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Nature and Outdoors Anonymous 238704

Thread is for all things outdoor and outdoor-life related. Do you feed any foxes? Birds? Corvids? Like to occasionally be a child and catch a gecko? Everytime I see something like a small snake outside I get excited. I like to feed herps crickets, etc, when I find them.

Anyone here into nature photography or jumping spiders? Or just hiking, beachgoing in general?

Discuss all things outdoors here.

Anonymous 238776

I have two families of sparrows living in nesting boxes and I can hear their babies peep whenever they're sitting on top of them. I've also seen them have sex on the boxes.

In winter this one cardinal couple always hangs out around my bird feeder. In summer a hairy woodpecker couple hangs out instead.

Anonymous 238855

There is a snake that I always see when I go walking. They kinda freak me out but I think this one is harmless. I see all kinds of wildlife where I live: hawks, lizards, snakes, deer, squirrels. And when I go walking at a lake near my house I usually see turtles.

Anonymous 239065


i volunteer at a turtle/tortoise rehabilitation center!

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