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I wish I was a lesbian Anonymous 253643

I’ve tried dating women, I’ve tried to be less picky with the men I’m attracted to. But I’m hopelessly heterosexual with a high libido— but men are so exhausting and hard to deal with. I feel stuck.
I love men, I really do, despite all their flaws, but most days I wish I didn’t. I want a partner who gets me from top to bottom, inside and out, and every male partner I’ve ever had, even my current boyfriend who I am head over heels for and is an extremely caring and responsible guy, there’s just this veil of separation. It’s so hard to explain.

Anonymous 253647

date a faggot. problem solved

Anonymous 253655

You seem to want a womb to live in.
>there’s just this veil of separation
Happens every time there are two people involved, by definition.
Maybe your desires are inadequate for this reality.

Anonymous 253663


Anonymous 253689


Anonymous 253726

my honest reaction

Anonymous 253812

Being lesbian would be like a curse being lifted. Scrotes are such shitty people, I wish I wasn't attracted to them

Anonymous 253819

Try drugs and alcohol

Anonymous 253827

Sexuality is not a choice, dating is. I don't feel bad for women who know how vile men are and still choose to get involved with them.

Anonymous 253835

What makes you think dating a woman would be different? You said that your boyfriend is caring and responsible but you find reasons to not like him.
I think this post >>253655 is spot on.

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