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Why don't new internet spaces for creativity and screwing around gain steam anymore ? Anonymous 263728

What is stopping new things from catching on? I just don't understand and i think about it all the time. It just makes so little sense, since, what else are people doing anyway? They don't go outside anymore. The six or so social media behemoths are not fun and most people don't take them seriously.

In the early 2000s the internet was packed with original entertainment and web media, it was a different universe compared to now.

Anonymous 263729

back when internet culture was first taking off, people didn't have any basis to build things off of, and so were forced to be original. Nowadays that's just not necessary.
>The six or so social media behemoths are not fun and most people don't take them seriously
they don't need to be fun, they just have to work as a distraction. If anything the fact that it's all unoriginal helps it that way - the familiarity comforts people.

Anonymous 263731

People are leaving social media en masse wut are you on about

Unless you're talking about bored to death 50+ coomers

Anonymous 263749


Things are to oconnected now. Communities in the early internet were more insular, you had to learn how to fit in. They were kinda like different countries with their own subcultured, lingo etc. Nowadays it's all some faceless sludge, and it's not even designed to connect. Most of these internet giants are made to consume content, not to connect. Forums were a central part of what made communities - they were community hubs, you didn't feel like you're in a hurry because things might disappear as soon as you clicked them away, you can continue conversations months apart, you kept meeting the same people. Compare that to comment sections of instagram youtube etc now, it's mostly strangers passing through.
You coudl argue it's kind od an allegory to mass immigration and the modern world, lots of unfamiliar people you don#t have anything in common with or even time to get to know just passing through, local cultures being eroded and diminished, and someone's trying to sell shit to you at every corner.

Anonymous 263758

Liberal politispergs ruined everything, if these internet spaces existed nowadays they would be filled with trannies and political drama, times have changed sadly.

Anonymous 263759

Way to take an innocent post and make it political Einstein.

Anonymous 263760

Tumblr is one of those great places like that and it's still kicking. No tranny influence on tumblr can compare to the Maga incels that
ruined the internet originally. If anything thank God for trannies if they keep the scrote wankers away from the last great places online. Incel filth need to have their dicks thrown in hot acid. They were nothing but parasites back then and they're nothing but parasites now.

Anonymous 263762

Different names same insufferable plague

Anonymous 263764

I just got tumblr again and i love it. theres tons of terfs cryptoterfing and a lot of older women too so theres less discourse and jealousy canceling like on twitter, no ugly moid coomshit as well and easier to curate feed

Anonymous 263769

Social media created hubs. Forums, blogs, boards - all redundant. Like not really but for most people, all they need is there. It provides a platform for some to get ahead while everyone else watches. Most people don't want new, they want familiar.
'social media' includes stuff like tiktok you retard. Even traditional sites like Facebook have like a billion users so I'm don't think they're gonna hurt. Try venturing onto the normal internet sometime.

Anonymous 263771

Missed the part about 'not being fun' and that's on you and how you're using it.
The whole post sounds like a boomer tbh.

Anonymous 263780

Both trannies and chuds suck

Anonymous 263785

Nta but you're the kinds of people nobody actually respects because you regurgitate shit and contribute nothing to this earth.

I know so many people who fantasize to me about wanting to stomp faces and genes like yours into oblivion for wasting our precious oxygen. Get off the internet. Or go back to blending into a beige wall like the rest of your kind. Stop pretending you have opinions. You're not fooling anyone.

Anonymous 263796

Media sites are no longer able to compete with the big 6-7 sites available. They've tried but either they lose sponsorships/advertisers or they get DDOS attacked. Like what happened to 8chan.

i think it's why media is just getting worse. like why worry about competition when no one is allowed to compete?

Anonymous 263804

Maybe you don't know where the fun and hip parts of the internet are because you are old and square.

Anonymous 263814


not exactly related but im really curious to see at least one of the big social media sites fall. imagine the chaos. someone should bomb facebook servers

Anonymous 263894

People are getting poorer and more politically divided.
The actually creative internet was ruled by college kids and nerds with lots of free time and little worry.
Now the internet is mostly ruled by lowest common denominator trash who are desperate to make more money and hear their shit opinions echo'd back to them or at best get some sort of very basic mind numbing escape.

Anonymous 263905


This video explains pretty well why the modern internet sucks.
To make it short, the current internet is incompatible with inherent human nature which evolved to navigate social structures and much smaller communities, doesn't reflect communities and societies that evolve naturally(early internet actualyl did to an extent which is why it was much better), and internet giants simpoly don't give a shit about that.

Anonymous 263923

How Google is killing independent sites like ours

And why you shouldn’t trust product recommendations from big media publishers ranking at the top of Google


Anonymous 263969

>complains about lack of creativity
>create complains
I don't know what is the problem OP.

Anonymous 263992

Bombing the servers would be unecessary.
Just wait 4 more years.
Social media is already at a point where it can only go down from here. Meta is struggling. Twitter hasn't netted any new users since before Memelon bought it, and YouTube is clearly getting desparate too.
Tik Tok is still successful unfortunately and I have no idea what's gonna lead to that getting killed.

Anonymous 263998

i agree but someone shoud bomb them anyway. just to be sure

Anonymous 264544


Internet goofball arms race went from insults/occasional harassment to doxing, grand larceny and bot warfare.
Basically why.

Anonymous 264568

The internet is a cold, dead bastard. The untrained eye sees only the body; rigor mortis and a few maggots. Dive in and you'll find an ecosystem brimming with life. Stagnant blood and a great many maggots; be wary; their voracious appetite will consume you, but their ignorance will feed the birds. You and the maggots both lose to the fat bastards.
There is incentive to draw all the maggots to you, in this day and age. One maggot is a burden, but they have utility in numbers. The large herd draws birds near; a chance to jump shit. From dead bastard to fat bastard, but the fat bastard always dies. And you're maggot ridden. Always the maggots. Multitudinous maggots. Maggots by the millions. Miles of mindless maggots, masticating meticulously. We mistook the maggots for meaning, and maintenant we make grave murmurs in minuscule whispers.
Clandestine creation in the skeletal remains of this cold dead bastard. This is who I am now.

Anonymous 264611


All this AI shit happening is such a turnoff, now when browsing the stuff on the internet I always have the creeping feeling that whatever I'm reading, whatever I'm looking at is not real. It feels like there's a black hole like void just at the periphery of my vision trying to pull me in. I don't want to look at or read things that are made ('generated') by some nonsentient, lifeless thing. Its creepy. I want to experience things done by real people.
I wonder if any of you know this uneasy feeling. Makes me wonder if at som point in the future hobbyists will just create their own version of the internet, separate from the giant corporate one, where they can be sure that whoever they deal with, or whatever they are looking at, hearing, reading or otherwise experiencing, is the result of an actual person. I hope so, at least.

Anonymous 264612

I was looking up reviews for some headphones I wanted to buy so I put "reddit" at the end of my google query, but then I had a thought - All the reddit posts could be fake, AI-generated, and nothing I read about this product could be real at all. You pull away one layer of paint and there's another layer underneath.

If I read through any social media I see memes that are so random and weird. Like I know there's a joke about "Humor is randomly generated" but it really does feel like that. Take a template and slap some text on it. A youtube video about a fart sound played over a fish. 3 million views. Then someone takes that farting fish and plays it over another random video like peter griffin vocoded to a song. Then that is taken and ..and and and it's like, is this funny? I don't think it is. There's a template, and then you put enough views on it and it becomes an in-joke. Then that in-joke perpetuates itself. We're all laughing along but is anyone just laughing?

I don't know. I'm rambling.

Anonymous 264618

Eventually AI stuff will be everywhere because it takes less effort to just generate a response than to think something up

It'll be like reading or seeing the same things over and over again, because AI still uses original content to generate content, it doesn't create new content it rearranges existing content

Anonymous 264639

Ancient greek philosophers had similar problems with written text because they couldn't question the author what was meant compared to listening to a live talk


Nice try AI

Anonymous 264655

It has definitely lit a fire under my ass about reaching out and finding more friends in my hobby spaces so we can all have each other for discussion/recs. My most optimistic take about this AI surge is similar to yours: I hope that it will force people who really want to stay online back into smaller forums with some degree of community vigilance against AI. I'm honestly considering trying Something Awful again after 1000 years just because the $10 to register is a soft block against that kind of stuff.

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