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3c bunker thread #12 Anonymous 244887

This thread is for discussing downtime of 3c only, don't use this thread to post about Kpop fandom.

3c is temporarily down due to technical difficulties, so here is a thread for addicts to gather in the meanwhile.

Anonymous 244900

i should probably actually do something on my day off today huh

Anonymous 244901


Anonymous 244905

chink power ranger…

hulkek…. jun with winwin and ten… seeing wayv mentioned in the caption made me laugh

Anonymous 244906

went to the grocery store
why is everything so expensive

Anonymous 244909

ah, i bit the insides of my cheeks too much out of compulsion and now it hurts a lot, but the bleeding has stopped

Anonymous 244910


i didnt understand how they were even at the same place but it's that tmea thing

Anonymous 244921

nahh you can just lay around and do nothing nona

Anonymous 244923

its been 100 days nonas, i cant take it no more

Anonymous 244930

its honestly the only explanation

Anonymous 244931

what happened on april 2nd unnie

Anonymous 244932

ao3 is still down

Anonymous 244933

wait how do they even know eachother kek

Anonymous 244935

idiota bacon hardmogs

Anonymous 244936

bacon? blindsis kek

Anonymous 244938

so is kyu part of bogum's cult

Anonymous 244939

why is kyu like this hes such a slutty peace of shit i hate him

Anonymous 244940

my real life friends are all such moralfags its so insufferable sometimes

Anonymous 244941


Anonymous 244942

Screenshot 2023-07…

Anonymous 244944

you know aside from the endless motorbikes this place isnt that bad

Anonymous 244946

wow what a problem that your friends have some decency

Anonymous 244947

probably tbh

Anonymous 244948

what are they moralfagging about

Anonymous 244949

stray kids must have alot of frequent flyer points

Anonymous 244950

nah the motorbikes are enough to kill me slowly

Anonymous 244951

i wish i was in the alternate universe where juyo was a jung sibling too, i think that could've been really cool

Anonymous 244952

me when i
when i marry my hambean wife and we move to vietnam

Anonymous 244953

theyre talking about how calling gaypops attractive is wrong because we should all be into them "for the music"

Anonymous 244954

girl are they 14

Anonymous 244955

wow, thats another level

Anonymous 244956

kek…. what do they gain from lying to themselves like this

Anonymous 244957

Screenshot 2023-07…

*sleeps itt

Anonymous 244958

tempest won't stop making vague references to the beach and to waves and to summer…. GIVE ME THE FAWKING SUMMER BAYWATCH THEMED COMEBACK ALREADY FAAAWWKWKKKK

Anonymous 244959

no the ages of my friend group range from 22-30 :/

Anonymous 244960

it just occured to me that innie goes to sleep

Anonymous 244961

fucced up :/

Anonymous 244962

i can't fathom this kek unless they're all blue haired aidens, you should teach them about the merits of male objectification

Anonymous 244963

i had a similar encounter with a girlie, i asked her who her 'bias' was and she went all 'i don't have one because they all work hard and are good and talented'

Anonymous 244964

surprisingly no most of my friends have natural hair and are turbo normie
yea they are mostly like this too. for what its worth, these are my staycel friends which could explain it. but when asked their bias (obviously not going to use the word husbando) they say "oh im ot8" except my chancel friend

Anonymous 244966

Anonymous 244967

Screenshot 2023-07…

heol innie spoiled exo comeback

Anonymous 244968

i am loving how fullslut turned the tables like the chad he is. he knows fat jarmin is despicable

Anonymous 244969

this is why i can't support all women

Anonymous 244970

shrimp hongjoong. shrimp is not his last name is it?

Anonymous 244971


Anonymous 244972

i will never understand why non koreans seethe about standard korean conversations between grown moids. it's high level cognitive dissonance

Anonymous 244973

it is actually

Anonymous 244974

he has one of the rarest names in korea

Anonymous 244975

i feel like ive discovered a new side of innie i wonder how often he goes to sleep on planes

Anonymous 244976

adam driver

Anonymous Moderator 244977

You can discuss the state of 3c in this thread, but don't turn it into a Kpop general and don't spam. Kpop posting is still against the rules.

Anonymous 244981

no more husbandos

Anonymous 244983

should we go and overtake gaypg now instead or

Anonymous 244984

we'll behave, mod *removes the hyunjae pic i had attached

Anonymous 244986

wow 3c is back

Anonymous 244987

you should add this invisible rule to the rules then

Anonymous 244988

don't be evil

Anonymous 244989

Anonymous 244990

can mods refer to the site as 3c or something else instead of the entire url? or is that outta pocket?

Anonymous 244991


What are the technical difficulties? Choachans if you read this I want to help I'm going insane

Anonymous 244992

it's just one power hungry jani, the other janis have been fine with us. she's doing it on purpose. juyeon stole her girlfriend

Anonymous 244993

girlies it's over.

Anonymous 244994

dst: infighting only edition

Anonymous 244995

come on girl, i'm serious, we've been trying hard with not mentioning the whole name, i'm just paranoid. 2c is often the target of moids…

Anonymous 244996

kpop has been banned for years, newfags go back to 3c (oh wait)

Anonymous 244997

it's ogre

Anonymous Moderator 245000

Use reports for urgent requests instead of doubleposting. I'll edit it, but keep the spam ITT to the minimum or it'll be locked for good. Kpop as a thread topic has been banned due to the spammy nature of these threads. This thread is for discussing the state of the site and where to go next. All fandom talk, random spam, file dumps and so on will be banned.

Anonymous 245001

i really dont want to go to 4chan…

Anonymous 245002

we have to or we lose each other for good

Anonymous 245003

i am NOT posting with the pedo hivshitters on /trash/

Anonymous 245004

guess i'll just stop posting then until 3c is up (if it will ever come back)

Anonymous 245006

thanks a lot, and sorry about that. hope the site's up soon so 2c can regain routine
let's give it a week before we start doomposting…

Anonymous 245009

acg but its a2cjanig

Anonymous 245014

same, end of the road for me. see you nonas on the other side

Anonymous 245025

i guess i'll see you all back on 3c…

Anonymous 245027

chill out we were never supposed to be here in the first place

Anonymous 245028

she should do her job as a moderator and get rid of the other (literal) shit on the site

Anonymous 245031

is there really no moid free alternative?

Anonymous 245033

if sushichan is still around then maybe that

Anonymous 245034

not unless you want to set up your own board in the meantime, no. and i don't think that should be done until we're a week or two into downtime

Anonymous 245037

we didn't do anything this time

Anonymous 245038

i would if i could

Anonymous 245039

no clue, never posted there. when 3c was created i want to say there was a kcrit thread there for the people really resistant to move but it's been years now

Anonymous 245042

I could. If there's enough interest and nobody else steps up, I'm on it. Will need mods and graphic designers tho

Anonymous 245054

thanks in advance for getting our thread locked, retard.

Anonymous 245058

i literally don't do and didn't do anything (i didn't even post anything yesterday when whatever things happened to this thread) and all my posts are being deleted rn (i'm not the one posting the vietnamese creature). i think i'll just wait for 3c while doing productive things irl. hope we meet again, my 3c girlies

Anonymous 245059

>i'll just wait for 3c while doing productive things irl
this is what i'm gonna do too, let's give it a week or so at least before we think about our next moves, see you soon girl

Anonymous 245061

i don't even post on 3c

Anonymous 245065

site's been down for less than four days. let's give it a bit

Anonymous 245078

keeping 3c in my prayers tonight

Anonymous 245086

3c went down :(

Anonymous 245088

you could email site admin if you have any skills you could use to help them bring it back up omo

Anonymous 245091

do you nonas not like having an active imgboard? the 30 sec captcha refresh, the rules about not "spamming" (more like not posting very much). feels weird for an imgboard

Anonymous 245093

could she even find the email from the site right now?

Anonymous 245095


is it back

Anonymous 245096

it's back

Anonymous 245098

finally, we can leave. have fun posting 1 post per year among pedospam, bye cc

Anonymous 245099

it's not back though

Anonymous 245100

ctrl + shift + r to refresh cache

Anonymous 245102

holy fuck thank you

Anonymous 245105

is it dead again

Anonymous 245106

it was nice while it lasted kek

Anonymous 245107


Anonymous 245108

not like this… not like this

Anonymous 245110

kissing myself expeditiously this is just cruel shakes stick at god

Anonymous 245111

we are so back yet again

Anonymous 245119

aw shit. here we go agane…

Anonymous 245120

it's going to be like this the upcoming weeks huh


email is in the field above. you welcome muah

Anonymous 245122

any explanations though? why does it keep going down what's wrong

Anonymous 245123

you reckon its the same russians who are ddosing ao3 since boardowner said it seemed to be a ddos attack, poor girlie cant even enjoy her vacay

Anonymous 245124

on site she said it looked like a ddos attack

Anonymous 245125

shouldn't cloudflare be helping with ddos attacks since we have that now

Anonymous 245126

probably same moids attacking ao3. fucking moid cucksuckers cannot handle women having nice spaces to themselves

Anonymous 245127

i dont know, doesnt ao3 have cloudfare too? and theyre struggling

Anonymous 245128

this is very unlikely. ao3 is unironically one of the biggest sites on the web

Anonymous 245129


Anonymous 245130

moids and troons (moids kek) attacking female hubs online? i see it

Anonymous 245132

this has taught me again to not take things i enjoy for granted but i never learn the lesson

Anonymous 245134

>It was hard to get enough info at the time but based on the way the site was acting before it went down and other data we have now, it seems consistent with a ddos.
this is what she's said

Anonymous 245136

i was just about to post about rosemarys baby kyu/juyo reeee

Anonymous 245137

dont worry about it

Anonymous 245138

reeeeeeeeeeee fuck moids forreal, lets not spam the thread too much

Anonymous 245139

i can get back on now

Anonymous 245144


kek, please accept this cutie as a token of our gratitude

Anonymous 245145

pretend i sent you a bouquet

Anonymous 245148

i can't be the only one who misses them. they had perfect self-insert characters. some hypocrites judged them for making the same songs 4g gaypops make, but a lot appreciated it from a gg. S2 entertainment will burn in hell for not giving them a fair chance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16GZXcGeYds

Anonymous 245149

stupid nonas…

Anonymous 245150

Anonymous 245181

Too bad board owners friends are questioning her credibility

Anonymous 245182

no one cares shartstal shitfe jani

Anonymous 245187

is it down again?

Anonymous 245188


Anonymous 245189

can't access 3c either…

Anonymous 245190

board owner nim… let's fix that code ㅠㅠ

Anonymous 245191

i will buy 1 trillion green onion croquette burgers

Anonymous 245192

at least i got to post some rhinos before it went down

Anonymous 245193

board owner was seeing kissing grimaces uncle for the secret ingredient to the shamrock shake

Anonymous 245194

see you girls at gaypg

Anonymous 245198


Anonymous 245199

girls we've suffered so much, i guess we just have to be patient and wait this out

Anonymous 245200

just post in gaypg

Anonymous 245201

it's dead, i don't think anyone wants to post there

Anonymous 245202

can we talk about kpop if we don't post any images of idols please?

Anonymous 245203

Anonymous 245204


there should be a unico banner

Anonymous 245205


what if we just talk about anime?

Anonymous 245206


good anime only

Anonymous 245207


what if a unicorn was in a sword fight

Anonymous 245209

i'd rather kms

Anonymous 245210


me at board owners house

Anonymous 245211

we're back

Anonymous 245215

is it me or is it shitting itself again

Anonymous 245269


Anonymous 245287


let me in

Anonymous 245293

what anime is this?

Anonymous 245302

The Fantastic Adventures Of Unico


Anonymous 245331

Updated CSS wouldn't cause this and neither would "rooting around in there" heol
Too bad your adminas do

Anonymous 245362

mickey mouse voice Too bad your adminas do

Anonymous 245363

spamming the board and having the audacity to ask mods here to remove all mentions of choachan.cafe from the OP so very very sad indeed

Anonymous 245379


take the L

Anonymous 245400


Why was /hybe/ hidden?

Anonymous 245405

classic moid aggression

Anonymous 245406

cloudflare makes me want to kms

Anonymous 246525

what is going on

Anonymous 246561

i hate maintenance time…

Anonymous 246564

i'm sad

Anonymous 246565

You have described a problem every web developer eventually encounters
You may have a future in qa

Anonymous 246566

me too i have so many funny posts to post

Anonymous 246569

accept it, it's over

Anonymous 246571

fitting that it ended on a soob post

Anonymous 246573


Anonymous 246606


Anonymous 246610

bros wtf is that post by board owner….

Anonymous 246611

we've been infiltrated by some deranged stalker this whole time it's really ogre

Anonymous 246612

the way it was written threw me off since it was in all lowcaps

Anonymous 246613

what the fuuck i hate moids so fucking fucking much they can't leave us the fuck alone oh my god i hope that scrote fucking dies, poor board owner im so upset fuck men

Anonymous 246614


Anonymous 246615

its cant be ogre… not like this…

Anonymous 246616

is it over for good now ? heol

Anonymous 246617

is the last post on /site/ really boardowner? the typing style is very suspicious but given the lackadaisical banning and everything over the past few days i can't be sure

Anonymous 246618

that's what i thought too. not to go all schizo but it's weird to deviate from your writing style in a post like this

Anonymous 246620

board owner has replied to posts in this manner before too, but this one seemed especially… defeated. admin on the other hand seems to love her punctuations

Anonymous 246621

while 3c is down ig this is the place to ask…did anyone else get randomly sniped by cloudflare recently? one night i was peacefully psoting as usual, had a convo about live shakespeare adaptations with a nona, and next morning i was blocked. no warnings, no temp bans, just outright blocked. with the stalker fiasco going down rn i can't help wondering if that was the imposter,or just a very cranky board owner

Anonymous 246622

everything after the site going down has been so tumultuous, could also just be board owner being paranoid or something

Anonymous 246623

i would rather rope than post on 4c

Anonymous 246626

i am sadly on there, but there's so much weird vitriol i don't get it. usually on 3c, even if nonas are retarded they aren't this retarded. but it might've been because they were having trouble with getting blocked/banned recently so it's like an outlet.

Anonymous 246628

yeah, im not going back there. here is not much better. so if 3c is donezo then i guess it's a sign to move on.

Anonymous 246629

same. i promised myself i'd never post on 4chan again so if it's done it's done

Anonymous 246630

at least i will be productive today i guess

Anonymous 246631

you also can't go ten minutes on gaypg without weird fearmongering

Anonymous 246632

kek i assume they are going crazy right now?

Anonymous 246633

the gaypg special. from that /site/ post they got
>the moid is board owner's ex
>board owner sold the site to moids
>moids know all of our info
some seem to just be having fun with the chaos though while others are peak paranoid

Anonymous 246634

>We are taking an indefinite break from the site due to harassment and stalking. We will consider our options and how to best move forward in the meantime. >Thank you for all the support
heol it's fucking ogre

Anonymous 246635

sa of course i fucked up my greentext

Anonymous 246636

fucking rip. it was nice to know you nonas

Anonymous 246637

i cant believe it

Anonymous 246639

fuck me…. i might cry, fuck moids

Anonymous 246640

after all the ups and downs….

Anonymous 246641

i got blocked too, woke up, went to piss, refreshed the site on phone and got blocked (only on phone, not on pc etc)

Anonymous 246643

ngl im paranoid and reinstalling all of my devices too

Anonymous 246644

what a mess

Anonymous 246645

that's fair

Anonymous 246646

it was just happening at random nona, nothing personal, i got blocked on one device and not another. they were just trying things out with the cloudflare protections i think. at one point literally everyone got blocked

Anonymous 246647

it was the last thing that kept me sane nonas…

Anonymous 246648

i'm sad. this is a sad day nonas

Anonymous 246649

we cannot have one thing to ourselves, moids have to ruin everything with their cancerous existence

Anonymous 246650

on one hand im happy that its over cause ive spent way too much time on dst but on the other i really liked when we had fun watching things or playing games together. even just shitposting or talking about various topics often made me happy. this sucks.

Anonymous 246651

i feel sad because i never joined the games and only a few of the watch parties, i didnt want to draw attention to myself, it feels like i missed out

Anonymous 246653

she really sounds defeated..

Anonymous 246655

is everyone just in gaypg now?

Anonymous 246656

it's a mess there, but probably

Anonymous 246657

Anonymous 246658

can cc mods see our sorry state and take pity on us, surely there is a way to hide us or something, just one little thread on /media/ pls

Anonymous 246659


i'm so fucking sad nonas. i'll type up a nice heartfelt note later but it really does feel like someone died. i know it's maybe unhealthy to form such an attachment to an anon ib but i've been there for three years now and it's the only place online where i've ever felt at home. the day i was blocked i had a minor crisis when i realized how much i relied on dst to talk to other humans and it broke me a little when i thought i'd never be able to talk to you nonas again. i was so happy when i finally got unbanned and then this happens hours later…life is a joke.

it's been three good years posting with you and i'm glad for that, at least. i don't know if i'll find another place on the internet like dst, but probably not. 3c was really the last refuge for the weird bitches and my only ""social media,"" if it stays offline with nothing to replace it, i think it's a sign for me to pull away from the internet. i'd rather do that than spend any time with the unhinged people of pronouns and twee keyboard smashers of twitter or tumblr (i'd rather eat my own foot than post with scrotes on 4chin).

so long, s. be safe <3

Anonymous 246660

i feel the same way nona. i don't really have the words but i'm really grateful for what we had. i hope it's not the end but if it is, i had fun and yeah i plan the same, to just try to get more hobbies off the internet

Anonymous 246661

heol nona…. im going to cry

Anonymous 246663

i'll miss you nona, i'll probably hang out in gaypg a bit to wean myself off ib but i'll prob just lurk, not too keen on posting with moids either. i can relate to your post a lot, as dumb as it sounds ccc was my comfort space and i hope we'll be able to reunite somehow someday

Anonymous 246664

im glad i stayed up very late posting till the end

Anonymous 246665

nooo it took so long to find a place to talk and read freely. what am i gonna do now? where will i get my updates and gossip and just general chats?
and sorry to the board owner, that really sucks what was going on (for me ccc was a nice space and thank you for your time and effort)

Anonymous 246666

same just posting and discussing news and sharing excitement was essential to me

Anonymous 246667

ccc was the only way i kept up with kpop outside of my fandom bubble so without it i feel pretty lost

Anonymous 246668

im going through all the stages of grief at the same time right now

Anonymous 246670

i still have one tab of ccc open…i'm gonna keep it there forever

Anonymous 246671


Why are you all giving up on building a new board ?

Anonymous 246674

btsg nonas i fucking miss you, horsenonas especially

Anonymous 246675

anyone screenshot their last /site/ posts? I was sleeping

Anonymous 246676

i really wish i did, but i accidentally refreshed the 3c tab i had open. but from what i remember, boardowner said that it was a js ddos attack, not to click on weird links, and that there is a moid who's been stalking board owner for 3 years and was a staff member till may when he was found and kicked and he was generally shitstirring on 3c. she said to not believe anyone who claimed to be her etc. also it seemed that cc removed their gmail address from the contact page. that's what i can remember from the top of my head.

Anonymous 246677


someone on gaypg screenshotted it

Anonymous 246678

i really really dont want to go to gaypg but i have bad fomo

Anonymous 246679

Screenshot 2023-07…

stole it from gaypg for you, nonapie

Anonymous 246680

nothing's happening there in particular, don't bother

Anonymous 246681

i have it open because of the addiction but posting there is cancer and while we grieve i can see it steadily dying off

Anonymous 246682

3c will be back by 7th aug

Anonymous 246684


Anonymous 246685

thats just tbz album release date

Anonymous 246686

daebak foiled again

Anonymous 246687

is there a thread in trash right now? i didn't see anything

Anonymous 246688

Anonymous 246689

and you believed this?

Anonymous 246690

yeah, gaypg with a minho op

Anonymous 246691

it's real nona, i saw it

Anonymous 246692

hey you guys like tempest?

Anonymous 246693

found it nevermind

Anonymous 246694

i feel too old and normal for 4ch edgy retardations. current gaypg thread seems pretty chill aside from some schizo freakouts from 2-3 hours ago but it will probably get worse overtime

Anonymous 246695

not questioning the screenshot, just board owner's version. she is obviously trolling you

Anonymous 246696

yeah i don't expect it to get better from here

Anonymous 246697

if that was true, why?

Anonymous 246698

why do people troll? because they get a kek out of it. she was going to shut down the site anyways so why not do it in an amusing way? now she's laughing in front of her computer while you have a meltdown

Anonymous 246699

i'll take your word for it.. sure. just wish there wasn't a 'what if..?' so i could move on

Anonymous 246700

why would she put in the effort of making a survey about administration a few days ago if she was going to do this

Anonymous 246701

because she thought she would be able to fix the ddos thing but she couldn't/doesn't have the time to do so

Anonymous 246702

the other nona made a good point about someone making a new ib…i'm sure the nonas here would be happy to contribute financially if someone tech-savvy could set things up?

Anonymous 246703

i know someone who knows someone whos cousin does black magic and stuff like that, i will try to hit her up and ask her to give me her contact info

Anonymous 246704

nice, could you share it here please i uhhhh need it for a friend

Anonymous 246705

i woke up and the site is gone… is this just it or are we making another ib

Anonymous 246707

someone on gaypg said they could start starting today and even asked for names for the ib

Anonymous 246708

sorry nona but i don't want to subject you to evil energies, it's a give and take you know, or well, i don't know but that's what i've heard, illness, bad luck etc

Anonymous 246709

is everyone leaving or are we staying in gaypg?

Anonymous 246711

if the nona on gaypg actually makes a new board then i'll be moving there, i hate gaypg's stupid captchas and my nugu shithole's ips are all banned on 4chin anyway

Anonymous 246712

if they don't follow through and i can find good anonymous hosting i might give my own shot at it

Anonymous 246713


Anonymous 246714

you two should talk and work together

Anonymous 246715

forcing our way on lolcow

Anonymous 246718

man i am just too old for gaypg. it's not fun anymore, it's not cute, it's just depressing

Anonymous 246719

i'll still post on it until either someone makes a new ib or it becomes apparent that no one is going to, but having no moderation has just opened up the floodgates for every loser out there to post

Anonymous 246720

i'm still too addicted to ib's to every really give them up, but i'm feeling pretty sad over all of this

Anonymous 246721

yeah it doesn't feel like a homecoming it feels like i had to move back in with my deeply dysfunctional parents

Anonymous 246722

that bad?

Anonymous 246723

it's not that different from what it was before aside from schizo not having shown up yet but it's been years since then. i don't have the patience for it anymore

Anonymous 246724

word, it's made me realize how dependent i am on the internet. i'll still stick around for at least a bit because i want to see how all of this turns out but i might do what other nonas are doing and just take a break if things don't pan out

Anonymous 246726

i wan't ccc back

Anonymous 246727

where even is there to post on the internet anymore? 3c was the last place i found that wasn't an overmoderated and underaged shithole

Anonymous 246728

some people are going to argue about the not overmoderated point kek but i liked the balance ccc had. older kpop fans for the most part, the fun of ibs without the absolute worst dregs of society that tends to plague them

Anonymous 246729

it was so fun and comfortable…

Anonymous 246730

ccc had its faults like any other site but i found it comforting to finally find a space i enjoyed posting in. i relied heavily on it as a replacement for social interactions for the past 3 years and now the future of the site of uncertain, i don’t know how to feel. i miss you my nonas

Anonymous 246732

i am here. this isn't the end, right? it can't be. i have to post horse and hang out with my nice nonas reeee

Anonymous 246733

i refuse to post with moids

Anonymous 246734

i miss you too fellow nona. i find solace in the fact that the last hours were nice

Anonymous 246735

seems like whoever on gaypg is making a new imageboard is getting the ball rolling

Anonymous 246736

you should launch it first, the 4chan girl sounds too retarded one of her name options is bangchan.cafe i'd rather kill myself

Anonymous 246738

>i relied heavily on it as a replacement for social interactions for the past 3 years and now the future of the site of uncertain, i don’t know how to feel
this is so real, the realization just hit me today and im still processing it

Anonymous 246739

sa, what if we make a discord

Anonymous 246740

they should work together

Anonymous 246741

nah she says it would take at least a month and she sounds like a shit coder with shit taste. def don't trust her

Anonymous 246742

this is going to be a very hated idea

Anonymous 246743

i was going to suggest this name as a bad joke here but hul

Anonymous 246744

i just dont want to go post with brainrotted moids on 4c, lolcow doesn't want us, cc will probably not want us to stick around long time… what else can we do? i miss my nonas

Anonymous 246745

indefinite hiatus could mean anything…. lets have hope

Anonymous 246746

it's not the same with a discord anyway, and that will open up a whole other can of worms regardless. if you're fine with the risks then go ahead

Anonymous 246747

kek i love it tho

Anonymous 246748

its unfunny

Anonymous 246749

it is very unfunny, that's why i said it's a bad joke. should've known someone would make it and mean it kek

Anonymous 246750

what if we quietly made a thread on sushichan until we get kicked off inevitably kek

Anonymous 246751

>then go ahead
i mean there is no point if nonas do not like the idea/will not use it. the appeal of ccc is the nonas posting there

Anonymous 246753

the 4ch moids are posting AI generated nudes of 13 year old idols. I don't know what woman can watch that shit

Anonymous 246754

>have to post with the underage hiv tards on 4ch now

Anonymous 246755

we're homeless fucking again, i feel like a cockroach

Anonymous 246756

i don't mind the idea but i also know to keep arms' length with people on discord. you just can't account for what may happen, who will join, etc

Anonymous 246757

i liked ccc because it was genuine. if i was sad, other nonas comforted me. if im sad on 4ch ill just get aggressive replies. it was a unique place. RIP

Anonymous 246758

i also realized now i have nowhere to shitpost about the nct survival show

Anonymous 246759

sa i bought a cheap domain to test stuff on and i'm going to start fucking around with lynxchan. i make no promises

Anonymous 246760

queen! i used to buy artwork access for my s for fun now and then. i am happy to redirect those funds to help with hosting costs or whatever

Anonymous 246761

really felt like a sisterhood, i'll cherish it all…

Anonymous 246762

keep us updated when you can queen

Anonymous 246763


Anonymous 246764

omo fellow horsenona you're here?

Anonymous 246765

it's not over yet s! don't give up. let's hwaiting

Anonymous 246766

yeah, i am hag horsewife. i hug you softly

Anonymous 246767

i'm even aww-ing at freakin btsgshitters

Anonymous 246768

not entirely their fault they also had to post with a sea of retards and newfags

Anonymous 246769

no way, i'm lesbian horsenona. let's get through this kek

Anonymous 246770

true, they mustve had it worse, considering its bts

Anonymous 246771

to be honest i am a shut in with disposable income and free time so this might not take long

Anonymous 246772

neets truly run the world. queen

Anonymous 246773

i’m too old and blind for 4chin captcha what the fuck

Anonymous 246774

get an extension that autosolves the captcha

Anonymous 246775

awww, its nice to have you here. i feel less alone kek. little trauma bonding, you know

Anonymous 246776

same, hope our paths cross wherever this situation will take us

Anonymous 246777

discord is no different from an ib. just dont post your face or link to your social media and youre fine. im down for it

Anonymous 246778

discord is very different from an ib, that's like saying a forum is no different from an ib. similar in core concept but not in execution

Anonymous 246779

i like being able to talk about wanting to rope one minute and posting my husbando next minute without an identifier being attached to it

Anonymous 246780

ok true i get that

Anonymous 246781

what if we asked for a hidden kpop board in lolcow people were saying in meta that the new admin/board owner is a kpopfag

Anonymous 246782

i hope dawn's interview tomorrow goes well. i wish i could've told her where she would see it but the vpn ban on 4chin is very thorough lol. dawn if you decide to drop in just know that i'm rooting for you

Anonymous 246783

get real friends asap

Anonymous 246784

maybe this is all an elaborate plan to make dawn go to her job interview

Anonymous 246786

i must have cycled through 50 vpns trying to post on gaypg…how do dawn and schizo and the other assorted ban evaders find the energy to do this constantly?

Anonymous 246787

heol posters are dropping like flies on gaypg

Anonymous 246788

makes sense

Anonymous 246789

Screenshot 2023-07…

lots of bitching about 3c going down…i'm reading through it and wondering if we were even posting on the same board lmao

Anonymous 246790

2c's bunker had some angry nonas out too when 3c went down last time

Anonymous 246791

Anonymous 246792

hivshitters have been bitching about overmoderation ever since gaypg came alive again, i don't get them either

Anonymous 246794

gaypg is a forsaken and lawless zone it’s easy to get tired of it quickly

Anonymous 246795

most of all i just miss having separate boards and threads

Anonymous 246796

queen will you keep the hiv segregation system? maybe banning them for good? :3

Anonymous 246797

word that was the greatest part of 3c, gaypg is all fandoms shoved into one thread it’s nauseating

Anonymous 246798

rip uri cozy threads

Anonymous 246799

gaypg is fun for like one hour then it turns your brain to soup. so can i post hammypies here or will the mods fuck my tight little butt

Anonymous 246800

Anonymous 246801

don't get us banned tontita

Anonymous 246802

yeah especially after seeing the shit going in gaypg right now

Anonymous 246805

have mercy on hiv, some of us just minded our business and want our own space back

Anonymous 246806

girl why are we down now

Anonymous 246807

is this real? my stomach hurts real bad

Anonymous 246808

i mean if i get this up and running i'm not banning you all kek i'm just going to keep it separate like it was on 3c

Anonymous 246809

i just want btsg back, i dont post in any other threads sadge

Anonymous 246810

it was up for hours before the site went down again

Anonymous 246812

this is too much holy shit
i am going to sound so cringe i know it's ridiculous to have relied this much on an anonymous ib for social interaction (especially since i don't even care about gaypop that much) but what will i do without ccc….do i have to start trying to get along with gendies and normalfags again? please say it ain't so

Anonymous 246813

i'm legitimately too old for gaypg or the current state of 4chan in general for that matter, it feels like regressing to a younger edgelord version of myself i feel a lot of contempt for now

Anonymous 246814

some soulsearching and reflecting itt, that's nice

Anonymous 246815

hul i remember when a nona asked us to draw the winecat, and one nona drew the cutest round winecat and i made… this abomination

Anonymous 246816

someone just mentioned watching the corpsehusband streams which just about tells you the range.
>it feels like regressing to a younger edgelord version of myself i feel a lot of contempt for now
this is exactly what it feels like and it's a time in my life i'm very ashamed of and i remember i was just overtly horrible

Anonymous 246817

what are your favorite ccc memories? mine are:
>getting autobanned for 100 years for using the forbidden word and having to email owner to let me back in. she was very nice
>sugarmommying, it made some nonas happy
>starting up that fatbin thread

Anonymous 246819

swimlet thread
the nctzzz hg
the first time we had april fools with the randomized names

Anonymous 246820

>dad passed
>funeral in like three days
>getting into a shitty living situation soon
>still no job
>favorite thing at the moment got into a huge scandal (project moon/limbus company) that might get it canned
>now this
life is just donkey punching me at this point

Anonymous 246821

the randomized names were really funny

Anonymous 246822

i'm sorry sis, that's just awful to deal with

Anonymous 246823

heol nona. don't even know what to say to you except i really feel for you

Anonymous 246824

god i am sorry nona, hope you can find a job soon, im really sorry

Anonymous 246825

i feel the same way i don’t want to lose hope on 3c but i highly doubt something like this can be fixed overnight. i feel lost because it was my social interaction hub when i’ve cut off connections with any little social circle i had for years now. i’m too tired for the antics of gaypg and i don’t want to post in other kpop places because they love to moralfag

Anonymous 246826

i loved all of our hunger games sessions
>the first time we had april fools with the randomized names
kek that was so fun, i remember us going through an ungodly amount of threads that day

Anonymous 246827

gaypg is so fucking insufferable i can feel my brain leaking out of my ears whenever i spend more than 5 minutes there. i miss 3c

Anonymous 246828

i'm so sorry to hear that nona, try to cope in whichever way you can and be kind and patient with yourself. sending you lots of love

Anonymous 246829

is there really no abandoned women only ib we could take over temporarily kek

Anonymous 246830

3c was seriously the perfect place for us, i really don't want it to end like this, fuck, all because of an inhuman scrote. i am so distraught, 3c really felt like a home, when i was stressed, sad, happy. it was just good times, really felt like i found my people kek

Anonymous 246831

the second the anachans showed up i knew i had to get out of there stat

Anonymous 246832

i’m sorry nona hugs

Anonymous 246833

i'm so sorry nona, i hope things start looking up for you soon

Anonymous 246834

i'm going to miss you nonas so much :(

Anonymous 246835

and you'll never know if they're real or just there to shit the place up as much as possible for fun, the anatards, the racists, etc. it's not like they ever needed to leave gaypg but god forbid an ib exists that doesn't come with the 4chan baggage or expectations

Anonymous 246836

the site went down while i was asleep, didn't even get to enjoy its final moments

Anonymous 246837

just posting about husbando with fellow nonas. and watching the meltdowns of nonas who hate him was kinda fun sometimes. also the ridiculous art and memes some nonas made themselves

Anonymous 246838

There are millions of chans. Just use a lesser one as save haven

Anonymous 246839

i loved our artnonas

Anonymous 246840

there's still hope 3c will come back eventually or a nona will make another imageboard

Anonymous 246841


this one? i love your wine cat too

Anonymous 246842

what happened to asherah’s garden

Anonymous 246843

cry harder

Anonymous 246844

the moid creator allegedly gave the key to a woman but the board was dead as hell and regularly got moidspam till it was shut down

Anonymous 246845

dont mind if i do actually

Anonymous 246846

i loved april fools last year. spent entire day on dst just kekking. i also liked when something big happened in the gaypop world and we all discussed it, just having a place to freely talk about these things was nice

Anonymous 246847


it’s only been a day so lets see how this situation will unfold in the upcoming week. sending you love and many blessings nona, stay strong

Anonymous 246848

i miss one morning on dst and it goes down again what is happening this time

Anonymous 246849

miss my husbando. miss my nonas. (except that one schizo who didnt like us being nice kek)

Anonymous 246850

how dare u miss one morning!!! you're the reason we are all homeless now!

Anonymous 246851

i cant even post the erig boob pictures i just saw reeeeeeeee we truly are oppressed

Anonymous 246852

Anonymous 246853

nothing is right with this world. i wasn't prepared for this.

Anonymous 246854

i will miss posting my annoying countdown

Anonymous 246855

woke up to a shit ton of news for skz and wanted to share happily just to see that it was down, worst feeling

Anonymous 246856

seeing your countdown was a cute way to start my morning while sipping on coffee in bed

Anonymous 246857

i really doubt 3c will ever go up again and i'm not posting on /trash/, if that nona doesn't make a new board i want you nonas to know that it was nice posting with you and i have great memories of our time together, mwah

Anonymous 246858

>i really doubt 3c will ever go up again

Anonymous 246859

same here, i'll probably stick around here or at least check it a couple of times a day for updates but i've outgrown gaypg

Anonymous 246860

aw, we had a good run. made it until day 101

Anonymous 246861

who do i talk about everything and anything with now? i am gonna grow so lonely… i know you shouldn't anchor your mental wellbeing on a fucking website but it was the only place i felt connected to, escaped my shit reality of living in a place i will never belong to… sorry for being dramatic girls, at least we have a lot of good memories, love you all

Anonymous 246862

think this was a wakeup call for a lot of us on this. it feels awful but i did spend so much time on dst

Anonymous 246863

you can tell most of the ones who hated ccc the most probably found lc or 4chan after they went to shit

Anonymous 246864

just come to gaypg and post it there, half of us are there

Anonymous 246865

i would but i can't find a vpn that works reeee

Anonymous 246866

i just hate it too much there

Anonymous 246868

thank you. you should probably keep it hidden because the worst part was moderating that board

Anonymous 246869

if ccc doesn't come back in a few days and if queen nona doesn't build us a new place we can try make a discord and monitor is heavily for any sign of scrote to kick. i am willing to give it a try to see if it works for us all to stay in touch and post husbandos

Anonymous 246870

thank you nona, a discord would be a nice stopgap, even with the attendant downsides

Anonymous 246871

terrible idea

Anonymous 246872

damn.. and before tbz comeback too..

Anonymous 246873

those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it

Anonymous 246874

why are we not allowed to have threads here

Anonymous 246875

too much work to mod and clean

Anonymous 246876

or just do synctubes/hyperbeams

Anonymous 246877

we don't want our board spammed with kshit, sorry.

Anonymous 246878

this might be a good alternative actually
why are you even in this thread

Anonymous 246879

Anonymous 246880


look here

Anonymous 246881

lc better be ready for me, i'm crawling back to the farms, i don't care if it's shit now, /m/ and /g/ should be fine…

Anonymous 246882

girl dont do this here people post cp and scat

Anonymous 246883

hyperbeam rooms do stay up so if someone makes a ccc room and people join it'll always be there for them to select if they have an account. however, if they join as guests i don't know if there's a way to make the invites permanent and that may not even be safe

Anonymous 246885

word we only want to see scat porn and cp and gore

Anonymous 246886

mamullju thread ban flashbacks

Anonymous 246887

what if we offered money for a hidden board

Anonymous 246888

i'm betting on 5 hours before the bread gets locked

Anonymous 246889

it was deleted??

Anonymous 246890

it's still up but op got banned kek

Anonymous 246891

i'll just vaguely sadpost all over /ot/ with non-kpop pics

Anonymous 246893

what even is that?

Anonymous 246894

we watched all those gayos together, i was looking forward to watching them with you all this year too..

Anonymous 246895


Anonymous 246898

this sucks merman hakkie they posted on twt looks so good and i can't show him to nonas… i'm going to sleep, bye princesses

Anonymous 246899


i am boomer nona

Anonymous 246900

night night

Anonymous 246902

riding with my chad brother right now

Anonymous 246904

same kek i am so fucked. i really do consider dst (or did) to be my friends

Anonymous 246905

real, now im wishing i had tried to connect with nonas on twitter or discord or something

Anonymous 246908

wish i had my horse girls on discord

Anonymous 246909

i'm still here, if ccc really isn't gonna come back, post something here and i guess i will see it. maybe we can talk in drrr chat or something to exchange info then, not sure how to do this best and safely to be honest

Anonymous 246911

i mean you guys can just make throwaways and post them now and figure it out from there

Anonymous 246912

Anonymous 246916


Why not just find a site that allows board creation and make a replacement there? bunkers are definitely a thing

Anonymous 246917

sa i have made progress and am going to try my best to get something up and running by the end of the week at the absolute latest. give me name suggestions while i get everything working

Anonymous 246918

could exchange info in drr chat after confirming identity
>a question only the countdown nona would know the answer to kek

Anonymous 246919

no ib wants us, we went through this already

Anonymous 246920

atlantis, hoping those scrotes will never find us again

Anonymous 246921

then we will make our own ib! with blackjack and bussies!

Anonymous 246922

gross but good luck

Anonymous 246923

Post ur discord so we can discuss our business

Anonymous 246924

it's what 3c used so i'm starting there

Anonymous 246925

ominous capitalization

Anonymous 246926


Anonymous 246927

I know of a place but it has scrotes ( ̄、 ̄)

anything should work tbh if you're going to put the work into it

Anonymous 246928

something like that kek. let's see if a new site pops up first, but if not we'll figure something out

Anonymous 246929

sorry for newfag qs but why the fuck does the gaypg thread not show up in the trash catalog

Anonymous 246930


Anonymous 246931

it wasn't made yet, it's up now

Anonymous 246932

omochan… jopchan… this is harder than expected

Anonymous 246933

okay nona. this makes me feel better <3

Anonymous 246934

should we not wait for a concrete notice for a few weeks? i know creating a website will take time anyways, but i don't want nona's time to go to waste if 3c does cime back up.

Anonymous 246935

naww nona can make a site worst case it can link back to 3c or turn into its own niche

Anonymous 246936


Anonymous 246937

i am visiting my family for 2 weeks and i was planning to just sit on a beach, eat watermellon, and shitpost on ccc. now wtf am i supposed to do while soaking up the sun reeee

Anonymous 246938


if you need mem i'll be checking in here, let's see what happens

Anonymous 246939

*me kek

Anonymous 246941

Screenshot 2023-07…

hehe cute. same to you! gonna go to bed now, see you tomorrow. here or there

Anonymous 246942

cute name, seconding this, or maybe something mamuljju related like cherub cafe

Anonymous 246943

can there be a 2d fujo board please unnie

Anonymous 246945

lynxchan is better don't listen to her. just see how much 2c and lc struggle with cp, vpns etc

Anonymous 246946

kwangyachan kek

Anonymous 246947


Anonymous 246948

fuck off autiny

Anonymous 246949

jschan werks well but I'm biased because that's all I've messed with aside from Kusaba (lol)

Anonymous 246950


Anonymous 246951

love it
be nice, we are in a time of mourning

Anonymous 246954


Anonymous 246955


Anonymous 246956

who is your husbando?

Anonymous 246957

i hope our new boardowner isn't someone that holds grudges from 3c

Anonymous 246958

girl you have no choice

Anonymous 246959

so it wasn't random nonas ddosing us..

Anonymous 246960

that’s a tall order you’re asking for, additionally staff members too

Anonymous 246963

thank you all for the name suggestions. i'll run a poll when the time comes

i'm not former staff or anything and didn't like or dislike any particular users, i'd just like to not be homeless right now

Anonymous 246964

yah no shit

Anonymous 246966

>didn't like or dislike any particular users
good sign to be impartial. hwaiting

Anonymous 246967

heol im late to the 3c drama… i was spending more time on kfan twt than there lately but i still liked seeing what nonas were doing on 3c. rip

Anonymous 246968

i miss my nonas already. got a stomach ache

Anonymous 246974

kek my last posts were dumb me replying to the schizo so i hate it. glad to see you nice btsg nonas here i’ve been so anxious

Anonymous 246975

i guess one upside about this all is i will be less distracted at work….

Anonymous 246976

horsenonas count me in, don’t leave me i’m husbandoless and homeless now

Anonymous 246977


Anonymous 246979

i have made like a hundred posts in my head already or have thought "i will post this when we get back" hul is this what quitting cold turkey is like?

Anonymous 246980


may as well post this gorgeous twink i found on twt i guess

Anonymous 246981


Anonymous 246982


Anonymous 246983

i'd rather have the f1poster back

Anonymous 246984

f1poster was obviously a moid

Anonymous 246985


Anonymous 246986

site died in my sleep so i never got a chance to say it but i really enjoyed my time with like minded nonas and if this really is then end then i just want you to know i really appreciated sharing that space with you all. sorry for being a bit sappy but i truly mean it

Anonymous 246987

the chances of some nona being autistically infatuated with a twinkish looking f1 driver arent that low

Anonymous 246989

Succession S03E07.…

same. lolcow's too mean and other chans are either scrote-infested or dead. i really am going to miss you all, and i had so much fun.

i mean that last part too. ccc's the most fun i've had on the internet in years.

Anonymous 246990

taking a break, here's a poll of potential names. i can do more polls or add more options if we reach an impasse.

if 3c does come back up (godwilling) before or during this new ib being up i'll just redirect the new site to 3c

Anonymous 246991

Anonymous 246992

nta but nona you break me with your kendallposting, i feel like that all the time. feel sooo anxious cockroaching around here

Anonymous 246993

i would scream don't do this
i literally only said bbongtak because i couldn't tell the gaypops apart at first kek

Anonymous 246994

thank you queen nona i aspire to be like you (shutin with disposable income and very useful skillset)

Anonymous 246995

girl i suggested that name and i dont even know what a bbongtak is, bbongs are just what they call lightsticks in korean

Anonymous 246996

oh okay phew

Anonymous 246997

atlantis.cafe is so cute…

Anonymous 246998

seeing the state of gaypg makes me wonder if those are really the nonas we posted along with all this time, 4c brings out the worst in people

Anonymous 246999

i won't be checking gaypg at all x

Anonymous 247067

hello nona, of course you're not being left behind

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