look at the new added dark skin color options in WoW, they gave the skin color but no actual traits of African-Americans. Curly hair? Dreadlocks? Snub nose? Full lips? Palms lighter in color? Darker eyes? Black hair? Nope, just have this half-assed more saturated in skin color European. Diversity win.

This is not representation, just a measure to get people to shut up about lack of representation.

Anonymous 243950

oh nona - I 100% agree but you can't reason with carnists. something about veganism (maybe the fact that it benefits a group other than the vegan) brings out people's inner dark triad proclivities. I'm sure if carnists were born men they'd see no problem with pervasive cultural misogyny.

Anonymous 251378

I really doubt inclusion for 90% of neurologically disabled kids will ever help them, specially in public school in a third world country.

The average elementary/middle school teacher have in between 35/42 children/teens in each classroom, and besides having to teach in terrible conditions, now they have to care for 1 to 3 disabled kids because, in many cities, there is no support teacher to help taking care and educating them.
The majority of teachers simply ignore them and their necessities, and the ones who try to help end up overwhelmed and overworked. Trying to get the State to provide the kids right to a special ed. teacher is often useless and/or a very slow process, these children's families are often very disfunctional and complicated to deal with (it surprised me to see how many parents are drug addicts). I would say that the only good thing in all of this mess is that abuse can be noticed early on by the teacher and reported to child protection services.
Bullying is not uncommon, but I would say they are way more ignored than activally bullied by other students.
But yay, now many couch activists can brag about inclusion and how bad special schools are.

Anonymous 251908

Gigachad is real his name is ernest khalimov and the photos may have minor editing but in general is actually what he looks like.

I feel like the misunderstanding from you nona is that sleekandtears Edited Ernest Khalimov onto her real boyfriend. Gigachad is most definitely real though and you can see him taking pictures in real life.

Anonymous 251920

I've read that the real guy absolutely hates the fact that racists and incels use his images as a meme.

Bodybuilders in general are almost always male-gaze "attractive" though. It's men trying to impress other men and I find them unappealing. I've known other women in anime circles who find fictional hyper muscular men cute, but never any irl gym bro lovers.

Anonymous 251938

''TQ+'' downfall will happened when man became affected by it on the daily bases in the same way it affects a woman daily life.

Anonymous 251940

i dont know what this means. please elaborate anon!

Anonymous 251945

Woman are losing their rights and places to TIFs, Man are not losing anything to TIMs.
You cannot go to places design to woman and not see troonies everywhere.
On the internet? almost every single lesbian place is full of trannies.
On the real life? Try tinder and see how many big eyes bad makeup trannies shows up.
People are not taking serious this issues because man cannot feel the change of having their places taking by someone pretending to be one of them.
TIM's are in woman places, TIF's are in woman places, the only one losing the battle for a safe place and the right of being is the woman.
I spend my whole life afraid of being see as a woman, afraid of being rape, afraid of being gentle and seeing as not enough and now, man pretending to be woman are taking the places we fight, we died and keep dying to have.
This have to affected the man, when it does, we are going to see the changing because sadly, it how it socially works.

Anonymous 251947

They mean the TQ+ in LGBTQ+

Anonymous 254207

I think you have them mixed up there, , TIMs are the male troons infiltrating women’s spaces and TIFs have no effect on men other than them laughing at them for usually looking like stubby manlets and trying too hard to pas (but looking better than TIMs).

Anonymous 254209


coomer moids in general deserve to be stripped of their human rights and executed.

Anonymous 254556

culture shock.jpg

Boredom… is good??? Actually??
I can't even begin to describe how many would-be artists or writers or poets have been stunted because their brains have been fried by social media. Input is always good. If you watch enough movies and read enough books and listen to enough music, surely you'd have a respectable repertoire of media to draw inspiration from. Still, your brain needs to digest all that information and connect all the dots. To do that, you to give your mind space to wander and explore.
Getting inspiration depends on the person, really, but this is what works for me. Staring at the walls and ceilings for hours at a time, that is.

Anonymous 254974

Men are fucked up because society is fucked up. They're not this bad at all points in history.

Anonymous 254975

So which points in history had good moids?

Anonymous 255003


Anonymous 255013

actually, today they are the least fucked up in history. least murder, etc.
that tells a lot about moids in the past.

today, they are the most feminist, caring, compassionate, loving, take care of house chores and raising children, on average, most romantic, least bullying, least violent, etc. they have ever been in history..

which, like i said, tells a lot about how men used to be, when this is the best version in history.

Anonymous 255021

there are some trannies that are okay, it's just most of the ones that immediately read as troons aren't

Anonymous 255031

"wdym killing children is immoral? everybody I know is doing it so its clearly a you problem"

Anonymous 255034

..i hope it becomes a small trend to abort specifically male fetuses and gloat about in social media to your faces, little moid.

just like you moids are still doing to girls, around the world, in this very second, by hundreds of millions. https://www.unfpa.org/son-preference
"Worldwide, 142 million girls are missing as a result of son preference, daughter aversion and gender-biased sex selection. "

Anonymous 255210

While I appreciate the 'hime' clothing style, I can't help but feel that lolita is associated with age regression fetish, similar to how some furries invest in fursuits and find excitement in them.

Anonymous 255690

I find anti-natalists to be insufferable and extremely miserable people, who’s input on conversations about having kids to be self-serving in the “crabs in a bucket” sort of way.
If you’re someone who doesn’t want to have kids for whatever reason, that’s totally okay and I have no issue with that. But if you’re going around calling yourself one of these people, using stupid terms like “breeder” or “crotch goblin” and telling women their lives are LICHERALLY OVAH if they ever decide to have kids, basically making a big stink over people who do have or want kids, then you should probably just keep it to yourself.

Anonymous 255691

Well, anti-natalists are precisely the people you don't want to reproduce, so it's a self-solving problem

Anonymous 255699

if you're being bullied its probably for a reason. People who are quiet and mind their own business generally don't get picked on. Annoying little twats do however.

Anonymous 255725

That's not an unpopular opinion, sweety
>using stupid terms like “breeder” or “crotch goblin”
Yeah i don't do that, that could have been me were my life circumstances slightly different. I actually like kids and my mom.
Still morally wrong tho.
>inb4 "why don't you kill yourself"
same reasons as you

Anonymous 255859

I can't stand the ones with a victim complex. I remember one anon claimed complete strangers would start insulting her and send her death threats because she didn't want kids and then when anons rightfully doubted her and started screaming "are you saying misogyny doesn't exist???" Even though typically they're misogynistic themselves

Anonymous 255861

I think TIMs should get HRT because it makes them infertile.

Anonymous 255866


Oh cool. Here goes.
1. All men have the capacity for sexual assault
2. Slapping kids isn't as abhorrent as people say
3. Stupid people should absolutely be sterilized to make up for the coddling that technology and society provides to shitty genes.
4. Violent criminals should be sterilized. Their genes are not necessary for humanity.
5. Illegal immigration is the greatest threat to domestic peace in western countries.
6. Diva cups/Moon cups are horrifying and always leak.
7. Bras are stupid and I don't care if men can see my nipples, it's not embarrassing to me, the only reason I wear a bra is because I'm afraid of the connotations. in a better world I could be confident that they would admire them without posing a threat to me.

Anonymous 255869

I agree with all of this except for the slapping of children, come on anon. Children don't have the mental capacity to understand what you want from them. I got slapped around as a kid and all it does is build up resentment. Negative reenforcement, especially through violence, doesn't work. On anyone or anything.

Anonymous 255877

Well I knew it was an unpopular opinion nona. What I mean by this is the stigma behind it. People these days act like it's the very worst thing you can do and it feels like they all imagine whipping the kid with a belt buckle because they spilled a drop of water. What I'm talking about is more a slap on the butt for an unnecessary disobedience that would have put them or someone else in danger or got someone hurt so they remember not to do it again.

I was spanked twice growing up. Both times for being an idiot and endangering myself or someone else. I never did either of those things again. The kind of people who would whip their kid with a belt buckle for spilling a drop of water come under opinion 3 or 4. They shouldn't have kids.

Anonymous 256495


Those with low IQ along with people with low emotional intelligence should be sterilized so we can slowly breed them off.

Anonymous 256496

Agreed, I hate fags. They’re so ruined & useless for society in every aspect

Anonymous 256499

Ernest Khalimov isn't a real person nona, it's literally just photoshop.

Anonymous 256500

I hate dogs, and I hate their owners even more.

Anonymous 256539


Its almost as if degeneracy is bad or something. This calls for several more years of research to be sure. Maybe after 100 more years we'll be able to recognize that all forms of faggotry are harmful to society.

Anonymous 256542


They got dat noodle snoot tho

Anonymous 256568

Anyone who has a preference towards either is a retard, especially cats who do not respect humans. Glad you’re not breeding at least

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