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crafting to get a bf? Anonymous 252847

so i've had a crush on my older brother's best friend since I was a teen. he's always over at the house and has viewed me as a sister his whole life (has said this out loud multiple times to make the point clear) even in my early 20's he treated me like i was the same child. that was until i started to craft this summer. i saw a tiktok about making beaded bracelets, thought it'd be cute to make a couple and send them to my friends abroad. when he saw me making them he asked for one surprisingly, didn't think much of it at the time. about a week later i made a charcuterie board which included little sandwiches with the crust carefully cut off and he told me on two separate occasions how much he liked what i prepared. a couple days later he was over and i noticed he was slightly blushing around me and acting different. ffwd to yesterday, it had been nearly 3 weeks since i last saw him and i was in the sun room working on a landscape painting, nearly done with it. he came in to say hi and commented on my painting, he seemed really impressed by it. i also noticed he was still wearing the beaded bracelet I gave him over a month ago. made me feel special. now today he texted me and asked me out to get lunch this weekend. why don't we talk about this? why is no one else doing this? are men like primordially attracted to us when we make things? can we leverage and exploit this to get our desired bfs or is it just a fluke thing my crush is now into me?

Anonymous 252851

Might be a fluke if you suddenly lost weight or if he's recently out of a relationship but in my experience men think things like being able to knit and crochet is cute and wholesome, maybe it activates the ancient memories in the caveman brain of tribal women weaving baskets while the men go hunt savertooth tigers

Anonymous 252852

>are men like primordially attracted to us when we make things?
Isn't this basically tradwife mentality?

Anonymous 252864

never had a problem with my weight. nothing else has changed about me. he had a longterm relationship that ended 2 years ago and i had a short fling that only lasted 3 months last year. but regardless he just recently stopped seeing me as a sister. maybe just the stars aligned idk
kind of? i guess. i never thought of it as being trad. as long as it's behavior i like and would be doing anyways i don't mind if i'm considered trad or whatever. i'm just excited about tomorrow, i would've shown this side of myself sooner to him if i knew he'd react this way.

Anonymous 252889

You were a no-go for him when you were younger as he didn't want to influence his relationship with your brother. Now that this isn't an obstacle anymore he started paying attention to you and picked up something you were doing to move past his limits he has set up with you. It's the same reason why some men totally ignore women who are close to their friends as they are not able to meaningfully engage with the opposite sex

Anonymous 253806

No it's called being industrious

Anonymous 254979

>are men like primordially attracted to us when we make things?
I think making stuff is just a good trait that anyone would appreciate. Especially now a days when it seems like many people consume more than they create.

Anonymous 255092

i don't know but that's pretty cute and i envy you

Anonymous 255167

every guy i had a crush on has disappointed me to some degree so i basically don’t care to get a boyfriend. i would want a girlfriend but i cannot connect with a lot of other women and i honestly don’t care to.
a lot of guys that are into shit like gaming and anime are fucking moids, all they wanted from me is nudes and shit. this was especially true for guys i met online in random discords and such and many of them were much older than i was too

Anonymous 259791

Any updates?

Anonymous 260212

The public declarations about thinking of you as a sister were likely to make your brother feel comfortable: he's probably always been a bit attracted to you and didn't want that to impact his friendship with him.

It's natural as you both grow older that you'd become more serious about each other.

There's no reason not to reciprocate his romantic interest. Relationships with a lot of history last longer and are more satisfying. Your past together makes for a solid foundation.

Anonymous 263115

do you want to be a slave nona? if the foundation of how you get a guy is that he likes what you make for him (as opposed to features of your personality that are totally independent of him) you're gonna end up with a moocher

Anonymous 263255

>OP is going to be making bracelets in a sweatshop for the rest of her life.
This post is hilarious.

Anonymous 267166

It's probably more on what he values, and in general it's more a people thing and not a gender thing. If you made him a cute gift, he probably valued the gift at minimum cuz he usually doesn't get gifts like that, meaningful or not. But he'll give it meaning. If you make a guy food and he crushes on you, he prob values food and like >>252852 said, tradwife mentality is trad attractive. Generically, if a guy asks out a girl and puts in the effort with flirting etc, she likes it. If a girl asks out a guy, he appreciates the effort and the rarity of the situation.

It's been 6 months, so I hope you both are dating by now. Since he likes ur gift and has been wearing it, u should only very occasionally keep making crafts for him, not too often so it loses novelty, but enough that he thoroughly appreciates the effort and he reciprocates the same.

I agree with this

Anonymous 267222

That's pretty sweat, you conquered his heart with your artistic talents
I'm jelly

Anonymous 271301


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