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Are Slow Cookers Worth It? Anonymous 255352

I'm too exhausted from work to cook anything from scratch. Should I invest in a slow cooker? I like the idea of coming home to an already cooked meal.

Anonymous 255359

they still take some time to prepare. you'd have to take about a 1-2 hours in the morning to prep, or just do it the night before.

Anonymous 255644

You can do weekly meal prep (cutting vegetables and setting asides premeasured ingredients), freeze stuff, then make that over the week. Cooking is still cheaper and all around healthier than eating out 24/7

Anonymous 255662

I like to use my slow cooker a couple times a week. You could meal prep meals for your slow cooker when you have time, freeze them, and then throw stuff in the pot in the morning.

Anonymous 255663

slow cooker ist just a port wiht an automatic shut off button.

Anonymous 255664

Imma try making lentil soup, broccoli cheddar soup and creamy mushroom soup.

Anonymous 255685

They're great but not ideal if you're working full time since you should ideally do some prep and make sure you stick everything in 7-8 hours before eating or 3-4 if you have a high setting
A pressure cooker is probably better since you can whack everything together with minimal prep after work

Anonymous 258071

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