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Anonymous 26479

So what's your beef with lolcow farm?

Anonymous 26482


Nothing but respect for MY autistic auntie.

Anonymous 26483


It's primarily an eceleb gossip site which is a topic I don't care for and there are better general discussion threads here.

Anonymous 26484

I don't have a cow with lolcow.farm. I was banned there like a year and a half ago so I migrated over here once I learned this was a community. I still go there for the gossip, and I like how its /g/ and /ot/ are active and have more variety in conversation than here (however, that could be because we don't have as many users).

Anonymous 26485

I like both sites, but I don't understand why most farmers hate CC.
Is it because we have migrants from /r9k/ and other imageboards here?

Anonymous 26486

Went there once and noped the heck out after seeing a series of miserable topics and the general atmosphere.

Anonymous 26488

It's too unorganized

Anonymous 26490

>they think we're men larping (or at least the majority of us)
>they think we think we're better because we don't go on gossip boards therefore uwu i'm better!~~~ (not true i am sure)
>i've said ppl say we're prudes because the nsfw board here is slow
and the list goes on and on.
honestly i'm sure that many ppl here still go on lc. i avoid it because i think the place is really messy now compared to how it used to be in 2016

Anonymous 26491

>they think we're men larping (or at least the majority of us)

I've seen this said in a few different places, it's ridiculous to think someone would be that bored. I've only seen a few posts that have caught my eye as being a man playing pretend.

Anonymous 26492


CC users accusing other CC users as larpers.

Anonymous 26493

I like that the onomatopoeia of stabbing is thot

Anonymous 26495


Whenever I visit lc it feels like picking a booger, gross, but somehow satisfying. There's so much nitpicking, immaturity, and insecurity going on, I can't be bothered to engage, so I just lurk.

Anonymous 26496

I used to be a farmer, but ultimately grew out of it. The place bothers me now, it's so depressing to visit. Leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but I found crystal cafe because of it and I like it here.

Anonymous 26501

Tbh I don't think most people here have a beef with lc. There are some users that are very vocal against it but I'm sure it's because they were blocked or kicked out ( ex-farmhands, ex-mods etc) for fucking up . So they talk shit out of resentment.

Anonymous 26503

bitches in that dumpster nitpick at the stoopidest shit (at-least for art youtubers which is the only community I am interested in)

check this thread

bitches whining about the color of a sprite or some shit

Anonymous 26504

it gives my inner cyber detective something to do. i dig up a lot of content that would be otherwise hard to find because i get intrigued. i don't care a lot about the people posted though.

Anonymous 26507

people can be needlessly rude/stupid over there
other than that it's fine

Anonymous 26509

Same, I just don't really give a shit about any of the cows. Sometimes I visit /ot/ but they are so needlessly aggressive, just look at some of the posts in the unpopular opinion threads. I prefer CC's more welcoming atmosphere, lolcow would probably call here a hugbox but I think users are still called out when they are completely in the wrong.

Anonymous 26510

Sometimes I feel like someone who here is so nice and kind and friendly here would crosspost over to lc and say very mean things. As it’s made apparent many people here post there.

The very same person driven to do different things. Sad! But this gives me inspiration. I WILL be the nicest lc poster ever in the off topic boards and I will shower other posts with kindness!

Anonymous 26513

It’s getting easier to spot cowposters here than men. Rude try hard pops up for no reason? Cow.

Anonymous 26514

There's an unnecessary amount of vitriol and anger coming from the posters, otherwise I don't really have any opinions on it

Anonymous 26516


I still go on there regularly but the atmosphere kind of puts me in a defensive and depressed mood. A lot of the posters there seem perpetually irate and don’t actually feel like having intelligent discussion, but it’s a gossip site so what should I expect?

Does anyone remember 2016 lolcow? Around the time where Ember Whann and Kadeecow were still popular? Before lc became “”radfem”” and boards like /cream/ and /manure/ still existed? I feel like the userbase has completely shifted since then.

Anonymous 26517

Screenshot (115).p…

Mods are so ban-happy, sometimes I genuinely have no idea what exactly I did wrong, when others write similar things without any consequences. They seem extremely biased. This week a pic of a beheaded woman stayed up for nearly 2(!) days - but in the meantime anons were banned for other, minor offences. The mods were called out in meta multiple times, but didn't do anything. Today I check again and this is how they respond: see pic

I have to admit that I post on lc daily and it's very easy to get sucked into trying to appear "tough".

I'm ESL and before finding lc I had no idea what things like "nasolabial folds" even are, they defintely shaped my view on how I see myself very negatively. But it's also kind of addictive. If you don't have anybody irl it's easy to just go there.
Being on cc does make me feel better (minus the obvious male larpers posting overly cutesy shit, this is creepy af. I always fear that I'm responding or opening up to some creep), but it's just sooo slow.
Also, there are way too many anas on both boards, which honestly really does "trigger" me… Talking about EDs is fine of course, but being overly nitpicky and advise or even try to push others to also follow your >1000cal diet is a no-go.

Let's see how it changes once there's a new admin. I started visiting because of Kota and all the other gaijin in Japan, but it's no longer what it once was.

Anonymous 26519

Samefag, but since I noticed just now that people adressed the larping thing above, I wanted to add something:
Firstly, unrelated but
/b/ and /feels/ are also unorganized. Everybody is just making their own little thread for every tiny unimportant thing and then they die after less than 10 posts. That's so annoying. Is there a way to change that?

And secondly
>I like that the onomatopoeia of stabbing is thot
>Sad! But this gives me inspiration. I WILL be the nicest lc poster ever in the off topic boards and I will shower other posts with kindness!
>Before lc became “”radfem””
These are just some of the things that simply sound suspicious. Stabbing is thot (hot?), typing uwu style, being overly affectionate and accusing lc of being radfem just comes across as either weird, creepy or downright male. It's what men imagine their perfect idea of a nerdy, anime-loving girl to be: Perverted, but also cute and always overly sweet to others (e.g. those anime internet hug gifs/pics) and of course being against evil feminists.
Just look at the "How to be more feminine"-thread: instead of giving real, good and useful advice, people wrote ponytails are bad, wearing pigtails will make you look more girly. Normal adult women can't wear pigtails! That just sounds super fetishy…

Anonymous 26525

Thot is slang that means "that ho over there," it has nothing to do with hotness… I didn't get any male vibes from that post but if you think someone is a man just report their posts and mods can check post history to see if they're consistently posting stuff that looks like a man wrote it (trolling, only posting politics, being tone deaf and dickish to people who are venting) and their posts will get deleted if they look sufficiently manish.

Anonymous 26527

>Why don't you spend your free time making yourself feel miserable?

Anonymous 26539

Why so paranoid? I've known girls irl who would act overly affectionate at times, or type uwu style in some silly fashion.

>(e.g. those anime internet hug gifs/pics)

What about the banners? Is the whole site a larp fest then down from the very top?

But that "how to be more feminine" thread was one of the few times I've felt there were larpers.

Anonymous 26540

I must also add that the girls who did that irl were weebs or had anime/manga as a hobby at least. Which is probable people like that are here since this is an imageboard.

Anonymous 26541


It's hard for me to tell the difference between men larping as cute anime girls and real girls who are awkward and possibly on the autism spectrum that emulate cute anime girl behavior. But I didn't really get man vibes from that thread, I got more of the sense it was well intentioned but not very good advice from awkward girls who are still trying to figure those things out themselves. (And I love all the cute anime banners and aesthetics here myself lol.)

Anonymous 26542

The one thing I wish CC wouldn't do is adopt /r9k/ memes like tendies and pretty princesses. I get that it can be funny but this isn't /r9k/ and people really shouldn't be trying to emulate such a misogynistic place anyways. It attracts attention from robots too.

Anonymous 26543


I can tell you right now that the only reason I'm not diagnosed as autistic is because I'm too old (exact words).
Used to be really concerned that I'd get kicked out in -5 seconds, but it really is fine. The mods know their own.
I could understand if people here thought I give off weird vibes, though.

Anonymous 26547

>Ember Whann
I remeber those days. I started using lolcow that year and stopped when the original admin left. Then I came back and thought "hey this new girl isn't that bad". Now I don't know who's in charge but everything's different, there are people complaining about using slurs and the ana-chan threads are obvious self-posting. Not even the Aly threads are good anymore…

Anonymous 26548


Still go on it regularly but it's honestly such a shitshow that I hardly post now. I'm a bit sad to hear they're looking for a new admin already and they always looking for farmhands but I guess very few people want to actually bother with the site anymore.

I check snow and will look at /ot/ but the atmosphere in it just gets worse and worse. /g/ is slow and not very fun to read anymore either. /pt/ isn't interesting anymore. Who knows, maybe whoever the new admin will be will be able to pick the site back off the ground but the userbase is so shit now and the atmoshpere has changed so much that current admin probably has really slim pickings so I don't have much hope.

Anonymous 26550

>>Before lc became 'radfem'
Yessss. Lc used to be good now its getting overrun by them. I made a similar comment on the unpopular thread I think and someone was like "Are you trying to say having men here made it better!!!1111" I didn't specifically say that but around the time where men was 'accepted' it wasn't garbage LOL so I guess that question pretty much answers itself. People always complain about girls not having their own websites but when we do they all turn out the same (hopefully cc doesn't end up like that though.. I like you girls.)

Anonymous 26557


I started using lolcow that year too. There's also constant racebaiting now. So much annoying behavior that would've probably been condemned on the old lc.

>Not even the Aly threads are good anymore…

Wow, I almost forgot about her. She used to be on the front page of /snow/ like every day a couple years ago. None of the cows there now interest me much anymore besides a select few.

The "unpopular opinion" thread should just be changed to the "infighting" thread lmao. And agreed, the man-hate thread is a cringy radfem circlejerk as well. When the first one popped up, I actually thought it was just an inside joke/troll thread to deter the wave of robots that had been "raiding" lc at that time.

And if you offer any dissenting opinion, you will get called a "male poster" or be accused of being a robot.

Anonymous 26571

I still regularly go on lolcow but I've never been interested in the gossip there (except for like 2 youtubers). I enjoy a lot of the discussions and threads but yeah there's also a lot of hostility and an overall bad vibe surrounding a lot of the site. You can just tell so many users on there are angry and depressed for no reason, they get in the most stupidest fights imaginable. The unpopular opinions thread is a key example of this, someone always has to derail the convo with talks about race that's been brought up a million times before. The man heating thread is so fucking cringe too lol, I can barely even glance at a few posts from that thread. So like any discussion site you'll get a ton of stupidity but there's some nice stuff every once in a while.

Anonymous 26574

This. Why do we have to copy so many things that /r9k/ does? We can do better then that.
I wish I was better at drawing so I could make something new. Even if it's bad, at least it's not the same stuff we see in other places all the time.

Anonymous 26850

Start wanting it badly enough to get practicing

Anonymous 26867

you say radfem as if wanting rights is a bad thing

Anonymous 26956

an imageboard isn't exactly the place to go if you actually want rights anon.

Anonymous 26957

>people really shouldn't be trying to emulate such a misogynistic place
This. Thank you anon.

Anonymous 26958

So it should be off-limits to discuss then? Why shouldn't we talk about our frustrations on a website that has a mostly female userbase? It's the only imageboard with a majority female userbase, we should be able to vent. The only people I can imagine who would have a problem with that are men and "traditional women" or whatever they call doormats these days.

Anonymous 26962

They can discuss what they want but they should contain it in one thread instead of seeping through the other ones. You literally can't say shit without someone somehow making it about their hatred of men. For people who supposedly hate men they sure do seem to obsessively talk about them all the time.

Anonymous 26964

I’m not a tradthot or anything like that, but isn’t making sweeping generalizations about men tantamount to men making sweeping generalizations about women? Aren’t they both equally as annoying and unproductive? I see some of the same tactics in those man-hate threads as I do in, say, MGTOW circles.

Anonymous 26965

They act the exact same way as the men they complain about which makes it that much funnier/sadder

Anonymous 26967

You all fail to mention that the backlash from women who can't bear to see their precious men slighted is far greater than the lone, few posts that make generalizations about men (by anonettes that are going to be perfectly civil to men irl, even when talking about them with their friends).

Anonymous 26969

>>backlash from women who can't bear to see their precious men slighted
See this is exactly other girls can't say shit about this. You guys scream that men are taking away your voices etc but you do the samething to other girls who don't agree with you. Who are you real fighting for

Anonymous 26993


The radical feminists are fighting to destroy the white race and are working for (((soros))) my fellow girls!

Anonymous 26995

Women are the master race and are superior to every other race

Anonymous 27012

Most male post I have ever seen in my life

Anonymous 27017

I just feel bad making fun of other girls and nitpicking everything about them. No real beef here just like a comfier place to chitchat anonymously with other girls/women that are nerds.

Anonymous 27018

The man-hate threads are a guilty pleasure of mine, there aren't that many places where you can criticize men in a female space. The threads are very echo-chambery though, I wouldn't recommend staying there for too long for the same reason I wouldn't recommend becoming a regular at /pol/.

Anonymous 27031

If your from lolcow please dont come here go back to lolcow please

Anonymous 27032

Come on anon, the site was advertised on lolcow in the past, most anons from there aren't that bad. Not to mention both of the non-drama boards are gross dumpster fires.

Anonymous 27033


you're just doing what you're being criticized about. i've also seen this argument a few times and it's always the sweet innocent manhating minority against the big bad evil handmaidens/tradthots/whatever insult.

Anonymous 27036

What I don't like about the site is the cult mentality they have – and it has been mentioned by other anons – more specifically this double standard for users and cows. They seem to be very supportive and defend each other, but if it's about cows aka women they don't like they treat them as if they aren't human. Not to mention that part of the userbase is full of lolcows themselves, /ot/ is proof for that.

I would sage but it doesn't post otherwise

Anonymous 27037

What have the women who've complained about men done to them? What have they done to the women who defend men?

Anonymous 27039


>implying tradthots and handmaidens and doormats don't exist

you're stupid af if you think doormats aren't completely evangelical about being doormats

Anonymous 27851

the layout of the site is ugly and the girls over there can be needlessly bitter and rude. i've gotten the feeling that it's fully of pseudo stacies trying to live out their high-school bully phase by obsessing over other people's business.

that being said i've also gotten some decent advice over there and the ratio of good posts to bad vs…other chans is high
also i really only browse /ot/ and /g/

Anonymous 27864

nah, they’re not the same. men have multiple subreddits, boards and websites dedicated to whining about women, and these sites will continue to exist independent of whether or not the man-hating thread exists.

Anonymous 27876

Y'all complain about man hating anons all over there but I've never seen any outside the thread for it. Is it really that bad, I dont think so ? With this said I only go there once it twice a month to lurk

Anonymous 27877

There's too much a-logging going on and a lot of posts reek of "ugh at least I'm better than this cow".

Internet drama used to be much more amusing when people just laughed about stupid people doing stupid things instead of comparing themselves to them and using trainwrecks who broadcast their crazy lives to the internet to feel better about themselves.

Anonymous 27890

Arent 80% of the beautiful people who post here cross-posters from there?

Don’t attack my posters from laugh.chicken plz

Anonymous 27891


Please abscond yourself from sapphire.snack-bar, friend.

Anonymous 27892

I was banned from giggle.bovine years ago and only lurk there now, checkmate.

Anonymous 27894

>years ago

How old is that website though? wasn't it barely made in 2016 or something?

Anonymous 27896

may i ask why you were banned?

Anonymous 27904


If you want me to leave, then why do you refer to me as "friend"? In emerald.eatery we are all friends

Anonymous 27906

CC has a different culture from LC, this takes two threads to tistinguish.
Please retain your snicker.serpent behavior outside the aventurine.automat space.
t. not a mod, just an autist

Anonymous 27908

I just found a "robot containment" thread on lc and women there seem to act nicer to incels than to other women. Not surprising, but somehow sad.

Anonymous 27909

People here are even more sympathetic to men than on lc. Even sadder to imagine how'd that'd be on here

Anonymous 27910

The website is dedicated to being a shitty person.

Anonymous 28197

the layout is ugly

Anonymous 28198

What? Are you talking about the man-hate thread? The actual containment one hasn't been active in years. Men are completely banned on both places now, anon.
I'd also argue their man-hate thread is more passionate than ours.
…but so is their woman-hate, and it's site wide.

Anonymous 28207


why is Amanda Seyfried part of the theme and why so many references to her? I dont go on lc that often so I dont get it.

Anonymous 28208

Someone in the celebrity cow thread in /ot/ kept sperging about her being a diva without much evidence, complaining about her wrinkly hands (lol), and claiming to be her mua iirc. She got banned several times but just kept coming back to talk about her, so mods made a joke out of it.

Anonymous 28213

ahh thanks!

Anonymous 28222

No, the containment threads. I was skimming through the catalog and found it, it's true the newest one was 3 years ago.

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