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Screenshot 2023-10…

Moid Ls Anonymous 257303

Let's have a "moids posting their Ls online" thread. I have a small folder of screenshots that I mainly collected from 4chan. If any of you suffered from the misogyny on that website (which I'm sure a lot of you did), remember that these are the kind of moids that shit on women.

Anonymous 257304

Screenshot 2023-06…

He really bought into the meme that college aged women want crypt keeper sperm kek
They don't.

Anonymous 257305

Screenshot 2023-07…

Japanese women won't fuck you only because you're white, stupid

Anonymous 257306

dating for moids i…

These are the moids telling you that you're going to hit the wall at 30

Anonymous 257307

This shit so depressing is not even funny, just… sad…

Anonymous 257310

guy in the OP should have stacked social skills instead of money

Anonymous 257317

>tfw when posting this as a woman L but this lady found her man in the end

Anonymous 257322

images (16).jpeg

Anonymous 257324

that sculptor is a cutie

Anonymous 257390

just get a husband…

>just get a husband lol
His next post was talking about how he liked to hold hands and shit, as though that makes him a better person somehow.

Anonymous 257460


Anonymous 257469


Anonymous 257480


I enjoy laughing at male pattern baldness, it's the ultimate L. Moids can screech about the wall all they like but there is no sign of aging uglier or more impossible to prevent/reverse/hide than going bald.

Anonymous 257482

hides MPB under a fringe
puts on baggy clothes on his fat/skinnyfat body
sneaks height increase insoles into his shoes

Anonymous 257853

Why are males so emotional?

Anonymous 257862

Why can't they just get hair transplants?? IDK why men don't even try

Anonymous 257912

Oh wow lol, there's LAYERS to this one.

Anonymous 258328

Well, that‘s expensive

Anonymous 258333

>"high quality man"
>pro-human trafficking

The scum under my shoe is more valuable than someone with such a disgusting mentality.

Anonymous 258334

Most sane and kind /r9k/ poster. Only on /r9k/ will you find such spectacular living specimens.

It's funny too because moids bait each other all the fucking time with "femanon here" posts. Misogynists are sad retards.

Anonymous 258335

Men who say this have always been projecting. Especially when they try to argue that "men get better in old age" when their dicks shrivel up, and the best looking old men are ones that were already taking good care of themselves whe the were young.

A lot of these idiots don't take care of themselves and just magically expect women to like them.

Anonymous 261358


Anonymous 261364

This post got removed, meanwhile they leave up posts trashing the wives. Reddit is a curated archive of women hate and anything going against that narrative is purged.

Anonymous 261365


Sooo pathetic. I can’t even imagine having a relationship that long let alone a whole ass wife/marriage , meanwhile disgusting scrotes like this throw it all away to satisfy some temporary degenerate lust. Total subhuman behavior, many such cases

Anonymous 261366

This feels like it's written by a woman because a real man wouldn't take accountability and would just guilt trip his wife for not trying out whatever gross shit he saw in porn

Anonymous 261374

God these are priceless

Anonymous 261421


Anonymous 261422


Anonymous 261424


Anonymous 261427


Anonymous 261428


Anonymous 261442

There is nothing wrong with fucking over scrotes and I'm tired of pretending its wrong.

Anonymous 261707


Anonymous 262123

This has been living in my head for a few days now, and I just have to ask myself: am I that much better than him? Instead of forming relationships with rl people I get attached to fictional characters and content creators.
I mean, I guess I'm not at the point where I'm buying their stupid merch or otherwise spending money on them…

Anonymous 262128

I hate that I know that it's a pathetic coomer moid, but still can't help but feel bad for him for some reason. Probably because he doesn't look like the kind of unhinged person who would actually buy a sex doll.

Anonymous 266896

This one could go in a modern art exhibit.

Anonymous 266978

Finasteride cost 7 dollars

Anonymous 271130


>literal cake boy faggot takes up pistols to feel strong
>gets shoved in a locker and gets lunch money stolen by actual man who laughs at his tiny gun
>everyone laughs at him

Anonymous 271132

tbh i feel bad for him

Anonymous 271173

>moids posting their Ls online
That's 90% of what they post

Anonymous 271268

Is it just me or its hard to find some real L's. I only stumble across triggering content

Anonymous 271468


Anonymous 271494


Anonymous 271495

minus the hairline

Anonymous 271513

Because they like to think they are not

Anonymous 271522

its so bleak when males behave like this

Anonymous 271641

This is the face to remember when men try to say "women hit the wall at 25" or other similar ridiculous bullshit.

Anonymous 271642

How can you possibly think you are worse than, or feel bad for, a loser confidently posing with a sex doll and trying to frame it on-par with having a real girlfriend to take selfies with?? Jesus christ.
You can enjoy content creators and fiction all you want, you are not so obnoxious and smug about it that you are insisting it's an equivalent replacement for having an IRL relationship.

>wearing a cap
Probably balding and does indeed look like the kind of incel that would buy a sex doll. Physical appearance also does not affect level of moid brainrot and unloveability.

Anonymous 271645

Anon.. Do you have a learning disability? It looks like you completely misread the chain of posts above.

Anonymous 271647

That's not an anon, it's a norwoodcel trying to repackage sexual rejection and mockery as "jealousy". It's a sad sight.

Anonymous 271660

This thing goes to church.

Anonymous 271694


I had this white ugly moid insta moot who had a fetish on Japanese woman it was so disgusting, whenever I saw a reel of a random Japanese woman he would always comment some creepy shit. Also he hated American women so much because they aren’t “traditional”, he fr lives in his world its sad

Anonymous 271941

balding catman.png

hairline minused

Anonymous 271966

All balding scrotes should be killed, and all their male descendants too (if they somehow have any).

Anonymous 271967

But male pattern balding is mostly on the X chromosome so balding males can't really pass it on to their sons. Then can have daughters who are carriers though.

Anonymous 271968

Can it, chromedome.

Anonymous 271969

Moids could easily solve their hideous balding if they swallowed their pride and wore a wig but they’re too scared shitless of feeling unmanly. This is why bald moids are obviously toxic.

Anonymous 271970

LMAO I would never date a moid who wears wigs.

Anonymous 271971

More moids should wear makeup and wigs and stuff. I like them pretty.

Anonymous 271972

Then just date one that's actually pretty instead of needing it fake it.

Anonymous 271976



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