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Anonymous 266109

is she /ourgirl/?

Anonymous 266110

Anonymous 266133

booo, unfunny

Anonymous 266948

We'll all be living in caves after everything is outlawed, but then you can be sure that living in caves will soon be banned in order to protect endangered bats.

Anonymous 266975

it is pretty sad that they just let anyone transition these days. No way someone with down syndrome can give informed consent and understands the health risks to being shot up with cross-sex hormones

Anonymous 266977

Back when I was a teenager I had a troon classmate who seemed like transition was benefical and successful and didn't give moid vibes. Nowdays it seems they let anyone transition even if they are just autistic straight moids

Anonymous 267014


For women who want to pretend to be men, their facial masculinization surgery should involve making them look like they have a little down syndrome. It would explain away their giant hips, wacky voice, and general offputting presence.

I'll be taking donations to start my clinic now.

Anonymous 267015


What is the coolest thing that happened to you today

Anonymous 267016

damn sorry

Anonymous 267032

It's not about making them feel or function better, its about making sweet cash off of the surgeries and making them a forever patient.

Anonymous 267049


>Hey Dr anon
>you assume that I cannot consent to transition
>so you do not prescribe me hormones to transition
>so I don’t transition
>your assumptions becomes reality
I woke up feeling suicidal but then I took a massive dump and now I feel like life has meaning so that’s probably it

Anonymous 268245

she's an outright white supremacist, so she can be your girl if you're also retarded i guess

Anonymous 268246

there is nothing wrong with being proud of being black, or white, deal with it

Anonymous 268277


I will let any funny girl be my girl

Anonymous 268283

like, as in gay? ew. homosexuality is a sin anon

Anonymous 268285


We are anon here so Saint Peter can’t see who is doing the sinning

Anonymous 268317

Failmales troon out because they failed as males, and also, males tend to be prone to having more genetic disorders than women because of their XY chromosomes.

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