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What is a femcel to you? Anonymous 257118

Incels usually argue that women cannot be femcels due to men that will fuck anything. What do you think? What’s a femcel’s definition to you?

Anonymous 257122

I feel like men who say shit like that are telling on themselves lmao

Anonymous 257124

someone too mentally ill (usually with some sort of personality disorder - think BPD or AvPD) to create or sustain romantic relationships

Anonymous 257130


>women cannot be femcels due to men that will fuck anything
What's that?
Is it "Men will fuck anything", or "men that will fuck anything"?
Moids won't fuck anything. Everyone has standards, including moids. If fucking is all that matters, then these experiences are going to leave us with guilt and shame. Sex is about intimacy and being vulnerable to someone you are emotionally attached to. Look at how low you have fallen.
Moids that will fuck anything actually including their mom and their dogs experience something called "autoeroticism". They aren't exactly having sex. They're just using a female body as a masturbatory object to discharge their libido onto. Autoeroticism is very prevalent in narcissists and psychopaths who lack "hot" empathy.

>What do you think?

I think this is just a lame excuse by moids to put the blame onto women for not lowering their standards and coming to them.

>What’s a femcel’s definition to you?

Femcel, female incel, female involuntary celibate, women who haven't had sex because moids they come across in everyday life are scum.
>The term "involuntary celibate" (shortened to "incel") refers to self-identifying members of an online subculture based around the inability to find a romantic or sexual partner despite desiring one, a state they describe as "inceldom" or "incelibacy".

Ironically, hypersexuality is a trait that's often observed in BPDs. BPDs use sex as a self-soothing tool to imprint a person into their life… I don't know how to explain it, lol. Not all BPD are hypersexual like me though.
Not sure about AvPD.

Anonymous 257131


Anonymous 257146

Anonymous 257151

Sex isn’t about intimacy it’s about reproduction and nothing else. People will have sex with people they don’t like. It’s only about the evolutionary markers of a good mate.

Anonymous 257153

>it’s about reproduction and nothing else
You're being too reductionist about it. That would only fly in a very basic understanding of the world. Humans are more complex than that. How would you explain kinks or homosexual sex?
Sex is about power.

Anonymous 257155

>Sex isn’t about intimacy it’s about reproduction and nothing else. People will have sex with people they don’t like. It’s only about the evolutionary markers of a good mate.
Spoken like a true sociopathic narcissistic moid.

Anonymous 257156

Maybe I'm just naive when I say sex is about intimacy. Power [that's Dworkin right?] or reproduction is all it's about, lol. I don't know.

Anonymous 257158

I don’t know why you find this upsetting it’s blindingly obvious. Suit yourself if you want to hook up with some intimate shit genes loser but you probably don’t unless that’s the best you can do. People are driven by biological urges to create the best possible babies and that’s what a sexy body indicates. Most people will prioritise attractiveness over friendliness for sex if not for other kinds of relationships.

Anonymous 257160

Too bad most people that reproduce are ugly and dumb.

Anonymous 257161

Oh and also old people.

Anonymous 257163

>I don’t know why you find this upsetting it’s blindingly obvious.
Because it's not blindly obvious. Or rather, it's the kind of "blindly obvious" that only a dumb sociopathic 15-year-old with zero experience, empathy, and knowledge can come up with. Intimacy is not a social construct, it's a natural mechanism that forces people to stay in a monogamous relationship and keep raising the children, which are among the hardest to raise in animal kingdom.

Are you even aware that proper contraception didn't exist until 20th century?
What do you think would benefit a woman more? Pairing up with someone who is marginally better looking and has zero reservations about staying, or someone who is actually willing to support her through pregnancy because of the emotional connection?

Fucking scrotes, I swear.

Anonymous 257173

No one is truely involuntary celibate. There is always an option available. Men won't stoop low enough to get a hooker or something but will seethe when women dont stoop low enough to fuck some obese misogynist pig. Men get angry when women call themselves femcel because they want to gatekeep their suffering and pretend men are the only ones who could possibly understand, and bc their entire worldview revolves around women being "evil hypergamous stacys who only want chad". Recognizing women can share some of their problems and sufferings would be admitting
A. Women are people with as much depth, emotions, intelligence, and humanity as men
B. their celibacy isnt some systemic oppression against men and instead an individual problem. Then they would also have to consider trying to improve themselves, and they refuse to look in the mirror
C. Gender divisions aren't as drastic as they think

Men also want to brainwash femcels into thinking that these bottom of the barrel pigs are viable options because they want to be thought of as viable options, they want to gaslight women into lowering their standards and giving the scum of the earth a chance to satisfy their own needs and further oppress women.

Anonymous 257197

I am always extremely uncomfortable reading comments like this. They come off as incredibly callous to other women, and seem like they originated as arguments amongst and between scrotes. They start by saying that men always have the option of committing rape as though that existed in a moral vacuum, or worse even argue that it is only cowardice and an inferior mettle that prevents men from rape. Then build a parallel between man committing rape (whether by prostitution or physical force) with a woman dating down (through error or misjudgement or by emotional coercion at others' hands) as though those were morally equivalent.

This is not to say that you're incorrect. I just don't like the reddit/4chan-male vibe I get.

Anonymous 257200

To me femcel is the same as an incel, someone who is involuntary celibate.
As you said, incels say women cannot be femcels as they'll always exist a desperate moid who'll fuck any woman, but even to moids, incel is not about fucking absolutely anything is about fucking someone who'll meet their standards.

Any of those pathetic incel could always just buy a gun and rape any woman they'll like, but even between them, they'll accept something like that wouldn't take away their incel status.
The only difference is that women have higher standards, whereas incel accept any woman who agrees to have sex with them in at least a quasi-lucid state. Femcels want to have sex with a semi decent looking and courteous man.

Anonymous 257201

>but even between them, they'll accept something like that wouldn't take away their incel status.
That seems more like a handwave intended to dismiss criticism of their own hypocrisy and moral cowardice than a lived philosophy. Do their communities have any substantial population of rapists who talk openly about having committed rape who are accepted as full peers, the social and sexual equals of the virgin population? It seems like it would be a lot easier for them to talk the talk as internet edgelords than to actually walk the walk of accommodating sexually active rapists as equals in their fold with neither resentment nor outrage. I do not have the depth of study or communion of their forums or w/e but it seems distinctly unlikely that they'd find it tolerable.

Anonymous 257203

I understand, and I agree that not all incels openly embrace or condone criminal actions such as rape. My point was more about the underlying mindset that defines incel status based on specific standards, which, in some cases, might be hypocritical.

While it's true that most incels may not openly condone rapists, the core issue lies in their rigid standards for acceptance within their own community. They may claim that any woman willing to engage in sexual activity with them would alleviate their incel status, but in practice, they often have their own set of criteria, because if not, there would be no incels, they all say to each other to just rape some woman and that the fact that you are not doing it means a voluntary action, therefore, no incel.
Or in a less extreme example they could just pay a prostitute or fly to some country where prostitution is legal and the decision from not doing it would disqualify them from being an incel, and most incels probably have enough money to buy some ticket planes, so those that means there are actually no real incels?.

It's not that they knowingly condone rape, It's just that If they wouldn't, there wouldn't be an incel community.

Anonymous 257207

>What’s a femcel’s definition to you?

i call myself a femcel because i have never been approached by a man irl or even be catcalled. i've never been complimented by a man besides my father on my appearance. it's especially crazy to see how moids avoid me now because i had mostly male friends until middle school - once they all started going through puberty and became capable of being attracted to women. i've posted my face online before and was rated a 2/10 and straight up told i was ugly, and i've been mistaken for trans by multiple people. tl;dr i'm a femcel bc i'm genuine moid repellent

>Incels usually argue that women cannot be femcels due to men that will fuck anything.

people forget that moids literally don't see ugly women as human

Anonymous 257225


>No one is truely involuntary celibate. There is always an option available
real Sartre energy. are you unhappy? feel like there are no options? there's always suicide!

Anonymous 257228


Sartre hated life but never killed himself

Anonymous 257229


If Sartre can get a wife, then why can't incels?
Such a charmer, lol.

Anonymous 257231



Anonymous 257235

>tfw sartre and de beauvoir was pedophiles
the actual link: https://www.eviemagazine.com/post/michel-foucault-and-other-progressive-intellectual-heroes-were-pedophiles
the archived link so you can avoid the paywall: https://archive.is/62qgk

Anonymous 257238

This is so creepy.
>“Transgression of norms, and in particular sexual norms, became the only response to punishment and classification, which would, in Foucauldian thinking, challenge oppression and power.”
What kind of stupidity is this?
I'm familiar with some names like Judith Butler in there, and it's honestly shocking. 🤮

Anonymous 257239

I mean, extrapolating that statement that's supposed to be applicable only to consenting adults to p.

Anonymous 257243

Foucault is garbage and likely was a CIA plant

Anonymous 257248

I don't know about Sartre but Beauvoir was only a wrongdoer by extremely arbitrary, inflexible, absolutist standards. She was not a fucking scrote and does not deserve to be judged like one. She was a lesbian who liked younger women, but she was interested in sexually developed and intellectually capable younger women.
Though it is true the reason Sartre got married to anyone at all was because lesbians didn't have any socially acceptable options back then and would make arrangements with lower life forms like him while sleeping with other women, far more commonly than anyone is willing to admit. There is a reason the spousal murder ratio by gender used to be nearly 1.7:1 but today is much more biased against women. Men murder their wives just as frequently today so women have not stopped marrying men that murder them, but women have stopped marrying men that they will murder.

Anonymous 257249

>[de Beauvoir] was a lesbian

Anonymous 257250

Anonymous 257251

Her alleged bisexuality consists of opportunistic relationships with miserable creatures like Sartre, built around achieving nonsexual goals and gaining social status, purely transactional and not sensually fulfilling, which is not how sexual attraction works. Her affairs with other women were sexual and relational, not transactional. I speculate that if she had lived today she would never have touched a man.

Anonymous 257256


Anonymous 257257

>Foucault used to engage in pedophilic sex tourism with young boys in Tunisia
Rumors. Literally spread by a right winger who seethed at Foucault.
>Sartre was just as weird as Jeffrey Epstein and just as powerful in the field of philosophy. And like how no one really knows what Jeffrey Epstein did to acquire his wealth, no one really knows what Sartre works really meant either. However, we do know that he hated capitalism and advocated the superiority of Marxism
If you are too stupid to understand Sartre (the most entry level existentialist) then I can't blame you for believing all the stupid acusations on the article.

Anonymous 257275

Hmm, someone created a thread about Paglia and lo, another p supporter.
I honestly don't get it. How do these people even call themselves "intellectuals"?
Or was, actually. Looks like she changed her opinions later in 2018. At least that's something.

Anonymous 257281

nta but I'm confused, how is the post you replied to callous towards women? It didn't even mention rape either

Anonymous 257285

Prostitution is rape, nona.
"There's always an option available." "stoop low enough to get a hooker or something." Hooker and or-something involve coercive sex minus consent, and that means rape.
It is an argument pattern I have seen too many times on scrote websites where they think they hold the moral high ground by telling incels to commit rape, whether rape of prostitutes, of overseas women / refugees, of minors, or otherwise find opportunities to leverage positions of established patriarchal power to force women into positions in which declining consent is off the table.

Anonymous 257287

>prostitution is rape
Then what is onlyfans?

Anonymous 257289

Not particularly relevant, since so far as I know it is not a means of eliding consent from sex.

Anonymous 257308

onlyfans isn't sex slavery the way prostitution is 99% of the time
then there are the 1% of petty bourgeois whores, where you will also find plenty of men. this is a distinct but vocal (because the majority are men) minority compared to the aforementioned sex slaves that make up the bulk of prostitutes worldwide. it is where you find people who call prostitution "sex work", despite it not being work

Anonymous 257309

>Rumors. Literally spread by a right winger who seethed at Foucault.
Guy Sorman is a leftist Jew, not a right-winger.
The only debate is whether he liked children or teenagers.
If anything, singing the infamous petition against age of consent makes him suspicious enough.

Anonymous 257311

samefag, to elaborate:
>Guy Sorman's columns have provoked controversy, including an article in Le Monde calling for Syrian refugees to be welcomed in France7 and an article on the historic decline in anti-Semitism in France8.
>Since 2016, Guy Sorman has been campaigning against what he calls the "identity reaction "9 that Donald Trump is said to have unleashed on Europe and the United States, and he considers the political and intellectual response to be lacklustre. On the evening of Trump's election, he denounced in the American and French media "the revenge of the white male "9.

Anonymous 257788

>everyone who objects people i like are stupid

Anonymous 257847

I've seen the ugliest guys ever get laid and have girlfriends, and I've seen tall handsome guys struggle to have anyone love them.
The only truly involuntary celibate men are the ones with a personality too nasty for anyone to enjoy being around them. At which point, it's just your own fault and totally fixable.

Femcel for me is more about the state of modern men and how they will just lie to get laid and then drop you immediately, making having sex with them extremely risky. It seems like no men want love and romance, they just want coom coom coom, forcing you to be involuntary celibate for the sake of your own dignity.

Incels are incels because they are awful people. Femcels are femcels because men are awful people.

Anonymous 257864

This line of argument only makes real sense if the ugly men who have strings of flings and cheat on their wives have better personalities than more attractive men.
I have seen many ugly horrendous looking men get laid with ease, and in every single case those men have even uglier and more horrendous personalities than equally ugly or less ugly men. Every time. The women who are with them are not with them because they are decent people beneath their looks, they are with them because they manage to embody monstrosity. Even those who 'use' some positive trait like money go about using their wealth in the sleaziest and most disgusting possible ways, Weinstein disgusted the public not just by coaxing sex out of starlets but even with simple descriptions of the ways he would flex his wealth and power. These women are neither blind nor idiots, and when they try to justify their choices in socially acceptable self flattering ways they are lying. It is easy to map every single thing a woman who is in a relationship with an ugly man says to the things Karla Homolka said about Paul Bernardo, but there is inevitably the same truth beneath that surface; she knows exactly what he is and that is the reason she chose him.

Insults to incels are fine and well and good but seeing anyone simp for non-incel men is a grotesquerie.

Anonymous 257943

A lot of incels don't even count paid sex as real sex. Why? Because inceldom isn't about sex alone, it's about their social status, ability to foster relationships, being recognized and acknowledged by the other sex as someone who has value as a person. Women want that, too.

Of course, a lot of these men also believe that it's impossible to be lonely as a woman, you know why. But is someone essentially trying to butter you up just because they want to get in your pants a genuine connection?

When that gets brought up they start ridiculing women wanting to be liked for who they are all while still lamenting how women only want men for material goods.

Honestly I just pray for everyone caught up in this gender war bullshit.

Anonymous 257952

Yeah, I guess that matters to normalfags, they just NEED to make sure they don't associate themselves with the hecking undesirables or someone might say "your man gets no bitches ohio nerd" and then their invisible social score will plummet. Too bad there's way less weirdo women than there are weirdo men…

But honestly you reminded me of another point I wanted to bring up, but omitted. Imagine saying having sex with randos and not being picky is a viable option while also stigmatizing being a non-virgin and body counts.
For some reason I barely see anyone tell these people "to be fair to women, being a whore is the worst sin imaginable therefore they can't have sex with just anyone, so they're justified to seek out the best they can get".

Anonymous 257955

A virgin. Who the hell wants some used goods secondhand partly eaten weared and teared non-mint condition leftover slut?

Anonymous 257958

It's moids creating the stigma in the first place, to justify their being sluts. Accuse a moid of sluttery and he whines, "Don't blame me! I'm just doing what all the movies and tv shows are telling me to do!" But it's slutty moids who make those movies and tv shows to begin with, and he himself will go on and praise sluttery in moids and denounce chastity, as to not be a hypocrite, thereby giving other moids the excuse to be sluts.

Anonymous 257970

>and he himself will go on and praise sluttery in moids and denounce chastity, as to not be a hypocrite, thereby giving other moids the excuse to be sluts.
There is no way it's that simple. It's about equally common for virgin/undesirable men to make ostentatious shows of support and endorsement for male promiscuity, not just in general, but in the cases of specific promiscuous men from outside of their social circle who would never offer any equivalent social support to said virgins in return. The most obvious cases being incels offering wabes of support for celebrity cases like Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise and Leo DiCaprio with regards to cheating, divorce cases, age gap relationships and all sorts of other activities which taken on the whole collectively increase sexual-financial competition and make life within society in general and potential access to sex in particular worse for incels, objectively, than it would be otherwise. I can think of few other cases in which an entire demographic cheers on support for their rivals' best interests to their own detriment, and in all such cases it is because there is a social requirement set upon them to do so (e.g. pro-life women whose only mode of in person socialization is through their church).

Anonymous 257972

>It's about equally common
I don't deny that there are some "undesirable men" who will praise promiscuity, but I doubt it is "equally common".
>no way it's that simple
Occam's razor

Anonymous 257980

>but I doubt it is "equally common".
Examine any 4chan archive, Men's Rights or MGTOW forum etc. on the subject of specific exemplars of male promiscuity, where their real allegiance will show, rather than a flat question of promiscuity where they will lie and virtue signal. Example search fuel names: Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, JFK, Rudy Giuliani, Prince Charles. It is possible for a man to support one of these names on a basis of political alignment, but it is common for the sexual conquests of all to be praised by the same individual despite political rivalry between them. The exception seems to only be when the adultery of one is believed to involve rape. Support for adultery as moral virtue seems like a best fit explanation for support for all of them as 'kings'. But, it seems staggeringly unlikely that these spaces are heavily populated by 'kings' and winners justifying lived patterns of adultery in their own lives.

Anonymous 258004


I'm a lesbian, I have always been rejected by women. I've never had my first kiss, I've never had sex. I'd consider myself involuntary celibate. I guess a lot of it has to do with my inability to socialize. I feel like the denial of female incels from males is just from porn addiction as it always is kek

I've met straight and bisexual women who fit under the term "femcel". However, everything must be blamed on the woman so to the incel moid they're achkshually larping for male attention. They've probably rejected a bunch of chads before!!! (but also according to them, in the case of lesbians chad rejects them so they become lesbians??? I thought chad fucks every woman? incel fantasy land makes no sense lol). Any femcel denialism is an MRA cope.

Anonymous 258006

>implying everyone on 4chan is a virgin
I come across as many posts about exes and having sex as posts about being a virgin. It's the sluts on 4chan who are praising promiscuous moids. The virgins are mostly apathetic, which is why they have the minority voice, otherwise they are against sluttery.

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