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Anonymous 261696

What do you think the world would be like if men never existed? If they stopped existing right now? What’s the first thing you would do?

Anonymous 261697

>go to a nude beach
>go to some nerd event without having to worry about neckbeards seething at my presence
>go to the gym and wear something cute for once
>go for a late night walk

Anonymous 266957

i thought about this before. One of my most positive fantasies. I would just walk the earth and look at things. When I would get tired, I would just find an enclosure, so dogs and other animals can't get to to me and sleep. Then wake up and do it all over again. I wouldn't even bring a tent, just a sleeping bag and a blanket. From my home to the capital and then neighboring countries.

Anonymous 266965

>if men never existed
Honestly? Living in a commune where my time is forcefully divided among chores, manufacturing work and childcare. I imagine it a lot like the all-women "wellness" cult my mother and aunt were sucked into. Not any worse than most of the world now, but just a different kind of awful.

>If they stopped existing right now

Loot as much complex electronic and mechanical equipment for manufacturing and power generation as physically possible and hide it well during the initial panic. There are enough women in my country who can keep food being grown for packaging into emergency rationing, and just enough to keep power to essential services. Beyond that, run to my boyfriend's family farm, sell off the equipment that can't help me and live out my days in relative comfort as society breaks down, shrinks and reforms around the focus of one of them being able to find a way to continue the species.

Anonymous 268343

World would feel so much safer and cozier without men. I'd dress however I want, post whatever pictures of me I want, and I'd do night walks to obscure places every day.

Anonymous 268356


I would go to the arcade and play DDR because there would be no stinky men to harass me off of the machines.

Anonymous 268373

I dunno, I don't want to go out and socialize either way. I'm still straight and have sexual desires so it won't be the best thing ever. Guess I'll just be sad that my Nigel is gone and happy women won't be hurt by shitty men anymore.

Anonymous 268385

If my moid and my bff's moid disappeared we'd probably start dating once we got over the initial shock/sadness. Such is life for bihets like us.

Anonymous 268386

Indigo Soirée_ An …

as cliché as it is, the first thing I'd do is go outside and stay there past nightfall
I'd just enjoy the starry skies free from my fears and just fuck about while it's late. Maybe walk in a park, the city streets in a new neighbourhood, the options are endless!

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