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No stupid questions Anonymous 263273

What the fuck is wrong with the south ?

Anonymous 263275

the southern hemisphere is the better hemisphere, the northern hemisphere is an overcrowded mess full of wars and poverty. i do not understand what you're talking about.

Anonymous 263279

Pretty sure they mean the American south. You know the southern hemisphere had only a handful of first world nations, right ?

Anonymous 263293

>what the fuck is wrong with the north?

Anonymous 263295

Safe and legal abortion

Anonymous 263299

the south is pretty nice and i like how certain areas still seem close-knit. you can also say y'all without feeling cringe

Anonymous 263320


You mean the Global South? Institutions. Read pic related. t. South American.

If you're talking about the American South, then probably culture.

Anonymous 263368

Serous question, why don't you use a Spanish image board? Spanish is a common language.

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