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Anonymous 237299

Experiences with male "feminists" and allies?

Anonymous 237301

They run the risk of being tranny supporters, but it's usually only for the sake of politeness and politically correctness. They're better than Alpha male types who degrade women at least. Idk where the idea came from that girls want an "alpha male." They're all so trashy and disgusting usually. Where I grew up, there's a lot of redneck, white-trash types like that who are "OUGH SO TOTALLY ALPHA." The only pleasant interactions I've had were with more nerdy introverted men at my college, who people would probably call "beta." I guess being a respectable person is considered lame. Extreme high school mentality it's just "jocks versus losers" for internet goblins.

Anonymous 237310

slightly ot but when I was more libfem I would just tell men that they're feminists unless they're in favour of subjugating women. this was hilarious and entertaining though i am now disinterested in male participation

Anonymous 237331

saw a radfem post that said something along the lines of "most leftist men are only leftist from the waist up" and i couldn't agree more. a lot of self proclaimed progressive male feminists i've met are pro-woman until it comes to female sexual subjugation, and thats when their pornbrained monkey brains really shine through.

Anonymous 238087

Isn't "male feminist" almost synonymous with emotionally manipulative rapist?

Anonymous 238116

in my experience, definitely and then also actual rapists

Anonymous 238130

I meta few at a protest once.
They fit the archetype of being dweebs but didn't come off as predatory or as sex pests. It mostly seemed like they were just bored scrotes who just want to be a part of something.
I'm sure there's cases of predatory behavior among them thoug.

Anonymous 238150

My experience is they'll use their "male feminist" credentials to talk over actual women, and when called out on it they'll troon out in order to keep talking over actual women.
See: Charles Clymer. Before he was a tranny/feminist icon every feminist on Twitter hated him for coopting feminism.

Anonymous 238164

I knew a predator who said the right things to get women to trust him. He even admitted it to me (creeps always tell on themselves because they think they are soooo smart and want to brag).

Unless you see the guy active in the community, assume anything he says is fake or at best surface level.

Anonymous 238314

like going to protests, making twitter posts? I don't want to get fooled by some guy's preformance.

Anonymous 238316

Men who pretend not to be feminists are actually pretty cool ime. I think the term "male feminist" is just so poisoned at this point that decent men avoid it entirely.

Anonymous 238326

"Male feminism" is a manipulation tactic used by moids to get us to trust and fuck them. Most of the shit that moids spew has some sort of hidden agenda.

Anonymous 238332

I mean actually active like volunteering, donating money regularly. If it's something you could put on a CV or resume and longer than a couple of months then it's more likely to be genuine.

Anonymous 238351

There is moid. Then, there is moid feminist. And then, there is the moid feminist who need to tell everyone he is a moid and a feminist. Why would he do that? To reach which goal?
Avoid everyone who is vocal about being a feminist, if they were, you wouldn't need to tell the world.

Being an alpha is like being a women. If you have to say you are, then you are not.

Anonymous 238355

>Avoid everyone who is vocal about being a feminist, if they were, you wouldn't need to tell the world.
100% this, actions speak louder than words

Anonymous 238367

sexually deviant tranny eggs - stay away from them.

Anonymous 238371

Guilt the two faced male feminists into dating the local tranny.

Anonymous 238458

most of them are straight up chasers there's no guilt involved

Anonymous 238483

I have never met one because all men are misogynists. I'm really shocked that any of you have met one, all the moids I've met either misunderstand feminism or hate it (usually both)

Anonymous 238522

Raped me.
Lied about raping me.
Raped another woman while he was under title ix investigation (bc of my report).
Was not held responsible due to having family members who donated a whole building to our university.

Also supported troons and a lot of other brainlet causes. Should definitely off himself before someone does it for him.

Anonymous 238712


Molested me and (probably, i'm not sure if it's really was like that) raped me, tried to defend himself saying that he has autism (he never even been to a psychiatrist), when we broke up said that he wants to beat the shit out of me (previously stated that he would never in eternity hurt someone), etc. etc. huge manipulatior, has a new gf now who he convinced that im lying lol

Anonymous 238713

i wasn't the first one either, his ex is a precious person, but the thing is that she had switched accounts at that time and he convinced me that if i msg her, she'll be mad at him for leaking private messages
didn't matter that my and his ex's mutual friends were chatting w/ her on the new acc
she didn't warn me directly bc she thought that he had changed, she lowkey tried tho, but i missed it

Anonymous 246234

Male feminists don't care about women, they care about ego/their own opinions being correct and whatnot. Had to learn this the hard way. They care about 'hypothetical' women but not you, and if you differ with him on the slightest of issues he'll disown you because he doesn't see you as part of the club anymore. Stay away from these losers.

Anonymous 246241


Something that I agree with conservatives with is that a lot of these young men just pretend for pussy, and are actually more dangerous than men who just outright express their hatred for women because these dudes hide it until they outright rape or murder. Only men I can respect being feminist is older married men into activism, and I'm talking about 40+. Anything younger, that's a massive redflag, likely just chasing for victims.

Anonymous 246254

Guys who say they are feminist probably can't even name a feminist opinion, they just use the whole word as a defense. It's a red flag. Normie moids don't really have opinions on it unless it's either like 'i hate it' or 'yeah sure equal rights'

Anonymous 246355

If a man agrees with any feminist talking points, he is implicitly admitting that he's scum. If you make any generalizations about men to a man who isn't a misogynist, he'll naturally reject those claims because they're inconsistent with his own internal experience. This is why men can never be real feminists, nor should they be.

Anonymous 246356

and by rejecting feminist claims because he feels personally attacked, he is admitting that what might apply to a bunch of men also applies to him and extends to all men.
therefore it's either all men good (what he wants us to believe) or all men bad (most probable reality given statistics), like they're some kind of hivemind. thus he's proving the all men are the same thing by his reaction and refusal to see the world of males as a nuanced reality where he can be a good person despite the undeniable existence of some or lots of oppressing individuals.
so disagreeing makes him look hypersensitive, closed minded, unempathetic, self centered, and a load of other things that say a lot about him as a person so i wouldnt bother with said scrote.

Anonymous 246358


Real. Honestly being hyper politcal about stuff that doesnt directly affect you is a red flag.

Anonymous 246373

They're disgusting.

Anonymous 246378

This might be the dumbest thing I ever read.

Feminism isn't saying "all men bad lmao", it's about recognizing systemic structures of oppression. Did you get your definition of feminism from fedora-tipping sceptic youtubers or something?

Anonymous 246392

Of course that's not what feminism is, but that's how men will hear it. Fedora tippers are evidence of this. If you state an objective, provable fact like "men commit 95% of all violent crime", men will interpret that as you accusing them of being violent.

Anonymous 246395

Yes. That's why the red flag should be him going "what? Shut up I've never hit a woman you red-haired men-hating feminazi!!!!" not him agreeing.

Anonymous 246410

Plus I'd rather be with a guy that wants to TRY to understand feminism over someone who is a blatant insufferable misogynist.

Anonymous 246435

Caring about things is cringe.

Anonymous 246442


I hate to post a stonetoss comic, but this is pretty accurate

Anonymous 246450

Two guys from uni wouldn't stfu about muh feminism back then. One of them is straight, is an insecure manlet who works out all the time to compensate for being short. I was catching up with female friends from uni who moved abroad after graduating because I visited them and they told me and showed me that this guy was hitting on them on messenger or whatsapp when we were still students and would send them pics that weren't his nudes just yet, but let's say he didn't ask for their consent at any point. They were never, ever interested. On his twitter account, which I found thanks to some investigating, it turns out he's sooo insecure he has regular appointments as a therapist to whine over and over again because muh height. Funny coming from him.

His best friend was the kind of white gay who's super flamboyant and would repeat SJW talking points while always judging women by their looks and fashion sense… especially when we were too poor to afford anything but basic jeans and shirts and when we weren't white. Once on FB he posted that his company wanted to hire an intern in HR. I sent him my resume and asked for an update because I was desperate and looking for a mandatory internship to graduate, which I didn't find on time, which made me graduate a year too late. I found his twitter account long ago and it turns out that the guy ignored my application to hire someone else just because it was a "hot" (according to him because lol) white gay just like him. They're dating now and their lives are kind of shit, years later I have a stable job despite being discriminated against by racist hiring managers so many times, meanwhile he never had a job for more than one year and will not stop bitching about everything. Anyway I think these two guys were secretly racist on top of pretending they cared about women.

Anonymous 246456

I guess your ideal man doesn't give a shit about anyone but himself then??

Anonymous 246471

afaik ive never met a male feminist in my life

Anonymous 246472

My ideal man is my bf and he only cares about us.

Anonymous 246520

A "feminist" moid from my universinty just jokes in the uni chatgroup that he manages to get tons of sex by talking about feminism with women. I seriously hope it's a joke cuz he looks like an unwashed incel.

Anonymous 246521

Nobody who only cares about his current girlfriend status can care for long because they don't truly give a shit about anything.

Give it time before he uses his selfishness to cheat on you and do God knows what else. Destroy you financially ? Why not just give him the invitation

Anonymous 247758


Anonymous 247759

I had never used the internet or interacted with men my age until I was 17 and in uni. My very first instinct was that they needed to loudly proclaim their allegiance to women because other men didn't want to be around them, and if they had more confidence, they'd be the ones sexually assaulting women.

Anonymous 247764

First 3 panels show predators that use their surroundings to hide themselves form prey which differs from the surrounding. Applying this logic to the last panel the male feminist blends in with women who are his surrounding to prey on what or did stonetoss fuck up the comic?

I kinda don't get it. Would somebody mind helping me out here?

Anonymous 247765


That made me look up bluehead wrasses and I found this about reef fishes in general

Anonymous 247994


It seems pretty self-explanatory. He camouflages himself in order to get closer to prey (the women) to spring his trap.

Anonymous 248666


This is how male "feminists" think. Makes me sick.

Anonymous 248671

dated a guy for a bit. he seemed very open to hearing radfem rhetoric. when i asked him why he was so open to recieving these ideas he said “its not my place to tell women what they should and shouldnt believe” and other male feminist shit like that. anyways, turns out he was a pathological liar who was just trying to sleep with me. go figure.

Anonymous 248673

Thanks for sharing. I thought you were gonna go with the "turns out he was into femdom" because that's another big, big reason why some males are more receptive to feminist ideas. I've had the displeasure of encountering this type myself. It's all the same with them. It seems that males do their thinking with the wrong head if you know what I mean.

Anonymous 248711

Every time I see a tranny threaten to rape everything under the sun I go "Thats not very girlbrained"
Pisses them off to no end.

Anonymous 248712

Hate troons but thats a fedpost if i ever saw one.

Anonymous 248717

Every male feminist I knew trooned out in the end (I'm not even joking or exaggerating)

Anonymous 248718

>being hyper politcal about stuff that doesnt directly affect you is a red flag.

so this is pretty autistic because people are capable of empathy for other groups (see vegans, animal rights people, people from the West who care about geopolitical issues in other countries etc.) but you're still semi-right because men aren't really capable of empathy

Anonymous 248721

What about the anti flag singer that turned out to be a predator

Anonymous 248722

> Men who believe that all men behave badly will behave badly

Anonymous 248750

tbf nona im pretty sure he was into femdom too lol

Anonymous 248840

I've seen just as many male 'feminists' and leftists be just as horrible as non-feminists and non-leftists. to the point where I specifically don't trust men who go out of their way to talk about their being feminists or feminist supporters. I generally would prefer someone who shares my political beliefs but I have also come to understand that shared political beliefs also don't necessarily follow shared values. I think, albeit rare, men can be respectful of women without being self proclaimed feminists and I've discovered in the case of the latter, usually they still have ways of being fucked up with women.

Anonymous 249412

this is so true, like every 'feminist' guy i've talked to would usually end up arguing with me and act like he understands feminism better than i do do/call me a bigot(lmfao), and consistently do and say misogynistic things despite constantly virtue signaling how woke he is for social credit. it really just feels like a way to signal how progressive and and cool you are but without actually being any of those things in practice or when talking to actual women. not to mention they are almost always TRAs and coomers

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