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/soc/ boyfriend horror stories thread Anonymous 262279

Anyone have any horror stories or just bad experiences with boyfriends they met on /soc/? willing to share my story if enough people care about this thread

Anonymous 262283

what was your experience OP? i never found a bf off /soc/ (but certainly tried) but did end up making a bunch of platonic friends. i ghosted them all eventually, but people were pretty respectful, nice, no dick pics or cp or anything etc.

Anonymous 262284

I do not understand the people that even go on /soc/ and try to meet others here. It literally feels like you're walking straight into danger.

Anonymous 262287

Either they are more hopeful about human nature than we are or their standards are really low.

Anonymous 262541

Most of the guys I've talked to on /soc/ have been pretty decent. The closest thing to a "horror story" I've experienced was this guy I was really starting to like freaked out and accused me of being a catfish, but even then he very quickly apologized and we went our separate ways.

Anonymous 262543

I never used /soc/ because I am ugly, but I used to talk to men off /r9k/ when I was younger because I was desperate and thought my best chance at getting a boyfriend would be an ugly loser like me, right? Wrong. Here’s a general picture of how that went: one guy started telling me stereotypes about my ethnicity within 15 minutes, another guy called me his ‘waifu for laifu’ after talking to me for a few weeks then tried to hack my email, one was incredibly paranoid and kept accusing me of not being a real woman and saying I was lying to him, one was a full blown woman-hater who supported rape and violence against women, one had bad OCD and was unable to do anything but commiserate, and a few of them ghosted me with no explanation. I eventually gave up and moved on from trying to meet men on imageboards. Luckily I met my bf last year. He’s a mentally healthy attractive and kind normie with a good career and he’s my age, the exact type of guy I used to avoid because of my insecurities in the past. I’m still insecure and feel like I don’t deserve him, but I try not to self-sabotage and just enjoy how much better life has gotten and just do the best I can. Love is really worth it if you find the right guy. I wouldn’t advise any woman to look on imageboards however.

Anonymous 262550

Really interested in story OP!
I had a LDR with a guy I met on /soc/ when I was 17. We never met up in person (lmao) and he was horrible.

Anonymous 262704

Yes and i am not sharing

Anonymous 262705

God i meant to use it before i moved to college and guess what im still using it once in a while

Anonymous 262758

Wasted a couple years of my life in a ldr and never met him! Constantly kept bringing it up in the last few months or so and he always dodged it. I've met other guys off soc and they're mostly just dorky/harmless if you have a good filter and keep the ball in your court when meeting up.

Anonymous 262946

I've never even attempted to meet up with people from the internet or to form an online "relationship" (if you could even call it that). Not only is it super risky, but it's basically guaranteed to end poorly. How many successful relationships start out from online boards and forums? probably less than one in a million.
Especially on /soc/ of all places, which is one of the worst 4chan boards you could possibly use to meet people. I genuinely don't understand why you would try in the first place.

Anonymous 263856

This is honestly so reassuring to hear, I'm happy you got your happy ending!
>I never used /soc/ because I am ugly, but I used to talk to men off /r9k/ when I was younger because I was desperate and thought my best chance at getting a boyfriend would be an ugly loser like me, right?
Oh god, this hits too close to home. I've unfortunately fallen for this many times and I'm still trying to get out of that cycle when it happens (partially why I want to make a committed migration to a more female populated image board).

Anonymous 270572

what generals do you even check on /soc/ to find decent human beings? there's so much porn when I go there I just click off instantly…

Anonymous 270592

There’s a SFW general last I checked. You still have to be selective with who you add, and if they’re not degenerate they’re still probably boring

Anonymous 270608

met an r9k guy who was pretty chill; awkward, insecure nerd who had a cute face and voice. went to shit tho bc he was also schizoid bpd type (like me) and kept showing his dick on cam. hope he doesnt see this bc i think he lurks < 33

Anonymous 270674

/soc/ is completely worthless now because it's filled with both normies and horrible degenerates, worse than the normal kind. It used to be better but past few years it's just gotten so bad that i've stopped trying entirely.

Anonymous 270708

scott pilgrim.jpeg

i've had a couple of casual friends that i naturally filtered through as well as one good friend I'm still in contact with, ngl i've mostly had negative experiences from /soc/ as the women i've tried to befriend were just incredibly aloof and disinterested whilst the males ranged from creepy and clingy to outright psychotic and would threaten to an hero themselves if I didn't respond to them

Anonymous 270865

oh god please no. no no no soc is the worst. i fucked three 30+ year old men from there at 15. worst part is that only one of them wasnt ugly as hell.

Anonymous 270986

omg nona be posting my OTP in the wild kyaa

Anonymous 270993

They're having some fun out there crying about Duolicious

Anonymous 271134

I do. it was actually a good experience up until yesterday. about 6ish years ago, back before /soc/ was totally overtaken by coomer troon garbage, there used to be comfy chat threads of various sorts. there was a recognizable regular poster in one of those threads that I enjoyed talking to so I eventually added him on discord. after a few years of being online friends with him I coincidentally moved near him. we met up irl a few times, and started dating shortly after. we've been dating for over 3 years now and moved in with each other, started our careers together, plus we were planning on getting married. last night I caught him cheating on me with some mentally ill polish girl he added from eating disorder twitter. he was sexting her and being all flirty and cutesy with her on discord. I don't blame her at all - he never told her he has a gf, he was manipulating her and using her to get himself off and boost his self-esteem. he also kept lying to me/changing up the story after I confronted him about it. worst part is I am stuck living with him until our lease is up at the beginning of next year. I thought I had found my soulmate… do not trust any scrote you meet from 4chan. they are all extremely fucked up and a lot of them mask well but they will eventually let it slip to show their true evil selves.

Anonymous 271135

Is it any good?

Anonymous 271138

dumping ground for lonely, mentally fucked scrotes and teenage larpers. if its anything like /soc/ tho, its the exact kinda environment youd expect. but its funny as fuck to read through.

Anonymous 271144

good lord, sorry that happened to u nona id go crazy

Anonymous 271155

I think I might be about to fall for a guy I met on /soc/, what do?

Anonymous 271160

Wake the fuck up

Anonymous 271175

it's ok, I wish I could go back in time and warn my past self.

Anonymous 271176

Read >>271134
idk I think men on 4 chan are just inherently fucked up and incapable of love

Anonymous 271177

This was ages ago. He was on 4chan but I didn’t meet him on /soc/. I drove like 8 hours and ran away from my parents house to go elope with this guy and be his housewife, but I got there and his apartment was full of guns and Nazi trinkets. I slept on his couch and left the next morning to go home. He was a dick about it.

Anonymous 271178

Nona no…. You met someone from /pol/?????

Anonymous 271179

imagine having an r9k bae

Anonymous 271186

I met him on /x/ I think.

Anonymous 271201

go back to r/StoryTimeWithReddit

Anonymous 271285

I never talked to a moid once in my life besides them talking first to tell me >kys

Anonymous 271290

Why y'all retards talk to men

Anonymous 271524

Not quite /soc/, but my good (normie) friend broke up with her bf of like 3 years (they've broken up and gotten back together before) a few months ago, and she seems to have been spiralling about no longer having a 'boo' to dote over. She's been swinging from one guy to another on a local dating app and meeting a bunch of them one after another while still saying she wants a relationship, not just one nights. Literal, to put it impolitely, cock carousel.

I don't get it (tfw ace), is it really that pressing to have a moid in your life? She seems really disturbed by not having one

Anonymous 271526

Some people just don't know how to be alone with themselves.

Anonymous 271669

Are you the polish girl

Anonymous 271929

ugh we weren’t together but we did some flirting and told each other we liked each other… he refused to meet up though lol and was a bit cold to me sometimes (he was mentally ill though so i get it). i think edating is cringe but i seriously lost myself during those months we were talking to each other, i was very obsessed and would settle for a scrap of his attention. i am never ever putting myself through this shit again. he defo lost interest in me by the end but just didn’t say it so i blocked him. dumbest experience of my fucking life

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