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/fumo/ thread Anonymous 253759

Post your favourite softs

Anonymous 253781


Love Touhou hate Fumos, just don't think they look good for the price especially the jitome eyes.

If best girl Wriggle ever gets one I might buy it though since she currently has no figures. I hope that since Fumo dolls are cheap in comparison to regular figures some smaller characters can finally get merch. Right now official Touhou products are dominated by EotSD characters.

Anonymous 253788

How are you supposed to get into touhou? It's too complicated for me, I don't know where to start.

Anonymous 253789


At the end of the day it's just a series of video games. I started with Touhou 6 because that's the first one that will run on modern hardware and played though them. They're also spin-off fighting games and a whole host of fan games from every genre imaginable.

Definitely worth getting into since the mainline games are legitimately fun.

Anonymous 253820


I've been into Touhou for a decade and I own all the fumos of my favourite girls who have them which includes 4 different Marisas. I missed the preorder on Rinnosuke recently which really annoys me
Can't stand how the ironic weebs got hold of them though. But Touhou has always been appropriated by people who have no idea what it is so I'm not surprised.

Anonymous 253823


>has no figures
I've been into Touhou since 2007 or so and it's so annoying that the characters I really like get fuckall for merch. I get a keychain or two every few years and that's it. Fumos gotta have insane profit margins for what they are so I wonder why they just don't go bonkers with it.

Anonymous 253846


Same, it's frustrating that it seems like half the "fans" of this franchise have never even interacted with it. I even met someone once with a Momiji profile pic who didn't even know it was a game. Wtf.

It's also weird because it's oddly assessable? Like there are official manga, fan anime projects, hell just the music itself has a huge community and reach. Its bonkers to me that so many people to post memes and stuff seem to not even have a basic familiarity with have the property and or characters.

I know right? Recently been frustrated too because a ton of official LostWord merch is getting made right now because it gave everyone new more conventional art to work with and even then the new merch is just Marisa, Reimu, Youmu, ect. Come on guys give other characters time to shine too.

Who do you want more merch for ? Already said I want just one Wriggle figure, but Yoshika is also high for me. She has like two official keychains and a doujin garage kit. Disappointing.

Anonymous 253917


Most of them are in the pic I posted with the addition of Yuugi and Okina. I was pleasantly surprised when they made Junko and Keiki fumos but was also like "hey you skipped a stage 6 boss… :((("

I tend to like the earlier stage bosses (perhaps because I get to listen to their themes most? haha) and with the exception of EoSD girls (especially Cirno) they are all trapped in no/basic merch hell.

>I even met someone once with a Momiji profile pic who didn't even know it was a game. Wtf.

Momiji icons have been a huge red flag since 2016 because of her red hat being perverted by magatards. I feel bad for anybody who really liked her before then.

Anonymous 253939



But I guess if you want easy context to fanworks and refuse to play the games you're a fake fan best bet is the manga and books written by ZUN.

Wild and Horned Hermit is good and follows Kasen and several of the major players. Forbidden Scrollery is legally available in English if you prefer physical works. Perfect Memento in Strict Sense is awesome because it basically acts as a who's-who guide to the characters framed as chronicles by Akyuu, the Touhou wiki also has it in full.

Anonymous 254700

touhou is filled with moids and it's hard to get into the community if you don't already have connections

Anonymous 255121

prehistoric fumos.…

I make my own fumos, here you have 3 best friends

Anonymous 255122

omg i know who you are

Anonymous 258218

for me it's Yuuka Kazami

Anonymous 258889

Momoyo such a baddie

Anonymous 258891

fumo flip.webm

fumo flip

Anonymous 258931


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