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Anonymous 24382

post yr ideal partner

Anonymous 24383


>skelly, must weigh less than me
>shorter than me is preferable
>sensitive to social issues
>involved in some kind of art (visual arts, literature, music, whatever)
>wants to be a subby househusband

I want someone to love and grow old with so bad. Geez.

Anonymous 24388

My ideal partner is a trap. But irl partner is just a normie.

Anonymous 24395


Goodnight sweet prince.

Anonymous 24398


My bf.

>has beautiful thick, dark, curly hair

>6'4" with long legs and broad shoulders
>melts my heart when he smiles or laughs
>has great bone structure: strong jawline and collarbones
>takes good care of himself: dresses well, has perfect teeth, has a nicely-kept beard, smells amazing
>has an absolute heart of gold: is so kind and generous towards his friends (and mine, bless him), loves animals and all animals are obsessed with him back (I wish my dog loved me as much as he loves my bf lol), is great with children, treats me like a princess
>is incredibly empathetic and thoughtful
>brings me on the cutest dates to the cinema, park, nice bars/restaurants
>but we have just as much fun watching netflix in bed or making dinner together
>knows exactly how to cheer me up when I feel like shit and doing the same for him makes me feel all fuzzy
>we have the same humour so when we make each other laugh, we'll laugh until it hurts
>loves to travel and has been to many countries with me
>is so intelligent (even if he doesn't think so lol) and has fantastic artistic ability
>works hard so we can have a good life
>is romantic af
>fucks me as hard as I want
>is basically a perfect human being in every way to the point where I question if he's even real

Anonymous 24405


>large in stature, tall and either pudgy or muscular. im tall for a woman and want someone to tower over me a little (or a lot)
>passionate about something, whether it be computers or baseball as long as they have something theyre so passionate about that theyd die for it its a very admirable trait
>unique and creative thinker, even if what they think of half the time is dumb shit i can appreciate their thought process
>honest as fuck, cant stand liars or people who are fake
>appreciating art and taking it as a profession seriously is really important to me since its what i live for basically
>protective af and maybe a little possesive because im the same way
>6-7inch dick because too small it feels uncomfortable and too big 8+ and i'll die

im probably asking for a lot and i hope husbando bots are going to be a thing in the future

Anonymous 24408

>pale and boyish looking
>still fit enough to go to gym with me though
>introverted but still has things like a handful of friends, not a complete loner
>calm and slow to anger, not overly emotional, not easy to offend
>has a stable career
>can interpret things like body language well, doesn't need everything spelled out to him
>thoughtful and treats me nicely
>can have long conversations with me when it's just us two
>low sex drive and very vanilla
>wants to get married

Looking through this I just want to fuck the male version of myself for the most part.

Anonymous 24412


You're actually an inch taller than me and we probably live far away from each other. You sound pretty ideal though, I hope you get a tall art gf.

Anonymous 24413


>soft face that's more cute than handsome and a bespectacled qt
>energetic and easy-going, cuddly w/ no major mental issues he can't deal with or find support for himself
>either slightly taller than me, tallish, skinny or slightly chubby but no napoleon complex, accepted himself and can laugh about it
>never treats me like a child and takes my worries and concerns seriously
>adores the humanities arts
>can spend all night debating about stupid things until the sun rises and never think anything less of each other for it
>understands the importance of a self-sufficient job and is best at seeing the larger picture/concise speaker
>Secretly slightly masochistic and enjoys femdom without being a sexist freak

Anonymous 24414

Oh god anon sorry for the random reply! I was about to say you've basically described my dream guy and I just wanted to add a few extra traits <3

Anonymous 24419


>"literally" me, but male
>hates me, but we stay together anyways, because only we understand eachother
I don't trust anyone except myself so my ideal partner is me, the only person I can trust.
Ideal me is a person who looks like she's from Castlevania.

Anonymous 24439


this is going to be cluttered lol. anyway,

>not white. or at least, not from the states & white, i've had nothing but bad experiences with them

>youthful appearance
>odd beauty. doesn't conform to any generic standards
>my height or slightly taller
>for a lady, i wouldn't if she was smaller than me
>also a bit demanding/clingy?
>perhaps a touch of obsession too
>willing to tell me when i fuck up tho of course
>intelligent, witty, kind
>never pitying
>not the type to talk incessantly. we should go hours without speaking & that should be ok
>they let me cook for them & offer ways to improve

or ( this is for women specifically )
>older than me, maybe like mid-late twenties early 30s
>have a silver fox type beauty about them
>willing to spoil me but also dom me occasionally
>likes to bully me every now & then ( out of love tho )
>drinks a lot of red wine

Anonymous 24440

also i'll just swipe from traits from other people

>never treats me like a child and takes my worries and concerns seriously

>adores the humanities arts
>can spend all night debating about stupid things until the sun rises and never think anything less of each other for it
>understands the importance of a self-sufficient job and is best at seeing the larger picture/concise speaker

Anonymous 24443


No problem, I see we both have great taste. Unfortunately an ideal is an ideal, this kind of person doesn't seem to exist anywhere.

Anonymous 24453


My boyfriend is my ideal.

He's sweet, kind, funny asf (even when he is offensive towards other people, he is so funny it is ok lol), intelligent and incredibly trustworthy. He has the sweetest smile and I love his accent and hair.

Anonymous 24459

Not to be a dick, but Pikachu doesn't exist and you can't have a boyfriend that's a Pikachu.

Anonymous 24461

let a woman dream, anon

Anonymous 24472


nooo, my bf is real and handsome and not pokemany.

Anonymous 24523


my ideal partner:
- amazing cook
- loves cleaning
- good father
- handsome
- cute
- glorious silver hair
- forever 25
- is a spirit
- can turn into a cute fluffy fox

Anonymous 24524

Good taste, I loved Gugure. I'm sad the manga ended and S2 never.

Anonymous 24525

yeah it's so relaxing to watch, but imo it would have been 10 times better without that dog pedo man. He just annoyed me all the time
I haven't read the manga but now that I know there is one I definitely will, thanks for mentioning it

Anonymous 24529

why does he look like a less hot inuyasha?

Anonymous 24530

… I have never met a woman before that wants a certain dick size with 3 inches of lee way.

Anonymous 24534

the amount of tiny dicks i have encountered is pretty shitty, maybe its bad luck but 2 of my exes had like 3 skinny dicks that didn't feel right at all to me and only 1 ex with a decent 6 size dick
i guess its personal perference in the end though

Anonymous 24777

My ideal partner is a real person, so I won't post it here.
Just someone I deeply pair-bonded with, I'm a CSA survivor so I want to reclaim my sexuality with someone I deeply love, not some rando, which is why I'm so picky about casual dating.

Anonymous 25059

>ideal man

Anonymous 25071

a woman

Anonymous 25094


Cheap copy of Kamisama Hajimemashita. Tomoe is the OG fox demon

Anonymous 25134

It's been years since I watched this but I remember thinking the snake guy was better

Anonymous 25154

Wut? He's a total twink, sis.

Anonymous 25158

I thought he had a cuter personality. Tomoe wasn't bad either though.

Anonymous 25171

I don't even care. As long as they're stable, not a junkie, morally stable and not a commie of fascist I'm ok.

Anonymous 25700

Anonymous 25776


misunderstood grumpy bad boy who only falls in love with me and has tons of money so we can travel. Haven't played this game in forever since voltage kept updating the fkin apps, but I played most of his chapters/seasons. Don't care about the "problematic" aspects of the game, let me live my dumb bitch fantasy.

Anonymous 25781

>my age
>biologically female
>green eyes
>red or blonde hair
>loves music as much as I do
>is different enough from me that we compliment each other, I don't want to date myself
>has her own friends and her own interests,

Anonymous 25833


an anime boy

Anonymous 25834


Come to think of it when I was writing the stuff I wanted I was thinking of 2D boys the entire time really. 3D can't compare.

Anonymous 87459


BOTW Link is my ideal bf and you cannot convince me otherwise. I force him to climb mountains in the game so that I can hear him grunt. I don't care if I get shit for it. HE IS MY IDEAL!

Anonymous 87461


>Bear mode
>Scruffy and hirsute
>Cute, round eyes

>Honest and straightforward
>Understanding or at least willing to be
>Has hobbies and passions
>someone who can have silly conversations with me and just go with the flow
>Someone who will be happy to see me improve as a person

>Is willing to create a business with me
>Cuddly <3
>Willing to wear matching outfits with me
>Is willing to hike/walk around with me
>Works out/willing to work out
>Bonus points if he powerlifts

Anonymous 87464

>biological woman, my age or a little older
>same height, give or take 3 inches
>also a plant lady
>has a soft look (feminine I think I mean?)
>doesn't have to be intelligent but at least willing to absorb the world around her
>long brown or dirty blonde hair

Guys I just want to be a lesbian in the woods with my lesbian girlfriend and grow our own vegetables with a cat and a dog

Anonymous 99564


>tfw I am not attracted to human males anymore

Anonymous 99587



I want to marry Obi. There is no one more ideal.

Anonymous 99592

>Flavor of the month shonen

Anonymous 99596


I can't hear the haters over his perfectness. Stay salty.

Anonymous 99739


>bear/big (chubby/muscular build and at least 5'7)
>brown/dark-brown/black hair
>patient and caring
>intellectual (on the same wavelength with interest in philosphy/linguistics/history)
>the same level of spirituality as me or moreso (either oriental or eastern orthodox christian)
>funny but not in a painful or overbearing sense
>extremely cute mannerisms
>2-10 year age gap
>good father
>accepts me for who i am and despite me and my family's flaws loves us regardless <3
>not smelly/uses strong cologne

Anonymous 99764


I just want a Kpop-looking guy of the cute kind who submits to me.

Anonymous 99766

my bf <3

>big and muscular, barrel-chested, hairy

>works in the trades, doing manual labor all day
>loves gym
>plays guitar
>pretty dumb, didn’t finish school
>but capable of understanding complex concepts
>loves to rest his head on my lap while I explain literature or philosophy to him and listens and asks me questions
>loves me more than anything
>blocks any girl he sees posting thirst traps on social media, doesn’t really use social media much to begin with
>nice singing voice and pretty face
>likes to cuddle
>in touch with his emotions, almost a crybaby
>never angry

Anonymous 99769

i don't think he was even trying to pretend

Anonymous 99786


>tallish, slim or a little muscular
>black fluffy straight or wavy grown out hair with bangs and dark brown eyes
>asian, white, hispanic, or a mix of those
>looks like an anime guy
>has a hot voice
>introverted, and doesnt have many friends
>>intelligent, funny, creative, nerdy, dominant
>kind, calm, empathetic, loyal, affectionate, loving
>thinks i am the hottest girl ever
>is a virgin, never watches porn or anything lewd
>doesnt talk to or look at other girls
>must be obsessed with me

Anonymous 99789

Same and same. I have a huge caregiver/sadism dichotomy, and kpop boys hit that sweet spot.

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