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Anonymous 254183

I'm the only real woman that still goes here

Anonymous 254185

There's 2 of us

Anonymous 254186

no i am, everyone else is a troon

Anonymous 254187


Chromosomes on the table now

Anonymous 254189


False, everyone but me here is a male/tranny with a smelly axewound i speak the truth

Anonymous 254193

begerev stop whining online in your socials it's annoying.

Anonymous 254195


here are my chromosomes maam

Anonymous 254200


Ok totally-real-sista now i believe you (not)

But i like to do it

Anonymous 254206

I can smell the Y chromosome energy here.

Anonymous 254208

why are you smelling yourself?

Anonymous 254210

I’m being forced to smell your energy and it’s causing me heavy psychic damage. please stop.

Anonymous 254226


Moooooooooooooods ban these males

Anonymous 254271

give the lizard a hat

Anonymous 254311


Hat given

Anonymous 254313

Now give her a broom

Anonymous 254316


Anonymous 254317

make her turn someone into a frog

Anonymous 254322

This is a rlly cute cece

Anonymous 254325

Thank you for fulfilling my request. It is beautiful; just what the proverbial doctor ordered. She is now protected from harmful UV rays!

Anonymous 254334


Indeed she is protected now and ready for halloween as well.

Anonymous 254335


Thanks praise cece

Who should she turn into a frog though? Because i have no ideas

Anonymous 254336

Have her turn Pepe into a regular ugly moid

Anonymous 254337

Begerev which board is your favorite

Anonymous 254372

She is scheming… A plot to turn the sun into the moon? A meta-shift into permanent nightmode? I imagine this would have disastrous consequences.

Anonymous 254382


Ok, picrel

Anonymous 254384

They are all dead so who cares lol lmao even

She's planning to ban the sun for days so minernonas can enjoy halloween on dark

Anonymous 254387

kek the scrote looks so nasty

Anonymous 254427


What the hell is going on on my thread

Anonymous 254437



Anonymous 254461



Anonymous 254485

They banned everyone

Anonymous 254504

The thread got raided so badly i'm sorry noni :(

Anonymous 254518


It's ok lol, when i saw that an actual raid was happening i just closed the tab, maybe it's a reminder for me to not come here anymore because this board is a mess and dead anyways

Yeah that's the reason a lot of people left, they banned me for a while too for no reason

Anonymous 254537

Is there anywhere else where you've posted your work? I'd love to follow you if possible lol (though I'd understand if you didn't feel safe sharing information like that)

Anonymous 254564

Just search up begerev online, i have a twitter and tumblr.

Anonymous 254596



Anonymous 254913


Damn you scrolled through my entire tumblr? I think i reblogged that a year ago

Anonymous 254924

why would you selfpost on here lol

Anonymous 255370

No i'm the only real woman in here!!! But jokes aside this imageboard is done for moids took over especially troons. I blame snail leaving.

Anonymous 255373

Not really. We have a big group chat for cc girls with harsh verification requirements and a lot of us still posts here.

Anonymous 255418

How do I verify?

Anonymous 255580

Need to send an email first and ask about it [email protected]

Anonymous 255632


I shilled myself here before i just don't care

Filled with tiktok and twitter tourists nowadays too, after i made this thread i noticed it and now i just very rarely take quick glances in here and leave, i feel bad to whoever is in the cc discord and still uses this board daily

Anonymous 255643

Men do everything to barge in to women's spaces. I hope any moid reading this dangles from his thumbs off a suspension bridge.

Anonymous 255648

What the fuck else are we supposed to do

Anonymous 255712

Very cute art.

Anonymous 255919

You're so full of yourself. Have some self awareness.

Anonymous 255924


Ok Buddha

Anonymous 255926


Anonymous 259502

i am god here

Anonymous 261693


Very cute please draw more!

Anonymous 262035


She's gone

Anonymous 262986


I'm still here sometimes hello

Anonymous 262993


hello again

Anonymous 263000

Honk honk

Anonymous 263236


Men are retarded

Anonymous 263398

how do i learn to draw (digitally)? i bought a laptop with a touchscreen recently but i dont think it has pen pressure detection which kinda sucks. i dont really know where to start aside from maybe tracing stuff i think looks cool or trying to do redraws of art i like?

Anonymous 263401


Are you already used to drawing traditionally? Just draw a lot digitally, also get a cheap drawing tablet to make it easier it's painful to draw with a mouse or touchpad, when you install the drawing tablet drivers it puts (??) the pen pressure config thing in your computer i think, my art is really shitty though and i'm very unprofessional and just doing it for fun i myself am unhappy with how most of it looks currently so i don't know if i'm the best one to be asking this lol!

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