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3c Bunker Thread #4 Anonymous 240860

3c is temporarily down due to technical difficulties, so here is a thread for addicts to gather in the meanwhile.

Anonymous 240925

eric if you see this please come fuck

Anonymous 240926

hung out with my friend and it was the opposite of fun. it made me very sad

Anonymous 240927

aigoo 2 threads

Anonymous 240928

one porsche

Anonymous 240929

i love seokmae

Anonymous 240930

banning skzposting would unironically improve dst

Anonymous 240932


first for i want all ya cream soda

Anonymous 240933


Anonymous 240934

Anonymous 240935


he's kekky and adorable and a petty bitch, love him

Anonymous 240936

word this bunker has proved it

Anonymous 240938


Anonymous 240939

word, we will post a heartfelt letter about it on /site/ when 3c is back

Anonymous 240940

word it’s actually chill to post without one of them ruining the vibe of the entire thread over a small disagreement

Anonymous 240941

trying a little too hard there friend

Anonymous 240942



Anonymous 240943

te amo mango.jpg


Anonymous 240944

i'll take 10000 skzshit posts instead of 1 nct/dreamsped wordvomit any day

Anonymous 240946



Anonymous 240947

>no hiv
>no skz
>no dream
>no zb1
>no girlpops
>no tempest
and we're reaching #3000 by 2030

Anonymous 240948

let's grab one 2c nona by the arm and ask her who is the best looking gaypop posted here

Anonymous 240949

the dream stuff is just dull as hell but it's easy to tune out and doesn't feel like a massive shift like last summer did

Anonymous 240950

dreamcels are like a schizophrenic but harmless homeless lady yelling nonsense, staycels are your aggro cousin who ruins family reunions when everyone else is having fun

Anonymous 240951

forced we just want hiv and skz banned

Anonymous 240952

can we keep the skzposters i like

Anonymous 240954



Anonymous 240955

zero hot guys in this thread so far

Anonymous 240956

honestly some skz posts are kinda funny and they've improved themselves a lot since peak staycel saturation, there's just the obviously underage sensitive ones ruining it

Anonymous 240957

staycels are a special kind of irritating, i can handle all other dumbass posters but they grind my gears for some reason

Anonymous 240958


here you go

Anonymous 240959



Anonymous 240960


vote for juyeon

Anonymous 240961

Angel Felix.jpg

i like fanart posting, it's cute

Anonymous 240962

the rule should be if we remember them from kingdom they get to stay except the one who's been around for three years having melties

Anonymous 240963

and those sensitive underage ones are the vast majority

Anonymous 240964

nice try but they all suck

Anonymous 240965


Anonymous 240966

what happened?

Anonymous 240967

could be, but i think they might just be the loudest

Anonymous 240968

i really doubt we have more than one kingdom era staycel left

Anonymous 240970

we do but they're borderline akgaes or one foot off the wagon

Anonymous 240971

i know dreamposting is annoying but this one angry vendettachan making memes and sperging about nicknames is also annoying kek

Anonymous 240972

i like the kekky bangchigga posts, sometimes i still remember 'shingles inferno' and kek to myself in the grocery store

Anonymous 240973


Anonymous 240974

it feels like all staycels are turning off them at the moment, so many doomerposts

Anonymous 240975

kek i didn't count hanautist in there but as a former staycel i can tell they either changed groups or left

Anonymous 240976

nice try but they all suck

Anonymous 240977

yeah pretty much, hence borderline akgaes. it's only going to get worse as skz get more and more out of touch with actually being a kpop group

Anonymous 240978

a staycel with one braincel left would get upset by them blatantly copying btshit. that youtiful song gotta be the last nail in the coffin

Anonymous 240980


staycels contributed to dst culture and history, it feels wrong to ban all of it even if they suck now

Anonymous 240981

it has to be other nctzens or something because i don't really notice it. granted if i see chenle posted i know to just tune it out completely because nothing worth committing to my brain is going to follow

Anonymous 240982

yeah, but we can bully the obvious newfags, hopefully by the time 3c is up, they've reintegrated into twitter or something

Anonymous 240983

they haven't contributed to shit

Anonymous 240984

she pretty much told me she wasn't enjoying the way we spend our hanging out together and i genuinely had no clue

Anonymous 240985

too fast yuyu

Anonymous 240986

nctposting used to be so fun pre-kingdom and during kingdom too

Anonymous 240987

i will campaign for the preservation of whatever kingdom staycels are left
that didn't work because trolls latched onto how annoying the new ones were and perpetuated it and threw performative or real melties just to throw the thread into further chaos

Anonymous 240989

oh… i'm sorry.. did she mean the specific activities or hanging out together in general? it could be a good thing she told you instead of keeping it to herself, so you can ask her what's up?

Anonymous 240990

>we can bully the obvious newfags
tried for a year, i don't have any fight left in me

Anonymous 240991

aegyosal contour is stupid

Anonymous 240992

i don't mind the hyunchinposter

Anonymous 240993

a lot of skz posters sound like they dont even like skz, just constantly seething

Anonymous 240994

trust me it was only fun for other nshitties and not for people around

Anonymous 240995

i wish we could go one day without discussing dst internal politics

Anonymous 240997

only you

Anonymous 240998

guess what one z in zzz stands for

Anonymous 240999

i'm sorry but you guys weren't that funny during kingdom

Anonymous 241000

kek well, you may be right.. i used to be a shittyzen back then so, rose-colored glasses and all

Anonymous 241001

specific activities. we usually watch movies or chat over some coffee but apparently the passivity frustrated her

Anonymous 241002


Anonymous 241003

it's our only chance to do so between us oldfags

Anonymous 241004

this is how it is with most groups kek. barring atinys which seem universally entertaining

Anonymous 241005

skzshitters and skz themselves gave me the most amount of keks, malicious keks at their expense but keks nevertheless

Anonymous 241006

is it better fujobaiting to pick one member and act like you're dating or to constantly act like you're fucking every single member

Anonymous 241007

yup it's nice to not be gaslit about it for a change

Anonymous 241008

but watching our groups interact like that was fun, magical even

Anonymous 241009


Anonymous 241010

this but autinies and staycels. nshittyzens were always funnier to me and no i'm not one of them

Anonymous 241011

Anonymous 241012

t. autiny omo <3

Anonymous 241013

word. i skipped nearly 2/3 of it and most dst threads because it was kinda boring but dst made it out to be some sort of wow breathtaking most memorable event ever and i was like "okay i guess, glad you're having fun"

Anonymous 241014

in-between, figure out the most popular pairings and fujobait with those members only

Anonymous 241015

god staycels are forcing so much. give up, girlies we will get you banned

Anonymous 241016

i don't find any of this moid drooling entertaining tbh unless you guys are fighting about which vapid bbongtak is better than the others. dst shines when it's off topic (swim threads, the unico seethers, the 2008 crisis shit, etc.)

Anonymous 241017

t. autiny
you guys think you are standup comedians, very delusional

Anonymous 241019

always liked shittyzens aside from the early lyricspam being a chore to scroll through. shittyzens has great variety

Anonymous 241020

i like all of you

Anonymous 241021

everyone x doyoungfag was pretty funny too but that was still on topic

Anonymous 241022

a mixture of both i like diversity in ships. i feel like a gaypop with just one main ship can get boring quick

Anonymous 241023

too bad about nct's faces though

Anonymous 241024

buht's the deal with airline food

Anonymous 241025

>make pasta
>slice cheese so it melts easier in the cream and butter
>but it ends up being really cheesy (stringy)

Anonymous 241026

just remembered my password to some old account. am i officially a hacker now?

Anonymous 241027


Anonymous 241028

no keks here sorry

Anonymous 241029

sisters we are eagerly awaiting naver's confirmation email but we understand it's going to take at least 24 hours (?). we really hope we get in this time because those girlies make some beautiful mods

Anonymous 241030

what kind of cheese was it? there's a scientific reason but some cheeses don't melt smoothly without added chemicals

Anonymous 241031

we all know it's "ericballs69420"

Anonymous 241032

dreamposting is cringe and not funny and obviously unreadable for anyone who isn't into it but unfortunately we have a lot of fun. it's like being kids playing dolls and making up a really complicated storyline. except the schizo christfag and even she is fun to argue with sometimes

Anonymous 241034


tough crowd

Anonymous 241035

hey, that's 3c admin login

Anonymous 241036


the best at it are the ones who do both

Anonymous 241037

>unico seethers
do you mean the time the pretentious jpop fan got angry or something else

Anonymous 241038


Anonymous 241039



Anonymous 241040

another reason to dislike autinies they enable your autism and retardation

Anonymous 241041



Anonymous 241042

she's a keeper
but i just can't keep her

Anonymous 241044



Anonymous 241045

it's the opposite for me, i get bored quickly when we aren't talking about kpop-related stuff, but i like ot conversations as long as they don't delve into infighting or go on too long

Anonymous 241046


Anonymous 241047


you'll never guess who this is

Anonymous 241049

i like the wpop conversations

Anonymous 241050

Anonymous 241051


hope he changes his hair soon

Anonymous 241052

Anonymous 241053

i know a faggot when i see one

Anonymous 241055

i am okay with wpop until it goes into some wpop drama i cannot be assed about like wow the weeknd is a lvm no waaaaay

Anonymous 241056

to be honest i like sexuality discourse when it's civil

Anonymous 241057

Human Immunodeficiency Virus

Anonymous 241059

it's fun to speculate and shitpost about it but staycels and dreamcels take it too far

Anonymous 241061

love weeb and weeb fujo convos, very enjoyable

Anonymous 241062

codeswitching is when you very consciously have to say lol instead of kek right?

Anonymous 241063

don't autists deserve to have fun too

Anonymous 241064


which gaypops

Anonymous 241065

well that one is cute

Anonymous 241066

my favorite dst posts are the ones that reference events that happened in hunger games and are treated as fact, like sana throwing knives at chan or mingi tard rage

Anonymous 241069


Anonymous 241070

no. they ruin the fun

Anonymous 241071

these guys seem gay but you've posted too many times about how other combinations are also fucking and it damages your credibility because they can't all be fucking

Anonymous 241072

Anonymous 241073

that recent thread where we talked about old anime we used to watch was so fun.. i liked it

Anonymous 241074

muh hiv pedobaiting groups are super cute hehe let’s put posters of 16 year olds on our wall

Anonymous 241075

i hate that my memory is so bad that i can never remember anything i want to reference. like who did jun sleep with and then kill again? felix?

Anonymous 241076

Anonymous 241077

i'm at aldi what do you want

Anonymous 241078

the four oldest zb1s have all fucked or will fuck each other in the next 2.5 years, doesn't matter if madchew is a straggot

Anonymous 241079

hg proved how sweet and sensitive mamuljju is

Anonymous 241080

i want NAME BRAND chocolate get out of that poorhouse

Anonymous 241081

love those, it’s like taking a trip down memory lane with old fujo ships and media we used to enjoy

Anonymous 241083

exochads… 6h to cream soda lets fucking go

Anonymous 241084

the jpop fan yes kek

Anonymous 241085

i will steal the tapes

Anonymous 241087

it's not the girls' fault

Anonymous 241088

i love these. i wish i still had my old files of hgs past

Anonymous 241089

>googles jungwon

Anonymous 241090

don't engage, she won't stop

Anonymous 241092

you have to take screenshots during the duration of the game or it’s easy to forget unless it’s something incredibly absurd, it’s not the same to backread

Anonymous 241093


Anonymous 241094

no one ever said it was

Anonymous 241095

What is this thread? why are you girls so active?
someone pls explain I live under a rock

Anonymous 241096

yes just like willingly supporting pedojeans wasn’t that roasties fault either

Anonymous 241097

i wore my retainers after about 2 months and… nonas…. don't skip your retainers..

Anonymous 241098

we are fun loving autists taking refuge here

Anonymous 241099

come on, don't say that word please

Anonymous 241100


Anonymous 241102

our home is being fixed so we are hanging out here until it's done

Anonymous 241103

uh.. and FUCK trannies!

Anonymous 241104

we are addicts getting our fix

Anonymous 241105

based mork

Anonymous 241107


need ccc back so badly…so many videos

Anonymous 241108

i miss woonggi

Anonymous 241109


holy fuck, k18 treatment STAT

Anonymous 241111

how come you miss him he is the most active non zb1 beplet rn

Anonymous 241112

Anonymous 241113

god hyunjae is so fucking ugly

Anonymous 241114

kek, someone could probably make an ai voice mork say this… wait.

Anonymous 241115


jaemin just debuted this shirt which means he now has 10 different cat themed t shirts

Anonymous 241116

i am an irrational person

Anonymous 241117

Anonymous 241118

been looking into this for another gaypop and the shit part is getting proper voice training data for something like this but if it's just for speaking a mork voice model already probably exists

Anonymous 241119

a chilean girlie also gave him one with his cats on it

Anonymous 241120

that is complete fucking hay on his head, no wonder mf wears hats all the time

Anonymous 241121

>it hasn't been 48 hours and we're 1/3 into bread #4
actually maybe we should calm down a bit

Anonymous 241122

500 posts is nothing

Anonymous 241123

a nona made ones for chan and mark and some others i can't remember, you should ask her for help

Anonymous 241124


goodnight nonas, see you guys tomorrow…. i love you girls so much……….

Anonymous 241125


daebak you're right, i forgot, he was so happy about it too

Anonymous 241126

i have the one she posted of keb making fun of trannies saved on me kek

Anonymous 241127


nighty night

Anonymous 241128

did she train them or did she use existing voice models? what i want to do requires me to gather a capella audio of husbando singing and he's a brapper so i just can't be bothered

Anonymous 241129

night night

Anonymous 241130


sweets dreams gorgeous baby

Anonymous 241131

a man who owns and wears at least 12 different cat shirts and is regularly characterised on dst as an 'evil sex demon'

Anonymous 241132

i wish i could help but i don't remember

Anonymous 241133

it's okay i'm hoping some girlie out there will just train a model for me

Anonymous 241134

great choreo.webm

who is kard for kek

Anonymous 241135

i ended up watching a bunch of twice ai songs and they were so convincing, even the pronunciation on the english words was off in a realistic way. jihyo usually sounded the worst, she came across too weak and placid, mina was probably the most scary accurate

Anonymous 241136

one day i will learn how ai voice models work and make every dst loved gaypop sing this

Anonymous 241137


Anonymous 241138


Anonymous 241139

fucking love kard at the gym

Anonymous 241141


love this compact rat

Anonymous 241142

word. i always found shittyzens and dobbers to be the most consistently entertaining

Anonymous 241144

but shittyzens haven't been entertaining in ages

Anonymous 241145

jiwoong quietly voting for rattchew's terrible aegyo was so cute

Anonymous 241146

libfems and choice feminism believers, great for the burger market

Anonymous 241147

i binged like crazy today. bros….

Anonymous 241148


they have such a cute and omo dynamic, kino ship jinja

Anonymous 241149


Anonymous 241150

….sunday funday

Anonymous 241151

as long as we can all agree the weird troon tiktokposter is the worst poster

Anonymous 241153

bm looks so fucking goofy

Anonymous 241154

he's like a burger shownu

Anonymous 241155

you just made me remember that shownu botched himself…

Anonymous 241156


Anonymous 241157

that was so retarded of him…

Anonymous 241158

i still can't believe sieun fucked up her nose

Anonymous 241160

>after wooyoung shouted "ya san-ah happy birthday" yeosang changed his lyrics to "look at san, look at our san" and san got sooooo happy

Anonymous 241161


KEK whatever the fuck was she making him do

Anonymous 241162

points and laughs

Anonymous 241163

uhhhh horny bisexual latinas, i guess

Anonymous 241164

wow he is so youtiful

Anonymous 241165

based keb. chanhee could learn from this

Anonymous 241166

pet play and public humiliation

Anonymous 241167

pretend to be a puppy, super based

Anonymous 241168

kard has been surviving off latam tours forever but wonder how they made it through covid

Anonymous 241169

tbz are really pushing for japan this year huh..

Anonymous 241170

nct dream went to peru? wow that's nice

Anonymous 241171

her vb got officiated btw. insane difference

Anonymous 241172


Anonymous 241173

they released total doodoo for their japanese cb

Anonymous 241174

kek cute nona, it has a very pretty voice but i kind of miss the robot sound

Anonymous 241175

you say that but it's still better than the average japanese idol music

Anonymous 241176


awww good boy kebin. now take your clothes off

Anonymous 241177

mogs all tbz discography

Anonymous 241178


Anonymous 241179

kevin is so masc and big next to a woman. i always forget that gaypops are actually manly men. even the absolute limp-wristed manlets look like real men next to women

Anonymous 241180

why are people trying to convince me that will poulter is hot

Anonymous 241183

is this another akb pedoshit?

Anonymous 241184

always think about the girlie who went to ateez hi-touch and said even seonghwa looked manly

Anonymous 241185

in jaemin’s post from the beach in peru the shadow standing next to him is clearly mork and he put a kissy face in the caption. but i didn’t notice any of that because i’m normal

Anonymous 241187

manly dom daddy birb

Anonymous 241188


shake your maracas ay carumba

Anonymous 241189


am i pretty?

Anonymous 241190

birdie with his hair up is always sex

Anonymous 241191

based they were on another level

Anonymous 241192


Anonymous 241193


Anonymous 241194

tbz chinamaxxing arc next

Anonymous 241195

please don’t enforce negative stereotypes. he should take advantage of the freely available cocaine

Anonymous 241196


can we expect a post like this from dream soon

Anonymous 241197


masc daddy dom

Anonymous 241198


Anonymous 241199


me rn

Anonymous 241200

you think if i offer some nugu coming to my shithole country a joint he would accept it?

Anonymous 241201

ot course you are gonna be robbed looking this retarded, you are pratically begging

Anonymous 241202

literally me wtf

Anonymous 241203

give him a break, he had to be in ts entertainment for years. that fucks with you

Anonymous 241204

everything went to shit after 2020 for tbz musically

Anonymous 241205


anticipating his mexico photoshoots since he insists on doing 3 every day now

Anonymous 241206

you'd think he'd know a thing or two about getting robbed then

Anonymous 241207


same energy

Anonymous 241208

all shartbos fault

Anonymous 241209


Anonymous 241211

Anonymous 241212

at least they arent singing baby trans girl you are youtiful dont kill yourself

Anonymous 241213


Anonymous 241214

it’s not a competition

Anonymous 241215


Anonymous 241216

if things don’t work out with japs then…

Anonymous 241217

if i could guess what went wrong aside from the disastrous ist merge is that creker/ist thought they wanted to do a western push and miscalculated how to make that work for tbz and now ist just doesn't know what to do at all

Anonymous 241218

hwangholhan neoye prism
all eyes on you babythey/them

Anonymous 241219

cAneta azul azul caneta caneta azul ta marcsds com a minha letra

Anonymous 241220

tbz are too attractive and not attainable or relatable enough for blue haired aidens to like

Anonymous 241221


Anonymous 241222

they tried it with maverick but it flopped extremely hard plus they just have too many members and borgers don’t like that

Anonymous 241223

staycels trying to cope

Anonymous 241224

annoying pattern of dobbers being extremely insecure and sensitive. cut it out you guys used to be good at taking jokes

Anonymous 241225

c'mon… the aidens definitely love keb

Anonymous 241226

just hyunjaefags

Anonymous 241227

it's the big group size and the group being made up of ana twinks

Anonymous 241228

they will always have japan. jap fans are very loyal and will stay with their favs even when they're old walled hagged and ugly

Anonymous 241229

youtiful is the dumbest title i've ever heard

Anonymous 241230

word. ameritards and latanese people are addicted to uggo gaypops because it won't make them feel less desirable

Anonymous 241231

Anonymous 241232

aren’t most kebfags black woman

Anonymous 241234

hence why he is the worst member. typical westoid lgbtqia+ retard

Anonymous 241235

kebfags are lesbians and chanhee has the aiden fans from what i've seen

Anonymous 241236

if 3c is still dead tomorrow, can i post about hyunjae tits, bits and pits?

Anonymous 241237

cmon nonas behave, we are guests here

Anonymous 241238

wait until you learn about snain

Anonymous 241240

they are white whales like dawn proto dykes/aidens

Anonymous 241241

reported for alog- oh wait… I CAN'T! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!

Anonymous 241242

have i told you already how great you look today nonas

Anonymous 241243

ateez has halazia
skz has youtiful
what is tbz's made up word

Anonymous 241245

this is how i mourn

Anonymous 241246

i blame staycels

Anonymous 241247

uhhh nolza?

Anonymous 241249

it’s a lot of them, consistently seething about how the world is a sick fucked-up place because most women think tbz look like wimpy fags and don’t worship them, complaining about how there’s no hot guys if anything other than the same 3 juyeon pics are posted, calling everyone dykes, i ignore it but they’re way too comfortable being aggro

Anonymous 241250

that's a real word

Anonymous 241251

Screenshot_26 (4).…

Anonymous 241252

take on meeeeeee

Anonymous 241253

are these angry dobbers in the room with us now?

Anonymous 241254

kekking at the thought of a miner coming in lurking trying to make heads or tails of any of this

Anonymous 241255

i like these kind of captchas tbqhwy i just love repetitive actions

Anonymous 241256


take meeeeeeee ooooooon

Anonymous 241257

riding kyus face as he ravenously licks and laps at my soaking wet pussy

Anonymous 241258

yes, please do

Anonymous 241259

kekekekkek right? they’re probably looking through this thread like it’s hieroglyphics

Anonymous 241260

cute autist

Anonymous 241261

yes kek. they aren’t the worst, just annoyingly insecure

Anonymous 241262


Anonymous 241263

lots of hidden grudges towards various members of our community becoming unhidden these past 2 days

Anonymous 241264

i think westoids would like sangyeons visual

Anonymous 241265

we are falling apart

Anonymous 241266

Anonymous 241267

i think she's just baiting

Anonymous 241268

lonjin is charisma mogging everyone in this interview. another win for china

Anonymous 241269

who was mad are we not allowed to point out the main demographic for strayteez fans

Anonymous 241270

f1 nona… are you with us right now…

Anonymous 241271


Anonymous 241272

these convos come up normally in dst. tbz boring, ateez ugly, skz shit, nct dying, etc. also i fucking hate when the captcha times out and doesn't let me select again reeeeeeeeeeee

Anonymous 241273

the brazilian one? good for him

Anonymous 241274


with all the hassle i forgot to tell you nonas jiwoong made it to top 4 between gaypops korean fags like

Anonymous 241275

at this rate we won't survive until wednesday, we need our hospice back

Anonymous 241276

sure but its been the exact same kind of post for ages

Anonymous 241277

the issue really is i am being suppressed in posting slutty yeosang dancing videos with highlighter green hair

Anonymous 241278

yes. he is a natural. mark looks like a company robot.

Anonymous 241279

thread's been nicer than it's been in months, i think this will be good for us in the long run

Anonymous 241280

already? daebak and based

Anonymous 241282

we are finally free to say we dislike the autiny jani

Anonymous 241283

those are very questionable choices nona i wouldn't believe or take this seriously nona

Anonymous 241284

it was going to happen eventually but it surprised me how fast he made it in, zhang hao is also there at like 14th for some reason
moonbin and wonho are high on the list as always so i believe it

Anonymous 241285

rip moonbin i miss him

Anonymous 241286

same, it still doesn't feel real

Anonymous 241287

cha unu not giving 2 fucks about moonbins death was really something

Anonymous 241288

shut the fuck up idiot

Anonymous 241290

uhmmm actually nona those aren't top 4 but a list of people who received 3 votes. out of like 300. top 4 are son seokgu, unu, jeong haein and nam juhyeok

Anonymous 241291

i did not lie

Anonymous 241292

nevermind then, my korean is awful

Anonymous 241293


stands around cluelessly

Anonymous 241294

haechan looks so fragile and sickly. he lost his spark…

Anonymous 241295

this site is poorly designed

Anonymous 241296


Anonymous 241297

awwww. don't worry, the average birth year of people in this survey was 1995 so jiwoong is prob too young for them. plus zb1 still hasn't debuted so he still has time

Anonymous 241298


no jeno we told you to stop slaying and swerving

Anonymous 241299


>checks dramas to watch
>Hyunjaeneun Areumdawo/ Hyun Jae is Beautiful/ It's Beautiful Now
>Lee Hyun-Jae is an excellent lawyer and specializes in divorce cases
wtf they made a kdrama about my sexual hyunjae lawyer fantasy. and even his last name is lee. wtf

Anonymous 241300

gyoheolkek madchew called one of the panelists at amazing saturday noona sunbaenim

Anonymous 241301

ackshually he did a lot. he took care of his family, helped organizing the funeral and even took care of his younger sister. he was very hvm chad and just a good person for this

Anonymous 241302

hyunjaechads we're all watching this

Anonymous 241303

recently noticed that gaypop variety uses a soundbite of jontron saying "what" a lot? how did they even come across that

Anonymous 241304

can both of you not do this over something this serious

Anonymous 241305

Anonymous 241307

i love him so much

Anonymous 241308

and he was professional enough to not let his personal issues affect staff. normies don't get to skip work just because they mourn someone (esp not someone outside family). i don't like unu but great work ethic

Anonymous 241309

do what? i said that unu cared and actually did things to help and not just posted a sad instapost

Anonymous 241310

so he paid for stuff and checked out, got it

Anonymous 241311


is puzzled

Anonymous 241312

even for bait can you not use someone's death to prop up or shit on unu

Anonymous 241313



Anonymous 241314

calling him hvm chad is taking something personal and recent and turning it into shitpost speak

Anonymous 241315

mark's face when the show host tells him to give the poster to the girl in the audience kek he so did not want to do it

Anonymous 241316


Anonymous 241317

i think he's still helping his family. he promised in his goodbye letter that he will take care of everything

Anonymous 241318


Anonymous 241319

it's not bait, it's my honest opinion. he didn't look moved by moonbins death and maybe that's because they were just coworkers

Anonymous 241320

what even is a cream soda

Anonymous 241321

i'm not propping anyone up. i'm just saying she's wrong

Anonymous 241322

>it's not bait it's my honest opinion
why does she say this word for word almost every time

Anonymous 241323

mark was like… uhhh would sm allow me to do that…

Anonymous 241324


freaking love saging my shit

Anonymous 241325

>Cream soda (also known as creme soda or creaming soda) is a sweet soft drink. Generally flavored with vanilla and based on the taste of an ice cream float, a wide range of variations can be found worldwide.
sounds disgusting

Anonymous 241326

are they at that show that one nona said was really bad

Anonymous 241327

we have no clue of what you are talking about

Anonymous 241328

soda with sweet flavoring

Anonymous 241329

idk im watching the brazilian show

Anonymous 241330

i paid him a lighthearted compliment. you want me to rip my hair out because moonbin tragically died? i get it it's sad, but i just said that unu was a good man in my own way and my post was not a shitpost

Anonymous 241331


>cream soda

Anonymous 241332

i'm going to sleep. not coming tomorrow because i'm not ready for the shitshow

Anonymous 241333

i think that's the one. is it bad?

Anonymous 241334

just be more respectful and have some tact

Anonymous 241335

i dont think it will be that bad here honestly

Anonymous 241336

this is so cute, who's the artist

Anonymous 241337

it's messy and convoluted but it feels like i'm getting more genuine snippets of their personalities than what we would get from a korean or an american interview

Anonymous 241338

there won't be anything interestng tomorrow. both exo and zepler releases are gonna be boring and underwhelming

Anonymous 241339

exo will be a banger and we will coom endlessly. bepler will be boring tho

Anonymous 241340

stop moralfagging and virtue signaling, neither of us even knew moonbin

Anonymous 241341

I'll be gone
In a day or twoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Anonymous 241342

this thread has completely overtaken 2c kek

Anonymous 241343

twossy ;)

Anonymous 241344

cream soda teaser sounded kinda shit though

Anonymous 241345

>rhino falsetto
i sleep
>rhino raspy smoker voice
real shit

Anonymous 241346

awful drug

Anonymous 241347


@kingofgamza on twit, she loves to draw the teezers as animals

Anonymous 241348

it sounded amaaaazing i want all ya cream soda yaasss

Anonymous 241349

this but moonbyul

Anonymous 241350


alright fine stop begging me i'll post a fox husbando

Anonymous 241351

cream soda bros we are taking every sip

Anonymous 241352

i have an irrational hatred for the mamma mia movies

Anonymous 241353

being chatty is in our dna

Anonymous 241354

atleast now we know who has been linking ccc to her twitter friends

Anonymous 241355


we would've had a new atzg with a birthday op for him by now :(

Anonymous 241356


can't believe 3c is down on my beloved's bday…. happy birthday san ily here's another post for you

Anonymous 241357

chatty r- gets shot

Anonymous 241359

kek mindlink. i'll make a san bday dst when we get back

Anonymous 241360

thank you these are adorable

Anonymous 241361

whenever i think about the hyunjae pube sprinkler posts i kek

Anonymous 241362

Anonymous 241363

Screenshot_22 (4).…

Anonymous 241364

show some decorum here nona

Anonymous 241365


Anonymous 241366

after pooping all day we are drinking gatorade

Anonymous 241367

captcha cannot and will not stop our autism

Anonymous 241369


can't wait to be home

Anonymous 241370


Anonymous 241371

we're fucking doomed sis

Anonymous 241372

this was so bad kek

Anonymous 241374

miners have been really nice to us, cute welcoming girls

Anonymous 241375

absolute tastelet. get out

Anonymous 241376

i did a twitter search yesterday out of desperation and boredom and it was mostly hiv specially moas a ggfag who really likes irene and a shittyzen
also the trash thread is full of hiv and the eggfag

Anonymous 241377

i think their board is just too slow and we've not been around long enough for them to complain about us "changing the culture" yet

Anonymous 241378

they're so nice they're gonna get bullied on dst

Anonymous 241379

but still they could have sperged on /meta/ about it, i know farmers would have

Anonymous 241380

Anonymous 241381

why is eggshitter on gaypg still? doesn't she know we're all here? or she does know but she chose that hiv infested cesspool?

Anonymous 241382

oh yeah hivfags have been an issue with linking the site for a long time

Anonymous 241383

we can tell the site is dying because when kpc was here they would complain a lot about the thread overtaking the site kek i'm grateful tho miners saranghae <3

Anonymous 241384

they most be refuge to new farmers because most of them didn't seem to know who we are even before we changed the op name

Anonymous 241385

farmers sperg and whine and screech on /meta/ about any minor harmless fart. neurotic schizoids

Anonymous 241386

she is posting here and there like dawn syndrome. back to her cockroach ways

Anonymous 241387

new thread soon

Anonymous 241388

can board owner-nim please stop having a pleasant life and enjoy her free time and fix the thing

Anonymous 241389


innie is my bf

Anonymous 241390

the trash thread on 4c?

Anonymous 241392

i'm from gaypg too but i will never come back there especially when there's hiv present

Anonymous 241393

sniff sniff this image has been touched by remini

Anonymous 241394


Anonymous 241395

not a kpoopfag, what is gaypg? who is eggfag? sorry for asking for spoonfeeding in advance

Anonymous 241397

where else would it be

Anonymous 241398

we love sunoo and jungwon here

Anonymous 241399

extra chromosome looking fellow

Anonymous 241400

a world full of mentally ill terminally online board owners and we have the one imageboard owner who is having fun and enjoying her weekend

Anonymous 241401

we dont

Anonymous 241402

>what is gaypg?
kpop thread on 4chan /trash/
>who is eggfag?
a girl who posts egg (do kyungsoo from exo, a kpop idol who looks like humpty-dumpty when bald)

Anonymous 241403

same, never going back there

Anonymous 241404

kpop general on /trash/, hell on earth
annoying personalityfag

Anonymous 241405

giraffe bf.jpeg

Anonymous 241406

more than half the thread has been metaposting you girlies ruin it for yourselves

Anonymous 241407


HEY egg doesn't look like humpty dumpty

Anonymous 241409

it's been the nice kind of metaposting, we had to get things out of our chests this is how we grow closer together

Anonymous 241410

good idea. let's avoid spamming~

Anonymous 241411

my ocd and lust for snorlax both say yes

Anonymous 241412

might as well, just need whoever creates 6 to remember that's thread 6 and not thread 5

Anonymous 241413

im not sure my autism can handle that

Anonymous 241414


Anonymous 241415

but that one is labelled 4 and we are up to 5

Anonymous 241417

yes but you had the same conversation in thread 3 and in thread 2 and thread 1

Anonymous 241418

Anonymous 241419

does anyone besides renjun come off well?

Anonymous 241420

we are the answer to the question of whether female autism is real

Anonymous 241421

the same conversations across ccdsts? fancy that

Anonymous 241422

i dont care about the future #6 thread. we are up to #5. this isnt right

Anonymous 241423

just got a captcha that asked me to click the bicycle and showed me a motorbike and a regular bike side by side. then it told me i was wrong when i clicked both. dumbass riddle asking little bitch captcha

Anonymous 241424


(tries to see any ball slip)

Anonymous 241425

kek real

Anonymous 241426

inspect element so you don't know better, we must not waste resources

Anonymous 241427

do krns post fanart on naver

Anonymous 241428

we're gonna be here till bunker thread 8 to 10, i just know it

Anonymous 241429


did mork hit the wall or are his facial expressions just downsy? he looks the same as always here

Anonymous 241431

slow it down make it downsy

Anonymous 241433

we're here forever…

Anonymous 241435


jigeumbeuto buh

Anonymous 241436


kind of breathtaking when you think about it

Anonymous 241437


jigeumbuto fly

Anonymous 241439

Anonymous 241440

you literally get the link to these threads when you google 3c.cafe down. hasn't it occurred to you that staycels are just being considerate and using these threads for updates instead of flooding this welcoming site with botched gooks?

Anonymous 241444

last for hyunjae boobs

Anonymous 241448

last for if you wanna know how i can show you right now

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