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1975 06 Dalsland V…

Time Anonymous 234023

During what period were scrotes at their best and at their worst? Was there any benefit of being a woman in the past compared to today? I get the feeling that modern scrotes are not as genuine as they were in the past. They were very open about being manipulative and controlling assholes but nowadays everyone puts on a fake smile in order to appease women and tell them how feminism is good.

Anonymous 234025



Anonymous 234027

It was infinitely worse in the past. The further back you go, the worse it gets and the more violent they are. In the 1800s not only could you not get a credit card, or have a bank account, you couldn't even go outside unchapperoned, it wasnt that different than the middle east. You frequently had arranged marriages and if you were poor it was even worse. Beating your wife was not considered amoral anywhere it was considered moral. The worst thing though was if you were poor, and marital rape was normal. There was no bc. You couldn't avoid getting raped impregnated up to 12 times. Half your babies would probably die. And worse you probably couldn't do anything about it or divorce if he pissed all your money on gambling and alcohol or some other retarded fucking thing. History was horrific, go read accounts of women trapped in poor marriages. They're worse than anything.

Anonymous 234028

Plenty of women became nuns and weren't forced into marriage. Instead they devoted themselves to charity and orphanages.

Anonymous 234031

that's nasty why did it take so long for feminism to take off?

Anonymous 234038

Care to elaborate? Is it because of polytheism versus monotheism?

Anonymous 234039

women still had their freedom restricted and their only purpose was to serve others

Anonymous 234040

shes larping like she is /his/ and saying things she actually knows very little about

Anonymous 234042

Rome had slavery, arranged marriage and rapist soldiers pillaging villages

Renaissance had some wealthy educated women. Plus Christianity gave women an alternative to marriage. Women could become nuns and work in orphanages or the church. Devoting themselves to helping the sick and needy.

Anonymous 234052

You're delusional. Even fifty years ago, THERE WAS NO WAY FOR YOU TO KNOW WHAT MEN THINK AND NO WAY TO EDUCATE YOURSELF ON THEIR MANIPULATION TACTICS. You couldn't pull up 4chan or reddit or an incel community or pick up community or facebook.
Before that?
No birth control. No credit cards. No property. No sex education. No pregnancy tests. No college degree. No occupation. No car. And no pants, of course. Also you let a guy kiss you on the cheek and now the whole town thinks you're a whore.

Anonymous 234055

Oh wow im supposed to be fucking imprwssed?????? Get out of here with that bullshit it's just another kind of moid-driven prison.

Here look I don't want to be in a marriage prison here, so ill just throw myself into a religious prison. Bitch who the hell wants to live as a shitty fucking nun?? Do you have any idea how shitty their existences were ??? Its not even worth bringing up. Worst joke in this entire IB.

Anonymous 234056

kinda unrelated but there were a lot of cute yuri romances that happened in convents in history

Anonymous 234057

I'm just in absolute disbelief you didn't realize how fucked it was.

You seriously never watched Angela's Ashes ? In the past men were 10x more drunk, entitled, stupid and power obsessed than they are now. Poor men were filthy drunken gambling rape slobs, ALL of them.

And there was no way in hell you could get out of marriage to get away from one because your income would have been shit, even if you found a job. You would have been beaten. Men were pure unadulterated filth rape apes. We have it GOOD with them guzzling so much porn and staying the hell away from us instead of being born into this.

But think about it they bred their degenerate ass ugly genes and rapeape shit into the gene pool for generations and generations. This is the number one reason I don't believe in pursuing men seriously in rationships to be honest. That and seeing what my mom put up with in one.

Anonymous 234058

That's fantasy, FANTASY. Do you know how oppressed real lesbians would have been IN most convents??? Come on you're talking about the kind of Christians that still try to send their kids to gay conversion therapy. Only more puritanical because back then people had nothing better to do tan go watch executions and go to church. You would live in terror with it because if it got out there would be a monestary-wide witch hunt in most places. People used to be extremely puritanically religious for most of human history.

Anonymous 234059

Please pick up a history book. Anything that catches your eye. Something fun to read. Then another one. You can't be this ignorant, it already impacts your decision making, and it's going to bite you in the ass really bad down the line. Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it.

Anonymous 234066

And when I say drunk on religion I mean it. They were like Christians are in Africa now, who still believe in witches. I don't know if you realize but in a lot of places in Africa, that 3rd world, they will call ANYONE they want a witch and it can destroy lives pretty easily. Yes this is actually still a thing even in 2023. Say you have an extremely lucrative business canning and selling vegetables. It is not uncommon for a struggling community to fire up a witchhunt in jealousy. The same goes for gays, highly educated people, etc. Well it wasn't that different only 150-400 years ago. Especially for women. It didn't matter whether it was Rome, Venice, Utrecht during the rennaissance, or even the 1800s. It was all equally dominated by religious ignorance, and terror. Because when you're stupid and religious and go to blame everything on either the paranormal, demons, curses, and/or simply believe religion is the only answer … you don't have calm sensible communities you have a ton of fear-indoctrinated punishing lunatics.

Ontop of that, my god life was just incomprehensibly hard before electricity, plumbing, sanitation, running water. People were paid lower than they are now for harder more backbreaking work, because they had much lower expectations for quality of life. And the vast majority of the population lived hand to mouth, in squalid conditions, surrounded by a lot more death and disease than we can wrap our head around now. They were pent up with stress fear and impotent rage which they commonly just passed down on down to easy targets They loved a scapegoat more than we can understand today, beause they were so stressed. Most of those scapegoats and targets were women. Trapped in marriages, without bc, without help, a voice an education. Just fucking religion. Nothing was usually like it is, portrayed in period movies or even books. Unless you watch something like gangs of new york or perfume the story if a murderer. Most people scraped by and women had horrific trapped existences. They didn't develop feminism for ages because they had no time for it and they sure as hell had no voice. Feminism only gained poplarity when women had time away from slavery thanks to elecricity, education, appliances, that made housework easier. But still most of your women would have been illiterate in most places until the middle of the 19th centry.

Anonymous 234152

There were certain benefits but only if you were part of the nobility. If you look at ancient Egypt there were plenty of female rulers.

Anonymous 234154

I used to watch Flying Nun on TV. It seemed like a fairly wholesome lifestyle. Plus you had musician Nuns like Sister Irene O' Conner who played for the children.

Anonymous 234157

Best: Never
Worst: Always

Anonymous 234163

This is a fucking TV show. Who bases anything off of what they learn on tv

Anonymous 234165

I was raised Christian and spent time participating in church activities. Mostly charity stuff and holiday events. They were genuinely fun and a great way to make friends. I don't really go to church anymore. After I moved away from Christmas Valley I lost interest.

Anonymous 234183

Almost everyone does, sadly.

Anonymous 234185

The Renaissance was incredibly hostile to women, it was an era of misogyny.
>arranged marriage
So basically every society at some point. Also becoming a nun isn't as great as you think it is. They could also still be raped by the priests and deacons.
I dunno, at least the nuns in my area were/(are?) expected to live almost ascetically; simultaneously, the priests live in big beautiful houses, own expensive cars, and honestly several times walking past the priest house I've smelled weed.
Anyway scrotes were never at their best, as far as anyone can tell. At least not as a whole. I will answer OP differently

>best time for women

Middle ages

Anonymous 234188

>Renaissance had some wealthy educated women
Why are you taking few as an example of what life was life for the many? Most women were not educated aristocrats and did not have any opportunities and were subjected to misogyny. Please.

Anonymous 234191

In Mesopotamia women could own businesses, slaves, buy and sell land and initiate divorce. Of course not a feminist society but still better than Islam.

Anonymous 234210

Some day you'll learn the hard way you're sorely lacking braincells

Talk about lazy and ignorant as fuck

Anonymous 234213

The ancient sumerians and Babylonians also had fucking wife auctions, full of 10- 15 yr olds which were no different from slave auctions. Also I think you're confusing them with the Romans.

Anonymous 234220

Women were recorded as landowners, business owners, administrators, bureaucrats, doctors, scribes, clergy, and in rare cases, even monarchs in Mesopotamia. We're talking about a society that predates the Romans so it is kind of weird.

Anonymous 234247

Hunter gatherer times might have been the best

Anonymous 234249

Which Era in Mesopotamia though? Sumerian or Persian or.. ? There were so many cultures that rose out of Mesopotamia and then evolved or blew away

Anonymous 234250

when women were raped regularly with no consequence, their men killed and then taken as trophies and raped some more? No thanks.

Anonymous 234251

Do men face consequences for rape now? at least back then women could experience the joy of hunting and gathering and now we don't even have that

Anonymous 234252

rape was way more prevelant and there were no laws protecting women. Men weren't afraid of committing rape because it wasn't even viewed as wrong, womens rights weren't even a fucking thought. If you want to go fucking hunt and gather than go in the woods, nobody is stopping you. You can do that now just like you could then except its way less likely some gross moid will jump out of the bushes and rap you. I can't believe you're this dumb.

Anonymous 234253

I mean… you can still hunt and gather… also men seldom hunted, most of a hunter gatherer’s food intake was gathered by women. So men were lazy shits back then, too.

Anonymous 234255

Would you release a domesticated animal to the wild? No, it can't survive on its own. For that reason I can't just go and just hunter and gather right now.

Anonymous 234267

Who the fuck wants to do that compared to living with Grocery stores, ac, videogames and electricity ?

Anonymous 234268

Honestly this was often also true. Women did most of the planting, harvesting and gathering. But think about it hunting was the FUN gig and usually women didn't do that. Men took all the fun roles and dished the shit put to women. Fuck them all with cactuses. ;/

Anonymous 234269

Foraging for edible plants is really easy. Even dandelions, nettles and cactus pads are edible. Fishing is also easy if you live near a lake or pond.

Anonymous 234277

Just say you want me to get poisoned and die

Anonymous 234279

>I-I'm so scared to go outside
>fuuuug the world is terrifying
Go pick flowers somewhere in the fields. Strawberries, maybe. You give off the learned helplessness vibe.

Anonymous 234283


Anonymous 234284

kek bless you

Anonymous 234287

Best: WWII when all the scrotes were killing each other.

Anonymous 234292


Kek just don't pick any mock strawberries while you're out there

Anonymous 234295


Yes these exist. Yes the plants look almost exactly the same to the untrained eye.

Anonymous 234296

Please stop trying to spook the city child.

Anonymous 234298

I'm not. It's true, they're real, google them. Potentilla Indica.

Anonymous 234312

Not the same nona, but as far as I know women had plenty of rights during both periods.

Anonymous 234319

Women had more rights in Babylon than in ancient Israel.

Anonymous 234320

Despite the Asian romance soap operas. China has historically awful treatment of women.

Anonymous 234322


Today I shall remind them.

Anonymous 234340

Pfft but most of chinese courts were a nightmare for women. Even her feet would have bound which is just fucking barbaric.

She was in the right place at the right time and incredibly incredibly lucky. Lol notice how she punishes everyone standing in her way almost with vengeance and fury. It's almost completely unsurprising, given what court life would have been like for most women. She was selected as a concubine as a teen, and happened to produce the first son. She would have been in competition with dozens of other concubines for the emporors favor, in the Chinese court. All of their feet would have been bound. But she was one of the extremely lucky ones China was a particulary shit place for women.

Anonymous 234341

If you call being killed for adultery having rights? May have been better than other cultures but anything from the BCs and long after would have had pretty horrific human rights in general.

Still … women get executed for adultery, while men got a slap on the wrist fine ???

Anonymous 234348

Men could also be executed for adultery. I think you try to trivialize the fact that couples fell in love during those times and that, although not perfectly equal, there were laws in place to ensure society would not devolve into anarchy and people doing whatever they please. Keep in mind that this is over 4000 years ago so all kinds of anachronistic interpretations are useless. Human rights in themselves are arbitrary and could be anything you ascribe value to.

Anonymous 234362

>babby's first attempt at critical thinking
Men were "executed for adultery" when someone with power wanted an enemy killed and adultery was a convenient crime.
>Human rights in themselves are arbitrary and could be anything you ascribe value to
And as a society who values our current understanding of human rights, we find their lack thereof abominable. Hurr durr le anachronism is only relevant in academic settings, in real life people are more than right to judge different time periods according to their current values.

Anonymous 234364

It’s like I’m on Reddit.

>more than right to judge different time periods according to their current values.

Everyone can have an opinion but you argue like an emotional teenager. Just sayin’.

Anonymous 234365

But she was a terrible empress. She led to the decline of China. Wu Zetian is leagues better.

Anonymous 234371

This. Unfortunately moids haven’t really improved as a whole but trying to judge people that lived 4000 years ago is childish. Look at it this way: if women, throughout all the ages, all cultures and all peoples, were regarded as indeed inferior or having lower intelligence then scrotes wouldn’t have to enforce laws against women because it would be like trying to communicate with an animal of some sort. Instead the actual reality is that moids fear women and know what women are capable of. Just look at Elizabeth Báthory. All of the rumours about her swimming in the blood of virgin girls were politically motivated.

Anonymous 234411

I wonder what prehistoric moids were like, compared to their modern counterparts.
Some people claim patriarchy to be a consequence of the agricultural revolution and the advent of private property. While social capital in hunter-gatherer societies is based directly on your contribution to the common good, civilised societies usually equate social capital (and therefore power) with property and wealth. Ban women from owning property in such a system, and you essentially ban them from holding any kind of social influence whatsoever.
In prehistoric hunter-gatherer societies, that sort of thing would have been impossible. Everyone had to contribute in order for the group as a whole to survive, even the pregnant and nursing. We know from the few remaining modern hunter-gatherers that women gather, fish and hunt smaller animals in order to feed the tribe, same as the men. They are not completely equal, even in the most egalitarian of tribes, but the lives of female hunter-gatherers was likely still far better than those of women in pretty much any other time period until the mid-20th century.
Besides the lack of private property as a catalyst for patriarchy, moids in prehistoric tribes would have had to be social and cooperative in order to not be kicked out by the others. In a tightly-knit tribe of maybe 15 people, acting like a raging psychopath would have been a death sentence.
Interestingly, hunter-gatherer women also tend to have less children overall than civilised women, despite the lack of any kind of birth control (probably due to their diet and high levels of physical exercise). Considering that childbirth has been the number one killer of women from the dawn of mankind until maybe 100 years ago, and still is in some places today, this is quite a significant advantage.

Other than prehistoric hunter-gatherers, I also think that the earliest civilised societies were overall better places for women to live than those that would follow. Women in ancient Mesopotamia (provided they weren't slaves) were able to own and sell land, run businesses, divorce and live independently. Free women in ancient Egypt had similar rights.

They also had widespread slavery, including slavery of women. Every society is a product of its time and conditions. The morals of a modern industrialised society are not applicable to a society that existed thousands of years ago.

For most of history, laws were supposed to do the exact opposite of protecting women. The existence of laws and states was what allowed women to be universally excluded from holding social power in the first place. Artificial hierarchies based on property and power never protected women, especially not historically. A women is far less likely to be raped or killed in a small tribe where everyone is needed for survival.

Anonymous 234426


Yes you can. Hunter gatherers had to learn which plants to eat on their own but you have the luxury of guide books and the internet to be 100% certain whatever you are eating is edible. You have lethal weapons that make hunting incredibly more efficient. No one is asking you to move to a cabin in the woods and fend for yourself but if you want to experience "the joy of hunting in gathering" you are perfectly capable.

Whining about wanting to return to monkey while complaining about actually going outside aounds like edgy teenage anarcho-primitist larping. Let me guess, you just read Unabomber Manifesto last week or something?

Anonymous 234441

They probably were like
Ooga booga, me smash rock
Ooga booga, me smash wife
Ooga booga, me rape and take no responsibility

Anonymous 234451

I'm pretty sure they used women like they did cattle, trading them around, giving their women over as gifts and gestures and taking them as war booty from hostile tribes. They would had been orderly and civil, yes, but only to eachother, not to women. The only reason they wouldn't rape a woman would be out of respect for other men, like the father, or the husband/owner, not out of respect for the woman. Prehistoric society is, well… prehistoric. No one really knows because it is not recorded, it is lost to time. But historically that is how it has always been up until relatively recently

Anonymous 234461

tribes that had been relatively isolated from the outside world and remained primitive but eventually studied showed almost all of them were patriarchal in some regard, whether it be the normalization of rape or normal for men to beat their wives or women just treated like breeding machines.

Anonymous 234502

>All of the rumours about her swimming in the blood of virgin girls were politically motivated

I don't know, nona. Some historians say there were plenty of testimonies supporting the claims. Do you know about the scrote Gilles de Rais? People in the nobility can do pretty fucked up things when they're bored.

Anonymous 234520

>In his own confession, Gilles testified that “when the said children were dead, he kissed them and those who had the most handsome limbs and heads he held up to admire them, and had their bodies cruelly cut open and took delight at the sight of their inner organs; and very often when the children were dying he sat on their stomachs and took pleasure in seeing them die and laughed”

Typical scrote savage.

Anonymous 234524

In sumeria men were not executed for adultery only women were. In any case who the fuck wants to be part of that kind of society ? Adultery should never be punishable by death its fucking degenerate and backwards.

Anonymous 234525


It's really interesting how they learned to cure olives with brine, so they could be eaten btw! It's all thanks to some person who found olives dropped from cliff shrubs into the Mediterranean sea.

Anonymous 234528

>-Adultery among the Babylonians was solely the crime of the wife. The wife, if caught in the act, was punished by strangling, together with her paramour.

It says here that her paramour (lover) also gets executed so clearly men could be punished for it.

Anonymous 234534

The Babylonians arrived almost 2000 years after the Sumerians. Kek wow they really progressed as a culture though didn't they?

Anonymous 234540

The Code of Ur-Nammu states that if a man sleeps (not rape) with the virgin wife of another man he gets the death penalty. Pretty much the same legal system

Anonymous 234541

feet binding is genuinely terrifying. I read somewhere that it was done, in part, to make women more dependant on their husbands by making them disabled.

Anonymous 234611

>virgin wife has sex
>lover dies

Good. Moids are not entitled to sex.

Anonymous 234619


Margaret Theresa of Spain


Weakened due to six pregnancies in six years (which included four living childbirths and two miscarriages[20]) and four months into her seventh pregnancy,[23] Margaret died on 12 March 1673, at the age of 21.

Men were (and still) are SHEER FILTH. I don't care how nice some of them are I don't want to be touched by these vile fucking animals

I would rather ram stakes through their eyes and tongues than ever marry or date one. Or even remotely cater to the disgusting male gaze. History is what they were and still are. History of force breeding with these slobs turns me off to any of them around in modern times. It doesn't matter how attractive they are either. They're always pure cruel indifferent filth. They're not even human to me.

Anonymous 234620

One thing that is so strange about this law is how highly valued virginity is among moids in the Middle East. It is as if they are afraid that women might compare their sexual performance with other males and determine that they are worthless in bed.

Anonymous 234626

Small dicks, nona.

Anonymous 234634


> History is what they were and still are.
This, I don't understand how could a woman willingly enter a relationship with a man knowing that not so long in history he could've either bred you to death starting from your teen years, had a right to beat you or your children (sometimes to death) and had the power to make the state stone you on his behalf. There's practically nothing a man could do that would make me ignore their vile history.

Anonymous 234638

Millions of women died both on the battlefield and in concentration camps during WW2 you moron.

Anonymous 234642

Do not forget the Gulag archipelago.

Anonymous 234721

we can see how it works in africa. ive heard stories where men being naturally strong just force their wives to do all the fucking work - yes even the farming. they just laze around and do nothing except occasionally raping their own daughters
definitely the worst life imaginable

Anonymous 235074

Fun fact: did you know that the burqa, a garment worn by muslim women, originates from Judaism? The whole Middle East is extremely influenced by Jewish misogyny.


Anonymous 235078

>She added that this part of Jewish law became entrenched in pre-Islamic Arab tribes of the Arabian Peninsula and then spread throughout the Middle East with the Muslim conquests.

Interesting! Judaism is one of the most (if not THE most) hateful religions when it comes to women. There are Jews that seriously think that if a woman is menstruating she can make flowers wither and die by touching them. So bizarre.

>Narcissistic men that engage in out-of-control extra-marital sex can be challenging to treat when their cultural background reinforces their misogyny and sense of entitlement, as it does among ultra-Orthodox Jewish men. A case study illustrates the challenges for a female clinician helping an unfaithful, married, narcissistic ultra-Orthodox Jewish male refrain from seeing prostitutes. He devalued the approach of his female therapist and the client had to learn that he was not entitled to women's love and respect, but that he needed to earn it by transcending his egocentrism and demonstrating empathy rather than contempt for women.

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