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What’s your lowest point of your time on the internet Anonymous 264232

Saw the question on reddit, curious about the responses here.

Anonymous 264233

Arguing on 4chan

Anonymous 264235


gifted discord nitro to an eboy

Anonymous 264237

Having a parasocial relationship with a streamer and trying to be the main character in her discord for 3 years (and tbh succeeding quite often)

Anonymous 264239

Average femcel moment

Anonymous 264240

Suicide fuel

Anonymous 264244

Screenshot 2024-02…

This is the worse. You wait for the captcha to let you post you carefully crafted retort, and then you slowly realise you're being had. Because the only way to fail at 4chan is by taking it seriously.

Anonymous 264250

And flirting on 4chan.
But the small chance of it being the same person is funny.

Anonymous 264251


I know it's nostalgia glasses but I only remember my time on internet with fondness no matter what happened it's difficult to pinpoint a moment I was ever miserable. Objectively though, if I remove my own feelings from the equation it was probably my time on 4chan I was having so much fun but I was seriously addicted and I was thinking of and composing replies in my sleep while running errands, in class, in the shower… It was distracting and I only let go because I got rangebanned eventually. The detox period was rough as well but it was necessary and in retrospect I'm grateful I got banned because I wouldn't have left on my own. Now I'm not even remotely curious if I'm still banned or not and I'm happy to post on a slower board that is more woman friendly.

Anonymous 264254

I think for me it’s arguing on tiktok. At some point a few months ago I decided to stop caring about being nice, I always avoided arguing with strangers online whether it’s on tumblr or 4chan. Ever since I peaked I became a bit ruder I think.

Anonymous 264256

I cried all night and didn't sleep because I fought with someone who I saw as a friend on discord because I imagined that they secretly hate me and are making other members turn against me.

Anonymous 264263

same, it was arguing on tiktok for me as well. when i realised i’m wasting my time i just deleted it and never looked back

Anonymous 264264


It gets worse when you realize you're probably arguing with a 12 year old troll.

Anonymous 264265

You're brave for doing that since tiktok automatically shows your comments to people that are in your contacts list on your phone, even if you don't allow tiktok to use your contacts kek
I've seen my uni friends comments multiple times on tiktok and we don't even follow each other on social media, I just had her number.

Anonymous 264267


Reason #54224 why I don't own a smartphone

Anonymous 264271

E-dating somebody for a month on discord and being really upset about it being over for about 6 months after, to the point it affected my university grades. And regularly thinking about it and being sad about it for ~3 years after. That's way too long to be sad about a 1 month discord relationship. I had no friends or relationship experience which is why losing that connection affected me so bad.

Anonymous 264274

this but only arguing because you're lonely and have no other way to get your basic social needs met without the intention or desire to win the argument

Anonymous 264277


Anonymous 264285

sounds believable, when i take the bus i always see middle-aged people on their phones scrolling through tiktok, it wasn’t a thing a few years ago. but could it also be minors lying about their age when making an account?

Anonymous 264286

That account is private, so even if they see my comment they won’t know who I am. But I did add a few friends before I went feral, I guess I should remove them.

Anonymous 264287

can i have a link to this article?

Anonymous 264289


>arguing with incels

Anonymous 264290

It was THEM…all along?

Anonymous 264293

Maybe it wasn't a total waste if you got some of them to rethink their stance. (I highly doubt this)

Anonymous 264295

nta, but I like talking to incels online, too - but not necessarily arguing with them. At first, I usually lead them into believing that I believe all of their talking points, which allows me to converse with them normally. Other times, I won't present that way and simply just show an open mind. It's really surprising an open mind can go when trying to keep a conversation from becoming hostile. They can come up with some really interesting viewpoints that aren't related directly to their inceldom. I miss using the incel tag on omegle when it was around.

Anonymous 264296

Actually, I have an entire incel hobby around just reading incel forums, documenting their users, and reading about incel culture. I don't know why, but I sometimes say "oofy doofy betabuxx" to myself when no one is around and start cackling like a moron. I'm a weirdo. When it comes to incels, I am neither a supporter nor an antagonist. I'm more like an uninitiated third party. Like a bird watcher but for incels. I don't agree with everything they say, and they have a lot of retarded takes, but sometimes, I can find some hidden gems on incel forums. Otherwise, I find that a lot of incel websites are obvious federal honeypots for lonely autistic men. I sometimes wonder if an AI exists on the internet that serves to demoralize young men into not trying.

Anonymous 264298

Actually, a lot of the times, they won't believe that I am a woman and call me a tranny, kek. They say that no woman could think like I do. (prolly because I was socialized by imageboards) Agreed on the shooter thing. The media just uses incels as a boogeyman when there are far greater threats out there. If anything, proper incels have showed themselves as incompetent in that manner. The one story that stands out to me when I was on videochat with my sister and her friend, and we ended up meeting this brazilian dude who was a philosophy major. We ended up having some really deep conversations. We shared a lot of similar interests. However, my sister's friend had a creepy ass doll from the 1950's that we were using earlier to mess with people on the stoner tag. (people would ask about the doll, and we'd pretend like it wasn't there.) They ended up bringing the doll out, and the guy covered his eyes and disconnected. I think they scared him away.

Anonymous 264301

I completely agree. It's lost its meaning? Dude who has lots of sex with women? Incel! ah, I see why you wouldn't want to video chat. My face was completely covered. I straight up had my hoodie tied up like kenny from south park. Have you ever considered making an account on an incel forum? Also, don't you find it odd that many of them don't allow tor/vpn? I feel like incels should try to protect themselves more because they're being out to be this big scary threat. Also, yeah, it was really funny. I didn't realize that it was due to the doll for a while because we ended up reconnecting multiple times but he then disconnected.

Anonymous 264303

Most of them are not harmless misunderstood socially awkward uwu guys. Most of them support raping women and think they're entitled to sex. They are, generally, just vile bitter violent fucks

Anonymous 264304

There are subreddits gossiping about Tiktokers and the vibe I get from a lot of users posting on those subs is they are in their 30s or even 40s. I know it's an anonymous text forum but I can still intuit the demographic.

Anonymous 264306


Anonymous 264307

Nta but most of them are both. They have repressed rage, resentment for women etc. and they can snap at any time. School shooters used to be shy nerds too before the shootings.

Anonymous 264309

Anonymous 264311

Isn't a lot of that shit insincere and facetious for the sake gatekeeping purposes? To keep the "normies" out? A bunch of exaggerated nonsense with no weight in it. Most incels are dumb as shit for posting on obvious honeypot forums and aren't competent enough to plan a decent shooting and are therefore hardly a threat.

Anonymous 264314

But normies really are a plague. If you've worked any average retail job or hospitality job you know this in your bones. People fucking suck and they're out for blood in one way or another.

Of all the things I hold against incels that's not one of them.

Anonymous 264315

Ah, no. I am in complete agreement with you actually, but I put normies in quotes because I actually prefer to use the term normalfag because the former term has been corrupted. Too many people use it because they want to be politically correct, which makes them a normalfag. I straight up want to fucking gas normalfags so god damn badly, holy fuck.

Anonymous 264316

Don't hold back, tell us how you really feel.

Anonymous 264317

I somehow have a strange, strange feeling about this poster.

Anonymous 264320

Nothing wrong with enjoying nona's rant on normies.

Anonymous 264334

>subreddits gossiping about tiktokers
some people have too much free time on their hands
please share your wisdom based nona.. how do you navigate through life without a smartphone? is it hard? what problems you run into and how do you solve them?

Anonymous 264336

No wisdom really… I more of an addict who knew she wouldn't survive the new dosage.
I'm terminally online since 1999, so I knew having the Internet in my pocket would be too much for me.
I have no smartphone, no fb, no insta, no linkedin, no whatever. Just a laptop, an email address and a throwaway account on reddit. If I need to know something, I wait to get back home to look it up on the Internet. I have an old blackberry but most websites can't load anymore. It's good for sms, mms, take notes and some pictures.
It's easy, honestly. There are some minor inconveniences that disappeared with time. Like rain is inconvenient, yet you accept it and don't dwell on it.
If I need to go someplace I don't know, I look up a map beforehand, and sometimes I print it. And if I'm lost, I ask people around.
If I go somewhere for a few days, I know I'll take a laptop with me; the blackberry still works as a mobile hotspot so I can have Internet access on the go.
I sense some people expect instant replies in their e-mails. I just ignore it. To me it's no different than an actual mailbox. You open it once a day.
It was harder in 2010-2015 : all my friends forgot I wasn't on social networks, or whatsapp or telegram, and I missed some big events, sometimes learning about it months later. But this way I managed to keep the better friends (the one that talked directly to me rather than post stuff to everyone) and I learnt to let go of FOMO.
For a while, it felt hard, and a big thing to do. Now I realize it was only appropriate.

That said, I'm about to buy a smartphone just to visit Nordic countries this year (seems to be a necessity there and I don't speak the language).

Anonymous 264337


I also use a "dumbphone". I got a Tracfone TCL Flip 2 as a burner phone when leaving a bad situation and just kind of kept it. Tracfone does all this scammy crap like making minutes expire, and I don't recommend it at all, honestly. But it's better than paying for a full smartphone plan when you'll literally never use data.

The network bands for different regions also restricts what kind of phone will work at all. Like you can't have a cute japanese phone like picrel, you have to have some monotone grey / black ugly plastic thing.

Anonymous 264338

It's cute :3
Where do you find phones like that? (I mean Japan doesn't ship, so where ?)

Anonymous 264340

aliexpress is good, I got the samsumg folder 2 from aliexpress. It's not a dumb phone but it's a good transition phone if you still need some apps (my parents only communicate through whatsapp)

Anonymous 264342


Anonymous 264344

There were some on ebay, but I don't think it will work on NA networks bc of the 3g shutdown. IT'S NOT FAIR!!!

Anonymous 264345

Fuck…you take the cake

Anonymous 264351

Ah, found this: https://www.dumbphones.org/ and links to kyocera phones.

Anonymous 264359

so many cute lil phones were kil because of 3g shutdown.,.

i had an xperia z3 compact and it was so cute and small and waterproof and had side-contact charging !!! then THEY took it from me, killed it, made it a underpriced paperweight… :c

i want a razr v2 on lte… they were so based…

Anonymous 264379

What a cute phone. I really want one of those Japanese-style keitai someday.
Something to note for those looking to get into dumbphones: make sure to get a dumbphone that doesn't have KaiOS or Android. They're just the same thing as a smartphone but on a flipphone, so technically, it's just a flip phone with smartphone functionality. Look for one with a proprietary operating system like Series 30+ (nokia phones) or ThreadX. An issue I'm noticing with a lot of proper dumbphones is that some of them have issues with certain phone networks that require a certain band. I've read good things about the Sunbeam, but it technically uses a de-googled android. Also, with some of the phones, you end up losing the ability to use MMS, so keep that in mind if you are searching for a dumbphone.

Anonymous 264385

omg the pink razr is so iconic

Anonymous 264515

stalking a tranny

Anonymous 264527


Honestly none. The internet has allowed me to freely transpose my spirit onto this world, giving me the courage and strength to improve my real world.
I grew up in poverty and later homelessness and became a bit lost with making ends meet quite difficult. The internet though has always allowed me to be free.
It's given me the platform to share my art, meet great friends, and further my personal interests. All which have allowed me to have peace in strife.
My real life now is flourishing with me gaining a 6 figure job in my dream career path and having open communities to speak my mind like this one.

I guess maybe the worse has been spending too much time on public high population discord servers
just because I would get caught up with arguing with people and ruining my mood in meeting pedophiles and rabid misogynists (usually foreign)

1997 Birth year for context, just because I feel like my generation came to know the social transition onto the interwebs quite well.

Anonymous 264528

exactly. don't a lot of mass shooters end up having some background in incel ideology? is one seriously supposed to think of incels as harmless if the ideology they perpetuate creates violent people? not all incels i've spoken to i've thought of as legitimately bad people, but they are the "intellectualizers," or proponents, for the men who legitimately cause harm to women.

Anonymous 264531

Normie is the politically correct version of normalfag, because British cigarettes are not today-friendly.

Anonymous 264533

> don't a lot of mass shooters end up having some background in incel ideology?
That's what the media wants you to think. Inceldom is not an ideology but a predicament you struggle with. It does not imply that you participate in the incel subculture but mere that you are unable to get sex. I've noticed a lot of incels are a bunch of timid bitch babies, which is why they can't get women, and if they're timid bitch babies, then are they really going to go out and shoot a bunch of people? I don't think shitposting on the internet really does much harm. But, I notice most mass shooters are fucking normalfags. They all have a girlfriend or another. The media said that shitmonkey Nikolas Cruz was an incel, but he had a girlfriend and thus was a normalfag. James Holmes was a normalfag because he had a girlfriend. Almost none of these shooters are actually incels. They're friend-having, sex-having, N O R M A L F A G S. It's always the normalfags who are violent because they're manipulative evil fucking scum.

Anonymous 264677

getting arrested for 8chan lulz irl

Anonymous 264679

what did you do

Anonymous 264681

I used to be a mod for 8chan and had been posting there since 2014. I was naive in my support for that shitty site and I regret it every day. I hope ron gets sent to jail for life

Anonymous 264691

posting gore and scat on chatrooms to bait

Anonymous 264693

What about Adam Lanza or the Columbine shooters?

Anonymous 264709

Dedicating months of time to online friendships with moids. Don't get me wrong, things were fun for a while, but now that I am no longer friends with any I don't feel the pressure to constantly reply or call out of fear of the "I feel like you hate me" messages. It took up so much of my life now that I'm looking back. Moids stop threatening suicide over girl not replying quickly challenge Go

Anonymous 264715

E-dating a guy in my teens for 9 months then him cheating on me with an irl girl and spending 2 years depressed and heartbroken because I was so obsessed with him

Anonymous 264738

My lowest point so far would be when my highschool crush started to do onlyfans during the pandemic….



Anonymous 264744

3 out of how many?

Anonymous 265183

>Moids stop threatening suicide over girl not replying quickly challenge Go
sounds like you ended up with the landmines for some reason

Anonymous 265190

>edated some chump (he sent me gifts) over discord
>he "accidentally" showed off his alt account full of sext dms to our entire groupchat.
>i block him, want nothing to do with him
>he turns the entire gc against me
birdwatching is such a good euphemism for lolcow documenting kek

Anonymous 265207

lurking on cp forums, having consistent panic attacks because there are people who are like that, who not only trading or having sex with their children, but literally brainwash them into sex work since birth

lurking on gore websites, having consistentent existential dread.
talking to 40y.o+ schizos who were rly fucked up

i was, like, 13

Anonymous 265229

"People" or men?

Anonymous 265232

>brainwash them into sex work since birth
Well that's enough internet for today and I lost a little more faith in humanity too.

Anonymous 265238

wasting away on discord and 4ch since my preteen days, trying to make friends with people online post pandemic. now i dont participate much. i wish i could tell stories from online to people without them getting weirded out, itd make nice conversation. nothing feels fun or magical anymore online.

Anonymous 265341

Probably edating some moid who isolated me from any of my other online friends. He'd call me for hours at his job delivering pizzas and would get mad if the call dropped or if I had to go. He stalked my steam profile constantly and cried and whined if I played any game with online capabilities because he was scared I'd cheat. Had a whole fit about me briefly speaking to a 14 year old boy in an online lobby which I refused to entertain because how the actual fuck are you jealous of an actual child I'm not even friends with when we're 22/23 years old? He then ghosted me.

And I took him back. Then he left me for some random woman who didn't even end up actually dating him lmfao. Truly pathetic on my part.

Oh, the craziest part of this story? He BEGGED me to send him pictures of me sexting other men. He had a cuck fetish. Looking back I actually wish I had indulged him to see how much more psychotic he could get, because how the fuck are you so supremely jealous and WANT me to provide you evidence of my cheating? I always thought that would just give him ammunition. I'm too monogamous for all that though.

Anonymous 265357

>isolating you from your friends
>insists on texting/calling during his supposed work hours
>got jealous if you played online games without him
>cuck fetish
did we edate the same moid? kek. the only right decision here was not sending him those supposed sexts, he definitely would have used that as blackmail. also i bet you $100 he was not delivering pizzas but gooning out in his mother's attic sexting other girls and mostly troons

Anonymous 265368


joining a furry and tulpa community on amino

Anonymous 265373

Are you me I wish I could go back in time and erase the memory of the tor browser from my 11 year old mind so I will have never looked at a .onion link in my life. I'd be better off.

Anonymous 265376

posting on the dating threads on /lgbt/ and /soc/

the people were nice though, no regrets about that. just that it was my lowest point probably

Anonymous 265401

Letting myself get emotionally abused by some asshole over a roleplay on gaia (and I still miss it.)

Anonymous 265406

I don't think he was actually working either! His steam hours would go up and he would claim it was his cousin .. but it was in the same games he would play. I only noticed because I got extremely suspicious of him after he ghosted me and I foolishly took him back. Plus he had a discord server he kept inviting me to and kicking me out of for no reason whatsoever. It really is true the moids accusing you of cheating are always fucking cheating.

My self respect was in the garbage jfc.

Anonymous 265422

i was lucky to do it a year before the exit scam but i was getting dark web dissos hallucinogens etc on incognito, staying up late to do them, and doing discord homestuck/furry erp all about the same time. still an improvement from my lowest lows but talking about what you did when you were 11-14 for this question is cheating

Anonymous 265439

Latereply but holy shit I was thinking of maybe downloading it to make dumb little videos a while ago, thank god I didn't

Anonymous 265573

Begging and having a breakdown after being not only rejected but also called a federal govenrment asset by a militia larper moid i liked online.

That was without the question the most pathetic point of my entire existence, ever

Anonymous 265649

Becoming obsessed with celebrity gossip and celebrity to an unhealthy degree during the pandemic and after

Anonymous 265686

Honestly, the past few years.
The internet is so boring and dead but I still use it. That feels like the lowest point.

Anonymous 265691

attention whoring at my ex by posting countless instagram stories thinking I'll get him back

Anonymous 265722

made friends and bonded over fujoshi shit with a TIF and developed feelings for her that I wouldn't be able to do anything with.

because 1. i could maybe be with a detransitioner but not a woman who's so sexist she insists that she has thoughts and emotions that I could never have. 2. ugh the porn addiction. none of those fandom girlies were beating the coomer allegations except for the one closeted lesbian who recently started t and will be changing her name to hubert soon. i don't think there was anything i could have done for her

this was my first foray into fandom and i've never met a group of people so charming and flattering (as long as you're producing content)

Anonymous 265723

>this fandom and fujo talk
like, the faggy goth fire emblem guy? why do tifs always pick names based on video game characters?

Anonymous 265726

Kek this is true. Doomscroll for hours and it feels like it's slow, tedious and you see nothing interesting anymore

Anonymous 265734

No it wasn't anything anime, this fandom drew in a bunch of FTMs because they think being actively attracted to hairy middle aged men meant they were men themselves. Like I said, this one was the one lesbian in a sea of lovebombing straight-ish women who mostly just look handsomely butch. I hope she doesn't go too far down the hole for them.

I think her picking Hubert was a way to establish herself as masculine but deceptively lame and sexy on her own terms? I forget what her Twitter said. For every Kai there was three Felix, Rufus, Daniel, etc.

Anonymous 265767

making a kiwifarms account

Anonymous 265799

getting doxxed and humiliated by some guy ten years older than me when i was 17
also these

Anonymous 265810

self-posting on 4chan's /b/ at age 12 and everything that it led to

Anonymous 265852

what did you learn nona

Anonymous 265855

Calling my ex fag and/or names with fake accounts because I am that petty and pathetic. I think he knows it was me. Now all of his socials are with different name and are all private lol

Anonymous 265859

yeah, full on forum sections with hundreds of topics about ways to brainwash kids

some bullshit sexual fairytales to tell them, etc, i don't remember much about actual methods

i don't think there was a selling section, but i remember that there was a couple of topics which were like "i don't really like boys, so i'm looking for someone who wants to temporarily get my two little guys (4 y.o and 3 y.o. afaicr) in exchange for two girls"

Anonymous 265860

at the time it really fucked me up, but now i'm fine and honestly i don't regret lurking, because now i know how fucked this world is, and it gives me the reason to try and make it better ig
well maybe not so much the last part, but i'm glad to know what men are capable of

Anonymous 265863

simping bad for an eboy, but then i got him in the end so it doubles as highest point

Anonymous 265867

Probably now. The internet has never been as shitty as it is right now. I'm so bored of it and yearn for the days I could find real enrertainment online.

Anonymous 265870

I really like the OP image, it' super comfy. I keep clicking the thread whenever I visit just to look at it.

Anonymous 265872

What happened?
I wanted to make a kf account too but I've seen too many users getting doxed.

Anonymous 265874

a lot of newfags have shitty opsec when joining and kiwifags love to cannibalize each other more than any online community.

Anonymous 265930

>joining miiverse
>joining miiverse clones
>joining kiwifarms
>having massive public mental breakdowns on multiple occasions, oftentimes on active threads
>purposefully sabotaging my own reputation
>becoming a minor lolcow in my local town
>so much so that there are online posts about me being a sperg
>telling trannies i think they should see a doctor instead of taking troonshine off the black market, if they actually think they have GID
>proceeded to get dox threats from said trannies

Anonymous 265931

>joining miiverse
>joining kiwifarms
boy that unlocked some memories for me, never took that app seriously though. i wonder what the overlap between miiverse and kiwifarms looks like.

Anonymous 265933

pretending to be a moidcel on their forums so i could join private groups and stalk the users. yes i had a crush on one of them, i am human and i am female after all and i have feelings beyond male comprehension. the moid i liked became suicidal and it sent me down a bad spiral. i tried to message him and confess my feelings but he didn't believe me and deleted his account and now when I check his mom's facebook he looks lobotomized so maybe he really did try to kill himself. i thought abut calling her or his aunt beforehand and warning them that he was threatening to kill himself but i did not because i was scared. why does it always happen like this why am i such a coward i ruin everything i just wanted to save him and everything would have been sweet but instead he's a shell and i'm posting about it here.

Anonymous 265988

It's ok, nona, only cowards try to kill themselves. You're better off without him.

Anonymous 265997

My posts on a nsfw Facebook group bring visible cause the group was public

Anonymous 266004

I tried to kill myself before too, but yea I have a bf now and in retrospect I am better off not obsessing over randoms who don't care about me. It's much more fulfilling obsessing over someone who does

Anonymous 266005

I guess my ultimate low is very mild but I back in 2017 I used to browse the nazi board everyday trying to defend women and openly stating I was a woman myself for a solid year I think, then I tried larping as a man to do that but it became boring very quickly as I realized it was useless. I tried other boards but men somehow are able to ruin every hobby and infest any topic of discussion with sexualized things and >muh dick reasoning. That was several years ago but I still wish I hadn't lost my time there, what a fucking retard I was, at least I never shared info or posted a picture of myself.

Anonymous 266022

Oh no..

Anonymous 266035

I think most of us go through a phase of putting in a ton of effort to convince men of our humanity before realizing they just aren't going to work with us. At least you did yours in a virtual space where none of them could physically hurt you or damage your IRL reputation.

Anonymous 266037

what did it lead to…

Anonymous 266044

>>264277 Everyone talks about zoomer's obsession with tik tok but really it's with YouTube which is the only worse possible outcome considering how horrible YouTube is in its current state.

Anonymous 266078

>I think most of us go through a phase of putting in a ton of effort to convince men of our humanity before realizing they just aren't going to work with us.
Yes, and I am grateful that a lot of women here and in lc took their time to explain to me why that was a waste of time. I also regret being so salty towards childfree women because they pointed out how maternity is almost always the end of women's independence with but I was so naive…

Anonymous 266107

Got stalked and harassed by a group of moids simply because I didn't send them nude pictures. They went after every trace of mine on the internet, after my family members too. After that I've never had any social media account unlock and with more than 20 followers. Too paranoid. Even because, two years later they still go looking me sometimes.

Anonymous 266125

Found out my last e-bf shittalks me on /v/ and gets clowned on by other posters for his insane takes. Not sure how to feel about this.

Anonymous 266207

was in a teamspeak server a million years ago for a fairly male-dominated hobby where i was the only girl. another girl showed up and started posting selfies wearing lingerie and cute cosplays so basically every guy got super obsessed with her and forgot i was there and also female and this fuckin infuriated me.

she would allude to having nudes she was willing to share and would dangle that over guys' heads and tease them like "hehe maybe i'll show you uwu" and i, desperate for any male attention whatsoever, spent hours trying to get into her dropbox account, eventually did, found the nudes, sent them to her biggest simps, and got banned for it (:

Anonymous 266238

shit like this is why i refuse to interact with scrotes in my male-dominated hobby. i'm not conventionally attractive so i either get ignored or treated like shit, meanwhile these fucks simp over ethots and complain about tfw no gf. but it's on that group to ban a blatant onlyfans shiller. i wouldn't leak her nudes or fight with her over attention from braindead rapeapes that would fuck a mcchicken. don't hate the player, hate the game.

Anonymous 266321

toxic ""relationships"" with way older men, leaked CP, doxxing, suspension from school, (even more) troubled relationships with family, further ostracization from peers, depression, anxiety, zero self-esteem, mental breakdowns often requiring hospitalization, eventually actual "sex work"

Anonymous 266336

dw nona im ok now - its been a very long time


Anonymous 266339


Rotting my brain during preteen years by exposing it to five or more hours on deviantart scrolling endless pages of fetish "art" on a regular basis

Anonymous 266362


Deviantart was such a goldmine for finding this stuff. I remember skype screensharing the newest page with friends for good laughs. Apart from this it's pretty terrible.

Anonymous 266366


>Apart from this it's pretty terrible.
It's even worse now. Back then you could at least find actual art and cool people apart from memeworthy stuff, nowadays it's a wasteland of AI garbage, scammers and indian spam with the current owners trying to squeeze every last penny out of it trying to sell you subscriptions at every corner, I'm surprised the site is still operating tbh

Anonymous 266400

post caps kek

Anonymous 266541

Aside from the time I spent my grandma's birthday money on commissions for Pyramid Head lewds? Probably when I was 16 and made friends with a guy at school, and him being my only friend, spent every hour with him that I wasn't sleeping. We'd just stay in his room and do stuff on the internet, play games, walk around the neighbourhood, sneak into the wildlife preserve etc. and at one point we joined a teamspeak server where my friend started a movie night. He'd stream a really good B horror movie, or goodbad anything, and everyone would watch and talk about it. Being the only girl, I got a lot of attention and it kind of broke my brain after being ignored my whole life. I started binge drinking and one of the guys there would drink with me over TS and keep me company. We traded pictures and he was tall, skinny, muscular and handsome, so when he started talking about a girl he'd met, I thought the best way to get his attention was nudes. He immediately started collecting them, complimenting me and getting sexual. One day while I was hungover and lurking in a related TS at home, one of the guys posted one of my nudes, but quickly deleted it before others could save it.

I panicked and called my friend, hoping he could help. By the time he left school in the middle of the day and came over, I was already drunk again and once I explained things, I insinuated I could give him more than just nudes if he helped. I will never forget the look of shock and disgust he gave me, right before he furrowed his brow in just sheer disappointment. He basically detonated his friendship by collecting damning things people had said and done, found out their real identities, and forced them to screenshare as he downloaded software and purged their PCs. It took hours and by that time I'd become belligerent and emotional. I was terrified that he thought I was hideous and the thought of my body was what made him react like that, but he just said "I felt like if I was ever in trouble, you'd help if you could, no matter what. I thought you felt the same way about me. I guess I just thought we were better friends than we were." and left to be severely punished by his parents for skipping school. God I treated him so badly, but he stuck by me without expecting anything but my friendship.

Anonymous 266544

>spent my grandma's birthday money on commissions for Pyramid Head lewds

Based. Legendary, even.

Anonymous 266545

Dumb me was addicted to call of duty and because I was a girl I thought I could make a ton of videos on YT and stream on twitch to get money from simps (the worst type btw swag bros in snapbacks who smoke weed and are addicted to porn — aka burnout normoids)
Lowest point in my life but hey at least I got free makeup , coffee and food from it
I’d literally wake up , shit , eat, play and repeat everyday for two years…

Anonymous 266546

By the way this was when cod was at its height like 2009-2013
Yes I’m an old dinosaur

Anonymous 266555

Being told to kill myself like hundreds of times by other women and developing psychosis

Anonymous 266648

Pretended to be several different people (a cousin, a friend, an "ex-boyfriend", and a "creepy stalker". All made-up personalities) online, added all of these fake accounts to the Facebook public roleplaying groupchat I frequented, had each account open on a different browser/device, and had entire conversations with them in the groupchat so my online friends would think I had such an interesting and chaotic life. This was like 10+ years ago and I was a dumb teen, I've long since burned bridges with the people in that community. I've lost the log-in details to all of these fake accounts and haven't been able to access them again, so they're still up there. Their existence mocks me.

I also cyberstalked a random girl for 7 years and accumulated 1k+ photos and caps related to her, during this period I uncovered so much stuff I knew I shouldn't be knowing about like her turning out to be a local politician's illegitimate child, pics her older sister took of her clad only in a towel after a shower, and the log-in credentials of her high-school student portal account. As I found out we were the same age and school grade, I would access that account periodically, look at her grades, and compare my own to hers. We've never even interacted once, online or irl. I just noticed her through a friend of a friend, and to this day I have no fucking idea why I was so obsessed with her to the point of pulling all-nighters going through her relatives' and friends' profiles scouring every photo album for even the blurriest glimpse of her. I think I was insanely jealous, or had a toxic infatuation idk. She really didn't deserve the privacy invasion

Anonymous 266653

Arguing with boomers about gossip. They feel the need to habitually comment on gossip to boost their egos and feel smarter.
Even thou their takes are so typically banal and none of what they say has even a nuance of originality.

Anonymous 266661

Falling in love (or maybe it was just a crush) on some 50 year old moid because of his knowledge in music (he was a gen x). I even said to myself "if only he wasn't 50 years old I would've dated him"

Anonymous 266663

Being on Twitter. Since 2009. Kek. That site has always been a disgraceful place, in each era in a different way. From 2009-2013 there was the rot in its rawest form, then came the "woke era", which lasted from 2014 to 2016. Bad, but not as bad as the Muskrat management era, where thay junkie clown promised to put an end to bots and porn, and well, I think anyone here who has the misfortune of visiting that site knows what I'm talking about

Anonymous 266683

so true. also had an account since ~2009. i deactivated during the beginning of muskrat era and have no regrets, considering the state of that shithole now.

Anonymous 268903

Where do you nonas even find those e-boys? I wish I had one fawning over me

Anonymous 268904

I used to find them on random internet chatrooms. Mostly Omegle, or chatrooms by typing "random chatrooms" on google. of course there's a lot of trolls and creeps but you gotta fight through it kek

Anonymous 268909


Why wouldn't you instead want someone that loves you but that you also love reciprocally?

Anonymous 268910

Who says I won't love him back?

Anonymous 268911

Ah, my bad. By the way you phrased it i thought you only wanted a boy to take advantage of. Like you only want someone to boost your ego while you dont give any love back

Anonymous 268936

probs right about now, wasting time on discord to the detriment of my own goals, or when i was addicted to omegle, both not my proudest moments

Anonymous 268938

I used to catfish this bitch I hated. Good times, but kinda pathetic in retrospect.

Anonymous 268941


I wouldn't recommend getting one. most of them are just using you to pass the time or acting our some trend. it's gonna lead to disillusionment

Anonymous 269009

for me its
>i want to draw cool toasters
>find a community on the internet with 1000+ members about toasters
>they are extremely boring as hell and 995 of them don't even talk
>if i was as sensitive as one of those omori kids i would've kms by noww

Anonymous 269020

publicly humiliating and arguing with girls who are attention seekers on twitter

Anonymous 269208

I sat in front of my computer for 14 hours while talking to a cute russian guy that just attempted suicide. Turns out that he got a boyfriend.

Anonymous 270238

Arguing with a popular fandom blog owner on tumblr, I am talking about the type of person who has whole blog dedicated to a shitty videogame, and was treated as an authority in the fandom of said videogame, politicized every discussion about the game and the characters so that people couldn't voice their opinions without sugarcoating for the fans of the shitty characters.
I despise this fake cordiatility, especially over fiction, since when it comes to every other topic people can be as crude as they can.

Anonymous 270241


oh I win this one. Having multiple hour long sexual conversations with myself on an alt pretending to be a dude who wanted to fuck me and sending the alt nudes and sending from the alt account that "he" was getting off to it and getting off to that. Also sending messages from that alt that he liked me and had feelings for me, ect. and occasionally "we" would get into fights and arugue and "he'd" tell me to kill myself

Anonymous 270242


>super fan girl for political youtuber
>use all my money sending him super chats so it'll feel like I'm talking to him
>debate another political youtuber on his behalf
>tell this youtuber to debate the guy I was fangirling
>he does
>guy I was fangirling loses the debate and consides everything
>he streams again and acts like nothing happened, I ask him with super chats if he ment what he said in the debate, he ignores my superchats
>call him a lieing bitch
>he blocks me
>about a month later he does a 180 on all his views
>I go to debate him, but he just milks me for content and tells everyone he's the victim of my parasocal realionship and that I dmed his wife for no reason
>tfw his wife dmed me, to refund me for the superchats he ignored
>still have nightmeres about him

never again. Parasocal relationships, not even once

Anonymous 270658

I was so enraged by the time my ex added himself to my group chat and told all my friends I raped and abused him (both untrue) that I spent months finding and adding his e-friends and ingratiating myself to them to make a groupchat of my own where I made fun of him and told them all about the horrors he subjected me to.
I got bored and deleted the account and then when I got a new bf, he realised what I had done and tried to interfere with my new relationship (man of my dreams in every way who was kind and lovely to me). Lol. Get owned groomer!

Anonymous 270742

that's a man hand you tranny ywnbaw

Anonymous 270864

when i was 13 i posted myself doing the whip and nae nae in a diaper in a discord server (because i pissed the bed until 14) because i wanted to turn myself into a lolcow. i also constantly talked about rape and shit, called myself a loli, and doxxed myself. thankfully nobody really cared because its discord and all teen girls act like that on that hellsite

Anonymous 270935


Namefagging on r9k. It was all to troll but the fact I even did it is most shameful behavior. I also edated on a discord server but that’s basic shit and it worked out so it’s no longer cringe teehee

Anonymous 270944

how the hell did a 13 year old you even find those sites?? like genuinely were u sent links or like did you stumble upon them or what

Anonymous 270950


I used to have public mental breakdowns on my socials

Anonymous 270956

NTA but have basically the same story and was sent the links by someone

Anonymous 270983

A time when I was younger and happened to attract a group of dedicated trolls on a certain social media site. This went on for a couple of years. I think it was a bad concidence I just happened to encounter these people. At first it was joking around and shitposting that gradually devolved into outright bullying. I kept putting on an increasingly silly personality on purpose because it kept getting more attention from them the more ridiculous I acted. But I actually liked all the attention I got until I felt like they started being too mean and they also ended up doxxing alot of my irl info which worried me. The whole thing made me realize a friendless weirdo like myself has no place on any social media. And hanging around there was just making me feel more lonely. So as a direct result I decided to stop using all of them. A decision which still persists to this day. I still wish someone would give me some kind of attention tbh

Anonymous 271061

How did you execute this? Was it just you talking to yourself on discord or do you do this publicly online? also what do you get out of this
Not my choice but I saw legit cheese pizza on 4chan after i naively thought that stuff like that doesn't actually get posted

Anonymous 271066

Yeah I’ve done stuff like that. Slowly realizing they’re laughing at you and not with you is always unpleasant.

Anonymous 271085


One year, instead of spending 4th of July with friends and family, I spent it participating in a 4chan raid on tumblr.
We posted the most horrible gore under the Stephen universe tags

Also i would collect really disturbing porn to traumatize people with when I got tired of debating them

Oh yeah and I would draw gross fetish art for people on 4chan FOR FREE

Anonymous 271097

Seriously "flirting" and considering meeting up people off /soc/. Or just posting there in general.

Anonymous 271286

Moids messaging me to tell me to hang myself in live stream

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