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Anonymous 248422

My female-only gym allows troons now. I went to the receptionist and she told me how, because the Green-infested government, anyone can now legally change their gender, no questions asked, once a year. So they had no valid legal claim to not allow them, since they are legally women. I asked them, if they are at least contesting this in court, but she said the owner doesn’t want to spend money on a letal battle. I told her I quit on the spot.

Why? Why is this happening? This is insane? Please just fix this. What the fuck am I supposed to do? My only hope is that the men will eventually finally rise up and fix this.

Anonymous 248427

>My only hope is that the men will eventually finally rise up and fix this.

Men hate troons for reasons different from women hating troons. Men laugh at the way troons invade and abuse women, men also get off to the abuse of women, like watching gore clips and being aroused by rape, so of course they would love it. If anything more women need to wake up to the real nature and danger of troons and stop them from invading female spaces.

Anonymous 248430

Men will not rise to fix anything out of genuine concern of women. If they do it it's in their own interests.

Anonymous 248437

Except you haven't said anything of actual merit. Another example I have is how men literally laugh at women getting btfoed by troons in sports. Btw yes I go touch grass everyday, but why do you think moids would reveal their true nature in public? Lol, they are sheep's in wolves clothing. Even if there was a few rare moids that cared, women cannot reliably depend on them especially because moids will never truly understand women's issues therefore women need to take things into their own hands instead of just gambling on another group of individuals.

Anonymous 248439

Still haven't provided any actual counterargument, men as a whole only do things to serve their own interests and the few who do have ulterior motives. Any man who actually wants to help women is very much in the minority which is why I provide the alternative for women to take things into their own hands. And why else wouldn't we? After all it is female spaces which should be moderated by women and for women, which is why I think you are a scrote because you are saying to depend on males to fix female spaces.

Anonymous 248443

My argument is go look at crime statistics and data on the male sex. Btw I have no trauma with men even a woman who is reasonable and a moid enabler would agree that women's issues and spaces should only be dictated and controlled by women, likewise men's spaces should only be dictated and controlled by men. What I'm saying is very logical and that men should not be included in a discussion for women and by women. Women as a collective need to wake up to the troon menace and speak for themselves shouldn't need someone else to speak for them. The problem is not enough women have woken up yet and put their foot down.

Anonymous 248445

stop answering to the XY ffs

Anonymous 248446

you're a terrible gaslighter, no talent at all

Anonymous 248447

I'm sorry you're right I need to contain my autism

Anonymous 248557

>So they had no valid legal claim to not allow them
Is that even true though? They're a company providing a service, they can choose who they provide or don't provide the service to, right? If they're not allowed to discriminate between women and trannies then why are they allowed to discriminate beween women and men by not allowing men in? It's not like an employer or something government funded or whatever discriminating on gender.

Anonymous 248575

Is it really that bad in the west? I keep hearing about troons being everywhere and forcing themselves into everything but it's still hard to believe.

Anonymous 248596

I swear if a moid tells me one more time that
"women voted for this lel"
I'm going to castrate him with my bare hands

Anonymous 248597

Yes it really is that bad.
In the last year I have seen four (4) obviously AGP troons wearing their womanface in various public bathrooms in my area
Every time it's some creepy moid wearing his uwu XD fetish gear and stupid striped socks hanging around for no reason in the women's.
One of them I walked in and saw him go into a stall and lock the door. I came back an hour later and he was in the exact same stall. I'm not sure but I wouldn't be surprised if he was masturbating in there, all I could hear was breathing and tapping (like the sound you'd get it someone was aggressively swiping through porn videos on their phone)

Anonymous 248611

Where I live I have never seen any transgenders thank god. It is worse in the more liberal states.

Anonymous 248704

>hanging around for no reason in the women's.
I guess the reason is that he gets off to the idea of being a woman.

Anonymous 248855

The incels posted this thread on the board that shall not be named and they're of course siding with the troons. I think this is good optics for us and we should keep archiving proof of the lowest scrote scum being troon-friendly, it will help peak the normies.

Anonymous 248866

you are still male. you will not pass in a locker room. Youll scare the women in the locker room. You are still a danger to women in a locker room by virtue of being male and signalling to other males that you are allowed in. I used to be more accepting of hsts transgenders, but the agp just ride on your coattails. The only solution that keeps women safe is total exclusion of all males from female spaces.

Anonymous 248870

Get out of here male, you'll never pass

Anonymous 248871

images (36).jpeg

Honestly, I don't give a shit who walks into my gym, why would you care? just come in, do your exercises and leave, no scandal

Anonymous 248884

Because moids will moid and the fact that in this case you'd be getting troons just means the concentration of perverts and mentally ill is even higher than that of the general male population.

Anonymous 248889


Because nobody cares
Even in the UK where there's a new tranny rapist every day, less than 1 in 5 women is willing to admit to having an unfavorable view of troons

You need to stop assuming everyone agrees with you and instead fight for more moderate protections, like they should at least chemically castrare themselves. What scares me most is a man declaring he is a woman and then using that status to abuse women. I really don't care that much if some mentally ill troon is going to have a mental breakdown if they can't pee with us, like fine whatever it's not that big a deal but the lack of required commitment makes it open season for horny moids to take advantage of people

Anonymous 248915


This is very true, most men I've met are shitty human beings but every tim I've ever met was human filth

Anonymous 251275

You are not female

Anonymous 251280

>women need to take things into their own hands instead of just gambling on another group of individuals.
>I provide the alternative for women to take things into their own hands
>Women as a collective need to wake up to the troon menace

Yes, and what are we supposed to do? Sadly it is true, at the moment we are at the mercy of scrotes.

Anonymous 251769

I remember when a former friend of mine said that cutting your tits off is not the worst thing in the world because you can just "get them back" with prosthetics. Her excuse was that apparently her mother's sylicone tits looked good enough (they really don't, they look like porn star beach balls) so its not THAT bad compared to other sorts of body mutilation when trooning. Thank god i'm not her friend anymore.

Anonymous 252168

I remember when I finally got licensed to teach yoga and pilates and was so excited to get to work with women and older ladies, just to see that it was mostly enbies and actual troon men. I was so distraught I quit the next day.

Anonymous 252989

Power to you for quiting. The only way to show troons they're not welcome is not playing. Even if it takes years. Don't acknowledge them at all. Interacting with them even negatively just validates them. Just ask like they don't exist

Anonymous 254107

>or move to a sane country like japan
you're so obviously a troon lmao

Anonymous 254148

the problem is that everywhere is connected to the internet and everyone is terminally online.
if someone thinks you don't accept trans people your life will get ruined
the only solution is to go to a majority conservative or religious place where they probably still exist, they just can't show themselves in public. not like these places are great for women either but at least people acknowledge reality

Anonymous 254149

I'm sorry but you sound like someone who doesn't talk to enough people. There is exactly one TIF where I live and when the Bud Light situation happened I was hearing about it for weeks from neighbors and customers. They aren't nearly as scary or prevalent as you think. Red state BTW.

Anonymous 254151

I live in a blue state btw. nobody is scared of trans people off the bat they're just mentally ill narcissists and unpleasant to deal with. also 90% of the time they are TIMs

Anonymous 254543

kek nona are you German?
One day I will use that law to say I'm non-binary and hopefully get rid of my shitty name, otherwise you need "compelling reasons" to be able to change your name (and of course it'll cost you too)
Might as well make the best of it

Anonymous 254547

they’re prevalent enough in the right spaces. I see a lot at the game store I used to play magic at. they don’t like occupying places where some guy could rock their shit if they followed their daughters into the restroom. also in a red state.

this tbh, they’re insufferable narcissists. I’ve seen a few TIFs, but they’re easy to clock since they always look like stubby manlets. 99% of the time they’re TIMs.

Anonymous 254814

> My only hope is that the men will eventually finally rise up and fix this.
Be careful what you wish for. The aftermath of men "rising up" would end up looking like your average middle eastern shithole where we aren't allowed to do anything.

Anonymous 254816

> Why? Why is this happening?
The left is funded heavily by the medical industry. The medical industry would love nothing more than to have an entire subpopulation completely dependent on them for the rest of their lives.

Anonymous 254846

i changed my name due to a law i will not mention. They charged me 10% of my monthly income which at the time i was a student so they still took 77Euro from me desrpite being poor. Whenever i mention anywhere that i changed my name they are shocked to hear and are curious how i managed to achieved this feat.

Anonymous 255247

I work out at home. This will not be fixed, it will only get worse. You you can do is watch the world burn and hope that normalfags come to their senses when they're done destroying one another.

Anonymous 261455

The real question is who supports troons, its not moids. moids hate troons with a passion.

Anonymous 261519

Troons are supported by big pharma because diagnosing someone with troon means selling more HRT drugs. Then they build a whole propaganda system through media and politics targeting people-pleasers who can't stand the thought of opposing another person's wish by saying "if u don't acknowledge troons, ur bad"

Anonymous 261570

Moids love troons, head over to /b/ or /r9k/. White men in particular are always posting "femboys" and "traps". Most of the biggest troon lovers on youtube are also white men who curate an audience of tranny loving white boys. Vaush, Destiny, Thoughtslime, Jim Sterling, ect.

Tldr white men are the problem

Anonymous 261648

Good morning sar

Anonymous 261657

It's not just image boards. Try twitter, youtube and reddit. Notice how almost all troons are white dudes?

Anonymous 261658

Because they feel attacked by everyone for simply being white and male, so they try to chamge that, and (((psychiatrists))) take advantage of these weakened minds to propagate their fetish

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