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Anonymous 266643

Female pickup artist says don't kiss men for the first 3 months of dating


Anonymous 266644

She's single. I don't take relationship advice from single pick-up artists. If they were good they'd not be single.

Anonymous 266649

She's not wrong. Hold out for 3 months and you'll see how quickly moids show their true colours. Her singleness is a reflection on the quality of men around her, not on her.

(With that said, this trick only works if you hold out for every guy; if you've kissed within 3 months previously, then you've kinda shot yourself in the foot).

Anonymous 266651

She also says wearing sunglasses and drinking tap water is bad.

People like her should have their phones taken away and be made to hand out leaflets outside a supermarket, then we'd see how popular their dumb ideas are.

Anonymous 266655

Drinking tap water can be bad tho
Obviously it depends on your area but you're better off drinking it filtered

Anonymous 266667

Most moids would just assume you are not attracted to them, how does she propose to get past that?

Anonymous 266672


Anonymous 266685

she's right. most men get bored after one kiss anyway so kissing is a waste of effort and emotional energy.

Anonymous 266688

great way to make a man assume you're super religious and are saving sex until marriage, but then you'll only attract men who are also religious

Anonymous 266690

Am I the only one here who thinks this is a good idea?

Anonymous 266692

There's just no way you can sort the grain from the chaf with scrotes bc there's no grain. There are no decent men so all these hacks to find The One are just wastes of time. Pump n dump if you really have to deal with men, but don't look for value in them past that.

Anonymous 266694

>implying one-night stands have value

Anonymous 266696

Idk some of you guys act genuinely addicted to dick. If I said "don't deal with men at all" then Dickriders Club would be after me. Cannot win with you sadsacks

Anonymous 266697

>Cannot win with you sadsacks
I mean, women's alternatives are all ass. That's why we're here.

Anonymous 266715

it is genuinely a good idea although 3 months and kissing are pretty arbitrary. But setting a boundary on how easily you give up sexuality not only ensures you get the right kind of man, it actually makes you more attractive. It shows you are respectable, have expectations and wont have sex with any random person.

Anonymous 266720

I did this this my first year of uni with a really nice guy in my chemistry unit and the closest we got physically was holding hands and hugging. However, after 2 months, it turned out he thought we were just friends…who cuddled in bed while watching movies, took long nature walks while holding hands and held each other when we had to say goodbye. By the time I thought I was ready for more intimacy, he'd been on 2 dates with a girl he liked and wanted us to meet, as I was just such a good friend. God I cringe thinking back on that. As it turns out he wasn't actually fucking with my head, as his other female friends from high school actually did cuddle with him while watching movies, climb over him for piggyback rides and latch onto his arms, so his norms of physical intimacy were massively skewed.

Anonymous 266724

>his other female friends from high school actually did cuddle with him while watching movies, climb over him for piggyback rides and latch onto his arms, so his norms of physical intimacy were massively skewed
He is a slut.

Anonymous 266735

>Female pickup artist says
Doesn't matter, they're wrong.

Anonymous 266759

He was a virgin until they met.

Anonymous 266763

>was a virgin
"Was" is the word here
Every slut "was" a virgin

Anonymous 266868

>demand money and time
The money is his payment, but time is his recompense. The arrangement is that he is paying for our time, not for any specific activity within that time. You know. Like escorts.

Anonymous 266956

I'm sorry that you see time with yourself as something that's low in value nona, but it's not. You have value. You deserve to be yourself and be comfortable being yourself, and in that you deserve to be valued as a person. To be valued for just being who you are, without any other proviso or caveat.

Your time is worth something, being with you is worth something. Hanging out with you is worth something. Even if you aren't doing anything. Even if you just sit in silence enjoy each other's company, knowing that the other person enjoys being with you.

You aren't just desirable for a body, you are also desirable for your mind and your heart, your soul and your dreams. You deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, because you are important. Whoever say otherwise is a liar. You have intrinsic value, human worth, an nobody can take that from you. You are someone to be proud of, you are someone to be respected, someone to be treated with kindness and decency.

What a man gets from being with you isn't "nothing". It's companionship. Camaraderie. The a person that will be able to form a relationship with that will potentially last a lifetime, if you both so desire. You aren't nothing, nona.

Anonymous 266967

Split costs of stuff idk? Economy is shit and everyone is broke these days, maybe just go chill at a park or the pool or something?

Anonymous 266982

I've been dating my bf for a year and we've never even been in the same room together.

Anonymous 266983

e-dating is worthless

Anonymous 269237

I've generally made every moid I've dated wait this long - not for pua reasons but I just don't feel comfortable doing stuff like that until around 12-15 dates in (which ends up roughly taking like 3 months). I've never gotten shit from them - they genuinely like your company at the beginning so they'll cut you slack if you seem kind of awkward around physical stuff at first.

Anonymous 269252

thx nona i have diabetes now

Anonymous 269273

This attitude of "he brings money I bring personhood" can be phrased to sound advantageous or hard and harsh but in practice creates complacency. Not expecting camaraderie, companionship or basic human decency from men leads to a lower quality of dating experience overall. For everyone including anyone who raises their standards up to require a man to also be a human.

Anonymous 269276

Not who you're responding to, but i kinda like it personally.
I'm e-dating some from my BDO guild for a while now, and it makes me feel warm and loved w/o all the unpleasant stuff like worrying he only cares about your body.

Anonymous 269306

She's on the right track. Being physically affectionate with a moid releases chemicals in your brain that can cloud your judgment. It can allow low value moids to have access to your when they haven't earned it.

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