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Lying on job applications Anonymous 237695

I am applying at very low level positions (fast food, cashier) and a couple places have asked me to take a "personality quiz" about how hard working, outgoing, etc I am.
Tbh I am the polar opposite of these desirable job traits, painfully antisocial and awkward and I procrastinate a ton and avoid work…but I am willing to do whatever I need to get by. How bad is it to lie about my personality on these applications?I am afraid about being inconsistent and it being transparant how I am lying. Does it matter?
T. never been employed

Anonymous 237698

It's fine to lie. You owe companies nothing. The quizzes are just the corporate bootlickers in HR trying to get the best pick of wage slaves. Lying to make yourself seem more appealing is simply outsmarting them. Fuck'em. As long as you pretend you're eager until you're out of probation you'll be fine.

Anonymous 237701

Lie to the extent that you are able to maintain.
>yeah i used to go hiking a lot
>yeah i love reading
>I have worked in teams in the past
As far as being antisocial, they'll know right away so dont pretend to be outgoing. But emphasise that you're polite, attentive to people, able to co-operate and generally won't cause shitstorms.

These types of tests are made to auto-remove total retards so that they don't need to look through 200 CVs.

Anonymous 237758

They're liars too so don't feel too bad about it

Anonymous 237777

Awww. Just make shit up about taking care of kids or housekeeping up until now and then list your or a friend's phone number for reference. List some kind of action hobby like Xerascaping. Having done xerascaping at this park or that school or this museum. I actually did xerascaping for child development centers in high school and abuses the hell out of it when I was looking for my first jobs because I didn't have any experience and I really did chair the xerascaping committee but it was for one year. List skills you can really talk aboit. Then over exaggerate them when you're applying for that first job. They treat entry level applicants like shit and make them jump through ridiculous hoops for the shittiest job on earth unless you have tons of experience. When you have experience they will hardly even look at your application after they've talked to you and you know your job for real.

Anonymous 237778

>It's fine to lie. You owe companies nothing.
What do you owe to yourself tho?

Anonymous 237832

Not only is it fine, it's needed as everyone else is lying.

Anonymous 237854

I told the truth on my personality test and got rejected from McDonald's. Now I have an actual career and I'm glad I didn't waste any of my life working the grease counter.

Anonymous 237866

Anonymous 238148

What's your actual personality?

Anonymous 238327

a roof over my head, food, water and good health.

Anonymous 267208

Americans love tyranny because Americans have never read a history book.

Anonymous 267210

Pretty much this

The lying will need to be done in the interview anyway

Anonymous 267218

Those personality tests are fucking dogshit and I have no idea why they attach them to entry level jobs. Lie your way through them, please, and if they auto reject based on that they're fucking retarded. I never understood why no matter how I answered it I'd always get rejected from certain companies, even when I tried to bootlick. God it's so stupid

Anonymous 267219

It's just a dumb quiz, it's ok to lie, in fact I think it's expected. Most people try to make themselves seem as good as possible/make a good impression to get the job.

Anonymous 267268

you are expected to lie on these quizzes, that is the test. Are you willing to pretend to be something you are not for this job. It is kinda like the TSA "are you a terrorist" question, only fools say yes.

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