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professional wrestling Anonymous 266775

it JUST occurred to me that millions of moids around the world enjoy watching roided up buff guys pretend to beat each other up on TV. i just cant understand the appeal. do any of you enjoy professional wrestling? if so why?

Anonymous 266776

for what its worth i believe that most moids get hooked on this stuff as children when the obvious fakeness of it does not matter as much. i am not sure what to make of that but i think it is worth pointing out

Anonymous 266783

I think it's a way for heterosexual males to experience the fun and silly nature of "camp" without feeling emasculated.


Anonymous 266787


Elaborate please

Anonymous 266789

well I've only ever watched a couple of minutes of wrestling while stoned (420chan had a wrestling board and i got curious ig) but i got bored fast idk

from what I can tell they really lean into the fakeness of it all; everything from how ridiculously buff the (very obviously roided out) guys are, to the phrasing used by the announcer, to the characters' names/themes, to the little 'plots' they incorporate into the fights - it all seems purposely outlandish in a deliberately silly way…

It's basically RuPaul's drag race for straight dudes.

Anonymous 266813

I kinda don't think its a 1 to 1 fit. I have never seen a drag queen throw someone off a ladder XD (I get your point I am just being a little facetious)
But I think the physicality is genuinely much more a part of it than you give it credit for. Have you ever had a young moid relative who loved John Cena? If you do you would know what I mean. Its not so much the silliness that they love but to see their heroes defeat the bad guys, and to see charismatic anti heroes outsmart the good guys. Its basically like a live comic book for them.

Anonymous 266815

Hm, interesting. I've never known a moidling who was into this shit, but what you're saying really only makes sense from the perspective of a child or marvelbrained-manchild.

Maybe there's adults who consume it that way, but there's (probably) men out there that watch it at least somewhat ironically; to them its just something to giggle at while stoned.

>I have never seen a drag queen throw someone off a ladder

Damn it, now I kinda wanna see drag queens fight each other xD

Anonymous 266819

I have known a few! John Cena was the shit among kids in this area! You just had to witness it to understand what I mean. I remember one time John Cena got beaten by that giant blond dude about a decade ago and all the moidlets in the area were sad as if their own father got beaten
>Maybe there's adults who consume it that way, but there's (probably) men out there that watch it at least somewhat ironically; to them its just something to giggle at while stoned.
I am certain there are both, and lots of people who are a blend of either.

Anonymous 266821

This, there's a few moids in a group that I'm in that have followed wrestling since they were kids and for them it's more about the spectacle and presentation over watching two sweaty guys in barely any clothes grab each other a lot. It's sort of understandable, video related does a good job of showing how effective presentation and setup can be and I get how seeing something like this as a kid could stick with you

That said women's wrestling is just softcore porn, there's nowhere near the same level of care or spectacle for them outside of a handful of Japanese women wrestlers. Avoid any man that talks fondly about women in wrestling (or UFC/MMA for that matter)

Anonymous 266823

of course I fuck up the video link

Anonymous 266953

I've read a lot of manhwa about men fighting each other and they all the same: all the guys have highly detailed muscular bodies and complicated stories while all the women look like a basic sketch of an inflatable doll and there is no point in their existence except "my dude needs a hot love interest". Considering how much attention the authors pay to the fights of hot guys, literally jerking off to their image in every frame, I came to the conclusion that all these authors are clothet homosexuals and all the fights are a metaphor for gay sex. The same goes for male fans who like this kind of content - ironically or not.
It's funny how they don't even try to make the punches believable, the school theater has never ended for these dorks.

Anonymous 266958

I watch pro wrestling from time to time. When I was a teenager I was into the female division on Impact, where there were a lot of cool gimmicks among the women. I like wrestling because when it's good, it's a combination of soap opera, theatricality, and amazing athleticism.

Anonymous 266959

There are plenty of great female wrestlers outside of Japan, nona. The female division in AEW right now is great, for example, Britt Baker has had amazing 5 star matches. Saying their work is like porn is just an insult

Anonymous 266981

men are gay

Anonymous 266984

Pro wrestling describes the fake and gay world of politics and news media. Why watch shitty politicians pretend to be enemies when I can watch wrestlers do it better?

Anonymous 266991

I watched it a lot as a kid in the 90s and still peek in as a casual viewer (builtfat dudes acting goofy is moe to me). I feel like it scratches the same itch as shonen anime for people who don't like or know about shonen anime.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGye1pK2ysQ this shit is so stupid you just gotta chuckle.

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