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Redefining feminism Anonymous 258042

So tired of libfems twisting feminism and advocating for behaviors entirely contradictory to what feminism stands for like housewives and cosmetics.
Feminism is not about empowering women to do whatever they want and equality.
Feminism is about advocating for the interests of women, for ensuring their independance from men, their safety, and their rights.
Firstly, just because women CAN do whatever they want doesn't mean these things are positive and good for women. For example, I will NEVER understand why so called "feminists" will advocate for women being tradwives when 50% of marriages end in divorce and most abusive situations involve financial abuse. Advocating for housewifery is advocating for women to willingly give up their tools to leave an abusive situation and surrendering their independence. When there is a 50/50 chance it fails, why the FUCK would you do that? And how in any way is this feminist? There are many other things peddled as "feminist" such as makeup and sex work.
Secondly, we do not fight for equality because equality simply is not a possibility unless women were to seperate from males entirely. We are advocating for the interests of women, womens rights, womens safety. There ARE divisions between the genders, and no I will not fight for equality because when you say feminism is about equality some m*le comes chiming in trying to distract from sexual harassment women face by going "but what about MALE sexual harassment??" when they are the main perpetrators. I do not care for equality, I care for advancing the interests of females, period.

Anonymous 258043

i know that this is not your point, but reading this made me peak so much nona…

Anonymous 258044

I agree with the general idea. Excess and impulsivity are bad for everyone. But you have a very incel-like fixation on divorce rates. It's okay for people to fall out of love. It's okay to make a mistake and then try and find someone else. The entire premise that a marriage should be this eternal contract is the stick men used to beat women with for centuries.
It is not hard to do better than 50% of people at anything if you put genuine thought and effort towards it. It is not a coin toss. There's always a luck element, sure, but you can and you should influence it.
I agree that aiming to be a housewife is stupid and sets you up for being vulnerable, but how many women are housewives anyway? In my irl circles, there isn't a single family where the woman is a proper full-time housewife. It's borderline impossible in the modern economy.

Anonymous 258048

My point wasnt to shame couples for getting divorced or say that marriage should be an eternally binding contract. Its quite literally the opposite. High divorce rates are a fact of life, so women should be prepared to be independant and shouldnt blindly trust their man. Marriage should NOT be eternal if both parties are not in love, low divorce rates came at the cost of women's independance, and I believe women should be able to freely leave.
Practically no one gets married assuming they will divorce, hardly any couples even think of the possibility when they get married, so for a lot of people it kinda is a coin toss. If people had the foresight to spot their own divorces before they got married, they wouldnt be married in the first place.
I simply used this as an example (there are plenty more) bc every day I see more and more libfems online talking about how feminism is about blindly advocating for women to do whatever, even when it isnt wise and is detrimental to women. MANY women online like to talk about how there is nothing wrong with being a SAHM or a housewife, when it can be quite a dangerous and vulnerable position for women to be in. Yet they dont talk about why women fought for freedom from men in the first place amd educate young girls on this stuff.

Anonymous 258050

>"but what about MALE sexual harassment??"
Tell them it sucks but that it's called feminism, not masculism, and men's problems aren't what we're focusing on. If they cared about raising awareness for male abuse then they'd make a campaign of their own about it. Whenever I suggest they do that, they never do. It's just to hijack and control an existing discussion to make it about themselves, they don't actually give a shit. Most actual harassment and abuse men experience comes from other males, so that's probably part of why. Actually focusing on fixing it doesn't let them shit on women as much and that's what it comes down to.

>equality simply is not a possibility

Correct, men and women are different. There are some base similarities, but we don't face the same problems and aren't equal in all ways to begin with. It's why equity is so important. Pretending that we live in a utopia where we are the same and equal in every way is a fantasy that libfems seem to try to live in. It's a nice thought, but it's ignoring current reality and doesn't help the problem. It just gives leftist men free sex under the guise of you being "empowered" by getting told to like them.

Yeah, it only works and has ever worked if the man is rich. The whole nuclear family with a stay-at-home wife meme that took off for a few years in America was only possible because everyone was rich for a while, with everyone also relying on their neighbors to look after kids as a community. It was rarely ever solo, and definitely not possible before or after that very specific set of economic circumstances. Everyone else has to face reality.

Anonymous 258051

*getting told to act like them
Missed a word somewhere.

Anonymous 258102

Instead of focusing on tradwives I’d more so call out these onlyfans retards who value moid bucks over their own bodies. Women in porn are just as bad as moids, don’t care to hear that they were “groomed” or whatever bullshit excuse white knights make up for them. They’re retards who should not call themselves feminists. Liberal and leftist autism freaks have ruined the idea of female empowerment. I hate those green haired they/them ugly fucks.

Anonymous 258112

I really like second wave feminism and feel like it definitely was more in women's interest. Sure there are criticisms of it but this new 3rd and 4th wave feminism with intersectionality is so annoying and insipid. I sometimes wish I was a radical feminist back in the 70s when it seemed more transgressive for normies lol and there were so many great women who leaded the movement. They tended to be lesbians who detested men which I would fall more in line with not that I hate all men but all this shit with sex work being "empowering" is completely bullshit and literally to further male interests only.

Anonymous 258121

>not that I hate all men
then you're doing it wrong

Anonymous 258122

I don't know how to engage in discussions because it always falls into "let people do and live however they want" no matter how much I try to explain it is not a choice, not healthy for you, and that it endangers many other girls and then it's "well that's how YOU think"
This individualist mindset is too strong they aren't able to think outside their own little box of tiktok trends

Anonymous 258134

Pick-mes are behind libfeminism and pick-mes will always hold us back.

Anonymous 258135

>Tell them it sucks but that it's called feminism, not masculism, and men's problems aren't what we're focusing on
Exactly. I am not fighting for equality I am fighting for women's rights, not that i am necessarily against mens issues getting attention but they dont even care about their own issues, they just use it as a talking point to distract from womens issues. Its all a ploy to undermine feminism.
Saying feminism is about "equality and womens freedom" is better optics. Also, during 2nd wave feminism when they said they fought for equality they just wanted rights. They wanted freedom, as in freedom to pursue independence snd careers. However the definition of equality and freedom has changed since then, and now libfems twist it to mean something completely different and regressive, to justify sex work and such. Then they will call YOU the fake feminist lol.
Tradwives and prostitutes are 2 sides of the same coin. Both surrender their independence and trade their dignity to mooch off of males for their entire lives. Their entire livelihoods are dependant on men. Tradwives are better in the sense its less dangerous and more stable, but still an absolute shit position to put yourself in. I dislike sex work too (but I feel bad for the women who get involved and empathize with them, and its often out of desperation) but was just using tradwives as an example.
I always tell them the real effects of their ideology is overall BAD for women. Try and act more moderate.
Ex. sex work
"sex work is bad, statistically almost all sex workers are assaulted"
"its womens choice and we should not restrict womens choices based on the actions of men, that is victim blaming."
"The real effects of that idea leads to more women being harmed, which is BAD for women, and feminism is about prioritizing womens safety. I don't blame victims who were assaulted, but we know that sex work is a dangerous profession, so its best for women not to get involved. Women SHOULD be able to do what they want without fear of being assaulted, but unfortunately bad people exist and there isnt much we can do and must take precautions. Just like it is wise to lock your house before you leave because bad people exist who will rob you, it is wise to not get involved with sex work. I don't blame people whos houses do get robbed, but everyone has to take safety precautions and it is ineffective and detrimental to ask women not to take any safety precautions."

Anonymous 258267

>I agree that aiming to be a housewife is stupid and sets you up for being vulnerable, but how many women are housewives anyway? In my irl circles, there isn't a single family where the woman is a proper full-time housewife. It's borderline impossible in the modern economy.
It's still the norm in immigrant families from Middle Eastern countries.

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