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Anonymous 264858

do you celebrate birthdays alone? what do you do on birthdays? what did you do your last birthday?

my 19th birthday is coming soon, last birthday i didnt do anything special. i bought supermarket sushi and chocolate cupcakes and ate them but thats it, i didnt really do much. just scrolled internet and so on.

Anonymous 264859

my birthdays in general are just a bummer
i'd much rather just make a thread on my birthday and celebrate with other anons in it, but besides that not much really
it's incredibly shameful when relatives bring a cake and sing the happy birthday despite just being 3 or 2 singing. it sucks

Anonymous 264863

I have cake and tea alone

Anonymous 265137

reminds me of my 17th bday. I brought my bf to my ~90 yr old grandma's house because she and I
shared a birthday. He, grandma, and my 60 something disabled uncle sang me happy birthday over
a small cake and tea. then my bf took me for a walk, looked me dead in the eye, shook his head,
and said that that was the saddest birthday party he had ever seen. then we watched rwj videos
on his phone.
for my 30th I ordered indian food and played video games alone. no texts, as expected.

Anonymous 267232

My birthday passed recently. Another year under the belt. I went to work, went to class, went to lab, worked my second job. Nobody knew it was my birthday which was expected since I don't rly advertise it. But I was calling a couple old friends the night before and talking to them abt it, and they told me they'd tell me happy birthday at 12am. We got off call around 1030p and I nvr got a happy birthday the entire day. The next day I talked abt my birthday and they wished me a happy birthday like nothing happened. I always cry on my birthday, but this was my first year genuinely spending it completely alone since I live alone now compared to having roomies in the past. It was a sad two hours of crying on the floor lolz. I didn't do anything special, I was too busy which sucked. Maybe I should have dropped by the supermarket and bought a slice of cake…

Anonymous 267235

aww happy birthday nona!

Anonymous 267244

Whenever I’ve been alone on a birthday I just try to clear out the whole day of responsibilities and get someone fun planned on the weekend.
>19th birthday I got a platter of brownies in the mail from my mom and went to sleep all day (depression go hard)
>21st I went out the night before (bar at 12am on birth day) so I didn’t do anything day of
>22nd I got drunk and played the sims all weekend
>23rd I was teaching so they had a class party for me :-) I did nothing at home
As I’ve gotten older I’ve done less tbh. Birthday parties were a huge stress for me as a kid and now that I’d have to plan it myself it seems unattractive. Usually I’ll get a small cake from a local bakery (I’m a home baker but fuck making your own birthday cake) and either go out to eat with family or order in food at home

Anonymous 268189

Your boyfriend sounds shitty, like he can't appreciate the people around him while they're here and needed some instant zoomer gratification with videos. Honestly makes me feel like the youth today is so lost. Like you couldn't just sit around and eat cake and tea with grammy and talk about her childhood, her favorite birthdays, presents she liked as a kid? I would kill to have my grandparents around to talk to…

Anonymous 268304

Next week it's mine.
A year ago I went to see one of my favorite bands for the first time, and right after that I went to my ex bf's place and he had made dinner for us.
Now next week I'm turning 29. I've been having enough bad days lately to forget which day is it. I'd like to spend it alone but if I do that I'll start thinking where I was a year ago and I'll get depressed so I'll try to do something small. Maybe a little brunch, no birthday cake bullshit cause I hate that

Anonymous 268467


Hey birthday buddy, mine is next week, too!

A few years ago I started telling everyone my birthday. I even started bringing little treats for everyone on my birthday to celebrate (small office). I don't have any friends but I get some happy birthdays beyond my family now.

Anonymous 271277


Anonymous 271556

mine is soon but i'm not celebrating

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