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Screenshot 2023-10…

Moid Ls Anonymous 257303

Let's have a "moids posting their Ls online" thread. I have a small folder of screenshots that I mainly collected from 4chan. If any of you suffered from the misogyny on that website (which I'm sure a lot of you did), remember that these are the kind of moids that shit on women.

Anonymous 257304

Screenshot 2023-06…

He really bought into the meme that college aged women want crypt keeper sperm kek
They don't.

Anonymous 257305

Screenshot 2023-07…

Japanese women won't fuck you only because you're white, stupid

Anonymous 257306

dating for moids i…

These are the moids telling you that you're going to hit the wall at 30

Anonymous 257307

This shit so depressing is not even funny, just… sad…

Anonymous 257310

guy in the OP should have stacked social skills instead of money

Anonymous 257317

>tfw when posting this as a woman L but this lady found her man in the end

Anonymous 257322

images (16).jpeg

Anonymous 257324

that sculptor is a cutie

Anonymous 257390

just get a husband…

>just get a husband lol
His next post was talking about how he liked to hold hands and shit, as though that makes him a better person somehow.

Anonymous 257460


Anonymous 257469


Anonymous 257480


I enjoy laughing at male pattern baldness, it's the ultimate L. Moids can screech about the wall all they like but there is no sign of aging uglier or more impossible to prevent/reverse/hide than going bald.

Anonymous 257482

hides MPB under a fringe
puts on baggy clothes on his fat/skinnyfat body
sneaks height increase insoles into his shoes

Anonymous 257853

Why are males so emotional?

Anonymous 257862

Why can't they just get hair transplants?? IDK why men don't even try

Anonymous 257912

Oh wow lol, there's LAYERS to this one.

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