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1975 06 Dalsland V…

Time Anonymous 234023

During what period were scrotes at their best and at their worst? Was there any benefit of being a woman in the past compared to today? I get the feeling that modern scrotes are not as genuine as they were in the past. They were very open about being manipulative and controlling assholes but nowadays everyone puts on a fake smile in order to appease women and tell them how feminism is good.

Anonymous 234025



Anonymous 234027

It was infinitely worse in the past. The further back you go, the worse it gets and the more violent they are. In the 1800s not only could you not get a credit card, or have a bank account, you couldn't even go outside unchapperoned, it wasnt that different than the middle east. You frequently had arranged marriages and if you were poor it was even worse. Beating your wife was not considered amoral anywhere it was considered moral. The worst thing though was if you were poor, and marital rape was normal. There was no bc. You couldn't avoid getting raped impregnated up to 12 times. Half your babies would probably die. And worse you probably couldn't do anything about it or divorce if he pissed all your money on gambling and alcohol or some other retarded fucking thing. History was horrific, go read accounts of women trapped in poor marriages. They're worse than anything.

Anonymous 234028

Plenty of women became nuns and weren't forced into marriage. Instead they devoted themselves to charity and orphanages.

Anonymous 234031

that's nasty why did it take so long for feminism to take off?

Anonymous 234038

Care to elaborate? Is it because of polytheism versus monotheism?

Anonymous 234039

women still had their freedom restricted and their only purpose was to serve others

Anonymous 234040

shes larping like she is /his/ and saying things she actually knows very little about

Anonymous 234042

Rome had slavery, arranged marriage and rapist soldiers pillaging villages

Renaissance had some wealthy educated women. Plus Christianity gave women an alternative to marriage. Women could become nuns and work in orphanages or the church. Devoting themselves to helping the sick and needy.

Anonymous 234052

You're delusional. Even fifty years ago, THERE WAS NO WAY FOR YOU TO KNOW WHAT MEN THINK AND NO WAY TO EDUCATE YOURSELF ON THEIR MANIPULATION TACTICS. You couldn't pull up 4chan or reddit or an incel community or pick up community or facebook.
Before that?
No birth control. No credit cards. No property. No sex education. No pregnancy tests. No college degree. No occupation. No car. And no pants, of course. Also you let a guy kiss you on the cheek and now the whole town thinks you're a whore.

Anonymous 234055

Oh wow im supposed to be fucking imprwssed?????? Get out of here with that bullshit it's just another kind of moid-driven prison.

Here look I don't want to be in a marriage prison here, so ill just throw myself into a religious prison. Bitch who the hell wants to live as a shitty fucking nun?? Do you have any idea how shitty their existences were ??? Its not even worth bringing up. Worst joke in this entire IB.

Anonymous 234056

kinda unrelated but there were a lot of cute yuri romances that happened in convents in history

Anonymous 234057

I'm just in absolute disbelief you didn't realize how fucked it was.

You seriously never watched Angela's Ashes ? In the past men were 10x more drunk, entitled, stupid and power obsessed than they are now. Poor men were filthy drunken gambling rape slobs, ALL of them.

And there was no way in hell you could get out of marriage to get away from one because your income would have been shit, even if you found a job. You would have been beaten. Men were pure unadulterated filth rape apes. We have it GOOD with them guzzling so much porn and staying the hell away from us instead of being born into this.

But think about it they bred their degenerate ass ugly genes and rapeape shit into the gene pool for generations and generations. This is the number one reason I don't believe in pursuing men seriously in rationships to be honest. That and seeing what my mom put up with in one.

Anonymous 234058

That's fantasy, FANTASY. Do you know how oppressed real lesbians would have been IN most convents??? Come on you're talking about the kind of Christians that still try to send their kids to gay conversion therapy. Only more puritanical because back then people had nothing better to do tan go watch executions and go to church. You would live in terror with it because if it got out there would be a monestary-wide witch hunt in most places. People used to be extremely puritanically religious for most of human history.

Anonymous 234059

Please pick up a history book. Anything that catches your eye. Something fun to read. Then another one. You can't be this ignorant, it already impacts your decision making, and it's going to bite you in the ass really bad down the line. Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it.

Anonymous 234066

And when I say drunk on religion I mean it. They were like Christians are in Africa now, who still believe in witches. I don't know if you realize but in a lot of places in Africa, that 3rd world, they will call ANYONE they want a witch and it can destroy lives pretty easily. Yes this is actually still a thing even in 2023. Say you have an extremely lucrative business canning and selling vegetables. It is not uncommon for a struggling community to fire up a witchhunt in jealousy. The same goes for gays, highly educated people, etc. Well it wasn't that different only 150-400 years ago. Especially for women. It didn't matter whether it was Rome, Venice, Utrecht during the rennaissance, or even the 1800s. It was all equally dominated by religious ignorance, and terror. Because when you're stupid and religious and go to blame everything on either the paranormal, demons, curses, and/or simply believe religion is the only answer … you don't have calm sensible communities you have a ton of fear-indoctrinated punishing lunatics.

Ontop of that, my god life was just incomprehensibly hard before electricity, plumbing, sanitation, running water. People were paid lower than they are now for harder more backbreaking work, because they had much lower expectations for quality of life. And the vast majority of the population lived hand to mouth, in squalid conditions, surrounded by a lot more death and disease than we can wrap our head around now. They were pent up with stress fear and impotent rage which they commonly just passed down on down to easy targets They loved a scapegoat more than we can understand today, beause they were so stressed. Most of those scapegoats and targets were women. Trapped in marriages, without bc, without help, a voice an education. Just fucking religion. Nothing was usually like it is, portrayed in period movies or even books. Unless you watch something like gangs of new york or perfume the story if a murderer. Most people scraped by and women had horrific trapped existences. They didn't develop feminism for ages because they had no time for it and they sure as hell had no voice. Feminism only gained poplarity when women had time away from slavery thanks to elecricity, education, appliances, that made housework easier. But still most of your women would have been illiterate in most places until the middle of the 19th centry.

Anonymous 234152

There were certain benefits but only if you were part of the nobility. If you look at ancient Egypt there were plenty of female rulers.

Anonymous 234154

I used to watch Flying Nun on TV. It seemed like a fairly wholesome lifestyle. Plus you had musician Nuns like Sister Irene O' Conner who played for the children.

Anonymous 234157

Best: Never
Worst: Always

Anonymous 234163

This is a fucking TV show. Who bases anything off of what they learn on tv

Anonymous 234165

I was raised Christian and spent time participating in church activities. Mostly charity stuff and holiday events. They were genuinely fun and a great way to make friends. I don't really go to church anymore. After I moved away from Christmas Valley I lost interest.

Anonymous 234183

Almost everyone does, sadly.

Anonymous 234185

The Renaissance was incredibly hostile to women, it was an era of misogyny.
>arranged marriage
So basically every society at some point. Also becoming a nun isn't as great as you think it is. They could also still be raped by the priests and deacons.
I dunno, at least the nuns in my area were/(are?) expected to live almost ascetically; simultaneously, the priests live in big beautiful houses, own expensive cars, and honestly several times walking past the priest house I've smelled weed.
Anyway scrotes were never at their best, as far as anyone can tell. At least not as a whole. I will answer OP differently

>best time for women

Middle ages

Anonymous 234188

>Renaissance had some wealthy educated women
Why are you taking few as an example of what life was life for the many? Most women were not educated aristocrats and did not have any opportunities and were subjected to misogyny. Please.

Anonymous 234191

In Mesopotamia women could own businesses, slaves, buy and sell land and initiate divorce. Of course not a feminist society but still better than Islam.

Anonymous 234210

Some day you'll learn the hard way you're sorely lacking braincells

Talk about lazy and ignorant as fuck

Anonymous 234213

The ancient sumerians and Babylonians also had fucking wife auctions, full of 10- 15 yr olds which were no different from slave auctions. Also I think you're confusing them with the Romans.

Anonymous 234220

Women were recorded as landowners, business owners, administrators, bureaucrats, doctors, scribes, clergy, and in rare cases, even monarchs in Mesopotamia. We're talking about a society that predates the Romans so it is kind of weird.

Anonymous 234247

Hunter gatherer times might have been the best

Anonymous 234249

Which Era in Mesopotamia though? Sumerian or Persian or.. ? There were so many cultures that rose out of Mesopotamia and then evolved or blew away

Anonymous 234250

when women were raped regularly with no consequence, their men killed and then taken as trophies and raped some more? No thanks.

Anonymous 234251

Do men face consequences for rape now? at least back then women could experience the joy of hunting and gathering and now we don't even have that

Anonymous 234252

rape was way more prevelant and there were no laws protecting women. Men weren't afraid of committing rape because it wasn't even viewed as wrong, womens rights weren't even a fucking thought. If you want to go fucking hunt and gather than go in the woods, nobody is stopping you. You can do that now just like you could then except its way less likely some gross moid will jump out of the bushes and rap you. I can't believe you're this dumb.

Anonymous 234253

I mean… you can still hunt and gather… also men seldom hunted, most of a hunter gatherer’s food intake was gathered by women. So men were lazy shits back then, too.

Anonymous 234255

Would you release a domesticated animal to the wild? No, it can't survive on its own. For that reason I can't just go and just hunter and gather right now.

Anonymous 234267

Who the fuck wants to do that compared to living with Grocery stores, ac, videogames and electricity ?

Anonymous 234268

Honestly this was often also true. Women did most of the planting, harvesting and gathering. But think about it hunting was the FUN gig and usually women didn't do that. Men took all the fun roles and dished the shit put to women. Fuck them all with cactuses. ;/

Anonymous 234269

Foraging for edible plants is really easy. Even dandelions, nettles and cactus pads are edible. Fishing is also easy if you live near a lake or pond.

Anonymous 234277

Just say you want me to get poisoned and die

Anonymous 234279

>I-I'm so scared to go outside
>fuuuug the world is terrifying
Go pick flowers somewhere in the fields. Strawberries, maybe. You give off the learned helplessness vibe.

Anonymous 234283


Anonymous 234284

kek bless you

Anonymous 234287

Best: WWII when all the scrotes were killing each other.

Anonymous 234292


Kek just don't pick any mock strawberries while you're out there

Anonymous 234295


Yes these exist. Yes the plants look almost exactly the same to the untrained eye.

Anonymous 234296

Please stop trying to spook the city child.

Anonymous 234298

I'm not. It's true, they're real, google them. Potentilla Indica.

Anonymous 234312

Not the same nona, but as far as I know women had plenty of rights during both periods.

Anonymous 234319

Women had more rights in Babylon than in ancient Israel.

Anonymous 234320

Despite the Asian romance soap operas. China has historically awful treatment of women.

Anonymous 234322


Today I shall remind them.

Anonymous 234340

Pfft but most of chinese courts were a nightmare for women. Even her feet would have bound which is just fucking barbaric.

She was in the right place at the right time and incredibly incredibly lucky. Lol notice how she punishes everyone standing in her way almost with vengeance and fury. It's almost completely unsurprising, given what court life would have been like for most women. She was selected as a concubine as a teen, and happened to produce the first son. She would have been in competition with dozens of other concubines for the emporors favor, in the Chinese court. All of their feet would have been bound. But she was one of the extremely lucky ones China was a particulary shit place for women.

Anonymous 234341

If you call being killed for adultery having rights? May have been better than other cultures but anything from the BCs and long after would have had pretty horrific human rights in general.

Still … women get executed for adultery, while men got a slap on the wrist fine ???

Anonymous 234348

Men could also be executed for adultery. I think you try to trivialize the fact that couples fell in love during those times and that, although not perfectly equal, there were laws in place to ensure society would not devolve into anarchy and people doing whatever they please. Keep in mind that this is over 4000 years ago so all kinds of anachronistic interpretations are useless. Human rights in themselves are arbitrary and could be anything you ascribe value to.

Anonymous 234362

>babby's first attempt at critical thinking
Men were "executed for adultery" when someone with power wanted an enemy killed and adultery was a convenient crime.
>Human rights in themselves are arbitrary and could be anything you ascribe value to
And as a society who values our current understanding of human rights, we find their lack thereof abominable. Hurr durr le anachronism is only relevant in academic settings, in real life people are more than right to judge different time periods according to their current values.

Anonymous 234364

It’s like I’m on Reddit.

>more than right to judge different time periods according to their current values.

Everyone can have an opinion but you argue like an emotional teenager. Just sayin’.

Anonymous 234365

But she was a terrible empress. She led to the decline of China. Wu Zetian is leagues better.

Anonymous 234371

This. Unfortunately moids haven’t really improved as a whole but trying to judge people that lived 4000 years ago is childish. Look at it this way: if women, throughout all the ages, all cultures and all peoples, were regarded as indeed inferior or having lower intelligence then scrotes wouldn’t have to enforce laws against women because it would be like trying to communicate with an animal of some sort. Instead the actual reality is that moids fear women and know what women are capable of. Just look at Elizabeth Báthory. All of the rumours about her swimming in the blood of virgin girls were politically motivated.

Anonymous 234411

I wonder what prehistoric moids were like, compared to their modern counterparts.
Some people claim patriarchy to be a consequence of the agricultural revolution and the advent of private property. While social capital in hunter-gatherer societies is based directly on your contribution to the common good, civilised societies usually equate social capital (and therefore power) with property and wealth. Ban women from owning property in such a system, and you essentially ban them from holding any kind of social influence whatsoever.
In prehistoric hunter-gatherer societies, that sort of thing would have been impossible. Everyone had to contribute in order for the group as a whole to survive, even the pregnant and nursing. We know from the few remaining modern hunter-gatherers that women gather, fish and hunt smaller animals in order to feed the tribe, same as the men. They are not completely equal, even in the most egalitarian of tribes, but the lives of female hunter-gatherers was likely still far better than those of women in pretty much any other time period until the mid-20th century.
Besides the lack of private property as a catalyst for patriarchy, moids in prehistoric tribes would have had to be social and cooperative in order to not be kicked out by the others. In a tightly-knit tribe of maybe 15 people, acting like a raging psychopath would have been a death sentence.
Interestingly, hunter-gatherer women also tend to have less children overall than civilised women, despite the lack of any kind of birth control (probably due to their diet and high levels of physical exercise). Considering that childbirth has been the number one killer of women from the dawn of mankind until maybe 100 years ago, and still is in some places today, this is quite a significant advantage.

Other than prehistoric hunter-gatherers, I also think that the earliest civilised societies were overall better places for women to live than those that would follow. Women in ancient Mesopotamia (provided they weren't slaves) were able to own and sell land, run businesses, divorce and live independently. Free women in ancient Egypt had similar rights.

They also had widespread slavery, including slavery of women. Every society is a product of its time and conditions. The morals of a modern industrialised society are not applicable to a society that existed thousands of years ago.

For most of history, laws were supposed to do the exact opposite of protecting women. The existence of laws and states was what allowed women to be universally excluded from holding social power in the first place. Artificial hierarchies based on property and power never protected women, especially not historically. A women is far less likely to be raped or killed in a small tribe where everyone is needed for survival.

Anonymous 234426


Yes you can. Hunter gatherers had to learn which plants to eat on their own but you have the luxury of guide books and the internet to be 100% certain whatever you are eating is edible. You have lethal weapons that make hunting incredibly more efficient. No one is asking you to move to a cabin in the woods and fend for yourself but if you want to experience "the joy of hunting in gathering" you are perfectly capable.

Whining about wanting to return to monkey while complaining about actually going outside aounds like edgy teenage anarcho-primitist larping. Let me guess, you just read Unabomber Manifesto last week or something?

Anonymous 234441

They probably were like
Ooga booga, me smash rock
Ooga booga, me smash wife
Ooga booga, me rape and take no responsibility

Anonymous 234451

I'm pretty sure they used women like they did cattle, trading them around, giving their women over as gifts and gestures and taking them as war booty from hostile tribes. They would had been orderly and civil, yes, but only to eachother, not to women. The only reason they wouldn't rape a woman would be out of respect for other men, like the father, or the husband/owner, not out of respect for the woman. Prehistoric society is, well… prehistoric. No one really knows because it is not recorded, it is lost to time. But historically that is how it has always been up until relatively recently

Anonymous 234461

tribes that had been relatively isolated from the outside world and remained primitive but eventually studied showed almost all of them were patriarchal in some regard, whether it be the normalization of rape or normal for men to beat their wives or women just treated like breeding machines.

Anonymous 234502

>All of the rumours about her swimming in the blood of virgin girls were politically motivated

I don't know, nona. Some historians say there were plenty of testimonies supporting the claims. Do you know about the scrote Gilles de Rais? People in the nobility can do pretty fucked up things when they're bored.

Anonymous 234520

>In his own confession, Gilles testified that “when the said children were dead, he kissed them and those who had the most handsome limbs and heads he held up to admire them, and had their bodies cruelly cut open and took delight at the sight of their inner organs; and very often when the children were dying he sat on their stomachs and took pleasure in seeing them die and laughed”

Typical scrote savage.

Anonymous 234524

In sumeria men were not executed for adultery only women were. In any case who the fuck wants to be part of that kind of society ? Adultery should never be punishable by death its fucking degenerate and backwards.

Anonymous 234525


It's really interesting how they learned to cure olives with brine, so they could be eaten btw! It's all thanks to some person who found olives dropped from cliff shrubs into the Mediterranean sea.

Anonymous 234528

>-Adultery among the Babylonians was solely the crime of the wife. The wife, if caught in the act, was punished by strangling, together with her paramour.

It says here that her paramour (lover) also gets executed so clearly men could be punished for it.

Anonymous 234534

The Babylonians arrived almost 2000 years after the Sumerians. Kek wow they really progressed as a culture though didn't they?

Anonymous 234540

The Code of Ur-Nammu states that if a man sleeps (not rape) with the virgin wife of another man he gets the death penalty. Pretty much the same legal system

Anonymous 234541

feet binding is genuinely terrifying. I read somewhere that it was done, in part, to make women more dependant on their husbands by making them disabled.

Anonymous 234611

>virgin wife has sex
>lover dies

Good. Moids are not entitled to sex.

Anonymous 234619


Margaret Theresa of Spain


Weakened due to six pregnancies in six years (which included four living childbirths and two miscarriages[20]) and four months into her seventh pregnancy,[23] Margaret died on 12 March 1673, at the age of 21.

Men were (and still) are SHEER FILTH. I don't care how nice some of them are I don't want to be touched by these vile fucking animals

I would rather ram stakes through their eyes and tongues than ever marry or date one. Or even remotely cater to the disgusting male gaze. History is what they were and still are. History of force breeding with these slobs turns me off to any of them around in modern times. It doesn't matter how attractive they are either. They're always pure cruel indifferent filth. They're not even human to me.

Anonymous 234620

One thing that is so strange about this law is how highly valued virginity is among moids in the Middle East. It is as if they are afraid that women might compare their sexual performance with other males and determine that they are worthless in bed.

Anonymous 234626

Small dicks, nona.

Anonymous 234634


> History is what they were and still are.
This, I don't understand how could a woman willingly enter a relationship with a man knowing that not so long in history he could've either bred you to death starting from your teen years, had a right to beat you or your children (sometimes to death) and had the power to make the state stone you on his behalf. There's practically nothing a man could do that would make me ignore their vile history.

Anonymous 234638

Millions of women died both on the battlefield and in concentration camps during WW2 you moron.

Anonymous 234642

Do not forget the Gulag archipelago.

Anonymous 234721

we can see how it works in africa. ive heard stories where men being naturally strong just force their wives to do all the fucking work - yes even the farming. they just laze around and do nothing except occasionally raping their own daughters
definitely the worst life imaginable

Anonymous 235074

Fun fact: did you know that the burqa, a garment worn by muslim women, originates from Judaism? The whole Middle East is extremely influenced by Jewish misogyny.


Anonymous 235078

>She added that this part of Jewish law became entrenched in pre-Islamic Arab tribes of the Arabian Peninsula and then spread throughout the Middle East with the Muslim conquests.

Interesting! Judaism is one of the most (if not THE most) hateful religions when it comes to women. There are Jews that seriously think that if a woman is menstruating she can make flowers wither and die by touching them. So bizarre.

>Narcissistic men that engage in out-of-control extra-marital sex can be challenging to treat when their cultural background reinforces their misogyny and sense of entitlement, as it does among ultra-Orthodox Jewish men. A case study illustrates the challenges for a female clinician helping an unfaithful, married, narcissistic ultra-Orthodox Jewish male refrain from seeing prostitutes. He devalued the approach of his female therapist and the client had to learn that he was not entitled to women's love and respect, but that he needed to earn it by transcending his egocentrism and demonstrating empathy rather than contempt for women.

Anonymous 235096

Blackpill:the thread

Anonymous 235118


Not even this, before the "poor marraiges" of the 19th and 20th centuries, most people were slaves. Like prior to the US revolution roughly 90% of human beings in the old world were de facto owned as property by nobles, with only some notable exceptions such as Japan.

Anonymous 235119


Whoops, even in Japan people were serfs, they just abolished outright slavery, even though the few had few practical differences..

Anonymous 235145

Women in Japan had a really shitty existence during medieval times.

Anonymous 235153

>hate women
>sucks on bleeding baby penis

jews are closet gays

Anonymous 235228

lol, this

he probably was autistic

Anonymous 235304

>The study also revealed that 24% of high-functioning individuals with ASD engaged in paraphilic sexual fantasies or behaviors including classic presentations of paraphilic disorder such as pedophilia, voyeurism, and sadomasochism
>Silva et al. made an association between ASD and sexual serial homicidal behavior. Many sexual serial killers have a high prevalence of deconstructive paraphilia.
>This case details the history of an 18-year-old Caucasian male, with a past psychiatric history of ASD
>These fantasies included being aroused by "anthropomorphic animal characters" and were self-described as "furry". He had a self-reported history of having a violent sexual fantasy in which he "had sex with a girl and then cut off her head."

I can guarantee that almost all nasty and vile scrotes thoughout history were autistic. There is a clear tendency for autistic moids to be mentally deranged to the point of doing anything.

Anonymous 235321


Of course. Damn spergs.

Anonymous 235384

The "Jewish burqa" they reference is only worn by a sect of ~100 people out of 15 million Jews.

Anonymous 235393

Yeah, but Judaism has influenced Islam a lot. In Islam it is forbidden to have idols because it is considered idolatry and that is also a Jewish custom that got incorporated into Islamic societies because of Jewish converts.

Anonymous 235401

Everyone should be a Jain

What other religion knew about the existence of micro organisms, time, matter, the universe and space thousands of years ago? Jainism is science.

Spread this post far and wide


Anonymous 235951

Sometimes I wish that autism would lead to autodestruction. Genghis Khan probably was an ultra autist.

Anonymous 235968

Or Ivan the Terrible. Super sperg deluxe.

Anonymous 236050

Anyone who says women had it easier in the past is a moron. To be honest…if you could be a housewife during the 19th century then your life was pretty much secure and comfortable but on the other hand you couldn't vote.

Anonymous 236070

That probably is the only benefit of being a woman back in the days. Moids do all the work while you sit on your ass.

Anonymous 236072

You'd have to do even harder, more disgusting and unpaid work, idiot. You'd live in society where you cheating on a scrote is worse than actual bad things. How retarded you have to be to not realize that living like a loyal dog is humiliating?

Anonymous 236073

Woah, calm down. No need to be so anal-retentive about everything.

>loyal dog

And scrotes had to obey their monarch/emperor/leader etc. There is always a hierarchy, nona.

Anonymous 236075

I'm talking about relationship loyalty and being a virgin. Moids shouldn't have that guaranteed in a woman.

Anonymous 236147

I think that moid conduct was different back then. They weren't exactly saints but more akin to gentlemen and had some kind of manners. Nowadays all you see are dude bro douches that flaunt their money and success like it's a personality trait.

Anonymous 236148

This. Scrotes are boring today. Everyone of them wants to be Tony Montana.

Anonymous 236149

Any time before now.

Anonymous 236154


Pretending like they were any better ever is just delusional.
They were just as cringly and larpy as they are now.
They literally killed themselves to mimic a book character.

Anonymous 236183

They acted like that (on paper) because they had guaranteed virgin child brides by their community. Now they don't, so they're getting neurotic. But not all moids are from redpill hivemind, so you can easily find a provider with soul who additionally doesn't have pedophilic standards.

You have only the idea of previous moids from movies directed in recent decades and shit created by women how they wish it was, only using aesthetics and not facts.

Anonymous 236195

what are some accounts that are particularly horrific?

Anonymous 236211

But killing themselves to mimic a book character is based, moids don't do cool shit like that anymore

Anonymous 236244

Moids don't have souls

Anonymous 236251

True, but scrotes not controlling their emotions and neuroticism is even worse.

Anonymous 236673

Anyone who has read "The Romance of the Rose" knows that chivalric behavior was the norm during medieval times. Moids had dignity at one point but then it got subverted by renaissance ideas later on. Romance died a tragic death.

Anonymous 236676

Good god you sound sheltered and ignorant beyond belief. How did you remain that way for so long???

Anonymous 236684

Sad but true.

Anonymous 236686

>Anyone who has read "The Romance of the Rose" knows that chivalric behavior was the norm during medieval times
Anyone who has read "Harry Potter", knows that there is a secret society of mages living in the UK and they had a wizarding war in the 90s.

Anonymous 236688

Nona, if you're going to shitpost about a subject you have no insight into then please don't post generic fedora tier Reddit responses. Believe it or not but Le Roman de la Rose is a good example as to why cultural influences can degrade a society over time. I doubt you would prefer to be treated as a sack of potatoes (scrotes grabbing your ass or sending you dick pics 24/7) instead of actually experiencing a moid putting in some effort in courting you platonically.

We all hate scrotes here so I'm just pointing out the obvious.

Anonymous 236690

The Romance of the Rose had a huge cultural impact both inside of France and outside of it. It influenced writers hundreds of years afterwards so I beg to differ. It hardly can be considered fringe literature.

Anonymous 236697

i can't believe i have to say this but
holy shit, are you like 8 year old? do you think modern love burgers with Dominant Alpha Male Billionaire courting reader's self-insert character reflect reality in any way whatsoever?

Anonymous 236698

Nothing you just posted made any sense.

Anonymous 236702

Okay, you're actually scaring me. Go read a history book. Go outside. Jesus.

Anonymous 236703

NTA but please get out lmao. Go back to 5th grade and get your head out of your deranged 19 yo steeply uneducated ass.

I like juvenile fantasy from time to time as much as the next nona but good grief

Anonymous 236709

I don't even think it's real, I think we're just getting trolled.

Anonymous 236716

They shoot up shopping malls because they think they're the Jokar.

Anonymous 236791

The plot is a means of conveying a vast mass of encyclopaedic information and opinions on a great variety of contemporary topics. Even if you don't like the poem (or scrotes) it is undisputably a document of the time it was written in so to say that it doesn't represent the medieval mindset is false.

Anonymous 236800

Do you want the bitter truth? This is the best they've been. For all the talk of how gentlemanly men of the past were, they treated us like objects. Even the kind of men who you think would have the social pressure to act kind towards us would still be vile sexist pigs who would literally think that women had the same amount of intelligence as a sheep. They used to think you shouldn't be able to vote because, in addition to a whole host of other reasons, they believed that you would be too easy to manipulate.

Don't get me wrong, things aren't good. They're still fucking terrible. But they would have been so much fucking worse.

Anonymous 236997


Another nona posted that scrotes started killing themselves to emulate Werther who is a character in a book. Usually when you talk about literature it is about the themes that are brought up. Contemporary issues and subjects are woven into the story itself and can have profound relatability. To dismiss everything as fiction doesn't mean anyting because people aren't as rational as you might think.

Anonymous 237203

You're absolutely right but scrotes are still larpers.

Anonymous 237206

You can't prove an idiot they are indeed an idiot because they can't comprehend your explanation. I give up.

Anonymous 237506

>think women are whores
>buy sexual favours from prostitutes

Jewish scrotes must be on another level of hypocrisy.

Anonymous 237517

Judaism has influenced literally every abrahamic religion a lot, given it's the first abrahamic religion - Christians and Muslims all worship the Jewish god.

While all religions serve as a """moral""" justification for patriarchal control, I think it's disingenuous to say that Judaism is somehow especially worse than others, especially when it's basically integrated into the religion that it'll change with the times due to their focus on oral traditions. Plus unlike every other religion I've read about, the succession comes from the mother - a jewish father with a gentile mother makes a gentile child, while a jewish mother makes a jewish child. Does this make up for all the other misogynist traits? No, obviously not, but at least they don't have the obsession with 'male heirs' common in moids to this day

Anonymous 237681

The fact that Jewishness comes from the mother is about excluding gentiles from their ranks. There is a story in the Old Testament about it where Jewish men married non-Jewish women.

Anonymous 237690

>literary impact

Books, believe it or not, can affect people mentally so your own argument is self-defeating.

Anonymous 237900


I think scrotes nowadays are better than before. Unfortunately I would like more chivalry in this day and age but you can't get everything you wish for.

Anonymous 237902

Doesn't the absence of chivalry today contradict your claim that yesteryear's scrotes are inferior?

Anonymous 237903

nta, but
Chivalry to me is a manifestation of systemic misogyny

Anonymous 238003

Also due to lack of medical knowledge it wasn't uncommon for a woman to be repeatedly raped into pregnancy then die during childbirth. As for OP, now is the best time to be a woman simply because we can see through moids true nature and are no longer obligated to to be their live in slaves. It's funny seeing scrotes being so fragile about losing slavemaster status that they invent their own sad little movements over it instead of just living their lives out.

Anonymous 238157

I doubt you can call it misogyny. Genuine affection does exist and has existed in the past unless you have this weird notion of always looking at the world as some dystopian nightmare where everyone is just faking every emotion and reaction just to play mind games. What I do believe, on the other hand, is that moids tended to be overprotective and treat women as frail creatures that should be watched and surveilled because they can't be held responsible for their actions and because women were seen as on the same level as children. Compare Middle Eastern medieval times and Europe. Chivalry was non-existent in the Islamic world in terms of wooing a woman.

Anonymous 238158

It's not exactly misogyny but it's related. It's better now. There are many men now who are raised to see women as human beings and equals. Past conditions are unknown or incomprehensible to them as well so they think nothing of it. Just because not considering women to be children or possessions to protect and look after is removed by this doesn't mean it's worse overall. Yes it's probably worse for romance and especially marriage. It's only more conservative men who impose certain expectations on themselves who are most suitable. But that also means they may impose expectations on you, and be at odds about it. As well as ultimately considering you their possession or wouldbe possession, no matter how respectful, supportive, romantic, etc. It is better to not be thought of as a lesser other by society even if it means a lack of treatment based on it.

Anonymous 238159

"Misogyny" in the sense of being prejudiced and infantilising women, yes. And it's nothing to want back. More careful historical studies suggest knightly chivalry was largely applied only in myth and legend.

One of the most chivalrous acts in modern times was men letting women board the Titanic lifeboats. And it was used as a club to beat the feminist movement with. Some feminists at the time even were annoyed at how women just let themselves be shepherded onto the lifeboats.

Anonymous 238160


example of attitudes i was going to post
>The Owl and the Nightingale is a twelfth- or thirteenth-century Middle English poem detailing a debate between an owl and a nightingale as overheard by the poem's narrator. It is the earliest example in Middle English of a literary form known as debate poetry (or verse contest).

Anonymous 238161

being treasure is a desirable condition for me personally. Some men even go to the next step by throwing their life away just for you. I mean that is not really tied to mysogyny but more to love and feelings.

Anonymous 238165

>in myth and legend

I don't mean to be rude but that's just speculation.

Anonymous 238175

It's more like the other way round. The idea that knights were always, or even usually, chivalrous is speculation. Most instances of chivalric behaviour comes from stories like King Arthur. There are specific instances of chivalric knights like Richard the Lionheart. But actual historical records show that the period had it's share of knights raiding, pillaging, slavery and so on, which caused a lot of death and misery for peasants. In itself we can see many aspects of chivalry were not upheld. For example knights are supposed to have no love of material wealth, yet they often hoarded immense wealth from their serfs (or from pillaging) in the form of castles, tapestry, jewellery, armor, etc. Often this was even sanctioned because they had a very twisted morality. It's quite messed up in that sometimes even rape was OK

>His code of knightly honour maintained that a knight cannot rape a woman travelling alone, but a knight who fights and defeats a woman's male escort 'would be able to have his will of her without incurring any shame or reproach'. (Stolen Women in Medieval England)

There was extensive white washing of knightly behaviour after the collapse of the feudal era. Eventually chivalry became known largely for it's treatment of women. But historical reality suggests at best chivalry was occasionally adhered to, in ways very different to what modern people think.

Anonymous 238179


>For the nobility, almost all marriages were arranged by the couple’s families, often when the bride and groom were no more than children. But the Church insisted that the sacrament of marriage was only valid with the full, willing consent of both husband and wife. So we can see another cultural purpose to this literature, which is full of love at first sight, love as recognition of beauty and status which are always combined with virtue and loyalty.

It's not whitewashed at all. Reality isn't black and white, nona.

Anonymous 238181

If you read the background you'll see it almost always refers to literature as its sources, not historical records. It seems to be a paper on literature of chivalry.

Anonymous 238183

Your argument is about how chivalry has to be practiced flawlessly when, like I said, reality isn't black and white. You dismiss chivalry as mythic because you have this idea that you need 100% empirical verification for something to be historically true. That's an autistic standard of success rate.

Anonymous 238322

>Moreover, as chivalry became more stylized, women were increasingly restricted in their behavior because any deviation from the chivalric ideal of the passive, beautiful female was gradually more unacceptable. The higher the pedestal, it seems, the harder the fall.

I agree with what you said about the frail creature that has to be surveilled because essentially that was the ideal woman. Moid chivalry only extended to women that were the embodiment of the fair maiden.

Anonymous 238341


I prefer the idea of female chivalry, which isn't talked about much but referenced throughout history.

Say what you will about St. Olga, but she sure loved her man. Nothing more chivalrous than murdering hundreds of men for them :)

Anonymous 238465

She wanted revenge for the death of her husband. Burning people alive is pretty hardcore.

Anonymous 238471

I wonder if society would benefit from scrotes turning down Twitch streamers that flaunt their boobs and instead go for ‘maidens’, so to speak. Everything is oversexualized to the point of being ridiculous.

Anonymous 238631

>Still … women get executed for adultery, while men got a slap on the wrist fine ???

>Deuteronomy 22:22 - If a man be found lying with a woman married to an husband, then they shall both of them die, both the man that lay with the woman, and the woman: so shalt thou put away evil from Israel.

This is a misconception. Both were meant to be put to death, also, Fornication is out of wedlock, adultery is cheating. It's reasonable to say that cheaters should be put to death regardless.

Anonymous 238754

A modern day maiden would be to have actual standards. It would mean that moids have to clean up their acts and put some effort in being real human beings and not just looking for boobs and butts everywhere on the Internet.

Anonymous 238759

I wonder how often it was enforced. Jewish society was extremely patriarchal and there are numerous exceptions for men in the Talmud.

Anonymous 238763

I read about how they allowed sex with minors back then and I don't think there is any other culture on this planet that would condone that 3 year old girls have sex with adult men.

>An adult man who engaged in intercourse with a minor girl less than three years old has done nothing, as intercourse with a girl less than three years old is tantamount to poking a finger into the eye.

>A girl three years and one day old can be betrothed via sexual intercourse

Patriarchy on steroids.

Anonymous 238782

no this is characteristically talmudic logic

Anonymous 238857

Scrotes have never been good to anyone, not even to each other

Anonymous 238868

Do you know who Lina Medina is? She is the youngest mother recorded in modern times because she had been raped and gave birth when she was 5 years old. She was an anomaly because of precocious puberty. There is no actual purpose for being a mother at that age and when you compare that with religious authority saying it is okay for Jewish men to have sex with 3 year olds, most of whom can't possibly enter puberty that early, it becomes obvious the culture itself is perpetuated by sinister pedophiles that are severely fucked in the head.

Anonymous 238879

Do you think the men who fought in the frontlines in ww1 "loved" war? Im pretty sure most people hate it.

Anonymous 238882

I would say it has nothing to do with race. Islam also promotes pedophilia through child marriages and it is still a problem today in many muslim countries. Calling it racebait is to avoid the issue.

Anonymous 238883

I think the biggest suffering was among the women that had to see their husbands and sons die and then be left alone because some moid ruler decided that war was necessary.

Anonymous 238885

Am I wrong? Moids don't have the same level of empathy for others so I doubt they would suffer the same way women do.

Anonymous 238887

if we are going to talk about chivalry we can't forget joan of arc

Anonymous 238888

Suffering? What are you blabbering on about? I would feel no greater joy than in that moment I learned that more XYs would no longer terrorize and be a blight on the world.

Anonymous 238889

I dunno read All Quiet on the Western Front. But yeah women suffer through war as well. And plenty of women were and are involved in fighting; not so much in the first world war though.
But in wartime they literally are terrorizing, and then they return home and are homeless or expats so what’s the point

Anonymous 239137

Joan of Arc was more chivalrous than any moid.

Anonymous 239150

And she was probably the most famous tomboy ever.

Anonymous 239215

Was there a place and time, somewhere being born a woman wasn't purgatory, hell?

Anonymous 239216

someday in the future

Anonymous 249119


Tomboys are superior.

Anonymous 249131

It's weird how you never hear about female rulers to the same extent as male ones. Scrote historians are biased.

Anonymous 249132

And the massed strategic bombing on urban centres, the starvation and lack of supplies in many fronts, and the silly little scrote soldiers who had very funny ideas about the value of human life and female consent in their captured territories - and guns.

Anonymous 249133

>The king has declared war on France for the 273rd time due to disputes over a piece of land the size of your backyard
>Lord Bartholomew van Woothenhorten has levied every male in his territory, your spouse included
>Looks like while hubby dearest dies of dysentery for the glory and honor of the King and his buddies, you'll have to tend to both the needs of your land before industrialisation and its benefits, and your family of 7 children - or face starvation.
>Oh, and you're pregnant
>Hopefully this one survives to the age of 5

Anonymous 249134

Does anyone else remember reading about all those old-timey family poisoners who kill 8 husbands in a row and all their kids? The more time passes the more I understand them. Family life sucks enough today, but at least it's easy to live on your own free of men and children. Back then you'd have no choice but to get married and be perpetually pregnant and stuck with a bunch of brats who would all be sick and have nothing to entertain them but being devils to you and each other. And your husband would be some illiterate alcoholic who expects sex all the time because there's nothing else to do, and he'd probably be fat and gross because there are no gyms or self care products and he has no sense of hygiene. You'd be lucky if he even bathes once a week. Imagine the smell.

Anonymous 249136

true. well apart from the fat thing, moids didnt have access to fast food and usually the types ur mentioning had to do manual labour, so they were just wirey gross alcohol heads

Anonymous 249140


have you seen pictures of old timey men? they were still fat. they may not have been eating fast food, but they still had shitty diets. there were even fat clubs picrel

Anonymous 249141


look at their shirts nona….

Anonymous 249159

Victorian food, hell most older diets were really insanely unhealthy. Everything soaked in butter. Eating nothing but slabs of fat and biscuits for lunch (pioneers)

People actually had a very limited concept of nutrition. Go read some 19th century recipes and you will be gobsmackdd

Anonymous 249343

Nona, I think she means housewives. Objectively speaking, women didn't have to engage in hard manual labor during the 1940's.

Anonymous 249344

Except for laundering clothes, rugs and sheets, which involves hours of hard, vigorous churning, scrubbing, hauling and whacking. Also hours of bulk food preparation, involving manual handling of bulk condiments and preservatives, before the actual cooking could begin, involving managing multiple fires and their bulk ashes. Oh, and vigorously scrubbing above your head on every surface because lamps left atrocious soot stains on the walls and ceilings. Can't forget the fact that all this required buckets upon buckets upon buckets of water, all drawn and hauled from stiff pumps a distance from the house. Yeah, no manual labor at all…

Anonymous 249353


NTA but im sure domestic violence, marital rape and having 5 kids to look after is more than equivalent.

Anonymous 249355


I dont want to be mean but it feels like you're moidposting rn.

Anonymous 249423

comparing moids with women is wrong too because it's obvious we're not the same and don't have the same abilities

Anonymous 249446

Childbirth and coal mining are not comparable.

Anonymous 249450

i feel bad for them because their religion is so messed up

Anonymous 249453

Most men performed exhausting labour in hazardous conditions for 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, and finished their days with drinking, games and sex. Women performed difficult labour in unsafe conditions for 10 hours a day, 7 days a week and finished their days with a glass of sherry and servicing their husbands. You're right. Apples and oranges.

Interesting statistic: In the same period where <3 in 1000 men died due to mining accidents and related conditions, >8 in 1000 women died due to childbirth and related conditions.

Anonymous 249691

try coal mining while pregnant

Anonymous 249706


moids are lowly beasts

Anonymous 249712

I dunno, I just can't get past how easy it is for moids to access the craziest porn. It mindbreaks them. I don't think moids are better now than they were, but it is different. Chivalry doesn't exist because males are brainwashed by other males to think that being chivalrous will get them accused of rape. I also think males are intimidated by women because they witness how capable women actually are, in school for example. They are becoming increasingly aware that they are useless and not le great logical protectors they were taught they are. They cope with porn.

Anonymous 249726

Men are becoming less chivalrous partially because of those latent homosexual manosphere guys like fresh n fit or Andrew Tate.

Anonymous 249896

As Western men turn away from Christianity, they will adopt a pastiche of Roman and Greek culture, which includes the horrific misogyny from that period. As much as Christianity can lead to male chauvinism, at least it was better than what can before (or after) it.

Anonymous 250046

Jesus you post like a biased and ignorant moid. Greek and Roman civilization were not the only ones to precede xtianity.

Anonymous 250047

Homosexual?? Were you born on the fucking moon? They're as extreme rightwing and toxic masculine as they come. All these posts reek of dumbshit psyop moid

Anonymous 250086

Women would never get into the porn industry if there wasn't money involved. I read about a mom who started doing Onlyfans and became wealthy but all her friends ostracized her. She claims it was worth it but I don't believe her.

Anonymous 250100

sounds like when the village prostitute got shunned by everyone during medieval times

i feel bad for women who get tricked by moids to do porn for money because they all regret it later in life when they're older

Anonymous 250108

There are numerous passages in the Bible that promote slavery. I don't think Christianity has the moral high ground here when talking about equality.

Anonymous 250204

Don't forget about Deuteronomy 22:29 and Exodus 21:7. Women had to marry their rapists and daughters were sold like slaves because they were considered to be property.

Anonymous 250398

>marry a rapist

so basically the average scrote

Anonymous 250402


they're not really tricked, they can consent to these things. they are adults, they arent forced, they just want money. Which is fine, but they dont invest it construct a fixed income for the long term

Anonymous 250752

To be fair: the old and new testament has so much wacky shit in them that you can't possibly take them seriously.

>And thou shalt eat it as barley cakes, and thou shalt bake it with dung that cometh out of man in their sight

The misogynistic scrote god wanted his followers to eat shit bread. To me that sounds like mental illness manifesting itself.

Anonymous 250903

Exodus 4:25 is really weird.

Anonymous 250925

In context it's about rationing for war and spreading your resources thin by using dung as fuel for the fire. Still not hygienic but the Hebrews were having a rough time.
Most religious texts are weird if you don't look at the historical context. I hate people who use them to justify misogyny and racism when the history surrounding them is more important. Leviticus is a big one, Christians have always held the belief that Jesus superseded the old Jewish beliefs and Jewish people themselves would tell you that the Mosaic Covenant is oftimes misinterpreted by the lay person. Pulling ancient out of context quotes to justify beating your wife is stupid.

People have the ability to choose to follow whatever set of religious docterine they believe but most of the important broad strokes of each major world religions boils down to treating others with dignity and respect. If you can't follow that maybe you need to rexamine your relationship to your chosen faith.

Anonymous 250931

It's about the dick tip tax which basically seals the covenant. For some reason there was a substitute ritual performed

Anonymous 250972

>using dung as fuel

It says the bread itself should be made of human poo, not used as fuel. "Bake with" refers to using ingredients. Other translations say it should be used as fuel but not that one.

It sounds more like foreskin blood magic. If your god can be persuaded into not killing you by touching your feet with a piece of penis skin it has to be the most hilarious religion out there.

Anonymous 250973

You have to put this in a broader perspective. It is based on the belief that their followers have been chosen by the one and only true powerful God who for example overpowered the most dominant deities of their enemies like the egyptians and no matter what the chosen ones do this choice can't be undone. If you read the torah or the old testament as a whole you will notice how the chosen ones act against God's will over and over again and still their bond with God will never break. So this all powerful being can't do anything in his power to break away from the chosen ones. It's pretty narcissistic to receive such a level of attention.

Anonymous 250976

obsessing over foreskins has to be the most bizarre moid derangement

Anonymous 250998

Those african tribes you're talking about aren't hunter gatherers.

Anonymous 251030

you know scrotes think their dicks are important when a god cowers in fear because it sees some mutilated flesh

Anonymous 251032


Is this the part where I try to explain that it isn't a matter of fear and the Israelites chopped it off because it was an important part of themselves they were sacrificing? It's a covenant, a promise to dedicate themselves, it isn't supposed to be easy.

A bunch of fat MRA activists throw a tizzy over this and use it as an example of how "oppressed" they are and it's laughable every time, nowhere near as nasty as the female genital mutilation that occurs in Islamic practices. Though circumcision itself is probably outdated for most non-Jewish people? I don't have a dick, don't know about health benefits.

1920s is when they dressed the best, I'd say 1960-1980s is a good period of time where most men we're forward thinking without the frat house mentality of the 90s.
Modern times has a lot of good people who a more informed about social injustices but the radicals on both sides are so much more pronounced and crazy I hesitate to consider it the best.

Anonymous 251033


The joke is that an almighty creator, with the power to destroy anything in this universe, the maker of planets and stars who also created humans, somehow is so deeply invested in a tiny shred of cock skin that you can stop his wrath with it.

It's so retarded it's funny.

Anonymous 251038

This was when the ancient Israelites were wandering in the desert for 40 years after fleeing Egypt with unreliable access to clean water, just from a practical standpoint they should probably cut it off if they can't clean that area for 40 years

Anonymous 251039

now we know god's kryptonite: foreskins

Anonymous 251049

put that cat down!

Anonymous 251052

scrotes are only good if they are
mindful, take care of others,
and perform to the best of their ability
there is no other option for scrotes

Anonymous 251082


Absolutely horrific. Everything from wife beating to silicone tits shilling.

Anonymous 251083

Wife beating is in every decade though I most heavily associate it with the 40s and 50s, at least the hippie movement of the 60s and 70s helped a new generation of politically minded youth pave the ways for new waves of feminism and lgb acceptance.

Which decade would you pick,

Anonymous 251084

Old Testament law does not apply to Christians. New Covenant.

Well, obviously, but the post is about what models of behaviour exist which make men at least civilized. Which pre Christian civilizations were better for women, exactly? And don't say Minoan please.

Anonymous 251086

The 60s to 80s were easily the point where men were worst nona. So much horrible creepy shit during that era, huge push by pedophiles too to make their acts legal. Terrible time.

Anonymous 251087

>Which decade would you pick

Pre-civilization. When there was female fertility worship.

Anonymous 251089

>Ferility worship
>Basically ammount to orgies and brothels
Gross, I'd rather not be used as a fuck toy in the name of some sex goddess.
I meant last 100 years.

Again I feel it's has some strides socially that is lost in the 2000s and way better than the turn of the century sexism that was commonplace where it took a war to even get women working along-side men. There are snakes in every decade, pedophilla is still a rampant issue made trival by online communication I don't know how you can say it was worse back then.

Anonymous 251097

Anonymous 251276

>Basically ammount to orgies and brothels

nona, you know that isn't true

Anonymous 251287

I actually did. What are their practices like then? Skimming wikipedia I see animal sacrifice and "phallic worship" which I'm reading as orgies.

Is there a specific goddess who's adherents treated women particularly well?

Anonymous 251290


>Inanna-Ishtar"…was the most important female deity in Mesopotamia in all periods" (Bienkowski and Millard, 2000: 156), and her origins go back deep into pre-history. From around 3000 BCE, the beginning of history in Sumeria, Inanna wielded immense power, but in a male-dominated pantheon. Her labelling as a fertility goddess has tended to obscure her complex nature. Alone or jointly with a male god, she controlled a number of elements, both natural and cultural, that were important to Sumerian society, among them, storms and rains, the harvest storehouse, warfare, morning and evening stars, and sexual love, including prostitution (Jacobsen, 1976:135-139). She also controlled the me, "the gifts [or attributes] of civilization" (Williams-Forte, 1983: 176). In addition, Inanna was central to maintaining the fertility and prosperity of the land, and, in connection with its maintenance, she conferred the right of sovereignty on Mesopotamian monarchs (Stuckey,2001: 94-95; Fryrner-Kensky, 1992: 27). Kingship was one of the me (Wolkstein and Kramer, 1983: 16).

Anonymous 251291

Isn't that goddess known for the "sacred" prostitution in her temples. Sounds like religious sex trafficking to me.

Anonymous 251293

Female priestesses had to be celibate so I doubt they were prostitutes.

Anonymous 251330

>She also controlled the me, "the gifts [or attributes] of civilization"

lmao, scrotes can't have a proper society by themselves without women showing them how

Anonymous 251358

moids overestimate their own importance as purveyors of culture

Anonymous 251366

Scrotes were best during Antiquity. Everyone was running around naked and contemplating useless shit.

Anonymous 251469

>The central distinction in ancient Greek sexual relations was between taking an active or insertive role, versus a passive or penetrated one. The passive role was acceptable only for inferiors, such as women, slaves, or male youths who were not yet citizens. Hence the cultural ideal of a same-sex relationship was between an older man, probably in his 20s or 30s, known as the erastes, and a boy whose beard had not yet begun to grow, the eromenos or paidika. In this relationship there was courtship ritual, involving gifts (such as a rooster), and other norms. The erastes had to show that he had nobler interests in the boy, rather than a purely sexual concern. The boy was not to submit too easily, and if pursued by more than one man, was to show discretion and pick the more noble one. There is also evidence that penetration was often avoided by having the erastes face his beloved and place his penis between the thighs of the eromenos, which is known as intercrural sex.

Greek moids were very weird. Penis between the thighs? LOL

Anonymous 251470

"The hippy movement" did not make anyone politically minded.
The hippy movement was where spoiled college-age kids existed unproductively off of their parents money until they ran out of it, usually even faster than the boomers to follow.
The feminists of the 60s would have told you that hippies were dumb and smelly same as the conservatives would have.

Anonymous 251474


Once upon a time, raccoon-sized and gecko-sized moids coexisted peacefully with females.

Anonymous 251475


Actually was a Pikmin

Anonymous 251736

i wonder why scrotes obsess over greek society in those days? it was full of pederasts and yet it's supposed to be the cradle of the "civilized" world

overrated crap

Anonymous 251745


Everything is a competition in the mind of the moid. Biggest house, most amount of money, fastest car, the most expensive shoes etc. Same thing with civilization. Autistic need to wave his dick in the face of another scrote.

Anonymous 251939


>intercrural sex

what kind of stupid idea is this?! why not ask for a handjob? moids are hilarious

Anonymous 252497

Scrotes will put their dicks in anything. Between a pair of tits, feet, thighs, armpit or any other body part. They even go so far as to put their genitals inside of fruits or animals. It's quite hard to imagine what compels the average moid to be as disgusting as he is or why his whole existence revolves around his penis.

Anonymous 252505

all wars are penis wars because scrotes want to fuck the world

Anonymous 252613

Scrotes were better during the 1930’s. Not because of all the misogyny but because there were no manchildren back then. The youth movements/cultures during the 1960’s have been awful for moids.

Anonymous 252617

the LSD phase of the 1960's was a big social junkie experiment

Anonymous 252764

The 1960's were pretty messed up. This scrote (Allen Ginsberg) is probably one of the more disturbed ones that voiced his opinions on a number of topics.

Anonymous 252838


michel foucault would be proud

Anonymous 252841

Why is it always moids that want to remove the age of consent completely? You never see female pedophiles advocating for sex with children because they know it's wrong while scrotes want everyone to have the "right" to fuck kids. We need a 9mm solution to the child sex question.

Anonymous 252846

scrotes are evil

Anonymous 253011

I'm actually terrified that Michel Foucault wanted to abolish the age of consent so scrotes could have sex with infants (yes, it's true, look it up. Literal toddlers).

Genuinely deranged.

Anonymous 253033

typical scrote

>hurr bro, she's pretty much a woman at age 6, why u hate durr

Anonymous 253041

Scrotes in France defended a moid who had sex with a six year old girl. That should tell you all you need to know.

Anonymous 253090

Moids showing their true colors.

Anonymous 253091

what makes scrotes attracted to childish features? the only reason has to be mental illness

Anonymous 253100

sadism, lust for power. children, especially girls, are inherently powerless. the more helpless you appear the more arousing it is to these monsters.

Anonymous 253111


scrotes are predators

Anonymous 253250

That moid gives me some creepy John Money vibes.

Anonymous 253366

pedo apologists

Anonymous 253367

Because feminism only became a big thing with democracy, first you allow women to vote, then you support them, guaranteed 50%+ of the votes.

Anonymous 253392

john money was worse because he was also a tranny enabler

Anonymous 253403

He was interviewed by some pedo journal and said that if a 10 year old boy is attracted to a man in his 20’s or 30’s then it’s not pathological.

I hate scrotes so much it’s unreal.

Anonymous 253629

i have seen this argument from pedo enablers a lot and they somehow think 10 year olds and younger children have a grasp of what sexuality is

it is freudian mumbo jumbo where children always seem to have latent desires that they express without knowing what it actually means, but can consent to as if they are adults

it comes from 1920's psychoanalysis but has never been proven

Anonymous 253637


You want to have sex with your mother and cocaine is good for you, also women have penis envy.

Best regards
- Cigars-are-phallic-objects scrote

Anonymous 253641

Anonymous 253725

>penis envy

it always about their dicks, huh

soon everything will be measured in dicks per hour or dicks per year, maybe even dicks per mile

Anonymous 253736

Moid 1: Hey bro, I just penis cock dick dick cock penis schlong wiener erection.

Moid 2: Yeah, dude. Totally agree.

Scrotes in a nutshell.

Anonymous 253749

Scrotes have vagina envy.

Anonymous 253775

They're more likely to have boob envy, I believe.

Anonymous 253845

moids will always be ugly, both inside and outside

Anonymous 253850

You should see the men who get neovag surgery

Anonymous 253853

Penis envy or vagina envy is just a Freudian phrase for mental illness. Trannies have more than penis envy: they have penis derangement.

Anonymous 253873


Greek moids were sexual deviants. Just look at Hermaphroditos. He was the proto-tranny of the ancient world and the tale about him reflects the desire among certain scrotes to, as a woman, fall in love with themselves. It's gender confusion wrapped in female rape (the rapist is a nymph).

Anonymous 253944

>female rapist

moid fantasies are entertaining

Anonymous 253945

They wish females were rapists like them, but unlike scrotes women are actually humans.

Anonymous 253946

the first thing that comes to mind is Viking ages but dare I say 1800s-1900s russia? reading books from the time period is really weird, very anti-trad-ideas that most racists think Russia was about. Age gap couples were looked down upon, women often got the upper hand, they weren't pressured to reproduce or anything, etc

Anonymous 253954

>fall in love with themselves

makes sense, most trannies are so insecure and mentally ugly that they want to escape their own personalities and create a new one

Anonymous 254010

>Viking ages


Anonymous 254013

>actual god of AGP

Sadly, the vikings also go hand-in-hand with the pillaging they did. This included raping their victims both in the traditional and sexual sense and acquiring woman servants. One historical account (vid related) outright states that they kept female slaves and wouldn't leave them be until they took whatever sex they wanted from them and barely bathed. Universal willingness for sacrifice at these funerals is also debatable. It wasn't the absolute worst group to be in but I'm kinda iffy on calling it the best. Definitely leaning toward modern times so far.

Anonymous 254167


>Why yes, my names is Hermaphroditos, how could you tell?

Anonymous 254192

average tranny without filter

Anonymous 254222

That image haunts my nightmares.

Anonymous 254260

>when you finally take your Seroquel and look in the mirror

Anonymous 254279

Trannies are haunted by their own schizophrenic delusions which in turn makes life miserable for everyone else.

I wonder if all stories about moid hermaphrodites in ancient Greece were just some psychotic episodes that mentally deranged scrotes experienced. Maybe they tried to perform gender reassignment surgery with sharp rocks and constructed neovaginas out of olive branches.

Anonymous 254376


>Epidemiological studies have described higher rates of psychotic disorder diagnoses in transgender, as compared to cisgender, individuals.
>Current literature suggests that the prevalence rates of schizophrenia spectrum disorders are elevated among individuals in the trans community

>wakes up

>looks in the mirror
>a beautiful maiden with elegant poise
>takes medication
>reality comes crashing down and your face morphs into a hideous monstrosity that will molest children without remorse

Anonymous 254378

yes I love when I get psychotic episodes because someone on the internet told me to kill myself or when I remember bullies shoving me into lockers in high school

Anonymous 254493

that face, lol

Anonymous 254497

Not exactly Tyra Banks.

Now that you mention Norse people it is worth noting that they differ a lot from Greeks. Greeks had a very tranny friendly LGBTQ culture, as shown by the story of Hermaphroditos, while the Norse saw transexuals as a perverse antithesis to normal society. Odin mocks Loki for bearing children, since Loki transformed himself into a mare and became pregnant.

Anonymous 254611

That visage is not the worst I've seen. Horrible but far from horrendous.

Anonymous 254691

maybe the greeks had an affinity for transexual behavior

their culture was homoerotic to some extent besides the pederasty (naked sculptures with exaggerated muscle definition that becomes the peak expression of art)

Anonymous 254695

Anonymous 254702

The Greeks were extremely gay. Read about Ganymede.

Anonymous 254706

"cup bearer" sounds kinky

Anonymous 254725

I went foraging for berries and all I got was a Pikmin

Anonymous 254733

All tranny faces are equally disgusting.

Anonymous 254749

Zeus must have been the groomer god. Prowling around looking for young boys and men.

Anonymous 254778

rapist too

Anonymous 254785

That is a recurring theme in Greek religion. Rape seems to be as common as breathing among moids.

Anonymous 254790

in the mind of the moid rape means 'surprise sex' and that makes it okay

Anonymous 254815

moids evolved to pertain privileged displaced power thru oppression and mongering tactics, while being celebrated and rewarded for it.

Anonymous 254829

rape is some kind of need they have, the last attempt at realizing their manhood

the fact that the greeks wrote so much about rape only confirms this and it doesn't matter if the victim is another scrote

Anonymous 254832

Penis everywhere, as usual. Moid mindset.

Anonymous 254842

fun fact: muslim scrotes are allowed to masturbate during jihad because they try to avoid raping women, lol

absolutely retarded

Anonymous 255044

must be very effective

Anonymous 255052

Anonymous 255076

Really odd that they can't masturbate outside of war.

Anonymous 255078


They found a loophole by using goats to masturbate

Anonymous 255090

cognitive dissonance to the maximum

Anonymous 255137

nice goat

Anonymous 255139

She didn't shave, unfortunately.

Anonymous 255141

Islam isn't exactly an intellectual religion.

Anonymous 255148


I absolutely despise modern Islam, but it would be dishonest to ignore the fact that this religion has helped shape the world.


Anonymous 255175

Christians, Jews, and Zoroastrians laid the foundations for this "golden age". They relied mainly on Hellenic sources, but also Persian and Indian ones and achievements in science and philosophy occurred not because of Islam but in spite of it. Muslims like to shill this myth because it makes them seem less retarded and insular.

Anonymous 255182

have you ever talked to a real muslim? probably the most dull and boring people on earth

music is forbidden in islam and there is even a hadith that talks about wiping your ass with an odd number of small rocks after defecation, lmao

goofy religion for wife beaters

Anonymous 255200

i'm staunchly anticlerical and atheist but i couldnt keep myself from cringing at the last replies. how can it be 'insular' when it covers such a large part of the world ? there are trads who will seriously argue against music but it didnt stop muslim-majority countries from having rich musical traditions. My favorite has to be the one arguing about philosophy/science, picking any example from modernist currents like salafism would greatly help your point but you had to show how illiterate you are lol

Anonymous 255209

Nona, "insular" does not mean geographically. It refers to someone that is uninterested in other cultures or ways of thinking. Secondly, they're right about the golden age. It was not a product of islamic scholars.

Anti-Islamic Mutazili theology was inspired by the reasoning and freethinking of pre-Christian Greek rationalism. "Muslim" scholars that were dealing with science, mathematics, medicine, philosophy and rational thinking belonged to the un-Islamic Mutazili school which claimed the Quran was written by Mohammad and thus not of divine origin. They were pretty much atheists in the eyes of muslims everywhere.

Anonymous 255212

>wiping your butthole with rocks

moid logic

Anonymous 255215


Silly woman. Why are you not wearing your burqa? Your hair, face, thighs, breasts, ankles, shoulders and even nose is distracting me from important matters like lacerating my anus with sharp toilet pebbles.

disgruntled scrote noises

Anonymous 255227

Anonymous 255368


nona, that's not even the strangest hadith

>لاَ تُؤْذِينِي فِي عَائِشَةَ، فَإِنَّ الْوَحْىَ لَمْ يَأْتِنِي، وَأَنَا فِي ثَوْبِ امْرَأَةٍ إِلاَّ عَائِشَةَ

ironically enough muhammad was a tranny cross-dresser that got divine inspiration from wearing female clothes and muslim scrotes are so embarrassed by this that they intentionally mistranslate entire sentences to cover it up

unless you speak arabic you would never notice this

Anonymous 255382

>Do not trouble me about Aisha, for the revelation did not come to me while I was in the clothing of a woman except Aisha.
holy kek

Anonymous 255407

>Moid dresses like a woman
>Has sex with 9 yer olds

Checks out. Muhammad was the original Discord tranny.

Anonymous 255417


I bet muslim moids get jealous when they see beautiful faces and feminine curves and, like Muhammad, lash out in impotent rage when they can't transition to become passable. They probably roleplay in the mother's burqas when they are kids.

Anonymous 255420

i wonder if muhammed wore a dress when he received the quran from gabriel, the androgynous HRT angel

Anonymous 255605

lol, this

Anonymous 255653

muslim trannies must have been a pretty common sight when muhammed was alive

Anonymous 255657

Drinking camel urine was, and still is, a common practice.

Anonymous 255686

why is it scrotes that come up with stupid shit like that?

"WOW! IS THAT PISS?! time to bring out the mugs!"

Anonymous 255688

Moids are naturally attracted to filth and are disgusting themselves.

Anonymous 255700

Yup. Like a law of nature.

Anonymous 255738

Anonymous 255755

They're animals.

Anonymous 255756

No, only retards drink piss and moids are retarded.

Anonymous 255824


don't forget that scrotes started cults that made people castrate themselves and cut off female's breasts

>Convinced that salvation came only with the literal excision of the instruments of sin, they were known as Skoptsy (the self-castrated).

Anonymous 255825


That is what happens when your entire religion preaches self-hatred. Moids promote mental illness.

Anonymous 255884


>christian tranny cult

absolutely horrifying

Anonymous 255909

i think that's a common theme in all abrahamic religions

judaism, islam and christianity have, historically, treated women like shit and even trivialized sexual violence like rape but if you masturbate then BOOM! you're a sinner


Anonymous 255910

The reason why masturbation le bad in these shitty religions is that coomers are spilling coom instead of reproducing. More reasons to treat women like shit and use them as sexual objects to relieve themselves. The pedo Muhammad didn't even care if his wives were on periods or if they were kids and just fucked them in their thighs or something.

Anonymous 255912

Ever heard about Bacha bazi? Now that's nasty.

Anonymous 255913

Yeah. Coomers don't care about anything except cooming. They couldn't make fucking goats a thing so they made this a "custom" instead because kids are treated like properties.

Anonymous 255950

why do they dress up little boys like girls? there has to be so many closeted trannies with serious mental issues in those regions

Anonymous 255965

gay pedophiles in denial

Anonymous 255966


These people are wacky. Looking at women is a sin in Islam, so they find loopholes instead.
Typical insecure scrote behavior.

>Take heed of the hadith-i sharif that says, “Whoever looks at a non-mahram woman lustfully, molten hot lead will be poured into his eyes, and then he will be thrown into Hell.” Fear that you may be thrown into Hell with molten hot lead in your eyes.

>For now, boys like Naeem continue to fall victim to predatory paedophiles like serial rapist Ijaz, a man who claims to want a 'good woman' for a wife one day and children of his own.
>'I'm going to look for a good wife who's read the Quran and prays,' he says. 'A good, respectable woman. Religion is very important because I'm Muslim.'
>That, however, hasn't stopped him from attacking boys. 'What can we do?,' he whines. 'We know it's totally against Islam. God doesn't like it. But we're helpless against our desire.'
Article is from almost a decade ago, and he's probably married and has kids by now. Truly horrific.

Anonymous 255971

>that pic

lol, monotheism BTFO

Anonymous 256040

it's really horrible

poor children will grow up with twisted sexuality

Anonymous 256047

Warped society = warped scrotes.

Anonymous 256082

All societies are warped because of moids.

Anonymous 256137

and all religions too

Anonymous 256248

Keep in mind that those moids, even though they get molested, still hate women. No matter what happens they never change.

Anonymous 256253

Anonymous 256435

Especially Islam.

Anonymous 256473

i think gay moids hate women more than regular scrotes

Anonymous 256474

for sure

Anonymous 256475

Greek Philosophy and National Socialism in a nutshell lmao.

Anonymous 256480

Makes sense that muslims hate women, in that case. Closet gays by the billions.

Anonymous 256517

another scrote cult is heaven's gate

more reasons to start killing moids before they do more damage to the world

Anonymous 256519

Please please PLEASE watch it with the antisemitism

Anonymous 256550

Historically it is always moids that start crazy sects and bizarre religions.

Anonymous 256551

i read about some sect in africa whose leader (a scrote, of course) said that you must starve to death in order to meet jesus


Anonymous 256557

Since it's African I'm just going to assume he's trying to cope with the horrific starvation and food shortages they have over there.

Anonymous 256564

Heaven's Gate was like scientology on steroids.

Anonymous 256565


Schizophrenic delusions concocted by moids got mythologized into divine messages from God. There's a whole book about Jesus diagnosed with a cocktail of mental illnesses from Bipolar Disorder to Paranoid Schizophrenia.
If women experienced those though, they got branded as witches and got burnt at the stake.

Anonymous 256612

>that hollow stare of emptiness

Anonymous 256627

>It doesn't matter what religious background you have. Your religious background could be Star Trek.

Ultra goofy scrote cult leader.

Anonymous 256713

it is interesting how he emphasize muslims as people that think god is important enough to die for

sounds like he drew inspiration from a larger suicide cult

Anonymous 256714


>This few thousand year old cult is bad with women!
>No, this one is worse!
>No, yours is worse!
Fighting the good fight cc.

Anonymous 256720

can't handle the truth?

>I_have_entered_a_thread_that_I_don't_like_and_now_I_am_mad. How_could_this_happen_to_me?.jpg

Anonymous 256724

I'm just doing my part for the betterment of cc. Sometimes you have to remind people they're fighting over useless things.

Anonymous 256728


Anonymous 256748

This. Scrote apologists are the worst.

Anonymous 256749

…maybe the alternative is that any thousand year old cult is retarded towards women?

Anonymous 256750

islam is a slave religion

Anonymous 256926

MOV (1)_3433221.jp…

i don't see anyone arguing whatsoever, only nonas informing each other about mischievous moids

you clearly misinterpret the entire thread

Anonymous 256973

Probably because the vast majority of muslim scrotes are illiterate drones that have 0% independent thought processes.

Anonymous 256974

to be fair: if you fall for any of the abrahamic religions you're most likely illiterate

Anonymous 256975

Independent thoughts are heretical.

Anonymous 256980

You do not need a surveillance state when you have Islam/Judaism/Christianity. People mentally restrain themselves and are constantly watched by whatever their priests or imams told them is watching. Orwell's 1984 is amateurish by comparison because then you need manpower and external resources.

Anonymous 257004

Said by someone that probably takes all of their morality from an Abrahamic tradition.

Anonymous 257008


You mean those books written by scrotes? In the Old Testament there is a law that says "Thou shalt not kill" and yet moids do that anyway based on some arbitrary "holiness".

Not exactly a good example of morality.

Anonymous 257012

there is also a story about how the people that wrote the old testament got promised a piece of land by some supernatural entity and in order to acquire this land they had to systematically genocide the original inhabitants that already lived there

for all we know this could all be made up in order to justify their own selfishness

Anonymous 257019

You can tell that it is all a larp from the progression of time. In ancient days you could get killed for cursing a parent while today no one would demand death penalty for it because they have noticed that nothing happens if you do. Same with bestiality. Even if you are disgusted with the act itself, no heavenly being will descend from the clouds and start heaving fire and brimstone at you for such a transgression. Jews, muslims and Christians alike have all amended their beliefs and laws because they can’t prove their morality is absolute.

Anonymous 257022

Literally judging by Abrahamic standards. Pre Christian European morality didn’t believe killing was wrong. Good=meek=humble=nice=charitable =Christian vs good=beautiful=wealthy=victorious=mighty

Anonymous 257023

>Literally judging by Abrahamic standards

Nope. "Thou shalt not kill" is a flimsy and vague law that can't be objectively determined.

Anonymous 257025

There was a clear break between the pagans who saw killing as part of nature’s struggle to determine who is the greatest vs the Christians who demanded that every life had a sacred value no matter how wretched they were.

Anonymous 257029


abrahamic morality is just moid mental gymnastics without basis in a universal truth

that’s why they justify hating women because it says god created man in his image (man being only scrotes) and they cling to it like spergs

Anonymous 257030

There is no universal morality or ethical truth on which to base anything on. That is why they make universal claims because the truth without a moral system that makes metaphysical claims is relativism. There are plenty of atheists that hate women. Most early Christian coverts were women because it was common practice in Rome to leave unwanted babies in rubbish heaps and for men to use slaves in any way they wished and for the weak to have no value whatsoever.

Anonymous 257032

>Christian countries have weak drug addicts scattered everywhere, homeless in the streets and no Christian families will take them in
>Abortions everywhere because people do not want unwanted children

Truly a step forward. Where would we be wihout Christianity, lol. Larpers, I tell you.

Anonymous 257033

During the American civil war the Confederacy defended slavery by referencing the Bible as an authority. The New Testament has passages that allow slavery so you could say that the true Christian moids lost the civil war.

Anonymous 257034

Christian societies abolished slavery worldwide on Christian arguments. The civil war was started over Christian agitation that slavery is immoral. There are today more slaves than ever. The pre Christian world celebrated slavery as a moral good, that the weak deserve to be enslaved.

Anonymous 257036

>Slaves, obey your earthly masters with respect and fear, and with sincerity of heart, just as you would obey Christ.

>Slaves, obey your earthly masters in everything; and do it, not only when their eye is on you and to curry their favor, but with sincerity of heart and reverence for the Lord.

No, this is not metaphors. It's literal slavery.

Anonymous 257040

So what? It was impossible to imagine a world without slavery 2000 years ago it had existed always and existed everywhere all around them north and east. Yet after Christianisation Rome softened and eventually abolished slavery which would have been unthinkable in the republican period. Again all pre Abrhamic societies practiced slavery and all pre Christian Europe saw slavery as a moral good that the weak deserved. Christianity was known as a religion for women and slaves. I am not and never have been religious, neither my family for many generations.

Anonymous 257041

In early Rome, patriarchs had life and death authority over all their slaves and family. The first written law code demanded that deformed/weak babies are killed immediately so they do not burden the state. There would not be any texts telling slaves please do what your master says. They would just be killed for disobedience. This in itself is an example of the gradual softening. One of the primary revolutions of Christianity was an insistence that killing was wrong and that every person had value to the god. Christianity was an inversion of all the old values.

Anonymous 257080

It is kind of ironic that scrote apologists in this thread try to claim Christianity is some kind of love religion when slavery was allowed for 1800 years and happenings like the Inquisition occured.

Anonymous 257081


I don't believe in belittling anyone for their beliefs, and yeah the core doctrine of most religious texts is written with the positive intent to help others and provide a good moral framework.

The Bible is a 2000+ year old work, the old testament and Torah sections even older, and they are intended for an audience that did have slaves and preach to take care of them and treat them well this is what you see here >>257036

Most Christians, unless they are fundamentalists believe that The Bible is a "living word" and believe that it has a core-message that is applicable to today but also recognizes that the historical context for the writing is important. This is also why >>257034 is right and The Bible was used both to justify and abolish slavery.

You have to recognize it's not one long book, it's a series of 50ish smaller books with different goals. From more allegorical creation stories in Genesis which are largely written oral tradition, to persuasive letters from Paul in jail in the later half of the New Testament. With a text so long and diverse you're going to be able to pull quotes out to justify anything, but that doesn't matter when you ignore the historical and sometimes political background of the work.

Anonymous 257082

Muslims behave the same way. You ask them if they think Muhammed was the ideal moid even though he had sex with a child and their only answer is that it was common during his time. There are even muslims that don't give a shit and say that sex with children is acceptable which is just further proof that they have no thoughts of their own.

The Inquisition is a good example of what happens when people just go apeshit over nothing. Confessions through torture and ritual human sacrifice to appease the god of love, happiness, rainbows and paradise.

Anonymous 257087

scrote behavior, that's what it is

it's not like religious disputes have been settled by calm and intellectual efforts throughout history because moids want to have an excuse to maim and rape something

but if you look at religions nowadays then islam is the worst because they sperg out like manchildren over anything that insults their feelings

Anonymous 257117

Christianity is very literally a love religion. One could not imagine a religion that was more about love. Your entire ethical worldview is informed by the fact you live after the total victory of Christianity that you can only critise Christianity for not being Christian enough.

Anonymous 257129


The Inquisition proves that Christianity is no different from all other faiths that preceded it. Love and care have always existed among humans since time immemorial but only Christianity claims it has some special kind of compassion that no one else has. It's unconditional love…but with conditions. Do this and that or else hellfire for eternity.
Scrote religions can't be compassionate by default because when the moment of truth arrives the scrote wants to kill you or torture you for not conforming to his worldview.

Anonymous 257133

>The Inquisition proves
The Inquisition was Catholic. It doesn't prove anything about Protestant Christianity.
>do this and that or else hellfire for eternity
>unconditional love…but with conditions
The only condition is repentance. Even one little tear is enough to avoid hell. Doing this or that is evidence of a penitent soul, but not what justifies salvation (according to Protestants).

Anonymous 257142


christians remind me of communists

they have the same utopian ideas that looks good on paper but never succeeds IRL

>create ideological system X

>it fails
>new derivative version appears

Anonymous 257148

Only people who don’t know any history say this. You need only look at the society Christianity was born into. It was a moral revolution. It was the social justice movement of its time. Ultimately it was so successful that it destroyed the state. They became too soft to fight the pagan German barbarians that still believed in the old virtues of slavery, killing, eugenics, hierarchy.

Anonymous 257149

Not only was the inquisition catholic it was massively exaggerated by English and Jewish anti catholic propaganda. Pretty much the only reason people know about it. Tiny numbers of people were affected and it was only targeting Christian converts who they believed were still Muslim or Jewish. They were dealing with Muslims that had no problem at all with torture and were still practicing it regularly in all their states at the time and treating all Christians and Jews as second class.

Anonymous 257150

The initial Muslim expansions involved the taking of hundreds of thousands of child sex slaves back home from just India as one example. There is an enormous contrast between a religion that was born from peaceful civil disobedience and tortured martyrs vs a religion that was born on a doctrine of violent conquest. Not all ideas everywhere are always the same at all times, this is such lazy thinking. This is why muslims are such crybullies, they have to deal with the cognitive dissonance of a religion that demands conquest of infidels but they can’t expand anymore and get their assbeat when they try behave violently as states. Constantly whine about how oppressed they are but strike whenever they see a moment of weakness. (Not Christian btw) it’s not true.

Anonymous 257164


One thing that Christian moids did was to enforce the so called ”sanctity of life”. In England during the 18th century a lot of women were executed for having killed their own bastard children. The offenders were typically young women who had got pregnant outside wedlock and were quickly abandoned by the father, already living in abject poverty, finding themselves pregnant and then giving birth without any means of support, either financial or moral. The social stigma of having a bastard child as a single parent was something that made women, who already were treated like shit in Christian societies, miserable. There was no effective contraception back then either. Forcing women to be pregnant or die sounds like not being in control of anything, especially since you can’t objectively determine what life is sacred and what is not sacred. It’s just arbitrary nonsense made up by moids.

Anonymous 257166

I agree that religion is cancer, but can you actually name a single non-Christian post-bronze-age society that WASN'T like this?

Anonymous 257167

>life is sacred
>…except when you do this specific thing we dislike…so now you die

scrote logic

Anonymous 257169


Exactly. It’s hypocrisy.

Contrast that with old Norse societies. If the child was deformed or you couldn’t provide for it then you just walk out into the forest and leave it there. No social stigma or religious repercussions. A better option than raising a child in squalid conditions or with horrible ailments that no one would want.

Anonymous 257180

The norse societies were unambiguously worse for women except for possibly higher quality male partners.

Anonymous 257181

It was the horror of exposed babies in part that made people Christian, the predominant of early converts were women and they used to go around the garbage heaps and adopting the abandoned babies. This would also help swell their numbers as the babies grow up loyal to the people who saved them. Archeologists can identiitfy an ancient brothel when they find a pile of baby skeletons. The christians put value on the lives of everyone the babies, which you may not like, but also the women and slaves. The wife of a norse warrior would not be free to kill his offspring without punishment she could often be a slave herself. He would probably sanction the killing of a deformed child, for his own interest.

Anonymous 257187

norse women were also allowed to ask for a divorce and marry other men while christian women could not marry other men after a divorce because the act of marriage was considered a bond for life

>For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, His body, of which He is the Savior

>A wife must not separate from her husband. But if she does, she must remain unmarried or else be reconciled to her husband.

women were property according to christian values and the husband was the rightful owner

Anonymous 257188

It was considered a bond that men couldn’t break either. Almost all societies put sexual restrictions on women. Few put this kind of restriction at least in expectation on men. Influential Norse men were expected to have more than one sexual partner. Fadlan’s account of a Norse funeral he witnessed had a slave girl intoxicated and raped by the followers of her master before she is killed by an old women to join him in the afterlife. Believed to be standard practice for funerals of men with money.

Anonymous 257191

>Fadlan’s account of a Norse funeral

as far as i know they were slavs that descended from norse people, not actual norse people

Anonymous 257193

Surely you’re not suggesting they are Christian. It must be pagan Viking or Slavic. Most people think they were Rus vikings particularly because it involved a ship burial. Lots of Norse men were travelling that route for the Varangian service.

Anonymous 257196


fadlan describe what he calls the rus and they came from kievan rus, so basically slavs with ancestors from scandinavia but not norse people that lived in scandinavia

his description is similar to what pseudo-maurice wrote and he is another author that mention that slavic women willingly strangle themselves or let themselves be strangled if their husbands die because they considered being widows as shameful

Anonymous 257202

is squirrel ok?

Anonymous 257209


The squirrel got tired of moid antics and went to sleep.

I just read about Pseudo-Maurice's account of the Slavs in his Strategikon and even if the author lived in the Christian Byzantine empire he still praised the practice of Slavic women being strangled when their husbands died. The scrote shows his true face once again.

Anonymous 257217

hating women is like breathing for moids

Anonymous 257220

You can take the religion out of the scrote but you can't take the scrote out of religion. The fact that a Christian moid thinks that heathen savagery is acceptable just proves that behind the thin veneer of holiness and crucifixes hides a destructive sociopath without remorse that likes to larp as a saint.

Anonymous 257240

a perpetual menace

Anonymous 257319


it doesn't really matter what religious beliefs the moid has because he is still a cruel and merciless creature

byzantine christians would gouge out eyes, cut off the nose, pull out teeth, severe the tongue, ears, lips, arms, legs or genitals on people they disliked and yet christian moids try to whitewash themselves as noble or civilized in comparison with the "barbarians" that believed in many gods

Anonymous 257402

>gouge out eyes

Very forgiving and Christlike.

Anonymous 257403

Christians act like this because their culture was the one that produced working alternatives to the atrocities you mention. Well, most of it was stolen from Greece and Rome, but we're all living in a post-abrahamic civilization, not a roman one, so there's also an understandable bias.
Of course, the idea that being a christian magically makes you less violent is still bullshit.

Anonymous 257406

don't forget mazzatello or the judas cradle

christian justice is not swift and painless but excruciating and sadistic

Anonymous 257411

Religion of love and ass torture.

Anonymous 257462


>jesus loves you, don't worry hehe
>oh, you disagree with our faith? well, just have a seat over here and we can discuss it like adults

Anonymous 257465

Waiting 2.webm

>jesus loves you
This but unironically

Anonymous 257466


None of you have actually read the New Testament or have any comprehension of biblical ethics. Your understanding of history and culture is shallow, and you are taking for granted the things that Christianity has given you.

I wouldn't ask you to believe in Christianity, but it is literally the only reason why women have rights. It's the wellspring of the concept of human rights broadly. According to most Christian soteriologies (all but Calvinism that I'm aware of), Jesus died for the sins of the whole world. Jesus is God, God is unknowable and infinite, and therefore all human life has an incomprehensible value. This spiritual egalitarianism is something unique to Christianity and it is why humanism only emerged in the West, and not in the Islamic or Confucian worlds. The first feminists/suffragettes and the first people to oppose slavery were all Protestants, who believed that Christians should strictly adhere to the scripture rather than relying on church dogma.

I recommend pic related if you want to learn more about this subject.

Anonymous 257478

Scrote and his blissful repentance.

Anonymous 257481

Christian scrotes when atrocities done in the name of their god is mentioned:
>Not real Christianity! Those were heretics! Christians were pacifists and 100% innocent.

Christian scrotes when people deviate from established Christian norms and traditions (like women having zero rights and slavery being permitted, serfdom for poor people and peasants but also persecution of anyone with the slightest hint of wrongthink):
>This is thanks to Christianity and not individuals that were fed up with the environment they grew up in! Praise the Lord!

It's exactly like listening to communists defend Stalin and Lenin.

Anonymous 257483

Anonymous 257535

another thing i will never understand is why christian moids disfigure their genitals by removing their foreskins

completely meaningless

Anonymous 257547

To summarize:

Lust bad. Women bad (Eve ate apple). Moids can't control their urges around women and masturbation is bad so Christian scrotes decided to imitate Jews and promote circumcision. Ironically it's still women that get blamed for being attractive and therefore sinful. Moids have no real liability according to the Bible.

Anonymous 257548

Not only did Eve ate apple, she was also presented to be made out of Adam's bone by God, so she HAD to be subservient to Adam because she's part of him.

Maybe the nona who says Christanity is the only reason why women have rights is true and I don't know, but I can say Christianity is also responsible for their suffering.

Anonymous 257551

scrotes like to talk about "rights" but fail to grasp that they're only words on a piece of paper and whenever some pope or christian monarch felt like removing them it always happened

Anonymous 257555

I worked with homeless people in the past. Homeless males go around constantly raping homeless women. They'll even take turns gang raping them. Scrotes are inherently evil and society merely masks their true nature.

Anonymous 257558

rape is an ancient moid sport

Anonymous 257563

It's only Americans who get circumcised. St Paul was against circumcision.

Anonymous 257632


Seconding this recommendation + adding one for "The Making of Biblical Womanhood", which tells the historical origins of so-called "biblical womanhood"/complementarianism/"biblical patriarchy" and explains how it isn't scriptural or Christian. Because apparently nothing is sacred to moids if they can twist it to let them keep oppressing women.

Anonymous 257641

I think today it’s the worst it ever has been in that modern men don’t just disrespect women, they genuinely hate them. The only thing is that now women are protected by law in most countries, but not even fully. The fact that the manosphere is still allowed to spread propaganda after Roy Den Hollander is simply shocking. Qanon were basically forced into dark corners of the net… but now Piers Morgan is interviewing Tate.

Anonymous 257642

Also men in the past were actually providers and did stuff around the house. Men today are scums that want to chase adolescents and be playboys into their 50s, but blame women for declining marriage rates.

Anonymous 257659


Rights are never granted, they are enforced. Rights in themselves are scrote moralism.
A moid will say he thinks rape is bad but never exactly what constitutes rape. If rape means violent intercourse where the victim is assaulted then that becomes punishable but if someone just grabs your ass or puts his fingers inside your panties for a moment then that gets him a slap on the wrist.
They think all women have the same concept of right and wrong. They can change the laws and change the definitions so it all descends into relativism. Scrotes are devious.

Anonymous 257660

yeah, agreed

then they expect you to be grateful for the rights they give you when in reality they have no impact on your daily life since rights are only visible WHEN something happens

some scrote murdered and tortured a woman to death? wow, he went to prison but she is still dead

it’s like insurance because you pay for something that never gives you anything 99.99% of the time and only when an accident occurs which in itself must meet certain requirements to be valid

Anonymous 257664

Added to my reading list.

Do you worry that women's hard-earned equality will be eroded now that Christianity has basically died? Because I do.

Anonymous 257668

>Do you worry that women's hard-earned equality will be eroded now that Christianity has basically died
imagine being this blinded by faith, Christianity has collaborated to the oppression of women for two thousand years. good riddance it's being phased out. wish the other Abrahamic religions also did.

Anonymous 257669

I don't think it's a coincidence that the death of Christianity coincides with the huge rise of misogyny. It is possible to argue that young men today are more misogynistic than their great grandfathers. Christianity gave a respect and equality to women that did not exist in the ancient world. Things may get a lot worse.

Anonymous 257670


I hate moids so much it's unreal.

Anonymous 257671

What is picture?

We should start by going back to executing and not jail. It always suprises me that the gap between male female murder isn't even bigger, that even 10% is female.

Anonymous 257672


I don't have any proper arguments or proof for this claim but what if moids were just happy in the past because Christianity kept women subservient?

Anonymous 257681

All facts considered, there are many bad modern christians and as somebody from a catholic background myself, I am disgusted with the trad cath movement. These people are not “trad” at all, but post modern psychos. While Pope Francis isnt perfect, their attacks against him are disgusting.

I will not get into all radical protestant groups like the Duggars and people who follow similar branches of radical Protestantism.

All the same, my ex who was Muslim told me that just because a religion has some bad people doesn’t mean the entire religion is wrong and doesn’t mean the theology is wrong. There are bad people in every country. Even when I think of Islam, most of these radical groups such as the wahhabis they are not traditional but post modern.

Anonymous Moderator 257689

I deleted derailing about foreskin and circumcision. Additionally I want to remind everyone to pay attention to the guidelines in >>>/b/39516 for any future threads.

Anonymous 257690

Thanks, mod

Anonymous 257696

Oh boy, do you sound like a teenager. I had spent my whole youth in church, and it was one of the most misogynistic (and stupidity-inducing) environments one can imagine.
>huge rise of misogyny
It's the porn AND the ease with which ideas spread on the internet. Introduce Christianity to the mix and you'll get unironic Deus Vult on steroids.
I love how most people itt think that we are any different from the humans 1000 years ago. It's kind of funny to watch.

Anonymous 257713

Ever heard of the Torches of Freedom campaign? Scrote manipulation of women in a nutshell. They make you believe you have rights and equality but it's actually just about bending democratic principles in order to fit a narrative.

Anonymous 257724

sneaky moids will stab you in the back when they get the chance

Anonymous 257741

Anonymous 257844

Memories (1995) [ …

>Bernays believed: “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society.”

moids have no shame

Anonymous 257849


Seriously? Women are commodity. Porn = empowerment is just another package to sell women.

Anonymous 257931

Definitely. Pornography as a whole is demoralizing for women and the majority of females that do it think it's easy money.

Anonymous 257934

most of the women in porn are airheads that couldn’t care less about other women and that’s the type of females that scrotes try to lure with money

Anonymous 257959

Don't forget chronic masturbators.

Anonymous 257960

Yes. Feminism was supposed to be women being treated as people and allowed the same rights and freedoms as anyone else, as well as sexual and bodily autonomy on our terms. Patriarchy is men using women as a resource for sexual access and something to exert control over, aka getting to screw and power trip on someone.

Liberal feminism talks about how you have to act like a man by having lots of sex or doing humiliating/violent pornshit to show how "equal and liberated" you are, giving men the sexual access and freedom to abuse that they want. Things that are beneficial to men, and leave neither party truly happy either. If you don't do these things men like, you get gaslit and told you're a bad feminist (despite the fact that doing what men want is not what feminism is even about). Resembles man-wants more than what's actually in the best interest of women. Given the choice, most women won't organically choose things like bukkake and getting hit or strangled since there's no benefit or pleasure in it for the woman, only the man. Thus, scrote psyops.

Anonymous 257963

This. Don't emulate moid behavior.

Anonymous 258052

more importantly: never imitate scrote habits

throughout history moid impulsivity never ends in happy endings

Anonymous 258066

the worst kind of women that skew scrotes perception of women in general

Anonymous 258070

Anonymous 258072


>accidental consequences of a self-induced [sexual] practice
Blatant injurious activities leading to anorectal violence moment.

Anonymous 258079

>it played a significant role in worsening ethnic tensions between Kosovo's Serb and Albanian population.
You can't make this shit up.

Anonymous 258116


How is this even real?!

Anonymous 258119

I saw a more recent modern version of this happening in video form and it just replayed vividly in my mind. There was a lot of blood.

Anonymous 258123

>moid can't admit to his surroundings that he's gay
>initiates an ethnic conflict

zenith scrote insecurity

Anonymous 258131

Moids are strange creatures.

Anonymous 258137

embarrassing is the word you're looking for

Anonymous 258216

I'm not much of a classics expert but there's a bit of historical context that nobody really talks about. Before the Indo-Europeans arrived in Greece ~4000 years ago, the southeast European population was mostly made up of Early European Farmers with a smattering of Western Hunter Gatherer ancestry. The Mycenaeans believed in the earliest known form of Greek paganism, and the cultural motifs represented by their gods were mostly agriculture-related, with a few exceptions like Ares. Even after the Mycenaeans went bye-bye, their religion was popular among mainland Greeks. Then the Indo-Europeans arrived, overthrew the local rulers, decided that they're now in charge, and introduced their own gods. Like Zeus. Zeus is special because he's notorious for raping and killing on a whim, which is a pretty good representation of what the IE invaders did all across Europe. In fact, the IE raped and pillaged to such a tremendous extent that the supermajority of European moids living today can trace their paternal lineage back to them. In most parts of Europe, about two thirds of men have Indo-European Y-DNA, whereas all Europeans come mostly from pre-Indo-European maternal lineages.

Zeus was a foreign god who was introduced a thousand years after the Greek civilisation began, and all those tales of him doing awful things to women and boys are semi-factual recollections of what actually happened between rival tribes competing for power.

Anonymous 258239

And retarded.

Anonymous 258242

mostly retarded

Anonymous 258255

Never underestimate the stupid shit a scrote can do for no apparent reason. If you look at moid leaders they all have the same huge ego that expands beyond reasonable boundaries.

Anonymous 258331

Moids exaggerate everything they do.

Anonymous 258337

every recorded war in history is the result of a scrote sperging out

Anonymous 258345

Anonymous 258347

they do anything to get laid

Anonymous 258530


>be scrote
>show people a severed ear
>no one cares
>…7 years later someone declares war over it

Anonymous 258535

Sounds legitimate. Just start a war for any stupid reason as long as you feel like it.

Anonymous 258542

the main reason moids fight is because of women and it's really sad

Anonymous 258549

Sex is more important to them than life itself. That's why you see so many incels go on shooting sprees just to proclaim the power of the vagina and the strength it has over the minds of scrotes.

Anonymous 258619

Taj Mahal is a monument dedicated to the power of vagina. Moids like to belittle women but in reality they're all simps.

Anonymous 258620


impressing women is what their lives revolve around

Anonymous 258651

Most of them are highly mediocre. Even famous leaders seem to be extremely boring.

Anonymous 258659

Sparta kinda sounds like it would have been pretty nice as a women. Yeah it was an patriarchal oligarchy, but living in a warrior culture as the sex that doesn't have to die in battle sounds kinda cozy. While the moids go off pillaging and conquering, you get to chill out and enjoy the spoils of war. This is especially true because widows (which were common since you're in a warrior culture) get all of their husbands belongings. This process of inheriting your mother's and husband's wealth lead to women being very wealthy in Sparta. Moids in Sparta also valued women on a societal level according to sources since strong mothers made strong warriors. So yeah, I guess it might have sucked not being able to vote, but you get wealth, luxaries, servants, a nice climate, and hot moids so it probably was a pretty good time and place to be a women in history. This assuming you were a Spartan yourself and not a slave in Sparta.

Anonymous 258662


overrated as a whole

Anonymous 258730

Emperor Nero is a good example of why scrotes are malicious by nature.

Anonymous 258732

moids dying in meaningless battles while i sit back and relax? sign me up!

Anonymous 258734

Let's burn down an entire empire just because you want more power. Typical moid.

Anonymous 258780

hunter gatherers didn't "plant" or "harvest", they just gathered. agriculture is what denotes the next age that a true hunter gatherer never saw.

Anonymous 258797

let's see if we can produce artificial wombs in the future and breed a scrote slave caste whose only purpose is to die in stupid and hilarious ways

Anonymous 258826

>The incident in which Lorena Bobbitt severed her husband John Bobbitt's penis occurred on June 23, 1993, in Manassas, Virginia. Lorena stated in a court hearing that, after coming home that evening, her husband had raped her. After he then went to sleep, she got out of bed and went to the kitchen for a drink of water. She then grabbed an eight-inch Ginsu carving knife on the kitchen counter, returned to their bedroom, pulled back the bed sheets and cut off his penis.

Lorena was a real heroine. She never faced any jail time.

Anonymous 259124

lol, good

too bad they could reattach it

Anonymous 259129

He got lucky. She should have thrown it in a lake or garbage disposal.

Anonymous 259138


Or just buried it.

Anonymous 259140

BURN IT, nona. Hazardous moid waste.

Anonymous 259163

i bet he was STD infected and she was trying to spare the world another disease spreader

Anonymous 259167


Or she just hate scrotes with a passion (which is good).

Anonymous 259177

i think most women hate scrotes deep down and have done so for ages even if they say otherwise

Anonymous 259184

Moids love their leaders. They will idolize them and defend them with their LIVES, even when these megalomaniacs are literally the ones sending them to their deaths.

Anonymous 259213

It's like worship in some sense. Akhenaton was one of the scrotes in history that tried to turn himself into a god by forbidding polytheism and proclaiming that only he was the messenger of the one, true god.

Same old song.

Anonymous 259289

how can you not after thousands of years of scrote retardation?

Anonymous 259294

egomaniacs, nona

Anonymous 259324

There will be thousands more. Unfortunately.

Anonymous 259332

the eternal scrote

Anonymous 259333

Moids are solipsists.

Anonymous 259466

is there a solution to the moid question? will this go on without interruption? hopefully not

Anonymous 259467

What's going to happen is that every woman will keep looking for her special nigel who is not like the others and then get baited into living a sad little life shitting out more little moidlets until the end of this species.

Anonymous 259469

Agreed. Dystopian scrote entrapment.

Anonymous 259784

the lonely moid, throughout history, will do anything for female affection

Anonymous 259785

desperation is an ugly trait but it is prevalent among moids

Anonymous 259811

They never stop.

Anonymous 259816

It's all or nothing for scrotes.

Anonymous 259828

that is why we should have had more matriarchs

Anonymous 259980

Historically there have been a few societies with matriarchs but as usual moids ruin them.

Anonymous 259982

and they blame women as always

Anonymous 260007

Scrote ineptitude is about how you shift the blame onto someone else.

Anonymous 260009

but they still think they did nothing wrong, lol

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