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outdoors hobbies Anonymous 265382

hello nonas
let's talk about treehugger hobbies eg camping, bushcraft, foraging

also a question: how do you balance safety with enjoyment if you go out alone? i'm not sure about camping alone even with my giant dog.

Anonymous 265387

buy a gun and train with it, there is literally no other way

Anonymous 265390

not legal where i live

Anonymous 265399

Gardening. In my state if you have a homestead you don't have to pay property taxes !! And the definition of homestead is super lax. So I'm going to have chickens and a prepper garden.

Obviously I love camping too, but I have no money to go camping. For now I just love going on walks and looking for cool critters. I love geckos.

Anonymous 265405

R (1).jpg

chickens and a prepper garden is enviable tbh. i kept quail once (illegally)

Anonymous 265408

what did you name the quail

Anonymous 265423

I saw the quail pic on the homepage and I clicked just to say hi to you. I have chickens. I had quail, but I like the chickens better. So I sold the quail. But in a lot of places Quail are legal where chickens aren't. Because they aren't considered livestock.

Anonymous 265424

street and nature photography is a good choice Nona

Anonymous 265427

Does birdwatching count as outdoor hobby? And idk how it's properly called in English, but I just walking around forest and fields identifying and observing local wildlife

Anonymous 265429

Did you keep quails just for yourself or did you sale their eggs&meat?
Also, how keeping quails could be illegal?

Anonymous 265437

Gardening is my only reason to go outside in the summer, I'd like to keep some laying hens or quail but I couldn't afford the upkeep.

Anonymous 265457

zoning! i just kept them for myself and ate their tiny eggs
the loud one was named kevin. the rest werent given the dignity of names
birdwatching definitely counts. there are not many interesting birds where i live, mostly crows, so i prefer to look at plants.
hello :) ! i dont keep ANYTHING anymore, not even plants. so im jealous. do you cultivate anything else ?

Anonymous 265459

Crows are amazing, lord I wish I had crows. You can feed them peanuts and eggs, they will recognize you and bring you gifts.

Anonymous 265621



Crowposting for you nona

I have hooded crows all around my city, they love to troll stray cats and dogs, rummage through trash bins and occasionally kill pigeons. Pretty interesting animal

Anonymous 265765


tidepooling. I'm lucky to live near some great spots

Anonymous 271336

did he died?

Anonymous 271343

Who? Magpie? I don't know the fate of birds from that pics, but I think it didn't. Killing a magpie would be very energy costly for a crow, because they are quite big and smart. That crow probably just chased it away from its territory

Anonymous 271358

I like giving stale bread to birds and ducks

Anonymous 271359

kayaking at springs or down brackish canals, picnics at the park, taking shoddy nature photos, etc. outside of treehugger stuff i love to just take a slow walk down a stream with my fishing gear and catch some trout and look for pretty rocks and quartz geodes. i never find geodes but it's fun regardless.

Anonymous 271368

love love camping, but i wish it's safe enough for me to do it alone, right now i'm relying on my guy friend to go with me

Anonymous 271369

What if the guy friend is dangerous? Who watches the watchmen?

Anonymous 271370

i'll kill him and then kill myself

Anonymous 271395

I'm only scared of dogs in the environment I am but roads I bike on seem safe

Anonymous 271532

same, im less scared of dangerous men than stray dogs especially in packs and the occasional bear we have around here. and the government does nothing about this shit.
anyways to answer the question i enjoy running, camping and exploring.
>how do you balance safety with enjoyment if you go out alone?
i think 'YOLO' and just do it

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