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Would I be retarded if I made a chris chan reference on my dating profile? Anonymous 259800

I've always hesitated to reveal my autistic interests on dating apps because of how cringe I might look but I also find I just cannot muster up attraction to the sort of people who don't really "get" shit like Chris Chan and I honestly just feel lonely not being in the company of such people, even though most of them are probably mentally ill and unemployed. Should I just pull the trigger and do it?

Anonymous 259808

What kind of partner are you trying to filter out/in by putting a Chris Chan reference in your profile?

Anonymous 259830

>to seem not like other girls
We get it, you're a cunty normoid who can't handle women not being pathetically robotically disgustingly vapid like you.

Anonymous 259832

This was mean. Nevermind. I take it back.

Anonymous 259833

Nta but knowing about Chris Chan doesn't make you deep or interesting.

Anonymous 259834

I’m not the OP, I don’t care about chris chan or other deranged moids, but it’s pretty normie tier to tear down women for having abnormal interests. She made no indication she thought it made her deep or interesting, you just want to shit on her because you can’t tolerate non-normie women.

Anonymous 259836

IG influencer people know about chris chan

Anonymous 259841

People who are "into" Chris Chan are awful. Chris Chan's got more neurological issues than there are trees in the rainforest, and the complete lack of self-awareness on the part of the people who've made it their hobby to endlessly bother him, not stopping to think about the consequences for even a moment, I find totally vile. It goes, almost, without saying some of the things Chris has done are deeply wrong, but I won't tolerate moralfagging from "people" who maintain a wiki who's sole purpose is to cyberbully someone who very clearly deeply, deeply unwell. It's not much different from tipping people out of their wheelchairs.

I guess what I'm saying is, maybe you should get an actual hobby and bond with someone over that, OP.

Anonymous 259872

why would you want to reference a rapist in your dating profile, NLOGs are fucking retarded

Anonymous 259884

>mention the most surface-level lolcow possible
>think it'll make you quirky or interesting to anyone other than autistic rapist scrotes
dumb idea

Anonymous 259889

>I've always hesitated to reveal my autistic interests on dating apps because of how cringe I might look
it's better to filter boring people earlier rather than later

Anonymous 259900

the sort of person who I'd be more likely to have shared interests with/natural banter. I feel like when you post on image boards long enough it sort of warps your personality in ways that allow it to mesh only with other image board posters
Why would you immediately assume that? I mean obviously you'd probably get along better with someone off CC than a random stranger, and chris chan's a proxy for that sort of person, while at the same time being accessible enough to presumably appeal to at least one other person on a dating app. for instance >>259830 seems based.
most people who are into chris chan don't actually bother him or materialize any consequences. they literally just watch that geno samuel shit and that's it.

Anonymous 259919

I only date people who mention chris in their profile

Anonymous 259928

You're retarded for using a dating app to begin with

Anonymous 259957

how do people meet people? I'm 28, out of school, am surrounded by boomers at work, and desperately want kids. I hate dating apps with every fibre of my being but I feel painted into a corner. What would you do?
literally what is the state of men these days that none of these losers have mentioned chris in their profiles? I just had an exchange with some guy who claims his favourite shows are how i met your mother and the office. do you have any idea how cripplingly alone that makes me feel??

Anonymous 259985

The person you replied to was an actual scrote btw

Anonymous 260015

You are surrounded by boomers and yet you don't network with them? That is like the one thing they are good for. Do you do nothing outside of work? Do you have no hobbies? Do you not even have neighbors that you keep good relations with? What are you doing? I know one woman who found her husband in Final Fantasy 14. Everything works as a dating app, as long as it's not an actual dating app.

Anonymous 260020

Just do it, if you can't be autistic with someone what's the point?

Anonymous 260033

Yes because chris-chan became the normie cow to be into, so you're going to pull a lot of retards that have superficial knowledge of internet cows and culture. You'd be better by listing someone niche, or mentioning chris chan in a niche way that the normie fan wouldn't understand. Otherwise you're also going to come off as a random femcel larper trying to flex her "obscure" internet knowledge, at least that's the impression I'd get but I'm pretty autistic about powerlevel revealing.

Anonymous 260037

>I feel like when you post on image boards long enough it sort of warps your personality in ways that allow it to mesh only with other image board posters
I get what you mean, but you're probably better off with a more niche reference than Chris Chan if you're trying to attract those kinds of people. Chris has had so many YouTube docs made about him he's a normie magnet at this point. You're going to get more Reddit weirdos than anything.

Anonymous 260342

why would boomers be able to introduce me to single 30 year old dudes? what non-athletic hobbies do you think would be frequented by men? it's not exactly like they're interested in volunteering, book clubs etc. and board games attract spadefaces/autists. I own my own house so my neighbours are all single divorced women.
I don't know if I want someone with in depth knowledge of internet cows - they'd likely be too autistic and/or mentally ill. I just don't want the sort of person who's favourite shows are how I met your mother and the office and whose hobbies consist of "travelling and language learning"

Anonymous 260346

But you have in depth knowledge about Chris Chan. Do you realize how autistic you look?

Anonymous 260464

no no I can hide how autistic I am so it's fine. also my life's mostly put together unlike that of all male autists

Anonymous 260468

Chris Chan is not an "autistic interest" and if your personality is summed up by internet memes maybe you deserve mentally ill NEETs. By all means, be yourself, but making a Chris Chan reference to be this deep is pathetic tbh.
p.s. Dating sites are retarded and I wouldnt recommend using one at all.

Anonymous 260478

Dont do it OP, just post in a message referencing chris chan if you want.

Have you met anyone who cared about him yet?

Anonymous 260479

Definitely agreed. If your interactions / most defining interests are inseparable from chan or discord culture you have zero reason to shit on old people for liking whatever was on TV when they were younger.

Anonymous 260480

>why would boomers be able to introduce me to single 30 year old dudes?
nta but because they're the parents of single 30 year old dudes or otherwise have them in their family/social network, use your brain anon kek

Anonymous 260565

I did actually! I err'd on the side of caution and stuck with a Seinfeld reference instead (since there's probably overlap with the demographics, but Seinfeld's probably a less embarrassing reference) and met someone who followed him. Easily the least boring first date I've been on, but I don't think he makes enough for me to feel comfortable with starting a family and stuff.

Anonymous 260574

Anonymous 260580


>She fell for the dating app meme
Whatever you put there, you will be retarded.

Anonymous 260599


Anonymous 260609

By socializing, going out, sharing hobbies with groups of people, and so on. Bars aren't the best place for a woman to try and find a decent partner. It's possible, but you are much more likely to encounter a coomer who just wants to pump and dump.

Anonymous 260621

>most normie tier ultra popular sitcom
I thought you wanted to filter normies?

Anonymous 260626

You don't understand how bars work. If you go to a bar regularly, you become a regular, amongst the other regulars. You know each other. There is no pumping and dumping there, because the next day you are still going to the same bar. If someone mistreats you, the other bar regulars will hear of it. Conversely you also know who is at the bar for the first time and thus might be a pump & dump.

Embrace alcoholism, especially if you are an autistic introvert who desperately needs to learn how to socialize.

Anonymous 260647

okay so like, going out to where exactly if not bars (and I'd rather not end up with an alcoholic so I agree with you re bars)? and what hobbies actually have groups of guys that aren't athletic?
It's not that I want to filter out normies (since turbo autists are invariably mentally ill and unemployed), I just don't want someone SO normie that their profile is literally the exact same as every other profile ("I like food, travel, and how I met your mother!").
I actually broke up with my first bf of 6 years because he became an alcoholic. We initially bonded over both being autistic introverts who desperately need to learn how to socialize, but he went with the alcohol route while I actually learned (ish) at some point

Anonymous 260664

But there are levels of retardation.
Lots of people are retarded enough to fall for dating apps

Only a supreme retard would think "ah yes, chris-chan, this is the kind of interest that my ideal man should have".

My thoughts exactly
Fuck. This thread is surreal

Anonymous 260688


Anonymous 260689

Do you have any "nerdy" hobbies that don't involve Chris Chan? Anime, video games, etc.

Anonymous 260733

yes but the issue with Anime/video games is that they're a bit too normie and seem to attract guys who don't have the sensibilities to grasp why following lolcows might be appealing, but who also just incidentally like chainsaw man or something

Anonymous 262226

did you succeed adding chris chan in your profile or didnt do it?

Anonymous 262227

I didn't. I ended up making a kf account and like roleplaying as if every mildly funny post is something my cool boyfriend said. Maybe I'll make a tulpa

Anonymous 262230

>Cool boyfriend
>On KF

Anonymous 262786

Always do the opposite of what your autism says

Anonymous 263071


yes but you clearly want a retard so you do you nona

Anonymous 263188

NEVER show off your power level in public

Anonymous 263328

ALWAYS show off your power level in public

Anonymous 263391

That’s really embarrassing tbh, I don’t get people who think being into lolcows is a personality trait

Anonymous 263419


Why are some people even into lolcows to begin with? i understand being interested in it for a little bit similar to true crime but obsessing over them just feels like it would drain you completely. It's just not fun

Anonymous 263424

my theory is it's an extension of female autism. female autists are provably better at masking, something only achievable through careful peer observation. by obsessing over lolcows they learn what not to do.

Anonymous 263443

good analysis

Anonymous 264185

tbh I would leave at something that unoriginal from a moid

Anonymous 264186

Stop fucking thinking that you need your woman to align with you completely. Because you know who's going to align with you completely? A man. A man with aspergers.

Anonymous 264258

I thought that this was the dumbest thing a woman could do but realised it’s a great way to weed out no-lifers and red flags.
I wan to be with a normie guy tbh.
I don’t know much about Chris chan but I’d like to do something similar for the wider terminally online subculture.

Anonymous 275192

Anonymous 275206


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