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Anonymous 257363

So we all know that if there were no laws most men would rape, but what would most women do? What would you do, nona?

Me? I'd just walk into a supermarket and get free groceries and also kidnap my irl husbando and turn him into my sex slave

Anonymous 257364


Put on a male disguise and leave the city. Travel to my mom's house in the rural countryside. Grow potatoes and farm chickens until the crisis is over or civilization rebuilds.

Anonymous 257371

I already live in an isolated area with 0 people. I guess I would try to protect my territory. Men would try to rape & kill, and I am not very strong, but guns are an equalizer in my country. I would probably have to lay traps around my land to keep people out since the law will not do so anymore. So, I would just defend my territory and recruit people who want to stay safe and need shelter.

Anonymous 257372

I'd breed an army of German Shepard attack dogs to maul any rapists and trespassers

Anonymous 257373


Anonymous 257374

I can't think of anything

Anonymous 257396


I'd start an orphanage for cats and become the meowtron saint.

Anonymous 257405

Anonymous 257407

I have no intense desires to break laws, most temptations I have would go against my personal moral code (eg. Punching and beating strangers because they stand too close to me). Even theft is not conducive to a (somewhat…kek) functional society, so I would avoid it myself. Most illegal actions I'd take in this hypothetical universe would be by force because some people (men) have no moral sense and would turn into violent, inhuman creatures. Maybe I'd try to escape at least the rape a bit by taking testosterone/steroids.
In a fantasy version where I wouldn't be living in fear of rape and murder constantly, I'd just choose to cross borders more easily. Maybe do graffiti.

Anonymous 257408


In a lawless dystopian world I'd sneak my own drinks and snacks to the movie theater. Maybe even bring my own coffee to Starbucks and use their internet for free. I'd also steal a lemon from the neighbor's fruit tree.

Anonymous 257409

I dont even know, not many illegal things I want to do that would be realistic in this scenerio
>Me? I'd just walk into a supermarket and get free groceries
If there were no laws we can assume shoplifters would be punished severely and probably recieve physical beatings or the stores would be protected by armed men. Maybe you could get away with small items but enough for groceries wouldn't be practical. Maybe grocery stores would completely cease to exist bc it wouldnt be profitable for the owner, the cost to hire heavily armed guards willing to beat people for stealing would be astronomical and their losses would still be significant. Hell, a corporation as large as walmart cant even afford to keep stores open in fucking CHICAGO because theft is so bad. Can you imagine lawless society?
The only lawless society that could work would be one without technology. Ted K was right.

Anonymous 257412

I assume it would be like early covid lockdowns. With stores only allowing you to purchase things online and pick them up at the store.

Anonymous 257413

Theres already no laws how many felonies do you think criminals already committed before they get arrested

Anonymous 257414

How long do you think court proceedings take and how many charges get dropped in favor of just charging them with the biggest crime after theyve already been under supervision for years you could easily go out and do all the stuff youre typing

Anonymous 257449

I never really got over any of my exes, so I'd probably kidnap them all and just keep them in my basement and chat for company. Did you ever read the collector? I'd probably do something like that, but I wouldn't kill them. I'm not really interested in sex, I just miss talking to them and don't like the idea of them talking to anyone else or doing anything in their lives without me knowing what it is.

Anonymous 257450

Anonymous 257452

Nona, you're an absolute menace.

Anonymous 257453

I mean, alright, fuck capitalism… but stealing lemon from your neighbor is a bit too much is all I can say.

Anonymous 257455

I'd steal kek

Anonymous 257479


Anonymous 258548

I would try to secure a good house for free and proceed to barricade it because I would more than be scared of moids in a "no law" environment.

Anonymous 258556

i would get a lot of guns and shoot any moid that would represent even the slightest menace

Anonymous 258609

I feel you. I‘d do the same, but not sure that would work out

Anonymous 259346

Moid population reaches zero in your area

Anonymous 259381

Anonymous 259405

Please kill yourself, larper moid

Anonymous 267234

I'd build a bunch of atomic bombs and destroy the world.

Anonymous 267239

kill people

Anonymous 267242


I’’d steal a bunch of shit and bunker down at home. Probably drive without a license or get some non lethal but still illegal to carry weapons to protect myself. If it was a purge type situation where everything goes back to normal after I’d probably also file my taxes wrong and try some disability fraud for more NEETbux.

Anonymous 267246

>kidnap irl husbando
>turn him into sex slave
… that's rape….

Anonymous 267247

i would steal a horse and live out my cowboy fantasies of the wild west

Anonymous 267259

live free not pay for anything

Anonymous 267260

I'd be robbing rich people's houses, wanna join me

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