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argentinian anonettes Anonymous 257366

we need one for the girls

Anonymous 257370

hola nonita. Cómo andas? Fuiste a votar?

Anonymous 257420


I love Villaruel

Anonymous 257424

So what do Argentinian nonas think of Milei? Over here the cringe ass right wing is hyping him up like he was the second coming of Jesus or something.

Anonymous 257445

I was looking for this image, thank you.

Anonymous 257506

Isn't he anti abortion and probably a turbo misogynist? There was an Argentinian woman in my server excited about him being elected and I wanted to ask her this. But I also didn't want to start a retarded argument.

Anonymous 257512

hi nonitas. hope you had a nice day.

Anonymous 257739


Idk, when Milei started to be sympathetic of conservative shit I was in doubt to vote him, but now I only voted him to see angry kircho moids

Anonymous 257785

Who /cumbia villera/ here?

Anonymous 257850

He's dumb as fuck but I also hate Massa so I didn't vote. Tho between Milei and Massa fans Milei's are on a whole new level of retardedness

Anonymous 257852


Sadly I'm not, just a cringe nona who exclusively listens to indie rock in english

Anonymous 257969

Half a battery nona, half a battery…

Anonymous 263817

Are there even any virgin moids left in Argentina? From what i saw they are all used up manwhores

Anonymous 263858


How does it feel to be born on a country where the average citizen loses their V-Card at 14?
I would be quite ashamed, even Brazil has a higher average. The culture here is such a rock bottom.

Anonymous 263865

Totally not coping since I wish that was me, a thirty-something almost virgin who lost any hope in finding someone
Que lo pario…

Anonymous 263866

Past the age of 35 moids are ugly af usually. What are you even saying ?

Anonymous 263867

Why is the culture in Argentina rock bottom ?

Anonymous 263869


Most people are taught to go clubbing and boink whoever they come across since what I consider an extremely early age (11-12)
This mixed with a very aggressive culture where swearing and mocking others is taken as the norm doesn't help at all.
So you got a completely sex obsessed society, where the biggest insult to someone is calling them virgins, with a lot of foul language and bad mannerisms, the rest branches out and it's just not a good place to be in imho.

Maybe I did a mistake in having all my interactions in my life being mostly imageboard people?

Ehh, who would care about that here anyway? I think your biggest chance is becoming catholic but even I went there and I didn't feel comfortable at all either.

Anonymous 263872

No amount of harassment and hate can make me find moids attractive.

In this environment I guess id grow up to love women so I can throw misandrist obscenity right back at them. :l

Anonymous 264248


Como conozco amigas aca?
Estoy harta de estar virgueando en la cueva

Anonymous 265637

son todos pibes, las minas se fueron

Anonymous 265645

No te creas.

Anonymous 266340

Your post just brought a memory from when I was at that age and one day I read an article on revista viva about how teens get ostracized if they are 18 and still virgin. I took that so seriously, mostly because I didn't want to have yet another reason to be bullied. I ended up losing my v-card at 16 but the experience was so shitty that after that I didn't have sex for at least three years

Anonymous 266461

it's disgusting how vulgar people are here
thankfully i stopped caring about that, it's nice to feel comfy about yourself

Anonymous 266832

Yes he was only voted by retarded zoomers, most of female milei voters are zoomer pickmes

Anonymous 266841


oh yes because voting for a political party that blackmailed their voters with their social plans and on some occasions had rape circles, is totally not a pickme behaviour
because supporting a political party whose previous leader was a complete machoist rat that threw sexist comments is totally not a pickme behaviour
because voting for a political candidate that almost sent everyone to poverty is totally not a pick me behaviour
shut the fuck up

Anonymous 266844

Only reason he got elected is because he's netanyahus cousin.

Anonymous 266899

I'm not peronist but at least the other government didn't want to ban abortion, Milei is surounded by misogynists, literally one of the pickme Milei shills (Lilia Lemoine) says she wants to give moids the ability to "renounce paternity"; so this government wants moid to be able to blackmail women into illegally abort if they get pregnatn since abortion will be illegal. Don't you see how horrible is this?

Anonymous 266906

There's nothing wrong with satanism. I'm not a follower of Satan but Lucifer, he's my only friend

Anonymous 266940

I did a deal with Lucifer when I was a tween, Lucifer is actually a positive influence that allows us to rejoice free will and become god.

I learned how to summon Lucifer with a old book of my grandma, the book explictly says that Lucifer and Satan are different beings.

Lucifer is the angel of light, and his cardinal is Pride, he wants us to be powerful and unchained, not sheep, not praise a big overlord.

That's true love to me.

Narcissism is a personality disorder
Fuck off moid

Anonymous 266950

foregneirs shut their mouth
ok, someone from his party is stupid, and? You're trying to say that there isn't stupid people in the other political parties?
>Don't you see how horrible is this?
i don't sleep around so it's not my business

Anonymous 267019

por que no hablan español putillas?

Anonymous 267026

Idioma de ordinario

Anonymous 267081

>lucifer and satan are different beings
>i know because this book said so
>no srs lucifer is good
you fucking fool he's deceiving you. you know, thats why they call him the "great deceiver"?

Anonymous 267192

Uruguaya aca, probé anal con mi novio y me gustó.

Anonymous 267195

She obviously doesn't see it :^)
Don't waste your times with these retards

Anonymous 267207

its not just a moid forum but an incel one now

Anonymous 271005

lol, simplemente no.

Anonymous 271006

the worst

Anonymous 271007

hacé amigas afuera, acá no vas a conseguir nada piola

Anonymous 271008

paraaaa cipaya

Anonymous 271020


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