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Anonymous 255079

I only find fictional men attractive.

Anonymous 255082


me too

Anonymous 255084



Anonymous 255086

same nona

Anonymous 255091

dmc 4 nero church.…

His DMC5 self looked a little bit of a tard, but he's growing on me. I miss the time when video game men looked like that. It was primarily in the PS2 era where pretty dudes like Leon from RE4 ruled. And then the PS3 era rolled around and every game protagonist from then on has to be some bald uber-macho caricature of what men think is attractive.
Then again, I don't play video games as often as I should, so forgive some inaccuracies or whatever.

Anonymous 255096

Same nonita

Anonymous 255103

I still like DMC5 Nero، he's the cutest boy in the game

Anonymous 255159


Strong agree.

Fictional men:
>will never get fat or ugly
>won't go bald or get too hairy
>effortlessly stay handsome
>will never cheat on you and break your heart
>will be there if you need them and go away when you don't
>will always love you no matter how old you get

Anonymous 255168


Anonymous 266370


I love Kosei Shishido so much but I do not really care about his IRL counterpart faceclaim/seiyuu

Anonymous 266397


They made his features look so average. I swear I've seen a carbon copy of this dude walking around.

Anonymous 266398

He literally looks just like his voice actor, which is exactly my point. Why do I find average looking fictional moids based on real life average looking moids attractive but not real ones?

Anonymous 266399

Real people do not look good. Skin irl looks loose and saggy and gets sun damage, wrinkles, discoloration, blemishes. Game skins look brighter than life and even when they add scarring it's done in a way that maintains structural integrity. If you see a real burn victim their faces look all fucked up, they have bone missing and extra skin and scarring from surgeries.
It's like seeing a someone who looks fully groomed and perfect all the time while never aging. Real life cannot compete.

Anonymous 266405

Screen Shot 2024-0…

A summary of why your moid actor is ugly.
Aging kills what little attractiveness moids have. When they only have their personalities to carry them, you will find them sorely lacking.

Anonymous 266409

kek you really dragged him but it does say a whole lot how he's considered an example of "good" aging by moid standards. I even see moids IRL that are half his age with half his hair. I don't think Asian moids age that well as people say but they do tend to bald less and later so I'll give them that.
>When they only have their personalities to carry them, you will find them sorely lacking.
Honestly I'd say real moids don't even have that, even seemingly harmless moids disturbingly often turn out to have skeletons in their closet. At least with fictional characters, even ugly ones, what you see on screen is all that you get. I admit my own standards for looks are pretty damn low (no fatties though, that's one hard rule) but I'm still not going anywhere near any real moid because who knows what he could be hiding behind an innocuous facade.

Anonymous 266411

The faceclaim looks better.

Anonymous 266412


such a shame tbh

Anonymous 266419

I wish we could cryogenically preserve cute guys so this wouldn't happen.

Anonymous 266512

Asians and blacks tend to age better than whites, but age hits all men hard. They still need sunscreen, skincare, good hygiene, and regular exercise to not look like corpses by 40. It's moot if you don't find them attractive to begin with though.

Anonymous 268492

True. Fictional men are so attractive. I want to cry tears of sorrow that I’ll probably never find an irl lookalike to my fictional husband.

Anonymous 268751

Vergil is better.

Anonymous 268794


You idiots don't know what you're talking about. Leon from resident evil is by far the most attractive fictional man that comes from a playable game, and claiming that the guys from Tekken are hot, simply put; is incorrect. They are subhuman and ugly which is unfortunately the truth I have to break to you.

If you have an opinion and you don't put Leon first, you are just.. wrong! :)

Anonymous 268800


Leon Kennedy >>>> Leon Kennedy

Anonymous 268810


Not lusting after og Leon? Plebbetes the both of you

Anonymous 268828

I had a crush on him in high school

Anonymous 268841

As you should

Anonymous 268848

I liked the way he limped around when he was injured so I would purposely get hurt and then my friend would get mad at me lol. Now I want to play this again. Stupid sexy Leon.

Anonymous 268851

does he also whimper as he limps? i havent played the og games…asking for a friend

Anonymous 268870


The CGI in the Gantz movie was good, I just wish they’d made a movie about one of the arcs with Izumi instead. He was so much hotter than Kato. We will never get CGI Izumi.

Anonymous 268872


Edgy teenage me thought Izumi was the best.

Anonymous 269779

Edgy teenager you wasn't wrong

Anonymous 269781

when re4 came out I rented it at blockbuster and the guy at checkout was like "thats a great game" which I never heard before from a checkout guy (because I mostly would rent things like pokemon snap and animal crossing) so I felt like a hardcore gamer.

It was only after I got home that I realized the game was more than just playing as a sexy guy and I got super scared then got too upset to keep playing when leon got his head hacked off by the chainsaw guy at the first villiage and I felt bad for killing him.

Anonymous 269995


I think Leon is a ugly overrated fag
Dante is more attractive

Anonymous 270370

You are adorable!

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