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Anonymous 255739

Is 4chan or reddit worse?

Anonymous 255743

Reddit. At least 4channers display their true nature

Anonymous 255744

Honestly at this point it is the same platform to me. There's a big intersection in user base and 4chan is far from being the "uncensored" place it claims to be. Try saying anything negative about trannies on 4chan, for example.

Anonymous 255746

they're both pretty awful, but if i had to be stuck in a room with one i'd rather be stuck in a room with an irritating polyamorous liberal redditor, than a rancorous screeching poltard. they're probably the same level of porn-addled, though.

Anonymous 255747

4chan. Reddit has a lot of normal people too among the freaks, but 4chan is full of society's dregs and maybe 1% sane people.

Anonymous 255752

Both are awful but I agree with >>255746 that poltards are too much.
I like anime and used 4chan for years, boards like /cm/ and /w/ are favorites, but the political leak is too much and several boards I used to like such as /co/ became unusable after 2016. Never used Reddit but I'm under the impression it's much more normie so I guess I'd rather deal with that.

Anonymous 255754

The problem with 4chan is the most popular board by far is /pol/. Which is mostly teenagers being manipulated by older psycho adults. Not really much fun anymore except gor sometimes. Every other board is dead and moderated by actual redditors. Lots of discord/reddit groups been pushing agendas on 4chan for years. Too many jannies and mods power tripping. Its a shadow of its former self.

Anonymous 255757

If you're looking to get away from trannies, neither is better than the other for that. "Liberal" Reddit trannies are just moonlighting 4channers. Can confirm this from TIMs I've known.

Anonymous 255759

>any conversation on /a/ that isn't about shounen anime gets shat up to hell
>/a/ had been even more unusable because retards have been screeching about more female lead characters in shows and more Yuri anime coming out
>Can't talk about video games for obvious reasons, it's even worse with all the politics and Twitter posting
>Things that pander toward women gets firebombed by scrotes that screech gay and how women shouldn't be allowed to like things

It's even weirder I've seen anons get banned for saying they like women and get demonized by other posters for being a "simp" or something retarded. Not to mention the entire site feels like it's perpetually asshurt when anons see other people enjoy shit

It's insane

Anonymous 255761

The updoot and downdoot system on Reddit is so awful, it is so subject to botting and manual brigading of outside groups to control the appearance of social consensus, I won't forget how they took away visibility of the actual exact amount of doots during gamergate because everyone was noticing posts that started gaining traction suddenly thousands of downvotes in less than an hour when that couldn't have even been possible based on the amount of users that were on subreddit at the time.

Anonymous 255764


They took down TiA. One of the only subreddits left calling out their BS.

They took down japancirclejerk, because I guess they couldn't stand being exposed as creepy weebs with an Asian fetish.

They took down waterniggas, which was literally just a wholesome subreddit to encourage people to drink water.

I don't know if troons were involved in the last two, but I wouldn't be surprised anymore. The whole internet is a troon playground. They permanently scrub anything off the internet that exposes them.

Anonymous 255767

Reddit is built off of public toxicity and 4chan is built off saying it how it is.

Anonymous 255770

4chan is just poltard reddit nowadays, both are moid cancer

Anonymous 255771

I'm confused. How can 4chan be tranny central if it's also /pol/tard planet?

Anonymous 255776


You've never been on /lgbt/ have you?

Anonymous 255778

Well they’re both filled with retards and high schoolers so there’s really no winning. I can’t even browse /jp/ on halfchan anymore it’s all so awful.

Reddit is now filled with tiktok refugees that lack reading comprehension but it was never ideal.

Anonymous 255780


The Internet can make things appear to be other than they are

Anonymous 255781

I despise both but I still visit reddit someties because there are a couple of small communities I'm not willing to give up yet.

Anonymous 255782

If I had to be stuck with posters from either site in person I'd probably pick Reddit but if I had to exclusively post on either one online I'd pick 4chan

Anonymous 255787

Both are trash, but it's easier to see interesting posts in small subreddits than interesting threads in 4chins.

Anonymous 255791


4chan has absolutely no value at this point.
/pol/tards are pretty much the worst type of internet user by far, and that's ALL 4chan users at this point.
Not just banning misanthropic nazi manbabies and instead trying to give them a containment board was moot's biggest mistake.
The media boards are just culture war boards now. The social boards are just incel boards now, and the hobby boards are just "what product pisses of the jews more" boards now.
You can't talk about anything without trannies posting bait and then /pol/tards throwing a fit at it.

Reddit is still worse however, for one simple reason, and that's bots. Reddit is basically a website built off of astroturfed dead internet bullshit and actual people are becoming rarer and rarer (and the one's still there, pathetically buy into what bots drill into their heads). It's disturbing seeing the front page and realizing everything there was paid to be there, and people just pay no mind to it. It's a lot harder (and more pointless) to do that on 4chan so you don't see it nearly as much.

Anonymous 255804

4chan seems lilke mostly people from Latin America just discovering the rest of the internet outside of big social media sites these days, I would rather hang out with Mexican newfags than middle aged trannies.

Anonymous 255805

Lmao, redditbabs from 2016 pretending to be oldfags

Anonymous 255808

shit vaguepost.

Anonymous 255882

Reddit moderation is an echochamber and might be the worst of the big social media pages (aside from Chinese ones)

Anyone saying 4chan or Twitter or tumblr or whatever is worse is full of it

Anonymous 255900

Reddit isn't that bad if you stay away from large default subreddits and everything even remotely political. The more niche the topic, the better. Non-English subreddits tend to be less cancerous as well from my experience, but may or may not have powertripping mods.

I don't understand this type of comment. You control what you see on Reddit, you don't just get fed by an algorithm. Don't subscribe to related subreddits and you will very rarely if ever see anything related to identity politics, unless you actively go out looking for it.

Anonymous 255902

/pol/tards become trannies

Anonymous 255903


Anonymous 255905

Reddit mods can be complete idiots. A few months ago, thousands of subreddits tried to join together and made themselves private till their demands were met, but the CEO intervened and threatened to demod them so they got scared of losing their power and withdrew their strike, and that's it. None of their demands got met. Some did say fuck it and decided to leave reddit altogether though, but most didn't want to give up their power.

I hate reddit.

>You control what you see on Reddit, you don't just get fed by an algorithm.
That doesn't seem to be the case anymore.
Reddit, especially the new layout now, shoves advertisements and "suggested" threads for every 10 or so post that you scroll past.

Anonymous 255915


Anonymous 255920

Trannies seek validation therefore they flock to /pol/ and similar opposing places like moth to street lights

Anonymous 255933


It's like a homophobe ending up being a homosexual himself, or a taut conservative who bashes democrats for "coming for our children" ending up being a pedophile himself. There's some sort of projection going on beneath all that trannybashing at /pol/. Some trannies in denial also adopt a hypermasculine fascist or an extremely regressive religious ideology, but it eventually fails once their egg cracks.

It's a defense mechanism called Reaction Formation.
It doesn't happen all the time though and I don't mean that all trannyhates are secretly trannies themselves, but many such cases.

Anonymous 255934


Picrel guy looks more appealing than 99.9% of TIMs ever will though.

Anonymous 255947

Reddit's always been worse. Even moreso nowadays because they infested 4chan and turned it into a colony.

Anonymous 255948

You're a fucking idiot.

Anonymous 255949

Hey, I'm probably a fucking idiot but you could do me something here by explaining why.

Anonymous 255951

Man I used to think 4chan was the best but now all it's good for is leaked content. Any other discussion on 4chan is generally pointless because everyone expects you to be a fellow scrote. Reddit is worse in the sense that it thrives on mobthink, but it also has a lot more useful information and often times random misogynistic opinions in unrelated hobby subreddits get downvoted to hell and back as they deserve.

That all said, nonas. What the fuck happened to /cgl/? Why did coomers and trannies take over the one board that at least seemed half-female? Did everyone decide to just go to lolcow and public social media instead?

I miss /cgl/ when it was good. I miss the /cgl/ cringe threads before the word "cringe" started bleeding into mainstream and lost its real meaning.

Anonymous 256160

I want to mention an important point: reddit contributes to your digital footprint, where 4chan doesn't nearly as much.
On reddit I've had people judge me for my post history and even in non-offensive contexts it's still creepy to me.
On 4chan I've had fun slinging shit with trolls and being an idiot in general with no repercussions and no one to judge after the fact.

Reddit just feels more dangerous to me. It's easy to forget there aren't people eager to find any slither of information to attack you. I've seen people act like smug assholes with a superiority complex on the same account they're wondering why their friends ghosted them. What's worse, you can see that stuff even after it's deleted. At least 4chan doesn't make you this trackable, just don't reuse filenames and avoid connecting contact info you mention there to your other identities.

Anonymous 256163


> Reddit, especially the new layout now, shoves advertisements and "suggested" threads for every 10 or so post that you scroll past.
This is true by the way. Personal preference, but 4chan doesn't try to change its layout every few years and I prefer that. At most they just added new functionality. While the newest redesign reddit tries to push (without the possibility to opt out btw) is just absolute cancer compared to the old new one. I have no desire to look at this for longer than 10 seconds.

Anonymous 256164

I thought the thumbnail was from tumblr for a second, lol.

Anonymous 256175

and I thought it was from a news site like MSN. Holy crap

Anonymous 256177

Everyone who uses reddit unironically is a lost cause. However, I feel like throwing bones to worthless plebs today. Just use the old subdomain as in old.reddit.com to switch back to the old layout.

Anonymous 256182

looks like youtube

Anonymous 256183

Are you acting retarded on purpose? The old.reddit layout sucks and there's no subdomain for the layout that came after it, which actually looks nice. There's at least 3 layouts total.

Anonymous 256184

am i a redditor if i browse the site but have never made an account? am i still a faggot?

Anonymous 256188

You're using reddit on the desktop, right nona? Because old.reddit is just your average web2.0 site, which is meh but usable. In case you are a phone poster and reddit pleb unisono I pity your cursed existence and choose to drop out of the conversation.

Anonymous 256189

> I pity your cursed existence and choose to drop out of the conversation.
thanks, you weren't contributing anything of worth anyway

Anonymous 256192

That's not always true. The irony with 4chan is that despite not having any kind of voting system or updoots or w/e it's still subject to hivemind mentality and people posting certain things just because it could give them attention whether if that's how they genuinely feel or not.

Anonymous 256193

Yes, but don't worry. We can be a faggot together.

Anonymous 256220


Anonymous 256222

I feel like google or other search engine these days are all polluted with clickbaits like "you won't believe what happens if you try X" and sanitized articles that ask you to consult a doctor and that you have cancer when I try to look up for something.
The only way I can get answers to my questions written by breathing human beings is if I search "x y z reddit" or "x y z quora" but answers at quora are from 5 or so years ago. Reddit has completely destroyed the idea of forums that existed in the past. I bet the SEO analysts have started to exploit this + reddit exploit too.

I'm even considering creating an account at reddit now because of how sanitized the internet has become. So what if I'm a faggot, lol.

Anonymous 256225

>In case you are a phone poster and reddit pleb unisono
Apps for browsing reddit used to be good until reddit decided to monetize it. The strike was supposed to be a response to this but reddit chose to give zero fucks about it. Now you have to pay for these services. Greedy corporates.

Anonymous 256327

Your problem is that you believe reddit is a viable option for you rather than a convenient or now one that happens to be inconvienent because of their changes. Reddit has been shit for a decade now, and corporate thinking played into it starting from the beginning of them turning to shit. Their strike was powerless from inception since reddit plebs are consumerists and as such they won't alter their consuming behavior.

Anonymous 256429


True. I wonder how many of 4chan users actually believe what they say. I sometimes see random country flags like Brazil or United Arab Emirates preaching white supremacy or Nazism it just makes no sense.

Anonymous 256443

Where can I read the rest of le picrel nona

Anonymous 256483

The question basically boils down to: Who's worse, people who believe every little thing is just part of some grand plot to persecute them or people who unconditionally believe everything they're told by authority?
Personally I hate the latter group slightly more. Though I can't fault anyone for disagreeing.

Anonymous 256484

I'd rather not trust in anyone in the internet, but in particular, groups that are mostly composed by men. to sum it up they're both shit because they're both moid brained.

Anonymous 256489

yeah zoomer's lack of reading comprehension has killed forums

Anonymous 256602

I don't think 4chan has persecution fetish. In fact, I don't think 4chan has a strand of thought that it absolutely follows. Yes it maybe right-leaning (falobt) for most but you don't have to and you can keep challenging any opinion there, although they don't have the obligation to hear you either. I prefer this model over blind mod authoritarianism ala reddit.

Anonymous 256603


Strong disagree, most of them believe women, the left, or jews are out to get them. They're thin skinned and retarded, site is borderline unusable in it's current state. You used to be able to get a conversation going at least, but last I checked now it's just insults be thrown back and forth as the same 5 arguments repeat every single day.

Anonymous 256604

>maybe right-leaning (falobt) for most but you don't have to and you can keep challenging any opinion there
You can only talk to someone who listens.
4chan is irredeemable and a total waste of time.

Anonymous 256605


>it's just insults be thrown back and forth as the same 5 arguments repeat every single day
Lol this.

Anonymous 256606

Just don't reply to the trolls.
People thrive on 4chan by (You)s. If you don't give them they will be ignored by the rest.
Keep doing this and you will find that only people who are serious and willing to engage in good will will bother to reply.

Anonymous 256607

>You used to be able to get a conversation going at least
You still can do it. You just have to avoid the cancer boards or learn to filter out decent threads on them. Honestly though, I don't think it has ever been much better.
10-15 years ago (god, I'm old) people would do crap like greentexting your own point back at you and that was enough to derail entire threads. There were also less mods. You could go to /v/ and virtually all of it were atheism/Obama/vegan/venting discussions.

Actually, now that I think about it, it did use to be much more left-leaning and I'd take those old offtopic threads over insane rightoid psychos claiming that every minor inconvenience in their lives os jews trying to genocide them

Anonymous 256608


>insane rightoid psychos claiming that every minor inconvenience in their lives os jews trying to genocide them

Anonymous 256609

Nazis are just LARPing when they tell you white christianity is their ideal. The people who identify with that bullshit are really just misanthropes. It's especially not hard to see why those people would exist in the places you mentioned.

Anonymous 256617

Brazil has lots of white people and the most black people outside of Africa. Even lots of mixed race Brazilians are white supremacists because of theft, murder, favellas, corruption etc vs south Brazil’s German prosperity.

Anonymous 256619

It definitely does, but I somewhat agree with the rest of your post that you can at lease disagree more easily there rather than most other social media that will ban you for not obeying groupthink

Anonymous 256626

>The people who identify with that bullshit are really just misanthropes
This, they also hate the majority of the white race and justify this by beliefs like that they're selling out or have been tricked by Jews or whatever

Anonymous 256628

Depends which board and subreddit I'm forced to pick between tbh, any major board is beat out by any minor/niche subreddit and vice versa. However, if we're picking between something like /pol/ vs. r/politics, definitely 4chan any day. I'd rather have some sane humans in the sea of retards, trolls, and psyops vs an army brainwashed subhumans who obey the "Only Acceptable Opinions" of mods/admins/general public to the last word.
This is a good point to make as well.

Anonymous 256707

I find it insufferable how r/all top submissions are just pic/vid/else with instructions on how to feel about it.

Anonymous 256808

You could just communicate with people respectfully. I know that may sound outrageous to you.

Anonymous 257609

You can do this on literally 95% of the boards. Have you tried posting on something that isn’t /lgbt/?

Anonymous 257614

majority of reddit is filled with soy losers with an arrested development while 4chan is similarly filled with manchildren and incels but you can say faggot and tranny on there so that's cool. idk which one is the lesser of two evils tho.

Anonymous 257618

The second one, because they care more about their status/reputation than a genuine connection with people. The first group may be schizos but they seem more authentic idk

Anonymous 257936

Just world fallacy

Anonymous 257937


I think that at least 60% of activity at both reddit and 4chan [tumblr or even twitter] are just bots talking to each other. I don't know how I came up with the number though!

Try creating a new tumblr profile and just reblog one trending post. You're going to get 10 followers, mostly women in sexual outfits. I honestly can't believe how people even actually use something extremely fast like 4chan.

Anonymous 257978

people constantly insult trannies on 4chan though. this is from 4chan.

Anonymous 257979


might change in the future though because you know what trannies are like

Anonymous 258007

>can tell moids to kill themselves
Reddit is worse

Anonymous 258088


Both Pizzagate and Q Anon grew on /pol/ and 4chan's users have never come to terms with what that actually says about itself.

Anonymous 258089

Reddit is highly annoying but the smaller fan subreddits are alright as long as you're just a lurker ime. 4chan has some funny caps but you have to dig for them. On both the users go apeshit if you're not part of the hivemind, I'd rather be completely offline than using either for the rest of my life.

Anonymous 258092

cc honestly has quality posts (with respect to how funny, long, or insightful they are) that are reminiscent of old 2008 4chan. these days the latter's average iq seems to have gone down considerably. I'm not sure why CC remained safe.

Anonymous 258094

I thought it was funny how boomers and bandwagon cool kids fell for it. It really proves the meme that some people are normies with lower brain function.

Anonymous 258095

because women tend to be more smarter than men which are a big portion of 4chan. i am aware there are some weird characters here but everyone is mostly chill and doesn't do the same ragebait bs as 4chan lol

Anonymous 258219

4chan also is worse because it’s too well known and flooded with normies and bots, and attracts weirdos who push agendas and shitfling there. cc is relatively unknown by comparison and you can’t find this place unless you’re in pretty deep online

Anonymous 258253

Agreed. It is relatively easy to find good subreddits, but even the less popular boards on 4chan are flooded with cancer

Anonymous 258263

what are some good subs?

Anonymous 258783

well i will say my part about this

reddit needs accounts which leads to creeps invalidating your input based on your history, reddit also has updoots which invalidate your input based on how "broadly appealing" it is to gain favor among the masses, so only weak generally positive shit is brought up to be seen. reddits quality is kinda shit because of this

4channel every post is equal since its not tied to an identity, its read in chronological order which means nobody gets put above anyone else, every voice is objectively presented, in general the rules are looser so its way more fun to post on 4chan, and the memes are much more fun as a result of the autism shown in there.

i see tranny negative shit every day, i don't understnad the censorship argument, the posts are always there nothing is being silenced.

you dont want to talk to those online

baiting is always a thing online, you will never eliminate it, you cannot single out 4chan for it, it does its best to minimize it

this, but dont pay any mind and it wont affect you.

Anonymous 258835

They are both obnoxious but I hate reddit way more. The userbase, the jannies, the upvoting karma…all of it is just awful. 4chan is too, but I can slightly, slightly forgive it because nobody takes their self seriously on there except for the mods.

Anonymous 259401

Both chuddies and troons like anime

Anonymous 259407

Of course because it’s a cartoon. Cartoons always look better then real people unless they are caricatures.

Anonymous 259408

Maybe because it's actually impossible to develop those ridiculously feminine body proportions unless a moid is on hormones or opts for feminization and bone correction surgeries.

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