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Anonymous 24382

post yr ideal partner

Anonymous 24383


>skelly, must weigh less than me
>shorter than me is preferable
>sensitive to social issues
>involved in some kind of art (visual arts, literature, music, whatever)
>wants to be a subby househusband

I want someone to love and grow old with so bad. Geez.

Anonymous 24398


My bf.

>has beautiful thick, dark, curly hair

>6'4" with long legs and broad shoulders
>melts my heart when he smiles or laughs
>has great bone structure: strong jawline and collarbones
>takes good care of himself: dresses well, has perfect teeth, has a nicely-kept beard, smells amazing
>has an absolute heart of gold: is so kind and generous towards his friends (and mine, bless him), loves animals and all animals are obsessed with him back (I wish my dog loved me as much as he loves my bf lol), is great with children, treats me like a princess
>is incredibly empathetic and thoughtful
>brings me on the cutest dates to the cinema, park, nice bars/restaurants
>but we have just as much fun watching netflix in bed or making dinner together
>knows exactly how to cheer me up when I feel like shit and doing the same for him makes me feel all fuzzy
>we have the same humour so when we make each other laugh, we'll laugh until it hurts
>loves to travel and has been to many countries with me
>is so intelligent (even if he doesn't think so lol) and has fantastic artistic ability
>works hard so we can have a good life
>is romantic af
>fucks me as hard as I want
>is basically a perfect human being in every way to the point where I question if he's even real

Anonymous 24405


>large in stature, tall and either pudgy or muscular. im tall for a woman and want someone to tower over me a little (or a lot)
>passionate about something, whether it be computers or baseball as long as they have something theyre so passionate about that theyd die for it its a very admirable trait
>unique and creative thinker, even if what they think of half the time is dumb shit i can appreciate their thought process
>honest as fuck, cant stand liars or people who are fake
>appreciating art and taking it as a profession seriously is really important to me since its what i live for basically
>protective af and maybe a little possesive because im the same way
>6-7inch dick because too small it feels uncomfortable and too big 8+ and i'll die

im probably asking for a lot and i hope husbando bots are going to be a thing in the future

Anonymous 24408

>pale and boyish looking
>still fit enough to go to gym with me though
>introverted but still has things like a handful of friends, not a complete loner
>calm and slow to anger, not overly emotional, not easy to offend
>has a stable career
>can interpret things like body language well, doesn't need everything spelled out to him
>thoughtful and treats me nicely
>can have long conversations with me when it's just us two
>low sex drive and very vanilla
>wants to get married

Looking through this I just want to fuck the male version of myself for the most part.

Anonymous 24413


>soft face that's more cute than handsome and a bespectacled qt
>energetic and easy-going, cuddly w/ no major mental issues he can't deal with or find support for himself
>either slightly taller than me, tallish, skinny or slightly chubby but no napoleon complex, accepted himself and can laugh about it
>never treats me like a child and takes my worries and concerns seriously
>adores the humanities arts
>can spend all night debating about stupid things until the sun rises and never think anything less of each other for it
>understands the importance of a self-sufficient job and is best at seeing the larger picture/concise speaker
>Secretly slightly masochistic and enjoys femdom without being a sexist freak

Anonymous 24414

Oh god anon sorry for the random reply! I was about to say you've basically described my dream guy and I just wanted to add a few extra traits <3

Anonymous 24419


>"literally" me, but male
>hates me, but we stay together anyways, because only we understand eachother
I don't trust anyone except myself so my ideal partner is me, the only person I can trust.
Ideal me is a person who looks like she's from Castlevania.

Anonymous 24439


this is going to be cluttered lol. anyway,

>not white. or at least, not from the states & white, i've had nothing but bad experiences with them

>youthful appearance
>odd beauty. doesn't conform to any generic standards
>my height or slightly taller
>for a lady, i wouldn't if she was smaller than me
>also a bit demanding/clingy?
>perhaps a touch of obsession too
>willing to tell me when i fuck up tho of course
>intelligent, witty, kind
>never pitying
>not the type to talk incessantly. we should go hours without speaking & that should be ok
>they let me cook for them & offer ways to improve

or ( this is for women specifically )
>older than me, maybe like mid-late twenties early 30s
>have a silver fox type beauty about them
>willing to spoil me but also dom me occasionally
>likes to bully me every now & then ( out of love tho )
>drinks a lot of red wine

Anonymous 24440

also i'll just swipe from traits from other people

>never treats me like a child and takes my worries and concerns seriously

>adores the humanities arts
>can spend all night debating about stupid things until the sun rises and never think anything less of each other for it
>understands the importance of a self-sufficient job and is best at seeing the larger picture/concise speaker

Anonymous 24443


No problem, I see we both have great taste. Unfortunately an ideal is an ideal, this kind of person doesn't seem to exist anywhere.

Anonymous 24453


My boyfriend is my ideal.

He's sweet, kind, funny asf (even when he is offensive towards other people, he is so funny it is ok lol), intelligent and incredibly trustworthy. He has the sweetest smile and I love his accent and hair.

Anonymous 24459

Not to be a dick, but Pikachu doesn't exist and you can't have a boyfriend that's a Pikachu.

Anonymous 24461

let a woman dream, anon

Anonymous 24472


nooo, my bf is real and handsome and not pokemany.

Anonymous 24523


my ideal partner:
- amazing cook
- loves cleaning
- good father
- handsome
- cute
- glorious silver hair
- forever 25
- is a spirit
- can turn into a cute fluffy fox

Anonymous 24524

Good taste, I loved Gugure. I'm sad the manga ended and S2 never.

Anonymous 24525

yeah it's so relaxing to watch, but imo it would have been 10 times better without that dog pedo man. He just annoyed me all the time
I haven't read the manga but now that I know there is one I definitely will, thanks for mentioning it

Anonymous 24529

why does he look like a less hot inuyasha?

Anonymous 24530

… I have never met a woman before that wants a certain dick size with 3 inches of lee way.

Anonymous 24534

the amount of tiny dicks i have encountered is pretty shitty, maybe its bad luck but 2 of my exes had like 3 skinny dicks that didn't feel right at all to me and only 1 ex with a decent 6 size dick
i guess its personal perference in the end though

Anonymous 24777

My ideal partner is a real person, so I won't post it here.
Just someone I deeply pair-bonded with, I'm a CSA survivor so I want to reclaim my sexuality with someone I deeply love, not some rando, which is why I'm so picky about casual dating.

Anonymous 25071

a woman

Anonymous 25094


Cheap copy of Kamisama Hajimemashita. Tomoe is the OG fox demon

Anonymous 25134

It's been years since I watched this but I remember thinking the snake guy was better

Anonymous 25154

Wut? He's a total twink, sis.

Anonymous 25158

I thought he had a cuter personality. Tomoe wasn't bad either though.

Anonymous 25171

I don't even care. As long as they're stable, not a junkie, morally stable and not a commie of fascist I'm ok.

Anonymous 25700

Anonymous 25776


misunderstood grumpy bad boy who only falls in love with me and has tons of money so we can travel. Haven't played this game in forever since voltage kept updating the fkin apps, but I played most of his chapters/seasons. Don't care about the "problematic" aspects of the game, let me live my dumb bitch fantasy.

Anonymous 25781

>my age
>biologically female
>green eyes
>red or blonde hair
>loves music as much as I do
>is different enough from me that we compliment each other, I don't want to date myself
>has her own friends and her own interests,

Anonymous 25833


an anime boy

Anonymous 25834


Come to think of it when I was writing the stuff I wanted I was thinking of 2D boys the entire time really. 3D can't compare.

Anonymous 87459


BOTW Link is my ideal bf and you cannot convince me otherwise. I force him to climb mountains in the game so that I can hear him grunt. I don't care if I get shit for it. HE IS MY IDEAL!

Anonymous 87461


>Bear mode
>Scruffy and hirsute
>Cute, round eyes

>Honest and straightforward
>Understanding or at least willing to be
>Has hobbies and passions
>someone who can have silly conversations with me and just go with the flow
>Someone who will be happy to see me improve as a person

>Is willing to create a business with me
>Cuddly <3
>Willing to wear matching outfits with me
>Is willing to hike/walk around with me
>Works out/willing to work out
>Bonus points if he powerlifts

Anonymous 87464

>biological woman, my age or a little older
>same height, give or take 3 inches
>also a plant lady
>has a soft look (feminine I think I mean?)
>doesn't have to be intelligent but at least willing to absorb the world around her
>long brown or dirty blonde hair

Guys I just want to be a lesbian in the woods with my lesbian girlfriend and grow our own vegetables with a cat and a dog

Anonymous 99564


>tfw I am not attracted to human males anymore

Anonymous 99587



I want to marry Obi. There is no one more ideal.

Anonymous 99739


>bear/big (chubby/muscular build and at least 5'7)
>brown/dark-brown/black hair
>patient and caring
>intellectual (on the same wavelength with interest in philosphy/linguistics/history)
>the same level of spirituality as me or moreso (either oriental or eastern orthodox christian)
>funny but not in a painful or overbearing sense
>extremely cute mannerisms
>2-10 year age gap
>good father
>accepts me for who i am and despite me and my family's flaws loves us regardless <3
>not smelly/uses strong cologne

Anonymous 99764


I just want a Kpop-looking guy of the cute kind who submits to me.

Anonymous 99766

my bf <3

>big and muscular, barrel-chested, hairy

>works in the trades, doing manual labor all day
>loves gym
>plays guitar
>pretty dumb, didn’t finish school
>but capable of understanding complex concepts
>loves to rest his head on my lap while I explain literature or philosophy to him and listens and asks me questions
>loves me more than anything
>blocks any girl he sees posting thirst traps on social media, doesn’t really use social media much to begin with
>nice singing voice and pretty face
>likes to cuddle
>in touch with his emotions, almost a crybaby
>never angry

Anonymous 99786


>tallish, slim or a little muscular
>black fluffy straight or wavy grown out hair with bangs and dark brown eyes
>asian, white, hispanic, or a mix of those
>looks like an anime guy
>has a hot voice
>introverted, and doesnt have many friends
>>intelligent, funny, creative, nerdy, dominant
>kind, calm, empathetic, loyal, affectionate, loving
>thinks i am the hottest girl ever
>is a virgin, never watches porn or anything lewd
>doesnt talk to or look at other girls
>must be obsessed with me

Anonymous 99789

Same and same. I have a huge caregiver/sadism dichotomy, and kpop boys hit that sweet spot.

Anonymous 221103

will just post my crush cuz hes perfect
>kinda long messy black hair
>skinny but wide shoulders
>big cock(had a boner while talking to me once)
>good at math and science
>light brown skin
>huge veiny hands
>plays a load of sports
>never had gf, hopefully a virgin too
>nice too me
I love him so much but he probably sees me as the ugly girl that needs his sympathy

Anonymous 221109


Nerd/geeky looking guy with glasses, like Lain's dad. Ideally lanky.

It's too bad that so many of these guys IRL are narcissistic. They will constantly try to prove or show off how smart they are and will often be so socially stunted they will become a creep towards women, troon out, and/or commit a serious crime at worst. Sigma nerds are hot, but beta ones are bottom of the barrel.

Anonymous 221113

Saskia de Brauw.jp…

I'm heterosexual but have been sufficiently informed about XY so here I am.

my ideal mate
>ultra butch/masc female
>so masculine that people will initially read her as male
>not into gender delusion but has top surgery without anything further (hormones would harm her body)
>in good health
>stone, service top that enjoys a pillow princess
>gentle and kind to me, apathetic or hateful toward the world
>highly (over)protective of me
>possessive, clingy and obsessed about me without being abusive
>much taller than I, optimally 6'+/182+ cm but that is obviously extremely rare so let's say 5'8"+/172+ cm
>muscular, either leanly muscled or rugged/tough in beefy way
>pale skin, the paler the better
>black or dark brunette hair
>heavy and thick eyebrows
>body hair on the lighter side
>green or green-hazel eyes with little to no brown in them (instead of brown go with grey or yellow)
>reserved, not a people type, serious
>provider for me, wealthy (enough)
>wants to take care of me and likes to
>looks like she can kill someone
>can kill someone, would be willing and able to do so (plus enjoy it)
>is understanding of how I got wired growing up and appreciates what I am now
would vaguely resemble pic related but even less delicate in appearance.

Anonymous 221136

I'm writing this as a thought experiment to compare to my husband.

>man, in the range of 2 year age gap

>Doesn't mind my weeb stuff such as spending money 1-3 times a year on imports and lets me play J-Pop in the car when I drive and all that. If he likes the music without liking the girl group members too much then even better.
>Generally just doesn't judge my interests like most people I meet do.
>If he likes moid shit like Warhammer let it not be the weirder and/or more expensive side of it.
>Not a World War II buff because of videogames.
>Likes to read.
>Taller than me by a couple inches, blond with blue eyes, has Germanic blood cuz Germans are hott.
>Body hair, beard no longer than ~inch.
>Makes a decent salary so I can be a homemaker (it's my calling I don't really care at this point if people shit on me over it).
>Wants to live in a flyover in a small town.
>Doesn't anger easily or act passive aggressive, generally calm and reflective.
>Funny without being repetitive.
>Strong with a desire to protect the family and would punch a mofo.
>Would sooner seppuku than cheat. I despise cheaters, would never tolerate it and would murder my husband and his whore in Minecraft if he betrayed me.
>No female friends outside of meeting other couples, has no personal DMs with other women (I just don't think it works.)

Guess it's good I married my man. He could stand work on his jokes sometimes though.

Anonymous 221152


If he doesn't like you then why did he have a boner while talking to you? Also I don't think guys give sympathy to ugly girls, so he may like you!
Anyway here's my crush:
>longish wavy brown hair (he keeps it tied up for work)
>actual perfect golden ratio face
>muscular and lean
>but his ears, nose, fingers, cheeks, are flushed with color (pink hues)
>painfully shy
>large eyes
>thick, shapely brows
>gentle, quiet voice
>floofy eyelashes
>cute shapely pink lips
>moves gracefully
>seems virginal
I think he plays a sport, I don't know which one, but my guess is football. I hope he doesn't play video games and it'd be nice if he read sometimes. He probably likes the outdoors. I wonder if he has any pets…

Anonymous 221155


>thin/lean/muscular/normal weight
>cute face
>around my height, shorter or a little bit taller
>shaves or has no facial hair
>wears tobacco vanille

>romantic, loves romance and everything to do with it, even corny stuff
>likes exploring weird places as a couple, doing fun activities in places that aren't crowded
>not nonchalant
>plays paladin/holy knight
>has to like anime
>gentle towards animals
>loves cuddles and being physically affectionate
>needs to be by himself sometimes

Anonymous 221157

>has no facial hair
Is this possible?

Anonymous 221158

Uhh I meant like… no beard, no moustache, clean-shaven.

Anonymous 221161


>has long-term goals in life
>owns real estate

Anonymous 221165

Oh. I thought you meant he didn't grow facial hair to begin with.

Anonymous 221167


>blue or green eyes
>no facial hair
>pale skin
>don't really care about height but should not be shorter than me
>Nose should be small and not hooked
>good looking fingers.
>beautiful, healthy long legs
>healthy, white teeth

>should not be "woke"
>no female friends
>loves to cuddle
>likes to read books
>likes watching movies with me and eating snacks^^
>never lies to me
>does not smoke,drink,watch porn,party or do other degenerate stuff
>no addictions
>never used tinder,bumble etc. we met at library or church.
>wants to marry me
>should give me lot of children

Anonymous 221174

>Doesn't smoke
>Doesn't drink
>Does not do drugs
>Works a decent job and tries his best
Have been told my standards are too "high." lol its fucking over.

Anonymous 221182

Umm. That's eerily me… Down to being exactly 182cm tall. But sadly I am taken by a little scruffy man

Anonymous 221202

really? I feel amused at the universe so thoroughly managing to generally mismatch desires and delivered outcomes. if he does not make you happy you should shatter his pelvis.
I do have a masc mate at the moment but waiting for her to become more what I like. weirdly enough though she is pretty damn close to my list.

now I am curious - what is your ideal mate? regardless if the scruffy one fulfills you or not. and no, this is not a come-on.

Anonymous 221204

if your list is too high for standards it is indeed over for mating with males. they're pathetic.

Anonymous 221215

I think you can find this; it may not be easy, but this isn't impossible at all.

Anonymous 221217

I'm a brain boner type of person, I'll go far from an "ideal" if the vibe is right.
That said however…

>Shorter than me

>Playfully bratty and open-minded
>Intense eyes that observe everything around them.
>Cheeky smile, chortles more than "thihihi'ing"
>Strong and dense hair
>Clever in a very adult way, not necessarily stuffy, just knows who they are and does well within their field of interest.
>Not "goofer/pig" looking, well defined features.

Making lists are always fun. Scruffy meets a lot of them except he's a bit immature for his age due to mental abuse. I deal with it tho, it's nice to see him growing out of it.

Anonymous 221223

Yeah, I hope I do find a husband who isn't a complete drug addict but oh well. I would rather be alone than poorly accompanied. IVF or adoption is always an option IF I want a family. Idk why scrotes try to pressure women into lowering their standards by saying their bio clock is ticking… Won't make anyone more willing to take them.

Anonymous 221225

Absolutely nobody. I don't want to clean up after a stupid ugly moid.

Anonymous 221243

What if he were an intelligent pretty moid who cleaned up after you?

Anonymous 221249

I wouldn't trust it there's gotta be some caveat. Whats the whole story???

Anonymous 221252

I love seeing the varied tastes ITT. women are so much more nuanced on the whole.

Anonymous 221254

He disappears when you wake up

Anonymous 221260


>European, French Canadian or South American
>whatever appearance, just not extremely obese or unhygienic
>not a degenerate, no deranged fetishes, no porn consumption or desire for anything other than a monogamous vanilla relationship
>kind, caring and polite, maybe a bit shy and sensitive on the inside
>strong interests and passions, ideally a mix of some we share and some we don't
>likes nature and gardening, would walk around remote places just looking at plants and bugs with me
>likes working with his hands and creating things, would do all sorts of DIY projects with me
>likes cooking and is good at it
>leftist (not the woke idpol type)
>completely disconnected from all the drama and bullshit out there, just wants to live a happy life in a homestead far away from it all
>tfw no male tradwife bf

Anonymous 221274

Screen Shot 2023-0…

Devision of labor benefits both parties.

Anonymous 221277

Thos is what I'm saying. It's not worth it to be in a relationship unless it vastly improves your life.

Anonymous 221281

I have a bf exactly like this and it’s a comfy life.

Anonymous 221289


My Ideal is Wendy. Pic rel

Anonymous 221291

my current bf …. tall, tanned, beautiful long hair, built body, beard, intelligent, philosophical, forward thinking, caring, thoughtful, passionate, obsessed with me <3

I can’t wait to have his children one day, we have bought a house and renovating it together.

Anonymous 221292

samefagging but he’s a massive nerd and doesn’t do social media let alone give me reasons to distrust him. I love his family (very important factor for me!) and despite going through his phone, he just doesn’t talk to anyone.

Plus the sex is amazing, though the longer the relationship the more same-same it gets so we actively work on keeping it spicy. he’s always bringing me home little gifts and knows exactly how I’m feeling <3 I couldn’t ask for anything better. I hope all you Nonas are able to experience this at some point.

Anonymous 221298

Happy for you

Anonymous 221301

This is a bf bragging thread


>handsome sleek black hair
>puts up with all my bullshit
>feel like I have been with him forever, he understands me deeply
>wants whats best for me, supports me and adores me
>wants children but is open to anything I want in terms of goals
>very sensative and loving, has a huge heart for children and animals

Anonymous 221313

He already had a boner before i started the conversation, i was trying to get him to stand up so i could see it a bit better also hes nice too everyone even creepy incel looking guys, i guess hes just a very compassionate person but i know he doesn't think of me like that because hes super religious muslim

Anonymous 221317


Is this you?

Anonymous 221322

Why did he have one then? Was he being sexually teased by a group?
>super religious muslim
It's getting worse to me

Anonymous 221324

>Tall, pale, slender
>Short hair with those fluffy, middle-part bangs
>Cute smile
>Simple, honest, and pure
>Enjoys being of service
>Becomes easily overwhelmed and anxious (needs me for guidance)
>Good at physical tasks, but struggles with anything that requires too much thinking
>Looks up to me
>Comforts me when I'm lonely, anxious, or sad by giving me hugs and telling me not to worry and that he'll take care of me (even if I'm mostly taking care of him)
>Completely loyal and devoted like a doggie

I know there aren't actually men who exist like this. I essentially created an OC representation of a male I think I could actually love. I imagine he gets to work a comfy job like at a bookstore, while I bring in the big bucks. He always worries about my stress and my mental health because I work so hard, so he does whatever he can to make me happy and comfortable at home (besides the cooking). Whenever we go out in public, I have to hold onto his arm so he doesn't get lost or overwhelmed.

Anonymous 221361

i'm not that nona, but sometimes guys just get boners for no particular reason.

Anonymous 221382

my idea gf <3


>interested in art and or talented at it
>lots of inside jokes
>introverted, like me
>stays on call with me for hours and hours, nd we even have sleepovers on calls
>always understands my mental health
>watches movies with me for hours on end
>helps me find new music, as we both like music alot
>open to teaching me about her culture cause i find different cultures very interesting
>send eachother asmr slime tiktoks all day
>can handle my infodumps
>must like undertale and deltarune
>funny, cant ever fail to make me laugh
>troll together on roblox alot
>into fashion and we always have cute outfits that we send together
>pretty, libra rising ofc shes pretty
>my ex

Anonymous 221460

>its just getting worse to me
Im a somewhat religious Christian so its not completely contrary to my beliefs but id change my lifestyle a bit just to be with him
ummmmmmmmm, no comment

Anonymous 221463

I thought only middle school boys got boners for no reason, because hormones or something. Heh, in my middle school a boy taped down his dick because he was ashamed of his boner and he had to go to the hospital.

Anonymous 221474

>in my middle school a boy taped down his dick because he was ashamed of his boner
topkek, as every moid should

Anonymous 221476


Let's do it. The right boyfriend for ME:
Physical appearance
>around six feet tall
>pale, or warm beige skin tone.
>he can have a "five o'clock shadow", but it better be neat
>face needs to be masculine, but not ridiculous like those black/white/gray chad picture memes
>needs to be athletic. a little rather slim, but muscular
>needs to have good fighting skills, like can beat up anyone
>hair is at least shoulder length, brown colored or black
>his eyes need to look sleepy, but not unhealthy (if that makes sense)
>any eye color is fine, but gray or green eyes make me tingle
>lips shouldn't be hella thin, but they shouldn't be plump either
>he can have body hair, but that shit better be groomed
>dick needs to be on the large side, but not ridiculously huge
>of course, his teeth can have some flaws but they can't be jacked up and must be clean

>more on the quiet side. more of a listener, less of a talker
>socially independent regarding friendships. capable of making and having friends, but wouldn't suffer or die without them.
>independent in getting any shit done, rarely asks for help because he always figures out decent solutions
>high intellect, but he's not "in your face" about it. he simply has a really good brain, and casually communicates his thoughts when necessary.
>capable of fully understanding any subject if you give him a week
>is gifted at understanding any STEM subject, but has a passion for art and cooking because he understands the beauty in topics that aren't just science
>went through a lot in his life, so has wisdom about personal issues and is emotionally intelligent with others
>has a sense of humor and knows the right thing to say that'll make you laugh
>doesn't give a damn about what people think or say about him
>obsessed with me, but controls the obsession to not become a full-on psycho. 99.9% of his attraction is to me in both body and mind, even when I'm doing gross stuff like picking my nose. he would kill any attackers that try to hurt me.
>loves me the most, but still isn't afraid to point out what bad choices I make and helps me fix those bad decisions
>would not let people talk senseless shit about me behind my back, and would take up for me even when I'm not there
>repulsed by the idea of our love ending, because he's eternally obsessed with me and is determined to help me reach my peak form in life.
I would also like it if he was bilingual.

Anonymous 221489

>he was ashamed of his boner
kinda hot

Anonymous 221747

My ideal boyfriend is:
>taller than me,at least 5'9".
>long hair.
>broad shoulders,has a tummy (i like chubby boys)
>Thick legs
>big arms,hands
>like oversized dark clothes.
>No piercings or tattoos.
>Black eyes and brown hair.
>Pale skin.
>Smells good,always clean.
>Don't walk barefoot.
>Soft skin.
>Masculine face.
In personality:
>Smart,likes to investigate and read books.
>Mansplain sometimes because likes to explain like a teacher.
>talk about films,weird music and art.
>Low self steem but hides it .
>Just show his sweet side to me.
>Doesn't act like a clown, he's more serious.
>Speak slowly and calm.
>Doesn't talk about other girls and doesn't like casual sex.
>Only likes to receive physical affection from me.
>Romantic on the inside.
>Perverted and horny but only with me.
>Very dominant and intimidating in bed.Likes to get called daddy and master.
>He likes a calm life, without parties.
>Expressionless, pensive look

Anonymous 221748

descarga (17).jpg

Anonymous 221813


ok so basically i just want a mincheol jin

Anonymous 221814

I'm not going to get my "ideal" so I don't see any point daydreaming about it to be honest. It's a total waste of time.

In before accusations of doomerism. I'm more positive than most people here, I'm just not delusional enough to think a 6'4 wealthy EE PhD will want me. Happy on my own for now anyway.

Anonymous 221822


I am not exactly particular about appearance, but since we are talking ideal, I would like a guy who looks like Paul Dano…

As for personality, I'd like him to be someone who is passionate about the arts. Whether its music, film or anything else. One of those. I want him to be smarter than me in general. And I'd want him to be decently extroverted so he can harmonize with my introverted-ness. Like the yin to my yang. I would love for him to be nerdy like me too. Maybe we can go to comic conventions together, or play video games together. And if not, then I would like him to accept my weird hobbies and interests, and to maybe find it endearing or amusing.

I want his love language to be physical touch and acts of service. And I'd want him to be good with kids, so we can start a family together. I want him to love me and to let me love him.

I would also like him to be a bit dominant- or maybe more than just a bit- and I would want him to make decisions for me. I would let him be my whole world if it meant I would be loved in return.

Anonymous 221836

Why do you want an annoying featureless blob

Anonymous 221838


He does have defining features, my favorite being his nose. In what way is he annoying? He's just gained weight as he's gotten older, there is nothing wrong with that. I will die on this hill.

Anonymous 221839

I don't know if he is annoying but your description of what you want makes him seem annoying, like being dominant and wanting physical touch and acts of service. Also he would be the yang to your yin, not the other way around, silly. Also I am sorry but he is blobular! He hardly has a nose.

Anonymous 221840


He looks like a dumpling kek

Anonymous 221841

Okay, then I do understand that. I’m retarded and I don’t talk to people much. So the way I type things is strange.

Fuck you guys, you don’t get it.

Anonymous 221842

I wish for you to get a better looking man than that Dano guy. Best of luck.

Anonymous 221843

Do I say thank you…? I hope you get a super duper sexy man or whatever it is that you want

Anonymous 221860

None. Living with a moid would annoybthe hell out of me eventually. I don't want to be mommy to a grown man for anything, and I sure as hell don't want to be a mommy-mommy to children.

Anonymous 221868

You don't have to be any of those just because you're with a moid.

Anonymous 223134


>at least 2 inches shorter than me
>black hair
>a little tomboyish
>hourglass body, a little chubby
>kind of awkward and a loser but has friends
>good at art
>will ramble to me about her interests as she falls asleep in my arms
>bonus points if these interests are otherwise a little cringe
>likes inside jokes
>clean in general
>can debate for hours
>confident, stubborn and sticks to her values but not easily offended
>laid back
>switch or bottom
>lets me buy her nice things
>horny degenerate all the time because me too

Anonymous 223135

Okay, now reading this back after I typed it, it kinda sounds like a moid wrote it

Anonymous 223148

>passionate about the same interests as me, the exact same level of sperg-iness about them
>secure in his own company, doesn't obsess over getting a girlfriend or freak out if I don't give him enough attention
>bony and frail, anorexically skinny. weaker than me.
>kind of an unspoken power dynamic but doesn't fetishize it or try to fight for dominance
>dressed and styled like the tumblr fantasy of a gamer boy. somewhat formal or really baggy clothing, longish shaggy hair
>stupider than he looks, well-meaningly naive
>had a similar life and childhood. got over himself but understands and relates to me.
>"asexually" low libido, doesn't initiate sex
>truly loves and admires me

Anonymous 224466


>older office lady, like late 30s or more has big saggy titties and nice smelling pits
>work orientated
>affectionate and kind
>slightly possessive and clingy
>smart and well read, maybe likes horror movies and the occasional video game
>has her own hobbies and interests
>dommy I want to be forced to eat her out
>well off financially
>likes exercise and a bit of weight training, that's when she could
>has a great laugh and smile
>likes nature
>likes my cooking
>light teasing of me Im stupid and easily hurt

>maybe has a moid pet

I want her to be real but I know I am unworthy.

Anonymous 224557


When it comes to women it's too hard because I love everything about them and every fifth woman I meet is my ideal partner, but when it comes to men I'm incredibly picky.

>Taller than me but not too tall, between 175-180cm.

> Lean Ottermode but without crossing the line to skinny, I will not acept any other body type.
>A beautiful face I can stare for hours, androgynous and pretty.
>No facial hair, not even a stubble or a shadow, this completely disgusts me.
>No chest, belly or back hair.
>Leg hair must not be too dense.
>Good hygiene, this is obligatory.
>Not dumb, ideally smart but not more than me.
>Will listen to me talk and will let me take the lead.
>And by this I don't mean a pussyboy that will get walked all over, he must know when to put his foot down.
>Not sexist in any way.

Now, if all those attributes are completed then I don't care about personality, wherever a bubbly outgoing guy or a quiet intellectual I don't care.
The thing is, men like I described really don't exist so at this point I call myself a lesbian for convenience.

Anonymous 224579

Pfft noooone. I don't want to live with a moid.

Anonymous 224638


I'm quite attracted to extroverted men despite being a very introverted woman and I'll never understand why. I probably wouldn't be able to live with this kind of person at all or share their lifestyle. I'm extremely reclusive and asocial, not to mention easily jealous, so someone that would want to constantly go out and meet others would exhaust and annoy me. Although I like people who are goofy/carefree and joke around alot, and you find that in extroverts so maybe that is why I am drawn to them.

Anonymous 225363


I don't think I have one and only type I would like, a various combinations of qualities could be equally attractive, but it's interesting to give it a thought, let's see

handsome for my taste, a face I would like to see often and to swoon over it
well-read, intelligent
humanities major, preferably history
quick-witted, wordplay with me to the moon
can be chill and lowkey goofy, not afraid to look stupid, but not a clown also
rational, logical, sarcastic
atheist, mocks anything "spiritual" and "deep"
loves both "high" and "low" art and
not in a snobish or "campy" way: say, able to enjoy both nouvelle vauge and hammer b-movies
extroverted, easy going, sociable, but secretly is very arrogant and judgy
somewhat screwy, eccentric - playful nature
likes to go out (with me) - partying and hiking, not an indoor type
cat person, not a dog person
doesn't have mental illnesses
not a snob, but likes highbrow things - in a casual way
nerd about music I like and other, plays drums or bass or piano
doesn't play videogames ever, doesn't watch anime or premium tv flavour of the week, but nerdy of some nieche subjects
likes to argue for fun (say, adopting for a while abstracts he may not believe just for the discussion) and not for proving his right
not angry at me ever, diplomatic way of dealing with conflicts, okay if a bit grumpy, grouchy
relatively wealthy, has a job that doesn't take a lot of his time
not a sex weirdo, casual sex and porn is not an option, because he thinks it's for degenerate
obsessed with me, of course, not a prude in sex with me
honest with me, but can be strategically fake with others
loves fashion, stylish in a preppy/vintage way
likes to cook
tidy, hates mess
tallish, confident with his body
fit and slender or okay if a little bit of a chubster
wears glasses (!)
wears accessoires, like rings and ear piercing
preferably bleached hair or (natural) ginger, black is fine too though
hazel or green eyes, sleek defined dark eyebrows
prominent beautiful nose
thinish lips, cheeky smile, nice teeth, cute natural pointy fangs
sees when it's okay to touch me and when it's a big mistake
understanding of my antics
loves me

of course that's not a chance it could be a real person, but that's a perfect-perfect portrait I came up with right now

Anonymous 225378

My ideal partner only exists in my head, unfortunately… I doubt that they exist in real life.

Anonymous 225394


>Loving and affectionate, likes romance
>Looks cute/handsome
>Calm, secure and patient
>Kind and gentle to me and to other people/creatures
>Shares same beliefs as me (Christianity) and wants to wait for marriage
>Doesn't watch porn and doesn't follow and ogle at random women on social media
>Likes similar things as me (vidya, anime, TV)
>Taller than me, +170cm is good enough since I'm very short myself
>Fit or thin without being too skelly
>Nice hair, not balding
>Has a nice job and makes good money

Anonymous 225660

>Jewish/Arab/Latino/Southern Europeans
>tanned skin
>dark hair that curls, dark eyes
>at least 5'10"
>nerdy interests
>spends time with me
>enjoys cuddling
>personable, gets along with
>into fitness bit not super muscly
>not super egotistical because that's my job
>non-judgemental, open-minded (not necessarily political, but in a laid-back sort of way)
>kind to everyone, especially women (regardless of whether or not he finds them "attractive")
>enjoys banter

Anonymous 225725


>wicked sense of humor
>well mannered
>mysterious, hard to read
>extremely intelligent
>true to herself, a bit quirky
>not submissive
>tries to hide her hot temper
>good self control
>speaks her mind but is respectful
>isnt a coomer

more stuff
>similar to mine (internet stuff, travelling, psychology etc)
>but has her own things she can show me
>might need glasses at times
>quite feminine voice
>can do my nails, does her own at times too
>doesnt need me or anyone, but has that aura that makes you want to protect her
>is curious and open to try new things

>long, silky black hair w bangs preferably
>on the shorter side
>pale skin
>small waist, overall delicate frame
>big butt lol
>cat shaped eyes
>doll faced

>something like a mature himekaji
>doesnt dress inappropriately for the context (like idk high heels to the beach thats awkward)

i realize how troony this post sounds lmao but its ideal so i went all out

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