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Lolcow.farm Hate Thread #5 Anonymous 251577

Previous thread >>246328

Anonymous 251578

First for fuck trannies

Anonymous 251580

To the anon in the last thread:
Soyjakparty exists as a splintered community with 20 different sites that are all fighting each other. They do not give a single solitary fuck about this place and most likely never have when theyre busy with their own community of spastic moids and drama

Anonymous 251581

Did yammy tell you a lot about what was going on behind the scenes with the kpoop site when you guys were on good terms?

Anonymous 251582

who tha fuck is yammy

Anonymous 251583

weird they let the spooky posts stay up and drama of this go on until ashley got mentioned, now they decide to delete posts and moderate, you'd think lolcows were fair game

Anonymous 251585

its going to suck for ashley and tommy once this makes the rounds with their dedicated fans

Anonymous 251586

CCC admin, ex farmhand. The person that that anon is referring to here
>I like how you all always dance around trying to contact me a week before your precious kpop board got shut down.

Anonymous 251587

nobody cares, this is a lolcow hate thread. make a choachan hate thread if you cant let go of this shit in here

Anonymous 251589

>they were posting up and down that you're my last bootlicker when we both know I haven't talked to you in years
nta first of all. I never talked to anyone after I left or spread any rumors about you, I don't even have a sock discord or kf account or anything like that. I don't know what gave them the idea that I was your bootlicker, the mod logs speak for themselves; I barely did anything after 2019. I can only imagine the they assumed that was because 1. they had an idea of how autistic I really was and 2. they gave me mod privs on ccc too but then I never used them or ccc. I wasn't up to anything suspicious, I just didn't care. and I definitely had no idea you were brought on as a mod and then used it as an opportunity to spam them right under their noses.

all in all don't drag me into anything, I never had a problem with you until I noticed how hard you were running lc into the ground, and now I find out all this (for the first time today!) explaining why. I'm disgusted.

Anonymous 251590

yeah they are just confirming the ashley thing to be true. its so funny how she couldnt hold her rage in and literally admitted to posting right now, about choachan again of course, shortly after the site got raided with the usual spam she does when someone calls her out. now shes trying to act all innocent and will post her cat folder thats right next to the nik asshole and gore folder

Anonymous 251591

It's all connected, as she was heavily involved with the CCC discord drama and (supposedly, according to oldmin) spread rumours about LC, hence why she's being mentioned in LC threads too. Like another person mentioned, this gay drama that has been going on for months now connects all female run ibs because these people all knew each other

Anonymous 251592

LC discord drama, not CCC*

Anonymous 251593

they probably thought that because when she made a bunker site to entrap the ccc gals she posted private discord dms she had with you and they likely assumed you approved that. we all kinda did negl

Anonymous 251595

nothing in your screenshots makes them look bad or disproves any of your actions that we have all seen firsthand today. the fact that you keep bringing them up is concerning and suspicious, after what happened to them and their site

Anonymous 251596

I don't know who you think I am but I haven't posted any screenshots kek

Anonymous 251597

the site is anonymous, you are nobody and it's weird that you care so much about clarifying who you are and aren't on an anonymous website. just ignore it, you obviously know what screenshots i'm referring to as they were posted like what 10 minutes ago?

Anonymous 251598

also for anyone reading along, burritomin likes to claim the ccc admins said this and that, but anyone else who has been following this shitshow knows she's literally quoting anonymous posts that she just factually claims to have been coming from them. with absolutely 0 proof i might add, since she's so obsessed with that

Anonymous 251600

>it's weird that you care so much about clarifying who you are and aren't on an anonymous website
How will you say this but in the same breath accuse posters on here of being X LC personality or X LC admin constantly kek

Anonymous 251601

idk what youre talking about sorry

Anonymous 251602

well clear my name, geez. the mod I was closest to -if any- was fucking g, dude. she pm'd me before the meltdown to vent about admin. I didn't have anything to do with the tantrum directly though and lost contact after she nuked her discord.

>she posted private discord dms she had with you and they likely assumed you approved that

eye did nawt, I was always in the dark about everything that wasn't public.

Anonymous 251603

i dont think they care or are of the petty psycho sort considering the other person she posted unapproved dms of was told by them that they arent mad they talked shit and then left her alone last i heard. just letting you know this ole bitch has been dragging you into this shit for ages now

Anonymous 251604

I'm sorry to let you know but yam and fumo had their public choachan discords linked until the day it went down. So denying that those are her accounts isn't going to work in your favor.


Anonymous 251605

girl put down the bottle i was referring to your claim that they posted up and down about the other mod, when that was some anon schizo on meta (probably you) nobody is denying those are their discords, because quite frankly those screenshots you keep posting are boring as fuck and i still like them. hella weird how you archived their site for years btw despite telling all of us that you never post on choa or visit the site of rejects

Anonymous 251609

So you admit you brought natu up on gaypg too, because she was a mod. But you guys also softdoxed and accused another mod of fucking with you guys but you're so certain of who it was this time.
>those screenshots you keep posting are boring as fuck and i still like them
None of that is relevant. It's interesting that neither fumo, hex, or yam will clarify on why they would send apologies to someone they believed was spamming them. No clarification about softdoxing another ccc mod and accusing them of fucking with them in May or why she wouldn't mention a moid infiltrating.

Anonymous 251611

>they likely assumed you approved that. we all kinda did negl
so you bunch of dramafags and ex farmhands just jump to whatever conclusions they feel like and go on endless public spergouts with heinous accusations based on what you call assumptions? this whole thing is retarded and you're retarded.

Anonymous 251612

There was a screenshot posted of one of them apologising to burritomin for believing baseless tranny rumors, I cba to find it in the old threads but it looks like this shit just keeps going in cycles

Anonymous 251615


Anonymous 251616

>dislike of current admin
Jeez I can't wonder why cerbmin wouldn't want to be roped into a vendetta choachan has against previous admins.
Even their friend hex posted 2 more public apologies before posting back to back with schizos pretending choachan admins are in hiding.

Anonymous 251617

all ashley. hide, ignore, report ashley posts. she makes no sense because she's on her 5th bottle of the day and giving her an earnest reply is futile because she either cant read or purposefully misreads to twist your words and make up some weird narrative shes currently seething about. if someone is sperging about the choachan admins and muh yams its 100% her

Anonymous 251619

babe you are deleting posts right now that weren't unhinged in the slightest and left actual unhinged shit up. what is this supposed to prove? that youre crazy? we know already

Anonymous 251621

misquoted meant to go for >>251616

Anonymous 251625


What was this picture (from that same /meta/ thread)? They deleted it before I could see.

Anonymous 251626

Just a picture of Ashley (allegedly cerbmin), can easily be found if you look up her name

Anonymous 251628


Tbf it was an updated version kek

Anonymous 251629

I just like how the average reaction to being told someone is behind DDoSing and csam is to spam FAT FAT memes of some woman nobody cares about named Ashley. Also it must be true because of the Pinterest. These bitches are like Sherlock Holmes with the level of detective work.

Anonymous 251631

I'm not deleting anything and I'm not a mod or staff I'm just pointing out the obvious since a few weeks ago you tards were crying about calling the feds because you think cerbminl/Ashley/ spookybones or whoever DDoSed you.

Anonymous 251632

Ok ashley, try sounding different for once and not throwing your jannyjizz all over the place constantly

Anonymous 251633

they didn't accuse you of deleting anything..?

Anonymous 251635

>>251633 they did though ? Are they not accusing anons ITT of being cerbmin or am I misreading

Anonymous 251636

different anons, not-schizomin

Anonymous 251638

>it was former farmhands discussing their current dislike what admin has done to the site/why they left

So why are former farmhands from years ago coming out now ? From the timeline they wouldn't be able to prove any of this and they wouldn't have contact with the current admins. Its already known that 3 of those farmhands were involved with choachan, but nothing proving that LCF was involved in hacking or DDoSing it was ever posted and you guys keep acting like you're not all in a discord server posting schizobabble back to back here and on meta.

Anonymous 251639

my sides this is beautiful

Anonymous 251640

>why now
because you keep sperging about the choachan admins. you have for months and months now, in public and in private. you did the same shit with your retarded beef with tesco and then you wondered why in the world tesco is coming here now. the site went completely down the shitter after christmas and now it's a wasteland filled with threads where you samefag yourself into a stupor about your made up enemies. you are streisanding yourself, dumb fatass

Anonymous 251643


>because you keep sperging about the choachan admins. you have for months and months now, in public and in private
Again, they contacted me before their site closed down out of the blue. I wanted nothing to do with it and I rejected the offer to speak to yam. I made no attempt to contact either of them since the last time I asked for an apology months before the fact.

By the way Natu, it seems like you weren't just an inactive mod on LC but CCC too. You never told me you were a mod on CCC, but you did beg me to get back mod permissions a few times over the years. You never "quit", you were probably iced out for being inactive throughout 2 admin changes. Yammy and fumo stayed as mods for a while even after choachan was created nearly 3 years ago, but I don't think they were upfront about that either. There's a reason CC makes a point not to overlap with staff.

Anonymous 251646

Still not cerbmin but you're not helping your credibility by lying about "quitting". And the others already admitted to name dropping you on other sites out of paranoia and accusing hk admin of being cerbmin or me.

Anonymous 251647

I asked you that question because I like to be able to edit my posts and snoop post histories and see IPs (and help delete spam). you can post the pm where I explicitly told you this cuz I was very shameless about it, or ask k to show you what I said to her (the same thing). ccc came to me and asked me if I wanted to help them. I made them an ugly board theme and was inactive from then on, eventually ghosting them. the end.

Anonymous 251648

kek holy shit here she goes being her psychotic reactionary self again. if any former farmhands have any doubt about her crazy shit, just look at this. she did the same to the other two she keeps going on and on about but even worse and more persistent over a long period of time

Anonymous 251649

I’m not involved in any of this, just a spectator, but if you guys are former mods can any of you speak on what was said last thread about lolcow tracking you across websites and collecting user data? I don’t really care about any of this but that did concern me.

Anonymous 251650

btw burrito I cant even respond to your pms because you're set to frineds only

Anonymous 251651

they never mentioned you from all my time around them, i really doubt they iced you out or had anything against you, they were generally chill to be around and this bitch is clearly of the darkness so dw, she's just trying to rile you up and intimidate you. it's literally all she does, all day, because it probably has some fetish component to it as she proudly gloats of all the people she intimidates on ONF.
As if her being Cerbmin isn't painfully obvious just by the actions of her too. Why would Cerbmin be deleting innocent posts by ex farmhands and random pictures of a known lolcow if she's random 3 new admins who have no connection to this? Occams razor and all so I'll assume Burritomin is still here being nuts

Anonymous 251653

it's true, just delete your cookies after posting or visiting the site and use a vpn and don't piss off the nice lady admin by visiting sites she doesn't like and you will be fine

Anonymous 251654

Okay but you made it a point not to disclose your involvement as a CCC mod, and none of this has anything to do with you pretending you quit under negative pretenses. Things were already transitioning at that point and I'd like to see the proof where I somehow infiltrated their staff team and destroyed the site from the inside out.

You all deliberately dance around fumo and yam trying to contact me me through a third party before the site shut down. They decided they were wrong about things and then carried on and remixed their shizofoils when I didn't accept their apology? The funniest part is that I'm pretty sure that cerbmin wouldn't have ever known or cared who any of them were if they weren't obvious with their schizoposting. You could have gotten in with the new hk admin if crazy emails weren't sent to her accusing her of being me or someone else.

Anonymous 251655

>snoop post histories and see IPs
so all of this is just projection

Anonymous 251656

Okay I'll fix it but we still share a server so I'm not sure why it isn't working. Try now ?

Anonymous 251658

nta but why would she even need to disclose that? have your paranoid delusions made you think that these places are all one mafia cabal? they made a kpop site completely unrelated to you and none of your mods are required to tell you what they do in their free time. you kept forcing a connection and stalk anyone you deem to be a threat to your kingdom of shit. nobody wants to be fucking around you and you are a relentless clout chaser who writes any moderately famous tech person and if they reject you or don't act in a way you approve of, you spread bullshit rumors about them. if you drank less and spent less time harassing people, you'd have enough time to learn coding and not have to do this, yakno. I dont even know what the fuck youre talking about in the rest of this post so im not gonna reply to that, youre extremely nuts and i really doubt they gave a shit if you accepted an apology you harassed and demanded from them for months and months. it sucks for you that they shared so much of the embarrassing stuff you kept doing to them to groupchats with others, such as that screenshot of you sending them 3 friend requests a week on discord despite them asking you to leave them alone KEK

Anonymous 251659

If anything similar to this happened on CC there would be a riot because anons would not be okay with farmhands being able to see their IPs across both sites. Are you playing dumb?

Anonymous 251660

CCC jannys couldnt see ips, one of the big draws of the site and something you probably loved to exploit kekek

Anonymous 251662

This actually makes it make less sense if someone infiltrated them and was using anons post histories against them. The mod who was softdoxed said she was never accused of being a moid and was banned a week after being fired, this happened in May the same month boardowner said she kicked out the moid who infiltrated staff and hacked all her accounts and devices.
>if you drank less and spent less time harassing people, you'd have enough time to learn coding and not have to do this, yakno
All the DDoSing and hacking allegations would make this person adept at coding but you're saying the opposite. Someone who is able to bypass basic 2FA across multiple devices sounds like a criminal mastermind if you ask me.

Anonymous 251664

gotta be real with you, i got no fucking clue what youre talking about and softdoxing sounds really stupid. what is that? like postinf which country youre from? sweet ash they have entire boards on 4chan that show your country flag. softdoxing is the most retarded thing i have ever heard topkek

nobody ever said any of that other shit, youre just being delulu again

Anonymous 251666

yeah that drama where regina(you?) and snail compared ips from people crossposting so you could get spoony or why not that time you pretended it was to get spoony or some other cow so you could ask snail if tesco and cocoa were posting mild criticisms of you on here? difference is, that actually happened and you were caught doing it. your hypothetical never happened and it doesnt matter because that site is dead, idiot.

as a side note, would like to point out that snail apologized for that at the time, fired all mods and nothing like that has happened since, but mysteriously, ever since, someone has been spreading crystal cafe on 4chan with spam, spreading rumors that cc is overrun by trannies and all the mods have r9k boyfriends and it gets your trademark spam raids. odd that

Anonymous 251669


w/e I'll respond publicly for lulz. this is all so embarrassing, sorry anons.

just… don't ban me pls. all I know for sure is the site is in hell, I haven't been involved in any of the drama until today on cc and /meta/, and what you're saying doesn't add up. you clearly still have a place on the mod team because of all these weird deleted posts, it isn't a stretch.

>made it a point not to disclose your involvement as a CCC mod
I didn't make caca, you should've known they'd ask me. it wasn't supposed to be a secret, I would've told you if you'd asked but I didn't think you had any reason to care about some stupid kpop board. again, I had, for all intents and purposes, quit within weeks of the site opening making it even more pointless.

>none of this has anything to do with you pretending you quit under negative pretense

it's… not really pretense. I became jaded with the lc and left.

Anonymous 251670

these dms are really psychotic and overtly, obviously trying to manipulate you. i'd block her if i were you, she's not stable and she will never ever tell the truth and always try to manipulate and intimidate you, it's pointless

Anonymous 251671

based for posting this publicly btw. i'm sure the discord is gonna be recognized by people and raise some eyebrows kek

Anonymous 251673

euhhheh that's not really the goal, I meant to post a censored version but I guess she can just change it again if needed. no harm if she's going out of her way to dig up and post my stupid old dms ooc to make them look like something they're not.

Anonymous 251674

Nobody told you to admit to wanting to snoop on post histories while playing dumb about modding on both sides kek

Anonymous 251675

kek i can tell you havent been around for this whole drama because youre concerned about causing harm to this batshit lady. i'd pity her if she wasn't so outright malicious and destructive towards people and communities, spamming awful shit (as if its a stretch that she spams cp, animal torture and misogynistic abuse when we saw her spam fucked up gore of black people today) and only ever goes after people she percieves to be weaker than her.

she grosses me out and i can't feel bad for her for the life of me, whatever she gets she deserves

Anonymous 251676

Then I double doggy dare you all to report me or cerbmin with the number I gave Yam, since she has pretended to not be able to contact authorities for months. Me thinks you will just continue to schizopost and post about fat Ashley though.

Anonymous 251678

by the way, ashley doesn't have any real political or moral stances. that's one thing i see people on onf get wrong about her a lot, whatever she says is entirely designed to manipulate an imaginary audience she always carries around with her.
the site is known to lean right wing? well now ashley is a tranny ally, marxist and staunch minority defender but she will also yell about kikes and tell you to get raped while calling you sexist. this is fine though because she will just spam another 5 pages of the thread with accusations of transphobia and what have you, because her current imaginary audience are liberal silicon valley trannies.
when shes in different company she will adjust her opinions accordingly

Anonymous 251679

that number you gave everyone claiming to be a totes for real fbi agent, where we all looked it up and it traced back to some chinese warehouse? kek be for real

Anonymous 251680

you say that like we didn't all bond over making fun of random sperg post histories. that, edits, and the ip randomizer were the best parts of being a mod, not… having to see cp and shay vag nitpicks. I still didn't play dumb about modding btw, why you're so fixated on that? I'm telling you for the last time: they didn't seduce me into conspiring against you in the 2 seconds I was there and I had no knowledge of you guys' beef until to-day-uh.

Anonymous 251682



Anonymous 251684

Nobody accused you of conspiring aside from them who thought you posted or approved screenshots. You can believe what you want but "she told me so" isn't a smoking gun. I believe what you're saying but I also believe you're retarded if you believe I was DDoSing and spamming them. I have no relation to this Ashley you're convinced I am, but being faildoxed doesn't bother me.

Did you even try? You couldn't Google a number so you decided it was a lie? You're not serious about this, because you've been making a game of it for months.

Anonymous 251685

im not yam kek she really did just share everything you said to her because she barely knew you and you were spamming schizo word salad at her & it was funny

Anonymous 251686

shes now at the part where she will try and make you feel crazy and ridiculous by saying things like
>if you really think i was doing this thing you dont know a lot about then you are retarded
except we all saw her spam the place today and lbr who would even care to ddos a niche kpop site full of lonely horny women who write fanfics, that barely anyone has heard of? its really not as much of a stretch kek. dunno why it keeps being brought up anyways, aside from her thinking this is all one big ccc psyop

Anonymous 251689

question: who the fuck is ashley, what evidence is there that she's cerbmin, and why do you care so much? i really fucking hate cerbmin myself but i doubt she's evil or a cow herself. just a zoomer radfem who's trying too hard to seem like an oldfag and using personalityfags as punching bags

Anonymous 251690

okay heres the answer to all of your questions
>read the fucking thread

Anonymous 251691

i said non schizophrenic so i'm just reading from the top of this thread (not previous), but so far? what a control freak. glad i was banned

Anonymous 251693


Anonymous 251694

incredibly interesting, thanks ! one of the things that made me very curious about her is that she tried to pin bad shit on the board on me, a retarded 20 year old, and how much she dragged out rancefag's drama when rance is one of the less annoying anons. the way she also defends blaine and blocks all criticism is disturbing. i'll be sure to read into this more. thank you anon!

Anonymous 251695

nnn i shouldnt be laughing

Anonymous 251696

>she defends blaine
what? for real?

Anonymous 251697

Anonymous 251700

uhoh ashley is spamming the thread directly now

Anonymous 251702


I saw an anon here say that ashley was mentioned in meta and I did find a thread. Funny because she blamed this immediately on Elaine (she always has a strawman, doesn't she?) With a cat pic attached…much like the random empty cat thread she posted here after her gore/porn spam and meltdown on /meta/

Anonymous 251703


More posts in that thread. Pretty interesting read after today's debacle

Anonymous 251704

she's literally female bardfinn, how does she afford ddos attacks on other sites but can't get a toliet and shower in her trailer?

Anonymous 251705

she has priorities ok? tommy can shower at work and she doesnt need a shower when she is cleansed by the righteous fury of ridding the internet of fujocoomers, soyjakkers and husbandofags

Anonymous 251707

Your attempts at 'exposing' yam haven't been going very well. Your reputation was through the floor when you officially quit lolcow, and your attempts at defending it are counterproductive. This is a display of ego. You should have taken the hint years ago. You made enemies everywhere you went, but nobody knew who you were. But whatever dignity you had is gone with your inability to leave well alone.

Anonymous 251712

There's nothing to expose other than her bad lies explaining choachans shutdown, and going out of her way to ask her friends to DM me apologies on her behalf. I didn't want anything to do with their drama involving kaliacc or whoever else they were blaming on spam, so I rejected any offer to speak in DMs with yam. Blaming me or current LCF staff and admins is probably just paranoia or collateral at this point.

Anonymous 251716

Hilarious claim to make when there's a bunch of people who witnessed you contacting them over and over again in the same manipulative fashion you did with the other ex farmhand in here >>251669
Your extremely obvious vendetta is based on absolutely nothing, that's why you keep repeating the same lines, same phrases and same boring nonsensical screenshots of the few conversations you had with people who are literal strangers to you, but will not shut up about. You're still here spamming the place with random incel discords and other shit to bury this thread.

The fact that the anon you replied to has literally spelled out for you that the shit you are doing here is making you lose any last bit of dignity you have left and you STILL come back to continue and reply to them, when they are telling you every post you make is an embarrassment, is just so fucking sad.
You are a sad person

Anonymous 251717


>Your extremely obvious vendetta is based on absolutely nothing,
What vendetta exactly? I wasn't the one who admitted to spamming crystal cafe with plastic surgery monsters or accusing other ib admins of being behind CSAM. All of those things that choachan boardowner/yam did. And if she believed this she still reached out to me before her site went down. Your narrative that I was the one harassing her falls short when she tried to talk to me before she pulled the plug in the final week.

>making you lose any last bit of dignity you have left and you STILL come back to continue and reply to them, when they are telling you every post you make is an embarrassment, is just so fucking sad.
Yeah, it's sad that this is the hill you all chose to die on. We're all dying to see the proof you have for all of your schizophrenic conspiracies. All you can do is bring up old drama that has nothing to do with the situation at hand, because you have nothing but your own vendettas. Of course you never directly address why choachan board owner was trying to apologize to me. Because you all look insane.

Anonymous 251718


My favorite moment in this whole saga was Ashley trying to peddle a schizo fake tinfoil >>251443 moments before posting it on onionfarms as well and promptly being made fun of by the posters on there and confirming the theory that she is Cerbmin and her headmates all in one alcy swoop. Good shit, made even better by her bizarre /meta/ meltdown of deleting normal discussions and any mentions of her.

Anonymous 251719

She did apologize to you, because she thought she had gotten it wrong, she didn't and I hope she is reading this and cackling away at your continued flailing right now and your psychosis where you seem to think every single person who dislikes you is her or affiliated with her. topkek

Anonymous 251720

Peep the file name she posted this with on there too kekkk. Literally lifted straight from these threads

Anonymous 251721

If it wasn't clear from the screens boardowners friend is calling them gullible idiots. I won't be posting anymore after this or giving these bad actors anymore energy than I already have, since Hex has been on a campaign to dox me since December. I already determined that their actions and motives were malicious rather than genuine concern.

You can continue to schizopost and spam the both sites, it's not really going to look well for you guys in the end. I just wish you stopped bringing in innocent people into shit because of your vendettas against me. Oh well, I have a weakness for expecting better of people.

Anonymous 251722

Great post Ash, loving the lack of self awareness with the little narc cherry on top about
>having a weakness for expecting better of people
Amazing, you are such a cow kek

Anonymous 251724


Reminds me of the time Yam insisted that cerbmin was Aimee Therese.
It's pretty obvious when the names of former mods are thrown out, even 3c mods were accused of being the new hk admin.
You don't have any proof or concrete evidence that I am Ashley or that cerbmin is Ashley. You can just speculate on the word of a 25+ year old mentally ill woman who shut down her kpop board and decided to blame me or cerbmin who she believes is kiwifarms or spookybones. Nothing will happen. Life will move on. Choachan will still be dead. I'm dying to see the nonexistent evidence that made choachan admins decide LCF? Or I was behind their downfall. I'm pretty sure most mods didn't even know about the site or fujochan existing. I'd honestly kill myself if I was over the age of 25 and making up rumors about child abuse to get an own at someone I had a grudge against.

Anonymous 251725

None of this happened and you are insane. Hope this helps. Go to bed by the way, you've been up for days now doing the worlds worst damage control.
Does Tommy not miss your presence or is he relieved that you leave him alone? We all saw his dick the last time you got him involved in this shit after all

Anonymous 251726

Blah blah blah those names mean nothing to me
>We all saw his dick the last time you got him involved in this shit after all
You're all terminally online and your disbelief that some folks genuinely couldn't give a fuck is truly astounding

Anonymous 251727

Babe you have been posting here for hours. You post on ONF for hours, you give all the fucks and then some kek. Don't even bother replying to this, I'm heading off to work and making this thread harder to read by starting one of your infamous circular arguments isn't on my to-do list today. Maybe Karl will play with you on the bad onion site though, in case you really can't sleep.
Try and leave the nice CC women alone though with your nasty spam ty

Anonymous 251728

None of those people were sloppy enough to dedicate an entire pintrest board to their admin persona like you. You poked a hornets nest enough that people who never even downloade discord went looking for answers. None of the people you listed have a pintrest full of cerberus 3 headed dogs, cows, borzoi dogs, and gore like you ashley. Your typing style and online behavior is obvious across all farms and boards. You burned enough bridges that majority have no incentive to keep your secrets anymore. Anyone who takes the time to do a little digging, to do a little reading can come to the conclusion themselves. You're delirious if you think you're fooling anyone. Everyone is honing in on you, ashley hutsell jankowski. If none of this is true why did it conjure up such a reaction out of you?

Anonymous 251729

Don't you love how ashley hutsell jankowski tries to get you chasing rabbits?
It's Elaine! It's Josh! Its the ccc adminis! It's a bird! It's a plane! Kek really grasping to keep control of the narrative she's spun over the years. Can't believe the call was coming from inside the house the entire time!

Anonymous 251731

I have a question, if admin was Ashley the whole time how come the timestamped selfharm arm picture was of a thin brown woman not a fat white woman?

Anonymous 251732

That picture was never posted under her actual Admin tag, you ever notice that? She always kept a circle of naive people she manipulated into doing her bidding so who knows whose actual arm that was kek

Anonymous 251733

oh shit lol you right, Armanon are you out there? are you the missing piece?

Anonymous 251738

This arm looks white with a tan to me (I can't upload images for some reason, so here: https://i.imgur.com/2K3N86K.jpg), but it is thin and it's true that it wasn't posted under her tag. She's so pathetic, I can't believe LC is/was run by some obese schizo under multiple personas.

Anonymous 251741

So you were trying to expose her, about the two 'only things' you were trying to expose her about.

And why? For the sake of ccc users? You don't give a shit about them nor do they about you. They told you to fuck off and you couldn't take the hint.

You don't know shit about why ccc went down you have nothing but opinions reinforced by being a personalityfag. When choafags didn't know who you were you thought it would be a flex if someone told them.

You also have no idea why yam reached out because you avoided her. You didn't want to touch the shit you say, but once ccc went down you certainly indulged in the opportunity to get some kicks in publicly.

So really your selfless quest for truth or whatever it is you've been telling yourself you're doing really is a vendetta. It can be seen that you resented her, and that you had no relevant information on the situation you decided to resurface in. That is a vendetta caused by your bruised ego. And that is the reason nobody believes anything you say. This is the hill we're choosing to die on? Okay. Take a look at yourself.

There's a reason nobody likes or believes you, it's because of your own behaviour going back years. I don't think your reputation can ever be salvaged and I don't know why you still use the persona it's attached to, but if that was your goal then explaining the what and why of your own downfall to your own users would have worked a lot better than offering explanations you didn't have to another site's users about their admins.

Hope this helps to clear up some of your obvious confusion as to why nobody is accepting your narratives. It's because of you.

Anonymous 251746


heard u were talkin shit

Anonymous 251748

You're insane to think this is just ccc users. You've passed off a lot of your own userbase. A person like me, for example, has never been on ccc or discord and ONLY started using cc because ashley and her flying monkeys made the site unusable. Your nasty attitude and shit moderation ignited the autistic need to know wtf is actually going on. You think you can drip feed your shenanigans to your userbase and it will be accepted like nobody will notice, you didn't ever stop to think the autsists observing would start taking mental note of your odd behaviour until they eventually did some difficult themselves. You're a peice of shit who wants to play the blame game and point fingers instead of looking in the mirror and asking yourself why this happens everywhere you go. Ya I'm reading all 500 something pages in thar onion farm thread. You're a loser you have no friends in real life and can't even keep them online, a place where it'd EASY to manipulate people who will never meet you irl into liking you. You're so pathetic ashley and after peeking into your sad sad life its obvious you hate yourself (don't blame you) and this is how you project it into the world and give yourself a crumb of power, something you'll never experience in real life you chatanooga cretin

Anonymous 251749

Some typos (phone posting at work sorry) but you get the gist. Ashley, YOUR vendetta against ccc admins is blinding you but I promise it's not just them whos mad at you. Your own userbase is pissed too

Anonymous 251755

Good post but I think the person you replied to agrees with you. You're still correct though

Anonymous 251757

omg xister the sharty is a 'em how dare you say such a thing

Anonymous 251774

I just realized something super fucking obvious. The 3 names "Cerbmin" gave for herself in the first thread where "Aimee", "Sentinel" and "Jenny" which are basically her initials. AShley Jankowkski. C'mon Ashley you fucking retard.

Anonymous 251775

damn kek no wonder this triggered another spam raid from her. well said

Anonymous 251779

I just remembered something: anons on lc were talking about a "40 yo married woman from discord who doxxed Japanon". Was that Ashley?

Anonymous 251783

yes, general armstrong is ashley. I believe she used to go by another username as well like cyrusova. this was all back in the old discord where she used to use all her sock puppet discords to dox people and pit people against each other.

Anonymous 251785


>is deleted

Anonymous 251787


Just wanted to share this screenshot I took hours ago kek. This was clearly before ashley sluggly arose from her alcohol induced slumber in her dark cavernous tennessee trailer to delete it. I also want to point out that people were complaining about nonsense bans they copped within the last 24 hours that didn't make sense, I'm guessing ashley was too drunk to moderate properly in between infighting her userbase with her mod tag off. Anyway it's weird she's deleting all these posts about mentioning her name, Ashley hutsell jankowski, when she never did that to posts claiming the admin was a different person in the past, she just let those tinfoil flourish

Anonymous 251788

Kek you beat me to it

Anonymous 251793

So I've reported Ashley to the FBI for the CSAM she has been posting. I attached a bunch of her posts on lolcow, the ones on here and the ones and onion.farm as well because I'm hoping they can contact the hosts and get proof/details from there. I guarantee you if they search her house they'll find proof of the fucked up she got up to.

I also sent some screenshots I had of her admitting stuff to me from when I was a farmhand. I think now that everyone knows what is going on we can finally take her down. Maybe we'll never have to see CSAM on one of our image boards again.

Anonymous 251796

I’m just now reading through all of this and as someone who interacted with her in the past, are oldmin, burritomin and Ashley the same person?

I didn’t believe the tinfoil on here at first but I’m questioning everything I’ve been told now that the pieces are coming together and making sense. I have contact with an organization that deals with CSAM and I’m thinking of providing some of this to them to take a look at.

Anonymous 251797

Oldmin and burritomin are same person. Tinfoilers say it's Ashley but idk.

Anonymous 251801

This is not ashley. She's only lived in signal mountain and hixon tennessee. You will not find any pictures of Ashley other than the very old pics she foolishly shared online 10+ years ago. Since being doxed on other forums, she has really tried to tie up any loose ends of herself online all pics included even her house is blurred online. I'm not sure if you're trying to discredit what's been talked about here by sharing false info but stop. Anyway her BIL is a convicted pedophile, I bet they share content with each other

Anonymous 251803

I hope you creeps get banned for doxing random women on here. Take this shit to kiwifarms.

Anonymous 251805


If you look in the last thread youll see that picture of ashley was put through a reverse image search and popped up on mycareerposting as early as 2014. It's not Josh but someone wants you to think it is. For shits and giggles I put Ashley's picture through ai gender swap since some anon tried really hard in the last thread to say the original pic of ashley is an ai genderswapped josh and as you see she looks nothing like Josh even with ai

Anonymous 251809

It's not a tinfoil it's just a shitpost you're taking too seriously but yes ashley is a real person and not genderswapped null kek

Anonymous 251811

how would i prove to you that i heard her voice? you'd just have to take my word for it so idk if possible to give a satisfactory answer

Anonymous 251813

Ah sorry, yes that seems like something Ashley would do. She loves to parrot things others have said, sometimes I wonder if 90% of the posts on /ot/ are just her RPing tbh

Anonymous 251814

yeah I heard her voice a while ago when she was pretending to be another person (again) and when I remembered the Ashley rumor I went to onionfarms because I had recalled a user posting about how she gave out her voice, and yeah it's the same voice kek which is why I came here

Anonymous 251817

Understandable, it's a lot to take in kek. I couldn't imagine someone being this nuts that they would pretend to be so many different people just to cause you harm for no reason. Took me a while to wrap my mind around it

Anonymous 251818

She had tried to pit so many people against her discord moderators for so many years and it kept failing. Specifically with Hex, 4 years of this shit with her kek the rogue farmhand incident with KF completely mindbroke her and made her extremely paranoid

Anonymous 251819

This is a good point. I’ll file a report and anything that does or doesn’t come of it will be in their hands.

I didn’t believe any of this at first, but the Pinterest piqued my interest. Then you couple that with lolcow instantly deleting anything related to Ashley while the rest of the site goes unmoderated, the weirdly targeted ban messages on lolcow, and the fact that any board talking about this gets spammed. Even without knowing exactly what is happening, it’s not hard to see that something is going on.


Someone pointed put earlier that the picture comparison of her and Null that she posted on onionfarms was lifted straight from here. It’s obvious that she’s trying to perpetuate it.

Anonymous 251820

does anyone have screenshots of what the ccc owners said directly? or anything else related to that like what was said to them by burrito

Anonymous 251821

They were posted in a couple of servers that are now deleted (rip) but maybe someone saved some of her discord messages to them

Anonymous 251823

The Japanon stalker lives in Chicago and her voice is different. She’s also cracked though so be careful.

Anonymous 251826

>You could have gotten in with the HK admin
This is such pure gross projection, she really thinks everyone is as obsessed with meaningless power on an imageboard where all you do all day is clean up her spam and infighting and bathe out her messes in meta.
Was it supposed to be a sly offer or something? Like "hey if you shut up about this and tell me bad things about my made up enemies I will let you mod my weird fangirl site of an obscure kpop ib"?

All of her posts are so bizarre, they really stick out like sore thumbs.
I'm not sure if that site is run by her or what btw I'm just saying the way she presents things is very inflammatory

Anonymous 251828

It's not run by her. I've been following this on here for a few days now and I don't know why she keeps trying to drag me into this by bringing me and my website up in this argument. You'd think that if someone ostensibly had my best interests in mind that they wouldn't do that, but here we are a month and a half later. I don't really get it.

Anonymous 251830

Can you explain all those weird screenshots she was posting of posts of yours making it look like an infight between you and CCC? Like what would the point of this even be? Is she someone who knows you?

Anonymous 251831

Ashley is on meta trying to plant a seed this is all Blaine being a schizo kek. I wouldn't be surprised if she started spamming lc soon so can screech "blaine!!"to take the spotlight off of herself.

Anonymous 251832

When all else fails just scare your users about some tranny pedo boogeyman and spam cp and soyjaks.. i guess

Anonymous 251833

I've been following for the past few weeks and friends of 3c boardowner or staff were saying you were a tranny or affiliated with lc

Anonymous 251834


Anonymous 251836

Look in the previous thread here and meta, this is around the same week they were saying cerbmin is spookybones or burrito, unless they mean spookybones is Ashley.

Anonymous 251838

You do know we are all anonymous here right? And the only time we know it's someone for sure is if we have some sort of public statement tied to it. Someone posted burritomins discord where she kept repeating the same weirdly aggressive and threatening behaviors towards former staff, as she was going on about her usual beef with ccc or whatever on here & kept verifying herself as at least having been a former admin

Anonymous 251839

In the week before hkc opened, she emailed me explaining her side of her story and answered questions I had (I'm not initiated in lolcow lore). I emailed her later seeking clarification after hkc got spammed with soyjaks and more accusations and threats, and never got a response back.

There's been a few screenshots of my posts on hkc posted here, so you'd have to link them specifically so that I can respond in more detail. I don't think I've been infighting with CCC staff. The cycle has been:
>Someone comes onto the board at like 2 AM
>They make vague accusations about my identity (it's been a different person each time)
>They tell me they'll report me to the police, or spam the board with soyjaks and gore, and I have to sit there for an hour while they hop VPNs to avoid bans
I have no clue who they are, whether they're from CCC or just random shitstirrers. "Infighting" is putting our interactions generously. Regardless, this hasn't happened in a few weeks now.

Yes, because I keep being injected into and used as a cudgel in this argument by one party. It's a natural assumption to make.
I've said on multiple occasions that lolcow is a retarded website that I want nothing to do with, and I'm not really sure how to prove that I'm not a specific person or that I'm not involved with them.

Anonymous 251840

Give me a codeword and I'll post it on /site/ to verify who I am.

Anonymous 251841

Damn that sounds like it sucks, sorry this is happening to you so soon after making the site. Seems to be her usual tactics so it would seem plausible she's actively messing with you currently. Wishing you good luck because Ashley has immense stamina kek

Anonymous 251842

What? Verify being who?

Anonymous 251844

>They tell me they'll report me to the police, or spam the board with soyjaks and gore, and I have to sit there for an hour while they hop VPNs to avoid bans
That sounds like the same person that has been posting similar threats here and on meta.

Anonymous 251845

Also can you post the email she sent you? I'd be really interested in her version of lolcow lore kek

Anonymous 251847

Hmm, now that I think about it, it's sort of odd how the HK admins kept engaging with the rumors and updating their presumably uninterested kpop fan users on the newest site drama. Why did it stop now anyways but it happens to CC every day now? Weird!

Anonymous 251848

Either way, I think HK discussion should have its own thread since it's veering a bit off topic

Anonymous 251851

Check your email!

Anonymous 251852

Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't it seem like she wants you to stop emailing her?

Anonymous 251854

nona your old email isn't working or active anymore so it was sent to your staff email instead

Anonymous 251855

Screenshot 2023-09…

See picrel.

Truthfully, I deleted the email account a while back. I didn't want any more emails there and I made it to originally communicate with someone else who was working on a board while the site was being made, so I didn't think to keep it around. That probably doesn't help my case but it's the truth of things.

I could try recovering the account, but it's been weeks and I'm not sure that I can.

>engaging with the rumors and updating their presumably uninterested kpop fan users on the newest site drama
People posted on my site expressing concerns about a situation regarding a website they used, so I responded. I'm not going to ignore accusations of spreading CSAM and harvesting user data when people directly bring them up to me.

Anonymous 251856

>staff email
what the fuck are you talking about kek are you trying to falseflag with weird cryptic posts or something?

Anonymous 251859

Hah, your last paragraph makes me believe you actually, as the exact same thing happened at the start of Choachan. I specifically remember claims of harvesting user data being made and "users" expressing concerns for their safety.
Spoiler though, most of those are probably her samefagging schizophrenic accusations at you. She's an intense spammer when she's allowed a VPN.
Although someone claiming to be Hex? posted on lolcow /meta/ asking if cerbmin is harvesting user data which made me kek

Anonymous 251861

Am I a pessimist for thinking it's a bit convenient that someone was just coincidentally emailing the HK admin, so she could promptly clarify that she had deleted her email because of "harassment" that she seemingly engaged in when she posted some really odd stuff about being prettier than board owner under her tripcode on that bunker site they made.
Not to say she couldn't have been messed with by Ashley but it was juvenile behavior either way and struck me as bizarre. If you go back on gaypg archives you can see others point out that the HK admin sounds a bit cowish

Anonymous 251863

Actually, what is the board owner post in picrel supposed to prove? You don't have an identity. You are an anonymous IB owner, your website doesn't give you automatic credit and believability. Why would it? You could be anyone and you could be lying for god knows what reason.

Anonymous 251865

But nobody questioned it…

Anonymous 251866

I made email for staffing/moderation inquiries when I opened the site. That's likely what she's referring to.


Lolcow itself strikes me as fishy but I have no idea whether she's currently involved with it or not.

Can you screenshot where I posted that under my tripcode on the bunker?

Like I said in my last post, I deleted my burner email because I didn't need it anymore, not because of harassment through it.

Someone wanted proof that I was actually hkc's board owner, so I asked for a phrase to post and provided a screenshot of me doing so. See >>251843

Anonymous 251868

How does that post ask if you're HK board owner? You randomly asked to be given a codeword to verify your "identity" when nobody has questioned anyone of being the HK admin. I was kind of confused when you brought up verification actually like here >>251842

Why is this even being discussed at all? This circular back and forth with one party claiming to quote things that were never said sure does remind me of someone though

Anonymous 251870

Tbh I tinfoil it's just Ashley trying to start over with a site she deems more trendy because she has arrested development and really wishes she was in her 20s again. She obviously has extreme contempt for the lolcow userbase and the entire concept of lolcow now, and wants to woobify the whole site because dox bad or whatever. This sudden change in attitude started shortly after KF doxed Ashley. The fact that LC users aren't happy with it is making her want to shed her entire identity associated with it and leave the site to die or just be there to occasionally fuck with or use in her little schizo plots once we have all moved on from this shit kek

Anonymous 251871

>the only time we know it's someone for sure is if we have some sort of public statement tied to it
This read to me as them making the point that people didn't know if I was actually the board owner unless I could verify myself through a statement on the site some way, so I'm sorry if I misinterpreted that.

Anonymous 251872

No, I was just making the point that you? (according to this post since that is what i replied to) were claiming anonymous posts on lolcow meta to have factually come from the choachan board owners. how would you even know that or be able to prove that claim?

Anonymous 251873

It's pretty obvious who thought the new boardowner is a tranny or current or former lcf staff because of the panic when they accused her of being multiple anons and she asked them to stop but you're rewriting history as if you guys haven't been sperging for weeks.

The fact that they namedropped their own mods on gaypg, who a former 3c mod confirmed as being their monikers like spoony and sluggy. Then they named dropped sandwich. It's not that subtle.

Anonymous 251874

Womp there it is. Hi Ashley kek you really couldn't hold it in for very long could you

Anonymous 251875

I don't know that. I saw your post and thought you were responding to me asking for me to verify that I was hkc's board owner. I should have read your post more carefully, but I've already said that I misinterpreted what you were saying at the time.

Anonymous 251877

Jekyll and Hide ass…

Anonymous 251878

Agreed kek I have no desire to use that place either and if anything I look forward to how she manages to fuck it up or what elaborate narratives she will come up next, if my theory is correct. If not then good luck to whoever is running it seriously

Anonymous 251879

>no offense to HK admin since you've so far presented yourself as not batshit ITT, but each time there's a new admin persona brought into LCF they manage to do the same initially, so here we are
That's fair. I don't expect you to take me at my word. I only posted initially to make the point that I didn't know why oldmin/burritomin kept namedropping me and that I'd like her to stop.

Anonymous 251880

Nice of you to join us after scrubbing meta again K

Anonymous 251882

Wait are you saying Ashley is K? Was K also Oldmin and so on? K E K

Anonymous 251884

Who tf is k

Anonymous 251886

kek I know it's all ridiculously complex because she's been at this for so long now. When I was a mod there was a sort of second in command admin that had a username starting with K. I'm just curious if there's some more info because iirc K was indeed from the South and always online but never doing any moderation work, except when she could fuck with cows by doing "post history reveals" by consuming 50 hours of Raven Sparks videos to figure out which brand of phone she was using since lolcow mod panel let's you see device info kekek

Anonymous 251888

Now that I think about it, she (K) also liked to send around Tesco's facebook and instagram during the great radfem exodus when oldmin presumably tried to scapegoat Tesco as being behind all and every criticism of her on /meta/

And as previously mentioned oldmin has a longstanding obsession with Tesco for whatever reason, if anyone has enough time they can look at the meta threads of all of that

Anonymous 251889

Who the fug is K. The K with tentacles?

Anonymous 251890

Bold coming from someone who befriended her ex and went on to tell people about her onlyfans.

Anonymous 251891

Yeah that's who I was thinking of since she had both the admin role in the server and on the site together with oldmin and someone called "tech"

Anonymous 251893

What? Whose ex? What? I'm not Tesco or up to date on your probably imagined fight with her lmao

Anonymous 251894


last I heard she left too, unless she ended up going back recently

Anonymous 251896

Hmm more of Ashley trying to throw others under the bus then that she has fed misinfo to about and had them do her dirty work for her, over the years? Who knows

Anonymous 251897

I really think the whole lapdog rumor is a meme and it's just her and the tardbabies at the wheel. super basic things only mods can do like sinply moving threads and making farmhand posts have become so rare it would be harder to believe all that wasn't being handled by one lazy person. the surplus of whiny bitching via redtext wouldn't be a thing if there were any real mods on board to make farmhand posts.

Anonymous 251898

re-nuke your janny team and stop picking the biggest retards you can find to replace the old ones because you're afraid anyone with an iq above room temp will turn on you, ash

Anonymous 251899


Anonymous 251904


Looks like she's sperging on onion farm right now
"Apparently in AA" kek yes, alcoholics anonymous, you would know all about that wouldn't you ashley alchy jankowski

Anonymous 251906

She's still scrubbing meta and deleting posts (as usual) so she can keep spinning her contrived narrative. Her most recent deletes was a post about all the cerebus pins on her pintrest, of course this is all after she samefags herself asking for any shred of proof. It's weird she would delete that one like she doesn't want people looking into it, if it's not true why try to hide it?

Anonymous 251907


i haven't seen proof that ashley is cerbin. the pinterest proves that she's an lc user but nothing else really.
tranny spammer behavior

Anonymous 251909


If none of it hold any weight why is she scrubbing meta so hard about it then? Why did she spam /b/ with Nikocado asshole and gore today because we talk about her here? Why try so hard to hide it if it isn't true?

Anonymous 251910

inb4 an anon calls you ashley kek

Anonymous 251911

>why is she scrubbing meta so hard about it then
why are you convinced that that's her doing and not just lc mods tired of people derailing and tin foiling about ex-admins in the complains and suggestions thread on meta? the back and forth has been going on for days now and there has been multiple anons spamming pics of ashley and cringe edits like the one you attached. i'm pretty sure the farmhands' response would be the same if people started tinfoiling about another cow being an admin.

Anonymous 251912

She doesn't even try to be inconspicuous, probably all the cheap vodka she's had today so far

Anonymous 251913

Is the Streisand effect like an anon mentioned on /meta/ today. Did ashley really think she could get away with her shenanigans forever when she consistently burns bridges and immerses herself in imageboards full of autists? Kek mods are only supposed to delete gore and cp spam like what

Anonymous 251915

I think it could go either way. My question is what is her endgame? If it’s been the same admin since 2019, why did she step up in the first place? Is it just a psychotic grudge against other female IB admins (snail, ccc, and now hk)? She certainly seems to curtail discussion of her (spamming null to take down her thread) but she doesn’t seem like she actively follows lolcow as herself.
Also I think the question in the current mod apps on lolcow about what you would do if you disagreed with moderation may point to the original rogue janny incident.

Anonymous 251917

>trying to force spoonfeeding, something that has always innately been against site culture
To be fair, it's only against site culture if the proof and milk has already been posted in past threads, but so far besides random namedrops and weird discord internal drama barely anyone can decipher nothing of substance was provided in /meta/. What makes it suspicious is the deletions which goes in the anti ashley brigade's favor, and the fact that the current admins are refusing to clarify or engage with this shit. But the latter could also be because they're refusing to engage with schizos that are constantly stirring shit because they're bitter former staff with a grudge against an admin that isn't even in power anymore, or just outside actors that want to cause chaos - I don't even know or care at this point.

For a bunch of alleged former farmhands of a gossip site it sure is weird how bad all of you are at collecting milk and presenting it in a proper way, like wouldn't you have banned someone for (shit thread) if they posted in the same way about this in /snow/, for example? It's unreadable to anyone who might actually agree with you. Do your due diligence and make it comprehensible and people will get on board with you.

Anonymous 251918

There is no smoking gun or definitive proof that the people on the ‘inner circle’ have. It is essentially speculation/deduction. The closest thing to concrete evidence is the Pinterest account. How the original connection was made between Ashley and admin is unclear. I agree it’s all scattered and unclear.

Anonymous 251919

>Kek mods are only supposed to delete gore and cp spam like what
i mean lc staff isn't exactly notorious for following moderation rules kek… i agree with the anon above, i wish all these former farmhands that have shown up would provide some proof that links cerbmin to ashley

Anonymous 251921

>Do your due diligence and make it comprehensible and people will get on board with you.
This. I've been trying to pick up the pieces of this shitshow and I can't make heads or tails of it, it's just random anonymous people screaming about Lolcow's admin being some fat alcoholic bitch intentionally spamming gore and CP everywhere with absolutely zero proof other than some woman nobody knows having a hyperfixation on cerberus images on her pinterest or something. It's so outlandish and lacking of any clarity that it's hard to really give the benefit of the doubt when it's all based on a bunch of posts spamming "FAT JEW BITCH" and cryptic babbling about some discord drama. I agree that the deletion of the posts is suspicious but "trust me sis" isn't really solid ground to stand on and Lolcow's staff has for years refused to engage with schizoposters trying to spread rumors about the site since that's how Null tried to gain control of the site.

Anonymous 251924

Nobody can confirm what the "casual posts of farmhands just talking in a civil manner" really were since they were deleted, they could've been removed because they were revealing details about the current staff which has always been against the site rules and has always gotten your posts deleted. To a complete outsider who has no idea who "Ashley" is someone shitposting about The lolcow admin having different identities she has roleplayed as for years and attacks other imageboards with CSAM and gore (when it's been proven in the past to be an unaffiliated mentally ill tranny doing it on /cow/ as well) is a pretty wild idea to accept without any other proof than some "anonymous ex farmhand" saying so and a relatively common phrase being used.

>>willfully ignoring that both fatassley and burritomin had the same weird obsession and commentaries on Null, someone most on LFC have no reason to give a singular fuck about

What are you talking about? Even one of the really far past admins called Null out for his bullshit and iirc released an e-mail of him trying to buy it off her after conducting a raid against the site. He's been trying to take over the site for years through different means and at some point made people banned on Kiwifarms to be redirected to Lolcow just to send more unhinged incels that way. Everyone on Lolcow hates Null and has hated him since forever because he's a fat loser manchild mad about a girlchan.


I'm not going to browse back an unspecified amount of years in /meta/ catalogue to find the exact post from the admin but from 3 years ago but here's one post about the second time kiwifarms tried to gain control of the site. https://lolcow.farm/meta/res/13204.html#13712

Anonymous 251925

Yeah… and lolcow was raided by r9k, baphomet, and soyjak party tons of times, they took responsibility for this. Or was ashley behind it the whole time?

Anonymous 251927

Why not get the mod to repost them here? I was in the thread, it was screenshots of discord chats and speculation. Yes, it’s sus they were deleted. No, there wasn’t definitive proof.

Anonymous 251928

Samefagging, I want to believe you guys but this Ashley person doesn’t seem technologically competent enough to implement the baseline level changes that the old admins worked on. She seems basically retarded. Unless her husband was doing it for her?

Anonymous 251934

I’m agreeing with you it wasn’t worthy of deletion. I’m agreeing with you the deletion I’d the most suspect thing here. But the conversations themselves didn’t prove anything, and saying “we can’t confirm because they were deleted”- I don’t see why they can’t be reposted, if you’re still in contact?

Anonymous 251935

>It's very weird that someone who "doesn't know anything about ashley" hyperfocuses on KF/null and then continues to derail the conversation by trying to go on about the tech illiteracy of Ashley and bringing up her husband.
I'm not >>251927 & >>251928 , that's a different anon. If we're going down that route, I think it's weird that someone claiming to be well versed in Lolcow's history "doesn't" know about or chooses to ignore the relation of null/Kiwifarms to the site and his years-long vendetta against it starting from the time when Ian refused his offer to implement that infinity-whatever engine for his site in like 2015-2016 continuing on to his gayops to gain control of it. Oldmin was especially vigilant about this and outed null/other kiwifaggots for their trickery multiple times. If your only proof of the current admin being some Ashley character from fucking Somethingawful era is based on "if you put the pieces together from 4 years you'll get it!!! I'm not going to spoonfeed you!!" and then proceeding to accuse them of being her when they have doubts, then I don't know what else to tell you. Not a lot of people are going to believe you and will think you're a tinfoiling schizo because it's not like it's the first time someone came up with a harebrained theory about the site owner's identity being some internet cow and started spamming it everywhere with no other receipts than "because I said so" just in a flimsy attempt to shut down the site.

Anonymous 251936

>who haven't been watching long enough to see your repeated posting patterns and tactics every time, on repeat, like a broken record
can anons on here stop with this "if you disagree or show skepticism you are ashley" autism? ultimately it makes you appear less credible

Anonymous 251937

Yeah. I fucking hate what’s been done to the farms. If this was actually a coordinated attempt to kill the website by a fat sperg I would be overjoyed.

Anonymous 251941

who is this ashley character? does she have any interesting milk aside from being spergy cerbmin?

Anonymous 251965

Ashley hutsell jankowski is spamming crystal.cafe with gore and nik asshole again

Anonymous 251974


All these ashley threads are funny, especially the ones where they show all her sock accounts


Anonymous 251975

source: trust me bro

Anonymous 251976

She's also sperging out on onion farm. Must have just woken up from her alcohol rage induced slumber. Morning ashley!

Anonymous 251977

Why is it all in soyjak party speak then (I.e. abbreviations, TND, soyteens etc)? Is this just a clever obfuscation technique?

Anonymous 251978

It's sure is crazy the spammer could take a second stop spamming nik ass, gore, and troon rot pockets on /b/ to hop in here and defend ashley kek right on time!

Anonymous 251980

do you have anything else other than "hi cow" kek

Anonymous 251983


Ashley is not above spamming soyjacks

Anonymous 251984

isn't it incredibly convenient that just as a few anons were being skeptical about this ashley story itt someone starts spamming gore and porn on here, then makes a post here and on the lc meta thread about how "ashley is spamming again"? like do you guys not see how retarded that is? in the posts that anons are claiming are ashley she sounds way too coherent to be retarded enough to frame herself like that

Anonymous 251985

>And no, you're re-writing history. Null never attempted to take over the site. He was retarded and did indeed try to buy as well as pubicly ask to admin the site, and did the retarded redirect, but he never tried to 'take it' or whatever weird shit you just said. The post you linked to even says he just offered to buy it.
Offering to buy it after trying to run it to the ground with raids isn't an attempt at trying to take the site? Imagine the mental gymnastics. That retard was so desperate for farmers' attention he literally started namefagging and blogging about his life in his thread that can still be found in /manure/. I don't know why you're defending shitbag null of all people but at least I can actually refer to events that have confirmed to been happened and can be found with a google search from /meta/, none of this "if you have followed the posts for years and then twist your head a bit it's actually really obvious".

It's equally crazy that the spammer happens to wake up at the moment the dedicated Ashleysperg does. This all sounds like a rehash of Elaine's Ines obsession.

Anonymous 251986

Crazy how the defender and spammer are here in the thread and deleting meta right now as well. You're not subtle ashley

Anonymous 251987

Ashley nobody is believing your tactic, you can't blame your disgusting gore spam on people who notice your behaviour. You're also on onion farms freaking out too

Anonymous 251988

kek you lot are beyond help

Anonymous 251989

>gore and TND focused instead of showing off OC like soyteens like to do
>no communication between soyteens during their "raid"
>feminine writing style and forced soyspeak
>all coincidentally happening at the same time as the assley shitstorm
i agree, no way its ashley

Anonymous 251990


Taken 5 mins ago. Ashley is active, deleting meta posts, spamming meta, and screeching on onion farms. Good morning assley

Anonymous 251991

what do you even mean by 'feminine writing style'?
and coincidences aren't proof.

Anonymous 251992

>shits up meta for days with off-topic sperging about the admin and cringy ashley edits
>reeee why are mods deleting my posts

Anonymous 251993

Yeah she does this every time and will do it until the bitter end of lolcow. Come in here, samefag as 3 different anons who mysteriously all appeared at the same time to tell you how stupid and schizo you are, if you continue to point out how it's clearly still Ashley samefagging due to the usual alchy shit and muh Null tried to take muh site and her inability to read anything that was actually said and misquote you, she spams the site with gore (and CP but she's careful about that now that we have caught on it's her).

Huge kek at
>Burritomin was especially vigilant about that
Nobody else on the mod team besides boomer Oats ever thought her weird obsession with Null stealing lolcow was anything other than paranoid delusions. Occasionally, when she was mad at the users for whatever reason, she would quickly look up lolcow on 4chan, quote some old post from 3 months ago to us, and then use that as justification for, for example, closing down /ot/ because there was a "raid" going on.
Anyone who was around for that at the time will remember there was no fucking raid kek. If you go back to that time in some threads, you will see anons being confused about this alleged raid.
She made three of us manually lock every single /ot/ thread btw, because the fat bitch truly never did A N Y T H I N G

Anonymous 251994

So assley, after reading all these onion farm threads about you, inquiring minds want to know, did your husband just put his ass in your face on your wedding knight or did he request all the buttstuff verbally? How did you and your husband get so comfortable with each other that you eat his moid ass and dig around in it with a dildo like you guys do now? Inspiring all lc users should aspire to eat moid ass like you kek. Now I wonder if she was the male ass eating anon, you never know with ashley 16socks jankowski

Anonymous 251997

This would work better if you didn't leave up all the other shit in /meta/ that was also going on for DAYS. Why did you leave up all the shit about spookybones but this Ashley shit gets insta deleted? The spookybones stuff were arguably worse and more schizo accusations, why was that okay?
It was always lolcow culture to never ever delete anything, banning on /meta/ used to be very frowned upon and only used as a last resort as well. This behavior is completely unhinged and makes no sense from an admin that clarified, 10 days ago, that deleting any tinfoil no matter how extreme is against their policy.

You are fat and very mad

Anonymous 252001

Her last post was over 12 hours ago?

Anonymous 252003


Why do you always make claims that are easily disproven and outrageously false? Do you really think you are helping yourself?

Anonymous 252004

I screenshotted this about 3 mins ago so its been. About an hour now since she posted thus. She's active and screeeching at the enemies she made there

Anonymous 252005

>3 racebaiting distraction posts made during the raid
oh look another coincidence

Anonymous 252006

This is why k-pop threads were banned from Lolcow, k-poptards are beyond unhinged. If you think repeatedly posting "FATASSLEY IS SPAMMING ROT POCKETS KEKKKK" and moid tier edits is "normal rational discussion" that doesn't deserve removal then I can only imagine what those deleted "former farmhand" posts were like.

The lack of self awareness about protecting Null who has had a vendetta against Lolcow for years and wondering why people are suspicious is honestly impressive.

So from what I can gather from this mess is that a couple of ex-farmhands who migrated to that k-pop imageboard had said imageboard raided/ddossed and for some reason came up with a theory of it being some old internet lolcow called Ashley just because her pinterest has Cerberus pictures, and she must be Lolcow's admin because apparently due to their past beef the raid can only be done by her despite multiple other male-centered sites being notorious for spamming Lolcow and other girlchans every now and then. Now they're going full schizo here because the farm keeps deleting their demented meltdowns and whatever party conducting those raids is enthusiastically fanning the flames since that's what they always do when they smell blood in the water. I've seen this so many times it's practically a divine script everyone follows.

Anonymous 252007

i mean using 30% more words than usual such as here
>omg xister the sharty is a 'em how dare you say such a thing
it just sounds cringy and forced.

Anonymous 252008

sadly you're replying to a mod. combined with the defensiveness:
>in the complains and suggestions thread
I've seen this dumb typo in a couple bans and it's typical of at least one mod.

Anonymous 252009

kek nice schizopost ashley but tl;dr. You can't fool anyone when every post of yours is so dripping with condescending contempt and weird schizo shit about your many enemies and your constant display of thinking your mod team is a cult that would be "bitter" about not having to clean up the gore and CP you spam anymore. Not being a farmhand anymore was my own choice and it was never a choice I regretted because modding that site was a fucking nightmare with you as the Admin. Nobody in their right mind would be bitter about not having to deal with all of that shit all day, while you yell commands at them the 2-3 times you decide to show up in between your discord gayops and alchy benders, actively make the site worse and then on top of all that, have the audacity to harass us on socks or sicc some retard after us to gather info because you are a huge retarded pick-me who sincerely hates other women who have a life they enjoy.

Anonymous 252010

Thanks mods for deleting this I meant to post my own screenshot of this >>252003 from my gallery and couldn't figure out how to delete my post.
>>252005 did not mean to post that it was more for my archives at this point since she's always sperging about no proof but ya very coincidental isn't it?

Anonymous 252011

Remember when lc users would get passed bc she would leave csam up for 6+ hours (that she spammed to punish her userbase) ??
Pepperidge farm remembers

Anonymous 252012

All mods are just her at this point. Misspelled redtexts, nonsensical bans etc. are all the hallmarks of Burritomin. Just because you saw someone do a misspelled ban doesn't mean it's a whole separate person

Anonymous 252014

Tone down the psychosis and stop accusing everyone of being "Ashley", if you're this eager to pin that identity on everyone who thinks your word vomit makes no sense it's no wonder you also think the admin must be her. I'm nothing but an oldfag from years gone by who has seen this happen with literally every admin we have had and the only one who was actually ousted with proof was Ian and his retarded shoeonhead honeypot scheme. Curious how the only male admin actually had a nefarious intent and remained relatively appreciated yet all the following female ones have been targeted by various schizos like null, that freech admin (who was confirmed to be in charge of a channel spambot), kiki kannibal, elaine and who knows what else doing this same rumor mill shit.

Anonymous 252015

I'm going to try contacting some people today who I think might have some screenshots of Burritomins deranged spergout to the kpopfags in dms around January, where she accuses them of spamming CP and going heavy on the gaslighting, accusing them of being onionfarmers as well and other schizo shit I can't recall right now but she threatened them heavily and said shit like "Veteran farmhands are very upset about the accusation that CP was left up on purpose"

Anonymous 252016

so sorry to ask for a tiny spoonfeeding but does she have some parasocial relationship with conventionally pretty weeb cows? Why was she allowing all those whiteknights and minimods to fuck up /w/?

Anonymous 252017

there's no use explaining anything because it goes in one ear and out the other. these anons hate ashley so much that they are becoming as schizo as her

Anonymous 252018


Crazy how she hasn't even made an admin post yet on meta addressing all of the weird deleted posts, her userbase is so tired of her shit

Ashley you never answered my question, was the buttstuff you performed on thomas jankowski on your wedding day his idea, or yours? How many times per week would you say you're tonguing down this guy's asshole

Anonymous 252019

You can call everyone who calls out your obvious samefagging schizo and psycho all you want, you remain obvious based on your way of speech and the points you chose to hone in on. You are projecting, as the only one with visible psychosis and word salad in here is you. Last reply to these idiotic attempts at discrediting regular posters btw, because I know you won't stop this as this is all you do all day for the last 12 years kek

Anonymous 252020

Did she really just try to claim Kiki Kannibal is in here spreading rumors about her? My fucking sides

Anonymous 252021

It seems so. What I'm interested in is where did they exactly come up with this theory, like literally just based on the phrase "Hope that helps" and a Pinterest account with cerberus images? I have never even heard of her and at least Elaine's Ines "doxx" had a tumblr that was in the same demographic as the admin at the time (same general area, ethnicity, profession etc) but this just makes no sense to me and if I try to ask for a comprehensive reason it just results in more "HI JEWSLEY ARE YOU DONE EATING ASS" replies. We are witnessing mental illness.

Anonymous 252022

I can only speculate about that, but she might be in her idolization manic phase of some of those cows or she might just enjoy the reactions /w/ posters give her when she messes with their threads as those are seemingly the last ones still making the effort to complain about her shit moderation on /meta/

Anonymous 252023

You can read through the thread and easily find out how people reached these conclusions, you always conveniently leave out half of the things discussed in here kek

Anonymous 252024

Probably, as she is doing the same thing to some non /w/ boards now like the anachan thread, tradthot thread, and celebrcow thread.

Anonymous 252025

Here she goes again trying to push the Ines dox as being her, who she describes in the Rachel thread on /snow/, as being a "hot lesbian". Anyways, if you ask Elaine about it she will tell you Ines was a former farmhand that Burritomin/Ashley made Elaine dox for her because she conjured up some reason to dislike her and then Elaine spammed the site with the dox so Ashley could larp as a "hot lesbian" some more. That girl had a boyfriend btw kek

Anonymous 252026

clearly if people repeat it enough times it becomes true
we've already established that there is no proof upthread and all of this is speculation and tinfoil based on big ol' nothing. and when you question it too much you get hit with a "hi ashley"

Anonymous 252027

>If you ask Elaine about it
well there's your first mistake kek

Anonymous 252028

You're fat and mad aren't ya? Kek "if you say it enough times it becomes true" very rich coming from the notorious samefagger

Anonymous 252029

She's unreliable but it would make more sense to me than her being left to spam a quite frankly nonsensical dox, that was obviously staged to look like the LCF admin (as KF pointed out) and admins or mods never deleting it or deleting it after hours only, when Burritomin always insisted that was an "innocent" woman. Yet Ashley posts get sniped in a nanosecond

Anonymous 252030

no, but you are severely mentally ill. chop chop go make some more moidy ashley edits and spam them on /meta/, lc jannies are bored

Anonymous 252031

If LC jannies are bored, have they considered moderating the rest of the site? Which is what started all of this? Remember that? Those former farmhand posts critiquing the state of the site, that you deleted?

Anonymous 252032

Ashley stop projecting, if anyone is mentally ill, it's you… your insane manic schizo episodes have been documented online for over 10 years on various imageboards. It's a truth you're trying to bury and deflect from so badly. Fortunately for us we didn't spend the last few days guzzling cheap vodka so we right through the drunken rantings of a terminally online 40 year old ass eater

Anonymous 252033

i'm just guessing that your schizo sperging on meta is more entertaining to look at than infighting about shayna's vagina, hence the boredom. it's been an hour, we need new content

Anonymous 252034

Crazy how the spam stopped and the onion posts stopped as soon as people got in here and started giving ashley shit for her deranged behavior

Anonymous 252035

Weird to quote the ex-farmhand you schizod out at. I haven't even been posting on LCF meta for days now and have barely visited the site so uh? Projecting Ashley again

Anonymous 252038


Anonymous 252040

What does this mean? That Ashley is hate posting about herself?

Anonymous 252041

Nta, all those lolcow meta posts in the screenshot have been deleted, at the same time as all the spam happened here, ashley defending, posting as her identity Burritomin and rageposting on ONF

Anonymous 252042

Curious how lolcow hasn't been hit with any spam that stays up for hours and hours, despite Schizomin claiming they are still understaffed, yet CC is being "raided" by this mysterious pack of "moids" whenever Ashley is brought up on LCF meta….

Anonymous 252043

No. The onion screenshot is her screeching in an ashley hate thread, she was the last poster at 5:09 am est. The collage itself is a timeline to show her posting habits this morning.

Anonymous 252044


I'll take "things that will get you permabanned from lc" for $500, alex

Anonymous 252048

yam, natu: can you tell that loser hex that she needs to get laid URGENTLY? I mean we all know her long distance bf dropped her pathetic ass and she's been in a downwards spiral since then and thats why she's been pulling all this stuff out of her ass and managed to make two retards (you) to believe her bullshit. k thx

Anonymous 252051

I'm not yam or natu and I've never spoken to whoever Hex is lol

Anonymous 252059

I am always lost when people start to talk about celebrities and specific accounts. Why is everybody so obsessed about some random shitter? I am too lazy to read 200 posts to know who that asley is I assume it's a shitposter people suspect of being the one fucking up all other websites in this world? I think that talking too much about shit like that is only asking her(?) or some followers to make the bitch war worse.

Anonymous 252063

I don't know who the fuck hex is and have never talked to her, nor have I talked to yam or fumo in months. all your enemies may know eachother and congregate in your head but not in reality.

Anonymous 252070


Anonymous 252072

is there a glitch on lc currently? on my phone and computer it says im getting pop-ups that say im banned and then the site turns into farmcow.lol (the flipped version)

wtf do i do? i don't troll or anything but this is happening on both my phone and computer?

Anonymous 252073


Interesting how this sudden change was never needed when the "tinfoil" was about ian or Josh or anybody else for that matter. Ashley hutsell jankowski? Gotta shut down that "spam" fast so she can keep spinning her narrative kek

Anonymous 252074

Samefag but i also think its interesting she wouldn't make an admin post at all during her deletion spree to address the issues or rumors but instead chose to quietly change the way meta is moderated in a small excerpt in the new meta thread ..all of a sudden too now that ashley is being mentioned hmmm

Anonymous 252078

It means your ip is banned. Farmcow.lol is what you get redirected to if you're banned. If it's not for a post you've made, then your isp provided you with an ip that already got banned on lc, you can try appealing and saying it's not your post maybe they'll clear it.

Anonymous 252080

she is trying to act unbothered calling us crystal cafe schizos in the new thread. we need to start posting her address to add to the heat.

Anonymous 252081

i tried using a different ip with VPNs and a new browser. one had the typical permaban that VPNs get, and then another seemed to work (no typical ban page) until i got the pop-up and the same thing happened AGAIN. can they ban your entire device? i'm so confused wtf i actually did nothing except update milk in the shayna thread kek

Anonymous 252082

Her address is available online, not sure why you would need to post it here or if that's even allowed. A pic of her house is posted on an onion farm thread too (I think Ashley's playhouse) so I don't really see the need to post that here, instead of posting her address I just made a silly edit in her front yard and it triggered the shit out of her kek it does bother her to keep tabs on her and keep talking about her so ill keep doing that. ashley is a huge cow who cant keep herself out of any thread discussing her and will gladly milk herself when she wakes up from her vodka nap.

Anonymous 252084

nevermind i fully cleared my cookies and i think it's fine now, thanks for explaining anons.

Anonymous 252086

fuck off ashley (or one of her flying monkeys). whatever it takes to take her down. how many times does she need to spam here and other image boards before you retards will realise any tactic is valid?

Anonymous 252087


Anonymous 252089

Her address is already posted online in other farms (ashleys playhouse) plus all you have to do is google her name to see where she is in hixon so I don't see why we would need to post it here. "Any tactic to take her down" you don't even need to try that hard she does all the hard work for you. Just observe and screenshot her mental episodes online. She hates that she cant delete the pics and discussion over here.

Anonymous 252090

I can help, I made a summary in another site's lolcow hate thread earlier today.

Anonymous 252094

Would you happen to have a throwaway email I can contact you through? That would be more convenient

Anonymous 252105

Theory: this is the same schizo who said that LCF had 10000 ads and asked people to stop using the site because itʼs unsafe. It didnʼt work so he/she dropped it and now they have this new shizo story about Ashley whatever. Whoever it is, they have a personal interest in taking LCF down.

Anonymous 252108

Take it down how kek by asking them to mod more and to spend less time shitposting and spamming?

Anonymous 252109

it was polite of you to phrase it as a theory but it's obvious to everyone

Anonymous 252110

Nobody ever one mentioned "taking lc down" not in this thread or the last one. But the fact that you are taking so personally in that way says alot.

Anonymous 252111

tinfoil that it's all true and you're dismissing it as a baseless schizo theory because reading hard. don't worry, nothing will happen either way. the lcf userbase has had stockholm syndrome for years. they only leave when they can no longer stomach the shit management. enjoy your anon reddit.

Anonymous 252113

>this is the same schizo who said that LCF had 10000 ads
No that was elaine (former extremely spergy cow who loves larping as a hacker and has a hatecrush on lc's former admin), she tried the same thing a year ago but with complaining about cookies.

The current schizo spam is just the cp spamming tranny Blaine again. The general rule of thumb is, if you see a mixture of samefagging, incomprehensible babble, random usernamedropping of people literally no one knows, incomprehensible discord screenshots and ultra autistic edits that make no sense, it's just him again.

Anonymous 252116

the discord screenshots posted directly by the "former" admin? kek why try so hard to make this look like all this is his doing when this is completely unrelated to him? there has been information posted no one but ex mods and the admin are aware of

Anonymous 252117

We caught her sperging this morning >>252038

But sure jan it's Blaine this time even though just a few hours ago you said it was yam and friends and yesterday it was admins from a different image board like make up your mind. It's just seeing what will stick at this point. Really looking forward to the synopsis post later

Anonymous 252120

if the best "proof" you guys have for all this autism is that ashley posted on ONF around the same time that a LCF mod was online banning people in meta then i really don't know what to tell you. she's terminally online isn't she? it's highly likely that she'll be posting on another site as something else is happening on CC if she's always online anyway.
but i'm highly anticipating the synopsis post, maybe it'll make things make more sense

Anonymous 252121

As a spectator, I'm having a blast. The milk is dry with the cows so this is the most fun I've had in a long while. Appreciate the nonas trying their best to get the truth together.

Anonymous 252122

NTA, you know that side by side pics of her face and Null was reposted by her on ONF right? It's the exact same file name.

Anonymous 252123

This is so embarrassing for them. I wonder if they truly believe this shit or if they're just desperate. I don't know why they're pretending to not want the site to shut down when they've been chimping out about how dangerous it is for the admins to have all this data, and then the paranoia about Google analytics started. They admit to apologizing before choachan went down and did a 180 because the admin they modded under voiced inconsistencies in the circumstances surrounding their shutdown. There's no mention of the hacker moid who hacked all of Yams devices, like she wrote on the site message herself. It's all some fat woman named Ashley because she skimmed Onionfarms threads and decided so. It's not any different than the time Yam tried to convince several farmers that the site was being run by I2p and spookybones.

Anonymous 252124

She reposted it after it was posted here?

Anonymous 252125

nta but yes, she did. go see for yourself unless the other anon has the pic.

Anonymous 252126

Here she is chasing rabbits again! Just tried to say it was Blaine now its the ccc admins conspiring to take down lcf (which nobody mentioned but her). The schizophrenic paranoia is really coming through here.

Anyway you wouldn't have one into serious damage mode to scrub as much stuff as you did about ashley if it didn't hold any weight. You wouldn't be in here shrieking in an attempt to change people's minds about it if it didn't hold any weight.

Anonymous 252127

>They admit to apologizing before choachan went down and did a 180 because the admin they modded under…
Why are you talking about yourself in the 3rd person? No1curr about CCC, they aren't in the room with us, move the fuck on

Anonymous 252128


She just scrubbed this off meta. Why are you so scared of people coming here and seeing for themselves? Such censorship, and for what? It's not gore or cp like you enjoy spamming, ashley. Are you scared you're losing control of your narrative? Oh the web you weave

Anonymous 252129


Since the other anon disappeared, I'll just drop my quick summary here anyways. If anyone has additions or corrections feel free to let me know and I'll make a better one, or you can yourself.

Anonymous 252130

>Why are you so scared of people coming here and seeing for themselves?
they mention this thread in the thread OP
>While we generally avoid over-moderating in /meta/, we are currently being regularly spammed by a handful of schizos from the lolcow hate thread on crystal.cafe, and we are deleting their posts here. If you are concerned about us censoring valid criticism, you are welcome to check that thread.

Anonymous 252131

nta in the other post, I never mentioned him. Accusing everyone of being whoever you have a vendetta against isn't helping your cause.

>No1curr about CCC, they aren't in the room with us, move the fuck on

Isn't the whole premise of this conspiracy that cerbmin or former admins are trannys who took down their IB and are totally trying to make down cc next. But sure they're not checking the thread just like the emails they sent to another ib admin were totally faked and not unhinged.

Anonymous 252133

Then why delete that post? It makes no sense. What's up with all the sudden censorship now that ashley is being talked about? She's really modding it like a dictator. Truly an anonymous reddit at this point.

Anonymous 252134

>Isn't the whole premise of this conspiracy that cerbmin or former admins are trannys who took down their IB and are totally trying to make down cc next
No. No one cares about cc either, we're only using it because it has the biggest lcf discussion thread off lcf. There is no conspiracy, there are no tranny accusations. The past 3 admins have all been the same alcoholic cow who refuses to give up a website she hates and mismanages to hell and back because of her massive ego. All of the retarded shit these 3 "admins" have pulled on lolcow, the ever declining state of the website, the moderators being chased off, these are all on her and she attempts to sabotage any rival boards that pop up, be it out of a personal vendetta against their owners or just her being a weird bitch.

Anonymous 252135

the matrix is attacking me

Anonymous 252136

So you are saying the owner of the new kpop board is cerbmin or Ashley? She posted here yesterday saying she doesn't want anything to do with the drama.

Anonymous 252138

>Moderators being chased off

But didn't all those mods leave on their own over time? None of them are active farmhands from the timeline and stale milk they post about. Mentions of inactive or retired mods just proves they have nothing to go off. If any of this was suspected by current staff then don't you think a current farmhand would have come out by now? There's too much spam posted for one person to be running things and that's why I don't believe it. There's also no proof cerbmin doesn't exist when multiple anons recognized 2 of the admins from discord servers.

Anonymous 252139

I only mentioned the HK admin as another example of an unrelated party Ashley/Cerbmin/Burrito/it/they is attempting to drag them into drama against their will like a crab in a bucket, as she's done to several other people. She's likely doing this because she's suspicious of the HK admin having ties to CCC.

Anonymous 252141

>a current farmhand
Oh you sweet summer child

Anonymous 252142

You did a wonderful job summarizing this! Thank you for taking a moment to do that for lcf lurkers. Won't be surprised if Ashley tries to bury it with a slew of samefag posts and distractions. Ashley cannot force the flow of conversation through censorship here and it burns her ass up! Kek

Anonymous 252143

Imagine saying this as if she doesn't have the emails sent from schizos accusing her of being several anons. It reminds me of how you all say the schizoposting that's happened over the past 2 weeks is another cow or a tranny trying to discredit you guys when you constantly do it on your own.

Anonymous 252144

Some plebnons may not be aware of the existence of the [ban and delete+] feature, an option mods have to permaban a user and delete all the posts under their IP address at the same time.

Anonymous 252148

Another deleted post from meta kek how many tabs do you guys think she has open right now to try and regain control of the mess she made for herself?

Anonymous 252150


(The second post is the one she deleted for some reason)

Anonymous 252152

>if this is by any chance trying to imply all the posts that were deleted were because they were all one user
Oops, no I meant that in response to this anon: >>252138
>There's too much spam posted for one person to be running things and that's why I don't believe it
In case they were under the impression spam wasn't extremely easy to delete. If they meant the spam on the specific sites, they underestimate the power of autism and a vpn.

Anonymous 252153

All of this and not a single receipt in sight my fucking sides!

Yes, we already know that 3c boardowner/ Yam is convinced of this schizo theory being true. That much as been obvious, but hyping her up as the best mod is hilarious. It's only 3 of you with vendettas tied to a dead kpop board, the other mods who retired are actually living their lives and have moved on. Keep ban evading and shitting up cc for your vendettas, it'll help release that pent up resentment since you're not going to therapy.

Anonymous 252155



Here is every single comment ashley made on onion farms without the protection of anonymity if any other ladies want to get a feel for her posting style. She's so obsessed with null, probably wants to munch on his hairy man ass so bad kek

Anonymous 252156

I've never used any of those sites. I've been lurking lcf since 2016 and I fucking hate what ashley has done to it now that she's scared of people prying into her shit life. So you're not speaking for me and must be very very paranoid that you keep thinking it's just the 3 of them. Tomorrow it will be Blaine or Elaine or Josh. Truth is your circle is closing in on you ashley and people who have been observing you for years aren't buying the web of lies you weave

Anonymous 252158


More deleted posts from meta

Anonymous 252159

My pleasure. If you have any further questions, there are still ex moderators lurking who would be happy to answer them. The most important information is who burritomin is, why she's suspected to still be admin, who ashley is, what connects the two, and optionally what this means for lcf's future (it's so over).

Hi assley. Neither of them were the mod I was referring, but we both know her and fumo did everything towards the end and def had their work cut out for them accepting the appeals to the few tard bans you managed to drunkenly shart out. And then they left you to rot. And that's why they make you seethe so bad.

Anonymous 252160

This is of course excluding her plethora of sock accounts, which I might compile the search results for those later since some onion users or moderators released a list of all her onion socks kek

Anonymous 252161

what IB is this, this drama is like crack to me. also agree you did a good job summarizing. I was skeptical before but the new rule change in meta when they couldn’t be bothered addressing anything else clinches it for me.

Anonymous 252162

the only thing I don't get is that the cerbmin thing was given by random anons because of the supposed three admins. I feel like that one is a bit of a reach but I could believe the other stuff.

Anonymous 252163

She probably made the posts herself honestly, or at least made enough before it got picked up as a site joke by the last three users.

Anonymous 252164

It was just ashley samefagging herself 2 or 3 times since nobody liked the 3 names she originally came up with bc posters allegedly wanted a "min" name.Then it became her persona as she juggled the site by herself and filled her pintrest with cerberus pics.

Anonymous 252165

Notice the cerberus pins are all near the top of the board? That's because they're all pretty recent pins. Even if she didn't samefag the name into existence, she definitely adopted it.

Anonymous 252167


I'm the anon who asked why it has a gold star and I recieved a permaban in response

Anonymous 252169

It's gotta be tough moderating a site all by yourself when you have paranoid schizophrenia kek

Anonymous 252171

lmao I forgot about this. all the mods in presumably different time zones with different schedules were on vacations and that’s why the bans are insane. I can’t believe I fell for this a second time.

Anonymous 252172

>when this is completely unrelated to him?
He's literally been posting his cringy edits on here and meta while doing his usual spam of porn across the board.

Anonymous 252174

is it blaine, elaine, hex, yam, fumo, natu, onionfarmers or soyjak party? what about the post where you claimed it's kiki kannibal spreading rumors about you? kek we are just the voices inside your head ashley

Anonymous 252175

Ashley you keep saying this like we don't have an active timeline of your posting. Just like this >>252156
once the ccc crap didn't fly she would circle back to Blaine or Elaine or Josh and will keep cycling these boogeyman because "if you say it enough it becomes the truth", right ashley? Pathetic. Go sleep off your vodka

Anonymous 252176

Once again false flagging everything as merely a product of the resident schizo tranny who can't even form a sentence properly, and spamming to make it look authentic. Those edits were by another ex lolcow mod btw, there are between 4 and 6 aware of what's going on currently kek.

Anonymous 252177

part of my tinfoil is that she said the vacation thing because when ccc was down for 3 days due to ddos(pls no sperg) the admin explained she was going on vacation and ashley thinks everyone is as obsessed with her as she with them so she sends coded snide remarks like this with her petty and illogical admin posts

Anonymous 252178

The most obvious hint that it's you is that you immediately reply to samefag within minutes kek. Whatever helps you trying to delay joining the 41% you braindead abomination.

Anonymous 252179

we are two different anons ashley i promise

Anonymous 252180

Ashley would probably start stress shitting if she had the privilege of seeing how many people have been posting. Imagine how many more people are simply lurking. Like others have piped up and said, this is like crack to them since she ruined lcf kek she's really Streisanding so hard

Anonymous 252181


Deleting posts again. I'd bet my bottom dollar she deletes the gold star question . Funny how someone is always here to convince us it's not ashley as soon as meta scrubbing starts happening kek.

Anonymous 252182


Oi whatever happened to that less is more part about redtext?

Anonymous 252184

Ashley I don't care that you deleted the movie night thread, you're so childish.

Anonymous 252187

if ashley is communist why can't we have a tradthot thread?

Anonymous 252188

That's what FDS discords are for.

Anonymous 252189

why limit what can be discussed if the userbase is dwindling?

Anonymous 252190

I feel like the only reason she hasn't deleted the gold star question this time is because of your post here kek

Anonymous 252192

i don't get the connection, FDS are basically redpill tardthots themselves

Anonymous 252199

That was the best reply she could give under pressure. Those threads were constantly plagued with infighting but who knows if it was legit now.

Anonymous 252202

No it hardly ever happened. In fact we would post happy new years to each other.

Anonymous 252205



Anonymous 252211

anyone else think the cp and gore span stopped not because of good moderation but because the admin stopped spamming it? a lot of the moderation seems automated especially the emoticon bans

Anonymous 252216

Yes it's probably much more work for her to clean up her spam now that she doesn't have a team of farmhands/janitors to do it for her.

Anonymous 252228

Spamming nikado porn on here sure showed that it was totally admin and not you. I wonder if you're jobless because you're too low iq for minimum wage on top of being an ugly tranny.

Anonymous 252231

Ashley's up and she's spamming nik asshole again kek

Anonymous 252249

Soooo… does this mean "Cerbmin" is just one terminally online married woman?

Anonymous 252252

her samefagging with the same, almost verbatim, posts she makes on here is so obvious kek

its good shes always drunk out of her mind and doesnt notice that her repetition of points and arguments constantly points to her identity. bonus points for constant random seething about the ccc admins with no screenshots on always quoting some random schizofoil she posted for the 3 weeks that she was sperging about ccc on /ot/

Anonymous 252254

What does it mean that this ashley person runs lolcow now? She seems to still administrate decently even if she has mental/alcoholic (and moral) problems

Anonymous 252255

Not ashely btw, genuine question

Anonymous 252256

>administrate decently
>radio silence
>implementing boards nobody asked for
>no mods, leave moderation to tardjannies
>made a babbys first css nobody asked for
>rigged polls
>pretty much everyone agrees the atmosphere sucks now
>website still runs like shit on a technical level
>deletes or spams to death threads she doesn't like

but yeah sure ok whatever, even if you disagree, if it's true that someone with a documented vendetta against female IB owners has been running the site for five years secretly AND not only that, never left and was playing 5d pixielocks alter switching the whole time, it definitely means something.

Anonymous 252257

Nta but even if all this is true what is supposed to be done about it? It's not like we have a lineup of normies wanting to be admin and even if we did we don't get to decide who takes the site over. Tbh I'm not even really surprised the admin is a weirdo, I'm just a little relieved it's not a moid

Anonymous 252258

yes, the damage has been done. most of the users left anyway. I guess I just want as many people to know as possible that this didn't happen on its own. and also, multiple people offered to take up the site during shaymins meltdown.

Anonymous 252259

samefagging, it's insane to have an admin that's not just a 'weirdo' but actively hates the userbase of the website she manages.

Anonymous 252260

Ah, well that's worrisome considering she has a lot of IP addresses and personal post history of ours. And If all this is true I'm glad the milk is getting spilled, too bad there's not much that can be done about it though.

Anonymous 252265

I went and spent about an hour or two trawling through ONF to find anything that would link ashley to imageboards, but I literally found nothing. She seems to have been heavily linked with onf, kf, and lolcow.org (not lolcow.farm) and lcf was not mentioned once. I found two similarities between her and burritomin - first they seem to share a hateboner for null, which ironically elaine also has - ashley and elaine specifically calling him a cp distributor or something along those lines. Besides that, she seems like a very bored woman that is constantly arguing on onf and similar sites, I simply don't believe she has enough time to also be the only admin/janny/mod on lcf with everything else going on. Considering she's an alco, she seems awfully tightlipped about moderating/being an admin on any site which I don't buy. If she really was the lcf admin, it would've slipped, she would've mentioned she has some experience doing it, anything. There's zero mentions of her having any type of experience with female imageboards, and she also dislikes terfs to a degree although to me it more comes across as indifference so I don't think she'd be as invested with lcf. Burritomin also had a meltie about terfs but it came across as entirely different which is the second similarity, kind of.

I specifically would like to know where this
>megalomaniac who wants to seize control of as many of these shitty little imageboards as she can
came from, since to me that sounds like IHM, the female owner of 94chan that wanted to become lc's admin when shaymin stepped down. She also likes to dip her fingers in a lot of imageboards, but again, there's nothing linking her and ashley together so idk if someone here conflated the two in their mind kek. If this statement is true, I would like some proof that backs it up, the ONF thread has none.

To me, Ashley comes across as the future version of Elaine, a lonely and bored woman that spends her whole day accusing gossip site moids of stalking her and harassing her yet she still decides to pour all of her free time into interacting with them. Pathetic and sad, but I do not see her as competent enough to run an imageboard. Even though lc isn't in a particularly great state right now and has a lot of problems I simply can't buy this tinfoil. Burritomin was properly unhinged in her own way but she seemed to have a tiny inkling of coding skill having made her own website and showing interest in indie web communities while Ashley shows none of that.
The only weird thing to me is the pinterest, and the fact that the farmhands are deleting everything related to this in /meta/ but frankly, it can easily be explained by this being autistic babble which they said they would delete.

Anonymous 252266

It's hard to ignore when theres someone here deflecting for ashley at the same time that meta gets heavily censored. I noticed ashley hasn't posted on onf since her comments were shared here, probably doesn't want us to make another timeline of her posting activity kek. She probably feels like she's got hawk eyes watching her. I also thought the pintrest was super weird just for the moomins, cerberus, cows and borzoi. Someone else pointed out that a borzoi banner was the only banner that was updated recently on lcf and those never get updated. The heavy censorship is also weird, reads like a knee jerk reaction to information she doesn't want you looking into.

Anonymous 252267

She more than once has posted pictures directly taken from lolcow over the years on ONF which you can tell by filenames so yes there is something tying her to imageboards. Not to mention all the Null rumors are verbatim the same shit she would constantly sperg to farmhands about in the mod server, even mentioning AnOnimonous and him being some 60 yr old lawyer or smth idk I didn't care when she told us back then and I don't care now.
She's extremely terrified of someone tying her to owning lolcow because it's seen as a "hate site". Hence why she's been trying to change the site's culture since being doxed. You can even see screenshots in one of the LC bunkers on here of Butterz (Burritomin) saying she wanted to change the direction of lolcow in the Yesterweb server when the admins there confronted her about running a TERF site

Anonymous 252268



Anonymous 252269

And yes, Ashley isn't competent enough to run an imageboard and never was. Farmhands were unhappy since Burritomin and every time someone asked for site changes she had to go and ask her "tech friend" (who wasn't in the server no clue who that is) to do it for her

Anonymous 252270

take a shot every time ashley calls something "babble"

Anonymous 252273

>it can easily be explained by this being autistic babble which they said they would delete.
Then how come other, way more autistic babble stays up? And how come posts that have nothing to do with admin get deleted?

Anonymous 252274


Posts getting deleted in meta for being autistic and spammy have been deleted before. Why exactly did the shit from two weeks ago that was turbo autistic not get deleted, I don't know, but they got banned regardless. Pic related was from 3 months ago and you can clearly see a ton of deletion happening then as well. Frankly, LC moderation is not really consistent so idk what to tell you here you can literally choose to look at it from any angle you want kek

Anonymous 252275

Nta and not involved in this argument but those posts deleted in that screenshot were Blaine posts, I was there for that and two of those posts in the pic are mine. Mods have always deleted Blaine posts

Anonymous 252277

>You can even see screenshots in one of the LC bunkers on here of Butterz (Burritomin) saying she wanted to change the direction of lolcow in the Yesterweb server when the admins there confronted her about running a TERF site
I was the one that posted those screenshots and to be honest this is very interesting because to me it came across as burritomin trying to fit in with the yesterweb people for reasons unknown, I would assume for tech help since she seemed clueless outside of css and html, yet on her site she clearly stated she was a proletarian feminist (or something along those lines, cba to check) and she had a whole page devoted to being female where she clearly implied a degree of transphobia. She maybe didn't see herself as a terf but she would have never fit into the yesterweb crowd anyway, so I don't know what that was. Plus she follows a few open terf sites on neocities, one of them literally being called xxrevolt. This does not follow Ashley's opinion on terfs at all imo, she openly calls them "stink pussy feminists".

Anonymous 252278

You're just proving that anon's point.

Anonymous 252280


In her almost 600 page thread she only said the word babble once. Funny thing, as I scroll through the thread who the fuck do I see - our resident tranny Blaine, mentioning none other but Elaine. Why do these two always somehow manage to intertwine themselves with all the wildest drama that people try to push on the LC staff? Funny shit. He's got good 4 pages of posts in her thread and a hateboner for her too.

Anonymous 252281

Oh, is this why you're desperately calling everyone him, ash? You're one of the top posters in their threads too, remember. Seems like it was you who brought him to lolcow in the first place and now you can't get rid of him due to your incompetence.

Anonymous 252282

Why the strict censorship, weird bans, and sudden change of rules on lcf? Why does someone come here to defend ashley so hard? Why won't the admin directlybcommunicate with the userbase? Why, if it's just tinfoil, is it garnering such a reaction?

Anonymous 252283

ashley doesn't even have orbiters like that, it's clear she's just defending herself. at the same time burritomin is here defending herself, in the exact same way, after ash posted pictures from this thread on her kf account as proof she's in here too. burritomin still on the team, lolcow full of messy deleted posts, there are too many dots for them to not be connected.

Anonymous 252284

Nobody is defending ashley, definitely not me. She seems to be a huge retard, I just don't seem to see a strong connection between her and burritomin, and I'm pretty 50/50 on this. I do think something weird is going on, but all of this smells of gayops to me too much, due to the people involved. For example, the snarky replies that don't directly quote anyone have been a thing in the last gayops attempt as well as seen here
The pattern of arguing is similar, like getting pissed at being called a schizo, cringy comebacks, barely comprehensive name drops and drama references that nobody understands etc.

I agree the filename and the pinterest are weird but that's about all there is. Fyi I think a lot of the former admins and mods all seem to be idiots and cows and there's no arguing about that. But this random alco doesn't come across as the admin, maybe a former (or current!) janny at most. I'd love to see some admin clarification too.

Anonymous 252285

Those two always manage to snake into drama somehow, even if it doesn't involve them at all. I only just started reading up on the Elaine lore and it's crazy how similar her and Blaine are. I didn't even know a person could be so terminally online but it's like anytime one of them is mentioned anywhere they suddenly appear, ready to talk shit and wk themselves kek.

Anonymous 252287

yeah. at least Rita laughs along half the time

Anonymous Moderator 252294

Please start wrapping up the discussion about these people and move it to a drama site. We've let this go on for longer than necessary to give everyone a space to vent their frustrations and tinfoils, but we discourage drama threads about individuals (see rule 10) and now that there seems to be an off-site thread for it there is no need to continue here. You can keep posting about general issues with the site and its moderation and you can share links to off-site discussion. You have the rest of this thread, the next one should get back on track.

Anonymous 252295

You sound male

Anonymous 252296

Wait what off site thread

Anonymous 252297

thanks for letting us know, much nicer than the LCF admins, thank you.

Anonymous 252299

Can someone please post the offsite thread? Or at least what site it's on?

I'm banned for my posts itt because it's considered individual drama and I made a 4chan text smiley (sorry for ban evading, mod-chan. I won't post again on CC, I just want to know where to go).

Anonymous Moderator 252300

I'm referring to wherever this is. >>252129 The OP can post a link here. The ban evasions and comment dumping aren't helping anyone's case and will just lead to stricter moderation and the thread to fill up more quickly. This is the last warning, thanks for respecting it. We have always had a policy on crystal.cafe to delete rule-breaking comments and their responses instead of using redtexts, we haven't done this ITT and left everything up, but that is only a temporary courtesy.

Anonymous 252301

whats a 4chan text smiley

Anonymous 252305


that is NOT a drama board. thats friggin' fujochan cries

we could try to remind cerbmin she can keep pleading the 5th so we can discuss our inconsequential drama on our own drama website, but shes still in rage mode. is there somewhere dead enough that we can seek asylum but alive enough to remove spam? sushigirls? there are real troons over there, its a bad place.


:^) <- this is the 4chan smiley, its called dorito face.

Anonymous 252308

Anonymous 252312

oh. ty!
fc isnt ideal but it hasnt got rules against dramabait so you could still migrate there

Anonymous 252339

There's also the /ot/ thread revolving around 3c since the majority of the drama revolves around them and their allegations.

Anonymous 252348


Anonymous 252357

This is mean, i dont think the age gap is bad either

Anonymous 252358

It's delusion

Anonymous 252359

no, you can love someone who doesn’t love you back.

Anonymous 252364

>15 mins ago
I feel like one of the young anons with old bfs posted this to make fun of the older women dating young men and then posted it on here when the bait didn't get negative attention on lolcow. I'llnnever understand why some anons seethe at older women dating or sleeping with younger men. Get a life.

Anonymous 252365

Because younger men suck.

Anonymous 252366

plus out of all the posts in that thread she capped it from, this one is tame compared to the anon dating a violent prisoner and the other anon dating an old man who cheats on her and makes fun of her appearance while she tries to claim she's the one manipulating him

Anonymous 252367

That's not the point. The setup itself is broken. She wants to drag him into a relationship setting up this loose relationship. However, she has already realized that it will fail and he is using her. She neither picked the relationship nor a split up when the relationship didn't seem possible. She chose something in between and will get hurt and all she has left is that love cope

Anonymous 252370

Thank you for proving me right.
Yeah you're right.

Anonymous 252372

Anonymous 252389



Anonymous 252390

Why not go to kf? I don’t think anywhere else would be okay having it.

Anonymous 252391

Good, that's not what the site is for and I was sick of seeing it bumped.
Do you really need threads for this on every imageboard?

Anonymous 252393

That was deserved, >>252391 is right. But we can use the rest of this thread, lcf's /meta/, and the livejournal. If lj anon is here, can you turn on anonymous posts?

Anonymous 252394

>we can use the rest of this thread
a mod here said we can't >>252294

>lcf's /meta/

the whole reason this discussion is happening on other boards is because lcf's mods, especially on /meta/ keep insta-deleting it

Anonymous 252395

Use onionfarms? KF doesn't want the sock spam and drama any discussion of this brings either by the looks of how dead the LCF thread is there.

Also wanna bet fujochan got like 20 emails about shutting down that thread? kek

Anonymous 252396

Nah we can use KF. If there’s one place where it won’t be deleted it’s there.

Anonymous 252397

Posts about this have been deleted on KF and labeled as "spam" though. Just a fair warning, might get your account banned

Anonymous 252400

Anonymous 252401

This happened to me in January so yeah I can confirm that.

Anonymous 252402

from that mod's post
>You have the rest of this thread, the next one should get back on track.

Anonymous 252409

Link? Was that the mods only message?

Anonymous 252417

I think it all went wrong when kpop discussion was banned. I think that is what truly makes moids and troids feel unwelcome even more so than misandry. It’s so crazy the lengths people will go to coddle moids. She wants men to use the site secretly to have a larger user base and compete with null, does she think she can monetize the site and pull herself out of 40-something loserdom?

Anonymous 252419

Why the fuck is kpop cancer catering to moids? Go to /mu/ and you'll see moids love kpop just as much kek. Kpopfags bring a level on unhinged and newfaggotry and they belong on twitter. Personally I wouldn't mind kpop critical threads but ban on all kpop is better than no ban. Maybe if this was 2012 and kpop wasnt as mainstream and just as weird as being into jpop I wouldn't mind it but otherwise no sorry.

Anonymous 252420

Samefag just to add, but I don't mind the existence of hk/cc at all and I'm happy they have their own imageboard to be unhinged in, but they brought a level of insanity to lc I really didn't appreciate kek

Anonymous 252425

Remember when spergmin threatened to shut the site down and some retard donated $1000? I knew she'd never let go after that

Anonymous 252427

the kpop threads ended up being less harmful to the site than the r/gc shutdown mass migration. it's back to being full to the brim with twitterfags but instead of kpop ones its genshin and radfemtwt. and straight male kpop fans are a tiny drop in the bucket.

Anonymous 252428

>staminarose gets sabotaged, admin gets paranoid and dips
>lcf gets made
>lcf gets sabotaged
>cc is made
>cc gets sabotaged, barely any users at times
>more go back to lcf
>lcf moderation is shit, site gets less and less users
>AG, ccc, fujochan get made
>all 3 get sabotaged, only one is still up after long downtimes
>hk gets made
do you guys just let others make ibs and when the idea is good and works you harass the admins until they either shut the site down so you can make a new one or hand it over to you? this whole drama is so lame and whoever keeps bothering people over website ownership should take a long hard look at themselves and no i'm not talking about the anons who poke fun at the many useless successor admins lolcow has had (or maybe just one?)

i also note that all of the userbases for these sites have received either an outright hate thread on LC or a thread hating on all fujoshi or whatever. it's a bit unhinged girls

Anonymous 252429

Tin foil but it’s admin and her discord moid orbiters trying to be the sole female img board. Crazy how many different types of online spaces men can have without interference

Anonymous 252432

Here’s a crazy thought, an orange cat site female only fork with brokered marsey protection from other online miscreants?

Anonymous 252433

wouldn't shock me considering Burritomin, for all her public spergery about Null, still actively uses KF under the Butterz account

Anonymous 252434


The absolute state of lc.

Anonymous 252436

and all of their admins have been contacted by, spammed by, or worked under lc's admin and fucking hate her kekkk

Anonymous 252437

It’s a massive moid raid trying to psyop women into fucking up their lives and they are striking now because they know there’s no mods. Admin doesn’t care because it’s bodies posting and she thinks she’ll be the female exception. Men are such a seething hive mind.

Anonymous 252438

You gotta love how the go-to insults for whoever she suspected of posting in here was something about boyfriends and needing to get laid. Real pickme nlog shit. Explains lolcow and its state

Anonymous 252446


out of all the things a farmhand could reply to in /meta/, one is in there explaining that women are horrible degenerates just like men and all that bait couldn't possibly be written by moids. Why can't that farmhand reply to anything else going on? But to come and make some official statement about moids, that's so important??

Anonymous 252447

I hope mods are still okay with me posting this here. I do appreciate the generosity of allowing us to wrap things up/discuss where we're moving.

This is in regards to the criticism towards LCF that splits into speculation involving admin identity/former mods. It has some overlap with but is not directly based on whatever the 3C drama was.

The admin-ashley-'tinfoil'-drama-speculating has been moved to this temp LJ bunker:

Full Discloser :
> Anyone is allowed to comment, but anonymous posts must be approved first. Anonymous posts also have IP logging on to help combat the schizosamefagging-spam. If you want to comment uninhibited and with no IP log, just make a throw away LJ account.

Anyone who wants to post to the community (and not just comment) can join it, all members will be allowed to post freely.

If anyone has any feedback, problems or wants to propose changes for the LJ and doesn't want to post it there, then you can reach me at:
>[email protected]

This is the last time I intend to ever visit CC, so if you have any commentary/replies to this post, please contact me via the E-mail or LJ.

Thanks again, CC staff, for your patience and flexibility.

Anonymous 252460


Anonymous 252480

It is kind of funny that there’s three image boards we can’t talk about this on.

Anonymous 252481

cc and fc are understandable, lolcow drama has fucked them hard enough in the past for them to know entertaining it is a bad idea, but it sucks that we cant discuss a lolcow on lolcow because she happens to be the admin. if we even try she'll delete and do weird shit with our IPs if not just to try and pin us as one of her haters.

Anonymous 252483

tbf the fujo cringe thread was made years before fujochan was made

Anonymous 252485

This, I'm so glad the fujochan mods locked the drama thread because this entire debacle is so fucking embarrassing and autistic and people who don't know 4 years of some niche moderator group's lore have no idea what's going on and every post trying to "explain" it reads like a machine translation. Keep it in your discord channels and stop dragging other completely unrelated sites down with you.

Anonymous 252486

The tinfoil that the borzoi banner was the last banner added is easily debunked if you look at the banners page. I think even LJ anon is starting to see how the theory doesn't fit.

Anonymous 252492

Nta but it was dead for years and recieved a surge in popularity only recently

Anonymous 252507

Sometimes I wonder if the ones doing the autistic investigation are the ones bothering the unrelated or semi-related site admins because they have somehow drawn the conclusion that the culprit they're looking for is them. All I know is that you retarded girls need to learn how to speak to each other directly, stop doing sneaky manipulative shit and stop trying to drag other people into it.

I saw first hand how the HK admin was being a petty dramamonger on that bunker they made, now they want to act above it, which like.. fine, but I hope you stick to that and actually care about your site and the users and aren't just doing this for some weird grand troll plan.
Stop feeding this shit on your own site, leave people alone and be a silent Chadmin.

To not go too off-topic, seems like the farmhand(s) are fighting their own users on /meta/ again…
You know if you don't want people posting on your alleged anon site (even though it seems a lot of these places do a lot of BTS work to make it not anonymous), or don't like the current population, just leave? In the case of lolcow that is the most sensible option because none of the admins have created the site besides the first one. Just fuck off, it's not your work and the users hate you, why are you here?

CC janis too, stop micromanaging every damn discussion on here, you're fucking annoying and you only show up when there's drama. Otherwise you let CP and gore stay up for hours, but omg site drama! Suddenly there's lightning fast moderation. Stop acting above it when it's so obvious that this is all you're here for. You all need hobbies

Anonymous 252509

Are you the retard who got their one-word spam relies deleted? I really don't understand how you dramafags are hoping to get anyone to take this seriously when it's clear you're not taking it seriously yourselves and can't stop acting like teenagers for 5 seconds

Anonymous 252511

I have no idea what you're talking about or why you're so mad at me in your reply? I have never spammed any imageboard least of all this one. For what? You know people can have disagreements with how you run things, without having been one of the unhinged trolls you deal with, right?

I'm literally in agreement with you anyways, so your attitude is really confusing

Anonymous 252514

Why do infighters get so obsessed? There's the person obsessing over laundry anon, OP of the celebrity thread and likely a few others. At least when you fight moids they move on. People will continue strawmanning you days after everything

Anonymous 252517



Anonymous 252518

My period started yesterday. Is it even possible to sync with people over the Internet? It feels like anytime I'm on my period there's a bunch of lunatics flipping out over menial infights on lolcow

Anonymous 252519

Always a good idea to egg on trolls with lengthy redtexts and giving them a mountain of attention. Every mod on lolcow and here has jannypsychosis and needs to take a break at this point. If it's even more than one

Anonymous 252520

Nah this mod did a good job IMO. Banning all anons involved, didn't leave biased red texts/messages, even told the baiters to stop being crazy when they tried to continue flipping out/conspiring against laundry anon. Most moids will take the side of whatever anon is being louder and roll with that.

Anonymous 252523

That's good, was just going on the screenshot because I've given up reading celebricows ages ago. I still don't think blinking neon light redtexts is a good idea for this type of troll though, they will feel important and likely come back to do it some more. Am just being nitpicky though as trolls come back either way.

Wish lolcow would move to an engine that didn't rely on cookies for bans. I'm sure there's a lot of anons who don't even notice they've gotten banned because their browsers auto-clear cookies

Anonymous 252524

It would be easier to detect infights (frequent spamming of threads) and ban everyone involved before it gets this bad, and then send out strict permabans to frequent infighters. An anon basically straight up admitted to baiting/strawmanning venting anons to wreck havoc

Anonymous 252527

those threads are such a fucking mess, the jannies make it worse with trying to be snarky when redtexting

Anonymous 252529

Threads that attract frequent infights (outside of unpopular opinions) should be banned IMO. 9/10 times it's some randoms finding an easy post to take out of context to flip out about

Anonymous 252531

Closing threads with infighting will cause more infighting because everyone will figure out the surefire way to get something they don’t like removed. Notice how the effina thread was closed so she just moved on to posting herself in leftcows to try and network while hiding anything bad about herself?

Anonymous 252532

There's really no solution outside of permabanning frequent infighters/baiters

Anonymous 252539

>An anon basically straight up admitted to baiting/strawmanning venting anons to wreck havoc
No offense but, yeah? Obviously. What other reason did you think people troll for? For the good of the website? Because they sincerely can't read or have a sincere hatred for someone venting about something mundane?

You can't feasibly control and handhold your users and be shocked at trolling and ban evasion and expect things to not get out of hand. Admins and mods need to be hands off unless there is something illegal going on, the rest needs to be dealt with by the userbase. That ship has sailed with lolcow obviously, as the users are all very young now and crazy reactionary and will always take every bait they see and the Admins have been hellbent on babysitting them through it, instead of just letting them learn how to spot an infight and not engage in it, or just talk around it.

Anonymous 252540

Maybe it's just not the site for you if you think that. The site would be unbearable without the rules, most of them were only added after some anons made it necessary.

Anonymous 252541

They want young users exclusively now because of moid capture

Anonymous 252542

The site is insufferable even with all those rules. The rules are never enforced evenly, as it's pretty much impossible to do so unless you have someone online 24/7, invested in actually doing moderation.
Best bet with the current broken website would be to hone in on not taking bait, but the staff itself seems to not know what bait is or how to spot it and just go on whatever an anon says on /meta/ is bait.
>Maybe the site isn't for you
Why? Because I have criticisms? This isn't the praise lolcow thread so yeah, my posts are one sided. Weirdo.

What does that mean? Moid capture? Are you saying the site is run by pickmes who are scouting for an e-bf or something? kek

Anonymous 252553

esl moment

Anonymous 252562

I think what separates trollers on lolcow from other sites is that the trollers are frequently able to manipulate most users involved in the conversation to be against/for whatever goal they were trying to achieve, and then manipulate the rest of users into thinking an anon is crazy for calling out red flags (like the anon who keeps laughing off people calling her psychotic)

Anonymous 252564

Bro come on kek

Anonymous 252566

I think this happens very easily because it's a community of women. Not all women of course. But it's true and I might get banned for this lol.

Anonymous 252567

Wet brain moment

Anonymous 252570

Is this like the worlds worst attempt at a falseflag? kek it's kinda cute in a aw it's retarded way

Anonymous 252571

Site is run by a 40 year old pick me imageboard welfare queen with an 8th grade education trying to cultivate a younger, easier to mold user base to please and get attention from her moid orbiters so kiwimoids can have a gf-farm much like r9k uses this site as their NEET gf hunting grounds

Anonymous 252572

And what makes you say that? Have you had any personal experience with the sites admin or why should your opinion be of value?

Anonymous 252573

Huh? Female communities are typically resilient and consistent. Anons will rage about one subject like their life depends on it just to turn around completely the next day, all depending on what opponent was more obnoxious. So fucking bizarre watching how easily influenced anons are to fight other anons

Anonymous 252574

How do you know it's the same anons?
>Turn around completely
Like how would you know it's the same anons being influenced to fight someone else with the opposite opinion?

Anonymous 252575

Anons will literally contradict themselves in the same sentence kek. Multiple users have even spoken about the problem of other users replying and having a mental breakdown, just to go on about their opinion which ended up being a reworded version of the OG anons opinion.

Literally no infights would even exist if users could stop taking posts out of context for 1 fucking minute

Anonymous 252577

Oh I know what you mean now. Maybe it's autism, maybe they're just dumb, or autistic and dumb, or they're deliberately misunderstanding/misreading posts because it's easy ragebait from a lot of BPD posters who sperg themselves into a rage for 30 posts in a row and get really annoyed and try to explain what is obvious to the troll. So it never ends. And endless cycle of angryposts

Anonymous 252580

Possible misunderstandings, and then when anons don't want to admit they're wrong they rather sit there and sperg about the situation they made up even after multiple anons corrected them

Anonymous 252581

Yeah I suppose if the users skew very young now then the impulsivity and shame are very high which would naturally lead to a lot of retarded drama and infighting.
Lots of
>Haha I was just pretending to be retarded
but that's also common for anonymous spaces and with every age if insecure enough.
Probably a mix of both of these things and an equally unstable admin team

Anonymous 252592

Kek I can handle that but the enablers are just… why? Why would you even respond or attack someone else solely based on what the reply was and not what the person even said? That's like the entire main tactic of fake news

Anonymous 252600

Actually going to piss myself laughing if Admin managed to get her discord and the site hacked by the sharty and in her infinite wisdom decided to keep quiet about it so she could do epic hacker revenge

Anonymous 252651


Big drama in unpopular opinions thread

Anonymous 252652

These people don't understand a joke.

Anonymous 252675

2X was a honeypot to collect radfem IPs and ban them and their entire posting history from the site

Anonymous 252685

thinking about the girl who donated ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS lmao oh my god i hope she lives on in autistic bliss and never sees any of this

Anonymous 252686

are there receipts for this? i need to see lol

Anonymous 252708

What a beautiful dream to have. Only a few years of retarded posts would be lost and there'd be a chance of returning to the old days. sigh

Anonymous 252723


Anonymous 252733

>I have long hair so the fresh shampoo smell just sticks to it for a long time
I don't sweat much or stink easily but I can't bear going longer than 2 days max. Doesn't your hair get greasy and flaky? Shouldn't you wash your private areas? Especially as a girl, you can get infections by not having good hygiene there…
I've known people who don't outright shower as often due to health/mobility but they still get a bucket of water and spot clean at the end of the day.

Anonymous 252739

t. jessica yaniv

Anonymous 252741

whens the last time you had a bath anon?

Anonymous 252742

stop it i will not bathe with you jessica

Anonymous 252746

if you are willing to call someone a tranny for having hygiene you probably havent bathed in a long time

Anonymous 252766

The users on lolcow seem to really enjoy keeping each other in line. Like calling each other pickme, nlog, 'you're not special', very strict standards for what women should enjoy, what they should find funny. Kind of an anti-individualist vibe.

Anonymous 252771

Their discords are a nightmare. I was in an offshoot lolcord for a time and its 4 of them constantly antagonising and singling out their own discord users. They all despise and mistrust each other, what is the point?

Anonymous 252775

To be fair, you have to be kinda insane to be in a lolcord to start with

Anonymous 252781

yes lots of transbians suddenly posting extremely autistic shit thinking they fit in. must've been a concentrated migration of them from yesteryear or something. won't be a part of their cringe larping

Anonymous 252785

The people defending the moderation at all costs make me cringe so hard lolcow.farm in general is so embarrassing nowadays.

Anonymous 252793

that is cringy to me too but the recent complaint in meta about "pls some of us are first time participants" or whatever just made me kek

Anonymous 252794

tbh I just remind myself that when there are anons who are overly aggressive and bitchy that they're probably just 1. mentally ill 2. autistic 3. having a bad day 4. just a stupid bitch idgaf and I move on. Should just be reported for being a stupid bitch

Anonymous 252813

You cannot even be a little silly sometimes on lolcor.

Anonymous 252821

it was your wording actually

Anonymous 252823

why tf are there so many racebaiters on lolcur now its like an organized attack they all came at the same time

Anonymous 252824

to bother our cow admin with i guess

Anonymous 252826

>not like other girls girls hate is anti-individualist
No way

Anonymous 252827

as if lolcow isn't just a bunch of nlogs nitpicking normal things women enjoy/do

Anonymous 252834

I’m slow I guess…

Anonymous 252843

Amazing, farmhand on /meta/ right now trying to blame the anons who thought something was up with admin and disagreed with their post deletion for all the spam/trolls they have on the site. The jokes write themselves.

Anonymous 252848

Bitch you stink

Anonymous 252860

I got a ban for samefagging because I was posting a video and then a picture. I didn't know I had to announce that I was doing a mini-dump in order to not get banned for "samefagging." I replied to my first post with the second, which is completely normal for a photo dump.

Anonymous 252861

How do farmhands have the time to deepsearch a user's post history to see if they're a moid or just a 'misled female' but can't look before mass deleting, banning and revoking the ban appeals of innocent users they think are 'schizo trolls from CC'? Make it make sense

Anonymous 252897

We are all schizo trolls from Choachan and Crystal.Cafe and every Proton VPN user is the same person because they can see your ISP on their Kali Linux hacker setup

Anonymous 252916

LC mods will one week ban for the slightest stuff and the other just let racebait around and derails that last literal days

Anonymous 252923

It all depends on how occupied our schizo overlord is with getting trolled by various people she has annoyed. Sometimes she's simply too busy putting the schizo pieces together to ban us all for wrongthink

Anonymous 252952

I like how barely anyone was actively posting to meta and then the moment admin makes a post about embedding features there's 'anon' posts in every thread singing praises all around the same time. It's just like how a little defense team of 'anon's show up to WK the admin/Farmhand's. I don't want to imagine someone needing to samefag to pat their own ass that hard, yet I can only deny what I see for so long.

Anonymous 252960

Arguments on LC be like
>someone makes a point
>it triggers an argument
>in the middle of it someone says 'I wasn't claiming [point that triggered argument]'
Then fuck off?

Anonymous 252976

Sometimes it really feels like the site is run by a bunch of teenage boys who are trying to psyop female users away from hating men and into being more docile, away from the internet and doing tradwife things.
Only reason I'm discounting this is because surely nobody can be so fucking retarded that they think abusing and oppressing a bunch of women will in any way lead to them becoming better people and not just more broken and lonely

Anonymous 252977

I believe the opposite of that, why do you think that?

Anonymous 252986

Agree there’s some sheep-dogging going on, but I think it’s trans and gay men who want women back as helpmeets in their little dollhouse

Anonymous 252987

Because the posts they write are so obviously written by gay men/trannies pretending to have those opinions and being women that it's like just off-putting to anyone with 2 brain cells. There's barely any real posts left because everyone is so fucking sick of all the bait spam that never gets deleted and the circular infighting. All the OTT man-hate posts sound so fucking retarded like pinkpill spergs were literary scholars compared to these assholes

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