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Anonymous 252378

imageboards (in general) are starting to become boring and stale… what happened?

Anonymous 252383

it's the same predictable bullshit

Anonymous 252387

>Less than 30% of internet traffic is going to websites outside of tiktok and soylicon valley social media
>The traffic actual websites do still get has been tainted ever since the 2016 election
>College kids and nerds have been replaced by racist third worlders, racist white trash, and retarded kids.

Anonymous 252392


>less than 30%
That’s crazy to hear. I’m sure that some of that traffic is just bots, too.

I wish more normies would see how cancerous sites like Facebook and instagram are. You don’t get any real conversation; everything is just posted to get praised and liked and it all reeks of insecurity and fakeness

Anonymous 252398

shitty egomaniac admins who want ibs for profit rather than actual enjoyment of the platform

Anonymous 252399

Bots are another huge problem. They're even worse on social media but they make their way onto niche sites too.
>I wish more normies would see how cancerous sites like Facebook and instagram are.
I predict a sort of revival of more anonymous and discussion based websites happening but the sites will get bought out by the social media companies quickly and ruin it.

Anonymous 252404

they were never that good in the first place, maybe as a nerdy refuge, and also time took its toll

Anonymous 252405

maybe as a nerdy refuge, sure*

Anonymous 252406

I feel like people on IBs would rather glorify memes and meme concepts than actually have a discussion. Altchans are better in this regard but even there the conversations become stale. A lot of people would rather perform their "imageboard" self than actually write down their thoughts because one if seen as much more cooler than the other. It gets old really fast.

Anonymous 252407

find better imageboards i guess. i enjoy wizchan (lurking) and dst on heolkek. certain threads on lc are also very fun to me

Anonymous 252441

heolkek has spectacular energy, I wish I could get into kpop to enjoy it

Anonymous 252444

>they were never that good in the first place,
better than social media

Anonymous 252450

too many rules

Anonymous 252458

there are very fun imageboards out there but this is not the right place to share them

Anonymous 252465

I couldn't be present during the "golden" age of imageboards because I was too young and emotional to handle just how toxic many imageboards can be. I like the privacy of being anonymous and just disappearing when you don't want to deal with toxicity anymore. But the internet just seems so toxic everywhere you go nowadays. Sigh.

Anonymous 252467

wish there was a version for american celebrities, kpop bores me

Anonymous 252470

What do you enjoy about it?

Anonymous 252494

agreed, it'd be nice to shitpost about celebs among those who don't have a hate boner for women and blindly trust tabloid narratives. and I adore retarded hornyposting

Anonymous 252506

Traffic is in severe decline due to discord unfortunately
line 3 is very true

Anonymous 252528

I revisited /cgl/ not that long ago and now it's no longer a majority female board, it's mostly coomer threads and troons. I think most actual nonas moved on to lolcow or Twitter, and actual cosplayers feel safe enough to use other social media like YouTube, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, Discord, etc. etc. to share themselves.

It feels like cosplay is a lot less gatekept now than it used to be, information is a lot easier to get than it was 10 years ago.

I think in general, imageboards have just become a place for people that fall through the cracks.

Anonymous 252533

>fall through the cracks
What do you mean by this?

Anonymous 252534

we too cool for social media B)

Anonymous 252535

Burned by social media, or really just against the idea of having to tie opinions to arbitrary "likes" and other social credit values, especially in systems that are designed to promote posts that are a net negative to the general public.

When you have no real identity, people can only take you for what you say. They can't just dismiss or discredit you because of your true identity.

Anonymous 252559

Schizoids and Bipolars

Anonymous 252561

well apparently imageboards aren't "in the norm"
so "non normals" flock to them moreso than soc media

Anonymous 252614

>what happened?

Anonymous 252616

yeah, lolita threads are noticeably shallower and discussion of most other j-fashions has vanished. In the past there were more tutorial threads but now you can get that info easier anywhere else so dubious activity (coomer threads, gossip/trashtalking) are what's left.
>I think in general, imageboards have just become a place for people that fall through the cracks
It's not just me who feels like it used to be less of an outsider thing, right? It used to be that it wasn't be so weird if your slightly edgier/nerdier but otherwise reasonable friend used 4chan, but now normies see it as borderline dark web. On /cgl/ there's the concern of getting outed by your cosplay/fashion community so people are more aloof and hold back from original content.
It disappoints me because I love anonymous posting but IBs are full of unhinged people, and mainstream social media is full of crazies in a different way.

Anonymous 252626

Huh that board is gross.
The ita threads in particular felt like creepy vendetta and mocking fat girls like any creepy moid. There was even a convo with people thinking that if a person ever gained some pounds their beauty is ruined forever lol typical moid talking points

Anonymous 264014

Trans janitors.

Anonymous 264016

Not everything is the fault of a bunch of men wearing wigs.
Sometimes communities degrade as the community changes and what was rejected yesterday is embraced tomorrow.

Anonymous 264198

The communities have degraded a bit. If not for likes, they now hunt for (You)s. I like to visit /co/ on 4chan sometimes, so let's take that as example. Effortposts slide onto page 10 while threads that open with "[insert OPs waifu here] is for ____" or "How did they get away with this?" get more replies. Also, Twitter brainrot found its way there too, as Twitter screencap threads get a bunch of replies as well. Coomers, tranny spam and schizos plague that board. At this point, finding proper discussion is hard.

Anonymous 264209

Also, captcha has been the death of storytimes. You can't have decent imageboards when there is so much friction around posting images.

Anonymous 264212

>Also, captcha has been the death of storytimes.
Oh man, that takes me back to /b/ before the fappening. I miss when /b/ was just the catch-all random board and not just a porn dump. I also wish /qst/ hadn't been created because it removed one of those individual personality elements that /b/ had.

Anonymous 264214

People have bots which just spam imageboards and ruin every discussion. I can't describe it but I'm like pretty sure that maybe 40% of the posts on 4chan are automated replies.

One thing I noticed is that people will constantly start threads with some kind of question but never reply to any of the people who post. I believe they do this to make using the site aggravating so people leave. There are some other techniques I think they use but if I mention them I'm going to sound crazy so that's it.

Anonymous 264259

It's because zoomers have no culture

Anonymous 264260

I'm starting to think the problem isn't the Internet, it's me. I think I just want to kill myself and any enjoyment I could get from anything is voided by that.

Anonymous 264597


otterchat.net (possibly the best out there. self explanatory name, but there's more to it. also otters are my favorite animals)
soyjak.party (it filled with retarded gen alpha kids but they are still much more original than 4chan limpdick manbabies)
0chan (russian tech-nerds oriented website)
there also was that one aesthetic lain chan, but i forgot its name. all i remember it is that it has cyberpunk style design

Anonymous 264599

what about bantculture? it's like the party but for touhou

Anonymous 264610

If it weren't for normalfags social media wouldn't be a thing but most of you are zoomers and can't relate

Anonymous 264626



Anonymous 264671

I liked soyjak.party a lot over the past few years but it's going downhill recently with overzealous moderators so I've been switching to jakparty.soy. I think that's part of it. Everywhere is so overmoderated that everyone has to tailor what they say to appease the mods, instead in the past and the more fun times of 4chan in the olden days you could just post whatever and people would have fun. On 4chan now if you have any thread that is outside of the usual slop, and is generating buzz, the jannies will delete it. Plus the janitors are all discord users and discord tends to make you have a really lame redditor sense of humor where it's all about getting upvotes, and this reflects in how they moderate the website. People are scared to make avant garde or interesting posts because they will get banned.

Anonymous 264672

You're part of the problem

Anonymous 264712

Hey stupids, your ilk is flooding the site again

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