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"Boy Moms" Anonymous 256176

Are boy moms a thing? What do you think of them? I don't encounter them. Is it just another misogynist slur like "Karen"?

Anonymous 256181

it's a slur femcels use for mothers with boys. That's it.

Anonymous 256185

mothers with boys =/= boymoms

Anonymous 256186

explain the difference or your mom dies

Anonymous 256187

Not this nona, but it's women who make it their own personality that they only gave birth to boys, while subsequently putting down all young girls that come in contact with her moidlings.

They are the mothers who, when their son hits a girl, swear that their little moidling can do nothing wrong or worst, chalks it up as "boys will be boys".

Anonymous 256191

It's a stereotype based in reality. Boymoms are generally just oversharing facebook mothers who, like most people on social media, present a version of their lives that's more palatable than it really is, and produce such a volume of content that it seems like a monolith. The stereotype comes from the general themes associated with new mothers and are melded with those of raising boys.

General concerns, like not wanting your child to grow up too quickly or be hurt by nascent romance, obviously then focuses on wanting to protect them from girls they deem harmful, and when you have enough low-IQ people oversharing their trash takes, you get compilations of these women and it all seems like The Unified Boymom Bloc. Take >>256187 for example. She can definitively state that The Boymom Monolith share unified traits and specifically subjugate girls. Now, maybe she's conducted intensive studies and is about to publish a sweeping indictment of the boymom cabal, or maybe she's seen hundreds of social media posts, specifically compiled because of their egregious nature, and has selected her real-life experiences that match those, and built an opinion around that.

Anonymous 256202

"moidlings"… I'm stealing this one.

Anonymous 256204

The problem with this image isn't that someone is a "boy mom", but that someone is using their child as a vehicle to fuel their ego. People posturing on social media like that are fucked in the head.

Anonymous 256214


Anonymous 256216

Don't forget that people suddenly discover the opposite sexes general life issues as soon as they are a parent of the opposite sex.
This is no different than fathers suddenly being upset at how lecherously women are treated by men as soon as their little girl hits 14 years old.
This woman simply thinks that some girls are not up to snuff for her little treasure (no different than a father wanting to make sure his daughter gets an education, or doesn't have her heart broken by an inconsistent boy).

Anonymous 256244

It's been a thing forever, the overbearing mother-in-law who competes with every woman her son dates for his attention. See every crappy television sitcom. Them having a male child makes them sympathise with males above females and prioritise their needs, even above their female children. Look up the video of a woman telling another woman that "if my son rapes your daughter one day don't blame me" because her daughter was wearing a bikini.

Anonymous 256255

Boymomism is more insidious than you think, anons. Obviously there are stages to how extreme it can get, but I want to give my own mother (textbook boymom) as an example. She's like among the top most dedicated of boy moms so buckle up.
>family of 3, my mom, brother and I (father is abroad & parents are divorced)
>mom slept in the same bed as my brother until he turned 14 and then she got a shiny boyfriend (makes me wonder if my brother was used literally as a substitute for a romantic partner, but that's a thought I don't want to entertain)
>mom showered brother in attention and affection, once saw me cry and told me to cry more, for contrast
>mom constantly tried to outcompete my achievements with my brothers' ("oh my daughter peforms excellently in school? well, my SON signed up for a driver's license! and he made his own breakfast three days ago! And and and he's really loving and friendly! Hah!"), naturally as follows, everything was always blamed on me by default, because her son could never do anything wrong
>competed with me for men's attention (I wasn't even a threat because I was underage) + from some other boy moms online I've seen them accuse their daughters of flirting with men… at 5 years old, so this is a common unifying pattern
>very actively tried to sabotage me because her own father (my grandfather) helped me out financially - I went to a school for adults and she called it to tell them how I basically don't attend lessons (even though I did) and what kind of school they are if they don't hold lessons. Got me and my teacher in trouble, I had to go apologize to the school faculty. All because she was envious of a few fucking euros that grandpa chucked my way.
There are more instances of this sort of behavior but you get the point. Competition with other females (including own daughters), internalized misogyny, inability to reflect, desire to vicariously live through her offspring (son, not daughter), emotional incest with sons and strong desire for male approval is what makes a boymom. Not a misogynistic term at all, in fact I have never heard males or their female collaborators use it (probably 'cause the female collaborators ARE the boymoms kek). A pickme is a potential boymom in the making.

Anonymous 256256

Same anon, I also want to add more to the pickmes are boymoms in the making bit - DON'T EVER surround yourselves with pickmes, anons. They are literally leeches. They hate you because they hate themselves, their friendship means nothing. I mean, what fucking friendship. There can be no friendship when 100% of them would happily throw other women under the bus for a speckle of male validation. Man is their god, you should leave them to their sacred rituals. Save yourselves the headache, if demons were real, they'd come in the shape of your average male and his handmaiden.

Anonymous 256258

Damn, what a nightmare.

Anonymous 256259

That's sad. I don't have brothers, but my mom does and her mom (my grandmother) treated her badly/in a similar way compared to him when she was a kid.

Anonymous 256260

I've met dozens of families with that dynamic. the son is a leech piece of garbage that does nothing useful and the daughter is a decent human being. the daughter gets most of the shit while the son is coddled to the max.

Anonymous 256313


Lol, it's true even if exagerated.
Mom is very was a very feminist didn't take shit from no one type. (Argued with my grandpa that grandma deserved the same salary as him). Still, of her two childrem the boy is her favorite. She loves me too, but we are too headstrong and bicker a lot, while with his useless ass it's like he's a puppy (cute and could do no wrong). He just makes her happier when he visits, and she likes to dote on him.

I guess it's a stronger case of 'my nigel' (she knows and points all of the faults of my father). Like a tinier cuter version of your loved one. Yes it is a little emotional incesty.

As for him, he KNOWS he is the favorite child and behaves as her lapdog. Still I guess he feels somewhat guilt and pitties me and tries to compensate by being extra nice to me as well. Overall he's a good brother, and I understand why mom likes him…

Anonymous 256314

>That pic
>Talking about how nice your brother is


Anonymous 256316

>That pic
Whats your relationship with your brother, by any chance?

Anonymous 256324


Idk if this is really a real thing or not, but as someone into MDlb this meme cropping up has been a fun thing for me to giggle about with my younger bf. I love that the vibe of the boymoms in these memes is radiating a similar level of dangerously incestuous almost as powerful as >>256313 's picrel.


Anonymous 256343


>Whats your relationship with your brother, by any chance?
Pretty OK, I guess? Yes some guys I tried to date were similar to him and dad, but that's a common occurance, right? (Only time I got creeped out was when in a date, the guy unprompted discussed going to the same Uni as my brother, he lives out of state, that was strange).

Also, for all her faults I must deffend mom, she never implied that I was lesser for being a girl, and taught brother that he should never complain about how mommy used to do this chores, for his future wife, as an excuse to be a lazy husband.

Also? About Le incest game. It's actually better written than lots of tabboo media, and, as a good anime, highlights a real situation (shitty parents and unhealthy child copping mechanisms) with absurd over the top things (cannibalism assassinationz and demons). I liked the dynamic between the mom and Ashley cause it's a dark version of mine mother and me, and I think for all her faults Mrs Graves is portrayed a lit bit symphatheticly. (Or I'm just projecting too much).

Anonymous 256381

>I tried to date were similar to him and dad, but that's a common occurance, right?
Um actually, no.

It's just for your information and I don't want to question or stigmatize something about you, but it sounds like Repetition Compulsion, and the idea is that you're trying to recreate your childhood as an adult to confront unresolved issues by being choosy about your partner and finding specific traits about them attractive that reminds you about it.

Anonymous 256383

I feel the most sorry for daughters of boymoms and everyone who ever had to deal with a boymom on a daily basis, the male DNA in the fetus eats their brains and turns them into zombified patriarchal drones, the boymom is the number #1 enemy of feminism because their sons can't thrive in a feminist society

Anonymous 256384

Anonymous 256385

So does it just mean "Single moms (of boys)" who become incestuous towards their sons?

Anonymous 256386

This is very interesting and I'm curious to read more about this research, but just because one milk is different than the other, doesn't mean that it's better.

>“This doesn’t mean that one milk is biased or better,” she said. Rather, the “skeletal development of primate females is faster than the skeletal development of males. These sex-differentiated developmental trajectories are seen in rhesus monkeys, chimpanzees and humans.” In other words, daughters need more minerals, sooner, because they grow faster.


It doesn't have to be a single mom and it doesn't have to be sexual.

Anonymous 256389

I'm not saying it has to be sexual, but the moms who become weirdly (emotionally) incesty towards their sons are usually the ones who don't have a partner.

Anonymous 256398

Unrelated but damn did this game get an update? No doubt this game was made by a scrote now, because aside from Andrew (who I think he projects into), all the other characters are women who have the exact same face.

Anonymous 256399


It's her mother so there going to look similar but this is the shit I mean

Anonymous 256428

no clue what a boymom is aside from a gen x facebook mom who overshares her son,
but what i will say is the incest stories spewing out from this weird trend are some good reads sometimes, even if theyre probably fake.

Anonymous 256437

if you're going to add a male to the game then the absolute bare minimum is that a romance route exists, whether or not it is actually taken.

The Freudian revolution in psychiatry is legitimately important and gets dismissed far too readily without being replaced by anything that's necessarily any better. Freud gets a lot of flack for his reading of Oedipus, but,

Anonymous 257703

My mom is a boymom and I hate it. She actually did a really good job raising him, considering he's patient, respectful and not a pornsick abuser to his girlfriend. The problem is they're fucking gross together. They're really physical with each other in a way she just never even approached with me and she treats him like he's her husband or man of the house.

>dresses him up

>encourages him to change into outfits in front of her for assessment
>always makes sure he has tight shirts to show off his arms
>might get a peck on the cheek and a hug from her when I visit
>she smothers him in kisses and leaves lipstick over him
>holds and kind of languidly drapes herself over him
>throws herself into his arms for him to bridal carry her
>lays over him on the couch, even when his girlfriend is sitting next to him
>cuddles him in her bed while she shows him stuff on her phone
>shows him off to her friends and acquaintances
>thinks he'll "grow out of" his longterm girlfriend
>constantly talks about me giving her grandchildren
>doesn't think he should get married until he's in his mid-30's
>barely mentions to me she was having money trouble months after the fact
>he was sitting with her at the kitchen table helping with her taxes, loan consolidation and budgeting
>find out she had a possibly malignant tumor SIX MONTHS after they found it
>she told him immediately so he could hold her hand during medical appointments

It's gross and I hate it, but at least he taught him to cook, clean and look after himself.

Anonymous 257705

my first ex's mom had a daughter so she wasn't really a full on boy mom and she certainly was more tolerable than my 2nd ex's mom (a mom of 3 sons). that being said, she used to CONSTANTLY tell everyone that he had a shoe size of 13 and would keep making jokes about what that implied about his dick.

my 2nd ex's mom would constantly have meltdowns and send him these long post tantrums at 4 in the morning whenever he was hanging out with me instead of driving a couple of hours out of town to spend time with her and raise her younger sons. we broke up basically just because of his mom (he could never set boundaries with her and I was worried about what having kids with him would look like).

Anonymous 257706

I think a boy mom is not just a woman who has male sons, but somebody who defends the male point of view at all costs. My grandmother had sons first and then two daughters, but I don’t consider her a boy mom as she frequently took the side of women.

On the other hand, I had a relative who had only sons and always took the side of the men. This is a boy mom IMHO.

Anonymous 257708

I also dislike that the woman teaching her son to cook is already attacking future women he may date and prejudging that they won’t be able to cook. It’s creepy when people put kids in competition with each other, but it’s really creepy that she is putting her son in competition with girls. This goes beyond the soccer or other sports moms.

Anonymous 257710

I've seen a recent rise, not really a surge but definitely a rise, in het incest content created by-and-for women. In the absolute depths of the tumblr era the only times you'd see incest of any kind in women's internet footprint it was male/male, typically Ao3 Supernatural fic, sometimes omegaverse.
Guess the rules really are changing these days. I can't help but wonder what that's going to mean when the zoomer girls who repost these hi-key incest memes become moms themselves. Not in a "oh they're going to incest their sons" (they won't, not in real life, best incest is still male-male brocon anyways). But more like what's the cultural impact, what sorts of cultural norms might develop, what will be the relationship expectations. People are having more and more single- or dual-child families, under the roof of a single mother, will it actually turn completely normal for a girlfriend to have to watch her bf's mom getting overly physical with him as some nonas are describing itt, or will the direct incest connotation getting named and publicized manage to make it more shameful and practically nonexistent by making it sexual rather than handwaved as nonsexual affection?

Anonymous 257725


My cousin wanted to be a boymom so bad lol. Once I made a joke about how she was gonna end up having a girl instead, and she was so pissed at me…too bad I was right, if there's is something this world doesn't need it's a little version of a piece of shit moid that pumped and dump her (she's still completely obsessed with him despite treating her like shit)

Anonymous 257729

I don't know why but that woman's face and attitude annoys me lol. I don't have anything against boy mom's specifically or moms in general, but I hate the parents who are entitled about their children (excusing their kid's behavior, fighting at school events, etc.). That's the vibe I get from this image.

Anonymous 257731


Anonymous 257732

>Allows her sons to pull down her shirt and smack her tits around
>"I caught my boyfriend sucking on his moms boobs one day"
yeah im latin american and… this is not normal. there IS machismo and it IS a problem that they let men get away with a lot, but this is straight up incest. and while there is machismo, your parents are still your ultimate authority, even to men. so pulling down your mom's shirt would be extremely disrespectful to your mom. he would have gotten the shit smacked out of him for that from a young age…

Anonymous 257733


Ah Freud, never manages to miss one

Anonymous 257734

This is a fictional story but-
>boobs aren't sexual
this is something that bothers me about this.
If boobs aren't sexual and therefore the grafitication she expects the mother gets out of this arrangement is not sexual then the wrongness of this relationship makes little sense, and providing his mother with nonsexual pleasure would be one of the few examples of this goblin doing anything at all to give back to his providers.
But if boobs are sexual and provide a sexual thrill specifically then we run into the whole Freud was right and absolutely everyone does the momcest route but it's okay as long as it ends before preschool age sort of thing.

Anonymous 257736

Wtf did I just read lmao. The fact that she's even entertaining this grown man is sad. That's so gross and odd and even goes beyond "boymoms" like he's 24 and sucks on his own mothers and grandmothers tit like how does one even rationalize that. Lmao Freud will always be right and even beyond the grave is still proven right to this day.

Anonymous 257753


>People who reacted to the podcast had one big question: “How come the mother was still producing milk”?
>Well, if you have breastfed, you would know that milk is produced on demand.
>The more you breastfeed, the more milk you will produce. Meaning the groom was breastfeeding all these years. Hence, his mother was still producing milk.

Anonymous 257831

Wasn't it common for people to try for their preferred gender when people had kids?
Like stories of families with 5 6 or 7 kids because only the last one was a boy/girl?
I'd guess this youngest sibling would develop quite a prince/princess complex as it would be obvious that mommy and daddy tried a lot to get them.

Anonymous 258509

raising a moidling is literally enabling rape, I can't imagine why any woman who isn't cripplingly mentally ill would subject herself to such a thing

Anonymous 258510

okay this is insane and all but my ex and I broke up because of his weird enmeshment with his mom and she also overshared about sexual trauma with anyone who'd listen and told him she was raped when he lost his virginity and crazy shit. this seems to be a common thing with emotionally needy boy moms. i wonder if these people ever face any kind of karma for their degenerate behaviour. the fact that all the moids in their life eternally pander to them is the most nauseating part of the whole situation

Anonymous 259250

Freud was just another perverted scrote, and a drug-addicted one at that.
There really is no limit to scrote parasitism, is there?

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