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Singlehood as something better than permanent relationships. Anonymous 238706

Does anyone else just hate the idea of living with a guy ? All the horrendous shit that comes with living with them 9 times out of 10??

The emotional abuse, the financial manipulation, hands off parenting, incredible mess that they will half ass cleaning up or just won't clean up at all?

This is especially true of old men who expect their older wives to play their mom, but will reciprocate NONE of the care they put out.

I also royally hate the hypocrisy of ugly men. There is no such thing as a reliable husband in most cases and it's like slogging through shit to find a rare gem in real life. They will contribute nothing domestically and just generally be fully grown children who only make your life harder most of the time.

The way they collectively act towards women, taking our rights away, abortion rights, even forms of birth control. Then suddenly there is such a thing as nice ugly male???? And I should be grateful and attracted to said hypocritical ugly "more tolerable" male because theres simply nothing better than that??? I should settle for that hollow feeling of domestic life with someone I'm not even attracted to?? Who is really going to be a huge emotionally overbearing domestic burden??

Screw being with ugly guys who want a one way street of attraction. This is like the ultimate hollow feeling to me.

It just reminds me how im sick of seeing old men plastered everywhere next to pretty young women they don't even deserve. Even old ladies are starting to cut that hell out of their lives. Solitude is bliss. It's never actually fun to live with a guy. They will just make your life hell. Yeah I will never touch an old man. Or listen to their hollow promises. I would rather be single. Peace freedom to live how I want without burden of a fully grown child.

Even a TON of older ladies are starting to join this movement now where they'd rather be single in their old age than play mommy to an old man whose never reciprocated care. Not even once. Not even after the woman spent her entire life circling a drain to care in a way that's never returned the same way.

I genuinely don't understand why it's a "death sentence" for a guy to reciprocate all the things they expect from women. That includes looks. So your old, so what? Hearing old women are finding bliss in singlehood while men cannot and dislike it, is extremely extremely telling. The men are just weaker, more entitled, and more spoiled. Men have everything SET UP for them to succeed, but they don't know how to appreciate single life that way?? They simply take too fucking much !!

It is not a death sentence to wisen up to your complete hypocrisy and just reciprocate what you expect of someone living opposite you for your whole life.

Anonymous 238727


>Hearing old women are finding bliss in singlehood while men cannot and dislike it, is extremely extremely telling.
This is so true. And then men project that a woman who lives alone with her pets is "sad." Bruh she's happy she escaped lmao. Just because your depressed ass can't cook, clean or wipe itself as a single man doesn't mean we're struggling. That's why moids often die first, especially after divorce or their wife's death. Literally can't take care of themselves.

Anonymous 238735

yeah that's what dating is for. you "try out" different people and find the 1/10, sometimes 1/100 that fits with you. you dont hate the idea of living with a guy, you hate the idea of living with the wrong guy

Anonymous 238742


^Nona there's a reason there are more women in the workplace, women are outcompeting men at school, and couples are increasingly choosing girls over boys when given the choice in IVF

Men are obsolete and this is evidenced by their utter inability to keep up in the dating marketplace or live on their own

Anonymous 238743

I've never had and do not want any type of relationship with any scrote, period. If I imagine building a life while living with another woman I would be okay with that, even though I'm probably not a lesbian so there would be no romantic element. I know it sounds strange and I don't think I could find anyone who wants to live like that, so I'll probably just live alone forever.

Anonymous 238758

Yes, absolutely. I have a small apartment which is always neat and tidy, super easy to keep clean, perfectly decorated to my taste in a girly colour scheme. I know it might sound trivial compared to the real bullshit men bring to our lives (violence, abuse, ruining our lives in general etc) but I just can't stand the idea of a man taking up space or changing things or making it more difficult to maintain my living space. The only thing worse than having to clean up after yourself is having to clean up after someone else while he sits on the couch playing video games, I'd literally rather die than do it.

Finances are a big thing as well, of course. I'm financially secure and a man would just be a liability, who knows what kind of money problems he could bring to the table? I'd never want to risk it.

Anonymous 238775

why don't you just lie and say you're nonbinary/bisexual? everyone's doing that now (hell even I do that)

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