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Anonymous 238004

Why do you simp for virgin men?
You do know that the reason they're still one is most likely because they're assholes and don't give much of a fuck about anyone besides themselves, right?

Anonymous 238006

The cases of virgin-male thirst that looked most legit on these boards seemed to be aiming below the age of majority.

Anonymous 238008


because virgin men are not always virgins because they lack chances with women.
some virgin men are virgins because they chose to be and are waiting for the right person to lose their virginity to (this is rare, but i've met some men like that before).
that is way preferable to both incels and fuckboys. i think it shows integrity, a similar sex drive to mine (low and/or very dependant on feelings and emotional connection, coomers are disgusting) and lack of societal brainwashing so he's probably someone who thinks for himself and isn't influenced by peer pressure and stupid media.
also the thought of being the first time of a guy i love is both hot and reassuring to me, and i prefer being the more experienced and dominant person in the relationship.

Anonymous 238009

I don't think being an asshole is any real impediment to getting laid

Anonymous 238011

The single biggest problem with targeting any seemingly or superficially healthy adult male virgin is that the emotional and social coping mechanisms they develop to avoid killing themselves will always be too much.
Imagine getting into a relationship with a guy who seems sweet, focused on his studies, didn't play too many videogames or use porn (real porn, not Ao3 literotica or hentai or whatever else). And then you find out he's a VTuber fan who spent the past two years with an actual part of his food budget dedicated to spending literal actual money to text a goddamned anime girl livestream avatar so he could hear a woman's voice addressing him by his internet handle.

Anonymous 238013

Why do you simp for slutty men?
You do know that the reason they're not undefiled is most likely because they're assholes and don't give much of a fuck about anyone besides themselves, right?

Anonymous 238016

So in short, men are assholes, and slutty men just hide it better?

Anonymous 238018

Slutty men frequently seem worse at hiding it if anything. Neuroticism and anxiety seem like they make virgin men overcompensate for sexual deficiency and that overcompensatory masking up is offputting.

Anonymous 238020

slutty men are the worst. but so are incels. sluttiness is in spirit not in actions. an incel is a slutty man who hasn't had the chance to slut around.
give me a voluntarily virgin guy.

Anonymous 238024

Where would voluntarily virgin guys hang out

Anonymous 238026

>real porn, not Ao3 literotica or hentai or whatever else
That is real porn? Porn is bad because it objectifies women, creates unrelistic expectations for relationships, and isolates the consumer. Hentai and erotica do both.

Anonymous 238027


Their rooms or a serious church

Anonymous 238028

It doesn't do that it brings people together

Anonymous 238029

What do you mean? Men don't approach women now because their sexual desires are satisfied through porn (thank God). Erotica and hentai satisfy sexual desires ergo I'm not desperate for a boyfriend if I can just read about my perfect man.
If you mean the media producers hentai is drawn and erotica is written, both are not social activities.

Anonymous 238035

I would expect to find them in Linux User Groups and traditional gameshops.
Malebrained argument.
"Oh if you wanna censor porn then we ought to ban 50 Shades of Gray and Ao3 and scrub the internet of all omegaverse content because it mkes men insecure and women happy"
porn causes real and specific harms by involving real and specific nonconsentual sex and inflicting that on real women.
Even the dreaded "MPREG + dubcon" tag duo on Ao3 can't do that.

Anonymous 238040

It's about risk and reward, you could have been killed a century ago for having premaritial sex but people still did it.
Now that there's a risk free way of satisfying their libido they don't talk to women. If for example porn suddenly was banned you would see more men approaching women because it would be easier than tracking down a stray porn website.

It was one point of a larger argument, erotica isolates people and creates unrealistic standards for both sexes. Nobody is saying people don't get trafficked and abused but what about onlyfans girls who make porn voluntarily? Would you be okay with your boyfriend consuming that since nobody was hurt?

Anonymous 238045

>linux user
are you trans?

Anonymous 238047

>Would you be okay with that?
Gut reaction, "no." I think that no's probably because the sheer amount of due diligence required to actually ascertain zero harm is monumental in OF and conventional porn and would itself indicate a massive investment on all terms. Not 100% sure though.

Funny joke, but maybe Ao3 might do some harm on that front now that I think about it, since about half the users of that site are fakebois and another quarter are full blown TIFs.

Anonymous 238050

>since about half the users of that site are fakebois and another quarter are full blown TIFs.
lmao what. that's not true.

Anonymous 238051

>conventional porn
Do you consider a single woman taking topless photos conventional porn? I've known women who did that sort of thing just for male attention and I would never be okay with my boyfriend looking at that while we're dating.
He would be getting off and devoting time to another woman. Regardless of if she wants his attention or "consented" I don't like it. A man should be devoted to his wife, and that means no porn and I'm not sure why that doesn't cut both ways.
All I'm asking you to do is think about it.

My sister went TiF and casually talks about omergaverse fic with her coworkers, yes it is.

Anonymous 238058

>My sister went TiF and casually talks about omergaverse fic with her coworkers
and how did you infer 50% of the international multi-million ao3 user base are trannies from that? where i live it's regular normie girls who write degenerate gay omegaverse rape porn.

Anonymous 238059

I like my brushes broad

Anonymous 238060

>a serious church
What would be a silly church?

Anonymous 238061


Anonymous 238064

Anonymous 238066

fanfic's always been like that, before tifs it was butch lesbians. I miss those days

Anonymous 238067

you are patient 0

Anonymous 238068

I've read the study. Trannies = 8.9% of the twitteroids surveyed, and remember they are the terminally online demographic so both ftm and mtf are over-represented. Women = 75.7%. Men = 5.4%.

Anonymous 238069

Shut up I have the right to rip the virginity from a sweet virgin male

Anonymous 238074

have you done this before, could you see yourself doing this? I'm not saying you can't but be honest with yourself. Incels are alone because they're picky, unpleasant, and hypocritical. I wouldn't want someone with a potential to end up the same way.

Anonymous 238075

nta not all virgin men are incels

Anonymous 238078

The term no longer just means sexless, men who can't get dates or misogynists are called incels all the same. I've seen people on fauxmoi call Henry Cavill an incel

Anonymous 238079

exactly. a virgin guy who lives his condition in a peaceful, sometimes even willful way, wouldn't be an incel rn. non-virgin scrotes that are misogynistic and can't have as much sex as they want while still getting it are often the new incels.

Anonymous 238080

>exactly. a virgin guy who lives his condition in a peaceful, sometimes even willful way, wouldn't be an incel rn
no, the term expanded and some meaning it's that simple.

Anonymous 238081

a virgin who is willfully one isn't an "involuntary" celibate lmao

Anonymous 238082

I dont want an incel just a virgin

Anonymous 238104

Or maybe they are virgins just because they went to engineering or business schools that had no girls, they work from home etc.

Anonymous 238152

lol is this really a thing? simping for males because they are a virgin is synonymous to men who only want a virgin girl solely because she is a virgin. thats so creepy you should like people for who they are and not what they represent. maybe because men who chase after virgin females like them due to their own insecurity and inability to perform else she is not a virgin.

Anonymous 238172

>for who they are
They are virgins. That's why I like them.

Anonymous 238176

>who they are
Like someone who sees relationships and physical intimacy as something special and not just something you have with a girl at a party?

Anonymous 238178

>>238004 i like the implication of frustration and docility. They may react strongly to any innuendo, it's cute — and yeah they don't all exhibit these traits. I thought it was obvious that 'virgin' is just part of a larger type

Anonymous 238252

Non-virgin men are also assholes.

Anonymous 238281

>simp for moid
>virgin men
If I'm a virgin, he better be a virgin. Those are just my standards. Like >>238008 said, they may just be waiting for the right person or for marriage or something. Just because most men are coom addicted degenerates who cannot control themselves doesn't mean that all of them are. I have a romantic view on things for sure, but I can easily wait to get that 'fairytale' romance that I've always wanted, which is basically a stable relationship where two people genuinely love and appreciate each other even through disagreements and hardships.

Anonymous 238287

Why do you simp for r9k?

Anonymous 238291

R9k is full of virgins though.

Anonymous 238309

Well, because not all virgins are incels. In my experience they had values and views similar to mine, specially in sex, that was nice. I didn't try anything with them for my lack of confidence.

>aiming below the age of majority
How old are you nonas posting ITT?
From the replies it seems that some of you are very young. So I'm close to be 30 and it would be nice to be in a relationship with one of them. However this idea seems really silly at this age, I might need to let go my little bit of hope.
Thanks for reading my blogpost.

Anonymous 238321

i don’t like incels but with virgins i prefer them because i am also a virgin and i would like for him to be attached to me. also cute kpop looking guys are usually virgins in the west

Anonymous 238337

>cute kpop looking guys
They don't exist in the west

Anonymous 238339

I never understood the appeal of k-pop

Anonymous 238340

i dont understand the appeal of kpop either but the guys sure are hot as hell lmfao

Anonymous 238347

The only appeal of k-pop is fangirling over cute boys under the guise of enjoying the music.

Anonymous 238349

>cute good looking guys are usually virgins in the west
I don't think so.

Some are attracted to aggressive, thug looking guys. Not everyone.

Anonymous 238352

>cute good looking guys
She said
>cute kpop looking guys

Anonymous 238353

How would you even know if he's a virgin?

Anonymous 238358

If you ask him "Are you a virgin?" and he says "Yes" he's probably a virgin.

Anonymous 238361

You actually think a moid isn't capable of lying about that if he knew you prefer virgins?

Anonymous 238363

My friend is dating a formerly virgin man (who lost it to her) and he constantly shits on her, compares her to other women at his workplace who aren't interested in him, gets mad at her for not cleaning his garbage and whines about gold diggers while making her go 50/50 on everything (he works at Google and makes $200k+ a year - she makes $80k) - but that's not the worst of it. He has bad breath and it's because of tonsil stones. She complained about it and got him a tongue cleaner and mouthwash which he refuses to use - when she asks why he's like 'well it's not like it bothers me'. Then eventually she started getting tonsil stones (which has never happened in her life before).

So uh yeah - depending on how old you are (think 25+) a virgin man 100% has something wrong with him. You don't want a guy with a high body count or who has ever dumped a woman, but you certainly don't want a virgin either unless you're maybe younger than 25.

Anonymous 238374

Idk, where I am from virgin men my age is normal. Dating culture is broadly conservative, though more casual compared to the past.

Anonymous 238376

kyon embarrassed.g…

If he gets embarrassed when something sexual is mentioned, then he's a virgin.

Anonymous 238386

I don't want some incel scrote who desperately wishes he could manwhore but can't. Those are much more morally corrupt than the regular male bimbo who goes with the flow and get laid on accident.
I just want a low libido man who's awkward, shy and malleable in bed.

Anonymous 238391


you don't know how wrong you are nona. these guys are literally desired by any woman who uses the internet and they are NEVER a virgin

Anonymous 238424

why is this gif so hot?

Anonymous 238431

Moids will lie about having sex, but I have never heard of one lying about being a virgin - especially if they're older. It's about as likely as lying about having a tiny penis. Their super toxic culture basically teaches them that if they're still a virgin into their twenties or thirties they should pretty much just kill themselves and there's enough movies and shows and manga mocking virgin guys that it's practically a subgenre. Some of them definitely are complete fuckups, but some have probably just been unfortunate in their relationships and haven't found the right person yet - which I can relate to.

Anonymous 238433

NTA but
>if he knew you prefer virgins
They will 100% lie about it if they figure out you specifically prefer virgins.

Anonymous 238437

i've seen moids do this

Anonymous 238448

Then they will never know.

Anonymous 238451

I literally said
>formerly virgin man (who lost it to her)

btw I'd suggest not dating illiterate men either

Anonymous 238550

STDs, surprise kids he has to support, and previous relationship drama are things you may possibly get. Not a guarantee, but still. Experience can always be built up together so it's not a concern, it'd be weird to expect someone new to be a god in bed. Learning as a couple is actually quite nice.

Anonymous 238556

Virgins are inexperienced (obv) but they're usually pretty eager to listen and learn what you like since they don't know wtf they're doing. Doesn't mean they'll end up being any good, but they'll try.

Like a third of "experienced" guys will just jackrabbit away for 30 seconds and then roll over asking if they blew your mind.

Anonymous 238566

you'd be surprised how many experienced males think like that

Anonymous 238572

Ok r9k moid. The one "inexperienced" man I fucked made zero effort to make me feel good and made me feel like a fleshlight. The other guys I've been with, all with at least some experience, have ate me out and done the most to make me feel pleasure and feel wanted. Granted, they didn't have tiny penises like the virgin so they had to warm me up beforehand.

Anonymous 238573

calm down used up manwhore fan, not everyone likes stds. i had a really good experience with a virgin guy so i cant relate.

Anonymous 238574

it's so obvious you're an incel moid. The way you jump to extremes and can't read is a dead giveaway

Anonymous 238575

men born through c-section btfo forever

Anonymous 238576

>you jump to extremes!
>accuses people who disagrees with her of being incel scrotes
>you cant read!
>throws random insult despite lack of inconsistencies in the reply she gets
just because you were "used like a fleshlight" by a virgin scrote that doesn't mean it's everyone's experience. maybe don't sleep with men that treat you like that next time? lol

Anonymous 238580

even XYs pretending to be women online physically can't stop themselves from calling the females they argue with whores, it's a programmed routine in the genetically defective scrotoid's mind.

Anonymous 238582

i called men "used up manwhores" mrs 'u cant read' lol
unless you meant me calling out sleeping with undeserving scrotes, which i never said was whore behavior, although its indeed cringe. keep embarrassing yourself

Anonymous 238601

>haha pick better
>"hey guys I think we should avoid picking virgins just because they're virgins since they can still be manipulative"

Anonymous 238603

you wish you sounded this level headed lmao

Anonymous 238609

I’ve been with virgins and most of the time they’re just really underwhelming the first few times and require some guidance, but I’ve never run into one that’s been full on “where do I put it” levels of incompetent.

Anonymous 238638

This is a very interesting video on the subject that I saw recently.

The girl on the left denies that adult male virginity is a red flag for fully half the video. She and maintains that denial even while the girl on the right confronts her with her past dates, which left had terminated specifically because she learned that the man was a virgin, with that as the sole and exclusive cause for termination. The girl on the left spent the video playing the semantic game of redefining red flag away from the common definition of a stop signal, as used by dating advice forums, and instead used the uncommon definition of an indicator of homicidal danger, used only by the true crime fandom.

The reason this is an interesting video is that it raises the same question as the OP. Neither girl in this video would ever date a virgin, but both of them are simping for virgins in their own different way. The girl on the right is simping by taking the position that virgins shouldn't be lied to or misled, and she simps much harder in other and subtler ways. And the girl on the left is simping by taking the position that virgins shouldn't disclose their virginity status ever (instead have some right to treat society as a whole and women they are dating in particular as adversaries whom virgins have a right to mislead. It is a little terrifying to see her fall into certain platitutes related to their stances. When the girl on the right falls into the platitude that the men she abruptly left should not have disclosed their virginity on the date and the night when she chose to have sex with her, she is granting license to all men to avoid disclosing any or all information related to intimacy that would and do cause women to exit the relationship. Women should never give a pass to men to hide information that is important enough to immediately end a liason. Since virginity is and has been demonstrated by her to personally be as important as oh let's say a treatable STD, avoiding disclosure is obviously immoral. Only a major simp would give a pass to a man who took the opportunity to give a girl the clap through a lie of omission.

Both girls briefly touch on the platitudes of "virginity is fine for a relationship but not a hookup" even though most relationships that start over the age of 21 start as what could be called "exploratory hookups," disclosure of personal vulnerabilities such as virginity status would indicate an intention to explore a relationship rather than a one-and-done, and the qualifying criteria for relationships are universally higher than hookups rather than lower. And both follow the platitude of virginity being acceptable in men at all stages in life with the evidence being that other men lost their virginity at a socially acceptable stage, even while both recount personal experiences and personal feelings that show it as being unacceptable by the early to at latest mid 20s. Neither girl seems to believe either of these themselves, but both of them promote these because they are the standard simp responses to prioritize the male's feelings over any and every other consideration.

Why is there this level of simping, among women who have no connection with and certainly no intentions towards this kind of creature?

Anonymous 238651

But it doesn't seem like they're simping. They think virgin men are weirdos and don't want to give them anything. Saying that virgins should lie about their virginity is bad advice, but I don't see how it amounts to simping, since they're not expecting to get anything in return.

Anonymous 238654

It's advice that is beneficial to the men and harmful to women and you don't see how that amounts to simping?

Anonymous 238655

She's giving a general advice to men in general which is harmful to women in general, but simping would be if this particular woman suffered particularly for a particular man for particular affection in return.

Anonymous 238657

>Why is there this level of simping, among women who have no connection with and certainly no intentions towards this kind of creature?

Good question. I think it's because women grow up being culturally reminded that they're meant to be accessories to some man who's better than them and will reward them with eternal love in exchange for fealty. They don't like the idea that men might be inherently bad so they'd rather defend the idea that they're not instead of reckoning with the more uncomfortable truth that they might have to be lead characters - not just side characters. Simone de Beauvoir talks about this in the 'woman in love' chapter of the second sex.

Anonymous 238658

NTA but I think their question is why would a woman effectively simp for men as a class - at least when you simp for a particular man it makes sense, because you love him, but simping for a class you're not even a part of makes no sense at all

Anonymous 238659

I do agree with nona in that the women in the video are licking the boots of moids. My claim is that the word simp isn't used when submitting to the entire class of men but only to an individual.

Anonymous 238662

Hentai is (usually) equivalent if not worse than real porn, but literotica is completely different. It's all about romance and build up. This is why it's so rare to find moids who actually use it primarily or solely for sexual fantasy.

Anonymous 238678

nta but it doesnt take a lot of personal experience to recognize the differences between porn and erotica. you sound like a man

Anonymous 238765

I don’t simp for anyone, but I like taking men’s virginity

Anonymous 238766

Please leave the virgin men to virgin women.

Anonymous 238767

>anarkiddy flag.
not watching

Anonymous 238779

wont they catch feelings though?

Anonymous 238780

what would would be used to talk about submitting to men as a class? pick-me?

Anonymous 238785

>you don't want a guy who has ever dumped a woman

As opposed to being dumped by a woman? I don't see the reasoning in this.

Anonymous 238786

yes - people dump other people for utterly inane reasons (wanting to "explore", cheating/monkeybranching etc.) so a man who was dumped for an unreasonable reason is fair game. a man who's dumped because he's a manchild or abusive or a cheater should obviously be avoided and any man who has dumped a woman should be as well, as he has a proven track record of not being able to commit. this is how you avoid rendering your future kid fatherless (and wasting your time in a relationship that ends)

Anonymous 238787

Okay but what if his ex cheated on him or something else actually egregious though

Anonymous 238788

That has been the case. But I did too, so it was ok

Anonymous 245467

if a guy I went on a date with mentions I am his first kiss does that mean hes a virgin to?

Anonymous 245475

>kisses before marriage
He's a slut
In all seriousness, he's probably a virgin, yes.

Anonymous 245476

If you want a non-incel/voluntary virgin bf then chances are they are gonna be autistic or at least have aspergers. You can't just have your cake and eat it, it doesn't work like that

Anonymous 245477

I don't get it. What does autism have to do with chastity?

Anonymous 245479

Extreme introversion and social maladjustment. The sort that would be very hard to get to know. Those kinds of autists live in their own world and would be difficult to have a relationship with for most people

The only other kind of man that might be voluntary celibate would be religious zealots

Anonymous 245480

thats what I was thinking but what if he does a bunch of hookups and hasnt kissed because he's not looking for a relationship?

Anonymous 245481

I understand how autism would make a moid unable to have sex if he wanted it, but I don't understand how autism would make a moid not want to have sex to begin with, as that is the definition of a voluntary virgin, which you claimed are usually autistic.

Anonymous 245482

Because they don't like to be touched and prefer to be alone mostly
Also they don't even have to be that bad either. Some are just weird and don't trust anyone or love shy. They just tend to be more divergent. It is not normal to choose not to have sex in the modern age, especially men. In this age, if a man is voluntarily celibate, he's probably a sperg

Anonymous 245484

Almost certainly.
Imagine such a manwhore that has had sex without ever kissing.
I guess the exception is if he was r*ped.

Anonymous 245553

what about hook ups, do hookups usually kiss? I want to ask if he's a virgin but he could just lie… is there any way to know for sure?

Anonymous 245555

Anonymous 245561

A moid I was talking to for a while said sex "creeped him out". He couldn't really elaborate on it much but I wish he did because it's such a weird hangup. Some people clearly just have their brains put together wrong.

Anonymous 245571

When I had hook ups, we kissed. I would say it’s fairly normal to

Anonymous 245572

Here we have it again. Sounds like autism or SA victim

Anonymous 245646

I can only assume it was autism, since we met on 4chan and he was an engineering major.

Anonymous 245660

This is the same mentality that encourages the idea that women are sluts and men are pimps

Anonymous 245661

I've read just as much erotic fiction as I have hentai visual novels and I can say that men AND women are objectified in both.

The whole point of sexuality has a finger in the pie of being objectified to some degree. To say one does and the other doesn't is just ridiculous

Anonymous 245788

I only like the idea of them, but I’m too shy to approach or even befriend “virgin” looking dudes. I am an ugly virgin myself and I feel like even male virgins will still be shallow and disregard my existence. I’m sure it’s just me and my social anxiety, though.

Anonymous 245949

Why not try approaching a virgin moid first if they're shy? At worst he'll just reject you.

Anonymous 246051

so real nona, every virgin has a hissy fit if you even alude you're not gonna put out

even on higher levels of education and what not, they are still entitled brats who deserve nothing more than extermination

lord knows why they've had nothing their whole lives, depraved, the lot of them

Anonymous 246132


Can't believe this thread has gone on for so long without the obvious winning answer stated:

Don't simp for men. Let men simp for YOU!

You will save yourself so much heartache if you keep that principle in mind, regardless of what role you want in the relationship. Even virgin men and bottom boys still enjoy the feeling of the chase. They may be weaker willed than dominant men but deep down they still favor something they must pursue rather than being spoonfed your love and adoration. Don't let them get too comfy and think you're just "easy" and "always there", because they're stills scrotes at the end of the day, and they mentally lack the empathy we have due to hormonal bullshit. Men like that will cheat if give the freedom and opportunity, and it's absolutely soulcrushing.

Provider men will bitch and moan and be butthurt about unfaithful women, but men given the same luxuries from a provider woman will cheat on her at significantly higher rates than unfaithful women. They simply cannot be trusted like that and should hush the fuck up with insisting they would be "more faithful"; they sure aren't.

Rare is the male that will actually be satisfied with a single woman and never start looking at other women of his own accord, and even if you manage to cultivate such a man, you will still have to protect him from other women that don't respect your boundaries. Sometimes this is easier to obtain if you are his first, but other times it's easier when he's been around and realized you are the best and he doesn't want to look anymore.

Anonymous 246142

NTA but why such a negative association with imageboard users? What's the benchmark for what a "good" partner is? A normie? You don't think a partner who shares your interests (shitposting on imageboards might be one) is better than a conventional one who likely doesn't share your interests?

I also wouldn't recommend simping for men, 'cause they genuinely enjoy simping for YOU. They want to bring you nice shiny things to impress you with and then smooch you as a reward, and if they don't then they do not like you enough to be considered eligible partners to begin with. I don't know why you would willingly rob yourself of this.

Anonymous 246211

But virgin moids usually don't simp for women, they are too shy to start. Also:

Anonymous 246230

I feel like virgin moids would most likely be simping for e-women like instathots or streamers.

Anonymous 246246

I would probably agree with you if you are only talking about incels who are obsessed with getting sex because they are cumbrains who just can't participate in promiscuity so they get angry. But other than that, aren't you just assuming the worst of everyone? You just sound like redpill retards who hate women and assume the worst of women. How can I know what you are saying is accurate? This is all you hear on the internet. Men/women are all cheaters and then they come up with elaborate post hoc explanation and reasoning. But in reality off of the internet I don't see that much cheating and when you do, it is usually something shocking and it can never be kept a secret for long because someone will see something eventually

Anyways I think it depends on what kind of virgin they are but that has already been discussed

Anonymous 246250

yeah i dont get it, i like my men shy and intimidating
so when i ask them out i get to see them blush.

"simping" is a totally normal and healthy tool in relationships, poaster is obviously some offensive stereotyper


Anonymous 246251

>so when i ask them out i get to see them blush
I have never done that because I am too shy myself to chase men but that does sound cute. I am warming up to the idea of it. I wish I could be confident enough. Timid boys are at least less intimidating to approach I imagine. If you are gonna date a virgin, the ideal I think would be one who is virgin because he is shy. But there will always be someone to tell you "you'll just give them confidence and then they will cheat on you!"
Like how the fuck can you know? It is always the worst scenario in their heads I don't know if they just want everyone to be as miserable as themselves or do they actually think like this

Anonymous 246253

words of pure wisdom <3

Anonymous 246359

you get someone who's shy and timid who's had sex a couple of times, enough that they have some confidence, but not that high.

Anonymous 247975

It doesn't have to be pornographic to cause "unrelistic expectations for relationships."
Guys who watch romance animes are probably more far gone than those who watch porn
The way girls act in anime would be considered mentally ill in real life. They're obsessive, assertive, clingy, and relentless.
Like women who watch Hallmark films exclusively are similar, the plot usually follows rich guy businessman from the city is engaged to the main character, but she returns to her home town and runs into a self employed rough around the edges who don't open up at first, but later apologies and asks her to stay.
Anyways my point is porn isn't the only problem, the crux of it is fantasy.
Everyone has the capacity to indulge in escapism, and set expectations based on fiction.

Anonymous 248245


Virgin guys are a meal ticket to loyalty for life. If you keep a mommas boy chasing, you will be his muse for your entire collective lives. Bonus points if he's some burnt out artist (not the gas station stoner kind)

Anonymous 248249

mommas boy can become too overly-reliant on you if you get married because many of them are spoiled their entire life by their mother. They will expect you to take care of everything for them, and also you better pray his mother is not mentally deranged because a mommas boy may prefer to listen to his mother's advice over yours. Of course this isn't true for all of them, but it is common.

Anonymous 248292


Oh, in that case it would just be a matter of a spoiled child in a man. They take risks because they know their parents money will bail them fast and are easier to spot; what I had in mind were the poorer "forced to work, born to create" guys who are stuck with their single moms in relative poverty- guys who are actually empathetic. Sorry I should have clarified. The guys you mentioned are way more common though I agree

Anonymous 248483

>Virgin guys are a meal ticket to loyalty for life.
I doubt that this is a guarantee.

Anonymous 248485

>Virgin guys are a meal ticket to loyalty for life.
wasn't going to reply to the obvious larp but in case anybody here thinks this is true I can say from personal experience it is not. my ex was a virgin but he wanted to live out a harem fantasy by cheating on me with barely legal girls with daddy issues. Males are biologically attracted to spreading their seed, so being with only one woman will not satisfy that urge. You'll have to be very good at manipulating him and/or ensuring the shame of cheating would be too much for him to handle.

Anonymous 248499

This is probably the worst attitude you could have dating a desperate virgin
It's a quick ticket to getting cheated on
in my experience:
I thought I had leverage because he was inexperienced but it backfired hard when he cheated on me and broke up with me saying I treated him like shit
non virgin guys have a lot more patience because theyve been through shitty relationships, but virgins are super insecure and will ditch you if they get the hint you're using them

Anonymous 268790

If you don't go for a virgin you are getting leftovers

Anonymous 268791

Male sluts + virgin chuds should actually die.

You've given away yourself to some random bitch and now you want to take away my virginity? Slutty men are so stupid and egotistical as well, however on the other far side of the spectrum, some virgin chuds oversexualize EVERYTHING that you do and its like –can I fucking SIGH without you asking me if I'm moaning? Even as a virgin you are as filthy as a male harlot because porn has corrupted your disgusting mind.

What even is there left to do? Finding a pure virgin male that isn't out-of-touch due to a porn addiction is like an extremely rare legendary find that is impossible to attain.

Anonymous 268912

If a boy is a virgin that means he didn't fuck some nona and dumped her afterwards, creating a miserable girls who feels unloved (me) which is enough to earn my respect

Anonymous 268913

>If a boy is a virgin that means he didn't fuck some nona and dumped her afterwards
>nona doesn't know that virgins can dump you

Anonymous 268914

the fucking part that happens before dumping is the important one

Anonymous 268915

Yeah, but he would have if he had had the chance
So not only does he have all the incel baggage, there is also nothing to judge his character by, except that every girl who would have slept with him decided not to

Anonymous 268916

who gives a fuck about that?
I think there are other parts that are more important.

Anonymous 268918

The sex makes him lose consciousness so that you can restrain him with your silk, sink in fangs and inject the liquifying venom into his abdomen. That is a very important part of most relationships. Trust me I'm a human expert.

Anonymous 268920

Wishful thinking that he's free of poison and not a coomer.

Anonymous 268922

no, he's just ugly

Anonymous 268923

pretty sure most people would break up when they realize theyre getting used

Anonymous 268924

men want to feel useful tho
the trouble is not when he is used
it is when he realizes the thing you are making him feel useless about
is the same thing you are using him for

Anonymous 268927

the ideal bf has a very low but non zero body count, like 1-2. You could be the third time that's the charm. It's the balance in between not being a loser incel and not being a promiscuous manwhore.

Anonymous 268932

Even a body count of one makes him a promiscuous manwhore. One rotten apple spoils a barrel.

Anonymous 268933

virgin vs nonvirgi…

Anonymous 268937

There are two reasons for men to have had previous sexual partners;
>He is incapable of love.
Men fall in love faster than women and only care about looks. If he found her attractive enough to have sex with, then he should have fallen in love with her.
>he has some horrible flaw that he's hiding
Someone else didn't want him. This is why he has had sex, but isn't in a relationship.

Anonymous 268952

>There are two reasons for men to have had previous sexual partners;
There is ultimately only one. It looks like two from a distance, but converges.
1. He keeps making bad decisions
2. He keeps being a bad decision
If he consistently makes bad decisions on something as important as a lifelong intimate partner including trivializing the decision itself then he is a bad decision.
There's obviously a time limit on how long putting off the decision can remain a neutral decision and it definitely turns into a bad decision by no later than say the age of 24 so if you're 27 and single it's time to date younger men.

Anonymous 268956


A virgin man will feel so empowered from your attention and care that he will immediately start looking for women to cheat on you with. You should only go for men who are able to get sex on the regular as they won't start a relationship with you just for a crumb of pussy.

Anonymous 268960

>moid fucks woman A, dumps her
>moid fucks woman B, dumps her
>moid fucks woman C, dumps her
He's the perfect moid for woman D!

Anonymous 268970

All this larping about wanting virgins and saying what great partners virgins make is SO obviously incels trying to trick us into giving them a chance. Like come on you think anyone would fall for this?

Anonymous 268973

>if you hate slutty men, you're a larping moid

Anonymous 268974

virgin guys in their 20's are virgin because they are short and or unattractive, the rare exception is muslim celibates

end of story

Anonymous 268975

>all the attractive moids are sluts
It's a bleak world out there

Anonymous 268976

You're right this seems so forced. Women aren't generally obsessed with future partners retaining their virginity like men are. This sounds like moids trying to imitate what they think femcels are like by just saying incel stuff but flipped.

Anonymous 268981

So, what, I'm not allowed to talk about how I don't want some lousy manwhore? Women aren't a monolith, and different women want different things.

Anonymous 268983

It's not as bad outside the West. East Asian countries people in general are less slutty. Half of people between 20-24 in Japan are still virgins.
One, I don't see why we need to follow what other women are doing. Two, valuing virginity but not vice versa was always a very powerful moid tool, like moids holding positions of power or force. It's a simple empirical fact that virgins make better partners. Women, who are far less promiscuous and pair bond strongly, have always had more reason to find virgin men.

Anonymous 268985

I popped the cherry of my moid and made him into my perfect husband,he is literally perfect, if you settle down for a non-virgin its basically the same as getting cheated on.

Anonymous 268987

and then both have homosexg with eacother

Anonymous 268988

>everyone I disagree with is a scrote
You are a retard who wants soiled goods. Most incels aren't even virgins and a lot of them sleep with hookers.

Anonymous 268989

Ya no. Do you know how much prostitution there is over there? Cheating? They consider sleeping with prostitutes something to be proud of because it shows they can afford it. You sound like a retarded weeb idolizing asians

Anonymous 268990

I have a question. Why do you like slutty men? Do you think you'll somehow be different from the other girls he pumped and dumped?

Anonymous 268991

There is nothing as intimate and satisfying as conquering the moid you have chosen and then deflowering him. Most women will never know this joy sadly, most moids are whores and fuck anything that moves.

Anonymous 268993

Prostitution is even bigger in the West + casual sex. Yes no society is actually good for finding a moid in. It's just harder to find a non used moid outside of Asia. At the same age range just 6% of moids are virgins.

Anonymous 268995

im a virgin (early 20's) but i have social anxiety. its probably over for me

Anonymous 268996

>Prostitution is even bigger in the West
Please do your research

Anonymous 269001

Nona there’s a huge number of virgins in the 20-30 age group range based on some stats posted a while back I believe

Anonymous 269002

in fact zoomers are the most virgin and socially isolated generation ever

Anonymous 269004

Only zoomers moids actually.

Anonymous 269007

Theres a handful from 99 that are still unblemished

Anonymous 269010

>Finding a pure virgin male that isn't out-of-touch due to a porn addiction is like an extremely rare legendary find that is impossible to attain.
I think you'd find it is quite the opposite actually, you do realize purity and nofap is coming back to fashion in the manosphere, right? I think there's a lot of young virgin zoomer moids out there right now, your goals are not as impossible as you think. Try lighten up a little, see the silver lining.

Anonymous 269011

I hate the fact that this is somewhat mostly true. The solution is right infront of our eyes, really. The observations are too, it's almost comedic. I'm laughing at the thought and the entire ordeal right now, it's more funny than it is actually sad.

Anonymous 269018

Don’t zoomers go til 95?
Since 30 year olds should go to 94?

Anonymous 269019

A male being a virgin doesn't mean shit because they all watch porn.
Nofap exists because they cranked their dick so much it broke, it has nothing to do with purity.

Anonymous 269022

Those men only reject porn because they've been ruined by it. They hate porn because it broke their dick. They all probably had some embarrassing incident where they couldn't get it and their girl laughed at them.

Anonymous 269029

Not everything is about sex, nona.
Who are you to just pessimistically assume the worst in men anyways? I think you need to quit this delusion.
You'd be far better off optimistic than just assuming the worst in everyone. Even if you are correct…
…maybe you could own that virgin, get him to stop watching porn, because of your presence in his life.
Love is far better than just a bunch of pictures and videos of e-thots, I think you know that all too well.

Anonymous 269030


nta but we are not better off being optimistic "nona". assuming the worst in men is what keeps us safe.
>own that virgin, get him to stop watching porn
do labor to fix the moid until after 5-10 years his natural biological urges makes him cheat on you and abandon your children for a naive 18 year old girl

Anonymous 269033

>5-10 years his natural biological urges makes him cheat on you and abandon your children for a naive 18 year old girl
To be honest, I can't really argue with that, but nothing really lasts forever, I guess. Not to mention that women are also guilty of this. Sometimes, things don't really work out, I know, but you can still have hope, you can still enjoy what you have in the present, not all relationships last forever, there are ways that you can prevent that from happening, and if it did happen to me at least, then maybe I'd be seeing the world through your eyes right now. So, has it happened to you? Or are you just believing in what you are told to believe in without any actual life experience?

Anonymous 269034


happened to my mother, grandmother, aunts, friends, countless women throughout history and worse. quit coming on here thinking you can convince women to date your sorry ass.

on the off chance you are female, make sure you always have financial independence. do whatever you want with males but as long as you are financially independent you will be ok. don't let some male convince you to move for him or make less money.

Anonymous 269036


Why so negative?

Anonymous 269037

nta but
"quit coming on here thinking you can convince women to date your sorry ass."

>i only want a virgin bf grrr

>oh, you sound like a virgin moid trying to get me to date you!! get lost!

Anonymous 269038

I don't think they are the same anon.

Anonymous 269039

lmao what did he say? i missed it

Anonymous 269042

People are literally just as promiscious in korea and japan. It's just that they don't have kids.

Anonymous 269043

I made this thread 9 months ago?
Where did time go?

Anonymous 269052

Has your question been answered?

Anonymous 269173

I have a Nigel husband and he's perfect. This doesn't mean I'm some kind of retard who can't acknowledge how shit the majority of men are. Even my husband admits this.

Anonymous 269421

Virgins are the best husband material

Anonymous 269435

>virgins are super insecure and will ditch you if they get the hint you're using them
Not just virgins. Friend told me that a moid she was talking to shared with her a ton of stories of 'being used' in friendships. Guy was a total lech and thought he was entitled to sex or a relationship. When he did get in a relationship finally that insecurity just followed him. He didn't ditch but he was always a pain to be around because you could tell he was neurotically analyzing every interaction as some kind of transaction.

Anonymous 269436

When I was in high school I had a crush on a boy who was saving himself for marriage. He was super cute and I'd sit behind him in gym class with my friend and oggle his butt.

Anonymous 269443

Most nonas making that sort of claim are just saying weird things for fun. The internet isn't real and not every meme is in the form of an image macro.

Anonymous 269494

What the male equivalent of "no hymen, no diamond"?

Anonymous 269509

Women don't give men diamonds.

Anonymous 269514

I am terrified of STDs.

Anonymous 269520

>>268995 nona, youre still quite young , although you feel as youre not moving fast as the other people your age and falling behind you still have so many years so dont feel inadequate
>>269010 the only reason why those moids have rejected porn is because they blame it for their inability to get it up or because theyre religious, but most moids still consume porn even on things like pinterest and tiktok

Anonymous 269521

Right, so what's the equivalent?

Anonymous 269524


No wizard, no lizard

Anonymous 269538

Just think of something women are expected to give men in marriage, then try to think of a rhyme for it.

Anonymous 269540

Diamond is a metonym for marriage itself, and hymen is one for virginity. So what's a metonym for virginity that only applies to men?

Anonymous 269545


Anonymous 269552

I bought the wedding rings for mine.

Anonymous 269561

Congrats on being conformist lol

Anonymous 269562

But virginity is desirable in this context

Anonymous 269563

I just wanted to remove him completely from the dating pool quickly.

Anonymous 269569

No virginity, no affinity
No virgin schlong, no wedding song
No virgin dick, no wedding pics
No virgin cock, no wedlock (best one imo)
No virgin thing, no wedding ring
No virgin balls, no wedding bells
No virgin man, no wedding plan
No virgin male, no wedding veil
No wife for slutty life
Only wed the new in bed

Anonymous 269573

Moid cope detected

Anonymous 269596

These are kinda unfunny and most of them dont make much sense.

Anonymous 269597

come up with something better

Anonymous 269616

This whole thread is basically chatGPT output for the prompt "what would a womens discussion about male virginity look like in bizarro world".

Anonymous 269634

no v-card no bride?

Anonymous 269702

Can women in this thread explain why they simp for used goods? I've never understood it, I'm curious to hear your reasons. I see this shit irl and could never wrap my head around it.

Anonymous 269704

It's honestly S-tier absurdist comedy

Anonymous 269706

If you want to get virgin moids you have to date children or 30yo+ basement dwellers who are either 500lbs tubs of lard or 90lb skeletons. All other scrotes are used goods.

Anonymous 269747

Just talk to the awkward moid that never speaks to girls, 80% probability of virgin

Anonymous 269766

There is a highly enervated part of the penis which attaches at the junction between the glans, urethral opening, and shaft. It is called the "frenulum."

It is also called the "virgin string." Or "rope."

It is called that because it is fairly common for it to tear during first intercourse for uncircumcised men. If this occurs it is generally accompanied by bleeding.

"No string, no ring."

unfortunately there isn't much if any porn of this happening sorry apparently it's actually dangerous to health and a lot harder to fake than a woman's so any searches will just turn up dull medical and anthropological stuff sorry again

Anonymous 270050

We must have respect unto God, the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ; and unto His Son. It is not good to refer to God in a disrespectful or mocking manner. You can receive the forgiveness of your sins by obeying the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Gospel is very important, because it is what we must obey in order to be saved and have eternal life in the Kingdom of God. You can learn more about the Gospel of Christ in the following video:

Anonymous 270137


I believe in one guy, one girl

Anonymous 270169

>no string, no ring
I like it. Imma gonna start using it.

Anonymous 270180

I've never encountered a known virgin adult male that wasn't vile physically and mentally.
>le innocent twink!
doesn't exist unless you can look hot and groom an 18 year old with self esteem issues.

Anonymous 270213

Don't be such a Debbie Downer. Innocent twinks do exist.

Anonymous 270236

Twink is a gay community term and the more extreme form of it is femboy(slut).
There is definitionally no such thing as an innocent male prostitute slim from drug use and seminal testosterone absorption who adopts catty attitudes in order to tease homosexual men into a state of arousal.

Anonymous 270297

You're judging the term by it's more extreme form though. That's like judging cars by semi trailer trucks.

Anonymous 270618


>It's not as bad outside the West. East Asian countries people in general are less slutty. Half of people between 20-24 in Japan are still virgins.
Well I bet it's also not that bad in the west. I've always thought that it was strange how much American media portrayed high school as such a sexual place in it's series (like skins, and euphoria), that I wondered if I were a late bloomer, so I gravitated to mangas/manhwas where people have first relationships on uni or work. But reading statistics, Americans are not more promiscuous, and high schoolers are equally preoccupied with tests and uniprep

Anonymous 270655


You think it still applies today

Anonymous 270657

Why do you want men to be sluts?

Anonymous 270659

>men should be whores

Anonymous 270661

It's obviously a self-hating incel posting

Anonymous 270675

I’ve had a virgin once, and probably won’t ever again. The sex was not good, and afterward his sweet facade completely burned away and he started acting like a dumb fuckboy since he “scored” with me.

Anonymous 270678

>I had a one night stand with a virgin who turned out to be a fuckboy in spirit

Anonymous 270871

>self-hating incel
you can just say "tranny" for short

Anonymous 270990

i dont simp for men

Anonymous 270991

Every man that cares too much about virginity is a fuckboy in spirit

Anonymous 270997

Fuckboys don't want virgins. They want easy women whom they can pump and dump.

Anonymous 271220

so true bestie

Anonymous 271514

Having ANY kind of sex, regardless of gender, is gay as fuck. Anyone that willingly opts to have sexual intercourse in these times is probably a bug chaser. You know who most bug chasers are? Literal fags lol

Anonymous 271517

They are easy to manipulate and the idea of taking someone's virginity or first kiss is hot in and of itself for me. I also like that a lot of them are just sweaty NEET incels who will droll over me and I like seeing them going from being total assholes to opening up about their trauma, it's fun. It's like a little game or challenge.

Anonymous 271521

are you me?

Anonymous 271783

Virgins are not chads so why would you simp for them?

Anonymous 271785

Virgins go great on a turkey sandwich with bacon and tomato silly

Anonymous 271789

serious answer: pretty white rat effect

Anonymous 271804

I think it’s really funny to have the incel neet ones as orbiters who are never gonna get any. It makes me feel powerful to gatekeep them from what they want.

Anonymous 271813

I simped for one virgin because he refused to have sex when his past "girlfriends" refused to commit to monogamy. Being bashful and awkward admitting to disliking, and refusing to take part in, casual sex with no intimacy was very, very charming.

Anonymous 271819

>Don't simp for men. Let men simp for YOU!
You would not believe the amount of times people who could've been together didn't because of this mentality.

I honestly wish I didn't think like this back in high school/university because dealing with heartbreak even if it is for a while is better than a lifetime of regret

Anonymous 271840

married to former virgin male… absolutely heaven i have to say. literally goes crazy for me. gyns, don’t chase males — let them chase you

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